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Don't Let Me Go

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Chapter 1: Star Gazing

Hadrian's P.O.V.

It's a clear night, perfect for wishing on a shooting star if wishing on a shooting star is real or not. I'm sitting in the Astronomy Tower alone thinking about everything my legs dangling off the side, I'm breathing in the chilled air helping to calm the storm of thoughts that are in my mind. I'm thinking of the past; how I only found out about magic and the wizarding world when my Hogwarts letter came, or how the Weasley family took the muggle way to Platform 9 3/4 when they could've either appearated or used the floo network, or the fact that people think I live like a king catered to my every need.


Why is it that people think I love fame, even when I'd rather not have this bloody scar, and people staring at it. That in itself makes me uncomfortable. The only people who don't outright stare at is Neville, Luna, Fred and George, and surprisingly Draco and Snape. I just wish they both didn't hate me. Maybe they have to pretend to hate me, but really they don't. Who knows.


I really hate having to pretend I"m not smart, I just really want to be me without pretending. I drop my glamour, and stretch out my beautiful white, with cobalt and blood red tips wings. I sigh with relief, as I start to fix my broken or bent feathers, and the ones I can't reach. I hear someone come up the last few steps as I fly into a corner, wrap my wings around me as they turn sharp, I trill a scared note.


Severus' P.O.V.

I sigh and rub my face. It's been a very long, and trying day, teaching potions to students who don't appreciate the artistry of it. I get up deciding to get some fresh air. I start walking my feet deciding the direction, as I start to think of my mate we both have been suffering since we don't know our submissive, or where they are. I start to feel melancholic, I just want my submissive. I hear a trill of a scared not. I look around I'm in the Astronomy Tower, and in the corner is a veela? I start to slowly move towards them. "It's alright my sweet I'm not here to hurt you." "You're not?" A soft melodic voice says from inside the safety of the wings. "No, I cannot hurt another creature since I'm one myself," I tell the scared creature "You are?" They tell me in surprise and wonderment I slowly approach the creature until I can touch their wings. I touch their razor-sharp wings, they slowly fade from sharp to soft. They gasp "How did you do that?" They ask me "My best friend's son has wings like yours." I tell them. "Really?!" "Yes, except they have different colors than yours," I explain. "How come my wings went from being sharp to soft when you touched them?" He asks "Well, veela's wings can go from being razor-sharp to downy soft depending on the situation they're in. To calm down a veela, an outsider must approach slowly, then ask the veela's permission to touch their wings, the only reason I didn't ask is because your wing color tips help you find your mate, your wing tips are blood red and cobalt blue, these colors are your mate's eye color." I explain more "Oh," he says. He slowly moves his wings away from his body, and I gasp as I see him upclosely. "You're..." I trail off. "I'm hideous," he says looking down I tilt his chin up "You're absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous," as I take in his swirling slivery ice blue eyes. "Who am I? All I know is my name is Hadrian." he asks me. "I have an inkling." I tell him "Do you trust me?" I ask. "Yes, no matter what" he tells me "Good let's go to Slytherin Common Room to get someone else, then we'll appearate to his home, then we'll talk to his parents, and my mate." I tell him the plan. "Oh, I didn't know you had a mate" he tells me looking crestfallen "I'm actually suppose to have 2, but I haven't found the second one yet." I tell him "Is it normal to fall in love with someone as soon as you meet them?" He asks "Why, have you fallen for someone?" I ask him "Yes" he tells me "If I may ask who is it?" "You" he tells me blushing. " One of the colors on your wings is cobalt blue, my eye color" "How, your eyes look black" "Glamour" "Oh," he says speechless