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The Best Kind Of Intruder

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“Kiryu!! Nice of you to finally show up, bro!!”

“Sorry, I ran into some thugs. You know I can't just walk away from... Oh. You didn't tell me you were bringing someone.” Sitting in a booth opposite the bar, Nishiki sat grinning, his arm wrapped around an unknown woman. Damn it. Another night of being a third wheel.

“Oh... Didn't I? Hehe, sorry. Well, it is Valentine's Day, bro!! Sakuya, this is Kiryu.”

“It's nice to meet you, Kiryu-san. Nishikiyama-kun has been telling me all about you!”

“Yeah, man. She's got a real pretty friend for you too.” Slapping him lightly on the arm, Sakuya pouted. “Oh, no... What I meant was she'd be pretty to Kiryu. Hehe, stop being stupid. Why would I look at anyone else when I have you?” Sakuya giggled, pecking him on the cheek happily. “Kiryu, got you a drink so sit down. We'll have a few here and then head out for something to eat. Sakuya here wants to hit a club after that, so it's going to be a good night!” Yeah, for you. I'd rather give this a miss. If I stay with them, this is going to be a long night. Tch. I don't think I could handle watching them suck each other's faces, I already feel nauseous. Sitting down, Kiryu smiled warily as Sakuya got up.

“I'm just going to the little girls room. Don't miss me too much, Nishikiyama-kuun!” Nope. I can not put up with this shit all night. Rolling his eyes as she sauntered away, Kiryu moved close to Nishiki.

“So, where have you been hiding her?”

“Huh? I haven't been hiding anything. I've told you about her millions of times, bro. Man, you just don't listen, do you?”

“Oh. Did you? Hm. I have had a lot on my mind lately.”

“I don't get you sometimes. What the hell are you so pissed about? You're getting your own family. And trust me bro, there is a smoking hot chick just waiting to show you a good time. She doesn't finish work until 6pm, so she'll be meeting us just before we leave here. That has to cheer you up, huh? This'll be your first Valentine's Day with some company, yeah? Butter her up, sweet talk her and you're onto a winner!”

“If she's so smoking hot, why are you trying to set me up with her? Onto a winner...? Pass. You know I don't have time for this shit, Nishiki. And I'm not pissed. It's just a big thing, having your own family, you know? I don't want to let Kazama-san down.”

“Because I'm dating her friend? Yawwwwn. Damn it, bro! Switch off! Loosen up! There's more to life than trying to please Kazama-san.” Narrowing his eyes, Kiryu pointed towards Nishiki.

“Nishiki, watch it.” Holding his hands up, he let out an awkward laugh.

“Relax, man. I'm just saying. Seriously, you need to chill out. You're bringing the whole atmosphere crashing down around us. Just have some fun, huh?”

“What, this is fun? Watching you and some girl I don't know grope each other all night?”

“Heh, no need to be jealous. I told you! Yours is coming soon!”

“No thanks. I'll pass.”

“Bro... Is there something you're not telling me? This is the third time this month I've tried to set you up. And every time you worm your way out of it... Heh, you've got me worried.” Shifting awkwardly in the booth, Kiryu glanced around casually.

“Worried? What's that supposed to mean? Just because I don't go for the same women as you do, that's got you worried? Not all of us like that type.”

“Huh? Type?” Mind wandering back to Sakuya, Kiryu chuckled. She's the same as the rest. Hmm. If I remember correctly... This is his fourth girlfriend since New Year. First it was Kirie... Then Sae... Reika...

“Mnhm. This is your fourth girlfriend since New Year. And it's only February. My point is, they're all the same. The cheap clothes, fake jewellery, seventeen layers of make up... Doesn't do anything for me Nishiki, sorry.” Clenching his jaw, Nishiki shook his head, finally smiling again.

“You know. Since you're pissed off, I'll let that one slide bro. And I didn't mean that. I meant maybe... Maybe you've backed out of every date you've ever had because... Because...” I'm pretty sure I know where this is going... Ngh... Raising an eyebrow, Kiryu nodded slowly, urging him to continue.

“Because?” Chuckling quietly, Nishiki studied him hard.

“Heh... Uh... Because they're women?” Nodding quickly, Kiryu sighed heavily and stood up.

“And I'm gone. Later, Nishiki. I'll call you.”

“You see? This is what I mean! Bro, it's totally cool! I'd just rather know than keep wasting my time trying to set you up.”

“Okay, save both of our time. Don't bother anymore.” Calling after him one more time, Nishiki's words sent chills down his spine.

“It's him, isn't it?” Freezing in place, Kiryu's body stiffened. “Yup. Thought so.” Trying to sound as casual as possible, he turned around, a look of fake confusion on his face. Nishiki could see right through it however. Kiryu was just no good at lying.

“Who? What are you talking about?” Fluttering past him, Sakuya returned, wrapping her arms around Nishiki's neck.

“Hmmmm? So, what's going on here?” Stuffing some money into her hand, he nodded to the bar.

“Baby, go get some drinks. I have to have a word with Kiryu.” Watching as Sakuya bounced away happily, he protested once she was out of earshot, desperately trying to avoid Nishiki's gaze.

“Nishiki, I have to go.”

“Nope. Sit down. You're my bro.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Nodding slowly, Nishiki pointed to the seat next to him.

“Majima.” Swallowing hard, Kiryu sat down, still trying to remain confused.

“Hm? W- What about him?” Shrugging, Nishiki moved closer.

“Bro. You tense anymore and you're gonna snap. Man. What's your problem? Anyone with eyes can see it, I just didn't want to say anything because I assumed you'd want to talk to me about it yourself.”

“Nishiki... What the hell are you talking about?” Shaking his head in annoyance, Kiryu watched Nishiki. He was nervous, that much was obvious. Drumming his fingers on the table, he cleared his throat, looking for the right words to say. Kiryu knew what he was talking about of course. But he was pissed off. Pissed off at the fact he'd been careless enough to allow Nishiki to realize what was going on with him.

“I've noticed... I've noticed that every time you see him... You're buzzed, man. Even if you guys fight. I mean I've never seen anyone so happy to fight before! Man, some of the shit he's pulled just to fight you? You're really trying to tell me that it's just to fight you? Shit, Kiryu. I'm not stupid.” Lowering his eyes, Kiryu felt his face heat up. “So. You... You guys like... Together?” Throwing back the drink in front of him, Kiryu shook his head. He just didn't know what to do. Deny everything Nishiki was saying? Or tell him the truth. That no, they weren't together. And that's what was pissing him off. He hadn't actually seen Majima since that night... A few weeks ago during one his recent stunts to fight Kiryu, there had been a moment that changed everything. A moment that Kiryu couldn't understand or forget. Closing his eyes, he remember the fight in his mind.

Walking up to the shaking traffic cone, Kiryu scratched his head. That traffic cone is huge... Why would it be in the middle of the street like that? Lifting it up, he jumped back in surprise.

“Huh!? What the-!?” There under the cone stood Majima, left hand behind his head, right arm sticking straight out, thumb sticking out. Don't laugh at his pose. Keep it together. Yes, he looks stupidly cute, but do you want him knowing that?



“Hey, Kiryu-chan!”

“What're you doing here?” Majima sighed, shaking his head.

“Ain't it obvious? I was hidin'! Jus' waitin' fer the day when ya would finally lift the cone an' expose me!” Expose him? Ngh... Laugh it off. You know he's just trying to work you up.

“Heh, then your surprise attack failed. As far as hiding spots go, this is hardly your best one.” Folding his arms over his chest, Majima grinned proudly.

“Nah, ya got it all wrong. This was perfect.”


“Ya rolled up on me knowin' I'd assault ya. In other words, this fight is totally consensual!” Goddamn it... Clever bastard. I am so tired of fighting him, why won't he get tired of losing?? I don't want to fight him, I want to... This is getting ridiculous. He's standing hiding under cones now just to fight me? How long has he been there anyway!? Nodding slowly, Kiryu rubbed his chin.

“Tch... So that's the logic. Guess I walked right into your trap then.” Noticing Kiryu was pissed off, Majima giggled.

“I stood still in that damn cone fer so long, I got all stiff an' cold. Ya better warm me up good, Kiryu-chan!” I really wish he wouldn't talk like that...

“I guess it is what it is. I'll beat you so hard, you'll wish you'd stayed in there!” Raising his fists, Kiryu wished he could of believed his own words. He was pissed off and distracted. Fights always took longer when he wasn't focused, but it wasn't like he had a choice now. Pulling out his bat, Majima leapt behind Kiryu before he realized what was happening and cracked him hard. Vision blurring slightly, he fell to his knees, placing his hands on the pavement to steady himself. Sickness welled up inside him rapidly, so much so he had to lie down on the ground on his back instead, trying to focus as the world spun around him. I can't let him win. I have to get up. Maybe in a minute... I feel like I'm going to throw up... Damn it, what the hell is he playing at? I think that's the hardest he's ever hit me. This is what happens when your head is not in the game, Kiryu. Tch.

“Eh? Kiryu-chan? Ya okay? Hehe... I didn't hit ya that hard... Did I?” Standing over him, Majima held out his hand. “Shit. Here, c'mere. Lemme help ya.” The hell? Majima-san helping me up? He's going to hit me again when he pulls me up, I know he is.

“N- No. I'm not stupid. I can get up myself.” Bending down further, Majima threw his bat to the side in anger and grabbed Kiryu's hands, pulling him up slowly. Letting out a groan, Kiryu swayed slightly, shaking his head. The world continued to spin around him as hands clamped on his shoulders, Majima was trying hard to steady him, a frown on his face.

“Man, fuckin' stubborn son of a bitch. C'mere.” Moving his hands from Kiryu's shoulders, he cradled his face instead. “When ya gonna realize?” Blinking rapidly, Kiryu managed to slur out a few words.

“Huh? M-Majima... What?” A smile crossed Majima's face as he led Kiryu to a nearby wall, propping him up against it.

“So fuckin' stupid. Ya jus' don't see it do ya? Tell ya what. I'll help ya out.” Tilting his head up, Majima let out a shaky breath. Even in his dizzy state, Kiryu shuddered as warmth bathed his face. Realize what? See what?? I don't... What is he doing... He's so close I can almost taste him... Almost. Remaining still, he tried to focus on Majima. He could of pulled away or at the very least turned his head. But that wasn't what he wanted. Soft lips pressed against his own, taking his breath away. Eyes closing, he desperately tried to figure out what to say or do. But when he opened his eyes, Majima was gone. What... The hell!? Did I... Did I imagine that? Once his dizziness had subsided, he walked away, still wondering what the hell had happened. And that was the last time he saw Majima.

“Eh, Kiryu? You okay bro?” Snapping his eyes open, Kiryu nodded, frowning hard. “Talk to me.” Looking at him hopelessly, his mouth opened and closed. He didn't know how to begin. “I saw him, you know.”

“Huh? When? Where?”

“You see? That's how I know. Bro... I don't want this to sound... But I've always kind of known. Ever since we were young. You're my best friend. My brother. How the hell could I not know?” Mouth dropping open, Kiryu leaned closer, hissing at Nishiki.

“So... So why have you been constantly trying to set me up with women!?”

“Heh... It sounds stupid... But I didn't want you knowing I knew. Like I said, I figured you'd tell me when the time was right.”

“So... When did you see him?”

“Today. About an hour before I got here. Normally he nods hello and ignores me. But today...”

“But today what?”

“Stopped and talked to me. Asked me how I was.”

“Huh? This was Majima, right?”

“Yup. I get the feeling he didn't care. It was just to break the ice for what he said next.”

“What he said next?”

“Yeah... Asked how you were. Where you were. What you were doing tonight. Who you were with tonight.”

“He... He asked all of that?”

“Yep. I told him you were going out on a date.”

“What!? The hell did you do that for!?”

“I just didn't think... He nodded, said goodbye and left in a hurry.”

“Damn it, Nishiki!! Look, I really have to go.”

“Bro, I'm sorry! Since I know I have no chance in changing your mind... Good luck!” Waving at him, Kiryu strode to the elevator, muttering in anger to himself as he exited Serena. Good luck? Good fucking luck? Why the hell would he say that? Damn it! I don't understand. He said he knew. He said he could tell about Majima. Yet, he tells him I'm going on a date tonight!? I wonder if he's around. I could have a walk about town and keep an eye out for him.

An hour later, Kiryu had given up. He'd been all around Kamurocho and there wasn't a single sign of Majima. He was cold, miserable and pissed off. When it began to snow again, he finally decided to call it a night, heading back to his apartment, happily leaving behind all of the couples that were out around town. It wasn't that he was bitter... He was just ever so slightly jealous. Why couldn't that be him and Majima walking around in the snow? Laughing and joking as they held hands, Majima playfully sneaking kisses whenever he could. Well, that's how Kiryu imagined him anyway. Shaking his head, he pulled out his key, mouth dropping open as he looked up towards his bedroom window. The key dropped out of his hand and clattered loudly to the floor, panic beginning to rise in his chest. Through the window, he could just make out through the curtains a dim, orange glow. I... I turned all the lights off. Am I being robbed? Wait... Why would any robber break into someone's place and turn the light on? Actually... That looks too dim to be my bedroom light... The hell is going on in there!? Creeping up the stairs as quietly as he could, Kiryu held his breath as he gripped the handle tightly. Turning it, the door began to swing open. So... A robber breaks in to my apartment... Turns a light on... And unlocks the door? Stepping inside cautiously, his stomach dropped to his feet. Taking in a deep breath, Kiryu bent down, examining the many red stains on the carpet. What the hell happened here!? This is a lot of blood... Shit!! Cocking his head, he gingerly reached out, touching one of the stains. Quickly jerking back when the stain moved under his touch, he let out a sigh of relief. Turning the red item in his hand, he finally realized what it was. Petals...? Rose petals...? So, at least I haven't been robbed. Oh no. I wonder if this... Nishiki said the girl he was setting me up with didn't finish work until six... What if that was just a ploy? What if he knew I was going to decline meeting her and set me up a different way instead... What if he's had it all planned for her to be here when I get back? But didn't he just tell me he knew I'm... Instead of standing here wondering... I need to go inside. Time to look around I guess.

Moving as quietly as possible, Kiryu inched down the hallway, stopping at the first door. Placing his hand on the living room door handle, he pushed it open slowly, poking his head inside. The room was empty. In fact, it was exactly how he'd left it before he went out. Turning around, he entered the door opposite, the kitchen. Now I know I didn't do this. I didn't... Staring at the bucket surrounded by candles on the kitchen table, Kiryu removed the bottle from it. Champagne? This isn't cheap stuff either... Candy? What the... I guess this explains the light I could see outside... No, wait. The window I looked up at was my bedroom window... Oh no... I hope she's not... Tch. What the hell is going on here!? Dumping the bottle back into the bucket next to the heart shaped box of candy, he let out an annoyed sigh. This was getting real old, real fast. He had a few choice words for Nishiki when he saw him next, that was for sure. Coming out of the kitchen, he walked past the open bathroom, glancing quickly inside. Nothing. Only one place left to check. His bedroom.

Standing outside the door, he took a deep breath and placed his shaking hand on the handle, desperately trying to work out what to say to the girl that was inside. Okay. I could just say there's been a mistake... That I'm not ready to date? No, I sound pathetic. I don't have time for this because of... Because why? Tch. Hopefully I'll know what to say when I'm standing in front of her. Okay, Kiryu. You can do this. Pushing open the door, Kiryu's eyes remained on the floor, staring at the petals that led into the room. Finally raising his head, his heart stopped.

“M- Majima-san!? The hell are you... The hell is going... I don't... What... Majima!?” Trying to fumble out words, Kiryu's jaw dropped as he stared at the sight in front of him. The barrage of petals lead to the bed, also covering it thoroughly. The room was littered with candles, so many candles... And there on the bed, lying on his side, facing Kiryu, was Majima. Propped up on elbow, his hair hung messily. A red bow tie around his neck, and from the looks of it... That was all he was wearing. In front of his crotch sat a big, fluffy teddy bear.

“Been waitin' fer ya, Kiryu-chan.” Finally meeting his gaze, Kiryu shook his head, swallowing rapidly as Majima smiled at him. What's with that smile... I've never seen Majima-san smile like that... What the... He looks... Nervous? Not just that... I can't describe it... What am I supposed to say? What the hell do I do?

“Uh... You... You have? Uh... Why?”

“Ya gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me.” Sighing, Majima rolled his eye. “Ya mean I've went through all this fuckin' effort... I'm lyin' here in my fuckin' birthday suit... An' yer askin' why?? Shit. C'mere will ya.” Stumbling towards the bed on wobbly legs, Kiryu sat down on the corner carefully, trying to sit as far away from Majima as he could. Majima however was giggling uncontrollably to Kiryu's annoyance.

“What's so damn funny?” When his giggles had subsided, he looked at Kiryu with the same smile on his face. Rotating his head to look behind him, Kiryu inhaled sharply as he caught a glimpse of Majima's pale ass. He was correct. The only thing Majima was wearing, was indeed the bow tie. Speaking softly, Majima prodded him with his foot.

“Kiryu-chan, why ya sittin' over there?”

“Majima-san... What's going on. Is this another stunt to get me to fight you? Because really...” Sitting up slowly, Majima shuffled to the edge of the bed, wrapping his arms around Kiryu's neck. Leaning into his ear, he whispered softly.

“Nope. Don't wanna fight ya. Jus' wanna...” Using his hand to tilt his face towards him, Majima stared at him with a worry filled eye. Kiryu's brow was furrowed, his big, brown eyes shining brightly in the flickering light. He looked strangely sad. “Hey, whatcha so bummed 'bout?” Facing away from him once more, Kiryu spoke quietly.

“Everything that you've done in the past to get me to fight you... This is just another trick. I know it is.” Still keeping his arms locked around his neck, Majima chuckled. It was a normal chuckle for once. The whole situation was messing with Kiryu's head too damn much. To see him smile so honestly... And now laughing so... Softly? Normally? It wasn't Majima unless he was giggling maniacally. In fact, Majima didn't do soft. Caring. It wasn't him. The only thing he cared about was himself and fighting. At least that's what Kiryu thought.

“Kiryu-chan. No matter how much I've wanted ta fight ya. Can ya ever remember a time where I've came at ya with my pants off? With my fuckin' dick out? Man. Ya so fuckin' stupid... I tried so fuckin' hard ta get ya ta see. I do love fightin' ya. I ain't lyin' 'bout that. But shit... The things I've said ta ya? Hehe, ya ain't used ta anyone flirtin' with ya, are ya? I want ya. Have done since the day I first saw ya. After that whole fuckin' bullshit with Makoto was over an' I saw ya in the street... When I first said ya name an' ya smirked at me... Fuuuuck, man, that damn smirk! I almost fuckin' pissed myself! Ain't never felt like that before... Y'know? I felt nervous... An' sick. Scared an' excited. I mean, nervous! Me!! Majima Goro! Hehe!! That's when I came up with the idea of us trainin' together. Was hopin' if I kept flirtin' with ya, ya'd understand. Normally I'd go rushin' straight in, dick first. But with yerself... Yer special, Kiryu-chan. Real special. I mean, fuck, ya ain't noticed how yer the only one I flirt with? Yer the only one I always wanna fight? Shit, every fuckin' day I walk 'round this shithole town, jus' tryin' ta find ya!! I knew since ya weren't gonna fuckin' realize... It was gonna take somethin' special ta make ya see. That's why I've been keepin' my distance since that night when I kissed ya... What better day ta confess how I feel 'bout ya then Valentine's Day? Ain't I sooo romantic!? Hehe!! Actually, ain't never saw the point of this day ta be honest with ya. Until now. Until I started feelin' 'bout ya the way I do. Jus' let me... C'mere.” Grabbing his face once more, Majima kissed him gently, pressing himself into Kiryu's back when he didn't pull away. Moving his hands from his face, he began to pull his jacket off slowly. Sitting awkwardly, Kiryu trembled slightly, keeping his head down as Majima snaked his hands around his chest, skilfully undoing his buttons. When he had succeeded, he pulled off the shirt, inhaling shakily as he ran his hands over Kiryu's back. Letting his head fall back, Kiryu let out a sigh. He wasn't sure if Majima was fucking with him or being serious, but either way, the feeling of his fingers dancing over his skin was lighting a fire inside of him. “Ya like this, Kiryu-chan? Hm? I can do it harder if ya want...” Digging his nails in, he chuckled as Kiryu shuddered. “Or... I can do it softer like this...” Scraping his fingers along the dragon that adorned his back, Majima was getting impatient. Kiryu remained silent, and that's what bothered him. He didn't know if Kiryu was enjoying it or not. Resting his head on his shoulder, he let his hands wander around his chest, dragging his nails up and down with pressure. “So whatcha think? Want me ta stop?” Turning around, Kiryu's eyes rose up to meet Majima's one. Feeling his heart melt as he stared into those soulful, deep eyes, Majima smiled. “Kiryu... Ya gonna talk ta me?”

“Majima-san... I swear... If this is a trick... I'll kick your damn ass so bad, you'll wish you were-” Pressing a finger to Kiryu's lips, Majima shook his head.

“Shhhh. Enough of that. Don't ya want me?” Trying to turn his head, he clenched as Majima held his face tight, fingers still grazing his chest. “Look, I get it. Yer pissed off at me. I kinda broke inta yer apartment. Hehe... Yeah, I ain't even sorry. 'Cause I had ta do this. So. Ya may be mad at me... But ya ain't pissed off at Mr. Bear huh? Look. I bought him fer ya. Ain't he cute?” Staring at the pink bear waving at him in the face, Kiryu shook his head.

“Majima-san... I'm really not-” Dancing the bear up and down in his face, Majima began to speak, his voice as high and childlike as possible.

“Kiryuuuu-chaaaaaaaan!! I'm Mr Bear. If ya don't behave, I'm gonna fuck ya up!! 'Cause I'm a bad ass bear!! Ya get me!? Haw? Do ya? Do ya?” Rolling his eyes, Kiryu clenched his jaw tightly.

“Majima-san. Damn it! Stop that.”

“Hawww? Nahhhh, my name is Mr. Bear!! Who is Majima-san? 'Cause he sounds reeeealllll sexy. Maybe ya should kiss him! Hmmmmm!?” Giggling excitedly, he attacked his face and neck with the bear. Feeling a smirk creep onto his face as soft fluff tickled him, Kiryu let slip a chuckle to Majima's delight. That was what he'd been waiting for. For him to soften. And it seemed like it was finally happening. Throwing back his head in glee, Majima gripped his face tightly. Okay, there's no way in hell this is a plan to attack me. He's serious. He... He really wants me...? “Kiryu-chan... Kiryu, look at me.” Biting his lip hard, Kiryu shifted his gaze from the teddy bear, watching intently as Majima gripped his own hand, placing it on his chest. Stiffening automatically as his hand touched muscle, Kiryu held his breath, Majima encouraging him softly. “Touch me. Touch me, Kiryu-chan. It's okay, see?” Moving his hand up and down, he sighed quietly as Kiryu began moving his hand by himself. His body is so tight and toned... Hngh... Taking in his every movement, Kiryu began to feel more confident when Majima threw his head back, moaning slightly, his body quivering under his soft touch.

“I've... Ngh.” Tilting his head forward, Majima's eye opened. Staring at his smiling face, Kiryu's confidence trickled away.

“Haw? What was that?” Shaking his head quickly, his hand once again paused.

“It doesn't matter.” Majima knew he had to get Kiryu to relax, otherwise this just wasn't going to work. Placing a hand over his, he nodded, squeezing tightly.

“Kiryu-chan. Talk ta me. This may sound fuckin' ridiculous after all of our fightin'... But, have I ever given ya a reason ta doubt me?” Casting his mind back to some of the stunts Majima had pulled, he nodded at first, stopping when he began to think harder. The truth was, he could remember many other times when Majima had looked out for him, even helped him out when he needed it. It was true. He'd never let him down. Whenever Kiryu had needed him and the situation was serious? Majima was there.

“Well, yes when we're fighting... But any other time... I guess not, no.”

“Spit it out.”

“I've... I've thought about this so many times... So many times, Majima-san.”

“'Bout what?”

“You... You know what I mean.”

“Nah. Say it. Ain't no room fer nervousness or shyness tonight, Kiryu.” I never thought I'd think this... But I think I prefer him calling me Kiryu-chan. It doesn't make me as nervous. Damn it.

“Me and you... Together.”

“Oh yeah? Doin' what?”


“Doin' what.”

“Being together. Just me and you, no fighting involved. But not just that. I've imagined us... Doing... Making... Tch. Fucking.”

“Is that so? Hehe! Why didn't ya tell me, ya fuckin' bonehead!?”

“Because you're Majima. I thought you'd either take the piss out of me... Or refuse to take it seriously. I was scared in case you'd...” Majima lowered his voice, trying to gently coax him to stay what was weighing so heavily on his mind.

“In case I'd what?”

“Reject me.”

“Reject... Fuck, man. Kiryu, I... Jus' fuck man... I know I'm one fer doin' whatever the fuck I want, an' thinkin' of the consequences later... But ya got any idea how much courage this fuckin' took!? Ain't gonna lie ta ya, I was worried.” Eyes widening in surprise, Kiryu felt relief wash over him. He actually felt better. He hadn't thought of it that way. Worry was something Majima didn't seem to feel a lot, but to know he was worried about Kiryu's reaction made him feel at ease. At least a tiny bit.

“You... You were?”

“Yup. This coulda turned 'round an' really bit me on the ass. Hehe... But I had ta do somethin', don't ya see? I wanted this way too fuckin' much. I want you way too fuckin' much...” Placing his head back on Kiryu's shoulders, Majima slid his hands under Kiryu's arms, rubbing his thighs gently. “Kiryu-chan?”


“Take 'em off.” Pushing away from Majima, Kiryu stared at him hard, biting his lip with such force, a coppery taste began to flood his mouth. Letting out a shaky breath, he stood up, turning around to face Majima who was looking up at him in wonder, sat up straight, legs still crossed. Heart thudding heavily in his chest, he grasped his belt buckle with shaky hands, undoing it slowly, fingers feeling as if they'd been soaked in ice water. Every movement he made was slow and clumsy. Sensing he was lacking confidence, Majima piped up. “Hey, uh, Kiryu-chan?” Glancing up from his belt, Kiryu's breath caught in his throat. Resting back on his hands, Majima sat with his knees up, head tilted to the side, chewing his lip playfully. “Whatcha think 'bout this, hm?” Allowing his knees to flop open, Majima grinned wickedly, enjoying immensely the way Kiryu sharply inhaled and instantly reddened.

“Majim... Majima-san... Holy shit...” Throwing back his head, he giggled excitedly, making sure Kiryu could see his every move. I... His... His dick is so big... So... Shit! I want... I need him to...

“Ya... Ya like whatcha see there? Hm? Hehe!!”

“Damn it... Yes, Majima-san...” Launching forwards, Majima grabbed the buckle and tugged the belt off before resuming his position. Clawing his nails up his own thighs, Majima took a deep breath and nodded.

“Shit, Kiryu-chan... Yer really turnin' me on... Fuck... Now turn 'round an' pull yer pants down.” Turning around slowly, Kiryu faced the wall, letting out a quiet sigh as he did so. He was glad Majima had asked him to turn around. He now had a small window of opportunity to collect himself. Plus it meant Majima couldn't see his straining underwear since the pants were coming off. I... I can't believe I'm doing this... Undoing the zip, Kiryu hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his trousers and began to pull them down, freezing when Majima protested. “Ah, ah!! Slowly. An' lemme see yer face.”

“Huh? Majima-san... This is... This is wrong... I feel so... Ngh. I feel so dirty.”

“Hehe, oh really? Here's the thing Kiryu-chan. Ya fuckin' love it, so who ya tryin' ta fool? Hm? Bein' the good guy all the time? Knowin' everyone sees ya as good ol', innocent, sweet, helpful Kiryu? Bein' bad sometimes feels real fuckin' good. An' ya startin' ta see that, ain't ya? Imagine if those people could see ya right now. Havin' all their eyes on ya, while ya strippin' fer me. Knowin' ya got a perverted side... How's it make ya feel?”

“I... I don't know.”

“Oh, but ya do. Say it.”

“Tch. It... It scares me. Because I... I feel sexy.” Decision made, Kiryu lowered his head, pulling his trousers down slowly, bending over further as he tugged them past his calves. Knowing Majima's eye was watching his every move excited him. He wanted nothing more than to turn around and see his dick again.

“An' ya fuckin' look it too. Hot damn, look at this...” Feeling strong hands grip his ass, Kiryu let out a yelp.

“Majima-san!” Legs trembling as his underwear was pulled down, exposing his tensed ass cheeks. Fists banged against the wall hard as teeth sank into his flesh. “Shit!! Majima-san, fuck!” Snapping his head around, Majima had pulled back, resuming his position. Standing upright, Kiryu turned around shook his head hard, embarrassment taking hold of him as Majima eyeballed the tent in his underwear. “I don't... I don't know if I can do this.” Sighing, Majima opened his legs wider, grinning as Kiryu licked his bottom lip, eyes locked onto his crotch.

“Heh, by the look of that, ya sure coulda fooled me. Shit! Fer once jus' stop bein' so fuckin' uptight an' allow yerself ta feel, man!! Jus' like I am now. Look, are ya watchin'?” Creeping his hand past his thigh, Majima gripped himself tightly, rubbing up and down slowly. “Can ya see how much I'm leakin' already? Fuck, ya see how much ya turnin' me on, Kiryu-chan? Eh?” Nodding slowly, Kiryu felt his legs begin to tremble, his voice coming out in a quiet whisper.

“Keep going... Don't... Don't stop, Majima-san.”

“Ya like it when I touch myself? Hm? This gettin' ya off, eh? Watchin' me play with my dick?”

“Y- Yes. I... Yes.” Smirking at the wet patch on Kiryu's underwear, Majima spoke, his voice as innocent as possible.

“Still not sure ya can do this? Or... Or do ya wanna touch me? Ya ready ta play yet, Kiryu-chan?”

“I... I want to touch you. I want to play, Majima-san.” Spreading his legs wider, Majima scooted back and beckoned him forwards.

“So whatcha waitin' fer? Only one thing. Ya ain't gettin' on this bed with those still on.” Nodding towards his underwear, Kiryu grabbed the band tightly with shaky hands. One last deep breath and he pulled them down, stepping out of them completely. Feeling his face heat up as Majima let out a groaning gasp, he got onto the bed between Majima's legs as quick as he could, crossing his leg over his other thigh, effectively blocking his crotch. Majima wasn't happy about that, but he would let it go for now. He had a feeling it was only a matter of time before Kiryu loosened up completely.

Pulling him close by his face, Majima roamed his mouth with his tongue thoroughly, as slowly and forcefully as he could. Opening his eye, he studied Kiryu hard, making sure he was fully into it. Judging by the look on his face, that was a definite yes. Satisfied he was, he placed his hand on Kiryu's thigh gently, squeezing ever so slightly. When Kiryu moaned into his mouth, he knew it was go time. Wrapping his fingers around Kiryu's throbbing dick, he scraped the head with his thumb, shuddering at the amount of precum he was leaking. Kiryu's eyes opened as he tried to pull back, reaching down to Majima's hand. Using his other hand to keep Kiryu's face close, he shook his head, cooing him as softly as possible. He knew Kiryu would be nervous. In fact, he was expecting him to be more embarrassed than nervous, but he didn't think he'd be this hesitant. He knew from what he'd said that he wanted him, but he just couldn't understand why he was so reserved. Unless... Unless Kiryu was a...

Pressing his forehead head against Kiryu's, Majima smiled softly.

“Hey, shhh. It's okay, Kiryu-chan. Ain't nothin' ta be worried 'bout. I get it.”

“Huh? You... You get what?” Words coming out strained, Majima knew he was trying hard to keep the pleasure he was feeling to himself.

“Ya ain't done this before. It's alright.” Tensing instantly, Kiryu looked into his eye. “Hehe, ya see? I know ya better than ya think. The amount of times I've fought ya... All the time I've spent watchin' ya... I know ya better than anyone, Kiryu-chan. Even that bro of yers. So ya wanna relax an' enjoy this now, eh?” No sooner had the words left his mouth when Kiryu's shoulders dropped. Foot sliding from his thigh, he opened his legs wider. Majima's words seem to have done just the trick. Plus, it wasn't like he was lying. Sure, him and Nishiki were close, they'd been through so much, so of course they were going to be. But the amount of time Majima had spent chasing him, studying him and getting inside of his head when they spoke... He was pretty confident he knew things Nishiki didn't. For instance, he knew Kiryu had a dark side. He just had to get him to allow it to come out.

Lost in Kiryu's eyes and the feeling of his hand locked around his dick, Majima jolted slightly when lips pressed against his own. One hand wrapping around the back his neck, the other trailing down his chest. Staring with a wide eye as his tongue thrashed against Kiryu's, he bit down without realising when he felt warmth around his dick. He didn't mean to, it was just getting heavy quicker than he expected. The intensity of Kiryu's kiss added with the soft yet strong grip around his length was driving him crazy. Finally getting the will to tear himself away from Kiryu's lips, Majima grinned, his chest heaving up and down.

“Majima-san? What's... What's wrong?”

“Fuck, nothin' wrong at all. Took ya fuckin' long enough ta get inta this!!” To get into this? Tch, time to be honest. I don't want him thinking he had to practically force me into this.

“I... It's not that I wasn't into it. Damn, Majima-san. You were right. I haven't done this before. I haven't done anything before. I just don't want to mess this up.”

“Shut the fuck up. Ain't no way in hell ya can mess this up. I've wanted this fer so long an' I'm enjoyin' every fuckin' moment. So cute when ya so nervous, Kiryu-chan! But as cute as ya are like that... It stops now. Ya hear wh- wah!!” A surprised yelp escaped his lips when hands grabbed his shoulders, pushing him down to the bed hard. Climbing between him legs, Kiryu got down on his elbows. He had to taste him again. The feeling of Majima's skilled tongue was something he craved. In his mouth for now anyway. Wincing slightly as nails clawed down his back, it was short lived when Majima wrapped his legs around his ass and pulled him down hard, grinding against him softly. Moving away from Majima's lips, Kiryu nibbled his ear, gently biting down on the lobe.

“Fuck, I... I want you so bad Majima.” Groaning into his ear as Majima let out a shuddering gasp, he buried his head into his neck, covering his perfect skin with dozens of bites. I don't want to move too quickly, but I really want him to use his mouth... On me. On my... Ngh, I feel even worse. I feel even dirtier knowing how much I'm enjoying this... Trying to shake the thoughts from his head, he quivered as Majima bucked into him before continuing to grind against him. The friction was driving him wild, the feeling that it was Majima pressed against him... That's when he realised Majima was right. Being bad was fun.

Pushing Kiryu off him, Majima grinned wide, his eye glinting.

“Lie down on yer stomach.” Doing as Majima said, Kiryu pushed down his nervousness. The dominance in Majima's voice made it impossible for him to resist. “Hold on one sec, Kiryu-chan.” The bed wobbled as Majima hopped off, various rustling noises filling the room. Turning his head, Kiryu was just in time to see him settle in front of him on his knees. This is it... I'm going to suck his dick... Damn, I'm nervous. Really nervous, in fact. But... But I can't wait to taste him.

“Majima-san... What...”

“Shhh. I hope yer ready ta get real wet, Kiryu-chaaan!” Kiryu didn't have time to question what he meant as a loud pop echoed around them, followed by rapid squelching sounds. The hell is he doing!? What's that smell...? Is that... Is that bubblegum?? Placing his hands under his chin, Kiryu tried to lift his head, stopping when warm, oily hands pressed down onto his back.

“You're... You're giving me a massage?”

“Yup! Ya ever had one before?”

“No... Why are you...”

“I want ya ta be as relaxed as possible before we start properly.”

“Start properly?” Leaning down, Majima giggled before growling into his ear.

“Mnhm. I'm fillin' ya up tonight, Kiryu.” Shuddering violently, Kiryu cursed as his hips bucked. Nervousness was once again rising in his body. Whenever he'd thought about them being together in this way... It was always him that fucked Majima. In fact, the thought of Majima fucking him hadn't even crossed his mind. And now he knew it was going to happen... It worried him. Luckily, it happened to excite him more. A lot more.

Feeling his body loosen up as Majima's hands worked their magic, he couldn't help but raise his head. Majima was hard at work, face twisted in concentration as his dick swung from left to right whenever he moved. I wonder if I can... Hm.

“Majima-san... Lower.” Nodding quickly, he carried on. Thankfully he was totally engrossed in giving Kiryu the best massage he could that he didn't notice when Kiryu leant forward. All he had to do was wait for the opportunity to strike. Finally, Majima stretched forward to reach his lower back and Kiryu took his chance. Opening his mouth, he raised his hands to grip Majima's ass tightly as craned his neck further, running his tongue over the head.

“Kiryu, the fuck!? What the hell are ya- fuuucckkk man!!” Desperately trying to grip onto Kiryu's back, Majima let his head fall forwards, moaning loudly as Kiryu took him further into his mouth. “I guess yer... I guess yer pretty loosened up, eh? Fuck, Kiryu-chan get on yer back.” Flipping over, Kiryu moved up and settled on his back. Head hanging over the edge of the bed, he looked up at Majima, his eyes glazed heavily with lust. “Okay, good. Now open. Open wide.” Smirking, Kiryu did just that. “Shit, man!! Such a dirty fuckin' look.” Placing his hands on Kiryu's chest to steady himself, Majima pushed his dick inside Kiryu's waiting mouth, letting out a throaty groan. Not wanting to push him too far, he stopped halfway. Kiryu had other ideas and raised his hands to Majima's ass, pushing him deeper inside. Feeling his throat fill and his eyes water, he held on as long as he could without gagging. Clawing at his own thigh hard, Kiryu couldn't stop himself. His whole body was on fire. Having Majima this deep in his throat while he listened to the obscene noises he was making was too much. When Majima slid out and thrust back inside forcefully, his hand automatically wrapped around his rock hard dick, electricity crackling through his body. “Fuck, didn't take ya long ta drop the nervousness, eh, Kiryu-chan? That's good, that's real damn good. Gimme a show, c'mon, play with yerself fer me. Ya like havin' ya throat filled, eh? Shit, gettin' ya real worked up, ain't it?” Trying to groan at the same time, Kiryu let Majima's dick slip from his mouth and turned his head, coughing and spluttering loudly. Once he had calmed down, he faced him once more, looking up with pleading eyes.

“More. I... I want you to fuck my mouth harder. Please, Majima-san.” Head lolling over his shoulder, Majima groaned breathily.

“Kiryu-chan, where the fuck is this comin' from, shit!! All teary eyed, drool runnin' down ya cheeks, fuuuck!! Ya got any idea how much I wanna fuck yer pretty little mouth, eh? Not stoppin' until I make sure every last bit of yer sexy face is covered in a nice, hot load of cum... Fuck, ya would like that, wouldn't ya?”

“Yes, Majima-san. I... I would.”

“I'm sorry, Kiryu-chan. But that's gonna have ta wait. Yer gettin' yer ass filled tonight. Whatcha think? Want one last taste?” Waving his dick in front of Kiryu's face, Majima giggled as his mouth opened wide. “How could I ever say no ta that face, hehe!!” Sliding inside until he was at the hilt, Majima ran his nails across Kiryu's chest, deep enough to break the skin. When he was satisfied with the small drops of blood forming on the scratches, he moved down slightly, tracing Kiryu's nipples with his fingers. Smiling when they began to stiffen further, he rested his finger on top of each one, rotating slightly. Aware Kiryu had begun to jerk faster, he gave each a hard squeeze, revelling in the choked yelp he heard from under him. Knowing this was going to end one way if he carried on, Majima pulled back completely, stroking Kiryu's cheek softly. “Not much longer now.” Thrusting inside quicker, he began to fuck Kiryu's throat hard, shuddering every time he gagged. Every choked noise he let out making him clench his jaw tighter, his dick throb harder, groans becoming louder. Placing his fingers over Kiryu's throat as he continued fucking in and out, he trembled slightly, feeling his throat expand with every thrust. One last hard push and he remained still, cursing as Kiryu's throat contracted around him, desperately trying to swallow. When his gagging noises became more wet, he pulled back, watching in awe as a torrent of drool began to run down his face. Automatically turning his head to the side, Kiryu spat, cursing instantly. Shit, the hell am I doing, I'm going to have to clean that up. Damn it. Pulling his face towards him, Majima bent down and kissed him hard, hands running all over his chest.“My turn.”

Hopping onto the bed quickly, he tugged Kiryu's legs until his head was resting comfortably on the bed. Massaging his thighs gently, he giggled as Kiryu's legs began to tremble. Allowing his eye to take in the sight below him, he couldn't wait anymore. He needed to taste him. Now. Lowering his head, he took Kiryu's dick into his mouth, working his way up and down the shaft with his tongue. A few times slowly circling the head and he swallowed him down with ease. At least that's he hoped it looked like. In reality, he was struggling. He wasn't used to having something so big in his throat before, but nevertheless, he wanted to show Kiryu a good time. Glancing up, he stifled a giggle as Kiryu writhed around, desperately clawing at the bed beneath him, his back arching hard, bucking into Majima's mouth as hard as he could.

“Majima!! Fuck, fuck, Majima!!” Grinning, Majima pulled back.

“Ya like it?” Looking down at Majima's grinning face, Kiryu nodded slowly, sweat running down his serious face. I don't feel like myself... I'm doing and saying things I never thought I'd... I want to tell him how good he's making me feel. I want him to know...

“Yes, Majima-san. I like it when you tease my dick with the tip of your tongue. I like it when you push it down your throat as far as you can and swallow. When you gag and choke... Like this.” Raising his hands, Kiryu grabbed Majima's head and shoved him back down, groaning loudly as he spluttered beneath him. Holding his head tightly against his stomach until he felt nails clawing his thigh, Kiryu let him go, watching as Majima gasped for breath, drool hanging from his chin.

“Fuckin' shit man... I knew it. I fuckin' knew ya had a dark side, Kiryu-chan! Lemme see more of it. Ya ain't got no clue what ya doin' ta me right now. I'm gonna ram ya as hard an' deep as I can, ya hear me?” Majima tried to return Kiryu's dick to his mouth, when Kiryu spoke once more.

“Talking about it is all well and good, but when are you going to do it, Majima-san?” Looking up at Kiryu's face with a wide eye, Majima nodded slowly.

“Oh, it's like this now is it? All cocky an' shit?”

“Well, I was just sucking your cock, but I wouldn't say I was being cocky.”

“Fuuccck, man! Kiryu, ya makin' this really fuckin' hard fer me.”

“What do you mean?”

“All I wanna do is pin yer legs back an' slam inta ya. But we gotta take this slow. Now I'm gonna make sure ya ready, okay? Spread yer legs wide an' plant yer feet on the bed.” Scooting further back, Majima lowered his head once more. Letting Kiryu slide down his throat one more time, he pulled back, dragging his tongue down Kiryu's balls before taking them into his mouth. Judging by how hard Kiryu arched his back, he was really enjoying it. Pushing Kiryu's thighs forward so more of his ass was exposed, he stuck out his tongue, gently running it around Kiryu's tight asshole. Gasping loudly, Kiryu tensed instantly.

“Fuck! Majima!! What are you doing!?” Ignoring him, Majima circled him a few more times. Satisfied he was wet enough, he stuck his tongue inside, reaching his hand down to grip his own dick. “Ngh!! Maji- Majima!!” The tightness was unbearable, and knowing in a few moments he was going to be inside of him made him shudder with excitement. A few more quick jerks and he reached for the bottle instead, squirting some into his hands and coating his fingers thoroughly. Knowing this was going to be weird for him, he snaked his hand up, locking around Kiryu's dick as his other hand trembled. Placing a finger from his other hand against his asshole, Majima quickly began sucking on his balls once more as his finger slid inside. “Holy shit... Holy shit, Majima... Majima, please...” Ignoring Kiryu's pleads, Majima rotated his finger slowly and began to pump it in and out as gently as he could. When Kiryu's moans got louder he added a second finger, running his tongue along the underside of his balls as he did so. After finger fucking him for a few minutes, Kiryu had relaxed slightly. Enough to accommodate Majima's dick. Getting onto his knees, he giggled as Kiryu raised his head. “Are you... Are you going to fuck me yet, Majima-san? Please, fuck me now.” Nodding, Majima ran his hands up Kiryu's thighs. The thought of this being Kiryu's first time really started to hit home. No matter how much he wanted to fuck Kiryu, he had to make sure this was still what he wanted. Lowering himself on top of him gently, he looked him in the eyes.

“Ya... Ya sure yer okay with this, Kiryu-chan? 'Cause if ya not ready fer this, hehe, ya can always jus' fuck me!!” Raising his head, Kiryu kissed him softly, the slow, burning passion in his kiss making Majima ache.

“Don't worry I'm going to. After you've fucked me.”

“Okay then. Wait... Haw??”

“You heard me. Now come on. Fuck me, Majima. Fuck me really good. You promised you were going to fill me, so fucking do it.” Taking in a sharp breath, he nodded dumbly, reaching for the oil once more. Coating his throbbing dick, he made sure to squirt a decent amount on Kiryu's length too, using the remaining to rub around Kiryu's hole. Sliding his finger in teasingly, he jumped when a hand clamped around his wrist tightly. “Stop messing around and fuck me. I need to feel you inside me. Now.” Shaking his head, Majima tried to speak warningly but failed.

“I don't get ya. First ya all shy an' nervous. An' now yer... Fuck. K- Kiryu-chan... Ya needa stop talkin' like that...”

“Or fucking what.”

“Fuck, man... I knew ya had this side of ya locked away somewhere, but fuckin' damn it man. Ya wanna be fucked now eh...? Lemme give ya whatcha want.”

Struggling to get himself together, Majima guided himself forwards, stopping when his dick touched Kiryu's asshole. Hearing him inhale sharply, he began to push inside, slowly and gently. He wanted desperately to fuck him as hard as he could and make him pay for speaking to him like that, but he knew he had to take his time.

“Hehe, where's yer voice gone, Kiryu-chan?”

“M- Majima-san... You're dick is inside me... It's inside me... All the way.”

“I ain't... Shit, I ain't never felt anythin' this tight. Fuck! Ya ready fer me ta start?” Nodding quickly, Kiryu wrapped his hand around Majima's neck and yanked him down, kissing him furiously. Moaning into his mouth, Majima pulled out slightly and slid back in, using every ounce of strength he had to stop himself from slamming into him. Instead, he used slow half thrusts as they kissed for a few moments before Kiryu pulled back, his eyes burning brightly in the dim light.

“Harder, Majima. More.”

“Ya sure? We can take this as slow as ya- Ah, fuck!” Running his hands over Majima's chest, Kiryu paused when he reached his back, digging his nails in hard as he pulled him down further. Burying his face into his neck, he sunk his teeth into his flesh, puncturing the skin lightly, jolting violently as Majima yelped on top of him. Leaning into his ear, Majima let out a deep growl.

“Ya want it harder? I'll give ya harder. I'll give ya...” Crying out into Majima's neck, Kiryu's nails tore across his back, desperately trying to latch on. Keeping his speed slow while he pulled back until he was barely inside, Majima launched forwards as hard as he could, uttering a low, breathy moan as Kiryu continued to yelp beneath him.

“Again! Stop... Ngh!! Stop taking so... Hngh! Long!” Trying to call out between slams, Kiryu's body burned with a heat so intense he felt he was going to combust. He needed to touch himself. Sliding his hand down between their sweaty stomachs, Kiryu let out a frustrated groan. Pausing momentarily, Majima brushed the hair from his sticky forehead, breathing heavily.

“What- What's wrong, Kiryu-chan?”

“Majima, touch me.”

“Haw? Kiryu-” Stabbing his nails into his back once more, Kiryu stared at him, brow furrowed, eyes pleading.

“Fucking touch me!! Grab my dick and jerk me off!!” Puffing out his cheeks, Majima wiggled his hips slowly.

“Nope.” Grabbing his shoulders, Kiryu was losing his temper. He couldn't take much more of this. He needed to cum, the torment of Majima taking his time was too much.

“What? What the fuck do you mean no?? Majima, please!!” Giggling at his whines, Majima shook his head.

“Hehe! Not yet! Ya gotta wait! We're both gonna cum together. When I say.”

“No... Majima-san, that's fucking cruel!” Watching as Kiryu clenched his jaw, a smirk crossed Majima's face.

“Yup. Kinda like when ya were talkin' like a dirty fuckin' slut. Now lie there an' take it. But keep yer whinin' goin'. Man, that's fuckin' hot as fuck.”

“Shit... Majima-san, please... Please!” Throwing back his head, a sighing groan flowed from his lips.

“Yeah. Jus' like that. Fuck. Wrap yer legs around me Kiryu-chan. Tight.” Pushing up from the bed when Kiryu's legs wrapped around his back, Majima flashed him a devilish grin. “I think yer loose enough now.”

“Loose enough for what? Majima-san, loose enough for-” Digging his head into the mattress, Kiryu's hands reached up to grab Majima's face, holding onto it as tightly as possible while Majima began to ram into him fast.

“Whatcha think of this? E- Eh? Ya... Ya like it this fast, huh? Fu- Fuck, Kiryu-chaaaaaan!! Ya love it, don't ya? Me poundin' yer ass like... Like yer nothin' but a desperate little whore, huh?” Shuddering violently, Kiryu bit his lip hard, trying to muffle his various curses and noises. He was getting louder and Majima wasn't exactly quiet, plus add the bed banging off the wall... Well. Kiryu prayed his neighbours weren't home that's for sure. Shit, this is... He spoke about my dark side and here I am, getting my ass fucked and loving every minute of it. Especially when he... When he speaks to me that way. When he calls me a slut... Or a whore... Damn it, I want him to say it again. I need to hear him say it again. Speaking between grunts, Kiryu shook his head.

“I'm... I'm not a whore, Majima-san.” Chuckling gruffly, Majima nodded, his hand coming up to wrap around Kiryu's throat. Squeezing tightly, he watched with a twisted grin as Kiryu's face turned a slightly darker shade of red, his eyes completely glazing over with utter arousal. Pausing for just a second, Majima snorted.

“Yer wrong. Look at the state of ya. Yer drippin' as I'm skewering ya with my dick. Moanin', groanin', swearin', sweatin', beggin' an' pleadin'... Not ta mention whinin' like a little bitch. Yer a whore alright. Yer my whore.” As soon as the words left his mouth, Majima resumed fucking him once more, upping the speed and force as Kiryu could do nothing but whimper beneath him. Hearing exactly what he craved, Kiryu's stomach began to tighten.

“Maji... I'm... I'm close!! Fuck, I'm really close! I'm going to cum Majima-san!”

“Nope. Hold it.”

“Majima please!! I can't!!”

“Oh, ya can. Not much longer, I promise.” Shaking Kiryu's legs off his back, Majima placed his hands on Kiryu's thighs, pushing them towards him so his ass raised up off the bed. Holding him there, he ignored the sweat dripping from his face and clenched his teeth, bucking into him as hard as he could. When Majima's moans became louder and more desperate, Kiryu listened in hope as he lay there, shaking hard as he focused on trying to keep control. Staring up at Majima, his body bouncing hard against the mattress with every thrust, Kiryu held onto the blankets, hands balled so tight his knuckles had turned white. Leaning forward, Majima giggled maniacally, placing his face close to Kiryu's, so close their noses almost touched.

“Majima-san... Please let me cum... Please...”

“Ahhh, fuck, Kiryu-chan! So fuckin' good, so fuckin' hot!! Okaaaay. I suppose ya can. Cum, Kiryu. Cum fer me ya little whore. Fuuck, man, c'mon, shoot yer load while I fill ya up inside. Here it comes, ahhhh, fuck, fuck Kiryu-chaaaaaan... Kiryu... Can ya feel it? Can ya feel me cummin' inside ya?” Stiffening as Majima bucked into him hard, Kiryu tugged him down hard, mashing their lips together, his dick throbbing between their stomachs as he pumped out shot after shot of cum. When Majima's tongue tried to slide inside his mouth, Kiryu bit down hard, riding out the orgasm that was rocketing through him. Letting out a pleasure filled squeal, Majima eventually pulled his head back, chest heaving as he stared at Kiryu with an awkward grin on his face.

“So. Was it... Was it good fer ya? I mean, ya can tell me if it weren't up- Mmfn!” Locking his arms around his neck, Kiryu pulled him back down and kissed him, forcefully but slowly, their tongues intertwining playfully. Caressing Kiryu's gently, Majima winced when he felt a hand rub his back softly.

“Unbelievably amazing, Majima-san... But your back... I'm sorry if I hurt you.”

“Hey, man. Ain't nothin' ta worry 'bout. I enjoyed it, if I'm honest. Hehe!!” Letting himself slip out of Kiryu, Majima rolled off him, settling on his side next to him. Reaching up, he pushed away the hair stuck to Kiryu's shining forehead. “Jus' like ya enjoyed the way I was talkin' ta ya there, hm?” Face immediately turning crimson, Kiryu tried to turn his head away.

“What... How... How did you know?” Slotting his fingers between Kiryu's, Majima giggled happily, snapping his head back towards him.

“Hehe!! Kinda figured talkin' like that got ya off when ya started tryin' ta scratch the skin off my back.” Looking away in embarrassment, Kiryu chuckled nervously. “Ooooh! Hey, hold on. I'll be right back.” Sitting up slowly as Majima dived off the bed, Kiryu sighed as he felt a slow trickle inside him. Damn... I can't believe... I can't believe that's just happened. How the hell am I supposed to act around him now? Will he want to go back to just fighting me? I don't think that will be enough for me. Then again, I don't think Majima-san would be happy if people knew we were... Together. But we aren't together. We only had sex. Is that what he wants? To fight and have sex regularly? I don't want that. I want the whole deal with him. I want to be with him. I want- Flinching as a hand waved in front of his face, Kiryu looked up. Holding two glasses, Majima sat down carefully. “Here ya go.”

“Hm? What's this?”

“Champagne, ya dummy. We are celebratin' after all!!”

“We... We are?”


“Uh... Uh... Celebrating what exactly?”

“Ya mean ya didn't read what it said on Mr. Bear? Fuck, Kiryu-chaaaaan!! Ain't gonna lie, I'm disappointed in ya.” He's disappointed in me? Is he serious right now!? He's lying on my bed with his dick out and he expects me to read what's written on a teddy bear...?

“Disappointed? Majima-san. I walked in to find my apartment had been broken into. I walk into my bedroom and see... See you lying there, with... Ngh. With nothing on.”

“Yeah, but I'm the best kind of intruder. Hehe!! An' technically, that ain't true. I'm wearin' this ain't I? Figured it would make me look hot!” Tugging at the bow tie around his neck, Majima stuck his tongue out at Kiryu, being rewarded with a soft chuckle and a head shake. I have to admit, it really did stand out from his pale skin... Although with my attention being on other things... I didn't really get to enjoy it as much as I would've liked. Hmm... Maybe I could?

“Tch. Fool. You don't need that to look hot. But, anyway. Do you really think my attention was going to be on a cute teddy bear?” Majima's eye lit up, a beaming grin covering his face.

“Ya think it's cute? Waaaahh!! I knew ya would!! Hehe!! But, man... Ya got a point. Okay. I'll letcha off. C'mon. Drink. Hey, ya want a chocolate?” Curiosity getting the best of him, Kiryu nodded casually.

“Sure. So, uh... Where is the bear anyway?” Trying to tear into the box, Majima shrugged.

“Floor maybe?” Leaning over the side of the bed, Kiryu spotted it just peeking out from under the bed. Reaching down he picked it up, studying it properly this time. Smiling, Kiryu patted its head gently. It really was sickeningly cute, this giant, pink ball of fluff, with a jet black nose and a glittery red heart between its paws. Squinting to see the writing, Kiryu read aloud.

“Be mine...?” Looking up from the box he was struggling with, Majima smiled gently.

“So, whatcha think? Gotta warn ya though. If ya turn me down, ya don't get any chocolate.”

“In that case... Looks like I don't have a choice.”

“Hehe!! Damn right! But all kiddin' aside, ya mean it? Ya ain't really agreein' jus' fer chocolate... Are ya?”

“Don't be so ridiculous. I'm sure. One hundred and ten percent. Heh.”

“Hehe!! Yeah, man!! Fuck yeah!!” Gleeful giggling bubbling from his lips, he once again returned his attention to the box. Kiryu watched, chuckling as he struggled before finally tearing the lid off. Handing him the box, he nodded happily. Reaching forwards, Kiryu couldn't help but notice he'd left the price on.

“Shit, ¥12,960 for a box of damn chocolate?”

“Yup. Paid ¥100,000 fer the champagne so ya better like it!”

“What the hell? Why?? Why would you waste that much money!?”

“Ain't wastin' it if it's fer my little Kiryu-chaaan!!”


“Here. Lemme...” Pulling out a random chocolate from the box, Majima held it against Kiryu's lips. Opening his mouth automatically, Kiryu sighed as Majima's fingers slid inside. Removing them slowly, he flashed Kiryu a smirk before helping himself to one.

“I never thought you could be so romantic. Heh, it's cute. Not just this, but everything. The petals, candles, the gifts... You're really something special, Majima-san. You know that?” Rubbing the back of his neck, Majima's face began to turn a delicate pink. “Are you... Are you blushing? Heh, adorable, Majima-san.” Reaching up to pinch his cheek, Kiryu chuckled as Majima swatted his hand away.

“Alright, alright. Knock it off. Hehe... Ain't used ta doin' shit like this... Felt like a bit of a knucklehead... Especially when I was lyin' on the bed waitin' fer ya. Eheh...”

“It was perfect. Trust me. I wouldn't of changed anything. Actually that's a lie. If I could of changed anything... I would change the gifts. You don't have to waste money on me, Majima-san.”

“It ain't wastin' it. Yer worth it. Yer worth so much more, man. If ya could see ya the way I see ya... Then ya would understand.” Lowering his head, Kiryu smiled awkwardly. Now this is something I could have never imagined. I always knew that deep down, he was capable of being nice... But being so romantic? So honest...? He's actually thinking and choosing his words carefully, rather than just spouting out whatever is on the tip of his tongue. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it shows how serious he is about this... About me.

They sat together on the bed, idly chatting, laughing, eating and drinking until Majima leant forward, an expression of pain on his face. Pulling out the bottle of oil from under him, he tossed it to the side. “Majima-san? Can I ask... What was with the bubblegum stuff?” Leaning forward with a mysterious twinkle in his eye, Majima giggled.

“Instead of gettin' normal, unscented, unflavoured stuff... Think of it this way. Everytime ya smell or chew bubblegum from now on... All ya gonna be able ta think 'bout is me fuckin' ya! Hehe!! Pretty damn smart, eh?” Shaking his head, Kiryu chuckled.

“You're unbelievable. You know that?”

“Yuuuup. But man, sure feels good ta hear ya say it.” Putting the empty box on the floor, Kiryu grabbed the empty glass from Majima's hand and placed it next to the box. “Whatcha doin'?”

“We've finished the chocolate... And the champagne. We've talked. We've laughed. And now it's my turn.”

“Haw?” Reaching up to Majima's neck, Kiryu undid the bow tie around it and placed it around his own instead. When it was on, he licked his lips, smirking in the way that he knew drove Majima crazy. “Fuuuck, Kiryu-chan!! That looks so fuckin' hot on ya. Fuckin' shit man... Hehe! Ya can wear it fer me when we... Wait... Yer turn?”

“Mnhm. To fuck you.”

“Already? Shit, not that I'm complainin'!!” Beckoning him forwards, Kiryu nodded slowly.

“Yes. And if you think I'm going to take it easy like you did? You're so damn wrong.” Eye widening as he giggled, Majima crawled forwards, kneeling between Kiryu's open legs.

“Take it easy? That was takin' it easy!? Fuuuuck, man! Okay. So, whatcha waitin' fer? Show me whatcha can do, Kiryu-chaaaaan!!”