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A Summer too Soon

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Nicole’s long legs glistened in the sun as she was running on the track. Her eyes glanced to the right, towards Waverly, her crush. She has had a crush on Waverly since the sixth grade. Maybe it was the way that Waverly would steal glances at her when she thought Nicole wasn’t looking, or maybe it was Waverly's beautiful green eyes staring at her from across the chemistry table, or maybe it was how Waverly would laugh at Nicole’s stupid jokes. Whatever it was, Nicole was so in love with Waverly.

Nicole was so deep in thought that when she was crashed into, she didn’t realize what happened for a few seconds. She looked around to see who crashed into her. As she saw who it was her demeanor completely changed. It was Champ Hardy, captain of the football team, prom king, Waverly's boy-man boyfriend.

“Watch where you are going, dyke.” Champ said mumbling the last part under his breath. Despite how he acts, he is actually scared of Nicole.

“What did you say to me.” Nicole said as she pulled her headphones out of her ears. She knew what he said but was forcing him to repeat it.

“I said watch where you're going, dyke. Maybe someone should check your hearing. Maybe it’s not just your brain that’s messing up.” Champ practically yelled.

“At least I have a brain, unlike some people.” Nicole said calmly as she started putting her headphones back in.

Champ tried to grab the front of Nicole’s shirt. His breath reeked of Whiskey and Cigarettes.

“At least I’m not living a life of sin. It’s disgusting. Unnatural.” Champ yelled at her.

Nicole caught his hand before he could grab her. She kicked his knee forcing him to the ground. She could see a crowd forming around them. Champ was whimpering under the pain that Nicole was forcing upon him.

“Try to touch me again and I will not stop here. I’ll break your fucking hand. As for me living a life of sin as you put it, I’m fine with that.” Nicole said through gritted teeth.

She released Champ, turned and started to walk away. She felt the first blow to her lower back. She spun around catching Champs fist before it hit her for a second time. She spun him around and kicked the back of his knee. He fell to the ground and Nicole started punching him repeatedly.

“Nicole. Stop it.”

Nicole looked up for a second and saw Waverly standing there staring at her. Nicole’s anger only got worse. She kept punching him over and over again.

Nicole suddenly felt strong arms wrap around her waist pulled her back. The person whispered something into her ear and she instantly calmed down allowing herself to be pulled back from Champ. As she was walking away, she could see a smirk on Champs face. He thought he had won this one.

Behind the gym building.

“What the hell is the matter with you Red? He has said worse things to you and you let this blow off of you.” The mystery woman said.

“I don’t know.” Nicole said is just above a whisper voice.

“That’s not a good enough answer.”

“I just don’t know. He made me so mad and I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“I thought you were the smart one. You’re the one who’s still in school between the two of us. If we had it my way, we would have been out of this hell hole. We would be so far way of this hella long time ago.”

“I know Wy. You just need to give me some time.”
Nicole looked away feeling the tears starting to form. She was barely able to hold it together at this point.

“Wy, I came out to my parents last night. They kicked me out. They said I was no daughter of theirs and fucking kicked me out. I have nowhere to go.” She told Wynonna in a voice that was just above a whisper.

Wynonna pulled her into a tight hug, slightly rubbing her back.

“Nicole you didn’t do anything wrong. You are the most amazing person I have ever known. If your parents are so closed minded that they can’t see what an amazing person you are then that’s their loss. You shouldn’t feel sad because of the way that they acted. It’s not your fault that you are a lesbian. You know what, you’re going to move in with me.”

“Yeah right like Gus and Waverly would be ok with that.”

“Gus has told me multiple times that if you ever needed a place to live, our place is available for you. As for Waves, she can go suck it.”

Nicole let a small smile slip through her tears. Wynonna always knew how to cheer her up when she was feeling bad.

The McCready House

Nicole was just starting to drift asleep in Wynonna's bed when the door slammed open.

“She broke 4 ribs and his wrist Wynonna. How the fuck could she think that was ok? She’s just a useless disgusting dyke.” Waverly said to the person in the bed.

Nicole was silently sobbing.

“Wy, it’s not that I haven’t tried to talk to her, it’s just I don’t know what to do. I like her so much but then she does shit like she did today and she ruins everything.” Waverly continued.

She looked at the sleeping figure and decides to just go to bed.

“Goodnight Wy. See you in the morning.” Waverly said as she left the room.

When Nicole was sure Waverly wasn’t in the room anymore she got out of bed. She went over to her backpack and grabbed her blade that was hidden. She pulled her shirt off and pressed the blade into her chest and started cutting.

“You’re worthless. You’re nothing. You’re a useless dyke. You’re a piece of shit. You don’t deserve to live. The world would be better if you weren’t here anymore.” The thoughts just kept running through her mind.

Over and over again until soon she ran out of places to cut on her chest and stomach. She then pulled off her pants, revealing scars of all ages on her legs. She then cut until she had nowhere to cut anymore. Her legs soaked red from the blood. She put her pants back on and put the blade away. The sting of the blood grounded her to this world.

She walked out into the hall and went into the bathroom. Her hands shaking. She gripped the counter so tightly that her hands started to turn white. Nicole lifted her shirt and stared at her cuts. Waverly walked in and stopped in her tracks when she saw Nicole. Nicole quickly let go of her shirt.

“Shit. Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” Nicole yelled at Waverly.

“What the hell happened to your chest and stomach Nicole?” Waverly already knew what she had done.

“GET OUT!!” She yelled.

Up the stairs a set of footsteps could be heard.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Gus said to the girls.

She looked back and forth between Waverly and Nicole. She then saw the blood seeping through Nicole’s pants and shirt.

“Waverly go to your room.” Gus told Waverly. “Nicole lift your shirt up.”

Nicole did as she was told. The words worthless, nothing, dyke, bitch, whore, shit, you should just die we’re carved into her skin. Gus walked over to Nicole and helped her get her shirt off. She went over to the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a box a cotton swabs.

“When did you start cutting?” Gus asked as she was cleaning Nicole’s cuts.

“A few years ago.”

“Is there a reason behind why you started?”

“My past.”

“What about it?”

Nicole didn’t answer. She just stared out into space.

“Nicole, what happened?”

There was a knock at the door. Nicole stood up quickly and started to walk past her. Not remembering that she didn’t have a shirt on.

“Gus is Nicole in there with you?” Wynonna asked.

“Yes. She is.”

Nicole opened the door and there was a loud gasp from both Wynonna and Waverly. She then looked down at herself and saw for the first time how bad the cuts actually were. The cuts were worse than she first thought they were going to be.

Nicole pushed past them and ran out the front door. She didn’t stop running until she finally reached a safe place. Pussy Willows. She walked in and sat at the bar.

“Long time since I saw you here last.” Said the barmaid.

”I haven’t had a need to come until now Carly.”

“Want something to drink?”

”A beer and a shit ton of Vodka straight.”

”Something we’re not.”

”I miss you, Carly. Life’s shit without you.”

“I know but you know where to find me,” she said as she put the beer and shot in front of Nicole.

3 beers and 4 shots later

A slightly (a little more than slightly) drunk Nicole is about to leave when she turns around.

”Want to get out of here after your shift?” Nicole asked Carly.

“Where to?”

”A wedding chapel.”

“Nicole you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

”I might be drunk but I know what I want. And I want you Shae.”

“I’m not what you want Nicole. You want Waverly. You always have and you always will.”

”I’m over that stupid crush. Please, Carly.”

”Are you sure?”


”then let’s do it.”

Pulling into the Holy Faith Wedding Chapel

Nicole and Carly walk in and sign the papers they need too. They sit and wait to be called up.