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Digital Lost

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One would think that the Quantum engine incident was one of the craziest things that would happen in the Lost Light, then he would think that the Sparkeater's insider was the craziest thing, now we just have to wait for an insider to overcome the monster. Many would like to be wrong to know that something big will come soon

But they were not

Brainstorm yawned when he realized the time. He rolled his optics. At this time everyone was recharging, while he worked in his laboratory. It did not matter, they would all thank him later. His current project consisted of a great super incredible weapon that could destroy many bot at the same time, it was all kinds of colors to combine with any user, it had a sharp blade in front where it could be used as a sword, it had a pocket for energon , and another to store poison, there was also a place to store bombs and could be used as a bomb at the last second. The scientist smiled to himself, it was too great to be created in a few days, everyone in the Lost Light will want one. Even if the weapon was too cool for them, Brainstorm would be ready to face the next catastrophe promised by the ship.

"Perceptor?" He called Brainstorm "Are you here?"


"I thought you had left to recharge" said the mech while he still did not take his eyes off the screw that was placed on top of the weapon.

"I did it, I'm back" answered Perceptor's voice.

Brainstorm decided to shut up. This part for the directional bullet wiring was very important, it deserved its absolute concentration, a bad calculation, and could put the small cable in the port of the pump and explode in its face. So I just had to connect it, a little more ... just a little more ...

His shadow enlarged

"Perceptor, could you turn that light off ?!" Shouted Brainstorm upset, this was very important and Perceptor was ruining his moment ..

"I do not - Brainstorm?" Perceptor's voice sounded something. Surprised? Confused?

The wings of the white mech rose from annoyance. Brainstorm did not have time for - When he turned around, the yellow optics mech was a bit stunned. He saw that Perceptor was watching on the other side of the room, watching what he saw.

The largest monitor in the lab shone brightly. He had never done that, there was no reason to do it. What was the matter? Was it some kind of joke? An experiment out of Perceptor's control?

"Perceptor who----

The brightness increased with intensity, forcing both scientists to cover their optics of light. When the glow diminished, the scientist dared to look ...

The yellow optics remained paralyzed.

In the middle of the monitor there was an egg


The egg moved inward, leaving the monitor that was still shining many numbers until it finally went out when the egg came out completely and fell to the ground. Fortunately, Brainstorm was fast enough to jump and hold the egg before it hit the ground.

Stay whitout movement...

Several seconds

Observing in a daze the fact that he was holding an egg that had come out of the monitor. I had left the monitor! He heard footsteps and looked up to see Perceptor helping him up.

"But what just happened ...?" The wing scientist asked puzzled.

Perceptor denied and continued to observe the egg "I have no idea"



"Let me understand what you said"

Ratchet just opened the clinic, was shot down by a pair of scientists with an egg in his hands, explaining what happened and demanding a scan. When Brainstorm began to tell him what happened, at first he thought it was an unpleasant joke, but then he knew that Perceptor would never joke.

"You say this organic egg came out of the monitor in your lab a few minutes ago, right?" Ratchet asked as he watched the white egg with orange dots in the middle of a bunk with many blankets for comfort.

Brainstorm nodded "Exactly! I was in the lab finished my great super amazing weapon when all this happened from one moment to the next!" The scientist frantically screamed, "I'm sure the cameras recorded it, and Perceptor saw it all too, is not that true, Percy !?"

The other scientist was standing next to the bunk, observing the organic egg he witnessed leaving a monitor in his laboratory. He was small, well, not so small, he had to hold him with both hands, and he felt warm when Brainstorm let him touch him, that was a sign of life.

"Do you know what kind of egg it is?" Perceptor asked in Ratchet's direction, ignoring Brainstorm's question.

Brainstorm screamed annoyed, but Ratchet denied "No, I had never dealt with eggs, so I can not tell what species it belongs to"

"Could it be from an Insecticon?" Brainstorm asked.

"I very much doubt that Insecticon eggs come from the monitors," Ratchet said. Brainstorm dropped his wings in sign of impatience, a damn egg came out of the laboratory monitor and wanted to know why! "Anyway, I have to make a report on this, Rodimus will want to know."

"I would like to know many things, Ratchet"

The scientists and Ratchet turned towards the voice, and found the captain of the Lost Light entering the clinic with the other captains. Brainstorm shrieked as he aimed at Rodimus and what he held.

"Another egg!" The scientist shouted when he saw that the captain was holding an egg of the same size that Brainstorm managed to trap in the laboratory.

"Yes, like theirs" Rodimus smiled when pointing back.

Ultra Magnus was an irritated expression as he held a blue egg with white stripes that fit perfectly in one hand, and Drift could still see closely the red egg he held. Ratchet moaned to see that this meant more than problems, everything unusual happened was only to bring more chaos into the ship, the departure of Cybertron and Sparkeater were the test.

"Any idea how this could happen?" Rodimus asked, showing the green egg with white stripes that he held.

"Did they also come from a monitor?" Perceptor asked as he approached.

Drift nodded and held the egg as best he could "We were in the command room when three of the closest monitors of each began to shine with strength, and from them came the eggs"

Perceptor nodded and put his hand on his chin. "I understand." He noticed that the eggs that each were holding were the same and the only difference was the colors. They had also appeared on the ship in the same strange circumstances, so they had to open up to many possibilities of this event "I can not give the answer to this insider now, I would have to investigate what happened" Perceptor observed Rodimus directly "But I think we should not assume that only we got the eggs in the ship "

The Lost Light had a mission, mission that required guts, and sometimes those guts were only possessed by the craziest people, and coincidentally this ship was full of crazy people, each one more than the previous one.

"Oh, Scrap ..." Brainstorm murmured

Ultra Magnus clenched his teeth "Rodimus, order Blaster to send a statement so that anyone who has an egg showed up at my office, and if they do not, they will have a place in the dungeon"