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"Boss, we got him," Bruno says, shoving the enemy down to his knees on the cold hard floor of his bosses office.

Jeon Joo looked down at the man, who was with a hard cold face, not looking at anyone, but straight ahead. "So, you're the one who threatened to kill my son, is that right?" Jeon Joo asked, wiping his gun down.

One thing to learn about the leader of most deadly gang in country was, he was a merciless leader, not thinking twice before killing someone right between the eyes. Jeon Joo, was one of the most respected men around, but even so, people were always after him or his son, who was thirteen years old.

In this case, like today, the enemy was after his son, Jeon Jeongguk. Everyone knew that he would be just like his father one day and rule everyone, but would be much worse, they knew he would be more ruthless.

Growing up with a killer of a father, running a drug business, made no time to show his son love and affection, but instead, trained him to take over, since one day he will take over his father. Jeon Joo had to prepare him for it, he needed to make him stronger with each passing year, and learn not to be so 'forgiving'.

That word was thrown out of their vocabulary, didn't exist, couldn't exist, not in this business. Jeon Joo look down at the man who plotted against his son, and smiled a wicked smile, knowing just what to do with him. "Bring in Jeongguk, now," he ordered.

Within a few seconds, Jeongguk entered the office, dressed in an all black suit, down to the T. There was no 'normal' wear for the teen, everyday had to be in suits and aware of things, looking like the future boss that he was.

"Son, I got a present for you," Jeon Joo says looking at his son. "I know it's your birthday, but you know we don't have such things to worry about, but, this here is just for you." Jeon Joo walked over to his son, placing a sturdy hand on Jeongguk's shoulder. "He planned to kill you, and now, you have the honor of killing him, doesn't that sound wonderful?"

The man on his knees was breathing hard, still not looking at the father and son, just preparing for what was up ahead. He knew he was a dead man, but he was paid a hefty price if he killed the son, knowing one day everyone will be doomed. Still, he looked at hope from the son and begged. "Please boy! Let me live! I was paid, I really was! Spare me! I'll give you names I swear! I don't want to die!" The man was sobbing, both tears and snot dropping to the floor, not being able to wipe his face as he was being held down.

Jeongguk held no emotion, he didn't have time to learn fear, he simply did as he was told without so much as batting an eye. His father handed him his hand gun with a supressor, with a smile, patting his shoulder. "He's all yours son."

Jeongguk knelt down, staring coldly at the man in front of him. "What's your name?" Jeongguk asked, gripping the man's chin to keep a steady look at him.

"K-Kins...K-Kins W-w-walker, sir. P-please l-let me l-l-live...I w-was p-paid good m-money to k-kill you, but I-I won't!"

"Kins Walker, hmm. The motherfucker who got paid to kill me I see...and you want to live?" Jeongguk hashly turned the mans head to the side as he let go of his chin, standing back up. "Funny thing here, Kins, I don't plan on letting you live. You see...I'm young, but I learned a lot from my father, and seen many of you growing up." Jeongguk looked at the loaded gun, admiring it's beauty. "It will be my first time killing someone, and you're the lucky person, trust me, it should be an honor."

Mr. Walker cried out loud, trying to break free from the two men holding him down. "Don't kill me don't! I have a baby back at home!"

Jeongguk once again knelt down, rubbing the side of the gun to his own cheek, as if he were scratching it while thinking. "Like games, Kins? You see, I've never played games as a kid, not like normal kids. Do you know what my favorite game is though?"

Mr. Walker shook his head fast, still crying. "N-no s-s-sir."

Jeongguk stopped rubbing the gun against his cheek and placed the silencer against the middle of Mr. Walker's head. "Hunting. Now, I don't mean animal hunting see, I practice a lot of shooting down in my range with a lot dummies, should I say, to practice on." Jeongguk thought about his dummies for a moment, thinking those were good target practices. "But you see, I always have the perfect head, like I was saying, let's play a game."

The man looked up at the boy who would hopefully spare his life once he won in the end. "What g-game?"

Jeongguk stood up, smirking. "I'll give you five seconds to leave this house, and if you can escape my bullet, you'll live. How about it?"

The man thought about it. It was just a thirteen year old, he had a shot a freedom, and he hoped it was his lucky night. "O-okay..."

Jeongguk cocked the gun pointing it at the man's head, then looked at another man at the door. "Open the door, let him run out, I'm giving him a headstart." Jeongguk watched the man open the door wide and step to the side. "Ready, set...go."

The man stumbled to his feet, praying his feet wouldn't fail him as he took off running out the door. He ran down the hall, so close to the stairs to just make in time to miss the bullet.

"Four, five." Jeongguk stepped out of the room and aimed his gun at the man's head, heading down the first few steps of the stairs, then shot his bullet.

He shot the back of the man's head, watching the blood splatter out, as the body fell forward, rolling down the stairs. Jeongguk sighed and turned back into the room where his father was. "It was fun playing, just wish it was more of a challenge."

"You did good son, very good. I'm proud of you," his father said, patting him on the back.

Jeongguk didn't smile, he just placed the gun down, slicking his hand back against his gelled hair, double checking himself. Then went back to his study room where another member of the gang was informing him about what was going on in the now.