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Diamonds in the Rough

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“Keep up will ya? God, you’re so slow!”

“I’m trying Kacchan! You’re too fast!” The two boys laughed as they raced each other home. Their favorite show was going to come on in 2 minutes and there was no way they were gonna miss the season finale.

“Slow down you little punks! Your mamas can’t keep up with you two!” Mitsuki barked good-naturally while Inko laughed at the two overly energetic boys running ahead.

“Sorry auntie Mitsuki!/Go faster then you old hag!” The boys called back simultaneously.

“EH?! WHAT WAS THAT BRAT OF MINE?!” Mitsuki yelled as she began to chase her son down the street.

“SHIT SHE’S COMING! RUN ZUZU RUN!!” The blonde boy screeched as he sped up to avoid his much faster mother. Izuku and his mother just giggled together as they tried to keep up after them. It was times like these that Izuku could almost forget how mean Kacchan could be.

 The whole class “ooh’ed” and ”ahh’ed” as Bakugo’s hands lit up with tiny sparks. Bakugo himself stared down incredulously at his quirk.

“That’s a very flashy quirk Bakugo! Perfect for hero work!” he heard one of the teachers compliment.

“Lucky~ That’s so cool~” an awed Izuku breathed out next to him. Bakugo couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride at impressing his friend. If nerdy Deku thought he had a cool quirk, surely this power HAD to be amazing.

 “Your quirk is so cool Kacchan! I hope I get my quirk soon too! I wanna be strong just like you!” Izuku gushed as he followed after Bakugo deeper into the forest. Katsuki just scoffed and twirled around his net, secretly proud of the constant compliments he got from Midoriya.

“No matter what quirk you get, you’ll never beat me Deku. Now come on! These bugs aren’t gonna catch themselves!” he laughed racing ahead.

 “You’re what??” Was Deku serious?? Was that even possible?? The small boy in front of him hiccupped out his response again

“Th-the doctor *hic* said th-that *hic* I-I’m quir-quirk-qui-“

“STOP CRYING ALREADY STUPID DEKU” He snapped, patience thinning.

“He said I’m quirkless Kacchan!!” the small green haired boy wailed. The reality of it struck Bakugo like a shock of cold water. No. Not possible. The words came out before he could stop them.

“Eh~? Quirkless as well as useless?” he drawled, hating himself immediately for making his friend flinch at the harsh words. “You really have the worst luck Deku~”

What happened to having a super strong quirk? We were gonna be heroes. How dare you lie to me! How dare you not have a quirk! How dare you get my hopes up!

“What can you possibly do without a quirk?” Midoriya visibly flinched and stepped back a bit. Shit, I said that last one out loud. Izuku wouldn’t meet Katsuki in the eye. He walked past the freckled boy, hitting him with his shoulder roughly, not trusting himself to keep it together. “Tch. Whatever stupid nerd. You were always gonna be fucking useless. Quirk or no quirk.” Don’t you dare fucking cry over that stupid Deku don’t you fucking dare Bakugo Katsuki. He scolded himself as the tears started to burn his eyes. He ran the rest of the way home.

 “S-stop it Kacchan! You already made him cry, just l-leave h-him alone!” Midoriya stammered out, wobbling even as he stood up to face his friend, tears welling up. Is he serious? Stupid. Brave but extremely stupid. Bakugo thought to himself as he lights up his hands. Give it up already Deku.

“Even though you’re quirkless…” he slams his fist into his hand with a small explosion and fiendish grin, causing Izuku to whimper and back away. You can’t win this. The three of them rush at the poor boy. He pushes away the guilt gnawing away in his chest. Just stay in your place Deku.

 “I’ll see you guys later!” Bakugo called out and waved goodbye to the two kids, “friends”?, he had been walking with and started another way home. I’m not checking on him… the way home just happens to go by that particular park…that’s all. Oh. He’s still there. Sure enough, Izuku was still sprawled on his back in the middle of the playground, eyes closed, the kid he had so bravely defended long gone. The sun’s going down. He’s gonna catch a cold. Not that I care. He went over and crouched next to the green-haired boy. “Oi, shitty nerd. You sleeping?” Deku’s eyes slowly opened and he gazed at Kacchan with a tired, bleary and dead look.

“Go away Kacchan” he mumbled and closed his eyes again. Bakugo kicked him lightly. Bitch.

“Come on. It’s getting dark. You’ll get sick lying out here.” He snapped irritatedly.

“So? Why do you care?” His green, piercing eyes looking straight at Katsuki. Why do I care?

“Because auntie Inko and mom will kill me if they found out I left you out here by yourself now come on.” He whined. Izuku turned his head away silently with a faraway look on his face.

God, he’s in one of his fucking moods again he thought to himself with a sigh. For a quirkless Deku, he could be insufferably stubborn. Bakugo knew this first hand. Once Midoriya had set his mind on something it was impossible to stop him. Well, almost impossible. Nope. Not resorting to “that yet. He tried to pry the smaller boy off the ground but Izuku just went limp and refused to move. “Goddamnit Deku COME. ON. I wanna go home already~” he grunted before dropping him with a muttered curse.

“Just go without me. You always do anyway.” Midoriya sniffled, still not looking at the blonde boy. Bakugo groaned and plopped down next to him. I’m gonna have to use “that. Fucking hell.

“Tell you what. You get up and come home and…” *long drawn out sigh* Why me God? ”and we can watch that “Hero’s Beginning” show, documentary thingy you’re not allowed to watch at your house over at my place. Hmm?” Deku turned his head so fast Kacchan was surprised he didn’t get whiplash. There was a small spark back in the boy’s eyes.

“You hate   “A Hero’s Beginning”” Midoriya remarked with a suspicious squint. Yeah no shit. Bakugo threw his hands in the air in defeat and an eye roll.

“It’s that or staying out here to get kidnapped. Make your fucking choice already or else I really will leave you here.” He snapped. Izuku squinted a bit more.

“Can I have a green tea Ramune?” You must be out your godamn mind if you think I’m having another repeat of the “Incident”

“HELL NO! Not after last time!” Midoriya frowned a little. Quick! Compromise! “You can have a melon one. ONLY one.”

“And strawberry Pocky?” He asked hopefully. Would you like a fuckin unicorn while you’re at it your majesty?

“Fine, fine. Can we go now??” Katsuki sighed and picked himself up. He held out a hand to help up Izuku who gave him a small faint smile as he took it and got up.

“Okay Kacchan.”

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“That was amazing Kacchan!” the boy exclaimed as he flapped over.

“You were able to beat both those older kids at once!!” the other cheered, fingers extending in excitement. Bakugo sniffled and wiped away the few tears of pain he still had with a grin.

“Of course I did! A hero always wins no matter what!” He announced proudly. Midoriya peeked from around the tree he was hiding behind. That’s Kacchan! Always putting on a brave face even when he’s scared! The other kids didn’t notice, but that comment the older boys said about him being a villain really hit him hard he thought sadly.

“Oi Deku!” The green haired boy jumped, startled out of his thoughts. “You finally coming out of hiding?!” Bakugo called out with a laugh. Izuku pouted as he stepped around the tree and walked over.

“Ha ha! Good one Kacchan!” the other boys laughed. If I remember correctly, you two ran and hid as well assholes.

“Did you say something Deku?” Bakugo asked, causing Midoriya to jump again. Shit. Did I say any of that out loud??

“N-no.” he stammered out. Stop stuttering! This is why no one talks to you! “ Those injuries look pretty bad Kacchan. Do you want me to fix them?” he asked hopefully. Being the only one without a quirk somehow made him the gang’s medic by default.

“Tch. I don’t need your help Deku.” Katsuki snapped “I’m fine.” That didn’t stop Midoriya from noting the limp or the way his friend kept holding his side. But he wisely kept his mouth shut and said nothing.

 “Are you okay Kacchan?!” they called out as the boy sat up out of the water. His injuries still aren’t completely healed from that fight a couple days ago. Did he hit his head?? Without hesitating, Izuku slid down the bank to help.

“Ha! Yeah I’m fine! I’ll be back up in a bit!” Bakugo called back, with a sheepish grin.

“Are you hurt Kacchan?” Katsuki froze at the worried voice and outstretched hand. “It would’ve been bad if you hit your head” Midoriya fretted. God is he okay? Bakugo slapped the other boy’s hand away and got up angrily.

“Don’t you look down on me! I didn’t need your help Deku” he snarled and stomped up the bank, leaving Izuku in the water. Well I guess if he’s pissed enough to yell at me, he’s not that injured. Asshole. I’m just trying to help. He gave a little annoyed huff before crawling out of the creek and stumbled after the others. Midoriya and Bakugo pointedly ignored the other the rest of the day

 “You need to stop getting into so many fights Kacchan!” The freckled boy fussed as he patched up his friend in his kitchen. It’s getting old. “I’m not always gonna be there to fix you up.”

“Don’t tell me what to do Deku. I can take care of myself.” Bakugo huffed indignantly before wincing at the sting of the alcohol on his cheek “OW! THAT HURT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” He pulled his face away from the cotton ball. Hold still dammit. Izuku grabbed him by the chin and roughly pulled him back to finish up.

“Oh grow up.” Midoriya snapped. If I have to suffer, so do you. “With the number of times I’ve had to fix you, you’d think you’d have gotten used to the sting by now” Katsuki just growled. Uh oh. He’s getting pissed. Hurry it up Izuku! “ There. Done.” He sighed, putting away the bandages and alcohol pads back into the little first aid kit he always carried around. He went over to the fridge to get one of the bags of ice he kept for times like these.

“Huh. You’ve gotten better at this.” Bakugo noted as he rubbed the band-aids covering his face and arms. With the amount of times I’ve had to clean you up I should fucking hope so. He tossed the blonde boy an ice bag wrapped in a paper towel and motioned to his cheek.

“I get a lot of practice.” Deku smirked as Kacchan placed the ice on his bruises.

“Oh go fuck yourself.” He grumbled back, too tired to go after him. Jeez, this is his what? 3rd fight this week?? He’s gonna get himself killed.

“Uh huh. What’s your excuse this time?” Midoriya sighed and rubbed his forehead. Bakugo just fidgeted uncomfortably.God I’m so tired. I’m only 6 for crying out loud. I shouldn’t be having to deal with this shit. “Never mind. I don’t wanna know.” he walked over to the couch in the next room and plopped down, turning on the tv. “If the invalid is able to move I’m gonna be watching “A Hero’s Beginning”!” he called out. There was a small groan from the kitchen and some shuffling.

“Again?? Do you watch anything else??” Bakugo whined as he sat down next to Izuku on the couch. Yes, but I’m gonna make you pay for all this. Midoriya scooted over before giving Kacchan a shit-eating grin.


 “You’re doing it again Deku” Bakugo grumbled as the little group of boys walked down to the convenience store. Oops. Was I mumbling again?

“Why do you do that Deku? It’s weird.” One of the other kids asked

“Weird? More like super creepy” the other shuddered. Oh, but having two huge bat wings coming out of your back isn’t??

“I don’t know why. Sometimes I think too fast and it ends up coming out of my mouth.” Deku shrugged helplessly “At least that’s what mama said”

“What were you thinking about?” the bat-winged boy asked, genuinely curious. You really want to know? Really?! Bakugo stiffened.

“No.” he whispered horrifiedly ”please don’t start him off again for the love of god.” Shut up Kacchan. Apparently only Midoriya heard because no one stopped him from answering.

“You know that new hero? Terracide? So people think that he has some sort of telekinetic earth powers since he can move the ground and rocks and such without directly touching them. But whenever he fights a part of him always needs to be touching the ground but if he’s telekinetic then he wouldn’t have to do that so why does he-“

“Oh look! We’re here!” Bakugo announced with a slight hint of relief, interrupting Izuku and stopping his train of thought. “Honestly Deku. Do us all a favor and stop mumbling these kinds of things” he sighed as they entered the store

“I can’t help it” He whined back I honestly can’t Kacchan. If I could I would’ve stopped a long time ago.

“Well then at least do it silently.” Was the snappish response. What the hell??

“How am I supposed to mumble silently?? The whole point of me talking out loud-“

“I don’t know??! Write it down or something! I don’t care!” Bakugo yelled back exasperatedly while snatching a bag of chips next to him in anger. Write it down? Izuku glanced over at the small aisle of school supplies. That’s actually not a bad idea…

The boys left the convenience store with the snacks they had originally planned to buy while another also left with a small, red, composition notebook clutched giddily to his chest. Bakugo shook his head in annoyance.

“I still can’t believe you bought it…”

 Midoriya Izuku was having a shit day. First, he’d been caught out in the rain on the way to school without an umbrella, so everything was sopping wet. Some random kids had knocked him over in the hallway, sending him and his stuff sprawling to the floor. One of Kacchan’s “friends” kept poking him through class making it impossible to pay attention. Then he ended up having to walk home alone with Kacchan. And now fucking this??

“PISS OFF ASSHOLES!” Bakugo screamed as he sent a blast towards one of the three older kids. Midoriya just laid in the mud where he had been shoved a few moments before, trying not to cry. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME??!! He painfully got himself up and tried to hold the pissed off Katsuki back. Right before he got shoved back into the mud. Bitch.

“Let’s just go Kacchan!” Izuku cried out, staggering back up, completely covered in mud.


“You should listen to your friend you little shit.” One of the boys, the one with a water quirk of all things, snarled. Yes. Listen to the only voice of reason for the love of god.

“FUCK YOU!” was the immediate response. Midoriya gave a muddy facepalm. I’m so tired.

“You kiss your mother with that mouth?” the boy with vines growing all over him smirked.

“No, I kiss yours” came the angry comeback before a weak explosion blasted the plants trying to hold the blonde down. The third boy made his hands bigger and swung them at the by standing Izuku. Oh, he must have some sort of enlarging quirk. Wait- He vaguely registered what was happening before getting sent careening into Katsuki. Fuck that hurts!

“OW!” he screeched and scraped his cheek on the sidewalk as the two fell.

“GET OUT OF THE WAY DEKU!” Bakugo yelled and shoved Midoriya off of him roughly. ”YOU’RE USELESS IN A FIGHT WITHOUT A QUIRK! JUST GO!” Useless. The word echoed in Izuku’s head. Useless. Useless. Useless! He grit his teeth in anger and ran down the alley, away from the fight, away from his own uselessness.

 He made it down about a block before screeching to a stop. HOW DARE HE TELL ME I’M USELESS?!! He fumed. HOW FUCKING DARE HE!! Izuku turned right back around and started to run back, furious tears running down his cheeks. ASSHOLE!! EVERY TIME YOU GET HURT WHO FIXES YOU UP??! He dodged the people in his way. WHO’S ALWAYS STOOD UP FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT??! He ignored the strange stares he got from the strangers he shoved aside. I CAN’T DO MUCH. He half-slid down the alley. BUT DAMMIT KACCHAN. He picked up a brick in his right hand and a random plank of wood in the other.


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“Awww~ how cute~” The water quirk boy drawled “Trying to play the hero and save your little friend?~”

“Let’s be honest though. He’s really more of a villain with that mouth and quirk.” Vine boy laughed. Okay. That one kinda hurt.

“HE’S NOT MY FRIEND!” Bakugo yelled back frustratedly. He was beaten, battered and bruised. He was sore in places he shouldn’t and truthfully, was kind of hurt at the fact that Deku had run off. “WHY WOULD ANYONE BE FRIENDS WITH THAT LOSER DEKU?!” Me. I’m his friend. Or at least I thought I was.

Oh? So you won’t mind if once we’re done we go after him next?~” water boy asks with a devilish grin. Wait. What?? Hold on. Wait a minute.

“Tch. Like I care about that useless quirkless loser.” Who can’t defend himself for shit! Ugh, he’s gonna get himself killed. Fuck. “But let’s just say it’ll be pretty hard for you to do anything if you’re DEAD!” he launched himself at them again, hands burning. One of the blasts landed and knocked big-hands over, but vine boy managed to pin Bakugo down. Shit. How did this happen? He could faintly feel some sort of stinging pain on the bridge of his nose. It’s fine. Deku will fix it for me.  He thought blearily, starting to lose consciousness. He noticed a familiar looking little green blur racing towards them, unseen by the three older kids. Haah~ I really am losing it. Because that looks an awful lot like-

“I’M! NOT! USELESS!!” Izuku screeched as he leapt at the boy currently strangling Katsuki and swung a hand with a is that a fucking BRICK?? There was a sickening *crunch* and *thud* as the brick connected with the vine boy’s skull, knocking him out immediately. Bakugo was dropped roughly as the vines loosened their grip on him. Is this even Deku?? The boy that stood over the body with a bloodied brick looked nothing like the calm, collected, shy boy he knew. This boy looked absolutely, terrifyingly, downright pissed. Midoriya promptly dropped the brick, got a better grip on the oh my god wHY DOES HE HAVE A PLANK OF WOOD?? swinging it with all his limited might at the head of the guy with the enlarging quirk. He hit him hard enough that the plank broke.

“THAT WAS FOR EARLIER YOU BITCH!!” He yelled triumphantly at the boy who staggered away, groaning with pain. He then turned to Bakugo, who was still sitting on the asphalt in shock, with a crazed wild fury in those teary green eyes. “WHO’S USELESS NOW KACCHAN?!?” He cackled, looking seconds away from breaking down sobbing.

“YOU LITTLE SH-“ The last boy started to move towards Midoriya who whipped around and yeeted the broken plank at the incoming boy’s face.

“SHUT UP!!” Izuku howled. “NOBODY GIVES A SHIT!!” Bakugo regained his senses and started running at Midoriya

“COME ON DEKU! WE GOTTA GO!” he yelled and tried to go down the alley Izuku had come from before screeching to a stop. This day keeps getting fucking better and better. He gave a wry grin and backed away slowly as the boy with an enlarging quirk blocked their exit. Damn, Deku got him good. There was thick red blood running down the boy’s face making him look even more alarming. “Gotta say buddy, red is so not your color.” The boy gave an angry shriek.

Fuck.” Izuku cursed and the two leapt out of the way as they narrowly avoided getting crushed by a giant hand.

“WHY ARE YOU HERE?!” Bakugo yelled as he dodged a torrent of water. “I DON’T NEED YOUR FUCKING HELP DIP-SHIT!!” Midoriya jumped out of the way of a swipe, grabbed a nearby empty beer bottle, smashed it and swung the jagged edges at the giant hands, landing a blow.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??!” The two somehow ended up with their backs pressed against each other in defensive poses “YOU THINK I CAME BACK FOR YOU ASSHOLE?? YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!  I CAME HERE TO FUCK SHIT UP BECAUSE IV’E HAD ONE HELL OF A FUCKING DAY AND I’M FUCKING DONE WITH DEALING WITH THIS CRAP!!” He snapped. Oh. Of course he didn’t come back for you moron.

“STILL DIDN’T NEED YOUR HELP!” Midoriya just flipped him off before lunging at big hands. I’ll make you pay for that later. Katsuki managed to blast the water asshole, causing him to back off enough to give them an opening. Bakugo grabbed Midoriya by his free hand and dragged him down the alley. Izuku gave one last swipe with the bottle before tossing it and running after the blonde.  Oh god did this really happen?? Did I seriously just witness Deku of all people beating up kids older than him?? He glanced behind him and spotted a sobbing Midoriya running after him.

“I FUCKING KILLED SOMEONE KACCHAN!!” He wailed. Holy fuck is he seriously crying over this?? A loud sob verified it. Deku?? Killing someone?? This has got to be the most ridiculous thing ever- no it is the most ridiculous thing ever! A crazed and uncontrollable laugh escaped him as the two beaten up boys raced down the street. Why am I laughing? We could get into serious trouble! “STOP LAUGHING!!” Izuku screeched hysterically, also giggling through his hiccupping sobs “THIS ISN’T FUNNY!!” Somehow, this just made Bakugo laugh harder.

Maybe Deku isn’t so useless after all…

 I’m dead. I’m so fucking dead! I’ve killed a dude and Kacchan is just laughing about it on the floor!!

“IT’S NOT FUNNY!! KACCHAN WHAT IF I GET ARRESTED??” this just sent Bakugo into a whole new fit of laughter.

“SHUT UPP I’M TRYNIG TO FUCKIN BREATHE!” he gasped out between cackles. How is this remotely funny to you??!! Bakugo finally calmed down enough to roll over onto his back, hand over his mouth to try and stifle the giggles still coming out of him.

“Kacchan seriously!! What if I killed the boy?” Midoriya sobbed out, plopping down next to the giggly Katsuki who gave another snort.

“You couldn’t kill someone if you tried!” he laughed before sitting up That’s not helping!!  ”Besides, I saw he was still breathing so at most he’s got a concussion. Relax Deku.” He consoled.

“Are you sure?” Izuku sniffled. Bakugo shrugged.

“Pretty sure. I mean, no offence but you’re not that strong.”

“Gee. Thanks Kacchan.” He mumbled. Probably the only time I’ve ever been happy for being weak.

“Meaning-“ he snapped “that you probably didn’t do anything too permanent. Maybe…” he paused, thinking “I mean you did hit him with a brick…”

“I’M GOING TO JAIL!!” Midoriya wailed and started crying all over again.

“Holy fuck calm down I’m kidding! His buddies probably took him to the hospital or something!” Bakugo yelped, trying to calm down the hysterical boy. It took a few minutes but Midoriya finally regained his senses. They sat in silence for a moment, trying to register what happened.

“Did… did I really just beat up two kids older than me??” He whispered. This is just a dream…right? Katsuki snorted.

“As much as I hate to admit it, yeah. You did.” He gestured to Izuku’s beat up body with a small chuckle “got the scars to prove it and everything” Well that explains why I hurt. Hurt? Oh right, we’re injured! He glanced over at Kacchan, who was badly bruised and had a deep gash on the bridge of his nose.

“That cut looks deep Kacchan. We should probably get it fixed before it gets infected.” Izuku motioned to his nose before getting up painfully. Bakugo crossed his eyes trying to look at the wound

“Huh. Well that explains why my nose hurts.” He noted dazedly before also getting up. “Where’s your first aid-kit?”

“In my backpack” Midoriya mumbled dejectedly. It’s long gone by now. “ I lost it during the fight.”

“Well shit.” Bakugo cursed as he started the way home. “I lost mine too. That had my homework in it dammit.”

“Aw man! Mine too!” Izuku whined. Katsuki looked over his shoulder and gave Midoriya a genuine grin. One he hadn’t seen in years.

“Lost our homework and got the crap beat out of us huh? Looks like we’re stuck in the same boat Deku” he laughed

“What are you talking about? We totally won that fight!” Midoriya laughed back and followed his friend.

 “Take a shower!”

“I’m hurt you moron!”

“I can’t bandage you up if you’re covered in mud!! Take a fucking shower!!”

“But my cuts will sting~” Bakugo whined from atop the kitchen table. Midoriya shot him a glare. There’s no arguing with him right now is there?

“They’re gonna sting either way! Now go!” he slammed the first-aid kit next to him. Katsuki groaned and slid off the table. He had learned early on not to argue with Deku when getting fixed up. He’s so strict when he’s in nurse mode. Bakugo grumbled to himself. He quickly rinsed the mud off and slipped into some of Izuku’s old clothes that had been put out for him. Bakugo padded back into the kitchen where the medical stuff had already been laid out already. Midoriya came back a few minutes later, also freshly rinsed.

“Did you put the clothes in the wash?” He reminded

“Yes. But we’re gonna have to wait until my mom gets home because I don’t know how to run it.” Izuku sighed back “First things first. Let’s get that cut on your nose cleaned up. It looks pretty deep” He wrinkled his nose in thought “it’s probably gonna scar Kacchan”

“Nice. I get a scar!”

“This is gonna hurt” Midoriya warned as he doused a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol.

“Ha! Like a little alcohol is gonna- OW FUCK SHIT THAT STINGS!!”

“I told you!” he laughed. This continued for a while longer. Izuku patching Katsuki up while Katsuki cursed the pain away.

 “I don’t understand how you go though this all the time Kacchan” Midoriya grumbled putting on the final band-aid on his own forearm. “It hurts”

“You think this is bad, just wait ‘til you wake up tomorrow!” Bakugo chuckled darkly. It is so much worse in the morning. He was currently on the couch, draped over the back of it to watch Midoriya put away the medical stuff. “That’s when the bruises start to kick in” Izuku groaned.

“This is why I stay out of fights” he whined. Oh yeah. He does get out of the way when there’s a fight going on doesn’t he?

Hmm? Then why’d you get involved today? You don’t have a quirk, you could’ve gotten killed dumbass!” Midoriya hesitated, as if actually wondering himself why he did it.

“I’m not sure.” He mumbled. I swear to god if you did it because you thought I needed help I will blast you into next week fucker. As if he had read the other boy’s thoughts, Midoriya snaps “Like I said before. I didn’t come back for you jerk. I know you’re strong and are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself in a fight.” He gave a small, defeated sigh “I guess… I just wanted to prove myself. I’m tired of being treated as useless just because I don’t have a quirk.” he speaks bitterly and Bakugo feels guilty, knowing he’s part of the reason for that “I’m just so tired Kacchan. I’m so tired of it all.” Izuku walks over to the couch and plops down next to him. “Who am I kidding. I’m never gonna be a hero without a quirk” Something snaps inside Bakugo. Are you nuts?? I just saw you take down kids twice your size!! Ugh, I can’t stand looking at your little dejected face. Fuck this.

Bullshit. Who said you couldn’t be a hero?” Katsuki yells, getting up and startling Midoriya “You took down those fuckers without hesitation! You’re one of the smartest people in class and I’ve seen you stand up for people completely undeserving of kindness! Hell, you stick around with me, a complete asshole, for fuck’s sake!!” Maybe all isn’t lost quite yet. You’re gonna be one of the best hero’s out there just you wait. I’ll make sure of it. “Just wait Zuzu! You’re gonna be the number 2 hero that surpasses even All Might! You and I are gonna be the two goddamn best hero's this world has ever seen!!” he announced before sitting back down next to him. Izuku giggles and hugs Katsuki excitedly.

“You mean it Kacchan?!” he asks, those damn bright green eyes filled with hope

“Hell yeah!!” We’re gonna be the best hero’s ever!

“Wait. If I’m number two, who’s gonna be number one??” Katsuki swats him playfully

“Me dumbass!! Who else?!! You can be a close second though I guess…”

Chapter Text

“Whoa! What happened to you Kacchan?!” the boy with extendable fingers asked. Their little group was walking to school together. Midoriya hung back like always.

“Heh. I got into a fight again.” Bakugo chuckled, grinning proudly through the cuts and bruises covering his face. “I’m fine. Deku patched me up good.”

“Wow! Did you win?” the other asked.

“Of course we won!! A hero never backs down!!” the boy with wings and the one with long fingers glanced at each other curiously

“We??” they chorused. Katsuki pointed at Izuku, slightly proud.

“Yep! Believe it or not, our little quirkless Deku took on those villains too! Not that I needed the help. I could’ve won that fight all by myself.” He huffed. Fingers and Wings looked at Midoriya with a new sense of respect and admiration.

“Deku?? How?? You don’t have a quirk!” Fingers asked in awe. Izuku turned a bright red.

“Tell ‘em Deku!” Bakugo goaded on.

“Um… I-I ma-may or may n-not have hit them with a brick…and some wood…” Izuku trailed off, embarrassed by all the attention he was receiving. The two boys looked at him with horror.

“And a broken bottle! He was fuckin ruthless!! Like, seriously, I thought he was gonna kill them or something!” Bakugo cackled. Izuku somehow turned a darker shade of scarlet. “That shit was straight out of a movie!”

“Using a brick and wood? That doesn’t sound very fair-” Wings started

“The world isn’t fair” Midoriya snapped. They all flinched at his outburst “They used their quirks and ganged up on me. I was just leveling the playing field.” He gave a sadistic grin.

“Careful now!” Bakugo laughed “or you might be next in the hospital” Wings and Fingers paled slightly.

“Wait. He sent them to the hospital??”

“I know one of them for sure” Katsuki hummed as Izuku sped up to walk right next to him proudly. Bakugo made no motion for him to move and the power shift in their small group was clearly noticed “Guess having your skull smashed in with a fucking brick does that to people”

 “No offence Deku, but you’re piss poor weak.” Bakugo said, kicking his feet slightly while on a swing.

“Thanks Kacchan” Izuku muttered on the swing next to him.

“Which means-“  he snapped “if you wanna become a hero, you need to get stronger.” Izuku looked at him with a scrunched up face.


“All the best hero’s train dummy. And you” he poked his finger into Midoriya’s chest “need serious training. It was the element of surprise and sheer dumb luck you walked out of that fight alive.”

“Kacchan… I’m fucking eight. What the heck did you expect??”

“I’m not saying you gotta become the next All Might by next week” Bakugo snarled “All I’m saying is that maybe you should look into taking martial arts or something so you don’t keep getting your ass kicked” Izuku pondered it for a bit

“Well… mom did say I should probably learn some basic self-defense since I’m quirkless” he spat out the last word.

“See?? Even auntie has the same idea!”

“I guess so” Midoriya mumbled dejectedly. Katsuki noticed his mood change and sighed

“Look. Since you’re quirkless, people will always believe you’re weak. That makes them put their guard down which gives you the chance to beat the ever-loving shit out of them.” he explained, surprisingly patient “But surprise can only take you so far. Which is why you gotta learn how to fight Deku.”

“Fine” Midoriya sighed in defeat as he hopped off the swing and began to pack his things. ”I’ll talk to mom about it.”

“Atta boy Deku!” Bakugo cheered before blasting his swing higher and waving goodbye from the top.

 “Hurry up Izuku! You don’t want to be late for your first lesson right?” Inko called from the end of the hallway.

“Coming mama!” Izuku responded as he bolted out of his room. To be honest, I’m kind of excited about this he thought as he bounded down the apartment stairs to meet his mother.

When Midoriya had mentioned to his mother that he had wanted to learn self-defense, Inko just about started crying with relief.

But Izu, why now?” she had asked once she had calmed down. Izuku just shrugged, not wanting to mention that Kacchan had recommended it for hero training.

I want to make sure I can stand up for myself. Just in case.” He hated lying to his mother but, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt. Mrs. Midoriya immediately began looking into local dojos and found a Krav Maga place only a 5-minute walk from their house.

“Look Izuku! There’s gymnastic lessons next door!” Inko pointed out. Sure enough, there was a small gym next to the dojo. Learning gymnastics isn’t such a bad idea either. It would probably help with flexibility and dodging attacks, all the things heroes should able to do. Not to mention-  “Izuku dear. You’re doing it again” Inko giggled as she interrupted her son’s muttering.

“Ah. Sorry” he apologized. The door gave a little jingle as mother and son entered.

“Hi! You must be the Midoriyas!” A tall, dark haired man in a black Gi welcomed from behind the glass counter next to the door. He walked around to shake Inko’s hand “I’m Eichi Akihiro sensei! We talked over the phone a couple days ago!”

“Midoriya Inko. It’s so nice to meet you!” Inko gushed as she shook the teacher’s hand.   

“It’s nice to meet you too. And this must be my new student?” he questioned, smiling down at the small, green-haired boy hiding behind his mother’s legs. Izuku smiled bashfully back and nodded. “Well it’s nice to meet you also. Let me get you situated. MASHIRAO!” he called out to the group of students running drills. A tall, blond boy about Izuku’s age put down the pad he’d been holding up for another classmate and jogged over.

“Yes sensei?” he asked. Eichi smiled proudly at the tailed boy standing in front of them

“Midoriyas, this is Mashirao Ojiro, one of my most promising students.” He introduced. Ojiro fiddled with his orange belt bashfully, although his wagging tail betrayed his pride at being complimented. Eichi then gestured to the half hidden Izuku.

“This is our new student, Midoriya Izuku. Make sure you make him feel welcome Mashirao” he ordered. Ojiro stood up a little straighter.

“Yes sensei.” The teacher turned back to the mother and child

“Don’t worry, Mashirao will get him situated in no time.” He reassured. The blonde boy smiled and grabbed Izuku’s hand, dragging him out from behind his hiding spot.

“Come on. I’ll take you over to the rest of the white belts. They’re warming up with Kana-sensei.”

“A-ah. Okay…” Izuku stammered out as he followed after his upper classmate with a small smile. This kid’s energy is infectious. I wonder if he and Kacchan would get along?

 Midoriya Izuku quickly fell into a routine. He would quickly race home every Monday to grab his gear before running down to the dojo. After a lot of begging and promised chores, Izuku also somehow convinced his mother to let him join a gymnastics class and every Wednesday he’d hurry home to change for his new class. His body was constantly sore, but a good kind of sore, the kind you got after a good workout. And he wore his new bruises with pride, a badge of honor.

His usual way home after training always took him by a particular alley. He never really paid it much attention but today there was a flash of pink in the darkness. Pink?? Wait, what? He paused and backtracked. What the heck was that?

He peered around the corner curiously. There was a group of teenagers hanging around, climbing the dumpsters, chain-link fences and running up the walls as far as they could. Among the chaos was a small, horned, pink haired and skinned girl around Midoriyas age who seemed to be enjoying herself and mimicking the older kids as best as possible. He watched in awe as they flipped and lept all over the place, finally scrambling up to the rooftops when they got bored. It seemed rough but there was a sort of gracefulness about it all.

The image of the people who seemed to effortlessly dance over the alleys obstacles was all Izuku could think of for the next few days.

 “-ku. Deku! OI SHIT HEAD!!” Bakugo screeched, slamming an exploding palm on Midoriya’s desk, pissed at being ignored. Izuku was startled out of his thoughts. Fuck was he talking to me? I wasn’t paying attention!!

“Yes Kacchan?” He asked sweetly, stalling for time.

“Don’t ‘Kacchan’ me asshole” Katsuki snarled. “You have no fucking clue what I was talking about do you?” Midoriya sighed in defeat. It was worth a shot.

“Sorry Kacchan.” He gave a tired yawn and rubbed his eyes “Just a bit distracted that’s all.” Something that seemed like worry flashed over Katsuki’s face for a split second before it went back to its usual passive-aggressive bitchface mode. Must’ve imagined it.

“Stop over exerting yourself dumbass. It’s no fun beating you up if you’re too tired to fight back.” He huffed. How sweet. “Now did you finish the science homework or not? Its due today.” Hang on. Wait.

“The what now??”

Chapter Text

Izuku was sent sprawling to the floor and just lay there. His fellow white belts snickered at his humiliation.

“Watch it or you’re next” Kana-sensei warned. They all promptly shut up

“Huh. It does work.” He muttered and pushed himself back up, brushing his Gi off.

“Alright Midoriya.” Kana-sensei clapped her hands ”Let’s try that again shall we?” Izuku screamed internally.

“Uh… how ‘bout letting Botan-kun have a go instead sensei?” he tried. Botan, a pink-haired white belt, gave an unhappy yelp.

“N-no no that’s okay! You do a better job of falling Midoriya-kun!” the boy stammered out

“But I’m the only one getting pummeled over here~” he whined before sauntering over to where the rest of the white belts were sitting and trying to avoid his gaze, back turned to sensei and an evil grin on his face “That’s not really fair now is it?~”

“Midoriya-kun has a point! You can’t learn without experience! Who’s gonna be the next volunteer?” Sensei cheered, oblivious to the death glares Izuku was sending the other students.

 “Your form is looking much better Midoriya” his teacher praised “looks like you’ve been practicing”

“Thank you Annaisha-sensei!” the freckled boy untangled himself from his pose and stretched. He mindlessly began trying to cartwheel around, trying to see how far he could go without falling. So far his record was 2. I’ll get better he thought as he faceplanted in the mat again. I’m already more flexible than before so that’s gotta count for something right? Still, it was hard not to feel discouraged as he watched older, more experienced students perform flips and tricks on the equipment. That’ll be me someday. He brushed himself and tried once more.

 That weird kid is here again. Mina thought to herself as she walked over to the usual meet up alley. What’s he doing anyway? She gave a little grin and snuck up behind him.

“Can I help you?” she asked the green, curly haired boy in front of her. How is it possible for someone to jump that high? She thought with amusement as the boy whipped around, bright red with embarrassment. Mina put on an angry face, secretly enjoying the way the kid squirmed under her glare.

“Ah! Um- well, you s-see I-I was-it’s not what you-th-the thing is-“the boy tripped over his words nervously. He’s so adorable!

“What are you doing here? Are you stalking us or something?” Oh my god how is it possible for a person to turn that shade of red?? “Who are you? Why do you keep watching us?”

“W-well th-the thing is that stuff you do” he flailed his arms around. Does he mean Parkour? “It’s super cool! And I was kinda hoping I could learn some things by watching you guys…” he trailed off sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I’ll leave.” There’s no way I can turn this kid away now. She grinned, grabbed his arm and dragged him down the alley to where the group was waiting.

“You just wanted to learn how to parkour? Why didn’t you just say so?! I’ll be happy to teach you some moves!” Mina exclaimed happily

“Wait! I don’t even know your name!” the boy shrieked behind her. She looked over her shoulder at the flustered boy and beamed.

“Ashido Mina! Nice to meet you!” the boy grinned back

“Midoriya Izuku”

 “You’re doing what now?”

“It’s called parkour Kacchan! It’s really cool!” Izuku gushed. The two boys were on the swings at the local park eating popsicles. “It’s kinda like gymnastics! Except if you fall you plummet two stories to your death.” He finished darkly before brightening back up “But it’s okay! They’re starting me off easy and teaching me how to fall safely!” How the fuck do you fall safely??

“You’re gonna get yourself killed that’s what you’re gonna fucking do!” Bakugo snapped and swatted the back of the green-haired boy’s head. “I can see it on the news already. ‘Local Dumbass Gets Himself Killed While Jumping Over Buildings Like the Fucking Moron He Is’ Does auntie know about this??”

“Erm… no…not really…” Midoriya fidgeted awkwardly. I’m gonna end up fucking covering for him aren’t I? Katsuki threw his popsicle stick at Izuku angrily

“Are you fucking kidding me?? This is a whole new level of stupidity, even for you Deku.”

“She’d kill me if she found out what I was actually doing!!” He protested. Oh believe me, it’s not auntie you’ll have to be worried about in a bit.

“What does she think you’re doing?” Bakugo asked suspiciously. Midoriya wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Either you tell me, or I beat it out of you Deku.” He warned

“Having playdates with friends.” Izuku muttered. Katsuki buried his face in his hands and groaned. Out of all the shit excuses. “Which is technically true!!” he tried “She was so excited about me having friends she didn’t really question it. And it’s not like she’ll have time to check, what with her job and everything…” I swear he’s gonna be the death of me. Just put it on my gravestone. ‘Cause of Death: Best Friend is a Fucking Idiot’

That’s it. I’m done.” He hopped off the swing “Get over here so I can beat your ass into the ground.” He snapped as he started to stretch. Midoriya just groaned and slid off his swing unwillingly.

“Do we have to do this today?? I’m tired~” he whined, already begrudgingly getting into a fighting stance.

“You still haven’t landed so much as a single blow on me, and I’m going easy on your loser ass. You really think you’re gonna become a hero with those shoddy fighting skills??” He gave a wolfish grin and slammed an exploding fist into his palm “Even those weaklings at school could take you down. Now man up and fight!” He lunged at Izuku, palms sparking

“You know, to anyone else, this looks a lot like abuse Kacchan.” He muttered before raising his arms to defend against the incoming kick “Or bullying. Take your pick.”

“Oh shove it up your ass.”

 “Whoa. What happened to you Midoriya-kun?” Ojiro asked worriedly. My asshole of a friend decided that beating me up at every opportunity would be a good training exercise.

Got into a fight. Nothing too big” he shrugged and punched the pad Ojiro was holding up for him angrily.

“You need us to beat someone up for you Izu-kun?” another white belt with short, uncontrollable, lilac hair, Azami, asked. She held up her fists. “I’ll do it. You know I will.”

“Someone’s messing with Izu-sempai?” Botan chimed in, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. He flexed his short silver claws “Who do we have to beat up Azami-chan?”

“No one’s beating anyone up!” Midoriya hissed and punched the pad even harder. They all gave him a look.

“Midoriya. You realize this is a martial arts class right?” Ojiro pointed out, lowering the sparring pad to better look at Izuku. “Beating people up is kinda what we do, which I will gladly resort to if someone is messing with you” Not you too Ojiro! I trusted you! Izuku threw his hands up in exasperation.


“IF YOU HAVE TIME TO CHIT-CHAT, YOU HAVE TIME TO TRAIN!” Eichi-sensei yelled from the other side of the room. The four of them froze in terror “THIS ISN’T SOME SLEEPOVER TO TALK ABOUT FEELINGS! GET BACK TO YOUR DRILLS BEFORE I COME OVER THERE!!”


 “You ready for this Midori-chan?” Mina asked

“Not in the slightest.” He answered back uncertainly. Hana came and ruffled his hair playfully with a small laugh

“What do we always say O-toto?” She walked up to the edge of the roof and looked back at the two younger kids, light blue ponytail swaying in the wind “You just gotta take a leap of faith” she stepped off and disappeared over the edge, before coming up on the other roof, seemingly by magic.

“HOW MANY TIMES DO I GOTTA TELL YOU NOT TO FUCKING DO THAT??” Hisoki howled, arms extended and quirk activated. His grey eyes gleamed murderously and Hana just doubled over in laughter “YOU CAN’T KEEP EXPECTING ME TO CATCH YOU!!” he angrily sent a gust of wind at her, knocking her down.

“SEE MIDO-KUN?!” Hana yelled from the other roof “LEAP OF FAITH!!” Hisoki whipped around to Izuku

“Pull something like that on purpose and I’m letting you fall.” He warned. Midoriya nodded, fighting off a small smile. They wouldn’t let him fall and they all knew it.

“Did Princess walk off the roof again?” a boy with black hair and orange streaks asked, amused. He set down the convenience store bags he was holding

“She’s gonna be the death of us” a tanned girl with an under cut, dyed purple hair and freckles grinned

“Daitan, Tamako talk some sense into her!!” Hisoki whined

“You know how useless that would be” Daitan chuckled. “Ah! Mido-chan, Mina-chan! You’re here!”

“Daitan oni-san!” the two little ones cheered

“Hey! Tamako one-san is here too!” The girl protested.

“Have any of the others shown up yet? Daitan asked, ignoring Tamako.

“NO!” Hana yelled, still on the other roof “WE’RE STILL WAITING ON UTA, HIROKI AND TAKA!!”

“Well I suppose we might as well eat while we wait” Daitan shrugged “ No point in letting this food get-“

“Hey! What are you doing up here!??” the group turned around and saw a security guard running towards them “Don’t move!!”

“Fuck! It’s security!!”Tamako yelped and raced to the edge and bounded to the other side

“Time to go!” Daitan yelled, put the plastic bag in his mouth and lept after her. The other three raced to the edge and Midoriya panicked. No way I can make that jump!! Mina and Hisoki danced over gracefully.

“You can make it O-toto!!” Tamako yelled encouragingly. He glanced over his shoulder at the incoming security guard. Fuck it. Kacchan was right. I’m gonna die. He grit his teeth and braced himself

“Leap of faith!!” Mina called out. At least I’m going out with a bang.

He pushed off and jumped.

“Fucking hell kid” Daitan laughed as he scooped up the sprawled Midoriya off the roof and set him on his feet, pushing him after the group running away “We gotta work on your landings because that was the funniest way I’ve ever seen someone jump”

 “Get out of the way Deku” Bakugo snarled and shoved Midoriya aside “you’re blocking up the whole hallway!!” Izuku just yawned in response

“Sorry” He muttered as he stumbled aside for the blond and his cohorts to pass.

“Either get some fucking sleep or stop standing in the middle of the path moron!” He snapped and continued on his way.

“Uh huh. Sure” he answered blearily.

Chapter Text

“And that, is how you get free food from strangers” Hana announced, wiping the fake tears away. No one paid her any heed

“Are you done? This 6-year-old is giving me a run for my money” the blond boy snapped

“Actually I’m eleven so shut up Hiroki-sempai.” Midoriya grinned as he snatched up his winnings. Hiroki gasped in mock offence and swiped at the boy who just ducked. Someone had made the mistake of teaching Izuku how to play poker a couple weeks ago and now they were all paying for it. Literally.

“How the fuck has he won the past 3 games in a row??” Tamako grumbled as she handed her cards to Daitan to shuffle. Even Daitan seemed impressed by the small pile of loot Midoriya had acquired

“Its that little bambi look on his face.” Uta theorized. He’d quit after the first few rounds of getting his ass beat at “Go Fish” by Mina. “Makes you think he can do no wrong”

“Me??” Izuku gasped innocently. “It’s beginners’ luck that’s all” he cooed sweetly. Hana gave him a high five. Apparently someone had been listening to her lessons on manipulation.

“Cut the crap!” Hisoki snapped “You learned how to play before we taught you admit it” He’d just lost 2,000 yen to Midoriya in a game of Blackjack. Izuku just grinned.

“Nope!” he popped the ‘p’ and stuck some more Pocky into his mouth. “I’m just a quick learner” Hisoki gave an unhappy shriek.

“Deal me in! I’m gonna whoop Mido-chan’s ass!” he promised

“Didn’t you say that 5 games ago?” The red-head, Taka chimed in, slightly amused

“SHADDUP!” Hisoki answered and snatched his cards up. They played in silence before Izuku put his cards down

“Straight flush.” He announced.


They never did find the rest of the cards.

 Izuku swung haphazardly on the parallel bars, trying to perform a handstand. Almost… got it!! I did it!!

“Midoriya-kun! Can you come here for a minute?!” Annaisha-sensei called out, causing Izuku to lose his concentration and slip. Fuck! He spread his legs out and managed to catch himself on a bar with one of them. He could hear the chuckles of other students as he hung there lopsidedly. He shot them a glare, which only made them laugh harder, grabbed the bar and flipped himself right side up before dropping to the mat below.

“Yes sensei?” he asked as he jogged over. “Did you need something?” He took out the hairclips that were beginning to fall out of his curls and fixed them to get his bangs out of the way.

“Midoriya, I want you to meet our newest student” she stepped aside and there stood a girl his age, with straight hair the same shade of green and what could only be described as frog like qualities. “Why don’t you introduce yourself?” She asked the girl

“Hello. My name is Tsuyu Asui” She held out her hand in greeting “You can call me Tsu” Midoriya shook her hand excitedly.

“It’s nice to meet you Tsu-chan! I’m Midoriya Izuku!” he introduced himself excitedly.

“Midoriya-kun here will introduce you to the rest of the class” Annaisha explained with a reassuring smile “why don’t you take Tsuyu over to the mats to meet everyone?”

“Sure sensei! Come on, this way!” once they were out of ear shot of the teacher Midoriya turned to Tsuyu. “Note of warning, be prepared to be shoved into the infinite hole of inescapable death” he warned “It’s kind of an initiation thing here.”

“The what now??” she asked bewilderedly

“Foam pit.” He explained with a haunted look on his face “Just play dead and you should be fine… Probably”

 “Midoriya! Come here for a sec.”

“Yes sensei?” The boy jogged over in his head gear and gloves. Eichi motioned for his small student to come closer, as if about to reveal a secret.

“Alright listen up Midoriya. Most of your opponents, are they taller or shorter than you?” he asked

“Taller?” Izuku answered, confused.

“And do they use their fists or their legs when fighting?” Midoriya thought about it for a bit

“Their fists?” Eichi nodded.

“So why are you still trying to use your short little arms trying to fight??” He questioned. Midoriya froze. He has a point. My legs have way better reach than my arms. “ Most of your opponents are going to be taller than you and have a much better reach with their arms, meaning that’s what they use to their advantage. However,” he turned Midoriya to face the sparring round and pointed to the taller boy in the ring. “only using your fists also has a huge disadvantage.” The other student landed a blow in the other’s stomach with a well-timed roundhouse. Oh!

“They can’t block their bodies as well as their faces.” Izuku blurted out. His teacher nodded.

“Exactly. Use your legs to keep your opponents away and then,” He demonstrated by throwing a side kick, dropped his foot down closer to the invisible target and followed up with rapid punches. “get in close to finish them off. Got it?” Midoriya nodded excitedly. “Good. From now on I want you to focus on your kicks and combos okay?”

“I will! Thanks Sensei!”

 “Well would you look at that” Bakugo sneered as he staggered back from a harsh blow Izuku had dealt him “You’re finally getting smart with your fighting.”

“I’ve been practicing” Midoriya grinned back, wiping the blood off his busted lip.

“Using your fucking legs I see” he snapped back as he threw an exploding swipe at the boy who dodged and followed immediately with a front kick. “only one problem Deku” Katsuki dodged the kick easily, grabbed the leg and threw his friend to the ground, pinning him immediately. “If you telegraph your next move like that, they get a lot easier to expect and counteract.” He stepped off of the boy and gave a victorious grin. “And once again, I win.”  

“How??” Midoriya groaned and sat up painfully, rubbing the back of his head. Bakugo rolled his eyes as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. He pointed at Izuku’s limbs

“Your arms. You drop them right before you kick. Easy to spot” he explained.

“Shit. Really?” he looked at his arms angrily “I didn’t even know I was doing it”

“It happens.” Bakugo shrugged and sat down next to him “ It’s also harder to get your guard back up after you kick when you do that which leaves you vulnerable. So I just gotta fucking beat it out of you.”   

“Please don’t.”

“No promises. But while we’re on the topic of weaknesses, why don’t you ever attack my left side?” He asked bewilderedly “I fucking suck at guarding it. I’m surprised you haven’t gone for it yet”

“Huh. I never noticed” Midoriya mused. Bakugo punched his shoulder

“How the fuck did you not notice?? You need to constantly be analyzing your fucking opponent, find their weakness, and make them fucking pay for it.”

“But yesterday you told me to stay in the fucking moment and stop over fucking analyzing things!” Izuku whined “Make up your mind already!”

“I know what I fucking said, and I still stand by that” Katsuki snapped. “ Find a balance between the two shitty nerd, you’re smart enough.”

“Ugh” He ruffled his own hair “You’re making my head hurt. Or I have a concussion”

“You’re fine.” Bakugo huffed and tugged at one of the long locks of green hair “And another thing, get a fucking haircut! You can’t fight if you can’t even see who the fuck you’re fighting”

 Comeoncomeonlanditlandit-YES! Midoriya landed lightly on his feet. His classmates applauded politely

“Great job Midoriya-kun!” Kazashi gushed “New record!” Izuku threw a fist in the air excitedly

“Nice!” he cheered “Alright Sempai’s, try and top that!” he challenged with a cheeky grin.

“Ha ha nope!” one of the older girls called out “you win Izu-kun! We yield! You hold the new record of consecutive back-flips in a row!” 

“Alright, alright everyone back to practice!” Annaisha-sensei laughed. Midoriya dusted his hands and went over to the balance beam to practice some his parkour moves.

“That was amazing Mido-kun!” Tsuyu exclaimed as she jogged over. Izuku gave her an upside-down grin as he was currently in a handstand on the beam.

“Thank you Tsu-chan! I’ve been working on it for a while” he righted himself back up and spun around on one foot. “Took me forever to get it down though” he danced over to one end “hang on, back up a bit Tsu-chan. I don’t wanna hit you on accident” he took a deep breath before doing two back handsprings, twisted off and landed shakily on the mat. “still need to work on my landings” he muttered and hopped back on.

“how do you do that?” Tsuyu asked. Midoriya chuckled.

“Just keep your eyes on where you need to land and hope you don’t miss” he held out a hand to help her up “Come on. I’ll help you”

Chapter Text

“You actually managed to hit me you little shit” Bakugo grinned and retaliated with a left hook and front kick, shoving the green haired boy back. Midoriya grinned giddily back as he bounced lightly on his feet.

“I’ll beat you some day Kacchan” he warned and dropped to the ground, trying to sweep Katsuki’s legs from under him. The blonde just kicked up some of the dust into the other’s eyes. “Ack! No fair Kacchan~” he whined as Bakugo took advantage of the distraction to tackle Izuku to the ground.

“Like you always say.” He snickered as he sat atop the other boy’s chest triumphantly “The world isn’t fair.” Midoriya frowned at him, eyes still red from the dirt

“That was a dirty move” he pouted.

“Oh and a fucking villain is above using something like that?” Katsuki scoffed back “Without a quirk, you gotta learn how to use everything to your advantage. Level the fucking playing field. Bring them down to your level and destroy them. Hit ‘em first, hit ‘em fast, hit ‘em hard and most importantly, no fucking mercy” he emphasized his point with a blast at near the other’s head “Make ‘em regret ever being fucking born”

“Great lesson Kacchan. Now could you please get off me?” he asked, struggling pitifully under Bakugo’s weight. Instead, the blonde fell backwards and draped himself over his friend

“You know what?” he grinned “I really don’t think I can”

“Get off!!” Midoriya whined, trying to get out from under him

“Nah.” He drawled with a fake yawn “I’m a bit tired. I might just take a nap”

“Don’t you fucking dare!!” he screeched, knowing his friend was capable of falling asleep almost instantly “Get off of me!!”

“Make me.” Izuku tried and failed at getting up. Repeatedly.

“Fuck you Kacchan!”

 “Where the fuck are we going shitty nerd?” Katsuki whined as he unhappily trailed behind Izuku “We’ve been walking forever~”

“Oh shut up.” Midoriya snapped “We’ve been walking for three godamn minutes”

“FOREEVVVEEEERRRR~” Bakugo groaned, head tilted back “Not everyone has your freaky parkour endurance asshole!” Izuku just muttered and shook his head. Bakugo turned up his hearing aids “You fuckin say something bitch?”

“No.” was the immediate response

“Nah, nah” he heated up his palms “Go ahead. Say it to my fucking face coward” Midoriya looked back before flipping him off, sticking his tongue out and taking off full speed down the sidewalk.

“THAT’S IT. YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD DEKU.” He howled and raced after him. Midoriya swung inside a small boba tea shop down the road and dove behind the counter to escape Bakugo’s explosive rage when he burst in after him.

“Sou-chan! Help me!” Izuku wailed as he peeked out from behind a young, purple-haired cashier about his own age.

“Uh huh. And what did you do this time Mido-kun?” The boy answered back, not at all phased by the intrusion, and continued taking orders.

“It wasn’t my fault!”

“THE HELL YOU MEAN IT WASN’T YOUR FAULT??!” Bakugo screeched back trying to get around the purple-haired obstacle to blast Izuku. The two chased the other around the small cashier before he stuck out a tray, causing Midoriya to smack into it and Katsuki to crash into Midoriya.

“Ow! What the heck Sou-chan??”

“If you’re not here to buy something then get out” he ordered with the authority of someone way older than 11. He tapped his foot impatiently, arms crossed and glaring at the two boys sitting on the floor in shock

“Who the fuck are you?” Bakugo snapped back “Who the fuck is this Deku?” he turned to the green haired boy

“Aww~ don’t be like that Sou-chan~” he whined playfully

“Don’t just fucking ignore me nerd!”

“I’m trying to do my job” he answered, ignoring the fuming blonde on the floor “either buy something so my parents don’t kill me or get out and let me do my job”

“Why are you so mean?” Midoriya pouted.

“Someone explain or so help me I’m blasting both of you fuckers into next week” Katsuki snarled, palms sparking up dangerously. The strange boy just smirked. Oh that’s it. This bastard’s dead.

“Kacchan this is Sou-ch- erm, Hitoshi Shinsou” Izuku explained “His parents run the best boba tea place in town. I come here all the time with Mina one-chan and the others. Sou-chan, this is Kacch- uh, Bakugo Katsuki. God that felt weird to say.” He muttered the last part with a shudder.

“Nice to finally meet the infamous Kacchan~” Shinsou snickered “I’ve heard a lot about you”

“Get fucked.” Bakugo snarled back and got up “Come on shit-head.” He ordered at Izuku “if you’re not gonna buy anything then let’s go”

“No no! I wanted a tea!” Midoriya squealed and lept over the counter to the other side. “The usual Sou-chan!” Hitoshi took down the order

Is blondie over here gonna get something or not?” he asked and gave a pointed glare at Bakugo as he slid over the counter next to Midoriya. Bakugo flipped him off, too tired at this point to blast the asshole. This kid isn’t half bad. At least he sticks up for himself. Cheeky bitch.

“You got anything spicy?” he asked as he looked over the menu. Shinsou blinked.

“Like…a drink??” he baffled. Katsuki rolled his eyes. What else did you think moron?

“No a spaceship” he answered sarcastically “Yes a fucking drink.”

“Uh… no…” he searched the menu behind him “we don’t have a spicy drink. We do, however, have some spicy takoyaki”

“Fine. That and whatever the fuck the dragon fruit and lychee one is. Extra tapioca pearls”

“No extra tapioca pearls! You always spit them at me” Izuku complained. Katsuki grinned

“Kinda the whole point. Let’s see how good you’ve gotten at dodging shit”

Midoriya pouted at Bakugo but paid for the drinks and went over to grab a booth. Hitoshi came over and dropped the drinks off.

“Oh yeah I almost forgot Sou-chan!” Izuku blurted out and dug around in his pockets before pulling out a small gift-wrapped box, tied with a little string and handed it to the surprised boy “Happy birthday!”

“He has a birthday in July too?” Katsuki asked as he stabbed the straw into his tea. “Go figure.”

Shinsou opened up the little gift, trying and failing to hide his excitement. He held up a little Plus-Ultra keychain, much like the one Midoriya and Bakugo carried on their backpacks. In fact, it actually did look a lot like- Katsuki choked on his drink and dissolved into a fit of coughing.

“How did you…” he trailed off looking at the little trinket with joy

“I noticed you were always looking at mine and figured you might want one too” Izuku shrugged with a little smile, glancing over at his still hacking friend. “I wanted to get you an Eraserhead one since you like him so much but he doesn’t have any merch.” He explained, suddenly getting shy “Do you like it?”

“DO I LIKE IT??” Shinsou cried out before calming down and restraining the grin on his face “Ahem. I mean, it’s nice I guess.” he shrugged nonchalantly “Thanks Mido-kun” he picked up the tray and practically skipped off. Bakugo gave a gasp of air and came back up from where he was dying.

“Where did you fucking get that??” he coughed out raspily, chugging down more of his tea before continuing “You and I both know the only way to get one of those is with a limited edition All-Might figure from five years ago!!”

“Sho-san got it for me.” Midoriya answered innocently with a shrug


“Shohin. He gives me lots of stuff for running errands for him. He’s a friend of Daitan Oni-san.” He snatched a takoyaki from Bakugo and popped it in his mouth “He found out I wanted something for Sou-chan and offered to give it to me if I dropped off his backpack with a friend in Housei” oh like that’s not suspicious at all.

“You went all the way to Housei??” Katsuki hissed “Are you fucking nuts??”

“Mina and Taka went with me!” he protested “Besides, I had my flame thrower” It took all of Bakugo’s limited self-restrain not to reach over and strangle Izuku. He rubbed his forehead tiredly and sighed, taking a long draught of his drink.

“I think it’s time for you to file for a taser”

 “Move it Deku!” Fingers cackled as he shoved Midoriya aside. Izuku quickly righted himself and spun out of the way of the incoming pushes from the rest of the group. Bakugo tripped up his feet from under him and Midoriya almost lost his balance and fell. Almost. Katsuki ‘Tched’ but there was a small nod of approval as he passed by.

The rest of the school day went the same. Homeroom, dodging projectiles from his classmates, Math and English lessons, leaping over the feet in the hallway trying to trip him, History, writing down the latest gossip from the girls in his notebooks for later use, lunch, stealing food off of Kacchan’s tray when he was too busy yelling at one of his lackeys, Gym, avoid everyone trying to kill him in dodgeball, Science, dragging Katsuki away from yet another fight. The usual. Before he knows it, the day is over and they’re all walking home

Bakugo grunted a goodbye to the others as he and Midoriya turned down the street to their neighborhood. They stopped in front of Izuku’s apartment complex and Bakugo started to walk off before pausing.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” Katsuki muttered and pulled out a small, rectangular box, thrusting it at Midoriya “Here. Happy fucking birthday or whatever” Izuku blinked in surprise and took the gift, opening it cautiously “Don’t open it out here!” Bakugo warned and the freckled boy soon saw why. Inside was a new red and gold headband, no doubt to tame the wild curls he had let grown out, but hidden underneath was-

“Whoa! Is that a knife??” he squealed with delight, taking it out to better look at it.

“I told you not to open it out here dumbass!!” Bakugo hissed and looked around anxiously. “you’re not supposed to have that!”

“How’d you get this Kacchan?” Midoriya ignored the warning and examined the polished, reddish wood handle, flipping it open. “aren’t these illegal?”

“I’m not answering that.” The 5 ½ inch blade glinted dully in the sun. “Put it away before you get caught”

“Why?” he asked and looked at his friend curiously


“Why’d you get me something like this Kacchan?” Bakugo shifted uncomfortably and turned slightly red

“You keep doing reckless stupid shit and hang out with sketchy people so until you get your taser you need some way to fucking defend yourself” he mumbled “I figured a knife is pretty easy to hide and explain why you have it on you”

“Thanks Kacchan” Izuku grinned, tucking the blade in his pocket and putting on his new headband “I love it!” Katsuki turned even redder and his palms began to spark


“Got it.” Midoriya nodded frantically

 “Did you bring everything? Notebooks? Pencils? First-aid kit?” Bakugo snapped as they raced each other to their new school. “We don’t have time to be going back if you fucking forgot something”

“Yup! And I got my taser just in time for middle school!” Midoriya answered back excitedly “Did you remember your hearing aids this time?”

“I’m not an idiot.” Bakugo snapped, taking out the brand-new hearing aids he’d gotten over the break and slipped them on. “Did you bring your warrant for your taser?”

“It’s in my backpack” he reassured

“Put it in your purse” Katsuki ordered

“It’s not a purse” Izuku muttered but did as he was told while running “it’s a satchel”

“It’s a fucking purse” he snickered as they caught up with the rest of their classmates on their way to school as well. They streamed in with the other students and Midoriya sat down next to his friend in the assembly.

“Three more years Kacchan” he whispered to him “Three more years before we get into U.A”

“Heh. Be prepared for me to beat you into the ground shitty Deku” He grinned back

 Kacchan has been relentless lately Midoriya thought to himself as he avoided the persistent barrage of attacks. He managed to grab one of his arms and throw him over his shoulder to the ground. Bakugo immediately scrambled back onto his feet and wiped the sweat off his brow.

“Again.” He ordered and lunged “Don’t stop until your opponent is down”

“Let’s take a break Kacchan” Izuku panted out “we’re both tired” Bakugo shook his head

“No. Keep coming at me” he blasted himself forward

“We’ve been at it for over an hour. You need a break. I need a break.” He gasped out as he weakly swatted away the exploding hands “I’m taking a break” he dropped to the ground in exhaustion and lay sprawled on the ground. Katsuki kicked him weakly in the side.

“Come on you fucking coward” he spat “Fight.” Midoriya flipped him off.

“Just give me 5 minutes to breathe jackass” he snapped, taking in deep shaky breaths. “I’m not a monster like you” Bakugo collapsed next to him

“Fuck you.” He panted out, just as tired and twice as unwilling to admit it “How am I gonna become a hero if I get tired sparring with a quirkless loser like you?”

“To be fair, this quirkless loser was beating your ass” Izuku answered. Katsuki punched his stomach, causing the other boy to curl up with a small groan

“Like hell you were you bastard” he snarled with a small grin “Fine. We’ll take a break you weakling”

“Hey! You cant call me a weakling when I outlasted you on that run last week!” Midoriya protested

“Shaddup! Parkour doesn’t count you jumping freak!” he huffed

 “What’d you say??” Bakugo snarled at the boys standing in their way “You wanna fuckin try that again assholes?!?” Please don’t get into another fight.

“Come on Kacchan” Midoriya whined, trying to hold the fuming blonde back “They’re not worth it. Let’s just go over to Sou-chan’s”

“Petunia head can fucking wait until I’m done” he snapped, shaking off his friend

“Hah? You think you can take us on?” One of the high schoolers sneered. Oh boy. Here we go again. Izuku threw his hands up in the air frustratedly

“Oh for the love of god! Are you fucking kidding me??” The older boys looked surprised at the smaller boy’s outburst, whom they had assumed would be a pushover “I’ve had a shit day and just wanted to go get a fucking boba! Will you please get out of the way?!” he tied his bangs back into a small ponytail and glared at them, arms crossed and foot tapping impatiently.

“Why don’t you make us-“ one of them started with a smirk. Fuck this. I don’t have the time. You picked the wrong day to mess with me. His leg shot out and hit the leader in the gut. As soon as the boy doubled over, Izuku axe-kicked him to the floor. The rest of the little gang in front of him stared at their friend on the floor in shock, then at Midoriya, then back at their friend. Izuku whipped out his taser and pointed it at the group.

“Try me bitches. I fucking dare you.” He warned. One of the boy’s eyes widened in realization

“You’re quirkless.” He blurted out. Izuku held firm and scowled even more

“And if you got a fucking problem with it you’ll end up like dipshit over here” Bakugo grinned, palms sparking “Beat it or we beat you”

 “What the hell happened to you two?” Shinsou asked from behind the counter as Izuku and Katsuki wandered into the store. The two were battered, bruised and scuffed up but grinning.

“Just took out some trash” Bakugo answered and waved his hand to dismiss him “You got anything spicy yet?”

“Don’t worry about it Sou-chan” Midoriya giggled innocently. He wisely decided not to press further and took their orders, snapping at Bakugo that once again, there was no such thing as a spicy drink. Sometimes Shinsou’s friends worried him.

Chapter Text

“Move it Deku!” Midoriya quickly dodged the incoming shoves of the other boys and began walking behind them, still writing in his notebook. He noticed an elbow moving towards him in his peripheral and moved out of the way, speeding up to walk right behind Bakugo. There were a few unhappy grumbles as no one was brave enough to try to hit Izuku when he was right next to the exploding first year and Midoriya knew this, flashing them all a shit-eating grin.

“Hey Bakugo! Deku’s right behind you!” one of them called out. Katsuki glanced behind him at the scribbling greenette and shrugged with a scowl.

“He’s out of the way.” He snapped and continued walking. Midoriya turned around and began walking backwards, glaring at the boy who had ratted him out. A small, devious smile spread across his face as he stared at him for too long before flipping a couple pages back and writing frantically, crazed glint in his eyes. He snapped the notebook shut and turned back around, giving the other boy one final, pitying glance before stepping forward to walk next to the blonde. Fingers patted the boy’s shoulder sympathetically as the others passed the confused boy up.

“Nice knowing you kid”

 “Whoa!” Ojiro yelped as he dodged the rapid attacks and kicks coming from Midoriya “Your combos are looking better Izuku!”

“Why thank you sempai” the green-haired boy smiled sweetly back, momentarily throwing Ojiro off “I’ve been practicing” he stomped down and startled his classmate enough to give him the chance to shove him back and out of the ring.

“Break!” Eichi-sensei called “Point goes to white.” Ojiro got back in the ring. “Ready?” the two nodded and he lowered his hand “Fight!”

 It was a lazy Saturday evening and Midoriya was lazing around on a rooftop with the rest of his crew waiting for Mina. His feet dangled off the edge and he swung them idly.

“Where’s one-chan?” he whined “I wanna go tag that overpass on the highway”

“How do you even get up there??” Hiroki mused, inhaling the rest of his meat bun and trying to snatch up Uta’s to no avail. “You always put a tag somewhere or the other that should be impossible for you to get to” Izuku gave a secretive smile

“Where’s the fun if I tell you Anti-san?” he giggled. Tamako tackled him and held the child upside down

“Tell us your secret squirt!” She cackled as Hiroki started tickling the helpless Midoriya. The others watched on and laughed, not offering to lift a finger to help their smallest member.

“We’re here!!” Mina shouted as she popped her pink head over the edge and tumbled over “I brought Sticker-chan again!!”

“One-chan! Sero-kun!! Help me!!” Midoriya gasped out, still dangling upside down.

“Come on! Leave poor Mido o-toto alone!” Sero laughed “He’s not gonna tell you how he gets to impossible places”

“You say that as if you know Sero-kun~” Daitan noted casually. Hiroki and Tamako whipped around eagerly, dropping Midoriya into Taka’s lap. Sero realized his mistake much too late and began backing away.

“Wait! That doesn’t mean I know how he-“

“Get him!!!” Tamako and Hiroki yelled, racing towards the younger boy and tackling him to the roof

“Wow. No mercy Haya-kun?” Hana chuckled over Sero’s protests and squeals as the curly-haired boy dragged himself out of Taka’s lap. Midoriya pulled up the black bandanna around his neck over his face and shrugged, green eyes shining with a mischievous glint.

“Better him than me one-san”

 “Sou-chan! What do you know about Geometry?” Izuku panicked, flipping through his notes and trying to make sense of them. Hitoshi dropped his drink off and shook his head.

“Sorry Mido-kun” he gave a wry smile “I suck at math. Ask Tsu-chan” he said, motioning to the girl sitting in the booth across from the freckled boy

“I’m afraid I’m not much help either Mido-chan” Tsuyu apologized and stuck the straw into her drink.

“MIDORI-CHAN!!” a familiar voice called out as a pink blur practically took down Midoriya. Tsuyu blinked in surprise as Izuku gave a dead look while being cuddled by the rose-colored girl.

 “Mina you’re gonna suffocate him” Sero chuckled as he dropped his bag next to Midoriya. He noticed Tsuyu and froze “Oh! Sorry dude! I didn’t know you were-“

“Studying? Yes that’s exactly what I am trying to do” He muttered, prying Mina off of him. “Tsu-chan, this is Mina and Sero. They’re friends from… uh… somewhere. One-chan, Sero-kun this is Tsuyu from gymnastics. She’s helping me with my homework.”

“Should I bring you your usual’s?” Shinsou sighed, already beginning to walk off.

“That and some dango Shin-kun!” Mina cheered, sitting down in the booth next to Tsuyu

“Thanks Shin-kun!” Sero thanked. “Do you mind if we crash the study session Mido-kun? We actually came here to try and study too.”  Mina slammed down her textbook on the table

“I have no idea what my science teacher is trying to teach me” She whined.

“Oh! I can help with that!” Tsuyu reassured “ I can science”

“Can you do history?” Sero asked hopefully

“Yay! You can suffer with me oni-chan!” Midoriya cheered. Shinsou brought over their orders just as the door slammed open

“HEY WALKING INSOMNIA!! YOU GOT ANYTHING SPICY TO DRINK YET?!?” a certain blonde shrieked as he burst in with his book bag, also here to study by the looks of it. Izuku and Hitoshi whipped around and gave simultaneous, identical groans.

“Oh! Did you invite Bakugo-kun Midori?” Mina asked.

“No” he sighed, already scooting over to make room “Well at least if he’s here I can copy off his homework”

 “Your friends are very, um, lively Mido-chan” Tsuyu said while they were all doing their warm-ups. Izuku groaned, remembering the train wreck of a study session the day before.

“Once again, I am so sorry you had to meet them that way” he apologized. “They’re not usually like that- no… they’re always like that now that I think about it” he muttered

“No no its okay!” she reassured “I was just expected, I don’t know, quieter people? Kinda like you.”

“Ah. Understandable.” He chuckled, trying to suppress an actual laugh. If only you knew Tsu-chan. If only you knew.

 “That’s why you need- hey! Don’t turn off your hearing aids when I’m talking to you Kacchan!!” Izuku snapped, smacking his battered friend with a first aid kit. The two of them were on one of the school’s bathroom floors, Katsuki getting himself patched up. Again.

“’Sorry Deku. Can’t hear you.”’ He signed with a grin. Izuku wasn’t impressed

“’Nice try you cunt.”’ Midoriya signed right back, much to the disappointment of Bakugo. “’Seriously. You need to stop picking so many fights”’

“Well it’s not like you were gonna do it” he huffed “Easy pickings and you let them go!”

“I already told you. I’m not in the mood to get my ass beat by an upper classmate today”

“’Oh please”’ Bakugo rolled his eyes as Izuku finished up “’You and I both know you could’ve won easy”’

“’Yeah well, I still didn’t wanna do it.”’ He sighed “’We need to get to class. You go on ahead. I need to pack up”’

“Whatever” Katsuki muttered and left. He leaned back in his seat and put his feet up on the desk as he waited for the green-haired boy to come back.

“Hey Bakugo” The dark-haired boy who always seemed to be hanging around called out. The blonde clicked his hearing aids back on reluctantly to hear him “Where’d Deku go?”

“The hell if I know” he snapped with a shrug “Why the fuck do I care where the shitty nerd is??”

A minute before class re-started, a disheveled, bruised and pissed Midoriya came storming into the room and marched to his seat, glaring at anyone who dared try and get in his way

“’The fuck happened to you??”’ Bakugo signed bewilderly as he passed by. The small gang of boys around Katsuki’s desk watched the conversation in confusion.

“’The upperclassmen happened to me you prick”’ he snapped right back “’Thank you very much for that by the way. I almost had to tase them”’

“’Did you?”’ Katsuki snickered at the thought. Midoriya looked ready to punch his friend.

“’No. I didn’t. Although right about now I’m thinking about tasing you”’ he practically snarled. Bakugo gave him a sign that needed no translation to the others. Right before Izuku could strangle him, the teacher walked in.

“Alright everyone to their seats!” they called out and a muttering Midoriya plopped down in his seat angrily, pulling out bandages and his class notebook.

 “Ha! You really think you can take me on?” Bakugo snarled at the high schooler in his way. Midoriya sighed and continued writing in his notebook while the others tried to look intimidating.  Note to self, go buy more Neosporin, gauze, band-aids and pain killers. He glanced up at the scene going down in front of him. Lots and lots of pain killers. He snapped the notebook shut, readjusted his headband, tightened the bangs he had pulled back and put on his best weak and defenseless face.

“Can we just go?” Izuku fretted “We really don’t need to do this”

“Afraid not” one of the high schoolers smirked with a teasing lilt in his voice “Your friend here is about to eat his words” I’m gonna fucking murder all of you. Kacchan included.

“Oh please.” Bakugo scoffed, palms sparking up “as if you could even take down one of the extras”

“The what??”

“Tell you what” he grinned “Pick any of these losers to fight. If you can take even them down, then I’ll get down on the ground and apologize your fucking majesties” Ugh. Time to play your part Izuku. The older kids scanned over the fierce looking gang before landing on Midoriya, who at the moment was making himself look as small and invisible as possible. The boy who had made the deal grinned evilly

“Any one of them?” he asked sweetly, nudging at his friends and eyeing Izuku.

“Did I fucking stutter” Katsuki snapped. The boy pointed out the greenette and Midoriya flinched. Damnit!! It’s always me. Fucking hell.

“How about that one?” He questioned and Bakugo whipped around in fake surprise and worry

“Deku?? You wanna go with fucking Deku??” he asked, pretending to look nervous before going back to his usual brashness. “Fine. Go right on ahead. I did say anyone. Use as many people as you need” he gave a cruel smirk. “You’ll need all the help you can get”

“Go easy on him babe!” one of the girls giggled as the leader stepped up. The other kids scurried to the side, secretly grateful it wasn’t them.

“Yeah. Don’t kill the poor thing” another called out

“’You owe me fucking big time you jerk”’ Midoriya signed angrily at Bakugo and patting his pockets for his knife and taser.

“’Yeah yeah whatever. Consider it training.”’ He shrugged

“’It’s always fucking training you lazy shit! Fight your own fights!”’

“’I’ll get you something from that stupid boba shop”’ he answered. Fine. Fair enough.

“Don’t worry kid” the boy chuckled “I won’t kill you. Just go down nice and easy and everything will be fine”

“Uh huh. Sure.” Izuku mumbled “Hey, how far away is the police station Kacchan?” he called out stepping forward casually, hands in pockets. The older boy looked taken aback.

“The hell if I fucking know. Far enough.” He answered scrolling through his phone, completely disinterested in the fight “Try not to hospitalize anyone this time fucking nerd”

“I’ll try.” he flashed his opponent a sheepish smile

“What??” the boy seemed slightly concerned now. Midoriya lunged, a small green blur before kicking him in between the legs and kneeing the doubled over high schooler in the head. Everyone except Katsuki stood in shocked silence. Bakugo glanced over at the downed boy in what seemed like deep thought and worry.

“Are we done?” Izuku whined

All in all, it took four people together to land a single blow on the tiny, scarily fast, freckled middle schooler. The fight was over in less than three minutes, with all five of his opponents groaning and bleeding on the ground. He kicked one of the slightly more conscious ones lightly before slinking over to his discarded satchel on the side.

“Boo” he pouted as he dusted the bag off and put it on “That wasn’t any fun. I didn’t even have to use the taser. Or that pipe” he gestured to the lead pipe nearby “Pipes are fun to use. Good swinging weight.” He muttered to himself. The remaining two girls and boy stared at him in horror

“You’re crazy!” one of them shrieked as she ran up to her injured friends “You could’ve killed them! Learn to hold back you bastard!” The other two nodded and helped her carry the unconscious ones.

“I could’ve?” he asked in genuine confusion, tilting his head in thought and starting to join up with his other classmates as they began to walk off. Kacchan and the others never seem to hold back. Why should I?

“Yes, you freak!” the boy snarled “Jesus!”

“Come on Deku!” Fingers called out happily, slapping him on the back once he’d caught up “Nice job!” the others congratulated and praised him similarly. Bakugo simply glanced behind him and gave an approving nod. Pride swelled in his chest and he immediately forgot the high schooler’s words.

Chapter Text

“We need to talk about your fighting” Bakugo started, snatching up a fry from the other’s plate

“What about it?” Midoriya snapped, still bruised from yesterday’s fight and sipping his well-earned tea

“Look Deku” he sighed “I hate to say it and if you ever tell anyone I’ll deny it but, you’re strong okay?” Izuku blinked in surprise at the rare compliment

“Thank you?”

“No. Like, crazy strong. And fast. And smart.” He huffed “You need to fucking start holding back when you fight idiot” Midoriya nearly spit out his drink

“What?? Why??”

“Because at this rate, if you don’t set limits, you’re gonna end up going overboard and killing someone by accident” Bakugo answered bluntly.

“No I won’t!! What are you talking abou-“

“Will you shut up and listen? I’m trying to give you some actual fucking advice for once.” Katsuki interrupted “When I use my quirk on a person, do I use it to its full extent?”

“That’s different!” he protested “What does that have to do with-“

“Answer the fucking question”

“…No?” You never seem to be holding back with me anyway. I have the scars to prove it.

“Of course I don’t!” he snapped ”I could destroy a building with my explosions, let alone a human!”

“Never seemed like it to me” Midoriya sulked, stirring his drink around

“You can handle a little more than most people, but even I know not to use a full blast on you dumbass” he hissed “We’re getting off topic. Point is, your fighting style and instincts are like your quirk.” He spoke with the authority and wisdom of someone older than 13 “It’s really strong. Strong enough that we need to start teaching you how to pull a punch”

“Why the hell should I? You’re the one always telling me to go all out. Remember? Hit ‘em first, hit ‘em fast, hit ’em hard, no mercy or some shit”

“When you spar at your dojo do you try to kill them? Do you hit them with everything you have?”

“Of course not!” Midoriya sputtered “It’s sparring!”

“Then why the hell are you trying to kill the people in the streets?? I know I’ve told you to use everything at your disposal but godamn Deku, you go a little overboard sometimes. And that’s saying something coming from me!”

“Well if I’m so hazardous, why haven’t told me anything about it before, when we fight? I can’t be all that strong if I can barely hold my own against you!” he cried. Bakugo looked guiltily to the side and munched on some tapioca bubbles “What?” he snapped suspiciously

“Well…In the past couple years I’ve had about 11 fractures” he hesitated “10 of those are from you”

“AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME???” Izuku shrieked, panicked. “WHAT THE HECK KACCHAN??”

“I’m fine. You get used to it after a bit” Bakugo dismissed “Point is, you. Are. Fucking. Dangerous. From now on I want you to hold back in your fights. It’s not safe. Both for you and especially for the poor sucker who pissed you off. Okay?”

“Are you telling me I’ve fractured bones?? That I actually hurt people??” Midoriya murmured in horror

“What, the first 10 fuckers you’ve sent to the hospital wasn’t clue enough?” Katsuki snorted

 “Do you guys think I go overboard when I fight?” Izuku mused out loud. His friends burst out laughing.

“Overboard?” Daitan chuckled, “Kid. Lemme just say, I’m glad you’re on our side” Midoriya groaned and put his head between his knees

“Honestly? Same.” Taka agreed, swiping a candy bar from Hana

“Sorry o-toto!” Hana giggled, smacking Taka for stealing her food ”But have you ever seen yourself in a fight?”

“You’re a terrifying little dude” Hisoki piped up “a little, green, freckled blur”

“I honestly regret making Tamako teach you how to use a knife” Uta chimed in “And how to gamble in general.”

“There’s reason for your nickname you know” Tamako drawled “Haya-chan~ What is it the cops call you? ‘The Haya Demon’?”

“Still don’t know why they call me that” the greenette muttered.

“For a happy little fellow, you sure can get violent” Hiroki laughed, ruffling the green curls

“Stop it!” Mina pouted, cuddling a now depressed Izuku “Don’t say that about my sweet little o-toto!”

“Sweet little nothing!” Tamako cackled, shoving Midoriya playfully “This is probably one of the most dangerous kids to ever jump the rooftops! All that without a quirk!” Midoriya shrank away

“Alright alright.” Daitan interrupted, noting the boy’s discomfort “I think we can all agree that Mido-chan is scary as fuck, but for now” he got up and stretched “let’s go have some fun!” the whole group cheered. “and relax Izu-kun.” Daitan winked “We know you’re a good kid. Despite being a scary little bastard, you wouldn’t harm a fly”

 “They think you’re too violent??” Tsuyu gaped “You??”

“Yup.” Izuku answered upside down on the high bar “Crazy huh?”

“I’ll say. Last week I saw you break down after accidentally stepping on a stray cat’s tail”

“I thought we both agreed on forgetting that whole incident Tsu-chan” Izuku whined, face flushing “Besides! Did you hear the way it sounded??” his eyes began to water from the memory “It was so hurt and it was an accident I didn’t mean to step on it but it ran off so I couldn’t even apologize to it-“

“Izu-sempai. You are unbelievable.” Asui laughed as Izuku kept rambling about the poor cat

“MIDORIYA! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT HANGING UPSIDE DOWN ON EQUIPMENT YOU’RE NOT USING??!” the teacher yelled. The boy quickly righted himself and dropped down hurrying over to the still rings he was actually supposed to be practicing on.


 “Winter break winter break winter break” Dark chanted over and over as their small gang made their way through the hallways to lunch

“2 more weeks 2 more weeks 2 more weeks” Fingers continued. Izuku stifled a laugh as he noticed Katsuki lower the volume of his hearing aids to block out the annoyances. He noticed a group of first-year students gossiping outside a classroom and grinned. Oh? What have we here?

“Uh. I’ll be right back” he murmured to no one in particular and slunk over to listen in, pulling a small, black notebook out of his back pocket, pen at the ready

“-yeah, I heard she was gonna ask today!” one of the girls whispered

“Is she serious? After what we told her??” another hissed

“Why even bother?” one of the boys huffed. Izuku peered into the classroom where one of their classmates was flirting with one of the upperclassmen. He flipped through his book and found the references he needed. The heartbreaker of 1-c.  he sighed, snapping the notebook closed with disappointment. Nothing interesting here.

“-2-b?” someone murmured. He turned around at the sound of his class. The first years looked at him with contempt, obviously having heard of the quirkless wonder at their school. “Aren’t you that boy from 2-b?” one of them piped up “the one with no quirk?” Do. Not. Strangle. Child. He gave them his brightest and sweetest smile.

“Yeah. That would be me” he chuckled. The looks on their faces darkened and he suddenly felt very exposed. “So what’s up with the ‘Heartbreaker’?” he tried. They blinked in surprise

“You-you know about her?” one of the girls inquired curiously

“I make it my business to know about people like her” he giggled “Going after Eiko-san?” he shook his head “oof.” The first years interest were piqued

“What do you mean?” one of the boys asked

“Well she’s obviously going after him because he’s rich” Midoriya smirked “unfortunately for her, Eiko- sempai likes his loyal. So, what were their names again? Ah! Kentaro-kun and Masuyo-kun? That’s gonna be an issue” one of the girls gave a strangled squeal

“Wait! Kentaro-kun?!! She said she wouldn’t!” she protested angrily

“Oops.” Izuku shrugged “I probably shouldn’t mention the fact that she’s going after Sadao-kun either huh?” he glanced over at another unhappy first year


“He’s in my class” he explained “Kinda impressive how she’s able to keep this up” he mused, before stepping past the dumbfounded underclassmen “anyway, keep me posted!” he called out before heading to the cafeteria.

 “The fuck you look so happy about?” Bakugo snapped from his seat as Midoriya sat down with his food, huge grin on his face

“Oh nothing~” he hummed, looking over at the rising argument over on the other side of the room. The blonde glanced over in the same direction and groaned

“Again?” he snarled as the voices got louder and quirks began to be pulled out. “What have I told you about writing in that fucking notebook?!!” Izuku held back a gleeful cackle

“Aw come on Kacchan!” he giggled “Dinner and a show!” by now the whole cafeteria was watching the fight unfold between a couple first years, caused by Midoriya’s well timed input. The boys at his table began placing bets.

“You’re fucking insufferable”

Chapter Text

The day was not starting off well for Midoriya Izuku. He’d stayed up way too long on a run and had woken up late, causing him to miss the train. Bakugo had already left him behind and he was jogging though the streets, empty stomach growling unhappily. Great. No time for breakfast. He sighed, racing past a convenience store just filled with delicious food items calling for him Didn’t have time to pack a lunch either since mama was working extra late last night. He suppressed the urge to scream his frustration at the sky. Nearby was a rumbling explosion. He slowed down to a stop. A hero fight? Maybe this day isn’t starting off so bad after all… 

 The loud rumble of the crowd and fight drew Izuku closer. Who is it this time? He pulled out his notebook to have ready.

“Oh wow! A giant villain!” he cried and followed the action, trying to get as close as the police tape allowed him. He listened in to the conversations around him instinctively, trying to figure out what had happened. “I wonder who’s fighting him” he asked out loud. He spotted the hero atop a train platform and mentally flipped through his hero notes before remembering. “Ah! It’s Kamui Woods!!” he squealed “The up and rising popular new hero!!”

“A running commentary huh? You a fan boy or something kid?” a stranger next to him chuckled. Ah shit. I’m doing it again.

Heh. No. sorry.” He apologized and turned his attention back to the fight !!! is it?! It is!

“Take him down tree boy!” the man next to him yelled

“Here it is!” Izuku cheered “The ‘Preemptive binding-“

“CANYON CANNON!!”  a giant woman yelled as she sent a flying kick into the villain’s face, cutting off poor Kamui’s special move. Izuku and the man stood in shocked silence while journalists began snapping countless photos. Pull yourselves together. Izuku thought angrily at the reporters trying to get “certain” shots from the new hero. Poor Kamui. The forgotten hero still stood on the platform, quite upset over his stolen spotlight as the villain was put away. Izuku quickly wrote down the new information he learned.


“Taking notes kid?” the older man laughed. Midoriya flinched Fuuuuuuuuck. I was mumbling again! ”You wanna be a hero too huh? Good luck!”

“Thanks!” Izuku grinned before realizing his phone was buzzing “Who the- Hello?” he answered

“WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT??!!!!” the loudly familiar voice screeched through the speaker, to the point that the green haired boy had to hold it away from his ear. The stranger and others stared at the phone in shock. You’re embarrassing me Kacchan!! The tiny voice kept going “I SWEAR TO GOD DEKU! IF YOU’RE LATE ONE MORE TIME BECAUSE YOU DECIDED TO GO WATCH A FIGHT IM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!! YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE BELL RINGS!!!”

“Crap!” Midoriya yelped and stuffed his notebook away “Be there in a bit!” he promised before hanging up and pushing his way out of the crowd, booking it all the way to school and sliding into class seconds before homeroom started. Bakugo angrily jabbed his side as Izuku walked by his desk.

“Bitch. The fuck were you?” he hissed

“Sorry Kacchan” he murmured “woke up late, didn’t get breakfast, missed the train *shrug* the usual” He went over to his desk and plopped down exhaustedly. This was not a good way to start his day.

 “You guys are all third years now.” The teacher announced, slamming down forms on his desk. Izuku looked up from the hero notes he was finishing up. A slow, ice cold realization washed over him. No. please don’t tell me today is- he ducked his head lower “It about time you all started actually thinking about your bright futures!” Fuck. It is. Ugh. This day really is the worst. “I would hand out these career forms but-“ Midoriya resisted the urge to slam his head against the table repeatedly. “I assume you all want to be heroes and make us proud right?!” the whole class cheered, setting off their quirks excitedly. The small greenette cheered along quietly, rubbing his temples at the noise. The teacher tried in vain to get them all to calm down. As if you all could be heroes. Don’t make me laugh. The only ones who have a shot at proship would be-

HEY, TEACH!” the boy a few desks away yelled arrogantly over the commotion “DON’T MIX ME UP WITH THESE LOSERS AND THEIR CRAPPY QUIRKS!!” The class hissed and booed at the blond who just cackled conceitedly at them. “AW SHUT IT!! EXTRAS SHOULD ACT LIKE EXTRAS AND STAY OUT OF MY WAY!!”

“Ah yes. Young Bakugo.” The teacher sighed, flipping through the papers “You applied for U.A isn’t that right?” Of course he did! Where else did you expect him to go?? Only U.A could possibly keep up with Kacchan! the room exploded with noise all over again

“U.A National school??!!”

“The top hero school in Japan??!!”

“They barely accept anyone!!”

“I heard the cut off would be 79, possibly 80 this year!!”

“Stupid extras that never shut up.” Bakugo snarled and lept up on his desk “I aced all the mock exams for them!” I should hope so, considering the amount of studying we did “I’m one of the few who can actually make it at U.A! Unlike all you losers!!” Izuku buried his head in his arms and yawned. Stop yelling already and sit your ass down. “IM GONNA BE THE TOP HERO THAT SURPRASSES EVEN ALL MIGHT!! THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! NOT TO MENTION I’LL BE SUPER RICH TOO-“

“Oh! Midoriya!” The teacher noted in surprise. Izuku flinched and woke right back up Oh god no. please don’t- ” You also applied for U.A?” he asked. The room went dead silent as everyone turned to the small boy trying to disappear into his seat, right before everyone burst into rambunctious, hysterical laughter, teacher included. The hell is so funny?


“Is he serious??!!”

“You realize good grades can only take you so far right??!” Izuku stood up defiantly, anger sparking

“That’s not true!” he yelled weakly, hating how quiet his voice sounded. The class laughed harder “There’s no rule that says a quirkless student can’t appl-“ he was cut off by a loud explosion.

“COME ON THEN!!” Katsuki yelled, pointing at him “ YOU BETTER GET IN ‘CAUSE I AIN’T DONE BEATING YOUR ASS SHITTY DEKU!!” he challenged with an evil smirk. Aw shit. I’m never gonna get rid of him now if I get in am I? “NOT BY A LONG SHOT YOU QUIRKLESS NERD!!”

“I will get in!” he yelled at the still up roaring class ”Quirk or no quirk! At least I’m trying to be a hero! That’s more than most of you can say!” The laughs quickly dissipated as his words were taken in. He covered his mouth swiftly, realizing what he’d said and regretting his own brashness. Bakugo was the only one still laughing, signing shaky, gleeful warnings at Midoriya hysterically. I’m dead. They’re all gonna kill me!! The class began all at once yelling angrily at the boy, nearing his desk. Its okay, I’ll be fine. He reached for the weapons in his pockets. The moment they touch me I have every right to fight back.

“How dare you?!!”

“You don’t even have a quirk!!”

“You’re just a quirkless goody-goody fanboy!!”

“Even that villain has a better chance of getting in than you do!!” Uh oh. You probably shouldn’t have said that last one-

“WHAT’D YOU FUCKING CALL ME??!!!” Katsuki shrieked and exploded the student’s desk. All attention was turned to the new victim and Izuku sank into his chair wobblily with a relieved sigh. He ducked his head back down, heart racing, and blocked out the screeching and fighting from his classmates.

 The amorphous goo sped down the street giddily, prizes clutched closely and shoving any passerby’s out of his way. Unhappy yells could be heard but he could care less.

“Stop me if you can!!” he cackled. There was a loud commotion behind him and he threw a glance back to see… ALL MIGHT?!! SHIT!!

 The outburst at the beginning of class had been forgotten and Izuku packed up his things, checking up on his missed texts from Shinsou. Just the usual ‘bored’ and ‘death can’t come fast enough. Come save me from this hell izu-chan~’ he chuckled.

“What’s so funny shit-head?” Bakugo snapped, seemingly appearing out of nowhere and startling the greenette. The blonde glanced at the open notebook on the desk and before Midoriya could grab it, he snatched it up and held it out of reach. “What have I told you about writing all this shit Deku?” he snarled

“What’s that?” Fingers asked. Katsuki held it away from him as well

“None of your goddamn business. You’re lucky you’ve never seen inside of one of these.” He snapped “And you. Apparently you haven’t learned your lesson from our first year” he grinned and placed the book between his two palms in a very familiar-

“Wait! Give it back!” Izuku shrieked, trying to grab it “Kacchan it’s not what you think! That’s actually-“ he was too late. The book was quickly ruined by the other boy’s explosions and tossed out the window. The other boys around his desk laughed as Katsuki dusted off his hands smugly

“There. Now we can-“

“THAT WASN’T A BLACK BOOK!!” Midoriya howled and raced over to the window to look for where his hero notes had landed. Its stuck on a window edge. I can probably climb over the balcony and get it. At least it didn’t land in the koi pond.  Bakugo froze.

“Wait what?”

“That was a hero analysis one!!” he ranted “the cover wasn’t black you moron!!!” Izuku tried not to tear his hair out in frustration.


“OOPS?? IS THAT ALL I GET??” the small boy screeched, causing everyone but Katsuki to step back in surprise “OOPS?? I WAS HALFWAY DONE WITH THAT ONE!! ALL THAT INFORMATION!! GONE!! LITERALLY RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW!!” he gestured wildly at the open window. The guilty look on the blonde’s face disappeared and was replaced with one of annoyed indifference.

“Well in my defense, it looked pretty dark to me” Katsuki shrugged

“OF COURSE IT DID!!” He began to tear up in frustration “THAT’S BECAUSE YOU TURNED THE COVER TO CHARCOAL!!!”

“Oh well.” Bakugo snapped “Just buy a new one like always” Midoriya opened his mouth to yell some more “Shut up! Those stupid hero notes aren’t gonna help you any getting into U.A! “

“Are you seriously gonna try to enter U.A Midoriya?” Dark-hair chuckled. Izuku just looked out the window, already formulating a plan to get his notebook back. “I mean, let’s face it man. You don’t have a quirk-”

“Leave him.” Katsuki barked, getting off the desk he was leaning on “He’s in one of his goddamn moods again so there’s no talking to him right now”

“No. Seriously. Is he really gonna try?” Fingers murmured as he followed the blonde towards the door “I mean it’s not like he can just get a quirk-“


“If he needs a quirk that badly to get in he can go take a swan dive off the roof and hope he gets one in the next life” Bakugo joked, glancing back at the freckled boy, who promptly flipped him off, still upset over the notebook. “Never mind. I’m killing him right now.” He lunged at his friend and the other two had to hold him back as Izuku stood atop his own desk in his effort to escape the angry blonde.


 “Can you believe it?” Dark laughed “Deku wants to apply to U.A! Did you know about this Bakugo?”

“Yeah.” Duh. I was the one who helped him fill out the application. He has a better chance at getting in than you two losers. Hell, he has a better chance than everyone in the school. Besides me of course.

Wait for real??” Fingers blurted “I would’ve thought you’d try to stop him or something”

“He’s too stubborn.” Katsuki huffed angrily A little fucking, hard headed, useless, mumbling, mother fucking bush. “I’d have to kill him to stop him. And even then he’d try as a ghost”

“Hey. Speaking of which, don’t you think that was a little harsh?” Fingers fretted as the three of them passed the gate “I mean, I know you two mess with each other, but the notebook thing? that was going a bit too fa-“

“Believe me” Bakugo snarled “If that was the notebook I thought it was, you’d be thanking me right now” Great. Why do I have to walk home with these idiots? Stupid Deku throwing his little fit. He knows I would’ve bought him a new one the little shit.

“What’s a black book anyway?” Dark asked. Katsuki shuddered, memories of a few years ago coming to mind

“Your worst nightmare. It’s his blackmail notebook.” He explained bluntly

“HE HAS A WHAT??” they squealed fearfully

“HOW ELSE DID YOU THINK HE WENT AROUND HIS DAY WITHOUT GETTING HIS ASS BEAT BY LITERALLY ANYONE?” he yelled back “He knows everything about everyone, including your little smoking habit so I’d recommend for you not to piss him off too much” And also because if the school finds out it’ll probably be put on my record too.

Are you serious?? Deku wouldn’t do that… right?” Dark asked nervously

“In a heartbeat.” Bakugo answered without hesitance. “I think I still have some evidence from-“ he patted his side where his book bag was supposed to be and glanced down. Well, at least I have an excuse to dump their sorry asses. “SHIT!” he gave a groan I forgot my stupid bookbag in the classroom!” he turned around and started jogging back “I gotta go grab it or my mom will fucking kill me! See ya!”

“Do you want us to come with you?” Fingers called out. Hell no. My IQ might drop if I spend anymore time with you two.

“I think I can grab a fucking bag by myself bastard!” he snarled and broke into a run “Don’t bother waiting up!”

 Once the screaming blonde was well outside the classroom, Izuku finally hopped down from his desk

“Okay!” he huffed and walked over to the window, peering over the edge at the notebook perched on the edge, just slightly out of reach “I think I can get it. Probably.” He leaned over and strained his fingers. So close yet so far. He pulled back in “Shit. Okay. Time to climb.” He hooked one of his feet on the balcony and dangled his body over, stretching farther and farther until- “GOT IT! HA!” he cheered and began pulling himself back up into the classroom, a knee and hand gripping the bar. Wow! The city looks amazing from up here! There was a loud slam from inside the classroom. He jumped and looked behind him


“Kacchan?? What are you- ack!“ his leg slipped and he lost his balance, pitching forward and over the railing. Oh god this is it. I’m gonna die. He clutched his notebook tighter, closed his eyes and waited to hit the ground. Something grabbed his collar, choking him. I’m dead. I have died and am being carried away to the next world.

 The hell is that idiot doing??!! Was the first thing that popped into Bakugo’s head seeing the boy perched on the balcony, and if one didn’t know better, looking as if he was about to jump off.

“Deku??” he blurted out. Dude! What the actual, literal fuck are you doing?? Midoriya looked behind at him in surprise, obviously not expecting the blonde to be there

“Kacchan?? What are you-“ he gave a yelp of alarm as his limbs slipped from under him. Katsuki saw his own life flash briefly before his eyes before even realizing his own body racing after him. He blasted himself forward in order to move faster, just in time to catch the falling boy by his uniform collar. Gripping on to dear life to the rail with one hand, legs pressed up against the wall below to support the weight he held in the other. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodwe’regonnadiewe’regonnadie. His hand tightened around the fabric and heaved Izuku back into the classroom with a small grunt before swinging his own self onto the windowsill. The shocked boy he had just rescued sat in the middle of the floor, trembling and clutching-THE FUCKING NOTEBOOK!! I ALMOST DIED OVER A NOTEBOOK! YOU ALMOST DIED OVER A STUPID. FUCKING. NOTEBOOK!!!!

 Midoriya felt the something grab him and he let out a startled yipe as he was deposited roughly, but safely, in the classroom. He watched in astonishment as a clearly shaken and scared Bakugo slipped through after him. The two stared at each other, Bakugo beginning to tremble now with anger instead of fear. Maybe both. He was absolutely silent. Oh shit. He’s really pissed.

“K-Kacchan. I-I” he started. Katsuki held up a hand to cut him off while rubbing the scar on the bridge of his nose from all those years ago.

“Just what.” He began clipped and harsh “the hell. Were you doing??” Izuku opened his mouth to answer but Bakugo marched over and grabbed him by the front of his uniform, hefting him up so they were eye to eye “I SAID WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING?!! YOU ALMOST DIED YOU FUCKING IDIOT!! IF I HADN’T BEEN HERE TO SAVE YOUR SORRY ASS YOU WOULD’VE-“ his voice faltered “YOU DON’T- YOU CAN’T-“ he dropped Midoriya back on the ground and buried his face into his trembling hands. He took a shuddering breath and frantically wiped away the tears that started to form. “You can’t scare me like that Zuzu.” He choked out. Oh god I must’ve really scared him if he’s calling me Zuzu again.

I’m so sorry Kacchan” Izuku mumbled out, on the verge of tears himself

“Do you know what I would’ve done if you’d actually fell??” Bakugo shrieked hysterically

“I’m sorry”

“I just- you can’t- if- for fucks sake Zuzu” he sighed, helping the other up

“I’m sorry” he mumbled

“Jesus. You really are a fucking idiot” Katsuki pointed at the notebook he still clutched “All that for a notebook??” Well now I sound like an idiot. Risking my life over some notes.

“Why are you here?” Izuku asked quietly. Bakugo gestured over to his desk where a familiar bag hung over the chair

“Luckily for you, I forgot my book bag.” He muttered, marching over and snatching it up. “You should get home Zu. I have errands to run.” He walked unnaturally quiet over to the door, pausing for a moment. “Try not to get into trouble you fucking moron” Midoriya nodded silently, grabbing his forgotten backpack

“Okay Kacchan. I will.”

Chapter Text

Loud explosions came from an empty lot as Bakugo let loose all of his frustration on the helpless rubble and garbage. No matter how hard he tried to forget, the terrified look on Izuku’s face as he fell was the only thing he could think of. What if I hadn’t been fast enough? What if I hadn’t forgotten my bag? What if he had fallen? The explosions got bigger and he got angrier. You barely showed up in time. Weak. You need to get faster, stronger. Some hero you are if you barely saved one fucking quirkless moron. The next blast was the biggest of all. Too big in fact. Katsuki hissed in pain and clutched his arm, waiting for the throbbing to subside. Pathetic. He sighed and picked up his things to go, turning on his hearing aids back on and realizing the sirens getting closer to the lot.

Fuck. No unauthorized quirk usage right right.” he mumbled and jogged out of the area, slipping his rumpled uniform jacket back on and heading towards the nearest convenience store. I need a fucking drink.

 Midoriya Izuku shuffled home, quite exhausted by the near-death experience. Stupid! Stupid Stupid! What the hell were you thinking?? I could’ve fucking died for christ’s sake! He glared at the notebook he still clutched and resisted the urge to yeet it as far away as possible from him. He paused for a moment underneath the overpass to collect himself. Falling off a balcony. Nice job Deku. He slapped his cheeks a bit. Snap out of it! Kacchan was there and saved you! Pull yourself together! What kind of hero will you be if you can’t even save yourself?? He gave a nod.

“Right then.” He said to himself “Time to go get better” A small chill ran down his spine as his instincts, honed after all these years of sneak attacks and sucker punches from well, everyone, suddenly told him he wasn’t alone. He turned around in time to see a large, mucous, thing rise from the manhole cover behind him. First off. That is disgusting. Second, ARE YOU SHITTING ME RIGHT NOW??

“A mediumish-sized body to hide in” the thing panted “a bit of a tight squeeze but it’ll do” it gave a sneer and launched itself at the small boy. Izuku tried to dodge it but the villain wrapped around the greenette and began to try and shove himself down Midoriya’s throat. EWEWEWEWEWEW!!! THIS IS SO GROSS!! GET OFF ME YOU FUCKER!! Izuku flailed around, trying to rip the creature off of him IT HURTS!! “Calm down kid. Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon” THAT’S KINDA WHAT I’M WORRIED ABOUT!! “It’ll hurt for about 45 seconds and then we’re done” 45 SECONDS?? SHIT! THINK IZUKU THINK!!  He strained for his pockets. Okay okay okay. No taser because I’ll probably end up shocking myself so that leaves- “Thanks kid. You saved me. Never expected him to be here. Ugh” Midoriya frantically struggled to reach his switchblade and pull the goo off of him. Come on Izuku! I don’t wanna die! I just almost died less than 15 minutes ago!! I don’t wanna die!! Do something! “No point in that” he chuckled at Izuku’s flailing “I’m a fluid!” Shit he’s right! where can I possibly stab hi- He glanced at the large unblinking eye right next to his face just as his fingers wrapped around his knife. Well, solved that little problem. Izuku stopped fighting and looked at the villain with an unwavering glare and an unsettling glint in his green eyes.

“Sowah awow thas” he gurgled out, flicking the blade open, out of the villain’s line of sight.

“What are you talkin-“ the goo started, right before Izuku slashed upwards, nicking the villain’s gums and bringing down the knife right into the fuckers eye. The villain howled in pain and partially released Izuku, or at least enough for him to gasp out a few breaths and swat the goo off a bit more. He got ready to stab the thing again when he heard the clang of the manhole cover rattle behind him. I swear to god if its another slimy bastard I’m gonna-

“HAVE NO FEAR KID!!” A strangely familiar voice echoed in the tunnel “FOR I AM HERE!!” No. Fucking. Way. “TEXAS!! SMASH!!!” The hero yelled as his punch narrowly avoided hitting Izuku and instead careened into the viscous mass, the shockwave of it sending the villain blasting off of the boy, splattering all over the tunnel walls. Gross. He thought numbly as he quickly put his knife away before his idol could notice. He kneeled over, coughing and hacking up the remains of the goop still in him. Aw gross gross gross!!! Disgusting!! I can still taste him! Nasty!! “Huh. He must’ve gotten injured while running away” All Might said to himself, holding up a recently skewered eyeball. Oops. “How are you holding up kid?”

“F-fine!” Izuku squeaked. He hacked up some more goo “Probably scarred for life but fine!” he reassured raspily. Holy fucking shit. I’m talking to All Might right now!!! Kacchan’s gonna be so jealous!! If he doesn’t kill me first for getting attacked by a villain. “Thank you very much!!”

“No no! it’s my fault for getting an innocent caught up in my villain chase and I apologize for that! I don’t usually make mistakes like that but I am new in town” he held up two bottles triumphantly “However that is no excuse and I have apprehended the villain!” the large soda bottle with the eyeballs glared at Izuku. All Might looked around for more traces of the bad guy and while he was distracted, Izuku glared right back, stuck his tongue out and flipped the villain off. The bottles rattled comically in All Might’s hands and the hero looked back at the villain as Midoriya went right back to his usual innocent look “ I believe I have collected all of him!” he put the bottles in his cargo pants

“Ah!” Get an autograph!! Come on come on!! Stop sitting there with your mouth open!! He looked around frantically for his notebook before finally finding it “A-All Might! I was wondering if you could-“ he looked at one of the used to be blank pages, now filled with All Might’s scrawl When did he fucking sign it?!! He got up immediately and bowed excitedly. “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!”

“You are quite welcome young man.” All Might answered a bit hurriedly “Now if you’ll excuse me, I must deliver this fellow to the authorities” Wait. I have so much to ask you!

H-hang on- is that all- I- wait-“ Izuku stammered out

“Until next time young man,” he crouched ready to take off “THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT- WHOA NOW!!” All Might had lept and Midoriya was somehow clutching onto his leg. What the hell are you doing??!! The pro hero tried to pry the young boy off of him “Please release me! Such enthusiasm is a bit much kid!” Well I can’t let go now!!! I’m hundreds of meters in the air!!

“I CAN’T!” Izuku screeched and clung on to the hero as the town passed below them “IF I LET GO NOW I’LL DIE!!” All Might stopped trying to pull the child off of him



“Alright alright kid. Just don’t fall off, and close your eyes and mouth” All Might sighed and coughed slightly

Oh jesus. What have I gotten myself into?? He gripped on tighter and obeyed.

Below, a certain soda bottle fell into the streets and burst open.

 Bakugo chugged his soda down, letting the carbonated drink burn his throat.

“Heyyyy!! Bakugo!!” Fingers called out excitedly. The now empty can was exploded angrily and tossed into the nearest trashcan. He ignored them and switched off his hearing aids in order to block out the voices Shit. I really don’t wanna be with those guys right now. I should’ve gone with Deku. At least he shuts up when I tell him to…. They sure are yelling a lot. Like, more than usual. He turned around and saw his two classmates waving and pointing behind him frantically. He switched the aids back on.

“-K OUT!!!”

“BEHIND YOU MAN!!!” What the fuck are they talking abou-

“Someone with such a strong quirk” a slimy voice hissed behind him. Oh shit. “Perfect~”

 All Might and Midoriya crash landed on a roof

“ThAt WaS TerRIfYinG” Izuku sputtered out, collapsing on the nice, solid rooftop. I’m never leaving the safety of these roofs again!

“Of all the times- I don’t have time for this- maybe the people in this building will let us down” All Might muttered to himself and prepared to jump off again

“Wait! I-“ Midoriya got up hurriedly

“I cannot wait!!” All might barked

“Can someone like me become a hero?” He blurted out “Even though I don’t have a quirk, can I be a hero like you?”

“Kid, quirks are-“ he began coughing and steaming. Izuku didn’t notice and kept going

“I-I don’t have a quirk. And because of that, lots of people don’t think I can do it. Pretty much everyone tells me I can’t do it actually. But to me, saving people is the coolest thing ever! And the way you can rescue people with a smile! I wanna become a hero just like thaaeeeee heck happened to you??!!” The skeleton standing in front of him looked nothing like All Might. “Who are you?? You’re so skinny! Are you an imposter or something?!?” the man stared at him for a bit.

“I am All Might.” He said, spewing blood everywhere as he did. How the fuck??!

“No way!!”

“You know how some people hold in their stomachs at the pools” The skeleton explained “Yeah. It’s kinda like that” he sighed and sat down

“What??!” Okay. Seriously. What the fuck is going on right now??

“You’ve seen the real me kid. Just, please don’t write about it on the internet okay?” I HIGHLY DOUBT THE INTERNET IS GONNA BELIEVE THIS!! Shrunk All Might lifted up his shirt to show off a large and nasty scar on his left side. Hoooooly shit. “About 5 years ago, a villain did this to me” Izuku got closer to get a better look. Aw jeez. This is worse than when Tamako one-san snapped her arm and the bone popped out. Poor All Might.

“That’s pretty bad.” He admitted

“I’ll say.” All Might chuckled “My respiratory system is pretty much useless, my stomach had to be taken out and other organs were also severely damaged. I’m basically wasting away after all the surgeries and can only be a hero for about 3 hours a day now.” Five years ago? Who could’ve done that to him??

“5 years ago? Was it Toxic Chainsaw by chance?” Izuku tried

“Ha! As if that lowlife could do this to me!” All Might scoffed “And the reason you don’t know about this is because it never became public, no, I asked that it never be made public. A symbol of peace must never be stopped because of evil” He makes a good point. He knelt down in front of the hero.

“You can’t fix it?” All Might shook his head

“No. and if anyone were to find out crime would skyrocket and so I must continue my job as the symbol of peace”

“That sounds… kinda lonely.” Izuku mumbled “No one knows?”

“Besides you and perhaps 1 or 2 others, no one else knows.” He gave a bloody cough “The reason I smile is to fight off the overwhelming fear and pressure I feel every day. To reassure people that I am still strong, still here” Well that fucking sucks. I never realized what the mental toll on heroes was like. “A pro hero needs to be ready to risk his life for others in an instant” he got up and began limping to the roof stairs “If you want to help people then consider going into the police force” Hang on. What do you mean by tha- “They are mocked for their work but are just as important.” He paused and looked back at the boy scrambling to his feet No. Don’t tell me. Don’t say it. “Its okay to dream but you also need to face reality” don’t you say it. Not you All Might. Please, don’t say it.

“Let’s face it kid. I’m sorry. You can’t become a hero without a quirk”

Chapter Text

Was I a bit too harsh? All Might wondered, remembering the shattered expression on his young fan’s face. Stupid Toshi stupid!

“Nothing I can do about it now.” he sighed “I need to go get this guy over to-“ he patted his empty pockets and looked down in a panic. Oh no. He raced back up the stairs to get a better look over the city. As he neared the top he heard…Laughter??

You can’t become a hero without a quirk” the words echoed over and over in his head as he stood there dazedly Can’t be a hero. Can’t be a hero. Can’t be a-

“Bullshit. Who said you couldn’t be a hero?”  an 8-year-old Katsuki yelled defiantly “Just wait Zuzu! You’re gonna be the number 2 hero that surpasses even All Might! You and I are gonna be the two goddamn best hero's this world has ever seen!!”

That’s right.

“Well would you look at that” Bakugo grinned “You’re finally getting smart with your fighting.”

You’re just like everyone else All might.

“You’re quirkless.” The boy blurted out.

“And if you got a fucking problem with it you’ll end up like dipshit over here” Bakugo smirked, glaring insolently for anyone to have a problem with it.

I can’t believe it.

“I hate to say it and if you ever tell anyone I’ll deny it but, you’re strong okay? Like, crazy strong. And fast. And smart.”

This pompous, self-righteous asshole is the only who truly believed I could do it. A crazed giggle escaped him as more memories surfaced, drowning out the hero’s words.


“A hero?” Mina asked, “really Midori-chan?”

“What.” Izuku teased defiantly “Don’t think I can do it?”

“Of course not!” she laughed, surprising him “That’s amazing! I want to be a hero too!” she hooked an arm around his shoulder excitedly and gestured to the skyline grandly “You and Me o-toto! Haya and The Acid Queen! Best hero team up the world has ever had! I can see it now!!”


“I was thinking about what you said yesterday Izu-chan” Shinsou mumbled, fidgeting with his serving tray. He took a deep breath and finally blurted “I want to become a hero just like you!”

“Really??!!” Midoriya squealed and tackled him with a hug “That’s amazing Sou-chan!!” he paused “Wait. You really think I can be a hero?”

“If someone like you thinks someone like me can be a hero” he smiled gently “I know you can do it too”

“Damn right.” Tamako cackled “If anyone is reckless and stubborn enough to become the first quirkless hero, it’d be our little o-toto!”

“Consider us your first fans!” Taka chuckled, snatching food from Hisoki

“Yay!” Mina cheered “The three of us are gonna be the best!”

“Hey!” Sero whined throwing fries at the pink girl “What am I to you? Chopped liver?”

“You can be the side kick Sero-kun” she replied and stuck her tongue out at him. There was an indignant squawk and fries went everywhere


“You want to be a hero too Tsu-chan?”

“You’re gonna be a hero Mido-chan?” she asked “Really? Well, I mean I’m not surprised to be honest. If anyone has the most potential to be a hero it’d be you”


“Yay! Midoriya sempai is gonna be a hero!” Botan cried

“Not with that form he won’t” Ojiro snapped, whacking the pink haired boy with a pad ”Neither of you will. Now come on hero boy” he grinned “try to hit me”

“Challenge accepted” Izuku smirked, getting into a fighting position


Izuku tilted his head back, tears streaming and joyous voice piercing the silence on the roof. I never needed All Might to tell me I could do it. Because I’m a stubborn, reckless, quirkless, idiotic bitch who’s gonna do it anyway. The door slammed open and he glanced over at the panicked hero panting in the doorway. His laughter grew more hysterical.

“All Might!! Back so soon?!” he yelled, bitterness edging his voice “What? Not done with crushing my hopes and dreams? You’re just like everyone else after all!”


“Don’t bother. I’ve heard it all already” he snarled before giving a giggle “Huh. Who would’ve thought?” he walked over to the edge and leaned on the rail “The biggest, most self-absorbed asshole I know believes in me more that my hero” he gave a small scoff before turning around “And that’s saying a lot. This kid won’t so much as glance at someone he thinks is below him, so pretty much everyone… Everyone but me” Izuku hopped up on the rail, arms extended to keep himself balanced as he walked on it. “I’m probably the only person he acknowledges as a proper rival, even without a quirk.” He hopped from one foot to the other, smirking at the way All Might looked at him nervously. “Maybe I won’t make it as a hero. Maybe I’ll slip and fall and die right now. Maybe I’ll take your advice” he paused “Or maybe I won’t” he shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“K-kid. How about you get down from there?”

“I’m gonna become a great hero All Might”  Izuku hummed, ignoring him “One that surpasses even you and I’m gonna do it all without a quirk just you wait!” he rocked back and forth precariously on the bar “after all someone once told me” one foot stepped behind onto the air

“Wait! What are you-“

“You just gotta take a leap of faith” he cackled before completely stepping off

 Where is it?? Shit! It must’ve fallen out when we were flying over! I need a better view. He raced up, a strange and chilling laugh echoing down the hall What is that?? He swung the door open and saw the small boy still standing there, crying and laughing. The fan noticed him and began laughing louder. Is he okay? Did I break him?

“All Might!” he chirped, voice deceptively bright “Back so soon?” the boy’s gaze darkened and he stood up straighter “What? Not done with crushing my hopes and dreams? You’re just like everyone else after all!” Did what I say really hurt him that badly?

I-“ he tried to apologize but Izuku cut him off angrily

“Don’t bother. I’ve heard it all already” he gave a small giggle, a sweet sound that sent chills down his spine “Ha. Who would’ve thought” he sighed Where is he going? All Might watched as the boy sauntered over to the edge I really don’t have time for this. “The biggest, most self-absorbed asshole I know believes in me more that my hero” Wait what? The boy turned, looking him in the eye “And that’s saying a lot. This kid won’t so much as glance at someone he thinks is below him, so pretty much everyone… Everyone but me” Midoriya climbed up onto the rail with the ease of someone who was comfortable with heights That’s not very safe! Please get down! “I’m probably the only person he acknowledges as a proper rival, even without a quirk.” He hopped up and down, grinning evilly. Please get off!! Kid you’re gonna fall! I can’t grab you in this state! “Maybe I won’t make it as a hero. Maybe I’ll slip and fall and die right now” Please don’t ”Maybe I’ll take your advice” he drawled, putting his hands in his pockets rudely and giving him an unreadable gaze “Or maybe I won’t” he chuckled. Okay that’s enough

“K-kid. How about you get down from there?” You’re going to fall!!! Or give me a heart attack!! Probably both!!

“I’m gonna become a great hero All Might! One that surpasses even you and I’m gonna do it all without a quirk just you wait!” he laughed rocking back and forth before taking one foot off the bar Hang on. What are you doing? “After all, someone once told me”

“Wait! What are you-“

“You just gotta take a leap of faith” he flashed a grin before completely disappearing over the edge. All Might raced over as fast as possible and looked over to see… the kid was perfectly fine. Izuku twisted gracefully in mid-air and rolled onto the building slightly below, backpack and all. He dusted himself off and without a glance behind him began leaping over obstacles and gaps towards an explosion? Isn’t that near where we- Oh shit.

 “Jesus Christ!!” Izuku yelled as he fell towards the roof and rolled to a stop. Hoooooly shit. Did I seriously just do that??! There was a loud faraway explosion. Ooh! What’s that? A hero fight! You know what? I need a good fight right about now. He started off towards it excitedly, letting the pounding of his feet on the cement and the bouncing of his backpack carry him over the buildings and away from his disappointments.

Chapter Text

LET GO OF ME ASSHOLE!! Katsuki tried to scream, struggling frantically and setting off explosions left and right in an effort to blast the villain off of him LIKE HELL I’M LETTING YOU TAKE OVER ME!! He pulled and pulled, trying to escape

This quirk is amazing!! The villain chuckled I can use this to get back at that little brat and All Might!! Bakugo kept screaming incomprehensible curses as he fought back while the heroes snatched people out of the chaos and yelled instructions at each other

“It’s a one-way street!” Mountain lady despaired “I don’t fit!”

“I can’t be around explosive fires like this!” Kamui shouted as he picked up civilians out of the way “Someone else has to do it!”

“Sorry!” A water quirk hero called back, trying his best to put out the raging fires “I’ve got my hands a bit full at the moment! How’s it going?! Has anyone seen if the firefighters have arrived yet?!”

“The villain is too slippery to grab and his victim is fighting back!” one of them yelled “We can’t grab either of them”

“It’s a mine field out here!!” another imputed “We can’t do anything!!” Katsuki let out another yell of frustration, escaping for just a split second before being sucked back in. The villain swiped at any hero who dared get close and help, causing all of them to back up.

“It’s no use! None of us have the right quirk for this!”

“We just have to wait it out until the right hero comes!”

“Until then try to keep the damage to a minimum!! Let’s hope the kid can hold out for a bit longer!!”

 All Might ran as fast as he could to the explosions, trying to peer over the crowd. I must’ve dropped it when we were flying over! Dammit!! I wasted too much time with the kid!! I’m out of time!! Pathetic! You can’t even take down this villain?! Pathetic!! He kept trying to get a better look. I’m so sorry!

 Izuku dropped down from a roof near the street and felt the exhaustion creep in. I’ve been through a lot today. I probably shouldn’t bother. There’s nothing I can do anyway- A familiar scream and explosion echoed through the alley. Wait a minute. He jogged over by habit and hopped up and down to catch a glimpse of the fight. ITS THAT GOO FUCKER!! HOW THE HELL IS HE- Izuku gave a soft gasp as he suddenly remembered OH NO!! I CAUSED ALL MIGHT TO DROP HIM DIDN’T I?!! AAAAHHHHHH!!! WHY ARE THE HEROES JUST STANDING THERE??! DO SOMETHING!!!

“Uh oh. Looks like the villain grabbed a middle schooler as a hostage” one of the bystanders commented Another middle schooler?? He wriggled through the crowd and tried to get to the front. Are they going through the same pain as me?? Oh god that’s horrible!

“hey, didn’t All Might catch this guy a little while ago?” someone asked. Midoriya froze.

“Oh yeah! All Might is here right?”

“No way! Really?!”

“Where is he?!” Probably coughing up a lung right now. Shit. I distracted him for too long and he ran out of time! Nice one Deku! He wiggled up to the front I don’t think anybody can grab him right now! Hold out for a bit longer! I’m sure someone will come eventually- The person being controlled tore away for a bit, screaming and struggling, quirk going full out. The shock of bright blonde hair, a startling contrast against the villain’s dull green caught his eye No. It can’t be-

LET GO!!” Katsuki roared looking around frantically for someone to help him. He made eye contact with the greenette and held up a five before signing a sloppy “’help”’ Without hesitating, Izuku tore through the barricade, slipping past the shocked heroes.

HEY KID! ARE YOU NUTS?!! GET BACK HERE!! STOP!!” They screamed SHUT UP! I GOTTA DO YOUR GODDAMN JOB FOR YOU!! He looked around for something to use and scooped up a piece of a stop sign pole.

“OI FUCKER!!” He yelled tossing his backpack and satchel aside while running “I’M BACK! ROUND 2 SUCKER!!” The villain whipped around and narrowed his one good eye at the boy

“YOU!!” it roared and lunged forward



“SHUT IT!! YOU SAVED ME! IT’S ONLY FAIR I DO THE SAME!!” Izuku laughed hysterically, dodging a swipe.

“YOU’RE DEAD KID!!” the goo screeched

“I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY BITCH!!” He howled back. Katsuki turned his palm to face up and hit the villain’s face with an explosion, blinding him long enough for Midoriya to swing the pole into the good eye.

“LET GO!!” Bakugo yelled, twisting around to blast the recoiling monster. Izuku grabbed the other boy and yanked, kicking at the giant teeth dangerously close to them.

“Inside! Inside his mouth Kacchan!!” he shrieked frantically. Bakugo grinned and aimed his next blast at the gaping maw.

“DIE!!” the shock wave was enough to send the villain flying off of them. They tumbled to the ground, the blonde hacking and coughing. The villain towered over them, blinded and pissed. The two staggered up, fully intent on defending themselves

“’Probably not the best time to tell him I have a taser too huh?”’ Izuku signed. Katsuki grinned

“Let’s give him hell Deku”

“HEY KID! ARE YOU NUTS?!! GET BACK HERE!! STOP!!” One of the heroes yelled What’s going on?? What happened- He saw a familiar black, green and yellow blur run out into the fray. WHAT IS HE THINKING?? DOES THIS KID JUST HAVE A DEATH WISH?? There were surprised murmurs all around him

"OI FUCKER!! I'M BACK! ROUND 2 ASSHOLE!!" he heard the boy faintly cackle, tossing aside his bags and picking up a pole. No!! get back! You’re gonna get-  there was an explosion and the green blur jumped higher than seemed humanely possible, bringing the post down viciously into the villain’s other eye with an angry screech. How??  The heroes rushed forward to try and stop the kids from getting hurt any further but paused and backed away when the largest explosion yet ripped through the street. Just how strong is that other boy’s quirk?? He watched in horror as the scattered goop reared up, ready to attack the two boys standing off against it. Pathetic. I need to do something!! What kind of hero would I be if I can’t even live up to my own ideals! His body ached and groaned unhappily but he managed to change back. All Might entered the scene.

 “You keep blasting him in place!” Izuku yelled as they raced forward.

“Don’t tell me what to fuckin do!” Katsuki yelled back, distracting the villain with a well-aimed blast at his teeth. Midoriya pulled out his taser, ducked under a blind swing and threw the turned-on weapon into the gaping mouth.

“Kobe!” he cheered as the villain convulsed from the inside out. The two of them high-fived excitedly but their victory was short lived as the creature spat the device out of reach, now twice as mad and extremely eager to kill the two middle schoolers.

“Shit.” They chorused and dodged the angry swipe, racing as fast as possible towards the incoming heroes. The thing managed to blindly grab one of Izuku’s ankles, tripping him up and dragging the struggling child back. Bakugo screeched to a stop and grabbed hold of one of his friend’s wrists, getting pulled along as well.

“LET THE NERD GO!!” he howled, tugging at the kicking Midoriya. The two were lifted up by the monster, Katsuki now clinging to Izuku’s waist.

“I’m going to enjoy ripping you two piece by piece” he snarled. Bakugo snarled right back and Midoriya spat at the villain.

“Up yours dipshit” “Go fuck yourself” they snapped simultaneously. Right before the creature could make good on his promise, a large muscled hand grabbed hold of their uniforms

“I really should practice what I preach” the hero mumbled “A pro hero needs to be ready to risk his life for others in an instant!!” he reared back his other arm and the trio realized what he was about to do. Bakugo held on tighter while Midoriya froze and braced himself. “DETROIT!!!!”

“Fuck” the villain whimpered

SMASH!!!!!” All Might slammed his fist into the goop, sending him flying everywhere. He deposited the dazed kids gently on the street where they promptly collapsed. A few raindrops began to fall.

“N-no way” Izuku mumbled, sprawled out on the concrete “the air pressure- rising currents- rain- made weather-”

“I swear to god if you don’t shut the fuck up I’m gonna finish what that fucker started” Katsuki hissed at him with a small groan.

The crowd cheered over the victory as the rain fell harder, praising All Might for another job well done.

 “Mom’s gonna kill me” Katsuki whined as paramedics covered the two students in shock blankets “I lost one of my hearing aids”

“I just got my taser destroyed and probably ended up on the news! You think you’re gonna get grounded?? Mama’s never gonna let me out of the house again!!” Izuku whimpered, tugging the blanket around his shoulders tighter

“Oof. Sucks to be you” he snickered, shrugging the blanket off stubbornly. They sat in silence for a while watching the heroes pick up the debris and quietly responding to the medics prodding and poking. The first of the hero’s began to make his way over. Midoriya leaned over

“How much you wanna bet I’m gonna get yelled at for doing their job better than them?” he whispered, breaking the silence that was starting to get awkward between them.

“We’re gonna be here for hours” Bakugo sighed

 How come I get yelled at by the pros while Kacchan gets all the praise. He huffed, kicking an empty can in his path angrily At least I got my police questioning done first. I probably should’ve tried to apologize to All Might for causing this whole thing too. Or should I? he gave a little conflicted groan Whatever. I’ll write something on the website or some shit. He turned a corner and glanced at the setting sun. Crap. It’s pretty late. We really were there for hou-

I AM HERE!!” All Might cried as he zoomed from around a corner

“What the- Why are you here??“ he asked completely bewildered “Weren’t you surrounded by reporters??”

“Shaking them off is nothing! After all, I AM ALL-“he dissolved into a fit of bloody coughs and shrank down to his actual form.

“Do you need a pain killer?” Izuku fretted as he watched the hacking hero practically die in front of him.

“I’m already on some” he waved the boy off “But thank you for offering” he stood up straighter “I think we got off on the wrong foot kid”

“It’s fine” Midoriya dismissed “It was my fault, I got in the way and-“

“I’m actually here to thank you” Huh?? “and to offer you a proposal. If I hadn’t heard your story, I would’ve been another fake hero who didn’t live up to his own ideals. Nothing but insincerity and fake muscles”

“Um… okay?” The hell?? “ Look, I’m really sorry about the whole goo villain mess. Even though I’m quirkless I still got involved and I probably shouldn’t ha-“

“Exactly!” All Might cut in “Of everybody, out of all the heroes and bystanders there, only you, the small quirkless kid who rushed in so quickly, you inspired me to action!”  I did what now? I was just doing what anyone would’ve done for their friend! “Many of the top heroes claim that their bodies moved before they could even react!” No! I was just- I needed to help- I couldn’t stand there I-I “That’s what happened to you right?!” He needed help! My instincts took over! I- “Right??!”

“Y-Yes” he stammered out softly, beginning to hyperventilate and not meeting his hero in the eye I can’t breathe! It was just a fluke! Surely you don’t think you can just take back everything you told me before!

I believe you can become a hero!” Because you saw me be a reckless idiot and jump into a fight without thinking?? Dude!! Where are your standards?? “I believe you are worthy of inheriting my power!” *mental record scratch* Hang on- WHAT?!? He looked up.


“What’s with the face?” All Might laughed “I did say it was a proposal! I’m asking you if you want to try to accept my powers”

“????” Midoriya baffled

“It’s about my quirk kid” he wiped away the blood dribbling from his mouth “People always guess a ‘strength enhancer’ or a ‘booster’ as my quirk and I try to avoid the questions during interviews with jokes. Because the symbol of peace should be a natural born hero” he glanced at the dazed Izuku “My quirk in fact, was passed down to me. Kinda like an Olympic torch”

“Passed down??” the boy finally blurted out “seriously??” All Might nodded

“Yup. And I feel like it’s your turn next kid” Whoa now! Let’s slow down a bit here!

H-hang on a minute!” he yelped before dissolving into mutters, trying frantically to sort it all out

“Do you really doubt me that much?” You literally told me no more than a few hours ago I couldn’t be a hero and suddenly you pull a 180. So yes. I kinda do. He opened his mouth to protest “I keep many secrets kid, but I am no liar.” That’s not the really the issue here. “My quirk is the ability to pass down my power to others. Its called ‘One For All’”

“One For All…” he repeated slowly, still trying to register all this information.

“Basically the first person gets the power and hands it off to the next. That person then hones and refines it before passing it on to the next and so on and so forth. This way a link of power forms, becoming stronger and stronger with each person” Okay, got the gist of it. But once again-

“Why me??” he asked.

“I’ve tried to look for a successor and I feel you are perfect for it” he smiled “You may be quirkless-” Again with the quirkless. “But out there you were the most heroic out of all of us!”

“So you’re basically offering me a quirk?”

“Simply put, yes. But this is your choice kid. It all depends on you. Do you accept my offer or not?” All Might asked. Izuku’s mind went into overdrive. I could get a quirk! I wouldn’t ever be doubted again! ... He still doesn’t think I can do it without a quirk does he? But I said I would become a hero without a quirk. Should I really take it? He just poured out all his secrets to me but-

“Can I have some time to think it over?” He finally murmured “This is a big decision, I’m kinda tired, and I’m not thinking clearly at the moment. Just give me a night to sleep on it if that’s okay.” All Might seemed a bit surprised at the response but nodded

“Alright then” he agreed “We’ll do that”

“Thank you” Midoriya sighed “Tomorrow at 7 a.m. at the Takoba beach. I’ll give you my answer then” The hero took out his phone and set the reminder.

“I look forward to your decision my boy” he said before transforming and leaping away. Looks like I bought myself some time. A quirk of my own! Would it really be worth it?

“DEKU!!” Bakugo roared and raced towards him. What the- the blonde grabbed him by the shoulders and started pushing him ahead “Hurry up!! I ran while they were distracted and now the cops are after me!” he hissed, glancing behind him nervously. “I swear if I have to spend another second answering the same stupid fucking questions one more time I’m gonna flip!”

“You just walked out on them??!” Izuku shrieked, shoving aside one dilemma for another “You can’t do that Kacchan!!”

“Well I just did. So shut the fuck up and go!!” he snapped as the two took off down the streets.

Chapter Text

Seeing as how the two boys were tired, and Bakugo’s house was closer, Izuku decided to spend the night there. After placing a call to his frantic, sobbing mother, reassuring her he was fine and taking a well needed shower, the freckled boy began regaling his story to his best friend.

“Hold up hold up” Katsuki interrupted, towel drying his own hair, having recently bathed as well “He said what to you??!”

“Yup.” He sighed, fiddling with the old shirt he was in “I can’t be a hero without a quirk”

“Well that’s bullshit” Bakugo muttered angrily “I told you we were gonna be heroes and I fully intend on keeping that promise”

“It’s fine” he leaned back on the bed Katsuki was sitting on to look at him better “He offered me a quirk after seeing me run in to save your sorry ass” there was a beat of silence as Bakugo registered what he said and debated on whether or not to smack his friend for the insult.

“I’m sorry what??” he asked and Midoriya had a few seconds of pure panic as he shot up and turned around

“I-I can’t really explain it!! It was a secret!!” Izuku frantically backtracked

“Well remind me never to tell you anything ever again” Bakugo scoffed

“I mean, that’s a given.” Midoriya mumbled “5th grade?”

“Oh god don’t remind me. Now what’s this about getting a quirk?”

“I can’t ex-“

“Yeah yeah I heard.” He snapped “Well? Are you gonna take it or not?”

“Well that’s the thing…” Izuku trailed off “I’m not really sure if I should”

“And let me guess” Katsuki sighed “You want me to make the fucking decision for you, you indecisive bitch?”

“No, I just need a second opinion”

“Alright fine.” Bakugo slid down to sit next to the freckled boy “ Listen up you fucking moron because I’m only gonna tell you all of this once”


“With or without a quirk, I know you can make it as a hero. But at the same time, getting a quirk will definitely make that path a fuck ton of a lot easier. Hell, it’ll probably open up whole new opportunities and this sounds like a one in a lifetime chance. Any person with some common fucking sense would leap at this opening ” Ah. So he does think I should take it. “And yet-“ he grinned viciously, flicking his friend’s forehead “ You don’t exactly have much sense. And what better way to tell everyone who ever doubted you, All Might included, a big ol’ ‘Fuck you’ than by becoming a hero without a quirk?”

“So…. No?”

“It’s up to you Deku” Katsuki shrugged, getting up “Whatever you pick, I’ll be there to beat your ass into the ground should you get too cocky” he snickered

 All Might stood there, glancing around for the small boy he had met the day before. This beach is a mess. Well, at least I know what to do if he does decide to take it. He thought back on the stubborn glare and angry scowl the boy had given him before leaping off the roof. I don’t even know if he will take it. I was pretty harsh to him yester- is that a phone? He looked over to the direction of the noise and walked over. There. On a bench sat an unmanned cellphone ringing. He glanced all around, looking for its owner before answering it.

“Hello?” he asked. There was a startled yelp and a familiar freckled face came into view onto the screen.

“H-Hi!!” Midoriya squeaked out, screen shaking “Um, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” He responded, quite confused and sat down on the bench “Is this what you meant by meeting up?”

“A-Ah! Sorry!! I chickened out and this was the next best thing I could think of…” he stammered out sheepishly

“It’s okay” All Might reassured, still a bit confused “So… have you made your decision my boy?” The boy took a shaky breath before a resolve filled him. He stared at the hero through the screen, jade eyes piercing.

“I realize what a huge opportunity this is, a one in a lifetime chance really, and I’m honored you would even consider me as your successor” he paused “But I’m afraid I have to respectfully decline the offer.” All Might was honestly taken aback. “I know how much of a big deal this is and that my path to become a hero would be much easier if I took your power, however-hey! What are you- stop it! Give it back!” the screen was filled with blurry footage and sounds of a scuffle could be heard through the speaker. When the video stabilized, the meek, green haired boy was replaced with a crimson eyed, blonde demon.

“Wow. Are you sure this is the same guy?” The blonde laughed, holding the phone far away from him and holding back a frantic Midoriya with a leg from tackling him.

“Give it back!” Izuku shrieked, arms flailing.

“No. Fuck you” he snickered, flipping off his friend before turning back to the screen “And you!” he grinned at the now very nervous All Might “Relax. I won’t tell anyone about… this.” He gestured to the skeleton on the other side of the phone. “Anyway. I want you to take a good look at this fucking nerd All Might.” He put Izuku in a headlock and moved the phone closer so that their faces filled the screen. “Because we’re the ones who are gonna surpass you. Wait and see. We’re gonna be the best goddamn heroes this world has ever fucking seen! And he’s gonna do it without a quirk! Just watch!”

“Not the way I would have phrased it” Midoriya mumbled angrily, before giving a soft smile at All Might “But he’s right. I’ll become a hero with my own power. As generous as this offer is, you’d be better off finding a better successor.” The smile turned into a cheeky grin “I’ll be a hero no one can doubt. One that’ll make you proud. Thank you for everything All Might.”


“NOW GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE YOU SON OF A-“ the call ended. All Might couldn’t help but smile at his fan’s determination. I see. He fully intends on being a hero even without a quirk. How admirable. He got up. I’ll be waiting eagerly for that day young man.

“Guess it’s back to plan A” All Might sighed. Wait. WHO’S PHONE IS THIS??

 “I JUST YELLED AT ALL MIGHT!!” Katsuki screeched into his pillow “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!!” he whipped the pillow back out and hurled it at Midoriya, nailing him in the head. “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!”

“How is this my fault??” Izuku yelped, trying to block the angry barrage of hits from his own pillow.

“BECAUSE YOU WERE TOO MUCH OF A FUCKING COWARD TO MAKE THE CALL YOURSELF THAT’S WHY!!” he buried his face into Midoriya’s covers “I FUCKING HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW” came the muffled shriek. Izuku laughed as he swatted him back.

“Thanks for being here Kacchan.” he chuckled “I probably would’ve completely bailed if you didn’t pin me down and held me hostage when you dialed”

“Damn right you better be fucking grateful!” he yelled, still slightly muted. Midoriya plopped down on the bed next to him.

“So… how long is it again ‘til the entrance exam?”

Chapter Text

“I need the strongest iced coffee you have Sou-chan” Izuku yawned.

“What the hell happened to you??” Hitoshi cried at the sight of his exhausted, baggy eyed friend.

“Training. I was up all night” he mumbled, bouncing up and down to keep himself awake and glancing at his phone for the time. Shinsou shot a suspicious glare at Bakugo, who luckily didn’t notice.

“How much sleep did you get last night??” the blonde interrogated while placing his morning order

“Look we can’t all have perfect sleep schedules like you Kacchan” he snapped back “If anything, you should be getting after Sou-chan. He looks like he hasn’t slept in three days.”

“Whoa now!” Hitoshi yelped, sliding their iced coffee’s over the counter “As valid as that argument is, let’s not drag me into the sleep discussion again”

“He always looks like that” Bakugo answered angrily at the green haired boy before turning to Shinsou “And I swear to god petunia head, if you pulled another three all-nighters in a row again I’m gonna-“

“Yeah, yeah. You’ll knock me out and force me to sleep” he sighed, having heard the threat before.

“Shinsou! You’re gonna be late for school again!” A voice called out from the back.

“Shit!” he cursed and began untying the blue apron on him “IN A MINUTE!!” he ripped the apron off, balled it up and tossed it under the counter “You guys coming after school?”

“I’ll see if I can make it after my anger management classes” Katsuki muttered frustratedly

“Ha!” Izuku cackled “That’s right! You have to take those!”

“You’re on thin fucking ice Deku” he snarled. Midoriya ignored him, dragging the seething blonde towards the door

“I think I’ll stop by while after a ‘run’ or two!” he called out “Later Sou-chan!”

“Bye Izu-kun! Good riddance blondie!”


 Come on come on Hisoki-sempai~” Midoriya begged “You gotta teach me that wall to wall climbing you did!! Please?~”

“Nope. Knowing you, you’ll end up at Toke-san’s again.” He responded, shaking off the clinging child

“Pleeeeeeeeaaaaseee?~” Izuku pouted. The navy-blue haired boy stood firm. “Fine” Izuku huffed “Guess I’ll just have to ask Uta-san then~” he drawled

“Get the fuck over here.” Hisoki snapped “Like that prick could do any better than me”


“We’ll start you off easy” he sighed in defeat “find a space you can climb with by bracing yourself with your legs and arms on like we taught you. Yeah, that’s perfect” he said as Midoriya perched with his legs spread out in between the two buildings.

“Okay now what?” he asked.

“Alright, try to push off one leg to the other wall and see how far up you can go” Hisoki ordered and Izuku did as he was told.

“What are you doing?” Hana asked as she sidled up to Hisoki

“Trying to teach this little punk how to wall climb”

“So how’s it going so far?” she asked right before there was a yelp and a crash as a green and gray blur fell into a dumpster

“I’m okay!” Izuku piped up, sticking a thumbs up out of the black trash bags

“We’re getting there” he sighed

 "Come on!” Bakugo yelled “We have 5 months before the entrance exam!” he angrily sipped the new spicy drink Shinsou had made after Katsuki’s years of pestering. “You’re all fucking hopeless!”

“I’m trying!!” Midoriya yelled frustratedly back “I don’t know what it’s talking about??”

“Oof. Why even bother going to high school?” Taka mumbled, taking a chug of their boba. The four middle schoolers turned and stared at them simultaneously.

“What do you mean?!!” Mina shrieked, previously agonizing over her math

“Who wouldn’t want go to U.A?!” Sero gaped, currently trying to strangle his homework to no avail.

“Us.” Hiroki snickered

“You all could’ve made it in if you had applied” Izuku mumbled

“Not this again” Tamako sighed “We’re fine as we are o-toto. Some of us, big shock, are okay with not being heroes”

“You still would’ve made awesome pro’s” he sighed “Now does anyone know how to graph quadratic equations?”

“Oh hell naw” the older teen yelped “get outta here with that shit”

 “Mama!” Izuku called out “You still home?!”

“I’m in the kitchen!” Inko cried out. Izuku slipped into the kitchen and opened the fridge

“Ah. We need more groceries ma.” He noted

“I know I’m sorry.” She apologized while running around for her things “I meant to get some today but Aiya just called in and can’t make it in for her shift and Etsuko still hasn’t shown up in ICU and there’s been a villain attack so-“

“It’s fine” Izuku reassured, handing her her dinner and jacket “I’ll go get some later, here are your keys, don’t forget your id again” she caressed her son’s cheek gently. “I’ll be fine. Breakfast will be in the fridge when you get back”

“What would I do without you baby?” she chuckled, and kissed the top of his head “I’ll text you a list of groceries later”

“Okay.” He giggled before turning her towards the door “Come on! You’re gonna be late to work!”

“Ack!” she looked at her watch “You’re right! Bye Izu dear!”

“Bye!” he called out. He waited for a few minutes after the door closed before racing to his room and snatching up his ‘running’ outfit. A grey hoodie, ripped jeans and black face mask with a sharp toothed grin design on it. He grabbed his Go-Pro and phone before sliding the window of his room open and slipping out.

Best Boi

Im gonna go record. Any place in particular?

Angry Pomeranian

don’t you have homework?

Best Boi

I’m getting groceries

on the way



Angry Pomeranian

You get arrested again and I’m not bailing you out

I mean it deku



Best boi

So how bout 25th and sakura lane?

Angry Pomeranian

i fucking hate you

Angry Pomeranian

get me shitty footage again and ill kill you

Best Boi

love you too


Angry Pomeranian

get fucked.

 “So are you guys ready for the exam?” Dark asked over lunch

“Exam? What exam??” Izuku yelped, looking up from his notebook “We have a test today?!?” he began flipping through his planner

“I meant the entrance exam for U.A” Dark chuckled. Midoriya gave him a blank look. “It’s next week? Did you forget about it or something?” the greenette looked down at the calendar in his lap

“WHAT??!!?” the whole table burst into laughter “WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??” Bakugo shot him a betrayed and yet still pissed look

“I’VE BEEN REMINDING YOUR ASS ALL MONTH! HOW ARE YOU JUST NOW REALIZING THIS??” he yelled as Midoriya continued to flip back and forth on a single page, looking more and more horrified.

“AAAAHHHHH!!! I’M NOWHERE NEAR READY FOR THIS!!!” He wailed as Katsuki began beating him over the head with a folder, the rest of their friends still howling with laughter


“STOP IT” Izuku sobbed as they continued cackling “IT’S NOT FUNNY”

Chapter Text

“Do you have everything dear?” Inko fretted anxiously as her son slipped his satchel and backpack on

 “Don’t worry mama” he reassured, giving her a hug and kissing the top of her head “I’ll be fine. I can take care of myself and besides” he picked up the metal bat by the doorway and laid it on his shoulder “Kacchan will be there. He always makes sure I don’t get in trouble” he flashed a beaming grin and walked out “I’ll call you when we’re done okay?!”

“Izuku?!” she said and he paused to look back

“Yes?” there was a small moment of silence

“You’ve gotten so strong. I’m proud of you” She gave him a soft smile “I just wanted you to know that”

“Thank you. I love you too” he returned the smile before racing down the steps excitedly where an impatient Katsuki stood waiting with his book bag over his shoulder.

“It’s about fucking time nerd” he huffed, and glanced at the bat “You sure they’re gonna let you take that in?”

“The application sheet said we could bring in any equipment for our quirk we needed” Izuku shrugged “since I don’t have one, technically I could bring in anything” he gave an evil grin “I could bring in a tank if I fucking felt like it” Bakugo shuddered in horror at the thought

“Come on nerd” he snapped, jogging ahead “We’re gonna miss the train”

 “Sou-chan!!” Izuku greeted as he and Katsuki boarded the train car. Hitoshi looked up from his phone and gave a small smirk

“Gee Izu-chan~” he snickered as the two wiggled their way over “Who are you murdering today?”

“I’ll decide on the way” Midoriya snarked back, flashing a grin and hugging the purple haired boy

“Don’t tempt him. He’ll actually do it” Bakugo sighed, holding on to one of the hand rails above him and giving Shinsou a nod in greeting.

“That…that’s actually pretty terrifying” he admitted “So, today’s the practical right? after the written portion?”

“Ye. You scared petunia?” the blonde teased. Shinsou flipped him off.

“You wish blondie” He snapped

“Come on guys.” Midoriya huffed “Be nice. We’re all in the same boat”

“Wrong. I’m in the awesome boat and I’m gonna blast all of you outta the water!” Katsuki boasted

“In your dreams you angry dandelion” Hitoshi answered, right before almost getting strangled

 The trio had grown by the time they stepped off the train, now joined by Sero, Mina and a boy she had introduced as one of her classmates, Kirishima. The colorful group made their way down the pathway, drawing a lot of attention to themselves and parting the crowd. Probably because Bakugo and Hitoshi still hadn’t stopped loudly arguing. And maybe the smiling, perfectly calm,  green haired boy walking in between them with a bat had something to do with it too.

“Kacchan. Sou-chan.” The freckled one said sweetly, interrupting their quarrel “I have a bat and I’m perfectly okay with using it on the both of you if you don’t pipe down.” Well, maybe not so calm.

“Are we allowed to change?” Sero whined, tugging at his uniform “This isn’t very comfortable to fight or whatever in”

“Probably” Mina answered “right after the, ugh, actual test ‘test’”

“You two better pass that!” Katsuki yelled, turning his wrath on them “I didn’t waste my fucking time teaching you two numbskulls how to math just for you to fucking fail! Mark my words, if you don’t fucking pass that I’ll kill you!”

“You’re so scary Bakugo-kun~” Mina whined, flinching at his outburst.

“He means for you two to do your best!” Midoriya translated happily, speeding up to avoid the angry swing from the explosive teen “Hey! Is that Ojiro-semp-ack!” he tripped over his own feet and plummeted to the ground. He braced himself for the impact but when he opened his eyes-

“Are you okay?” a sweet voice asked


“Oi dumbass!” Bakugo snarled, smacking the floating boy on the head “Why are you so fucking clumsy?”

“What?” he blurted out, still spinning mid-air. He twisted around to get a better look at his savior. Next to his friends stood a beaming brunette, bundled up like the rest of them against the cold.

“Sorry for using my quirk on you but, it’s a bad omen to trip” she giggled. Bakugo grabbed the levitating Izuku’s uniform collar and the girl pressed her finger pads together, dropping him. Midoriya let out a strangled squawk as the fabric caught around his neck and he was roughly dumped on his feet.

“Thanks for that” Shinsou said, nodding at the girl. ”He can be an idiot sometimes”

“Sou-chan!!!” the green haired boy whined as Sero, Mina and Bakugo began teasing him mercilessly. She smiled at them and waved before jogging off.

“No problem! Good luck to all of you!”

“You know, I honestly wonder sometimes how you’ve survived this long Mido-chan” Sero snickered while Kirishima quietly checked over the flushing Izuku.

“You guys are so mean!” he sniffled before grabbing Kirishima by the elbow and dragging him off “Come on Kiri-san. You’re my new best friend.”

“Wait- what? Hang on- wait!” the dark-haired boy sputtered out, protests falling on deaf ears. They made quite the sight when they finally entered the building. A tiny freckled child tugged at a sharp-toothed boy while a neon pink girl pulled back and three other children tried not to have an aneurysm from laughing.

 “My brain hurts~”  Midoriya whined, taking his seat in the auditorium next to Bakugo “The test was pretty simple but goddamn that was a lot of questions”

“What’s up losers?” Hitoshi greeted, plopping down next to the exhausted greenette “Was that test easy or what?”

“Definitely” Katsuki answered with a confident smirk as Izuku buried his face in his arms and gave a muffled shriek. “Where’s Pinky, Soy Sauce and Shark face?” oh yeah. Where are they? Midoriya looked up and around the auditorium before pointing out a bright pink fluffball farther off.

“One-san is over there. So is Sero-kun and Kiri-san” Bakugo grunted and muttered something about them passing and death. They chatted quietly while a blonde-haired man dressed in leather, sunglasses and speakers walked up on the platform.

“So what’s this?” Shinsou asked, holding up the sheet of paper they all had in front of them. “Please tell me they aren’t what I think they are” Izuku looked over the sheet Robots? Okay. I can deal with robots. Oh. OH! Poor Sou-chan. This isn’t gonna go well for him. He opened his mouth to answer-

“WELCOME TO TODAY’S PERFORMANCE!!! CAN I GET A ‘HEY’?!?!” the leather-clad blonde screeched. He was met with absolute silence. Midoriya instantly recognized that voice. The man pressed forward, undaunted “OKAY THEN! THAT’S COOL EXAMINEE LISTENERS!! I’M HERE TO GIVE YOU INSTRUCTIONS ON THE TEST!! ARE! YOU! READY?!” complete quiet greeted him once more. “YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!”

“’Does he have a volume button?”’ Katsuki grumbled and lowered his hearing aids

“That’s the voice hero Present Mic!” Shinsou and Midoriya squealed. That’s right. Sou-chan really likes Present Mic because of his voice quirk. Hitoshi cleared his throat awkwardly and went back to his usual impassiveness

“I listen to his radio show every week!” Izuku started muttering, practically vibrating with excitement “It’s so inspiring, plus he’s really nice! He let me ‘re-decorate’ his studio once on a run! I guess all the U.A teachers really are Pro-Hero’s!!”

“Wait you met him??!” Shinsou hissed. Oops. Let that slip.

“Will you shut the fuck up?” Katsuki snarled at the same time

“’You’re telling more of this later”’ he signed frantically at Midoriya before turning his attention back to the loud hero.


“’This is so people from the same middle school can’t help each other out right?”’ Bakugo asked

“Yeah. It’s also why our id numbers are put in different arenas” Izuku answered back absentmindedly, still reading over the paper

“I’m gonna crush them all,” he smirked “Lucky you. You get another day to live”

“Sure blondie” Shinsou huffed

“I can still kill you insomniac-”


“’Three?? But there’s four on here”’ the lilac-haired boy signaled in confusion, re-reading the page

“’Weird”’ Bakugo noted, also glancing at the paper “’is it bonus points or something?”’

“No. It talks right here about the zero-pointer” Midoriya pointed out the section “From what I can guess, it’s basically an obstacle of sorts. You need to work around it or whatever” the other two nodded in understanding

“YOU WILL USE YOUR QUIRKS TO TAKE DOWN THE VILLAINS AND EARN AS MANY POINTS AS POSSIBLE! OF COURSE, ATTACKING OTHER EXAMINEE’S IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL GET YOU DISQUALIFIED!” Katsuki ‘Tched’ disappointedly and his two friends stared at him in horror at his annoyance. A boy with dark hair and glasses a few rows in front of them stood up suddenly, hand raised

“Pardon the interruption but I have a question!” he called out. Everyone stared at him as Present Mic nodded in approval for him to continue “This information sheet says there’s no less than four types of villains!”

“Hey. I just explained that.” I guess he didn’t figure it out either

“Such an error, if it is one, is quite unbecoming of one of Japan’s top hero schools!” he continued “We are here to become top heroes!”

“’Wow.”’ Shinsou snickered “’prissy much?”’ Bakugo gave a snort of laughter.


“Thank you for explaining sir!” he gave a bow before he straightened up, whipped around and pointed at the trio angrily, shooting them a glare.

“And you three!” they froze in surprise “Especially you in the middle with the curly hair!” Me?? “You’ve been talking and muttering this whole time and it’s distracting!” at least I didn’t stand up and start yelling. Now who’s being distracting? “If this is some sort of game to you then please leave!” Excuse me?

Izuku could sense Shinsou bristling angrily on his left and he placed a hand on his arm to calm his friend, the other hand gripping the knife in his own pocket tightly. Murder isn’t legal Izuku. Calm down. He flashed the boy with glasses a sweet smile, ears burning at the snickers from around the room.

“Oh. We’re sorr-“ In hindsight, he probably should’ve grabbed the blonde on his right instead.

“You say something four-eyes?!” Bakugo yelled, getting up and daring the boy to answer, “At least he was able to figure out what that fourth one was for without interrupting and asking!” oh my gooooooood

“Kacchan!” Izuku hissed, tugging at his friend’s sleeve “You’re gonna get us kicked out!”

“Yeah,” Hitoshi drawled, smirking at the sputtering boy below “did you even read the sheet?” he held it up triumphantly, while the flustered Midoriya looked betrayed “It says it right there. And really, who’s causing the distraction right now?” The kid looked even more harassed and began trying to utter a comeback. As much as I’d love telling this guy off, you two are embarrassing me!

“Will the both of you can it?!” Izuku snarled, shoving a seething Katsuki back in his seat and smacking a giggling Shinsou on the back of the head before turning back to the other boy. “I’m so sorry” Not really. They had a good point.

“I’m not apologizing for jack squat!” the blonde teen sneered, glaring at the still standing and gaping boy. “What’s wrong four-eyes? Cat got your tongue?” I fucking hate all of you right now. Izuku pulled out his taser, the new one he’d filed for, put it on the lowest setting and shocked his friend, causing Bakugo to jump and yelp indignantly.

“Shut. Up.” He hissed and pointed it at him under the table, out of sight, threatingly “Or I’m turning it up.” He whipped around to the grinning boy on the other side of him, murder in his eyes and pointed the taser at him “Stuff it or you’re next.” He warned. The two furiously quieted down, alternating between glaring at the boy in front of them and the boy in between them. “I’m sorry about that Mr. Present Mic” he apologized with a small bow and sat back down.

“I also apologize on the interruption.” the boy muttered out as well, bowing slightly at the very amused Present Mic and taking his seat.


Chapter Text

Izuku stretched out and swung his bat back and forth to get a better feel of it. He, along with all the others in his exam area, had changed into their fighting clothes and equipment. Midoriya himself was wearing a variation of his parkour outfit. A grey hoodie, white tank-top underneath, leggings, volleyball shorts, his usual red boots, fingerless leather gloves and a holster on his right thigh where his taser was strapped. He patted his waistband to make sure his switchblade was still snugly hidden, and once reassuring himself that it was, finally took a good look around.

Lots of people were chattering about the size of the city but the big gate blocked out most of the view. I’ll be fine. He told himself I work best in the city. Piece of cake. He saw a familiar mop of purple hair and grinned. Sou-chan! And that girl who saved my ass this morning! She seemed to be doing some breathing exercises while Shinsou looked ready to puke. I didn’t manage to thank her for earlier. I’ll go do it now. And maybe give Sou-chan my bat. He looks like he’ll need it more than me. He rested the bat on his shoulder and started his way over when a familiar voice piped up, freezing him in his tracks

“That girl seems to be doing some kind of meditation to focus” oh my fucking god its you again. The boy from earlier placed his hand on his free shoulder and Midoriya tried not to scream in frustration. “Why are you even here? Are you trying to distract her too?” The other kids around them began to murmur and chuckle, no doubt remembering the whole incident from earlier. He shook the hand off of his shoulder and turned only his head to glare at the taller boy

“You got a problem with me or something?” he snapped. The other blinked in surprise at Izuku’s viciousness “Look. I already apologized for earlier okay? Lay off, because right now you’re distracting me and everyone else” he gestured to the crowd forming around them. The other opened his mouth to say something before getting interrupted

“What’s going on here Izu?” Hitoshi asked, walking over to step in between them and staring at Glasses “Is there an issue?” he crossed his arms and the look on his face said that there better not be

“ah, no. I was just-“ the boy sputtered. Izuku gave the boy a quick look over, huffed in amusement and shot him a condescending smirk

“Nothing I couldn’t handle” he reassured sweetly, smirk dissolving into an innocent smile before turning to his friend. “Come on Sou-chan” he began dragging him away from the stunned crowd. “I don’t want any more distractions right now” They made their way over to Kirishima who looked shocked at the quiet Midoriya’s outburst.

“You good bro?” the boy asked. Izuku let out a sigh of relief and leaned on him

“I’m fine Kiri-san” he sniffled “I just wanted to thank that girl from earlier”

“You gotta stop picking fights with people dude” Shinsou chuckled. The greenette held a finger to his lips

“Sshhh~” Izuku murmured “hush now Sou-chan.” He pushed himself off the dark-haired boy and shook his head, curls flying wildly “Okay.” He began pulling his hair back in its usual half-ponytail and slipped his headband on. “Test’ll start in a bit. Focus Izuku.” He turned to the amused Hitoshi and held out his bat “Do you need to borrow this?” Shinsou shook his head

“Nah. I’m sure I’ll be fine” he hesitated “Probably…”

“Why didn’t you bring something Hitoshi-san?” Kirishima asked. The two of them gave him a mournful smile

“Didn’t know there’d be robots” he chuckled sheepishly “Thought I’d actually get to use my quirk”

“You’ll do fine. Just remember the fighting techniques we taught you.” Midoriya reassured “Last chance. You want the bat or not?”

“Yeah, pretty sure that’s not gonna help against giant 8 plUS FoOT ROb-“ He was interrupted by a loud air-horn over the speakers

“AAAAAND… BEGIN!” Present Mic announced. They stood around in surprise as the gates swung open. “WHAT’S WRONG?! THE TEST HAS STARTED! GET A MOVE ON! COME ON! RUN! RUN! RUN!”

“Ack! Good luck guys!” Izuku yelped as he raced past some of the still stunned crowd towards the gates “Whooo! Let’s go!”

 Midoriya raced into the arena eagerly, scanning around. A one-pointer landed right in front of him almost immediately. “Target Acquired” it rumbled, red eyes powering up. Okay, the facts sheet said these were fast, but fragile. He raised his bat with a fiendish grin. Good thing I’m faster. He lunged and the robot made a satisfying, metallic crunch under his blow.

“One down. Plenty more to go”  he sped towards the center of the city and sure enough, there were lots of ‘Villains’ to take down. He tightened his grip and let out a whoop of joy. I can go full out for once!

 Bakugo Katsuki was having the time of his life. Smoke, fire and sparks filled his vision and he loved it. He paused to take a breather, palms smoking and surrounded by metallic rubble. Another robot came into view and before anyone could take it, he blasted over and made short work of it, laughing maniacally as he did. I wonder how Deku’s doing he wondered as he disposed of yet another ‘villain’ and yanked a distracted Sero out of the way of an incoming enemy

“Watch it soy sauce!” he snapped as he blasted the robot to bits

“Thanks dude!” Sero wheezed, giving him a grin and thumbs up before darting away

“Fuck off!” He’s probably having tons of fun right now.

 Izuku was having fun in fact. He wasn’t doing too bad either, having already racked up 12 points. By now he was battered and bruised, hoodie tied around his waist to get it out of the way but the smile never left his face.

“QUIRKLESS WONDER COMING THROUGH!” he yelled, racing past a startled competitor to smash another three-pointer. He jumped off the destroyed robot and looked around for more. He saw Kirishima rip apart a robot with his hardening quirk, the gravity girl was smashing the ‘villains’ into the ground, and Shinsou was trying to make do by dropping chunks of cement on the robots. Even the annoying kid with glasses was holding his own. I hope Sou-chan gets enough points. There’s a limited number of robots isn’t there?

“SIX MINUTES AND TWENTY-TWO SECONDS LEFT!” Mic yelled over the speakers

“Shit” he muttered “Gotta pick up the pace” After a couple more smashes, his bat was pretty much done for. He tossed it aside and picked up a chunk of pipe around the same size and continued on.

Izuku put his parkour and gymnastics training to good use. He scaled walls and lamp posts, using the extra momentum from gravity to utterly destroy the robots, impaling them with anything he could get his hands on. Occasionally he’d use his taser to short-circuit the beasts by jabbing it into their mainframe. He managed to corner another three-pointer against a wall and lunged but the mechanical beast swung an arm, knocking him roughly aside. Oh that does it. He promptly got back up and dodged around a competitor who wanted to take the points for themselves “This one’s mine” he snarled and climbed up in one of its blind spots, hooked his legs around its head and reached into a gap in its armor. He felt around until he found what he wanted “I wonder what would happen if I pulled these out you metallic piece of shit” he chirped passive-aggressively while viciously tearing out wires. The machine crumpled to the floor and he hopped off grinning in victory.

The green haired boy noticed a two-pointer in an alley, waiting for anyone to get too close. Easy pickings! Using his wall hopping technique, he darted over the beast and dropped down on it, tearing out its wires like the other. He strode out of the alley proudly and surveyed the chaos before him for any other free points. Alrighty! What’s next? The ground began to rumble and shake under him. What the- an earthquake??

The largest fucking robot Midoriya had ever seen in his life came smashing and stumbling into view.

“Oh you have got to be shitting me.”

He ran.

 Ohmygodwhythefuckisitsobigthisissofrickinextraisweartogod he panicked, racing after the crowd, before tumbling to the ground “oww~”

“Oww~” came the echo. Wait. How was that an echo? There’s no echoes out here. He whipped around and there, pinned by the rubble right in the path of the zero-pointer, was the nice girl from this morning. Next to her, trying his very best to move the cement was- Oh come on! He staggered back to his feet and pushed his way past the other panicked children to his friend.

“Are you nuts??!!” he shrieked, stooping down to help the boy move the rocks.

“You wouldn’t love me any other way Izu-kun” Shinsou panted back with a grin. The three of them glanced at the leviathan slowly but surely making its way towards them.

“Go!” the girl yelped “You’re gonna get crushed!”

“So will you!” Hitoshi snapped “We’re not leaving you!”


“Sou-chan get her out” Izuku ordered before picking up a pole, razor sharp on one end “ I’m gonna try to buy you some time”

“Wait. What are you-“ Midoriya took off in the direction of the gimmick “IZUKU! STOP! YOU’RE GONNA GET KILLED! YOU’RE CRAZY!”


“Is he really going to fight that thing with only a pole?!” she whimpered as the purple haired boy seemed torn between chasing him down or staying to help. He decided on the latter.

“Stubborn bastard is gonna get murdered! Blondie’s gonna have a fucking field day with this. One job. I had one job. Don’t let him be a reckless idiot.” Shinsou grumbled before getting back to the task at hand “Come on. We gotta move or else we’ll all be dead”

 I’m a fucking idiot~ I’m gonna fucking die~ these singsong words played over and over as he got closer and closer. Take in your opponent. Analyze, find the weaknesses and make them pay. He came to a halt and looked the monster over. It looked strangely familiar, or at least part of it did. The legs!! They’re the same as one of the two-pointers I took down! A sense of calm washed over him and he focused Okay. I can deal with that. I took it down by targeting its joints and this is just a larger version. No biggie. A hysterical laugh escaped him as he rushed forward to meet the giant leg. My left, its right. That’s the one that’ll land on the girl and Sou-chan so I gotta get rid of that one first.

He scrambled up the metal, puncturing the weak spots with his makeshift weapon. He dashed over where the leg met the body and began slashing at the wires connecting the two. Gears and pipes were crushed with his boots, sharp pole weakening the joint as much as possible. He glanced over his shoulder where the two still were. Shit!! We’re only a couple steps away!! The leg groaned under the weight as it stepped down. Of course! Use its weight against it! He broke the load bearing parts quickly, stabbing the pole into the final bundle of mess where it got stuck.

“Come on come on!” he whined, panic setting in again. He stomped down and nearly knocked himself over. “Fine. You wanna be a bitch?” he snarled, grabbing hold of a sheet of metal jutting out the side for balance and jumped. He slammed his feet onto the pole as hard as possible. It went in a little deeper and the foot lowered towards the ground. Running out of time! Come on Izuku! He jumped again, higher this time. The weapon sunk in some more. One more!! He lept as high as his hold would allow him and kicked when he landed to add extra force. The pole sliced through and there was a satisfying snap as the zero-pointer stepped on its leg. The damaged leg crumpled under the weight, toppling over.

“YES!!” Izuku cheered before realizing one tiny detail. The robot was falling on its leg…the leg he was still perched on “FUCK!!” he shrieked, scrambling as fast as his instincts allowed him over the falling machine What are you doing??! You’re going up! Up! There’s no escape once you reach the top!! He reached the top much too fast and still had no plan. Fuck it. There’s only a possibility of death if I jump while I will most certainly get crushed if I stick around. He raced to the edge and pushed off as far as possible. He hung there, suspended in mid air for a few blissful seconds as the robot careened into a nearby building, utterly destroying it. Then gravity, like the bitch it is, took its hold.