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A Very Glee Chatroom

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Mr. Anderson joins the channel.

Lord Gagay: Hey guys, this is Blaine. Hi Blaine.

Mr. Anderson: Hi Kurt. Um… Your nickname is kind of disturbing.

Lord Gagay: Someone (and by someone I mean you, Puckerman) hacked my account and changed it. Now I have to wait for a week before I can change it back.

Puck You: Don't flip, it lookz good on ya.

Born to Bitch: Hey Mr. Hair gel!

Mr. Anderson: Always nice talking to you, Santana.

Born to Bitch: 'devil'

3: hai Blain. yor nik iz borin.

Mr. Anderson: Uh…

Lord Gagay: That's Brittany.

Mr. Anderson: Oh, I should've guessed. Hi Brittany. Have you seen the Matrix?

3: yea todaly. i kip it undur my bed. it sinz mi to sleap.

Mr. Anderson: Okay… anyway, your own nickname is very… creative.

3: i kno. i hav niks for difrent moodz. 3 iz for green.

Mr. Anderson: Well isn't that amazing. By the way, Kurt, you must have left your phone where you can't hear it – I just wanted to remind you that our appointment is in two hours.

Lord Gagay: Oh GOD what time is it? I gotta go change! Later people!

Lord Gagay left the channel.

Mr. Anderson: Okay guys, nice talkin' to you, bye!

Mercedes: HOLD IT.

Mr. Anderson: ?

Mercedes: What's up with the appointment? You didn't get my baby sick with anything nasty, did you? 'evil'

Mr. Anderson: Jesus, of course not! We're both perfectly healthy.

Mercedes: What is it then? Spill!

Mr. Anderson: Oh we just decided to get matching tattoos. Ok gtg, bye!

Mr. Anderson left the channel.

Mercedes: 'shock' 'shock' 'shock'

Puck You: Did he srsly jus say their getting INKED? 'LOL'

Born to Bitch: Hummel with a tatt. That's gonna be priceless.

Asian Idol: Crap, I totally should've talked Mike into getting matching tattoos :(

Asian Idle: 'facepalm'

3: i duno wat dat iz, but I wana eet sum.