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Mind games

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"Alright everyone!" Aizawa said to his class. "You have all proven that you can use your quirks in many situations and have made them stronger. For that, we praise you" The kids started cheering, loving the praise they got from their teacher.

"However," He said, activating his quirk. "Being a hero means you will get into all kinds of situations, Including ones where you'll be at a disadvantage. Sometimes your quirks won't work on some villains, so you'll have to use your head to defeat them. As I have said, no hero is a one-trick pony. So for today's lesson, you all will will be trapped in a room, and you have to figure out a way to escape WITHOUT your quirks." The class gasped.

"But teacher!" Cried Hagakure. "What about those with mutant quirks? We can't just put them away!"

"Good question." Said Aizawa, giving a small smile. "Those with mutant quirks won't be failed for having them, but they will be failed for using the abilities that come with it. Understand?"

"Yes sensei!" Replied the invisible haired girl.

"You will all be in groups of two. Each group will be placed in different themed rooms with a way to get out. You each have thirty minutes to escape the room, those who don't fail. So everyone, I have one last thing to say." He smiled widely, making the students nervous because they know that doesn't mean anything good for them.