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I'm Afraid Of The Dark

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The sweaty aroma of the worn down warehouse was something Dean was used to. It was just another fight night to him; just another night of feeding his daughter. His appointment should be here any minute. Roman was already wrapping up his fists in bandages, knowing Dean bled easily. Dean was anxious to see him, even if the thought of him made him sick. He loved hurting him, and couldn't wait to do it again once every fight was over.

The dimly lit warehouse seemed to light up with enthusiasm when the door creaked open to reveal a long haired brunette. Seth Rollins was finally here. Dean's chest filled with dry anger and bitterness as he glanced over to him, other men in the club rushing to swarm around their most popular competitor.

"Alright, dude. You're guy's here." Roman patted Dean on the back before walking away, probably to go call his wife to confirm he was okay. Dean knew how paranoid Galina got when her husband was out late.

Dean huffed and and stood up from the crate he sat himself on and blew a whistle from between his teeth, signaling to the others that it was time to start. The men circled around him, Seth pushing through the pile to get to the middle where Dean stood. The whole club knew by now how this went. They only ever fought each other. Neither man showing any interest in making any other man in the club spot blood. They'd always had this bad blood neither could ever shake. They only ever spoke while fighting. It made the men curious, but no one was brave enough to ask why.

The sound of the bell ringing was the beginning of the end. Rollins got in the first punch to Dean's gut before he even realized what was going on, but the feeling of the blow was enough to put Dean in the right mindset. Dean was quick with his fist, delivering blow after blow to his ribs, getting slightly higher with each hit. Seth hunched over for a moment before tackling the dirty blonde to the floor.

He climbs on top of him and began to beat down on his face, luckily Dean's arms took most of the damage in protecting him. The men hooted and hollered at the scene even if they'd seen it before. It was a fight that never got old. They were meant to fight forever. None of their fights would ever be boring. They just knew it, no need for debate.

"I got $65 on the tattooed one." A large man commented from the back. He was a man no one in the club had seen before. One of the clubs most popular betters, Sami, was nervous at the appearance of the new guy. He suspected that he might be police, but he didn't seem like it. He was huge and dressed in dirtied clothes and old construction boots. He wore a smile on his face, though most of his beard covered it.

"Who're you, tough guy?" He nudged him, trying to be friendly but the monster of a man wasn't amused at his attempts. He shoves him away with the force of a truck, causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete pillar behind him.

"Don't touch me, little man" His thick southern accent slurred at the ginger on the floor before turning his attention back to the fight. By now both Dean and Seth were bleeding, both in different places. Dean from the nose and chin, Seth from the ribs and hands. Despite injury, the didn't relent. They couldn't. Money aside, they both could never stop till one was unable to move let alone stand before the count was up. They found anger and release in one another. It was therapy and hell.

"Get up bitch." Dean whispered to the man on his knees in front of him who was clutching his stomach. He tossed his head in his hands like a ball, amusing the onlookers. The new guy scoffs in the back and looks on. He was watching his man lose, and for him 65 dollars was too much to lose.

"Get up Rollins!" He yelled from the back, Seth probably not even hearing him over the other hecklers and chants from the compact crowd. The fight continues and the big man was still confident in his choice. Seth showed good skill through the rest of the match, but Dean was smart. The fight eventually ended by a quick swipe of his knee, which had been injured relatively recently. Seth stood no chance of getting up for 5 minutes, let alone in time for the count of ten. Dean had won, and Seth wasn't the only disapointed one in the building.

Dean was the man of the hour. But only that hour. More men would fight, more betting would take place, and more money was put into the competitor's bags. The glory didn't last long, but it's not like he minded. Dean was there for the rush taking and delivering punches gave him. The money was an after effect of his talent, and his talent is what payed the bills.

"Hey, Dean. Someone's lookin for ya." He felt a tap on his shoulder, and immediately looked over to see his daughter standing at the entrance of the warehouse. Her eyes are narrowed and her arms were crossed over her chest. She was horrified and displeased to see her father here again. He decides to walk over to her, knowing the lecture he was going to get get from her.

"Hey sweet pea-"

"Shut up." She said sternly, looking up at her battered father. Dean just rolled his eyes, waiting for her to start complaining at any second.

"This doesn't look like 'overtime at the office' to me" she added a little more harshly this time. Dean did feel bad for lying to her, all she wanted was for him to be safe. She was the only one in the world that actually cared about his safety, and he felt awful for going behind her back and dismantling her trust the way he did almost every week.

"Look I-" He tried to say before being interrupted once again.

"I don't want to hear it. You're coming home with me. Right. Now." She grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the complex. They both walk home in complete and utter silence.