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It's a joke revisited among her friends and her brother's friends, and practically all of Iwatobi — the Mikoshiba siblings have a thing for Gou.

For a while, she thought this whole embarrassing thing skipped with Isuzu.

When they met initially, Isuzu only wanted to talk about muscles and the competitions in the local high school area, and sometimes Rin.

Mostly about Rin's muscles. Oh boy.

(Gou steered the conversation from that quickly, waving eagerly to a bemused Rei and Nagisa waving back as they passed the girls by on the sidewalk.)

And then, Gou found herself staring into Isuzu's bright gold eyes for a little too long. Pools of pure, dazzling sunlight reflecting but clearer and more lovely. Isuzu wears snapbacks and basketball jerseys and loose-fitting, stretched tank tops over her bralette peeking through the gaps.

She can't not look at her, Gou tries to reason this. Isuzu is her friend. Utterly gorgeous in the way Isuzu gives off a tomboyish, energetic manner.

Friends will look at each other… in a romantic way sometimes

Gou doesn't have a problem being attracted to other girls. No, really. She just didn't think she was attracted to girls. Even a very muscular girl like Isuzu with her coral-orange locks blowing ticklishly against Gou's cheek, giving off a scent like perspiration and mango-coconut shampoo… …


Isuzu kisses her, spontaneously, when the colors of the sky swirl into whites and blues, matching the color of seafoam wetting their sneakers and Gou's pastel blue bicycle she's hanging off of.

Just wanted to know, Isuzu whispers to Gou, smirking and eyeing her. Isuzu just wanted to know and Gou wants to know too what she means. Does Isuzu like girls too? Or does she just like Gou for being Gou and letting her? Letting Isuzu kiss her, framing Gou's face with her hands and pulling in her slowly?

You're… pretty cute.

Gou wipes absently over her mouth for the rest of the day, unable to distract herself away from the fluttery, warm sensation building in her gut.