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Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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AN: So, this was supposed to be a oneshot, but go way out of hand. It's a valentines gift my partner also.
WAY Unedited, it's 7am and I havent slept cause I accidentally deleted the file she was supposed to get and i couldnt recover it for some reason, so I spent all night working on this new fic for her that is completely different to what I was working on...

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There will be smut- I'm not having this tagged as SwanQueen for the reason that there will be no swanqueen. - Also, forewarning, there's a chick with a dick in this... So, last chance to back out.

Regina looked up as she heard the teacher clear their throat. Ms. Phillips wasn't intentionally trying to get her attention, but she was right in front of Regina's desk seeing as the student had the desk right at the front of the class so Regina heard almost everything the English teacher muttered about how many people were idiots as tests and essays were marked.

The teacher looking at her made Regina drop her head back down to focus on her work, reading 'I Can't Think Straight'. Well, that wasn't her work, but she already finished twenty minutes ago so she got to do whatever she wanted, like listen to her iPod, or read, or even play on her phone.

Regina's phone buzzed from the top corner of her desk and she reached over her water bottle to grab it, she saw a message from Kathryn.

"Hey love, I've got the last 40 mins free, will go to the shop and grab some drinks and supplies for this weekend, need anything? :*"

Typing back quickly, Regina checked her message for any spelling errors.

"Vanilla Coke or Monster, whichever you see first, come get my keys so you can put it in my car and also so you don't have to walk the three miles to the shops and back. xXx"

Currently, 'Body Say' came on shuffle on her iPod and she twitched a little inside, her thoughts scattered to pictures of the words being played out in her head by the mystery blonde that she'd been dreaming about lately, she'd never seen the blonde's face. She only knew the hair, how it hung over her shoulders and flowed down over her breasts, yes, a seventeen year old was having sex dreams. Regina was fine with that, she wasn't too social, but she knew that if her mother found out that it was a girl she was dreaming of, she'd be in deep shit.

Thankful for her best friend Kathryn being the only one who knew about her being gay, only because she was just about the only one who knew about Kathryn's extra body part.. Yup, her best friend had a dick, and damn, if Regina wasn't thankful for that also. Many of time the blonde stayed over and they'd fooled around because they were best friend with benefits.

Hearing a knock on the classroom door, Regina pulled her keys from her bag, standing she took them over to Kat and kissed her friend on the cheek before telling Kat to keep the car running when she got back so the AC was cool enough for when Regina got out. Kathryn smiled and hugged Regina tight before kissing the brunettes forehead and headed away as Regina returned to her desk.

Sighing softly, Regina looked back down to her book and shook her head, Tala and Layla were just meeting for the first time, and Regina couldn't contain the smile she had whenever she read this book, she crossed her legs, thankful she wore jeans instead of her cheerleading outfit today.

Regina looked up as a desk was pulled closer to her own by the teacher and she looked at Ms. Phillips confused, Regina had always asked to be the only who sat there at the front of the class. She was the only one who voluntarily sat there to be honest. She wasn't a teacher's pet, but it made it easier for Regina to focus, There was no annoying Jocks hitting on her, or other Cheerleaders gossiping about boys.

"Sorry, Dear, I need this here for the first summer studies class tomorrow." Her teacher informed her, and Regina just nodded with understanding before returning to her book, the two leading women were talking to Tala's mother about religious beliefs.

Regina saw a piece of paper get slipped into her bag as the bell rang signaling the end of the day she sighed as she didn't see who had done it due to everyone leaving in a rush, but she scooped her belongings up and tucked her iPod into the pocket of her jeans before she headed towards her locker and spun the code into the lock, pulling the locker open, a bunch of flowers fell towards her, catching them quickly, her folder dropped from her hands and she looked around, but the hallways were too full to take note if anyone was watching her but from the sound of her folder slapping onto the linoleum, a few people had turned their heads to see what happened.

Looking back at the bouquet of lilies, she tilted her head, pulling the card out of the smallholder, reading the note.

"'I Dare You To Love Me.'
- Luce. (Imagine Me & You)
Saw you reading 'I Can't think Straight'.
I think you should check this movie out too.
(If you haven't already.)"

"Anonymous." Regina whispered and picked up her folder, sticking it into her locker as she had no homework to do, she closed the door and smelled the flowers, smiling softly, she headed out of the school, making her way across the car park to her Mercedes.

"Hey, Gina." Kathryn said, pulling her hair up into a tight bun, "Nice flowers, who they from?"

Regina looked up at the blonde and shrugged. "Anonymous," Regina said as she opened the back door of the car and threw her bag onto the seat before she sat the flowers carefully down on the seat also. "Who would ever send me flowers?" She wondered aloud.

"An admirer?" Kat grinned, nudging her friends shoulder playfully.

"Whatever." Regina rolled her eyes and looked at Kat. "Drinks at the look-out?"

"Uh, Duh!" Kathryn laughed and got into the passenger seat of the brunettes car. "Do you have the- Never mind got it." Kathryn said as she found what she was looking for in the glove compartment, pulling out an AUX cord, she reached for Regina's iPod in the brunettes pocket.

Regina lifted her butt off the seat a little and sat back properly as she felt the iPod leave her pocket, she looked at the note in her hand and then to her friend. "There was a card on my flowers." She said softly, gaining her friends attention who swiped the card.

"Drive, we'll talk about this at The Point." Kat said as she reached into her bag and pulled out a pack of smokes, lighting one up as soon as they were out of the school grounds.

Regina had been friends with Kathryn since grade three when Kathryn moved to her school from out of town, and they've been almost inseparable ever since, they went through their first everything together. Kathryn was the only one who knew about Regina's literal dream girl, every weekend they spend together and have traveled out of town every Friday for a few hours since they both got their licenses at sixteen. Cora and Henry loved Kathryn as if she were their own daughter.

Regina looked towards her friend when they'd came to a stop light only to find Kathryn off in her own world. "Kat?" Regina asked quietly before she looked back towards the road.

"Yes?" The blonde looked over at her friend before butting her smoke out into an old water bottle that was always in the car to stop the blonde littering her filthy habit onto the roads.

"When will you quit?" Regina asked as she started to drive again, slowly gaining speed as she hit the town line.

"When I finish this packet, I promise. We discussed this the other day."

"I know, but I thought you'd be done by now-"

"Regina, I know I can smoke quickly but I'm honestly trying to stop for you, I've only had two today down from my usual half a pack. I didn't even buy a pack at the shops, and how often do I go without buying a pack?" Kat smiled and opened the center console, pulling out a pack of gum, she popped two pieces into her mouth and looked at Regina who had taken the turn off down a dirt road to get to their look out.

Regina parked the car at the top of the hill and got out, going to the trunk of her car, she pulled out a few drinks that had been kept cold by the small fridge she kept in there that ran off the car's battery but didn't take all the charge from it.

Moving to the back seat, she searched through her bag for the paper she'd seen go into it when the school day had ended.

Pulling out the folded up note, she opened it and looked at the neat cursive writing, almost an exact replica of the writing from a scene from the movie, 'I Can't Think Straight.'

"Every night I empty my heart, but by morning it's full again.
Slow droplets of you seep in through the night's soft caress.
At dawn, I overflow with thoughts of us
An aching pleasure that gives me no respite.
Love cannot be contained, the neat packaging of desire
Splits asunder, spilling crimson through my days.
Long, languishing days that are now bruised tender with yearning,
Spent searching for a fingerprint, a scent, a breath you left behind."

Regina's heart had now leapt into her throat, she couldn't believe that someone had quoted her favourite movie.. Her favourite book.

"Kat.. Someone's been watching me." Regina said as she handed the note over to her friend.

"Whoa, stalker alert." Kathryn said and opened the bottle of coke that she swiped from Regina's hand before sitting on the front of the car.

"Like they would of had to of been watching me to quote Imagine Me And You, And, I Can't Think Straight." She said as she ran a hand through her hair. "I should be freaked out, but, it feels nice to be noticed by someone other then you or the teachers as they praise me for always having my work done on time."

"Maybe we should watch for you being watched, I mean, how weird is it that you've been reading this book for years and only now they've started saying something?" Kat rose an eyebrow and nudged Regina's shoulder.

"I dreamt of that girl again last night, still haven't seen her face but I studied her arms, she has a flower tattoo, on her left wrist."

"Regina, you don't know anyone with tattoo's. And we don't have anyone like that at the school." Kat said and looked to her friend who only sighed. "Regina, you really need to let this go, tell you literal dream girl that she needs to go. You look her in the eyes tonight or whenever you dream of her next, and tell her to fuck off."

"You're right, I'm going to do that, do know you how many times I've woken up so sexually frustrated that my own hands just don't do the job?" She huffed and leaned back against the windshield and pulled her sunnies down to cover her eyes from the sunshine.

"Yes, well, that would explain why you're grumpy first thing in the morning." Kathryn chuckled and Regina just whacked her friend playfully. "You're amazing, Regina. This girl needs to get out of your head so you can did someone close to you so you can get your happy on."

"Get.. My happy on?" Regina laughed so hard she snorted, shaking her head. "You're ridiculous! And I only wake up grumpy when I don't get a decent orgasm, which thanks to you I definitely get when you're there." Regina smirked and Kat grinned smugly, putting her arm around Regina's shoulder, pulling her friend in close.

Regina parked her car in the driveway, grabbing the bouquet of flowers and her bag, she walked up the front steps, Kathryn chattering quietly on the phone walking behind her. Regina was about to unlock the door when she saw it open, stepping back quickly as she came face to face with her mother.

"Hello, dears." Cora smiled, looking at the flowers in Regina's hands. "Whom sent you those?"

"An admirer!" Kathryn grinned and stepped around the mother and daughter, heading up the stairs only to be stopped by Cora calling her back.

"An admirer?" Cora asked happily. "Is it that Sidney boy you keep talking about?"

Kathryn and Regina looked at each other before bursting into a laugh that made Regina start coughing roughly, she pulled a water from the side of her bag and took a long drink as she shook her head.

"No, unless he's taken a stalking tactic to get her attention." Kathryn said and laughed, "it's a secret admirer." She filled in at Cora's confused look.

"Right, well, anyway, we have a new family in town-"

"Mother, no!" Regina looked at her upset, "Please, not another dinner."

"I'm sorry, dear, but it'll be good for us." Cora said and grabbed the flowers, taking them into the kitchen. "Their daughter just started at your school today. Emma Swan, bright young girl. Blonde. But also looks like a street rat."

"Mother, you can't just talk about people like that. For all we know, she could actually be a street rat." Regina chuckled and saw approval in her mother's eyes, making her smile even more.

"You two are bad enough apart, separate, now." A husky joking voice said and Regina spun quickly.

"Daddy!" The teen cried happily and ran into her father's arms.

"Hello, my sweet princess." Henry said as he kissed the top of her head.

"How was work?" Regina asked as she hugged her father a little tighter. Her father worked for The Mills Foundation, well, he was the owner but Regina always enjoyed the stories of how her father had helped another child get their wish from their deathbed.

"Outstanding. Today there was a teen boy, I've only ever seen him wear a shirt from a certain band, so I talked to his parents, and he met some band, I don't remember what their name was." He chuckled and rubbed Regina's shoulder before looking at Kathryn. "Kat, how's your parents going?" He asked as he reached over and patted the blondes back.

"Quite well, they're out of town again." Kathryn shrugged and smiled as if it was no big deal.

"Well, you know you always have a place here in our home," Cora said and Henry simply nodded.

"Cora, my dear, how about we have dinner out the back tonight, I hear the stars are going to be lovely and the air cool." Henry said and leaned over, kissing his wife's cheek.

"Daddy, mother is having people over again, and I really don't feel like being social." Regina whined lightly.

"Well, my princess, sometimes, it's better to be social even if you don't feel like it because it'll be better for when you get a job and have to deal with people every day." Henry said and stroked Regina's hair slowly.

"Regina, I'm just gonna go change out of my uniform." Kat said and gestured to her cheer outfit, but pants instead of the short skirts the rest of the females wore.

"Yeah, I need to get out of these jeans, I'll be up in a second, I'm just going to empty my bag out." Regina said as she sat her bag on the kitchen bench and opened it up, pulling her lunch box out that her father packed for her every morning, pulling the rubbish out from the chip packets she ate why they were at the look-out. "Do you need help with dinner, Mumma?" Regina asked softly and yawned, rubbing her eyes.

"No, Dear, I'll make salad, and potato bake, and I'll get your father to light the barbecue so we can have steak and sausages, and rissoles." Cora said as she began to pull out the items she needed for the potato bake.

"Alright, come get me if you need a hand." Regina said as she set her lunch box to the side in it's usual spot so it would be ready for the next school day.

"Will do, Dear." Cora responded as she began to peel to potatoes while Regina turned and headed out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

Regina and Kathryn were relaxing in the hot-tub when the sound of the doorbell chimed and rang straight through the mansion due to the back doors being open that lead to the porch.

"Regina, would you get that please, I need to check on these bakes." Cora called out from the kitchen window that overlooked the whole backyard.

Sighing a little, Regina set her drink down on the edge of the hot tub and got out, wrapping a towel around herself, walking through the mansion in just a white bikini, only covered by the towel. Holding the towel around her, she pulled the front door open and came face to face with the town's sheriff.

"Graham." Regina smirked softly when she saw the scruffy man ogling her.

"Right, er, Regina, these people are The Charming's, they appeared to be a little lost why I was on patrol, so I offered them an escort." The sheriff said with his thick Irish accent.

"Thank you, Sheriff, I'll let mother know you're doing such a good job," Regina winked at the man before looking passed him at the couple behind him. "Hello, I'm Regina Mills, please come through, mother is in the kitchen, father is out the back with my friend and .." Regina stopped talking when she heard Kathryn yell out for her.

"Gina, your drink fell over, can you grab me a new one why you're at it, please."

"Sorry, I have a friend over." Regina said leading the couple through the house towards the kitchen, "May I get you a drink?"

"Water will be fine, thank you." The female said and Regina just face-palmed.

"I'm so sorry, I haven't even asked your names." Regina said as she pulled two bottles of water from the fridge, handing one to each of them, grabbing two bottles of non-alcoholic apple cider out for herself and Kathryn.

"Oh, we're David and Mary-Margaret," David introduced them and followed Regina back out to the doors off the kitchen that head out the back to the porch she leaned down slightly and handed both ciders to Kat and continued her way to the covered area where her parents were.

"Daddy, this is David and Mary-Margaret Charming." Regina said and kissed her father's cheek before going to the outdoor fridge, grabbing a beer out and handing it to Henry after twisting the top off for him. "Where did mother go?"

"She got a phone call a second ago, something about a teenager sneaking into the mayor's office." Henry said as he flipped the meat on the grill. "Cora said you had a daughter, where's she tonight?" Henry asked as Regina walked away towards the hot-tub once more, just hearing their reply.

"She's on her way, I had her pick up some drinks from the store for herself because we don't drink that health stuff she drinks, so she just said she'll walk to get something and be here soon." David said as he put a hand around his wife's shoulder.

"You should let her know to bring her swimming clothes too so she can join the girls in the hot-tub, or go in the pool." Henry said.

Regina sighed and leaned against Kat's side as they listened to the iPod dock an arms reach away from the hot-tub, she looked up as Cora walked passed them and smiled up at her mother. "All good?"

"Yes, all is good, so to say, I found Emma walking up the hill on my way home, so I gave her a lift she's just grabbing her shopping and requested to use the kitchen, poor girl is dieting so probably won't touch anything we eat tonight."

"Cora can I have extra potato bake, please if she's not going to eat it?" Kat asked with a grin.

"I believe you'll have to fight Regina for that." Cora said and walked off, leaving them alone to go see her husband and their guests.

"You can have it," Regina said and got up, kissing kat's cheek "I need another drink. You want?" Kathryn just nodded quickly and reached up to change the song, humming softly as she turned the jets up.

Regina pulled a towel around herself once more and headed towards the house, stopping when she saw long blonde hair, a tank top covering a toned back, the shoulders visible making Regina's mouth go dry. "Gina?" Kat asked as she saw her friend staring in the kitchen window looking like she'd seen a ghost.

Regina turned to face her friend in the hot-tub and shook her head, "I-I feel like I'm going to faint." She murmured and felt her legs go weak and numb, Kat was out of the hot tub quicker then she'd ever moved and was at her friends side, picking Regina up bridal-style, carrying her to the deck chairs to let her rest. "Water... Please." Regina said softly and Kathryn nodded, quickly going into the kitchen, paying no mind to the teen that was in there, she bought back a water for Regina quickly, twisting the cap loose.

"Take slow sips, Gina." She said as she handed the now open bottle to the brunette.

"The girl.. She looks like dreams.." She said with a whisper, taking gentle sips of the water, clearing her throat.

"The girl..?" Kathryn asked confused before she looked through the kitchen window to find Emma's back still turned. "Oh!"

"Is everything okay here girls?" Cora asked, as she headed towards them, looking at Regina concerned.

"Oh, yes mother, sorry, I was just feeling dizzy." Regina said as she stood once more and smiled. "I think I'm going to go have a shower and freshen up before dinner is ready."

"I'll come up too," Kat said as she grabbed the iPod dock, her own towel, and their empty bottles. "Head up, Regina, I'll just put the bottles away."

Regina looked at her friend suspiciously before nodding and heading inside, going straight up to her room, when Kat was sure the coast was clear, she looked to Cora. "The dreams are getting more intense, you know." Cora filled her in.

"Yeah, she was telling me about them today, she still hasn't come out to you, and I'm worried that it'll just make her stress more."

"She needs to come to us in her own time," Cora smiled and patted Kathryn's shoulder. "I best check on the potato bakes, are you sure she's alright?"

"She still hasn't seen her dream girls face, but she said that the girl in your kitchen looks like her from behind, this may sound weird, but if I can get her to not see the girls face until another day cause we've got plans to make her see her face somehow in the dream tonight, and we'll see what happens. And you know how good of an artist Regina is, I'll get her to draw the girl and you and I can look at it tomorrow."

"That's a good plan, you can take dinner up to her, say I said it's okay because she isn't feeling well. Kathryn, I want to thank you for coming to me, I really don't know why she thinks we won't accept her, she's our daughter, as long as she's happy, we're happy."

"I know, you can be a bit hard sometimes, but I know you do it out of love." Kat smiled and made her way into the kitchen, to gather a plate of food her herself and Regina.

Kathryn thought back to the day that she accidentally told Cora that she'd slept with Regina, and she was expecting to be killed as soon as it slipped from her mouth what had happened.

Sitting quietly at the kitchen island with Cora across from her they were waiting for Regina to get out of the shower so they could all go shopping, the school holidays had just started and Kathryn's parents were out of town yet again, the blonde was more then used to it, so she spent most of the time at Regina's anyway.

Cora was sipping her coffee, Kathryn swaying side to side on the chair as that rotated along with her movements, she'd always done that when something was on her mind, Cora had picked that up early on in the girls' friendship, Kat would swing, and Regina would chew on her nails, lip, or a pen.

"Are you okay, Dear?"

"I- What?" Kat asked snapping out of her thoughts.

"You're rocking, you only do that when you're thinking too hard." Cora smirked over her cup and Kat just went white with nerves.

"I – Well, you know about my..." She gestured down at her crotch and Cora just nodded. "Well, you also know how Regina and I shower together, a lot.." Again, Cora just nodded.

"Spit it out, Kathryn, we haven't got all day."

"Well, yesterday, my body started reacting to Regina.. And I just.. I'm not in love with her or anything, but, I didn't know what to do, so I thought, well, I'll just tell her-"

"And how did that go for you?" Cora asked, ready to go off at her daughter if she said something to hurt Kat's feelings.

"I uh.. I slept with her, I'm so sorry, Cora, it just happened, and I know we shouldn't of but-"

Cora just laughed at how much Kathryn was scared right then. "Did she consent?"

"Well, yes of course, I wouldn't do anything against her wishes, she's my best friend, and also, I'd be lost without her if I had to go home to my lonely house."

"As long as you two are happy with whatever it is you two have, then I guess, I'm fine with it." Cora smiled and finished her coffee with a mouthful of tablets that she took every single day, Kat had asked many times what they were for, but always forgot.

"Yeah well, it's mostly just scratching an itch for us both, she's dreaming of someone else every night, and well, I- Why am I even telling you this?" Kathryn stopped herself from speaking, very much mortified at how easy it was to talk to the woman who'd been there for her more then her own mother was.

Kathryn balanced the tray with two plates between one hand and on her knee as she opened Regina's door before gripping the tray, shutting and locking the door behind her after entering and setting the tray on the computer desk, she then dimmed the lights slightly, pulling her towel off and headed over to the bathroom, walking in, Regina and her had showered together many of times before.

"Gina, Cora said we could eat in your room," Kat said as she pulled the bikini bra off and dropped her board-shorts and dropped it into the wash basket and pulled the door open to step into the heavily steamed shower, seeing Regina with a hand between her legs, the other pressed to the wall to keep herself supported. "Want a hand." Kat smirked and came up behind the brunette, thankful for the large shower.

"Kat, yes, please." Regina begged and faced her friend crashing her lips against the blondes, using the wall as support as Kathryn pinned her to it, grabbing one of Regina's legs, bringing it up so she could hook it around Kathryn's hip which Regina did so without hesitation as Kathryn guided her member straight into Regina's core, making Regina bite down on Kat's neck to stop a moan as she rocked her hips into the movements.

Regina lay face down on her bed, sighing softly as she felt Kathryn drawing light patterns on her back, "Feels good," Regina mumbled and turned to lay on her back, looking up at Kat who was lazily running her fingers over Regina's back whilst playing a game on her phone with her free hand.

Kat smiled down at Regina and set her phone down, poking Regina's stomach playfully. "You slept a while, it's almost five."

"What?" Regina sat up quickly and looked past her friend to see the bedside clock to see it just click over to five in the morning. "Oh, god, I'm fucking starving." She sighed and stood slowly, grabbing a bathrobe from the bedside table. "By the way, I dreamt of her again, I looked right into her eyes, and my god, Kat, they were like an ocean, so blue, with the smallest hint of green within them." She went over to her desk and pulled out a sketch-pad, roughing outlining her dream girls face. "I told her to stop coming to me, like you said."

"How did she react to that?" Kat asked as she sat up, pulling a sports-bra and some boxers on.

"She went on about how we'd been meeting in there for months and having a good time, but she said goodbye." Regina said as she didn't take her eyes off the page.

Kat wrapped her arms around Regina from behind and smiled as she watched the brunette work, it was strange, Regina rarely drew unless she had something big on her mind, and when she did she drew quickly.

"You right there, Picasso?" Kat smirked and pressed gentle kisses upon Regina's shoulder.

"I want to show you what she looked like." Regina smiled and held the drawing up in front of them both as she finished the sketch, by drawing a small flower up in the top left corner of the page. "This is what her tattoo looks like," She said with finality and handed the book to Kat.

"She's pretty, do you want to eat something?" Kat asked as she set the sketch book down on the desk the small fairy lights Regina had hanging around her room lighting up the page enough for Kathryn to see all the details.

"Yes, food, I'm starved." Regina grinned and pulled the tie tighter on her bathrobe and made her way to the door. "I'm really wanting that potato bake.

"Well, I took our food down to the kitchen after you fell asleep cause I didn't want it sitting up here in case you slept through the night."

"How don't you have a girlfriend yet? What's that bra made of? Girlfriend Material!" Regina giggled and pulled her hair into a ponytail to get it out of her face.

"That was so fucking cheesy." Kathryn laughed and pulled a shirt on and headed over to follow Regina downstairs.

Yawning, Regina played with the end of her hair as she made her way to the fridge. "I was thinking of getting a haircut. Short, maybe shoulder length."

"Why? I LOVE playing with your hair!" Kat pouted and sat on one of the stools why Regina fixed both of them a plate and reheated Kathryn's in the microwave as Regina dug into hers cold, she didn't care, as long as she was getting food.

As soon as the microwave dinged, Regina had finished her plate and handed her fork over to Kat along with the plate that was now steaming from the heat coming off of the food.

By the time the girls were heading back up to bed, Cora was getting up for the morning and she looked at them suspiciously. "Well, I know Kathryn has insomnia, but why are you awake, Regina?" Cora asked, folding her arms.

"Well... I got hungry and didn't eat last night cause I felt tired and went to bed after a shower." Regina said as she yawned. "Are we going shopping today?"

"I've only got to go grocery shopping, so I guess we can all go if you feel up to it." Cora said.

"Okay, but can we go at like... eleven? I want to get a little more sleep." Regina asked innocently.

"I suppose, I will need you there anyway seeing as I have no idea what you'll want to eat if you're not there." Cora chuckled and kissed Regina's head. "Oh, Kat, I suppose you're staying the night again? You can choose dinner tonight."

"Sweet!" Kat grinned, "Taco night!"

"Why do I even bother asking." Cora sighed playfully.

Regina looked around the shops as she snuggled into Kat's side, wearing the blondes much too big hoodie, Regina bought a hand up, covering her mouth to cover a yawn. "You really should of slept more." Kat teased her and poked Regina's stomach, making her giggle.

"Shut up, I couldn't keep up with your stamina last night," Regina whispered and pulled a packet of noodles off the shelf.

"Why do you buy beef when you only ever use the noodles to make that pasta stuff?" Kat asked.

"On the off chance that I'll actually eat noodles, everything except beef is gross." Regina said as she put it into the cart when they caught up to Cora.

"You mean everything except beef is delicious." Kathryn said as she wrapped her arm around Regina's waist as they followed Cora through the aisles.

"Shut up." Regina laughed and froze as she saw the very blonde hair that appeared in her dreams quite a lot. "Can't I escape this torture." Regina huffed and Kathryn looked at her confused. "It's the same hair colour of my mystery dream girl."

"I'm sorry, Gina." Kat pouted and pressed a kiss to Regina's temple, causing Regina to snuggle into her friends embrace even more.

"I guess I'll just have to get over it, I mean, it's a dream, right? It's not like I'll ever actually meet the girl." Regina sighed and reached up onto a shelf to grab a few four packs of Monster, unintentionally bumping into the blonde that had their back to Regina. "Sorry," Regina murmured and nudged Kathryn. "Babe, get this for me." Regina said as she passed the cases to Kathryn.

"It's fine," A soft but slightly husky voice replied to Regina's apology, and Regina looked up to come face to face with the same blue-green eyes that were staring at her in her dreams. "Hey, I know you.."

"No you don't." Regina said quickly and carried the cases over to Cora, setting them all in the base of the trolley.

"Regina, what on earth." Cora said when she saw how many drinks Regina was planning on getting.

"I know, mother, no more than one a day, I'm just stocking up so we don't have to buy any for a while." Regina said as she put her hands in her pocket.

"Hello, Mrs. Mills." Regina heard and looked up to see her mother smile brightly.

"Emma, Dear, that vegetarian lasagna you made was divine last night, I meant to ask you for the recipe, but, you took off early, oh, my apologies, this is my daughter Regina, and her friend Kathryn, they were up in Regina's room last night due to Regina feeling unwell."

"Oh, cool," Emma offered a hand for Regina to shake but Regina just looked to Kathryn, ignoring her.

"Uh, I'm going to look at the ice-cream," Regina said and grabbed Kathryn's hand as she was about to shake hands with Emma, dragging her friend away from Emma.

"Hey, Regi, what the fuck" Kat said when they'd gotten to the end of the aisle, looking up at Cora who was watching them suspiciously, Kathryn just shrugged and followed after Regina.

"It's her." Regina said without a second to think.

"Her? Emma? I mean, she looks similar to your sketch but.. I didn't get much of a look cause you dragged me away!" Kathryn pointed out.

"I'm sorry, it's just.. How can she be real? I've never seen her before, yet I'm fucking dreaming of her."

"Gina, relax, it's okay." Kathryn said as she wrapped her arms around the brunette and smoothed Regina's hair down at the back as Regina buried her face against Kat's neck.

"Regina, Kathryn, what on earth was that about?" Cora asked as she caught up to them, a stern look marred her features and she crossed her arms, standing with her back straighter than a pole.

"I-Well.. Can we talk about this at home, over a coffee.. Or a strong drink." Regina murmured the last part quietly but Cora still heard it and she looked at Regina concerned.

"Regina, why don't we get some ice cream and talk to your mother about this over that, hey?"

"No, coffee." Regina said with finality and ran a hand through her hair before chewing on her lip.

"Right, well, how about we finish this shopping and go home then, I'll have the maid brew the coffee why we go sit in the den and talk, okay?" Cora smiled and patted Regina's shoulder as she walked passed them.

Regina made coffee for herself and her mother why Kathryn packed away groceries as Cora bought more bags in. "Are you sure you don't want me to sit with you, Regina?" Kat asked.

"No, I think this is something I need to talk to mother about alone in case she flips her lid, you just go relax, I'll come see you when I'm done." Regina smiled and leaned closer to Kathryn as the blonde hugged her.

"Okay, dear. What's on your mind?" Cora asked as she shut the door to the house with her foot and put the last of the bags on the counter.

"I'll just finish packing these away and go upstairs." Kat said as she grabbed the items from the bag, thankful it was full of the things Regina wanted so she just opened the cupboard Regina had to herself and started packing the drinks and snacks into it.

"Nonsense, Kathryn, you're family, you can stay." Cora said and grabbed her coffee heading towards the den.

Regina grabbed her own coffee and followed, taking a small sip of the scalding liquid before sitting on the very soft lounge, setting her drink on a coaster, waiting patiently for Kathryn to join them.

Kat came in a few minutes later with a bottle of iced coffee in her hand, shaking it quickly to get the flavour through it, she sat beside Regina and rested a hand on Regina's back after setting her drink down on the floor between her feet.

"Mother, I-I'm bi well, I've never had an attraction to a male other than celebrities but I know I'm Bisexual, or maybe pan.. I don't know, I haven't thought much of it, I known I'm attracted to some girl I've been dreaming of for months on end.. And until last night, I'd never seen her face, and then, today, I saw her real face for the first time-"

"Let me guess that's why you had the slight panic attack at the shops?" Cora said as she looked at her daughter who only nodded and gripped her coffee in her hands, reveling in the warmth of it as she wrapped both hands around the mug.

"Yes, well, see, last night, I drew her for the first time, because, well, it's only been sex dreams, so I don't really look at a face much and-"

"Regina, you're mumbling." Kat said, nudging Regina's shoulder with her own slightly.

"Right, oh.. and Kat, I've been very much attracted to Kathryn too." Regina said and looked at Kat who only nodded slowly before she looked back to Cora.

"So, I suppose you what-?" Cora started slowly and grabbed her own coffee, taking a long sip.

"I just want you to know that if this isn't good enough for you, I can be out by the end of the weekend." Regina said as she downed the coffee despite the burn and stood.

"Regina Alexis Mills, you sit down right this instant. If you ever think that you're not good enough for your father and I, I apologise. I had never thought I could make my daughter feel that way and it hurts to think that you think that we wouldn't accept you no matter what you're going through." Cora said and moved to sit on the other side of Regina who sat as soon as Cora had told her to. "Regina, I may not be in the nicest of moods at times, but you are my daughter, we will have moments where we're going to clash on opinion, or thoughts. But, I will always be here for you, no matter what. You're my flesh and blood, there's not a day that goes by that I don't want the best for you, because I do. Your father wants to best for you too. You've got good grades, and we never expected that, we just wanted you to do your very best, and you work so hard, you stress yourself out quite a lot and your father and I get so worried. But, we're not about to stop loving you just because you have feelings, this is who you are."

Henry chose this moment to come into the den, pulling his tie off, he looked at the three of them, and saw tears in Regina's eyes. "What've I missed? Are you okay, Regina?"

"I'm fine, daddy." Regina smiled softly and got up, hugging him so very tightly, "I just had to talk to mother about some things, it's okay."

"Very well." He smiled and smoothed Regina's hair down before kissing the top of her head.

"Daddy, I'm not straight, I just want you to know that, so I don't freak you out if I were to ever bring a girl home for you to meet and introduce her as my girlfriend."

"But, I've only been gone three hours." He said confused. "Wait, you're not in a relationship with Kathryn?" He asked

Regina couldn't contain the giggle at his words, it sounded exactly like the father from the movie I Can't Think Straight "No, daddy, Kat and I aren't together we're just good friends."

"You owe me fifty bucks," Henry said over Regina's head as he looked at his wife.

"You said a month." Cora said with a frown.

"I'm sorry, what are you betting on?" Kat asked and looked at them both as she opened her drink.

"How long it'd take Regina to come out before your eighteenth birthday." Cora said and Regina just dropped her jaw and looked at them both before laughing.

"I'll go get the sketch so your mother can see?" Kat offered, smiling softly.

"You're drawing again?" Cora asked with a grin, nodding Kathryn off to go get it.

"Not really, just drawing my dreams most the time," Regina said as they waited for Kathryn to come back down the stairs.

AN: MORE WILL COME EVENTUALLY, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT THOUGH? This isn’t even half of what I managed to write tonight.