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Book Three: Legacies

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Name: Elena Martha Wayne

Alias: Elena Kyle

Nickname: Lena (Most) Princess (Bruce Wayne)

Super name: Batwoman

Nationality: American

Species: Human


Mistress Wayne. Miss Wayne (Alfred)

Bat of New York

Bat Vigilante


The Dark Knight

Birth date: March 5th, 1985

Age: 25/26 (2009/2010)

Casting: Megan Fox



Bruce Wayne/Batman – Father (Retired) **Deceased**

Selina Kyle/Catwoman – Mother (Incarcerated) - 47 years old

Dick Grayson/Nightwing - Adoptive Older Brother

Jason Todd/Robin - Adoptive Older Brother **Deceased**

Robin – Maine Coon Cat

Alfred Pennyworth - Butler, Most Trusted Ally

Barbara 'Babs' Gordon-Grayson/Oracle – Childhood Best Friend, Sister-in-law and Batwoman's Tech Support and Partner

Thomas Wayne † - Grandfather

Martha Wayne † - Grandmother

Brian Kyle † - Grandfather

Maria Kyle † – Grandmother

Maggie Kyle – Aunt

Benjamin Wayne † - Ancestor

Laura Wayne † - Ancestor

Patrick A. Wayne † - Ancestor

Charles Wayne † - Ancestor

Alan Wayne † - Ancestor

Wayne Enterprises:

Grace - Personal Assistant


Pairing: Tony Stark


As Elena:

Elena is skilled in the art of deception, often hiding her new darker personality by maintaining a façade in public - while still serious and intelligent, she purposefully comes off as still somewhat arrogant, stuck up party girl, so as to avoid anyone from suspecting that she could possibly be the fearsome Batwoman. Elena tends to be extremely suspicious of others, especially those in possession of great power.

Alfred Pennyworth, however, notes that Elena has never been skilled at deceiving him, as he has known Elena since she was a baby. Other than Alfred, however, the only other individuals known to see through Elena's genius deceptions are her father, Bruce, her 'brother' Dick Grayson, and his wife and Elena's childhood best friend Barbara Gordon-Grayson, and possibly Tony Stark. 


As Batwoman:

Although possessing great disgust and anger towards criminals and villains, Batwoman, like the other Infinite Defenders, is a very caring and selfless person, in addition to being incredibly brave. Batwoman, as a tremendously skilled and well-rounded vigilante and polymath genius (in tactics, deception, criminology, science, engineering, hacking, business, exploitative networking, and martial arts, as well as both inductive and deductive analysis), has bettered herself both mentally and physically to her peak, without any superhuman assistance, thereby making her capable of pulling off terrific feats without actually being superhuman. Batwoman's strongest characteristic is her strong moral code to never kill. Ultimately, Batwoman proves herself to be just as selfless and heroic as Captain America. Batwoman is usually very serious, prim, and even somewhat gloomy. On rare occasions, Batwoman even demonstrates a dry, dark and sarcastic sense of humor, notably when alone with Alfred, Dick or Barbara.


Notes: With the death of Bruce Wayne Elena becomes increasingly unstable and dangerous. Hell bent on seeking vengeance she neglects her duties as Elena Wayne and spends more and more time as Batwoman. 

She and Tony become strained as dates are missed, calls are ignored and she seems less and less interested in being with him.  


Batwoman abilities:

Peak Human Conditioning: Elena Wayne, through intense training and specialised dieting, represents the pinnacle of human physical prowess all of which have naturally heightened her abilities to the highest levels of peak human potential, almost pushing into the early-levels of superhuman conditioning.

Peak Human Strength: Elena's strength allows her to physically overpower combatants, including elite-trained humans and extraterrestrial troops.

Peak Human Speed & Agility: Elena's athletic prowess grants her incredible agility, reflexes, coordination, and balance while fighting and evading others. Elena is incredibly fast and agile, demonstrating an almost superhuman nimbleness and agility while fighting and evading others. 

- Acrobat: Elena trained in gymnastics as a child and teenager and was of a level that she won competitions. She is capable of maintaining her balance on ever the thinnest object, such as a guardrail.

Peak Human Durability: Elena's muscles and bones can resist to various damages than average humans, due to having become accustomed to the intense physical punishment sustained whilst a Ten Rings prisoner.

Peak Human Metabolism: Elena's metabolism roughly runs several times faster than an average human due to her strict diet and incredible workout regimen, this allows her to have a near inhuman metabolism, healing, immune system, and longevity. Thus, alcohol has no effect on her as her body burns it off several times faster than average, requiring her to drink several bottles at a time to feel its effects.

Master Martial Artist: Before her capture Elena had some, but not extensive training at the demand of her father, but once she becomes Batwoman she returns to her training, becoming a formidable master of martial arts including, but not limited to, Boxing, Karate, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Savate, Krav Maga, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu, Judo, and Aikido.

Expert Marksman: Elena can throw most projectile weaponry with great accuracy and precision. She is well-versed in the use of conventional firearms such as sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and assault rifles, picking them up and using with ease. Over time in training and experience with her father's notorious batarangs, Elena has learned to improve her skill and use them for various purposes. Elena can utilise her grapple gun with a high degree of accuracy and precision.

Stealth: Elena is skilled in hiding, using her dark suit to her advantage.


Elena Abilities:

Expert Engineer: Elena, much like her father before her, is an extremely skilled and prolific engineer and technician, having been able to develop various sophisticated inventions for use throughout her career as Batwoman, as well as leading Wayne Enterprises to become the second largest tech conglomerate in the world. Moreover, Elena will be able to construct the Knightcrawler and Flying Fox, which she will later put to use.

Expert Computer Hacker: Elena is an extremely skilled hacker. As Batwoman, Elena is able to utilise her highly advanced supercomputer to access feeds from New York City police frequencies and news stations in real-time. Elena's sophisticated Oracle Network operating system allows her to access and gather data.

Expert Businesswoman: Elena Wayne is an extremely skilled businesswoman, having successfully taken over from her father, and has since lead Wayne Enterprises from the sixth to the second largest tech conglomerate in the world under her leadership. She is known for having her employees' loyalty, as well as her impeccable business ethics.

Multilingualism: Elena speaks her native English, is fluent in French, Italian and Russian (albeit with a slight accent).

Expert Driver: Elena is a highly skilled and evasive patrol driver, able to successfully pursue her enemies through the streets of New York City in her father's Batmobile.

Expert Pilot: Elena is also very proficient at combat piloting



As the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Elena Wayne has an immense fortune, making her one of the wealthiest people in the world, rivalled only by extreme few, like her business rival Tony Stark. Her wealth allows Elena access to some of the most sophisticated technology in the world (most of it located in hers (and her father's former) hidden Batcave under Wayne Manor, allowing her to create the equipment that is crucial to her as Batwoman, with it effectively compensating for her lack of superpowers.

Batsuit: Elena has a suit inspired by her father's batsuit. Her Batsuit's is a highly durable Kevlar-Nomex-titanium tri-weave protective suit and combat armor, used to compensate for her lack of invulnerability. It consists of three thin highly durable Titanium-kevlar bodysuit layers and an outer and thinner layer of durable and fireproof spandex. It is invulnerable to knives, and small caliber bullets and is also fireproof. The Batsuit's cowl also digitally alters Elena's voice, making it unrecognisable to those that know her as Elena Wayne. The cowl, neck, gauntlets, and boots are able to effortlessly deflect small arms rounds and blades. In addition, the suit and cape can protect the wearer from explosions. She also has retractable claws on her suit and the toes of her shoes allow her to crawl on ceilings with grates on them.

- Notes: Elena creates a new version of this suit during this story, a more slender, form fitting version that moves with her, suited more for stealth then full frontal attacks. 

- Catwoman's X-Ray Goggles: Elena utilises her mother's goggles which can show her where people are and her goggles can discern armed people from unarmed ones.

Batmobile: Elena uses her father's imposing and heavily armed custom combat vehicle used for transportation, pursuit and capture.

Batwing: Elena's aerial combat prototype vehicle with an immense amount of firepower. It is sometimes remotely piloted by Barbara from within the Batcave, via Batcomputer. (This will be created during this story)

Knightcrawler: Batwoman's other vehicle, used to access rough terrain that cannot be reached via a car or plane. It is a four-threaded tank with each tread on a separate leg so it can walk. It's special function is that at can pierce into surfaces with each leg to climb up walls or hang from a roof. (This won't be introduced until Avengers)

Flying Fox: Batwoman's future large multi-deck aeroplane purpose-built in order to transport the Infinite Defenders/Avengers around, as well as equipped to store the Batmobile. (This won't be introduced until Age Of Ultron) 

Batarangs: Elena utilises her father's extremely sharp (capable of piercing concrete walls), but non-lethal throwing gadgets in the shape of their symbol, wielded by Batwoman when carrying out various different tasks, from incapacitating criminals to breaking through windows. When thrown by someone as strong as Thor or Captain America, they're capable of cutting through even gun barrels and heavily damage them. Elena also leaves batarangs near crime scenes after he's finished as a calling card, with a dual purpose using them as a psychological weapon against other potential wrongdoers.

Bolas: Used for tripping up enemies and cause noise far away to distract targets.

Utility Belt: Batwoman's specially designed belt, with its many pouches filled with an arsenal of numerous gadgets, weapons and tools at all times, to aid her.

Batcomputer: Elena's giant and powerful multi-purpose supercomputer console, located in the Batcave, with several monitor screens. This has been significantly improved since her father used it, it's top tech, and beyond. Among other things, one of its monitors is equipped with thermal imaging. It is also constantly hooked up to police radio's from the New York City Police Department, as well as news stations, allowing her to be up to date with all the goings on in her city. When she is on one of her escapades, Barbara utilises the Batcomputer to help her with a specific task.

Grapple Gun: Elena's line launching, multi-purpose, highly versatile, and handgun-like device that fires a retractable, detachable line with a mechanised, magnetic, or clawed end, which she utilises to traverse New York City, escape danger and remain hidden from foes, all while allowing her to scale rappel, swing, catapult, or slingshot herself along structures or across gaps. It allows her to ascend and descend, much like an elevator or pulley system, at a harmless rate. It consists of a spool of cable, a winding device, and reloading feature. Once, it is shot a surface, it pulls the user at great speed towards their target and quickly retracts into the device once it is reached. This can be done in rapid succession, with the device being able to fire against instantly after retracting, with the speed of the device retracting being similar to flight. It can also be used to pull on an enemy with great force, enough to stun and daze them or to injure them, with the end of the line also acting like a harpoon or spear gun, as it can pierce into the flesh of a target and pull them.

Respirator Mask: Elena's small mask that allows her to successfully breathe in locations with limited oxygen.

Cell Phone Cloner: Elena can use a phone capable of cloning the software and contacts of another, allowing her to both listen to the cloned phone's messages and track it.



Kleptomania: Like her mother, Elena has a strong impulse to steal things.