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It had been a long day.

Simon had dealt with a case that seemed to go on for eternity despite it having appeared to be an open and shut case during his investigation. Of course, it could never be that easy. Not when his opponent tended to drag out the inevitable verdict. He had won the case, but by the end of the day, he had found himself with a pounding headache and a need to just get home and relax.

Home. It felt so strange to him that he had grown to think of this small apartment that he shared with his partner as his home. It was comfortable and he knew it as a place that he could rest without having to worry about interruption. Their apartment was the only place he knew was completely free from any outside disturbances. Fulbright respected him more than enough to give him space and he couldn't thank him enough for that among many other things.

He would never admit it out loud, but there were many things he couldn't ever begin to thank Fulbright for. He had agreed to let Simon stay with him after he was released from prison, which was a kindness the prosecutor felt he didn't deserve. Not only that, but Fulbright had started to care for Taka almost as much as Simon did himself. Simon cracked a smile at that, scratching the bird on his shoulder under the chin as he walked. Yes, he did owe a lot to Fulbright.

When Simon finally arrived at their apartment, he opened the door to let Taka in first and the bird took off inside right before he was hit with the smell of something baking. He briefly wondered what the special occasion was, but it only took him a moment to realize what day it was. He pressed a hand to his forehead and almost walked back out the door to go do something about his lapse of memory. Before he had the chance to, he heard the unmistakable sound of his partner talking to Taka in the kitchen. It was something he had definitely gotten from Simon, but it was endearing nonetheless. He'd been unsure if the two would get along when he first moved in, but he was pleasantly surprised to find out that they did. It made staying here much easier knowing that his wonderful animal companion was just as attached to the detective as he was.

He paused at the entrance before deciding to shut the door behind him and follow the noise into the kitchen. Sure enough, Bobby was standing there with the large bird on his shoulder. Simon's gaze softened at the sight of the two of them. Being able to spend time with just his partner and animal companion at the end of the day was something he didn't think he was ever going to get. He was glad to have been wrong about that.

Bobby, having been invested in what he was doing, finally looked up and took notice of him standing there. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw him and it would have taken a heart of steel to not nearly melt at that look. "Simon! I've been waiting for you to get home! I wasn't sure if you were home yet, but I'm glad you're here!" He was ever the talkative one but it was something Simon had come to both expect and love about him. He motioned his partner over, who walked over to him as if he'd been waiting for an invitation.

Simon rested his head on his partner's shoulder once he got close enough, the exhaustion from the day sweeping over him as he wrapped his arms around Bobby's midsection and appreciated the warmth that came with being this close to someone he loved. This small haven of an apartment that they shared was safe. He could let his walls down, if even just a little. He knew he could relax here without worry. It was nice, to say the least. A lot of things were when he was around the detective.

"Simon?" It took him a moment to be broken out of his thoughts when he heard his name and realized that he was being spoken to. He had the tendency to do that when he got home. It was just something he had to slowly get used it. Instead of getting upset that he hadn't been focusing, his partner gave him a soft, knowing smile. It always warmed his heart to see that brilliant smile of his. "I was just saying that I know you've been at work all day and it can't be easy, so I made these after I was done at work!" When Simon peeked over his shoulder to see what he was talking about, his breath caught in his throat.

"You.. made these?" On the counter were small cookies shaped like birds. He'd even decorated them and it was clear he'd spent a lot of time on them. Simon felt guilt twist in his gut at the reminder that he had forgotten what day it was, but it dissipated quickly as he made a mental note to pick something up the next day. He knew that Bobby would never care how late it was. It was another thing he was forever grateful for.

He did something on impulse then that he rarely initiated himself and gently turned Bobby around to kiss him, unfazed when Taka flew off to sit on his perch. It wasn't anything heated, just being a slow and intentional kiss. A silent thank you that was happily returned. His hands found their places on Bobby's shoulder and the side of his face. It was things like this after long days at work that he was glad he could look forward to when he got home. Being close to him, talking to him, just being able to live with knowing he had one of the best partners imaginable was more than he had ever hoped for.

When they finally broke apart, Simon pressed his forehead against Bobby's, basking in the moment before he spoke. "I forgot what day it was again." All Bobby did was laugh and kiss him again. There was always tomorrow to return the favor. Simon found that he was okay with that.