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Mind games

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"Alright everyone!" Aizawa said to his class. "You have all proven that you can use your quirks in many situations and have made them stronger. For that, we praise you" The kids started cheering, loving the praise they got from their teacher.

"However," He said, activating his quirk. "Being a hero means you will get into all kinds of situations, Including ones where you'll be at a disadvantage. Sometimes your quirks won't work on some villains, so you'll have to use your head to defeat them. As I have said, no hero is a one-trick pony. So for today's lesson, you all will will be trapped in a room, and you have to figure out a way to escape WITHOUT your quirks." The class gasped.

"But teacher!" Cried Hagakure. "What about those with mutant quirks? We can't just put them away!"

"Good question." Said Aizawa, giving a small smile. "Those with mutant quirks won't be failed for having them, but they will be failed for using the abilities that come with it. Understand?"

"Yes sensei!" Replied the invisible haired girl.

"You will all be in groups of two. Each group will be placed in different themed rooms with a way to get out. You each have thirty minutes to escape the room, those who don't fail. So everyone, I have one last thing to say." He smiled widely, making the students nervous because they know that doesn't mean anything good for them.


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Kyoka and Denki walk into the room. The door closes behind them and they look around. Sparks flew in the air as one shocks Denki. Kyoka laughs at his expression while he glares at her.

"Hey that stung, alright?" He said. The girl giggled and nodded as they walked to the center of the room. The walls were yellow and a big generator sat in the middle of it. In the four corners were things that looked like lightning rods raised on high platforms. A silver door with an exit sign sat to the left of them.

"Agh! My quirk would've been helpful here." Sighed the blonde.

"We're not supposed to use our powers, remember?" Said Kyoka, staring at him.

"I know that!" Denki said, frustrated. "I'm not stupid."

"I beg to differ..." Kyoka muttered. Denki went over to the door and kicked it a few times, but to no avail.

"I don't think that's the solution." Said Kyoka, face-palming.

"Then you come up with something, genius!" Replied the boy.

Kyoka went over to the generator and inspected it.

"There has to be a way to activate this." Kyoka thought. She then saw a metal panel on the side of the generator. She knelt down and rapped her knuckles against the panel.

"Hey, it's hollow!" She said, "Maybe we can pull it off!" Kyoka grabs the panel and begins to pull.

"Kaminari, a little help please?" She grunted. Denki ran over to her and began pulling too. Eventually the panel comes off with a hard yank. Kyoka looks inside, she finds six outlets and 20 different cables. In the corner of her eye, she spots a manual.

"This must be the thing we're looking for!" Kyoka said as she grabbed the manual.  She read a couple pages before closing it.

"Kaminari," She said, sweating. "this might be tough. The instructions are super specific. If we get one thing wrong, the generator will break. I think one of us has to read the other the steps so we don't mess up." Denki looked at the cables, feeling nervous.

"You can read the instructions, I'll put in the cables." He said. "I've shocked myself so many times it doesn't hurt anymore....okay maybe a little, but still. Besides, you're a lot better with this kind of thing, so I trust you!" Kyoka was surprised at his genuine compliment, but accepted it with a nod. Kyoka Began to read as Denki put his hands in the generator.

"Alright, so how many cables are there?"

"Umm....let's see uh....twenty."

" many are yellow?"


"Which yellow wire has stripes?"

"This one!" Denki grabbed the wire.

"Plug that one in the 2nd socket" Denki plugged it in and a green light turned on.

"It worked!" Cried Denki triumphantly.

"Alright, next one!" Said Kyoka. "What is the third number of the serial number."


"It's a code that identifies things, look at the back of it."

Denki went to the back. "It's nine."

"Take the red wire with white stripes and put it in the 4th socket." Another green light appears.

"YEAH! We rock!" Cheered Denki.

"Let's see...two cables....both color, wha? Um....How many green cables?"


"Take the green wire with red stripes and put it in the 6th socket."

"But there are two!"

"Oh! Uh....The one that shocks you is the one that you put in."

"Seriously!? What kinds of instructions are these?" After Denki shocks himself again, he puts the wire in and a third light appears.

"PHFFFFFF! You look ridiculous." Said Kyoka, holding back laughter.

"It's not my fault, Stop laughing!" A little while later, Kyoka and Denki manage to get all the cables in without penalty.

"YEAAAH!" They shouted and high fived. A sound echoed through the room as the wall behind them opened to reveal four empty sockets. It opened underneath the clutter of the tangled, black cables.

"Ah come on!? More cables?!" Shouted Denki, pushing his hair up. Kyoka just looked at them, trying to figure out the next puzzle. She got closer to the sockets and discovered colors under each one: red, green, blue and pink.

Wonder what these are for?  The girl thought. She then noticed that some of the cables connected to the lightning rods in the corners.

"Kaminari, i've got it!" Exclaimed Kyoka. "The lightning rods have cables attached. Maybe if we follow the lines, we can plug them in."

"But what about the colors?" The boy asked. "What do they mean?" Kyoka paused, she had forgotten about that.

"There are probably clues on the rods, let's go check it out!" She said. They walked over to one of the rods. They were high up, so they couldn't inspect them easily.

"How can we check them?" Kyoka said to herself. Denki was wondering also, but when he looked at the smaller girl, he had an idea.

"Hey Jiro, I have an idea!" He said vigorously. Jiro snorted.

"Really? Alright let's see what it i-WHOAAA!" Kyoka shouted as Denki picked her up and put her on his shoulders.

"There! now you can inspect them!" He said, struggling to keep her up. Kyoka was impressed with Denki's quick thinking.

"Not bad Sparky!" She said as she began to inspect the rod. She looked around it than above it, but nothing stood out to her. Then she picked it up and looked under it. On the bottom was the color pink.

"I found it!" She said. "It's pink!" Denki put her down and they plugged the cable in. A green light beeped. They did the rest of the cables before plugging in the last one. All green lights appeared.

"WHEW! Glad that's done!" Denki said, rubbing his back. There was a crackling sound and the rods and generator came to life. The silver door had finally opened. Excited, they ran through the door. Once on the other side the door closed and victory music played.

"JIRO AND KAMINARI HAVE PASSED! CONGRATULATIONS!" Jiro and Kaminari jumped up and down and cheered. Then Kyoka punched Denki in the arm.

"Couldn't have done it without you sparky!" She said.

"You too, bro!" He replied. They fist bumped and left.