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His Reflection

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This wasn’t the life he wanted. This wasn’t the life he was meant for.

Every day of being an omega was unfair, today was one of the worst days. He and many others were to be given to an alpha of the All Mighty Dragon’s, the protectors of Japan, in today’s ceremony. Once an omega turned the age of twenty, they would finally be presented at the ceremony. He didn’t want to have to bow to an alpha, he didn’t want to be caged away from danger because of his dynamic. This was truly unfair.

He couldn’t fight society, so he had to attend the ceremony. His mother had purchased a kimono, he could admit it was gorgeous, but he knew he would never feel true to himself as he wore it. His lips were painted red, cheeks dusted with pink, and eyes outlined with black. Beautiful, but not himself.

His mother escorted him to the town’s plaza to present her omegan son to the possible alphas. The birds sang among the trees as they woke up for the day, leaves rustling in the wind, and the village chatting up a storm. Many other beautiful omegas talked amongst themselves, speculating which handsome alpha would choose them. Everything around Izuku was spinning, his heart was racing, he wasn’t ready for this. He saw his friend’s, Uraraka and Iida waving, trying to look happy for him. That would never be true though, if Izuku was chosen, he would be taken miles away from them.

The sound of a horn blared through the plaza as every eligible omega was lined up. The general of the army stood amongst them, he gave a speech that roused the crowd and excited them for the young alphas that would gain a new mate today. Izuku admired the general of the Dragon’s, he was strong, charismatic, and led others with confidence, but unlike other omegas, he wanted to become like the All Mighty general. Many omegas would swoon at the alphan man’s muscles and be overcome with a need to serve him like a “proper” omega should. Izuku would be disgusted by that mindset but knew others couldn’t help their instincts.

As the speech dragged on, he was too caught up in his thoughts to notice that alphas were now selecting an omega they saw fit. The first alpha was delightfully unusual. His bright red hair made him stand out from everyone else on the plaza and equally bright red eyes scanned his options. In the end, he chose an equally as bright blonde-haired male omega. Izuku thinks he’s seen him around; such a sparky personality couldn’t be missed in this dull little town. He continued to think to himself as more omegas were chosen. Would he get picked? If he was what would happen to him? Would his alpha treat him poorly, he wasn’t too obedient and docile as omegas were expected to be. In the end, maybe leaving this town would be even worse than staying here.

He looked up to see one last alpha without a mate, he had spikey blonde hair and a scowl that didn’t seem to go away. He looked absolutely miserable like he didn’t want to be here at all. At least Izuku could empathize with someone. The blonde alpha was talking to an older beta man with long dark hair, black armor, and a white scarf, the man didn’t look too pleased. A screaming match started between the two as the young alpha looked to be resisting, pointing his finger at the older man close enough to jab at his chest.

“I don’t need a fucking omega, all these extras have got one, ain’t that enough?”

“No Bakugou, this is a ceremony for all the army’s alphas to get a mate, and that includes you.”

“Well, I’m not gonna choose one.”

That was enough for the man to walk up to Izuku and hold out his hand, “Hello, my name is Shota Aizawa. Congratulations, you’re now the omega of Katsuki Bakugou.” Izuku wasn’t expecting this, neither was the crowd. Everyone stared in shock at the situation as this had never happened before. He took Aizawa’s hand and followed him towards Bakugou. Which alpha wouldn’t want an omega, it was in their nature, but he might be an exception just like Izuku. Once he was in arm's length of the soldier, the alpha looked at him in disgust, “you better not get in my way or else,” he walked away towards the rest of the army, abandoning Izuku where he stood. This situation could be good, maybe. This man wouldn’t be too concerned for him and hopefully, he could now explore the world like he always dreamed of. He could be true to who he actually was, a curious mind ready for adventure, not a pretty, sheltered omega.

The assembly broke apart and everything settled down, Uraraka ran towards him with Iida on her trail. “Izu, what happened? Are you going? Who was that scruffy beta? Who was that angry blonde alpha?” the questions came a mile a minute as she started shaking him. Iida tried to stop her by waving his arm in front of her face but was unsuccessful. After her panic, Izuku explained what had happened. She gave him a big hug, some tear falling from her eyes, “you’ll be fine Izu. You’ll finally get out of here like you’ve always wanted,” she leaned back and gave him a sorrowful smile. Iida gripped his shoulder,

“we’ll miss you very much, but I believe you’ll do better out there than here. If you ever do come back, please tell us about your adventures.”

“I might not have too many adventures Iida.”

“I know you’ll make the most of it.”

His mom came to take him back home and prepare the little number of possessions that he had.

By the late afternoon, he along with the army and other omegas were leaving the town. He saw his mother and two friends wave him farewell. This would be interesting.