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   It has been nearly a year since the conclusion of Primrose’s journey’s end….


   Primrose, like a few of the others, had taken a certain liking to her fellow adventurers, after all they had gotten to see some of her darkest moments and fears come to light, yet no one left her side, unlike a love from her past. No, these people stayed with her and helped her exact her vengeance and hopefully help her to closure. When all was said and done, knowing full well her journey was one based solely on revenge and justice for her late father, these people, complete strangers at first, stayed by her side. For some reason, she could never truly understand why.

   “It just...seems so odd...All of them stuck around….even if they didn’t agree with my intentions. They put that aside….to help me.” Primrose was still troubled by it. Even now as she walked through the streets of Noblecourt, she pondered back on the events. She had lost contact with a few of them once she parted ways from the group, some still trying to find their way, or recover a certain book, or make their parents proud. “Speaking of..I think I’m overdue for a letter.” Though she said her goodbyes a few months back, a certain professor had been making it a point to send her letters when he could manage, just keeping her updated on where he was or how things were going and always wishing her comfort and wellness. Primrose couldn’t exactly say when they started arriving exactly, but she had grown accustomed to their random appearances. At first, she took a while in responding; the entire gravity of her journey was weighing down on her and though she got her revenge, she still felt so very...empty. It hurt to even think about her fellow comrades, all their sacrifice and for what? For her to feel unfulfilled. All that pain and suffering…It just got buried underneath, but never really resolved. Primrose sighed, feeling yet again torn inside as she wandered to the tavern.

   “Just on time, Lady Primrose, seems your professor friend has sent another letter.” The barkeep held her mail out as she walked over to him. She put her inner thoughts on hold, smiling at the familiar handwriting on the envelope. “Indeed he has. Thank you once again for holding these for me.” She chose an empty bar stool as her reading spot. “It’s always a breath of fresh air when his letters arrive, I wonder where his travels have taken him now…”

Dear Lady Primrose,


   I hope this may reach you in good faith, Lady Primrose. I have joyous news! It is at this time that I am actually venturing home with the recovered archive in tow! Perhaps once things settle in Atlasdam, I may pay you a visit. If thou would have me of course! I do not wish to impose, only to catch up on a friend. Upon your last letter, I truly hope some of my suggestions have helped you find some inner peace. I may excel in historical lessons, but I certainly try my best to offer up some tips where anxiety and insomnia are concerned. It may seem trivial, but...I do worry about your well being. I can’t possibly imagine the weight you must bear. I pray you still dance whenever you feel good enough; you always seemed so happy to dance when it was of your own volition and not because you were forced to... Ah alas, I must wrap this up, I do not wish to depress you or ramble. Please take care and know that I am merely a letter away.

  Your dear friend,

Cyrus Albright


 P.S. Tressa and Ophilia both send you their greetings as well.

   “...!” Primrose’s eyes widened slightly in shock. “He...He’ll be back in Atlasdam already? Wait…” She looked over the letter again for the date this was sent. “...He’s most likely already back! ...Incredible.”


    “Oh? Did your friend have some good news for you this time, my lady?”

    Primrose looked up and chuckled at having been overheard, slightly embarrassed. “Ah..yes actually, he did. It’s kind of funny how he’s been sending letters, I guess I’ve grown quite accustomed to receiving them. In any case, if you excuse me I must take my leave.” Primrose stated calmly, the bartender nodding. “If you need anything else, you know where to find me.” She nodded as she stood before leaving the bar and back to her home.

   “And...there we go, all done.” Primrose stated in content, placing her quill back in its inkwell, quite pleased with her letter . Her day went about as normal once she had finished reading Cyrus’s letter in the tavern. She walked around the city, chatted with a few townspeople, and then ventured home to the empty estate. It was a big obstacle once her journey was over to even step foot in House Azelhart, let alone find the strength to stay there again. There were so many memories of her father...the workers….and of course…




   To this day, his very name stung deep within her heart. To have loved someone so much...and for them to have returned that same affection only to end up betraying her in the end….And then in turn being the one to end their life as they ended her father’s…


   Primrose shuddered, hugging herself tightly.


   No please...I-I can’t do this again...not tonight.


   The dancer tried very hard to focus on something else before her thoughts ran wild. Tears formed in her eyes quickly, but she seemed to regain control after a few moments. She let out another heavy sigh, feeling her body weigh down with every step she took towards her bed. There she lay in silence, staring out her window for a bit, still calming down. Her expression softened a bit and she sat up once more, resting her head on her knees.


   “Atlasdam… We’ve traveled that distance in no more than a day’s time before, I wonder if it would seem impolite to deliver this in person…No no...Perhaps I should just mail this and wait for a response. He is a royal professor after all….. But.. I am nobility. Perhaps it would be fitting… Why am I so fixated on this?” Primrose pondered her thoughts for a moment. Why indeed was she so fixated on Cyrus and this letter today? Maybe because he provided many months of insight and advice for trying to keep her anxiety, or guilt, or whatever these feelings were, at bay. Maybe it was how he worded things in a way to prove he was not just feeding her pretty words, but was genuinely caring like a friend would….


   You can’t be sure of that, what if he’s just saying all of this to build your trust? He’s probably just feeding you lies so you become vulnerable once more. Hahahaha you stupid girl, have you learned nothing?! The only way to not get hurt is to not let anyone in.


   “Stop it...please!” Primrose cried out, gripping her head as these horrid thoughts that tormented her ever since she came home returned once more. “....Cyrus is just trying to help. It’s what friends do….Why else would he bother sending letters every other month?” It was an endless cycle it seemed. Primrose had to convince herself that there was no ulterior motive in any of Cyrus’s letters to her. It’s part of why she had taken so long to respond the first time, but after receiving a second letter, had pushed to reply in a timely fashion thereafter. These cycles usually resulted in her passing out from exhaustion in the wee hours of the morning, and starting her day very late in the afternoon. As of late, they seemed to be getting worse. Primrose layed back down, wishing she could have one peaceful night.


   “Oh father...Just what am I to do…?”