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Gently, within my heart

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“...Sora… Sora, wake up!”

Sora slowly woke up to Shiro’s incessant calling of his name. It was still dark in their room, meaning it was too early for Shiro or Sora to be awake.

“Shiro, is everything okay? Did you have a bad dream…?” he said as he turned around in his bed to look at Shiro.

“Everything’s fine but c’mon! You gotta get out of bed, quickly!”

“...what? Are we late? I need to get dressed…”

Shiro grabbed Sora’s hand and pulled him towards the door. “No time to get dressed, just get your shoes on. Quick, I don’t want to miss it!”

Sora gave up and just let himself be pulled out of the room by Shiro. He was still too tired to completely comprehend what Shiro was up to.

After a good few minutes of walking (or Shiro dragging Sora, who was still a little out of it from being woken up so suddenly), they found themselves on the roof of the L dorm.

“We made it in time, good, good!” Shiro said letting go of Sora’s hand and headed towards the edge of the roof.

Sora finally realised something was off. “...Did you bring me up here to kill me?”

Shiro paused for a second, before laughing. “No, jeez, do you not trust me or something?” He turned around and beckoned Sora over to him

“No, no… I do trust you… I'm still tired, it was just a thought.” Sora laughed too, and walked over to join Shiro. “Why are we here though? I’m still usually asleep right now…”

Shiro scratched the back of his head. “Well, um, I know you love the stars, but… I guess I just wanted to show you something different for today…”

Sora squinted at Shiro. ‘Today?’ What did he mean by ‘today’? Wasn’t it just another Thursday morning (if you could even call the ridiculous time they were awake morning)?

Shiro quickly turned his reddining face away, and pressed his left hand against the fence. “Look Sora, now!”

Sora turned to face the direction Shiro was looking in when he saw it. The sun was rising behind the trees in the forest, creating a picturesque scene of light across the entire school grounds. It was calming, beautiful even.

Sora felt Shiro gently take his hand, and looked at him to see him still staring into the distance, blushing very hard. “Sora… Happy valentines.”

Oh right.

It was valentines.

Sora had forgotten all about it because Shiro had said-

“I know I said we didn’t have to do anything, but… Things like this…” Shiro finally turned back to face Sora, “things like this are okay sometimes, right?”

Sora’s face softened. He leaned in and kissed Shiro’s cheek. “Happy valentines, Shiro.”

They watched the sunrise for a bit longer, before deciding to return to their room, hand in hand.

“Shiro, you know what this means? I’ll have to take you on a stargazing date as repayment,” Sora said as they walked back.

Shiro squeezed Sora’s hand gently. “Of course, let’s go as soon as possible! When’s the next clear night?”

Sora held Shiro’s arm with his other hand, and rested his head on Shiro’s shoulder. “Hmm… I think Cosmo-san mentioned something about Saturday being good… I’ll check it later…” Sora wanted to get back in bed, and sleep off the coldness of the winter morning.

And Shiro wasn’t going to complain about that plan.