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This Is Halloween

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“You actually dressed up as yourself?”

If it had been anyone else that said that, Ochako probably could have just laughed it off with a quick joke.  But Bakugou managed to sound so damn… judgemental , and when she turned to look at him, it was even more ridiculous.

“That’s rich, coming from someone that didn’t dress up at all,” she replied, her hands on her hips.  “Really, how is that” – she waved at his typical outfit of black tank top and dark, baggy jeans – “any different?  I at least put in some effort.”

Some effort being pestering Aizawa until he finally let her use her hero outfit outside of class, with a helpful assist from All Might, who had been far more susceptible to Ochako’s puppy dog eyes than her homeroom teacher.

But in the end, Aizawa had been more susceptible to All Might’s puppy dog eyes… and that was a whole mess that she wasn’t sure she really wanted to unpack and really consider.

“Tch.” Bakugou rolled his eyes, and then held a cup in front of her face.  She stared at it for a moment, and apparently that moment was longer than Bakugou would accept, because he forced it into her hands with another frustrated noise.  Inside the cup, frothy pink punch swished, and Ochako continued to stare at it blankly. “Dammit, Uraraka, didn’t you help Four Eyes make this shit? It’s hardly poisoned.”

“That depends on your definition,” Ochako pointed out.  “Because I’m pretty sure I saw Kaminari and a flask lurking around there.”

“Damn I hope so,” Bakugou grumbled into his own cup.  “Otherwise I’m drinking it for fucking nothing.”

Uraraka had to bite back a giggle at the dark tempered remark, and tipped the cup back, trying the punch she’d helped Iida get just right.  As she’d suspected, the fruity flavor was strong enough that it mostly masked the taste of the alcohol she knew Kaminari had snuck in there.  Not that she’d tell Iida or Momo that.

Let them believe their carefully planned party hadn’t been tainted by their classmates.  They deserved that much. The decorations were gorgeous, and she was pretty sure the eerie looking candles that Momo must have made while Ochako had gone to change into her costume smelled like pumpkin spice.  A nice touch.

“Really, though, couldn’t you have at least put on a name tag or something?” she asked, after she swallowed the punch.

“A name tag?” Bakugou deadpanned, making Uraraka grin and shrug.

“Yeah.  You could have been an undercover hero… or a God or something.”

“Says the girl in her hero outfit.  I don’t think you get to judge, Angelface.”

Ochako felt her cheeks turn a little pinker than usual at the nickname.  It was a new one, that had started coming out of Bakugou’s mouth only in the recent months, since their third year had started.  Usually he stuck to her name – something that made her weirdly proud, because there were only three students in 3A that Bakugou called by their name, and of those three he used hers the most – but every now and then that snuck into the conversation.

It felt different, somehow, than when he used to call her Round Face, or Gravity Chick.

“You’re judging,” she grumbled, glaring at him.  When he just raised a brow, she stuck out her tongue, not caring that her maturity levels were being reduced to that of a three year old with the action.  

He deserved it.

He rolled his eyes again, and she wondered if someone’s eyes could get stuck like that, was even about to make the comment, when someone grabbed her hand, and she suddenly found herself facing…

Todoroki ?

He was dressed in full out prince regalia – a purple thing with poofy sleeves and an elegant golden crown on his head.  It had been Momo’s idea, and because Todoroki was a good friend who didn’t particularly care about Halloween costumes, he’d gone along with it, giving her an excuse to practice her quirk.

“My beautiful lady,” he said, bringing her hand to his lips, and pressing a kiss to her knuckles.  “ Are you the one I’ve been waiting for ?”

And… had he just sung that question?

“What the fuck?” Bakugou asked, perfectly echoing the very question that had run through Ochako’s mind, curses included.  

I’ve never known I could feel like this… you make my heart beat so very fast .”

“IcyHot, what the fuck?! ” Bakugou growled, tugging him away from Ochako, and putting himself firmly between them.  “Have you been drinking the punch?” He set his cup aside, and then physically knocked Ochako’s out of her hand, because of course that’s what Bakugou would do.  Luckily, it was mostly empty, and he hit it far enough away from her that none of it spilled onto her uniform. She’d promised Aizawa she would return it clean – or rather, All Might had promised Aizawa she would return it clean.

Yeah… still not unpacking that one.

“You must be the villain!” Todoroki declared.  “Come to take my princess away!”

He pulled out the plastic sword that Momo had made for him… only it was very much no longer plastic, and Ochako grabbed Bakugou’s arm, physically pulling him back and stumbling with him out of weapon range.

“What the-”

Her back hit another body, and she spun around, only to come face-to-face with a slobbering, growling –

Fucking werewolf!” Bakugou snarled, and this time it was his turn to pull Ochako away, and hold out his hand to explode it in the werewolf’s face.  The creature howled and retreated back from them, clawed hands grabbing at its muzzle.

Deku had been dressed as a werewolf .

“Stop!” Ochako shouted before Bakugou could let off another explosion.  He glared at her over his shoulder, and she shoved him before the Deku-werewolf could slash him with his claws.  She didn’t think as she slammed all five fingers of her hand onto Bakugou’s arm, and proceeded to drag him behind her like some sort of parade balloon through the mad house that had become the joint Hero Class Halloween party.

It had clearly devolved into chaos, with monsters mixing with different human characters, and not one of them seeming to know what the hell was going on except for Ochako and Bakugou.

“I’m pretty sure that was Deku!” she called over her shoulder, running out the door, and wincing when she felt Bakugou bounce off the frame behind her with more force than was probably comfortable.  “Sorry!”

Fucking. Deku, ” Bakugou gritted out.  “Dammit. Of course. Let me down, Uraraka. We need to-”

“Do not fear!” the new voice boomed, and a familiar form appeared in front of them.  “For I am here!”

“Is that...”

Mr. Aizawa ?” Ochako choked out, disbelieving as she looked at their normally tired teacher, his hair in a more semblance of All Might’s in his prime, standing before them looking awake and… smiling.

God, that smile.

“It’s even creepier than his usual one,” Bakugou muttered, staring at their teacher with wide, disbelieving eyes.

“Do you have to be so loud about everything?” grumbled another familiar voice.  Dressed in black jump suit and scarves, and still looking like a Skeleton, All Might’s expression was unimpressed as he looked at them.  “Why is it always you kids?”

“Fucking hell,” Bakugou muttered, half frustration, half pure bewilderment.  

“I…” Ochako didn’t know how to respond to this one.  She really didn’t.

“Come, Eraserhead!  We must save our students!” And with that, Aizawa went bounding into the classroom.  All Might sighed heavily and followed at a much more sedate pace, pulling his goggles up as he went.

“Do you think they actually switched Quirks?” Ochako asked, her voice somewhat weak.  She found herself leaning against Bakugou, because this was just… too much.

Deku as a werewolf?  Terrifying, but doable.  Todoroki as Prince Charming?  She kind of wish she’d gotten a Snap of that.

Aizawa and All Might body switched? She was just… pretty sure this was above her pay grade as a part time sidekick and full time student.  

The door that Aizawa and All Might had walked through suddenly swung open again, and the two heroes appeared, slamming it behind them.  Something heavy hit the door, and Aizawa’s whole body jolted under its force.

“I’m going to guess no, they did not,” Bakugou replied, running a hand through his hair and, somehow, making it even impossibly more messy than usual.  “Well shit.”

Seeing them standing there, watching, Aizawa gave them a weak imitation of All Might’s smile, while All Might just huffed and pulled one of the jelly packs Aizawa was always eating out of his utility belt.

“Whatever caused this chaos appears to have the ability to mess with our quirks,” Aizawa said, gritting his teeth as his feet fought for support while the door threatened to pound down behind him.  “And the werewolf is… not happy.”

“Aren’t there, y’know… regular people in there still?” Ochako asked hesitantly, because Todoroki might have a real sword, but she didn’t see prince vs. werewolf ending up well in his favor.  And even if it did?

Well, skewered Deku wasn’t a thing they wanted either.

“Oh, fucking shit,” Bakugou growled.


The truth is, Katsuki hadn’t even really wanted to go to the Halloween party.  He’d fully intended to “go to bed” at 8, like he usually did, and get lost watching Top 5 Fight Scenes on youtube until his eyes refused to stay open.  

But then he’d overhead Uraraka talking excited about the stupid thing with the other girls, and it was like Shitty Hair had been able to scent his damn weakness and pounced on it.  And Katsuki was a lot of things, plenty of them shitty, but he didn’t go back on his word once he gave it. So after Kirishima managed to ring that fine, I’ll go out of him, he’d been locked in.

But he’d absolutely refused to wear a costume, and now he wasn’t sure if he was relieved, or if he wished he’d worn a stupid name tag like Uraraka had suggested, because then he wouldn’t be dealing with their fucking body swapped teachers and a potential class massacre behind the door of the room they’d booked for the party.

Maybe Fucking Deku would’ve gotten to that annoying kid from 3B, the one that could steal powers.  If he had to save the shitty nerd, the least he could do is take out that annoying piece of human annoyance first, right?

“You can’t use Deku to kill Monoma,” Uraraka muttered, her breath warm against his ear, and Katsuki felt himself flush. How the hell did she know what he had been thinking?  

Why the hell did she have to feel so warm, pressed against him like she was?

“I can think about it,” he grumbled darkly.  “Don’t tell me you’re not tempted.”

“I don’t really care about Monoma,” Uraraka replied with a tiny smile.  “ You’re the one that always responds to his baiting.  The rest of us just think he’s crazy and react appropriately.” She looked thoughtful for a second.  “But would anyone really miss Mineta?”

Katsuki bared his teeth in a feral grin, and though it took a second, Uraraka’s expression soon echoed his.  That’s what he liked about her; she might not wear her temper on his sleeve like he did, but she still had the heart of a hellraiser.  He could respect that.

“What was the little shit dressed up as anyway?” Katsuki asked.  “Hell, what was everyone dressed up as?”

“Ummm…” Uraraka closed her eyes and tried to remember the party.  “I mean, Deku was a werewolf and Todoroki was Prince Charming.”

“No shit, Round Face. I remember almost getting eaten, thanks, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget about Half-n-Half.  His shitty lines are going to be stuck in my head indefinitely. There’s not enough bleach in the world to forget that shit.”

And maybe he was still a little pissed off by the way the guy had turned that attention onto Uraraka.  Icy Hot had his weird thing with the girl that made shit come out of her body… or maybe his thing with Fucking Deku - who even knew who he had a thing with at this point?  But it wasn’t Uraraka.

Katsuki damn well knew that.

It had been sort of embarrassing, the process of discovering who, if anyone, Uraraka had a thing with, after all. Kaminari and Mina still smirked at him in their obnoxious way.  So yeah… Katsuki knew these things.

“We need to figure out what happened,” Uraraka said, biting her lips in a way that made Katsuki twitch.  “But we also need to, you know, make sure Deku doesn’t eat anyone.” She shot a look at their teachers, who were conferring in low, rapid tones, their backs still to the door.  Aizawa appeared to be trying to cheer All Might up, and it was damn well surreal to watch that. “I don’t think we’re going to get much assistance.”

“No,” Bakugou agreed, narrowing his eyes when he swore Aizawa made damn heart eyes at the taller man.  What. The. Fuck? “Well, there’s only one thing to do.”


“I’m gonna have to blow Fucking Deku up.” He felt a grin that probably didn’t look entirely nice curve his lips.  Uraraka responded by giving him a sharp punch in the ribs. It didn’t hurt, which told him that it hadn’t been meant to hurt - he’d received an actual punch from Uraraka before - but it did get his attention.  She scowled at him, and Katsuki sighed. “I promise I won’t enjoy it?”

“That’s a lie.”

“It is.”  Katsuki felt downright cheerful as he headed for the entrance to the room.  “But I tried. Now time to blow shit up.”

“Young Bakugou!” Aizawa called out when Bakugou bore down on him and All Might, a wild grin on his face.  “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Werewolf hunting!” Bakugou retorted.  A scream came from behind the door, high and shrill and either belonging to one of the girls or that ass from 3B.  

God, Bakugou hoped it was the ass.

“Out of my way,” he said, because even if part of him wouldn’t mind Monoma being Deku’s first victim, he was still a hero.  And heroes saved people.

And blew shit up… but tried not to enjoy it .

He kicked the door open, and found himself face to face with the werewolf.  Now that he wasn’t fleeing from it, he realized that the stupid thing had Fucking Deku’s hair.

It was a green werewolf.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he asked, because this was just bizarre.  But green or not, it was still a werewolf, and apparently smart enough to realize that Bakugou was distracted.  So it flung itself at the blonde.

“Bakugou!” he heard Uraraka scream, somewhere to his side, but he was a bit distracted with the giant fucking teeth that were trying to tear out his throat, so he couldn’t exactly respond.  He managed to hold Deku off with one hand, somehow avoiding his teeth, and brought the other to explode in his face.

The way the wolf recoiled should have made Katsuki gleeful, but somehow exploding a Deku who was out of his mind and in the form of a werewolf just wasn’t as satisfying as exploding an actual Deku.  Huh. That was disappointing.

Angry, the wolf rounded on him, and Katsuki was faced with another issue he hadn’t considered; that a werewolf Deku wasn’t as aware as a human Deku, and far more likely to just keep attacking until one of them died.  And with that realization, the whole shit storm suddenly took a much darker turn in Katsuki’s mind.

Much as he hated Deku, he didn’t exactly want the idiot to die .  He just wanted him to not be around so much.  And to stop being so annoying.

And to realize that Katsuki was the better hero.

The wolf leapt at him again, and Katsuki’s back hit the floor hard.  The damn wolf was strong , and it took both his arms and another explosion, just to keep it at bay.  The realization that he might be the one to die in the moment wasn’t a pleasant one, and he hoped that Aizawa and All Might would pull their shit together to at least get everyone to safety.

Especially Uraraka.  She didn’t deserve to die because Fucking Deku had a furry fetish.

Claws aimed for Katsuki’s face, and he knew there was no way to avoid them - and then the thing was hanging in the air several feet above him, growling helplessly and clawing at the air, as he continued floating even higher.

A flying werewolf? What the actual-

“Are you okay?” His arms, now empty of werewolf, were filled again with worried brunette.  Uraraka ran her hands over Katsuki, not seeming at all concerned that she was touching him, and she didn’t tend to touch him.  In fact, outside of sparring and the odd casual contact that he couldn’t fully avoid, Katsuki usually did a pretty good job of making sure that Uraraka never touched him, because, because…

Her hands were so soft.  And gentle. And warm. And they were running down his arms now.  He grasped her wrists gently, and pulled them away from his skin. He was sitting up, but she was straddling his waist, and he was suddenly very, very aware of the fact that there were mere inches separating their bodies.

“I’m okay,” he said at last, his voice hoarse.  She would probably blame it on the whole werewolf Deku and near-mauling experience, and for once Katsuki would let someone think that he had been afraid of Deku.  Because that seemed a little safer than the alternative.

The alternative where his voice was hoarse because she was basically in his arms, and he was apparently That Guy, the one that had a thing with Uraraka that he wouldn’t admit to, even as he made sure that no one else did have a thing with Uraraka.

Because he was That Guy.

It was fucking embarrassing.

“Bakugou,” Uraraka murmured.  She tried to tug her wrists from his hands, but he wasn’t quite willing to let her go.  So instead she leaned forward, so her forehead rested against his. She didn’t have her helmet on, he realized, and he tried to remember if she ever had.  But it was also really tough to care, because this was skin to skin contact, and he was becoming increasingly more accepting of the fact that he was That Guy.  “ Katsuki … I…”

Their lips were a hairsbreadth apart, and he was pretty sure that one of them was going to breach the rest of that distance and -

“Aaaah!” A loud scream broke them apart, and Uraraka scrambled to her feet.  Bakugou was just second behind her, because he had to take a moment to mentally curse at whoever had interrupted them.

Then he saw what had interrupted them.

“Is that?”

“I think it’s supposed to be Medusa.”


Why couldn’t her classmates have been less creative with their costumes?

Look at her at Bakugou.  They had dressed up as themselves, and now they weren’t taken over by whatever crazy Halloween spirit had decided to give everyone a personality transplant.

“Kendo,” she said.  “It has to be Kendo.  I’m pretty sure she was Medusa.”

And she was freezing everyone, turning them into stone with eerie green eyes that Ochako absolutely did not want directed at her.

“I think she got Mineta,” Bakugou pointed out at her back.  “Maybe we should thank her?”

As if hearing their words, the Kendo-Medusa turned towards them, and Ochako made sure not to make direct eye contact, and hissed at Bakugou to do the same, because she was, like 90% sure that the whole stone thing needed eye contact.

At least Kendo seemed to have taken out the most dangerous of the partygoers. That was a relief, right?

“Madame, you need to-”

Aizawa had stepped into Kendo’s line of sight, only to be frozen in place, a weird All Might cosplay frozen in time.  Ochako probably should have been more upset about that, but seeing her homeroom teacher act like All Might had just been…

Unsettling .

Super unsettling.

Ridiculously unsettling.

“All Might!” roared, well… All Might .  And would Aizawa have really been that upset, if his fellow teacher had been turned into stone?

“We gotta go, Uraraka,” Bakugou muttered, taking advantage of the distraction to push her down the hall, away from the whole damn mess.

“But we can’t!” Ochako argued.  “Our classmates-”

“We can’t help them if we’re mawled, or if we’re stone, and no one else seems to be available.  So we gotta figure out what happened.” Bakugou looked down at her, and it was almost like that breathless moment, when she’d been on his lap so worried, and they’d been so close, and she’d thought oh, I want to kiss him right now .

She wanted to kiss him again.

“It has to be a quirk,” she said, breaking eye contact so she could run with him instead, feeling guilty every step she put between herself and their classmates.

Don’t be stupid and don’t get distracted.  Now is not the time to think about kissing Bakugou.

“Yeah, but who?  No one in the school has a quirk like that.  We’d have heard about it.”

We ?” Ochako echoed wryly.  “Bakugou, what is Hagakure’s quirk?”

“Who?” Bakugou asked blankly.

“That’s what I thought.   You wouldn’t have a clue who has what quirk.  You don’t even remember what all of our classmates’ quirks are.”

“I know yours! You control gravity!”

Yeah, he did know hers.  Something that never failed to flatter her, kind of like when he called her Uraraka , which happened more often than his other nicknames.  It was a sign of respect, Ochako knew, and it pleased her to no end that he showed it to her.

But still… he only remembered the people he felt were worthy of remembering, and that was a surprising few (or annoying, though she was pretty sure he didn’t know Monoma’s actual name or quirk, just that he was a jackass).

“The point is that you wouldn’t necessarily know.”

“Okay, maybe not, but you would.  Anyone that has this quirk?”

And he had her there, because Ochako did make a habit of remembering names and quirks.  You never knew who you would face in the Sports Festival, after all, or who you might end up working with after UA.  

“No,” she admitted, as they finally decided they had put enough distance between themselves and angry werewolves and Medusas and leaned against the wall.  “But it has to be a quirk.”

“It does,” Bakugou agreed, closing his eyes with a groan.  “And hell, it’s not like this would be the first time a villain got in.  But where would they be?”

It took them just a moment to come to the same conclusion, because the fact of the matter was that villains were typically pretty predictable.

“Principal’s office.”

Only, the office was empty, except for Nedzu, who appeared to have dressed up as Bill Nye the Science Guy for reasons unknown, and kept them busy for the next half an hour creating alkaseltzer rockets.

Fun, Ochako had to admit, but also time wasting.

“That was such a fucking waste of time,” Bakugou growled, echoing her thoughts.

“You’re just angry that my rocket won,” Ochako murmured in response.  “Poor loser.”

“Tch.  It was just luck.”

“Or my superior knowledge of all things physics.”

Their search had taken them to the roof, where they would normally never have been allowed.  But the only teacher they had come across was Cementoss, or at least they assumed it was Cementoss.  At the moment, he had appeared to be a simple brick wall, and maybe the two of them didn’t actually deserve the awards for the laziest costumes of the night.

“What do we do?” Ochako asked, plopping down to sit on the roof.  It felt nice outside - she hadn’t realized how hot she was, until she could feel the cool breeze.  Bakugou actually sat next to her, and it was kind of nice, leaning against his side as they contemplated a future where the entirety of UA was no longer themselves. “We should have gone with Mina’s suggestion.  Trick-or-treating.”

“Pft.  Knowing our class, this probably still would have happened.  And we would have had to deal with a bunch of innocent people getting in the way.”

Ochako scrubbed a hand over her face, humming her agreement.  She almost missed the days of the League of Villains; Shigaraki and his crew may have been terrifying, but at least they always openly claimed their messes.  She would love for a villain to suddenly appear and scream here I am, I’m responsible!

“Do you think Kendo managed to turn All Might… er, do we still call him All Might, or was he Aizawa?”

“I’m trying not to think about it too much,” Bakugou admitted, huffing out a sigh.  “That whole mess was… unsettling .”

Unsettling was one word for it.  They sat in silence on the roof for a while longer, and then Bakugou got to his feet, holding his hand out to her.

“Well Round Face, let’s get back to it.  Fucking Deku might get on my last word, but I’d rather put up with an overeager idiot than a raving hell beast that wants to tear my face off.”

Ochako grabbed his hand and let him pull her up. Recklessly, she let the momentum tumble her forward, so she could wrap her arms around his waist.  She buried her face against his chest, and felt his entire body tense beneath her. She began to pull away, worried she may have pushed him too far, but then he wrapped his arms around her in return, his warm hand cradling the back of her head.

“We’re gonna solve this, Ochako,” Bakugou said, and Ochako’s clutched to him harder, the sound of her given name sounding so foreign in his rough voice.  “And we’ll have all those idiots back. Even the idiot from 3B, and Mineta. Hell, even Fucking Deku. When have you ever known that nerd to not come out on top?”

“You’re right,” Ochako agreed, giving Bakugou one last squeeze.  “We will. But not because of Deku. Because of us. We always come out on top, too.”

“Hell yeah, we do.”

“What time is it?” she asked, reluctantly releasing her hold on him.  

“Nearly midnight,” Bakugou replied, glancing down at his watch as Ochako held onto his hand, reluctant to break contact with him entirely.  “Another minute, and it’ll be a new day. Shit looks brighter when it’s a new day and all that garbage.”

“That was almost poetic,” Ochako replied with a grin.  “You know, if you ignore the swearing.”

He gave her a fondly exasperated look, and then the two of them looked at his watch again.  They stood there, watching the glowing facing until it finally turned to 12:00.

Then, they turned as one, and headed back into the school.  It was time to check on their classmates.


Katsuki wasn’t nervous as they made their way back to the party room.  Not in the least.

He was just… hesitant.  Because he didn’t want to get eaten by Deku, or turned to stone by that big handed chick from 3B.  After all those big claims to Uraraka about fixing things, that would be pretty lame.

So yeah, he was kinda hesitant.

“If there’s blood what do we do?” Uraraka asked, before the bend in the hall that would lead them to the room.  “Or, like… dead bodies? Shit - I totally forgot about Deku. Is he still floating? I don’t know!”

“Round Face!” Bakugou barked, squeezing the hand he’d never bothered to drop.  “Calm down. It’ll be fine.”

I hope .

They both took a deep breath and then, as one, stepped around the corner -

And came face-to-face with a very confused looking big handed chick.  

“Kendo?” For a moment, both Katsuki and Uraraka froze.  Then, she released his hand so she could leap at the orange haired girl.  “Oh, thank God. The snakes are gone.”

“The snakes?  What do you mean, the snakes are gone ?”

Katsuki left Uraraka to answer the questions, trying not to make it too obvious that he was flexing his fingers.  But what could he say? Her hand had been incredibly warm against his and he… missed it. Not that he’d tell anyone that.

Except maybe her.  If he got the chance to get her alone again.  He wanted to do that, at some point. Maybe pick up where they’d left off when she’d been worried after Deku’s attack.  Or up on the roof.

“Woah, where did the time g - Bakugou? You okay?”

It took Katsuki a second to realize, that when he had seen Kirishima whole and unharmed, he’d thrown his arms around his neck to pull him into a hug.

“I’m fine,” Katsuki growled, releasing his hug and avoiding looking at his friend, or the other idiots that called themselves his “squad” who were milling around grinning like the idiots he knew they were.  “But look at the fucking time. You guys became your fucking costumes for hours.”

“What do you mean we-”

“No way!” Kaminari leapt forward, to grab Katsuki by the shoulders, cutting Kirishima off.  “Are you serious? We became our costumes ? Mineta - those candles you got really did work!”

Katsuki felt his eyes narrow, and Kaminari seemed to realize what he had said, and that maybe it wasn’t such a good thing that Mineta’s candles had worked, because he was facing a very angry Katsuki whose palms were flashing with a series of rapid, controlled explosions.

“What the fuck does that mean, Pikachu?”

“C’mon, Bakugou - it was Mineta!  He got these candles that were supposed to make this a Halloween to remember, so we set them up.  No one got hurt!”

“Fucking Deku almost ate me, you asshole!” Katsuki lifted his hand, ready to explode Kaminari’s fucking face, when his hand was gripped by a long scarf.  He snarled, looking back over his shoulder, and couldn’t quite maintain his anger when he saw it was Aizawa.

He was still dressed in the ridiculous All Might Costume, but he had taken the scarves from the actual All Might’s Aizawa costume, and now looked properly grumpy and irritated.

And no longer stone.

“I’ll take care of this one, Bakugou,” he said, his eyes narrowing in on Kaminari.

“Bakugou, Deku is just - oh thank God!”

Aizawa stared down at Uraraka, who had attached herself to his side in a tight hug.  All Might quirked his head, and lifted a hand to his mouth. He acted like he had a coughing fit, but Bakugou was pretty sure he was hiding a smile.

“You are so creepy as All Might.  Never do that again.”

Then she released him, eyed the tense situation in front of her, and quickly grabbed Bakugou by the hand, carting him away.

“It was the twerp and that idiot Pik-”

Katsuki was cut off, when Uraraka grabbed him by the cheeks and tugged him down, pressing her lips against his.  As far as kisses went, it was quick and rather innocent.

It left his lips tasting like hers.

“I don’t care about the cause right now,” she admitted.  “Because tonight was really weird, but I’ve wanted to do that since I was afraid Deku was going to eat you.  I’d like to do it again tomorrow.”

“I’d like that too,” Katsuki replied, feeling a bit dazed.

“Great.  Then until then, I’m going to bed.”

She turned on her heel, then turned back, kissed him again, before she ran off, joining Deku and Four Eyes down the hall.

Well… hell of a Halloween.