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Ut amor et interfice a Draco

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Seven generations ago the founders of Berk arrived, excited as this land they found was perfect for settlement. Though the winter could be harsh and the weather tended to lean towards the cold than it did warm, the land had an open body of water that kept the earth fertile. There was plenty of forest with wildlife both on land and in the ocean. In all things considering, it was a perfect place for a village to thrive. The only downside would be the pests that constantly wreaked havoc and made it so that the villagers were always on their toes and rebuilding their homes; the dragons. Though luckily for the Berk (and unlucky for the beasts) the people were stubborn and well trained. It was their mission to stay on their claimed land and if that meant they had to kill every dragon that they laid eyes on, then so be it.


Silence surrounded the village, the morning sky still dark as the sun has yet to rise and bring light to the Viking people. The air was crisp and the only supply of heat in this small village was provided by the fires in the newly built homes and the beacons that helped supply light when it was dark.


At first, Izuku Midoriya was unsure of what had woken him before the sun was even up, though as he stayed in his bed and listened, he found the answer. The sheep began to make noise and though it could be mistaken for a simple gust of wind, having lived in Berk all his life, Izuku quickly found that the gentle ‘wind’ wasn’t a simple breeze. It was, in fact, the wings of a dragon soaring through the sky, circling their prey and preparing for-


Suddenly, people could be heard running out of their homes and yelling at the dragons. The dragons called to their own kind, happy that they have found food, though warning the others that they have been spotted and must fight to eat. Izuku bolted from his bed and ran to his front door, quickly opening, though once he came face-to-face with a dragon, shut it, just as the beast opened its mouth and spewed fire at the front door.


Waiting until he heard the dragon leave, he kicked the door open, making quick movement as to not get burnt by the flames that now laid upon his home. More excited than anything, the young and small man scampered out of the house and into the filled streets of Berk, making sure to watch as the dragons were swarming the village and the Vikings were fighting to protect it. Running around, he could hear the people yell at him to go back inside, to take cover, that he wasn’t needed out in the open. Blessings and curse from being the small frail son of the chief.


Soon enough, just as he almost ran into a dragon that was flying close to the ground, he was grabbed by the back of his shirt by his father.


“What on earth are you doing out of the house?” His father, Toshinori Yagi, demanded, staring him down, concern and annoyance clear on his face.


“I- the house- dragon,” Izuku began to mumble, though was quickly hushed and told to go to Shota Aizawa, his mentor and father’s dear friend.


Doing as his father demands, he runs to the blacksmith's shop, depressed as he would rather be outside, helping his people protect their land.


“Trying to fight again?” Shota asks, giving him a knowing look as he works on a sword, getting them ready for any that need it.


“Yeah, but I guess they’ve got it handled,” He mumbles, putting on a work apron and getting his own work out to complete. Aizawa doesn’t say anything.


They both get to work, running around and sharpening weapons, fixing old ones and replacing the ones that cannot be mended.


Izuku looks out the window as he sees others his age fighting and looks again at Shota.


“Don’t even start,” the older man says, not bothering to look at Izuku, already knowing what he has to say.


“I just want to help, I can do more than,” He struggles to think of the words and points at the weaponry, “this.”


“You can barely swing a hammer, being in here, safe and sharpening the weapons is more helpful than you out there, getting yourself killed.”


“But we are Vikings! I’m a Viking, there has to be something besides this! I’ve been working on a project that’ll hel-”


“Enough. You are to stay in here, that’s final,” Aizawa finally looks at Izuku, his eyes staring into the boy’s very soul, making it clear that there was no room for discussion.


Soon enough though Aizawa deems that he doesn’t need both of them there, as Izuku knows all that the older man does, he leaves to help the fight. Izuku sighs and continues his work. He knows why his father (and the entirety of the village) doesn’t want him out in the open. Compared to them he is a toothpick, never able to grow muscle no matter how much he eats and works out. Izuku likes to think that that is what his mother inherited to him, though he wouldn’t know as she died when he was still a baby.


Izuku pauses in sharpening a knife when he hears the whistle-like sound that can only come from one dragon; a Night Fury. Taking one last look at the weapons that laid before him and then another look out the window, he furrows his brows and grabs a large contraption he has been working on, running out and into the streets.


Avoiding the people and dragons, he runs onto a hilly clearing and takes aim, keeping an eye out for anything. As though reading his mind, the dragon he’s been longing to capture aligns itself with his canon. Izuku releases to trigger and holds his breath. He sees the rope attach itself to the beast and watches with excitement as the dragon gets taken down.


“YES!” He yells, throwing his hands up, though yelling probably was the dumbest thing he could have done, second to disobeying orders.


A dragon makes eyes with him and surges forwards. Yelling in fear, Izuku rushes back towards town as the dragon releases fire towards him. He hides behind a pillar, knowing that the wood was doomed and soon he would be to if he didn’t escape. Looking around, he goes to make a run for it when the dragon snaps it’s head towards him and darts forward. Shutting his eyes and saying a silent prayer, he misses his father grabbing the creature away from him. Though as death doesn’t come, he looks around and sees his father fighting the dragon before it flees. He stares at his father’s furious face and then jumps when the pillar collapses, a fire brazen atop it now rolling down into town and further damaging homes. He winces with every thud the metal makes and feels the blood drain from his face as with this sudden distraction, the dragons are able to take their prey and flee.


Turning slowly, he looks at his father, anger clear on his face.


“Ah, dad, I-I’m sorry. I-I was chasing a N-Night Fury and -well I caught it by the way, which is great- but a dragon heard me a-and I-” He began mumbling, talking faster with each syllable, trying to force the excuse out, guilt gnawing at him.


“Enough! You just cost us a weeks worth of food! Possibly more, Izuku!” His father yells in frustration.


“I… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen,” Izuku apologizes, head down in shame.


“You never mean for it to happen, but each time it does! When will you listen to me? When I say to stay out of the way, I mean stay out of the way!” His father says in exasperation.


“I have an entire village to feed and protect and I can’t do that with you being thoughtless! How many times must I save you for you to understand this?” His sighs and rubs his face. People have begun to walk towards and watch their dispute


“I just want to help. I can do more than helping Aizawa in the armory! I caught a Night Fury, just over there!” The boy points towards the mountains.


“Argh, not this again,” His father huffs.


“It’s true! If you just follow me, I’ll show you where it landed, father, I’m not making this up!” Izuku pleads.


“No, I’m not going on this chase with you. Just,” His father looks at him, tired and disappointed, “Enough. Listen to me next time and stay in the house.”


Izuku balls up his hands into fists, furrows his brows in frustration and runs towards their home, which was now burnt but no longer on fire. He pushes past people, ignoring their looks, ignoring his childhood friend (though they are no longer) making a snide remark. He runs into his room and collapses on the bed and punches his pillow in frustration. Taking a few deep breathes, he thinks about what to do.


After a moment of pondering, he quickly stands up once more, grabs his notebook and pencil and then runs out the backdoor, making sure no one watches him run into the forest.