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Bagel Boys (With Cream Cheese)

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September 23, 7:04 PM

Bredbin has added Tyler, Josh, Gregard, Frnki, Daylan, PeteyBoiSquadMan, PatrickDudeGangGuy, Andy, and Joe to Unnamed Chat. Welcome!

Bredbin has renamed Unnamed Chat to Emo Loser Squad.

PatrickDudeGangGuy: what the heck
Bredbin: hello retards it is I, the master fucker
Andy: uh wth Joe save me
Joe: why are we all here? and who are all of you??
PeteyBoiSquadMan: ^
Gregard: ^
Frnki: ^
Daylan: bren explain please
Bredbin: well, you see, I was just thinking...
Tyler: that's not a good sign
Josh: you can do that?
Bredbin: fuck you :(
Bredbin: anyways we're all emo rejects so I got everyone's kiks and made this group chat
Andy: okay but who is everyone
Gregard: and how did you get our kiks
Tyler: I'm betting he stalked you
Josh: same
Bredbin: i wouldn't call it that.
Bredbin: i kinda...
Bredbin: okay I stalked you
Tyler: knew it

Frnki changed his name to Frankster.

Joe: that was random
Frankster: shush I can do what I want
Daylan: So, can we properly introduce ourselves?
Josh: please I'm scared of new people, b
Tyler: :( r u okay
Josh: Yee :)
Gregard: adorable
Bredbin: I'm Brendon Urie, that one kid in Ms. Jackson's class who brought the barn owl to school.
Tyler: I like how that's his only redeeming quality.
Tyler: Im Tyler Joseph, that one kid who shared that really depressing poem in Mr. Markin's class, and Josh's best fren.
Josh: I'm Josh Dun, and I don't really have anything I'm known for, but I'm Tyler's best fren :)
Gregard: I'm Gerard Way, that emo fucker that wears Leather Jackets and way too much eyeliner.
Frankster: I'm Frank Iero, Gerard's friend
Daylan: I'm Dallon Weekes, the one kid who has never gone to detention, ever
PeteyBoiSquadMan: Pete Wentz, friends with the softest boi in the world
PatrickDudeGangGuy: Patrick Stump, the softest motherfricker in the school
Andy: Andy Hurley, sometimes hangs around with Pete and Patrick but is better friends with Joe.
Joe: Joe Trohman, Andy's only friend
Bredbin: so, Pete and Patrick.
PeteyBoiSquadMan: yes
PatrickDudeGangGuy: yes
Bredbin: if you think Patrick is softer than Joshler you're mistaken.
Tyler: not again
Josh: ouèf
PeteyBoiSquadMan: oh really?
Daylan: Are you serious?
Frankster: this is actually happening
Gregard: Brendon wtf
Bredbin: do the thing!!!
Tyler: that's
Josh: sick
Tyler: as
Josh: frick
Tyler: #ChristianFren
Josh: #ChristianFren
Tyler: luv u fren
Josh: :) luv u too fren
Daylan: Aww
Gregard: aww
Frankster: ^
Joe: ^
Andy: ^
Bredbin: suck on that Patrick.
PatrickDudeGangGuy: *tips fedora menacingly* you pulled the best friend card you motherhecker
PeteyBoiSquadMan: this is not looking good
PatrickDudeGangGuy: OwO
Bredbin: wthat the fuck that's just weird
Tyler: shush don't corrupt Josh
Josh: shush don't corrupt Tyler
Gregard: Frank can we do that
Frankster: no
Daylan: I wish I had a best friend :(
Joe: sucks to suck
Bredbin: kinky ;)
Josh: what's kinky
Tyler: don't tell him please
Andy: we are in the presence of a literal ball of fluff how
PeteyBoiSquadMan: even Pat knows what kinky means
PatrickDudeGangGuy: don't call me pat.
PeteyBoiSquadMan: sorry, even Trick knows what kinky means*
PatrickDudeGangGuy: better :)
Tyler: wait what's today's date
Josh: twenty third.
Tyler: time???
Bredbin: 7:30 pm

Tyler left the chat

Gregard: what's up with him
Bredbin: what's the homework?????
Daylan: Brenon Urir you haven't done the homework.

Bredbin changed their name to Brenon Urir

Brenon Urir: no
Frankster: idc about homework what's up with Tyler?
PeteyBoiSquadMan: ^
PatrickDudeGangGuy: ^
Andy: ^
Joe: ^
Gregard: ^
Daylan: ^

Josh has added Brenon Urir and Tyler to Panic Chat
Josh: *added 1 screenshot*
Tyler: don't
Brenon Urir: okay

Chat disbanded.

(At Emo Loser Squad)
Josh: b and I talked with Tyler
Daylan: What did he say?
Brenon Urir: he doesn't wanna talk about it
PeteyBoiSquadMan: dammit now I'm worried
Andy: you literally just met the guy.
PeteyBoiSquadMan: fuck off
Josh: if it helps you out any I know and it's nothing too bad :)
PeteyBoiSquadMan: thanks Josh.
Gregard: "too bad"
PatrickDudeGangGuy: that means it's bad but not bad enough that he's gonna die
Frankster: where's his house I have a car
Josh: that's not a good idea...
Brenon Urir: I agree
Daylan: I have a friend with a minivan!
PeteyBoiSquadMan: add him on! it's a mystery!

Daylan added RyRo to Emo Loser Squad. Welcome!

RyRo: Dallon wtf
Daylan: read from the start to now.
RyRo: oh shit Brendon Urie owns this chat
Brenon Urir: the one and only
RyRo: Ryan Ross, the kid you shoved in between two bathroom stalls for three hours, and the kid who brings Cheez Whiz to school. I also pour milk in people pants.
Brenon Urir: shit man I thought it was something else ;)
Josh: bren wth.
Brenon Urir: sorry
Brenon Urir: but dude you're a legend
RyRo: not really.
Daylan: we need your mini van
Gregard: didn't you launch a pallette of eyeshadow at my table
RyRo: yeah you looked like you needed it
Gregard: :)
PatrickDudeGangGuy: focus Gerard
Gregard: sorry
Frankster: yes please do
Daylan: Why not?!
PatrickDudeGangGuy: hey can we not yell and solve this like adults??
PeteyBoiSquadMan: none of us are adults.
Gregard: ^^^^^^^^^^
Gregard: yo bren can I add my brother he's smart and emo
Brenon Urir: go for it dood

Gregard has added MikeySlay to Emo Loser Squad.

MikeySlay: fuck off Gerard
Gregard: just look at the previous messages!!
MikeySlay: oh shit whaddup I'mma get my nerd glasses
Frankster: last time I checked you don't have nerd glasses.
Gregard: they're fake
MikeySlay: alright I have my nerd glasses. time to solve the mystery of 'Times, Dates and Tyler'
Andy: highly uncreative
Joe: ^
Brenon Urir: just drop it, it's nothing!!
Josh: we know Tyler and we also know it's nothing you need to be worried about.
Frankster: well we're just curious then
RyRo: alright I'm in the minivan where does he live
RyRo: fine
Daylan: yknow what, this is Tyler's business, we should drop it
PeteyBoiSquadMan: betrayal at its finest
PatrickDudeGangGuy: how could you dallon? I trusted you
Josh: thank you dalpal!

Daylan changed their name to DalPal.

DalPal: no biggie
Brenon Urir: but srsly thanks
MikeySlay: no I'm solving this
RyRo: idk man, I'm only the van guy. idc either way tbh
Frankster: if Josh and bren say it's fine then I gueeeeeeeessssss ill drop it.
PatrickDudeGangGuy: but if it's not bad why can't we know about it?
PeteyBoiSquadMan: what he said.
Josh: just don't please, it's Tyler's life and I respect that.
Brenon Urir: amen hoes.
Andy: yea i agree with bren and Josh.
Joe: samesies
Andy: ew
PatrickDudeGangGuy: ^
PeteyBoiSquadMan: ^
Frankster: ^
DalPal: ^
RyRo: ^
MikeySlay: ^
Brenon Urir: ^
Josh: ^
Joe: ^
Gregard: ^
DalPal: wait Joe you're the one that said it
Joe: nvm then.

Tyler has added Josh and Brenon Urir to an unnamed Chat.
Tyler: sry I've been gone so long
Brenon Urir: u okay dude?
Tyler: yeah, im fine.
Josh: you gonna come back to the main chat?
Tyler: yeah, tmr tho :)
Josh: also warning they might wanna bombard u with questions
Tyler: thanks for the heads up, frens.
Brenon Urir: np ty
Josh: np :)

September 24, 3:00 AM

Brenon Urir: what would it be like to fuck a unicorn

Tyler joined the chat.

Tyler changed his name to TyJo.

TyJo: Brendon what the heck.
Brenon Urir: aww welcome back to slut city.
TyJo: ew I regret coming back.
RyRo: so ur Tyler.
TyJo: yea. who're u
RyRo: Ryan Ross, professional cheez whiz addict and milk pourer.
TyJo: ok. I'm gonna get caught up on everything really quick.
TyJo: Gerard has a brother?
RyRo: yeah Mikey
Brenon Urir: he's a smart cunt
RyRo: bren what r u doing up at 3
Brenon Urir: it's the Devil's Hour, I'm always up
RyRo: and thinking about fucking a unicorn?
TyJo: just don't ask questions.
TyJo: wow they really wanted to know where I went
Brenon Urir: yeah, Josh and I stopped them tho
TyJo: thanks bren
Brenon Urir: np tyjo.
RyRo: what were u doing up at 3, ty
TyJo: uh. homework
RyRo: today's actually Monday and you haven't done ur hmwrk yet?
Brenon Urir: it's common.
Brenon Urir: knock knock hoe
TyJo: Geez B you gave me a heart attack.
RyRo: what?
Brenon Urir: I brought Josh
Josh: hey Tyler :)
RyRo: what's happening?
TyJo: it's unlocked
Brenon Urir: thanks ty
Josh: Brendon really
RyRo: what??????
Brenon Urir: what
Josh: unicorn
RyRo: Tyler tell me what's happening please
TyJo: Brendon and Josh knocked on my window and are now inside my bedroom
Josh: :)
Brenon Urir: it's a weekly thing
RyRo: I'm heading off to bed. you three have fun
TyJo: night
Josh: gn
Brenon Urir: night hoe, go drink a glass of milk
RyRo: night, go stuff your mouth with toilet paper.

September 24, 9:57 AM

Brenon Urir changed their name to Beebo.

Beebo: hey
Beebo: hey
Beebo: heyu
Beebo: heyyyyyyyyy
Beebo: give me attention bitches
DalPal: it's class time
Gregard: *gives attention*
Beebo: thanks gee

Gregard changed their name to Gee.

Gee: np
Josh: wanna get taco Bell after school
TyJo: I'm down
DalPal: ^!!!!
PatrickDudeGangGuy: ^!!!!!!!!
PeteyBoiSquadMan: ^!!!!!!
Joe: ^
Andy: ^
MikeySlay: ^
Frankster: ^
Josh: see Tyler, they do miss u :)
TyJo: thanks for caring
RyRo: welcome back Tyler
TyJo: :)
Beebo: tacos tho
PeteyBoiSquadMan: I'm in
PatrickDudeGangGuy: ye
Andy: Joe and I can't :(
Gee: Mikey and I are in
Frankster: I'm down for tacos
DalPal: Somebody has to be an adult

Beebo changed DalPal's name to Dadlon.

RyRo: I can go
TyJo: sweet
Josh: are we all gonna meet there separately or what
RyRo: I can drive
Beebo: I call shotgun
TyJo: in what way
TyJo: b
TyJo: dangit Urie

September 24, 10:34 AM

Josh: tykwr
Josh: left hallway bathrrrm
Tyler: omw
PeteyBoiSquadMan: what's going on
PeteyBoiSquadMan: guys????

Tyler excused himself from class and ran down the hallways until he reached the bathroom Josh told him to go to. His phone was exploding with notification after notification, but he didn't care. All that mattered was Josh.

PeteyBoiSquadMan: dude Tyler u good??
PatrickDudeGangGuy: Tyler just ran past my class.
Dadlon: Same
Gee: wait there's this really tall kid that sits next to me I couldn't see
Dadlon: this short kid just shoved down my head to see out the window
Gee: sorry that's me
Andy: Tyler just ran past me?
Joe: ^
Beebo: ah shit
Frankster: what?
Beebo: just let Tyler handle it
MikeySlay: guys shut up I'm in class.
Joe: turn your phone on silent
MikeySlay: oh. k.

Tyler swerved into the doorway and looked around frantically.

"Josh?!" He called into the seemingly empty bathroom.

"T-tyler?" A tiny voice spoke back. Tyler followed the voice until he found Josh. He crouched down beside Josh and gently rested his hand on his best fren's shoulder, missing it the first time.

"I'm here, Jish. It's okay. You're okay." Tyler reassured Josh. "Can you look at me?" Josh lifted his head until he was looking Tyler straight in the eyes. "Tell me five things you can see."

"You. U-uh.. The wall. A stall. Sinks. Me"

"Good job. Four things you can hear?" Tyler smiled, seeing his breathing grow steadier.

PatrickDudeGangGuy: Brendon where are you going.
Dadlon: Gerard shut up
Gee: I'm not doing anything??
Dadlon: then where are you, and why is there laughing coming from the floor?
Gee: you didn't see Pedro punch me in the face?
PatrickDudeGangGuy: GUYS
Gee: yes Trick
Dadlon: ^
PatrickDudeGangGuy: Brendon ran out of class and his hand was gray????

"Uh. Me, your breathing. Y-your phone." Josh took a deep breath. "Brendon running." Tyler nodded.

"Three things you can feel." He said, before Brendon came into the bathroom.

"My heart. Brendon's anxiety. Your caringness." Josh smiled a bit and took a steadier breath. Brendon stared into the mirror, giving the two their space.

"Two things you can smell."

Dadlon: why is everyone running today
Frankster: what do u mean?
Dadlon: gee ran with his head bleeding, Tyler ran, and b ran. and I'm running after gee

"Guys can you hurry up? Gerard and Dallon are coming. Tyler snapped his head to the door and saw it opening. He stood up, shoved Brendon into a stall, and hoped for the best.

After all, what they would see would be a stranger standing next to air.

Gerard went to the sink and started washing the blood off of his head, the water being so loud it drowned out the sound of cracking. Dallon came in right then, spotting Tyler and blushing.

"I swear I wasn't the one who did this!" Dallon was actually really tall.

"Yeah, what happened to him?" Tyler played the role of helpful stranger.

"Some kid threw a few punches, and staples, at him." Dallon got bandages from some place and started bandaging Gerard. Tyler nodded.

"Why don't you go to the nurse's office?" Tyler suggested. Dallon nodded and escorted Gerard out. Tyler turned back to Josh, and crouched down in front of him, stranger melting away.

"Two things you can smell."

"Faint blood, and your mint toothpaste." Josh smiled. Tyler smiled, too.

"One thing you can taste."

"Gummy vitamins." Josh snorted. Tyler helped him up.

"You okay?" Tyler asked, concerned for his fren.

"Yeah. There was a presentation and I panicked because it started happening in front of everybody, so I ran." Josh explained.

Dadlon: gee and I are going to the nurse's office :)
Frankster: is he okay??
MikeySlay: ^^^??
Dadlon: yea, but ty and josh weren't in the bathroom when we were there.
PeteyBoiSquadMan: what if they left the bathroom already
Andy: no they didn't because Joe and i's class is right outside the bathroom so we would've seen them.
Joe: then where are they?

"Well I'm glad you're okay, fren." Tyler smiled and the two happy bois hugged.

"Not to break up the obvious moment but help me you fuckers!" Brendon yelled. Josh smiled sheepishly and pushed the door to the stall open, finger tips becoming very slightly transparent in his concern for his friend. There stood Brendon, looking very Satan-like, stuck in the stall. Tyler and Josh both barely hid their amusement at the sight of him.

"So, get me out of here. Please."

PatrickDudeGangGuy: class is almost over, im gonna go check up on them.
Gee: kk
Frankster: you good, gee?
Gee: yea the nurse had to extract staples from my head tho
RyRo: are you okay?????
Gee: I'm okay milky boy

RyRo changed their name to MilkyBoy.

PatrickDudeGangGuy changed their name to Fedorable.

PeteyBoiSquadMan changed their name to Peet.

Peet: class is over children :)
Dadlon: They are MY children, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III.
MikeySlay: wtf that's his full name?
Dadlon: it was on the attendance sheet, Micheal.
Gee: Weekes u better run
Fedorable: I'mma check up on the two missing children, goodbye dead dallon.

Tyler and Josh managed to get Brendon out of the stall, and Tyler finally checked his phone.

"Patrick's coming what do we do?!" Tyler whisper-screamed. Josh's fingers turned completely transparent, and he got an idea.

"Y'know I could just hide Brendon from view?" Josh smiled. Tyler grinned and morphed into a stranger, watching as Josh and Satan Urie became nothing. Or, well, he could still kind of see them but that's for later ;). Tyler, now a stranger, started washing his hands, frowning slightly when faint black marks started appearing on his neck and hands.

Patrick opened the door, and Tyler tensed ever so slightly, readjusting his morph so the black wasn't visible. He glanced over at Patrick before looking back to the sink. Patrick was frowning. Tyler felt a tap on his shoulder, and he turned the water off.

"Yes?" Tyler turned to face him, and disguised his voice so 'Trick wouldn't be able to recognize him.

"Hey, um, have you seen a guy, about yay-high," He made a gesture with his hand. "brown hair, kinda spiky and a few arm tattoos?" Patrick asked, concern clear in his voice. Tyler shook his head. Patrick frown etched deeper into his face, eyes radiating worry. Patrick took out his phone and typed, leaving the bathroom.

Fedorable: not in the bathroom. where the frick did they go??
Dadlon: That's it, we're making a group call.

Dadlon has started a group call.

Dadlon: he won't answer.

Tyler morphed back to his normal form, and the two other boys came into view. Brendon was back to normal, and Josh wasn't anxious. Tyler sighed in relief.

"So, what now? Do we-"

Dadlon started a group call.

Tyler glanced at the two, who also had their phones out. Josh answered the call, so Brendon and Tyler gathered around Josh.

"Jesus Christ where the fuck have you been??" Gerard's voice came through the speaker.

"We've been worried sick, Josh. Where are Tyler and Brendon?" Dallon exclaimed. Josh's free hand fiddled with his sleeve.

"U-uh, right h-here." Josh stuttered. A thud came from the other side of the phone. "What's g-going on?"

"You broke Ryan." Frank giggled out. A muffled "Holy shit that's so fucking cute" came from Frank's side, making Josh blush.

"Hey, back off my fren, Ryan." Tyler said unseriously.

"Well, there's Tyler, but where's Brendon?" A voice Tyler presumed to be Andy's came over the line.

"Wassap bitches!" Brendon yelled.

"There he is." Joe said, amused.

"Where were you guys? I checked in the bathroom?" Patrick asked.

"The bathroom." Tyler said, a smile tugging at his face. Josh slapped his free hand over his mouth quietly, and Brendon held in a laugh.

"Dude, 'Trick literally just looked in there." said Pete, confused.

"It's m-magic." Josh said, grinning. Josh had the most adorable stutter, but came with the drawback of anxiety. You could faintly hear Mikey put on the nerd glasses.

"The hunt begins."

Chapter Text

September 25, 7:34 AM

Beebo: hey fuckers :)
TyJo: what
Frankster: yes beebo
Gee: what is it that you require, O Fuckwad
Beebo: i have weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
Josh: no not again
Andy: again?
Peet: brendon what the ever loving fuck
Joe: should I be concerned
Beebo: im alredy huiuuiiiiiuuuiiiiiiigh thuiiooooooo lpl
Josh: dangit
Gee: oh fuck nah im getting ready for school
MikeySlay: ^
Frankster: ^
Andy: ^
Joe: ^
Peet: ^
Fedorable: ^
MilkyBoy: ^
Dadlon: Brendon Urie
Beebo: yed
Dadlon: I am outside your house and you will give me the weed
TyJo: Dallon don't
Josh: seriously Brendon gets pissy when he's high
Dadlon: dude he just walked outside and collapsed
TyJo: Stage One
Dadlon: hes looking at me like I murdered his family
Josh: Stage Two...
Frankster: wtf is up kyle.
TyJo: stage three
Gee: the fitness gram pacer test-
MikeySlay: wtf is dallon ok
Dadlon: sup hooooooeessss is me been :9))
Josh: stage four
Dadlon: sorry b took my phone what the ever loving fuck
TyJo: don't worry dallon Josh and I are coming :)
MilkyBoy: why the fuck did Brendon just fucking star t flyinf wtfhfhf??
Josh: shoot
TyJo: We're close
Gee: I walked outside and see Brendon fucking Urie high on some crack with a fucking vulture biting his ear and kicking at fucking air
Josh: um wth?????????????????????!??!?!??????????
Andy: Josh are you okay

September 25, 8:55 AM

Peet: holy shit wtf are all those earlier messages guys
Fedorable: Brendon got high???
Andy: I thought that was a fuckin dream
Joe: ^
Josh: there aren't any earlier messages
TyJo: I don't see any on my phone :P
Beebo: I haven't touched weed since idk fourth grade
Dadlon: I can't remember being chased by beebo.
MikeySlay: brainwashing.... hmmm
Gee: wtf Mikey
MikeySlay: we have a mystery on our hands, fellas.

MikeySlay kicked TyJo, Dadlon, Beebo, and Josh from Emo Loser Squad.

MilkyBoy: MIKEY!
MikeySlay: i have reason to believe that we have monsters in our midst.
Gee: shit, over it.
Frankster: fun :/
Andy: and why is that, Mikey?

MikeySlay has changed their name to Detective Mikey.

Detective Mikey: remember when Tyler introduced himself and he said he shared a depressing poem?
Joe: yes
Detective Mikey: What was that poem?
Gee: Lights they blink to me, transmitting things to me
Ones and zeroes, ergo this symphony
Anybody listening? Ones and zeroes
Count to infinity, ones and zeroes
I'm surrounded and I'm hounded
There's no "above", or "under", or "around" it
For "above" is blind belief and "under" is sword to sleeve
And "around" is scientific miracle, let's pick "above" and see
For if and when we go "above", the question still remains
Are we still in love and is it possible we feel the same?
And that's when going "under" starts to take my wonder
But until that time
I'll morph to someone else, I'm just a ghost
Detective Mikey: what is the last line?
Frankster: I'll morph to someone else, I'm just a ghost.
Detective Mikey: so Brendon was... kicking at air?
Andy: yes?
Detective Mikey: WRONG! I suspect either, A.) We have a ghost among us or B.) someone can become invisible.
Joe: maybe he was high as fuck dude
Detective Mikey: remember that vulture after Tyler said that they were close? Tyler can morph and Josh can turn invisible.
MilkyBoy: wow that's not actually too hard to believe.
Detective Mikey: Patrick
Fedorable: yes?
Detective Mikey: was anybody in the bathroom when you checked?
Fedorable: no just a very curious stranger oh- I get it
Peet: dude what is Brendon???????
Detective Mikey: we'll need Ryan for this
MilkyBoy: why
Detective Mikey: the 3 am chat, what did Brendon say when you asked him why he was up?
MilkyBoy: it's the Devil's hour, he's always up
Detective Mikey: Brendon Urie is a demon.
Frankster: aren't ty and josh Christians??
Gee: ^
Detective Mikey: maybe that's why they know. think about it, isn't Satan like a religious thing? so if b didn't want Joshler to tell an exorcist or smth, wouldn't he tell them?
Andy: smort
Joe: "smort"
Gee: lol
Frankster: then why did we not remember the b high thing until we saw the messages.
Detective Mikey: thank you, fronk. we have a psychic on our hands.
Detective Mikey: and it's Ryan fucking Ross.
MilkyBoy: why is it me?
Detective Mikey: you were up at three with the others, conviently concerned about Tyler, and knew Gerard needed that eyeshadow.
Gee: fuck I have magic eyeshadow
Frankster: wow
MilkyBoy: dude it's not me. Joe and Andy have been taking this pretty well, kinda sus
Detective Mikey: hmm, knowing just the way to push my buttons, PSYCHIC
MilkyBoy: it's not me I swear on my dead cats grave
Gee: wow
Andy: are you okay?
MilkyBoy: no it was for dramatic affect.
Joe: o
Detective Mikey: well, let's say it's innocent until proven guilty. also, how do you know Dallon?
MilkyBoy: we've been friends since we were kids back in the old days.
Detective Mikey: how did you meet?
MilkyBoy: well my bird tweetles flew away and I went looking for him, but Dallon found him with a broken wing and helped him :)
Detective Mikey: healer.
Gee: damn.
Frankster: should we invite them back in, or just wait until tmr to question them.
Detective Mikey: delete the msgs and invite them back in, act as if nothing happened.

MilkyBoy invited TyJo, Josh, Beebo, and Dadlon to private chat
MilkyBoy: they're onto us.
MilkyBoy: *one image attached*
Beebo: fuck kick out Mikey
Dadlon: No don't, it'll be suspicious
TyJo: how're you handling this Josh
Josh: I'm.. I think I'm good :)
TyJo: :)
Beebo: I'm fucking not bc this is all my fault for getting high.
MilkyBoy: want me to erase their memories?
TyJo: no, we'll have to tell them sometime..
MilkyBoy: gotcha.
Dadlon: Are we gonna tell them, or wait until they question us?
Beebo: question please I'm not ready yet
TyJo: okay beebo

Chat disbanded

(At Emo Loser Squad)

Detective Mikey added TyJo, Josh, Beebo, and Dadlon to Emo Loser Squad.

Detective Mikey has erased 56 messages.

Detective Mikey: sorry guys. the chat got disbanded accidentally.
TyJo: then why are all of the msgs still here
Josh: and why delete 56?
Detective Mikey: I got them back from the cloud. and that was from something else.
Beebo: ah fuckers good to be back home to this hellhole!
Dadlon: Okay.
Dadlon: also it's class time rn so stop texting.
Gee: okie

September 25, 1:17 PM

Dadlon: I'm so fucking pissed right now.
Beebo: y
Dadlon: That cunt yard duty Ms. McGurk was fucking smoking and blamed it on me, so now I have detention.
TyJo: my swearing senses are tingling
Josh: that sucks dallon.
Beebo: oof
Gee: yo i was the one who offered her a cig
Frankster: I'm in detention wit dal 2 cuz I ran in the halls
Dadlon: I'm skipping detention.
RyRo: I'll cover for you
Dadlon: thanks rybread.

RyRo changed their name to RyBread.

RyBread: np dal
Dadlon: fuck u gee
Gee: soz
TyJo: no swearing on my
Josh: Christian Minecraft server.
Frankster: can they read each other's minds??
Detective Mikey: hm idk

Detective Mikey changed their name to SweetAndSalty.

Beebo: hey ty
TyJo: yes b?
Beebo: tb w j?
TyJo: for petes sake why would I ever say no
Peet: hi
Fedorable: hey guess what?
Gee: yes?
Fedorable: fuck you
Fedorable: I did.
TyJo: Josh we are the last ones standing.
Josh: save me Tyler i wanna say the d word
Frankster: dangit is not a bad word.
TyJo: yes it is
Josh: also who's playing that music
Beebo: ;)
Beebo: fuck wait I take it back
Dadlon: Boyd
Gee: wow I thought mine was bad.
SweetAndSalty: Gerard Arthur Way.
Gee: fuck.
TyJo: lol arthur.
Josh: you're not better Robert
TyJo: William.
Josh: consarnit
Gee: all of our middle names suck ass
TyJo: don't say that about robert.
Josh: william is a great middle name
Frankster: arthur sucks ass tbh
Gee: fuck you
Dadlon: also this is totally nostalgia for me for literally no reason at all.
Andy: weird
Beebo: boyd lol
Joe: that's.. that's yours brendon.
Beebo: duck
Beebo: fuck
TyJo: I liked duck better
Josh: is tb still up
Beebo: ye
Dadlon: I feel very sadlon

Dadlon changed their name to Sadlon.

Sadlon: bc I forgot my middle name.
Andy: fuckfuckfuckfuxofuckfuxofuckfuckfuxlfuckk there's a three day field trip to SCIENCE CAMP TOMORROW THAT I FORGOT ABOUT
Joe: I'm packed, is there wifi
Beebo: no, but Im bringing fifteen flashlights
TyJo: I picked Josh as my partner
Josh: I picked Tyler as my partner
Gee: Frank
Frankster: Gee
Sadlon: nobody wanted to be my partner ;(
RyBread: aw that sucks I picked bren
Beebo: rybred.
Andy: Joe obvi
Joe: I take it back Dallon wanna be my partner
Andy: wait nvm I wanna be your partner Joe
Joe: kk
Beebo: KKK
TyJo: get off ur phones and pack u plebs
Josh: k
Sadlon: k
Frankster: k


Chapter Text

September 26, 6:05 AM

TyJo: all packed and ready for Science Camp.
Josh: we packed together :)
Beebo: aww relationship goals
Peet: Patrick and I packed together too
Andy: Joe didn't pack he shoved all his stuff in my suitcase
Joe: u had enough room in that rv
Sadlon: RV???
Andy: I have a huge suitcase.
Gee: drank literally just shoved fifteen bottles of waterproof eyeliner in his bag im a proud emo ;)
Frankster: tis I, drank

Frankster changed their name to Drank.

SweetAndSalty: yo this guy just called me and said his name was joan. he wanted to partner up with me because his only other friend can't be in his cabin so I said yes
Gee: what kind of name is Joan?
SweetAndSalty: his other friend dared him to make more friends anyway. and idk but he seemed pretty chill. I can ask for his kik.
Peet: mood ^^^^^

SweetAndSalty has added TheJoangleBook to Emo Loser Squad. Welcome!

TheJoangleBook: hello f***ers am Joan. they/them please and thanks i can and will punch you
TheJoangleBook: with kindness.
Josh: I love them already :)
TyJo: be our friend I can give you taco bell.
Drank: I'm so proud.
Andy: boy are they in for a wild ride
Joe: Disney I like it.

TheJoangleBook has added TallyCat to Emo Loser Squad. Welcome!

TallyCat: meow
TheJoangleBook: that's Talyn my good nb friend
TallyCat: henlo I have never had Krispy Kreme
Beebo: they must be shot.
Josh: please don't scare them away.
Fedorable: yes please do not
Beebo: SHIT
TyJo: don't worry he's normally like this
TallyCat: can't be much worse than Thomas
TheJoangleBook: we totally get it. are any of you queer?
Beebo: I'm a pansexual bitch
Gee: gay
Drank: gay
TyJo: biromantic and ace
Josh: bishrekual
SweetAndSalty: aro/ace
Sadlon: gay
Andy: ally
Joe: ^
Fedorable: gay
Peet: bisexual
TyJo: this is our last taste of wifi for three days.
TallyCat: see you l8r
TheJoangleBook: bye bye bitches
Josh: :)

September 26, 7:00 AM

Tyler wheeled in his suitcase, sleeping bag attached to the top. He was very, extremely nervous for these three days. At least he would be 100% rooming with Josh. Speaking of, Josh walked in the conjoined classroom grinning like an idiot. They walked across the room, looking at different signs to see which group they were in. Eventually, they found the correct sign and placed their stuff down underneath it. The sign read:

Tyler J.
Josh D.
Brendon U.
George R. III
Dallon W.
Thomas S.

That meant they would be bunking with a total stranger. Fun! Tyler was very excited to meet the stranger, but Josh was understandably anxious about it. Tyler and Josh were the first people here, since they woke up earlier than everybody else. The two frens sat down in two seats and talked for a few minutes, before three kids walked in laughing. One was wearing an orange beanie, one had pink and blue hair, and the other had purple hair. They all split up and started walking around, looking for their cabins.

The purple haired guy stopped right in front of their cabin and set his stuff down. Tyler looked at Josh for a reaction and saw a fidgeting mess. The guy walked over to his other friends who had also found their cabins. Right then, thankfully, Brendon walked in wearing very, very sparkly high heels and wheeling in a very, very sparkly suitcase. Brendon spotted the two boys, waved and went to find his cabin. Tyler pointed him in the right direction, so it didn't take long. The ball of hyper energetic glitter that was also named Brendon walked over to them, grinning like an idiot.

"What's good, asshats?" Brendon sat down next to them, putting his blinding boots on the table.

"Nothing much. I'm going to miss Taco Bell, though." Tyler looked off into the distance dramatically, making a fake tear going down his face with his finger. Josh leaned forward smiling and whispered in Brendon's ear.

"Tyler packed f-forty cans of RedBull in h-his suitcase." Brendon slapped his hand (quite loudly) over his mouth, trying not to laugh. Josh giggled adorably as Tyler squawked in surprise.

"Only you would do something like that, TyJo." Bren smirked. "But I wanna know who that Thomas guy is."

"I dunno, man. All we know is that he has purple hair." Tyler shrugged.

"N-next time I dye my hair, I m-might go purple." Josh pointed to his florescent, highlighter-yellow hair. "Or red. Possibly orange."

"What about rainbow?" Brendon suggested. Josh nodded, deep in thought.

"I could be a r-rainbow Josh.." He echoed. The door opened quietly as Gerard, Mikey and Frank walked in. All of them were wearing leather jackets, but it was very clear Mikey had been literally forced into his. They looked for their cabins, found said cabins, and walked over to the three boys.

"Hello boyos. It is me. Arthur." Gerard said, making Mikey snort.

"Hi I'm Drank and you're watching Disney channel." Frank sat down, and face palmed, then gestured to Brendon's boots.

"They are my kinky boots. Leave this snacc alone." Brendon scoffed, waving Frank off. "Don't disrespect my kinky boots." Mikey looked over at the door, confused.

"Pete and Patrick were literally right outside two seconds ago. Where are they?" He asked. Everybody shrugged, but not three miliseconds later, the door flew open like Brendon had snatched it's weave. Pete and Patrick came through, Trick obviously struggling. They somehow made their way to their cabin, though, and didn't drop anything important. It appeared they were rooming with Gerard, Frank and Mikey. That meant that Joan was in there, too.

They all sat around for a while, people coming and going, until everybody arrived. The teacher, Ms. Jackson, clapped to get everyone's attention.

"Alright, children. The bus is here, and I expect the best behavior from all of you, especially Mr. Urie." Ms. Jackson glared at Brendon, who grinned. She rolled her eyes and continued. "Get your things and go on out. I hope you brought your rain jackets, because it will be raining a lot. Have a good time at Science Camp, we trust that our responsible students can take care of the, um, wilder ones." She gestured vaguely to Brendon's vicinity. She left the classroom as 60 children got up and ran to get their stuff. Tyler and Josh agreed to sit on the bus together, leaving a very uncomfortable Dallon between Ryan and Brendon.

The bus was a standard bus, with no seatbelts. It was quite large though, to fit the 60 kids that went. Tyler hopped on the bus and was escorted to the back, where he sat down, letting Josh have the window seat. He remembered back to a day when this random kid had challenged him to beat his chocolate milk carton count of 56, and Tyler was determined to do it. The bus roared to life, and all hell broke loose. Somebody brought their phone and was blasting Thank u, next while everybody was singing along, this one kid riffing and making everybody annoyed. He, personally, was not allowed to listen to Ariana Grande, and explained in great detail why he couldn't to Josh, who listened patiently and sometimes commented when he felt it was right to do so. All in all, it was a great bus ride, even if two boys (namely, Brendon and riffing kid) sang Baby Shark for half of it, making Tyler rant to Josh about the ridiculousness of that great meme. Somebody stood up and yelled "Everyone, excuse my potty mouth. SHUT THE FUCK UP." and Tyler thought that was amazing.

The bus eventually came to a stop, everyone grabbed their suitcases and brought them out to a space called the Welcome Deck, a patio area covered by a tarp to keep it dry. Speaking of, it was POURING RAIN. There was even a flash flood warning for the creek. One of the naturalists took them to the Gym, where they had two hours of free time before they actually had to do anything. It would be great, except if all his friends (except Josh, bless his soul) didn't want to spend literally EVERY MOMENT playing Air Hockey/Basketball. Don't get him wrong, he liked playing Basketball, but he had enough of that back home. Soon it was Orientation, and the naturalist named Feather (all nicknames, apparently) took the mic.

"Hey campers! My name is Feather! I got that name because I really like birds. Welcome to Alliance Redwoods! Everyone get into your cabins, because we have a little activity for you to do." Just her saying that made Tyler nervous. He was about to meet Thomas, the guy who had purple hair and was probably the one riffing on the bus. He and Josh padded over to Brendon, Ryan, and Dallon, who were sitting with Thomas near the front. They sat down, Josh feeling very nervous, obviously. Josh leaned closer to Tyler and whispered.

"I can feel his nervousness and excitement. It feels like slow-motion lightning. Warm and crackly but not jolting." Tyler smiled and introduced himself to Thomas.

"Hi there, you must be Thomas! I'm Tyler and this highlighter here is named Josh." Tyler pointed to Josh, who smiled meekly and waved. Thomas' eyes lit up and his grin widened.

"Howdy there! Thomas Sanders, at your service. Boy, it's nice to meet new people. Everybody seems so nice!" Thomas gestured wildly, kind of like a really, really hyped up Dallon.

"I mean, we really haven't met anyone outside of our little group." Dallon commented, twiddling his thumbs.

"Okay, everyone in your cabins?" Feather called out, startling a few kids, including Brendon who screamed, very loudly. "Send one student up here and grab a map and a pencil. You'll go around campus and find these little signs." She held up a brown sign with white lettering on it. "Come back at 1:20, bye campers!" She stepped down from the mic, and Brendon pushed Tyler out into the crowd, making him go get the stuff. He quickly walked up, knowing Josh would freak out if he didn't get back soon. He grabbed a map and a pencil, then walked back to the group. The rest of them stood up, Dallon holding his back like an old person. Brendon just laughed at him and put on his raincoat, Ryan grabbing an umbrella. The six children moved out of the Gym slowly, making sure to grab one another's hoods or items to keep each other tethered. Outside the rain had come down harder, and that's when Tyler realized that the map was paper. He sighed and put in beneath his raincoat after taking a quick peek at it.

"We need to go over to a building near the fire pit." Tyler directed, leading them over. Thomas had no jacket and was practically dancing in the rain. Ryan grabbed him and led him to the group.

They eventually got back to the Gym a few minutes late, not getting all of the places. Thomas had to stop at the Welcome Deck to actually get a jacket, so it took a while. They sat down but were immediately told to stand up in their cabins, so they did.

"Okay, Quails will be the first group called out. It consists of:

Andy H.
Joe T.
Lonzo A.
Judson A.
Caleb S.
Troy R.
Alex K.
Kyle Z.
Fredrick R.
Samuel W.
Uriel M.
Esteban L.
Anika S.
Mariah M.
Taylor N.
Madison D.
Audrey J.
and Ysabella G." Feather called out, and those groups went together in the front. "Your docent will be Happy Feet! Go on out with him!" She watched them leave for a moment before turning back to the groups left.

"Next is Owls! If your name is called, please come to the front!

Tyler J.
Josh D.
Brendon U.
George R. III
Dallon W.
Thomas S.
Joan S.
Micheal W.
Gerard W.
Frank I.
Patrick S.
Peter W.
Terrence W.
Talyn M. (idk their last name)
Valerie T.
Kylie Z.
Anastasia M.
Samantha N.
and Cassidy A. Your naturalist is Guppy! Please follow him!"

The nineteen children walked over to who Tyler assumed was Guppy, and they walked out. At this point, it was practically his job to be cabin leader. Though, Ryan and Dallon would be way better, they're more responsible than him.

Guppy led them to a tent, where they did an awful forest ecology activity, hiked up a trail to see Walter, the oldest tree in the forest and looked for different plants on the trail. The strange naturalist led them back down to the camp, and back to the Welcome Deck. Guppy had told them of his love of circles, and then about cabins. They were told to grab their suitcases and other miscellaneous items, and bring them down to the cabins. He then led them to each of their cabins, Tyler's group getting cabins 9 & 10, which were connected by a bathroom. They got the biggest cabin for some reason, but Tyler didn't care. He could rest for thirty minutes, until free time, where they had to leave the cabin and go to the Gym again. Tyler opened the door and went to the back, claiming one of two big beds in the entire cabin as his own. Everyone pouted but Tyler said:

"Hey, it's first come first serve, and I opened the door!"

It made sense, in some weird way. Josh slept above him, Tyler having a crippling fear of heights. He couldn't even go on the top bunk without getting nervous. Ryan was across the room from him, Brendon having the top bunk. Thomas and Dallon had the other room to themselves. Tyler wasn't sure if Thomas was a magical creature, but everyone else had some sort of power. Heck, he wouldn't even be surprised if Gerard or Mikey was a vampire. Granted, they don't exist, but Tyler could hope. But being a Morphling was pretty heckin cool. Anyway, everything was peaceful.

"Hey Tyler?" Ryan asked. Tyler looked up at Ryan, who looked vaguely uncomfortable. Josh looked over too, even if his name hadn't been called.

"Yeah, Rayeni?" I responded. Beebo leaned down off his bed to look at Ryan.

"Well, I kind of accidentally read Thomas' mind and, uh, he has several voices in there." He breathed out, rushing so said person wouldn't hear. We all blinked several times before anyone said anything.

"Schizophrenia?" Brendon asked, barely hanging on the side of the railing. Ryan shrugged.

"M-maybe he has Dissasociative Identity D-disorder?" Josh whispered. Tyler shook his head and started to dig around in his bag, finding a book. He opened it and flipped through it some, before landing on a page, bookmarking it and continuing.

"What're you doing?" Bren asked, leaning so far over the railing Tyler was worried it would break.

"Looking for something." He replied curtly, going back to the book before going back to the bookmarked page. "So here are two things that might be helpful." Tyler placed the book on the ground, and everyone got a good look at it.

"That could work, I guess." Ryan said slowly. The door to the bathroom started opening, so Tyler quickly shoved the book under his bed and racked his mind for something unsuspicious to talk about.

"Man, I already miss Taco Bell." Tyler blurted out. Thomas stepped through the door and sat down on Tyler's bed, Dallon following him. Brendon rolled his eyes.

"Dude, that's literally all you talk about." Brendon sighed. Tyler shrugged.

"They have the best chalupas. With a side of some nice Chlorine. Geez I really can't stop talking about Taco Bell." Tyler muttered the last part to himself. Thomas looked at him funny. Tyler cleared his throat. "Chlorine means Sprite. Or something. I can't remember." Thomas took that as an answer.

They six boys talked for a while, until it was free time and they had to leave. Somewhere in that time Ryan had sent him a mental message.

"I'll keep you all updated on the Thomas thing." Ah, so he established a one-way group call thing. Neat.

The whole time Tyler and Josh ran around the Gym, Brendon chasing them like a madman. It was great fun, and the rest of the group even came around and ran from Brendon too. Brendon had caught Patrick and recruited him to the dark side.

After free time was Journal Time, where they got a fifty page booklet they wrote in for points. Of course this trip would be graded. Some of them were easy, but one.. You had to put a banana slug on your nose for ten seconds. Tyler was not doing that.

Then, the fun part began. Dinner. Tyler and Josh practically sprinted to the Cafeteria, and grabbed their dinners. Tyler grabbed a chocolate milk, and wiggled his eyebrows at Josh, who laughed and grabbed one for himself. They sat down at a table, the rest of their cabin joining them shortly. This Thomas guy was great, he was funny, gay, and overall a confidence booster. Tyler whispered about the milk challenge to his cabin, and they laughed. They said they would help him and give him all the credit for the milk drinking. Tyler grinned and downed his first milk quickly, standing up to get another.

The pile grew to fifteen, but Tyler had drank 5 of the 15. Ryan stood up, most people were gone by then, and headed over to Gerard, Mikey, Joan, Pete, Patrick, and Frank's table. Patrick stood up and briskly walking over to Tyler's table, staring blankly at the Chocolate milk cartons. He slowly picked one up, looking dead inside. Everyone was trying not to laugh, Tyler failing miserably. Trick looked over at Tyler, looking disappointed.

"Was this all you?" Patrick asked, looking back at the cartons. Tyler nodded his head rapidly, feigning a sugar high. Brendon winked slyly, and Trick didn't notice. "You need to stop." He said after a long moment. He walked back over to his own table shaking his head, and told the rest of the table. Gerard stood up and ran over grinning.

"What the fuck dude is that true?" He looked over at the cartons and got his answer. "Holy hell how the fuck did you do that?"

"I just opened my mouth and the rest is history. I have to beat 56. I'm fifteen closer." Tyler answered. Gerard ran to all the other tables and told them, some coming to ask him if it was true. Meanwhile, they were laughing their butts off.

It was time for the evening activity, which consisted of adaptations. They had to make a brand new animal that would live in the Redwoods, and had adaptations to help it survive. They created the Zurafeird, a zebra-girraffe-bird hybrid thing. Not much time was granted, so they had to make up something on the spot. And by they, he meant Tyler. Tyler had to do the talking, since even though Brendon was a talker, he would be giggling to much and give it the adaptation of the biggest dick in the forest. Josh clung to him as he spoke, as he was the creature itself. Tyler didn't give Josh much time to react to these sudden things, so he just stood there, desperately hoping he wouldn't turn invisible. It got close, and that's when Tyler had to call it. He led Josh back to his seat and side-hugged him to make him feel better.

Everybody else's was great, somebody (namely, Patrick's cabin) made Big Chunguy, the little brother of Big Chungus. It was stupid, and clearly Pete's idea, but it was great.

Afterwords, it was cabin time. The group walked back to their cabin and all collected in Tyler's side of it. They talked for a little bit before Tyler had one of those crisis's again. It all happened like this.

"And that's when Adan burned Larry, and Gerard never really got over it. Then we found out that Mikey then had flushed Sonny Boy down his toilet, but it didn't fit so he snapped it. It was great!" Brendon yelled, finishing his story. Tyler was scratching at his hands and his leg was bouncing. His eyes flicked to the digital clock in the room, and his eyes widened a fraction.


He nudged Josh and looked over at the clock, and Josh looked over too. He whispered something in Tyler's ear.

"S-September 26."

Tyler stood up, eyes already starting to change rapidly between brown and red. "I'll be back in a moment." He excused himself, going into the other room and locking the door. Tyler sat on one of the beds, letting his true form take over.

His black hands and neck tingled a tad as they came uncovered, and the world became sharper and clearer in his natural eyes. His hearing became better, he smelt the toothpaste from next door, and felt pieces of fabric on the sheet he was sitting on. A red beanie appeared on his head, covering up the slightly pointed ears that came. He was morphed into a black shirt, black jeans and floral Vans with red flowers. He sighed, a slight echo manefesting in his voice. Tyler trudged out of the cabin, being careful to not be seen as he walked into the forest. He found a nice clearing to sit in and he listened to the sounds of nature.

Sometimes he hated it when his natural form wanted out. But sometimes it was okay. Today it was a bother. He had to admit, being so aware of your surroundings is nice. That's why he heard footsteps, familiar footsteps, approaching with his eyes closed. They stopped, and he heard a little puff of breath. Tyler smiled.

"You know I know you're there." Tyler said, voice echoing a bit. He footsteps came closer, and he sat down next to Tyler.

"It's the fifth time this month, Ty." Josh said, putting his hand over Tyler's.

"I know. I dunno what's going on. I could be slipping. I could also be sick. Maybe I need help. Or maybe I'm just restless." Tyler opened his eyes, staring up at the night sky. There were so many stars tonight.

"Or maybe you've been hiding again." Josh replied. Tyler sighed and looked away.

"I'm not ready. And with all these plans, and having friends to do stuff with... and to top it all off my own dang parents don't even know! It's getting harder to hide, but.." Tyler trailed off, and wiped a tear from his eye.

"You're scared of being rejected." Josh finished, scooting closer.

"Mhm.." Tyler mumbled. "Mikey said it himself. I'm a monster." Josh grabbed his chin and brought Tyler's face to look at his own.

"Tyler Robert Joseph you know damn well you're not a monster. You are-" Josh spoke strongly, but Tyler cut him off.

"I can tell what people's fears are! I know all of everybody's deepest insecurities! I'm some sort of demon that's just digs into you and spits you out! I'm not.. I'm not a human being!" Tyler yelled, tears running down his face. He brought his knees up to his chest and rested his head on top of them.

"You're not a human being, or a demon. You're a Morphling, and that's amazing. And you being able to see people's fears just makes you better at helping them get over them. You wouldn't have even met me if you couldn't do that. I'd be dead without you." Josh said, rubbing circles on Tyler's back.

"I know, Josh! But this is all so much for me! I'm so frustrated with school, and other stuff! I can't seem to catch a break these days! I'm so scared, Josh. I'm so, so scared.. Everyone seems so.. hateful towards people like us, y'know?" He spoke, and Josh nodded.

"I get it. You've gotta take some time for yourself. After we get back, we can screw around on the group chat, make plans and not show up to them, light fireworks in the abandoned lot, whatever we want! We can hang at your house, Brendon's house, or skip class to hang in the bathrooms. There's so much we can do together, without us constantly worrying about getting caught." Josh reassured.

"Josh.. I know Brendon's worried about the rest of the gang liking him. He's kinda like that, I've noticed. He knows that sometimes he's hard to be around, and does everything in his power to make that not possible. One day he'll come around and drag us out just because Pete or Gerard said they missed us." He scooted closer to Josh, leaning on him. "But that's unlikely, who would ever miss me..." Tyler muttered, closing his eyes. A few more stray tears fell down his cheeks.

"I would miss you, Ty. And if that happened, I would still be there, and we could talk to him about it. It'll be fine, just as long as we aren't separated."

"Thanks, Spooks. You know exactly how I get like this." Tyler dried his tears and uncurled his legs. "All trashy and self-loathing."

"No problem, Blurry. You ready to go back?" Josh asked. Tyler nodded and morphed back, heading to the cabin.

It was 4 after 10 and he was taken by sleep.

Chapter Text

September 27, 7:00 AM

Tyler woke up to "Cheap Thrills" playing on someone's phone. It was Brendon's alarm. He sighed and sat up, getting out of bed. He held his arms out and as he predicted, Josh screamed from the alarm and fell off the bed, into his arms. Tyler set him down, and Josh grinned sheepishly up at him. He smiled back and proceeded on with his morning routine.

Dallon came through the bathroom, banging two hairbrushes together.

"Alrighty boys! We better be out of here and into the Gym by 7:30! Get your shit together and go! Everyone who's ready come to this side of the room," He pointed to where his own bed was. "But everyone else stays here. Move it, people!"

Brendon grinned and worked some more on his hair. Ryan spit out his toothpaste, while Tyler and Josh went to the other side of the cabin. Josh was practically glued to Tyler's side today, not like Tyler minded. He suddenly had a thought as soon as he saw Thomas.

"Hey, do you have a Kik?" He asked Thomas, and said person turned around and nodded. He heard Brendon whoop from the other room as Thomas wrote it down. "Thanks, we'll need it for later."

"I'm just wondering, how are you two such good buds? My friends and I aren't even this close, and we've known each other since birth!" Thomas exclaimed. Tyler and Josh shrugged at the same time.

"I dunno. Maybe it's our shared tastes of hating bananas." They said at the same time. They looked each other in the eye and burst out laughing.

"RedBull!" They jinxed again, and Tyler's eyes widened.

"I still have all those RedBulls in my suitcase." He ran to the other side of the room to check if they were there. Only now had he realized Brendon drank many during the night. "BRENDON BOYD URIE YOU DON'T JUST STEAL A KID'S REDBULLS LIKE THAT!"

Brendon squawked in offense, hands gittering from mass amounts of caffeine. "You think I did that?" His voice was vibrating. Tyler deadpanned as Brendon got increasingly more uncomfortable. He sighed and admitted defeat. Tyler grinned.

"Now don't do it again." He said, walking back to the other side of the room. Thomas was giggling.

"Yes his middle name is Boyd." Tyler explained. Thomas waved his hand.

"No no. I wasn't laughing about that!" He kept laughing. "Why are you so protective of your RedBull?"

Tyler fidgeted nervously. He couldn't say the real reason. Josh pat him on the back lightly for reassurance. "I dunno. I just like it a lot. Keeps me from passing out during class, y'know?"

"Yeah, I have to drink coffee every day, at all times of the day. One cup won't cut it for this guy!" Thomas grinned. Tyler noticed that was a trend going on with this guy. He smiled too much and was way too happy. Just like Tyler had been when he was a kid. Suddenly a message came into his head from Ryan.

"Yo, whatever you are doing makes them pretty happy. They say they're proud of him for making friends."

It made him happy that he was helping this guy. In a weird way. Speaking of way, one of the Way brothers next door screamed. Loudly. Tyler ran out doors and opened up the next door, bolting in, Josh and Dallon following him. Mikey was on the top bunk laughing his butt off, holding a stuffed animal in his hand. Gerard was red in the face and sputtering in embarrassment. Pete sighed as he saw the three boys.

"Mikey got a stuffed animal from Brendon and it talks, so naturally he pulled a prank on Gerard." Pete explained. Mikey squeezed the bear once more and a tiny, soft voice started saying a prayer. It was super creepy. Tyler was trying to calm down, and his hands were behind his back. They were switching between black and normal. Josh was desperately trying to not turn invisible. Dallon sighed and beckoned the boys outside and back into their cabin.

"Let's go to breakfast and get high off chocolate milk." Dallon said, leading the now ready boys to the Gym, where they heard announcements and then were excused to go to the Cafeteria. They sat at the same table as last time, and everyone got chocolate milks to drink. Tyler finished one, and got up to get another. He saw Patrick get up and run to the fridge where they kept the milks. He stood in front of it, blocking Tyler out.

"Tyler you need to stop! You've already had fifteen!" Trick said, standing still. Tyler sighed, trying to keep a smile off his face. He started to trudge back, and he saw Patrick leave. He then ran to the fridge and got another, and headed back to the table. Ty saw Trick just sigh. He giggled as he sat down, opening up the carton and taking a big swig.

He had three in total, and the whole group had seven. 22 milks in total. 8 for Tyler. They were getting closer.

They went to the Gym and fooled around for a while, before getting called to sit down and be dismissed for their morning activity. They would be doing Challenge Courses, and of course he was going to do them. He just didn't know what they were.

Guppy took them up a small trail and to a big tree.

"This is the Sky Swing. You'll all be taking turns going on this.." The naturalist spoke, going on about rules and safety, and lessons of course. Tyler payed close attention. He really didn't wanna die, or be forced to morph in front of everyone. That would be pretty bad.

He saw people from the Quails down at the North Pole, two of which were Andy and Joe. Tyler shouted down at them when Joe went up.

"YOOO YOU'VE GOT THIS JOE!" He yelled, Brendon coming over and cheering him on. He saw Andy facepalm, but Joe jumped off the top anyway, and hit the target before getting flown down by the harness.

Eventually, it was Tyler's turn. And he was shaking. Josh didn't want to go on it, but Tyler really wanted to. It couldn't be that high, right? He put on a helmet and started walking the short distance to the tree. The cool wind gave him a chill as he climbed up the very tall, and unstable ladder. That didn't scare him. The tiny, two by three platform did, however. He had to sit down on the thing and look down. Tyler started shaking. This was really high. Very, extremely high. The naturalist named Arrow got him attached and put the heavy thing in his hands. The thing he was supposed to get carried by.

"Yeah, uh nevermind can I go back down now?" He asked, palms getting sweaty. Guppy had told them about the Zones. Comfort, Growth, and Panic. He was in the Panic Zone right about now. Or possibly the Anxiety Attack Zone.

"I'm going to need you to say it three more times, because we don't wanna take up ten minutes doing this." Arrow said. Dang, Tyler was jealous of his deep voice. But he just insulted Ryan. Not cool.

"Nope. Nope. Nopety nope nope I'm out."

Arrow unhooked him from the thing, and he climbed back down. Tyler was embarrassed, to say the least. But, embarrassment could come after anxiety attacks, y'know? He somewhat calmly walked back to the place, taking off his stuff and giving it to the next person. He went and sat next to Josh on the benches, where he proceeded to panic freely.

"I-it was so high up! Why did I think I would be able to do that, I can't even get up on the top bunk without freaking out!? I'm such an idiot and now everyone probably thinks I'm a chicken and did it get hot in here or is it just me? It's probably just me-" Tyler started hyperventilating. He noticed his hands were shaking violently. How nobody noticed him basically dying was beyond him. It could be a character growth moment and nobody needs to notice until later. Wait shit, the author is breaking the fourth wall. Josh grabbed his wrists and looked him in the eyes.

"Tyler, you did fine. I-i couldn't have done that. Ryan didn't either. Many people haven't. Y-you don't have to push yourself into the P-panic Zone." Josh was always good at calming him down. Tyler nodded, and he noticed the markings were back. He could only assume his eyes were red, too. A quick look around told him that nobody had seen, though Thomas was rather quiet. He quickly changed back, and didn't notice a curious Thomas looking back at him with a shrug.

"Thanks, Jishwa."

"No p-problem, TyJo." Josh grinned and him, his eyes crinkling. Tyler couldn't help but to smile back, albeit less enthusiastic than Josh.

Soon, it was lunch. As they walked to the Cafeteria, he could tell Brendon was itching to joke about him not going on the Sky Swing. But he didn't, he knew what Tyler didn't like and didn't want. That's why Brendon was one of his all time best frens. Josh was better. He didn't even think about making fun of Tyler. He knew more about his Morphling abilities than Brendon. Josh was always there, heck, he lived at Tyler's house more than his own.

So that was why when Pete called him a wuss, Josh and Brendon were there.

"What the fuck did you just say, Peter?" Brendon asked coolly, still walking.

"Tyler's a wuss, it wasn't even that high up." Pete responded.

"Well he isn't, Pete. He's the bravest person I know, sorry Brendon, and just because he's scared of heights doesn't mean he's a wuss. Now you take that back right now, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III or so help me I will-" Josh threatened, bristling. Tyler put his hand on his shoulder, and Josh stopped.

"It's alright J. He doesn't know." Tyler said softly. Josh calmed down quickly.

"R-right.. I keep forgetting." He muttered. Tyler guided him to the front, where they wouldn't have to watch Brendon fight Pete, and ultimately get stopped by a frantic Patrick, and most likely Mikey or Gerard.

They went to the Gym and hung out, then went to lunch. 4 chocolate milks were drank, and the number was up to 26. It was then time for the afternoon activity.

Another Challenge Course. And by golly was Tyler going to get on that Pole and do it the best he could.

He ended up going to the top and climbing back down. Josh didn't go on it, though. This one girl actually laughed at him, and that's when it happened. Nothing too drastic, just..

"If you laugh your ass of at my friend I will personally grab a stick from the ground and shove it so far up your ass it comes out of your mouth." Brendon threatened. The girl quieted and walked away. Josh led him away, and Pete flipped off the girl while she was walking.

It was time to leave after a while, and it was F.O.B time. Or, Flat On Back time. Nap time. They got to go back to their cabins for thirty minutes until they had to get out for Free Time. Yay.

The six children walked back to their cabin, Tyler and Josh idly talking about random things; mainly to get Tyler's mind off of everything. Dallon opened the door and immediately went to his bed, trying to fall asleep. He had gone on both things, but didn't account for his long arms to whack himself in the face. Brendon had sneakily taken a video and it looked like he dabbed, but much more painfully.

Thomas stayed in his and Dallon's room while the other four went into theirs and talked.

"I heard that Mikey went on the wrong trail and got lost." Ryan said, hopping into his own bed. Brendon leaned down from his bunk with a puzzled look on his face.

"Was it, y'know," He tapped his head. "Or were people talking about it."

"Kind of both, actually. I did the thing to Mikey, and he was all over the place! All panicky and shit. Couldn't hear a single thing. Gerard was bat-shit crazy." Ryan explained. Josh frowned.

"D-did anyone go to f-find him?" He asked, wringing his hands. Ryan shook his head.

"Nobody but his own cabin believed him." Rayeni answered. Tyler had an idea, and Ryan read his thoughts. "Tyler, no-"

"Tyler yes. I'll go find him." He stood up. Brendon shook his head.

"Do you know how risky that is, asshat?" Tyler nodded in response.

"To be 100% honest I've been trying to... uh, hide again. I'll just go and find him, and be back. Hopefully I can find my way back." Tyler opened the back door, and stepped out into the now clear weather. He carefully shut the door and let his normal form morph onto him. Then, in the blink of an eye, a vulture stood on the wooden platform. His yellow eyes scanned his surroundings before he started waddling into an area where he could fly away. Shifting and stretching his wings, flight came as naturally to him like walking or breathing did.

Soaring above the land, his keen eyes spotted a person shaped blob. He dove down, focused on Mikey. Tyler landed softly in the undergrowth, turning back into his normal form. His red eyes peered at Mikey from the shadows, and he saw Mikey shiver as he felt someone watching him. Tyler moved accidentally, and the leaves made a sound. Mikey turned around and saw Tyler's red eyes, and almost screamed. Tyler freaked out and morphed into a rabbit, running out of the shadows. Mikey sighed with relief as he realized it was just a bunny.

Tyler thumped Mikey's foot with his own, and twitched his ears as if to say, "Follow me!" He started to hop off in the direction of the camp, and Mikey followed him. They made it back to camp, and Tyler ran off, leaving Mikey alone. He saw Gerard, Pete, and Patrick pass him as they spotted the littlest Way. At the door to the cabin was when he finally morphed back to his unmarked form. If the creaky door wasn't so creaky, he would've heard a gasp. He closed the door behind him and sat back down on his bed.

"I found him." Tyler said. Josh latched himself back onto Tyler, and Brendon clapped.

"That was fast. And surprising since you hate heights so much." Ryan commented. Tyler nodded, drumming his fingers rhythmically on the cheap mattress.

"I dunno how I did it. I guess when you're a bird that kinda just.. goes away or something." He shrugged. Josh looked at him puzzledly.

"Didn't i-it happen while you were a b-bird?" Jish asked. Tyler nodded.

"Birds don't really have any strong emotions. I was the only form that was mentally scarred." He explained vaguely. Josh nodded. Just then, Dallon came through the door, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Hey." Was all the tol boi said. He sat down on Tyler's bed.

"What's up, Dally?" Ryan asked. Dallon shrugged.

"Thomas' asleep and he snores. Woke me up." He replied. A loud bang came from next door, and it startled Tyler and Josh badly. Tyler leapt up and promptly turned into a mouse, while Josh became invisible. Brendon was laughing his butt off, Dallon fell asleep and Ryan flinched. Thomas came through the bathroom door, wide awake.

"What happened? Where's Tyler and Josh? And why's there a mouse on the floor?" He asked. Tyler squeaked and ran to Ryan, hiding in his coat pocket (where he kept his rebel red.) He knew he wasn't invincible, but he didn't know he would snap this soon.

"I had Tyler wrapped around my head so much it annoyed him and he left. Josh went with Tyler, too." Brendon responded. Tyler was sick of these different lives he leads. He wished he had his song book right about now, it's like his body lived on the lead that the pencil carried. Those last two thoughts may read incorrect until said. That lead was terrible for his mind, but songs and poems on paper were being made. It calmed him. He despised it sometimes, and loved to hate the fight. Thank goodness Josh was in his life, it was like a nice, refreshing sip of chlorine. (I'm so sorry for all of that xD)

Ryan nodded. "B was pretty idiotic, when is he not really, and pissed off Tyler. He'll be back soon. Dallon fell asleep, though, so don't wake him up. Thomas looked relieved and nodded.

"Okay, I'm gonna walk around the camp until it's time for free time. See ya in the Gym!" He whisper-yelled, waving and walking out. Tyler came out of his pocket and turned back into himself. Josh reappeared.

"Q-quick thinking, Bren." Josh commented. Brendon made the 'oh, stop' hand, grinning slyly.

"Aww it's nothing for my favorite fucktards!" Brendon grinned. Dallon started snoring quietly, and everyone but Tyler awed. He was still a mouse. The mouse climbed out of Ryan's pocket and padded over to his own bed, turning into his natural, marked form. He flopped backwards and layed down, arm over his eyes and groaning.

"I suck at existence." Tyler groaned. Josh giggled and swatted his leg, sitting down next to the whining mess.

"I'm pretty s-sure that we all d-do." Josh was smiling, that adorable, soft smile that Tyler couldn't get enough of. Dang, Tyler was so Bi for Josh.

(As Tyler lay there, moaning about his utter failures of trying to be a normal person, Josh was thinking.

"Dang, I'm so Bi for Tyler I'm literally gonna kiss him if he gets any cuter." He thought. Ryan cocked an eyebrow, and Josh flushed.)

Tyler removed his arm from over his face and let his blackened hand flop next to him, bouncing on the mattress. Bren was laughing from underneath his hand, and Tyler just stared at him, chin on his chest uncomfortably. As he stared, Brendon got very quiet. He was still holding in laughs, but Tyler stared. Ryan looked at Josh questioningly, but he smirked and shrugged evilly.

Tyler proceeded to growl a terrifying, low, echoing growl. He raised up his right hand and it slowly, oh-so-slowly turned into a lion's paw, claws extended fully. Brendon paled at looked at Josh fearfully, who very slowly turned invisible.

"Fuck you too, Josh." He muttered, slowly coming down from his bunk. Tyler sat up, eyes blazing.

"You dare laugh at me, Mr. Urine?" He said lowly. Ryan slapped his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing. Brendon was quaking, and moved to the door, keeping his eyes on Tyler.

"I can do what the fuck I want, dipshit." Brendon's Satan horns appeared on his head. Tyler grinned, now razor sharp teeth glinting in the light.

"I'll give you three seconds to run before I maul you to pieces and send you back to Hell." He started morphing into a lion. Brendon saw it as a sign to run.


"Two." Brendon shut the door.

"Three!" He growled, leaping up and finishing his transformation. He waited for Ryan to open the door, and he was off. He chased around Brendon for a little bit before it was Free Time and the rest came out. They turned back into their human selves and met at the Gym.

They just hung out, played basketball, walked around, and literally everybody but Josh tried to set up 'Joshler' after Ryan told everybody of Josh and Tyler's thoughts. The whole time they were blushing madly, but neither knew. From far off they heard Brendon yell.


Tyler and Josh laughed, wheezing once Dallon responded.


Tyler was choking on his own spit for a while, until Journal Time. Tyler and Josh copied each other's answers, and only had one pencil for them both to share. When they passed it to each other, their hands sometimes touched and they blushed each time, without fail. Gerard yelled "Gay!" the first time it happened, and Tyler told Josh to hold him back if he got up to kill Gerard. Josh had giggled and Tyler's heart fell even further for him.

It was then time for dinner. The chocolate milk count went to 29, the other cabins staring in disbelief as Tyler, the tiny, skinny kid, had actually managed to drink that many cartons. Even the school "mean kid" complimented him. Patrick and Mikey were trying to stop him, but Gerard and Frank kept getting in there way. It was hilarious for them to watch.

Then.. the Night Hike. And by golly was Tyler dreading it, because:

A.) He really had to pee, and so did literally everyone else, and

B.) If it was anything like the A.I. night hike it would be 3 hours of uphill climbing.

So yeah, not fun. Guppy led their group up the hill and past the swimming pool, where he stopped and handed out his "special flashlights" that allowed their eyes to adjust to the dark. Gupster himself had a black-light for bioluminescent creatures. They continued walking, the red lights doing absolutely nothing for sight.

Tyler very much had to pee right then. He hoped the hike wasn't long. The group kept moving for literally 10 seconds before the stopped and looked at a glow-in-the-dark bug. They kept moving at stopped right next to the North Pole, on the trail headed up to the Sky Swing. It was right next to a river, and they had to stop and listen (eyes closed) to the forest at night. He didn't close his eyes and listen, though, because he was more focused on something else.

He looked behind him and saw Thomas, but like, not Thomas. Thomas was wearing a gray shirt, but this Thomas was wearing a black shirt, blue tie, and glasses. On top of that, Josh wasn't behind him. All he saw was a floating flashlight.

Tyler started sending frantic messages to Ryan mentally.

"You were right Thomas is magic holy heck and Josh went invisible here oh my gosh I'm freaking out what do we do I mean if he's magic then he would accept us but what if he hates me beca-"

"Geez, Ty. I'm right in front of you I can see what's going on. Didn't your species and his kinda have like that peace treaty some odd years ago?" Ryan responded in his mind, looking back.

"Yeah, the one I accidentally caused to break by leaving and the tribe thought the Manefestors took me because they said Princess Jenna had a new husband from a neighboring tribe?" He fired back. Ryan winced visibly.

"Ah, shit. Well, we'll be able to protect you." And that was the end of that. Josh had turned visible and sensed Tyler's fear/guilt, then comforted him because Josh had turned around and saw for himself while invisible.

They really hecked this up big time. Though, he temporarily forgot about his overwhelming desire to pee.

They started walking again, and Not-Thomas disappeared into thin air. They stopped not 5 feet from where they began, and Guppy collected the red lights, walking away and setting them down. He instructed them to come every 30 seconds, and to give him 30 seconds to place down the lights. This was the Solo Hike. That meant Tyler could walk without being stopped.

The first person went, and another, and another, until it got to Tyler. He walked slowly, humming a song he was working on. Oh, but right when it was feeling like that he didn't have to pee, he spotted Ryan getting into the line in front of him. He groaned and stopped walking, getting into line.

Then they did this weird activity with light, walked back down, blended a wintermint life saver and it glowed (that was cool), and immediately went to the bathrooms. After everyone in the universe peed at the same time, they went back to their cabin, locked off Dallon and Thomas' side of the room, and sat down.

Tyler twiddled his fingers and sighed, drawing all eyes to him.

"So.. Thomas.. On the night hike when Guppy made us listen to the forest..?" He asked slowly, and watched as realization dawned on Thomas' face in horror.

"Shit. U-um, there's a completely logical and totally not supernatural explanation for that. You see-" He started. Ryan put a hand on his shoulder.

"Thomas, relax. We all know at this point that you're not a human. Hell, I kind of knew from the first day." He said. Thomas looked bewildered, then relieved.

"Oh thank God my anxiety was beating me up about that, literally." He chuckled, then paused. "How did you know?"

The tension in the air was so thick they could cut it with a knife.

"Perks of being a psychic." Ryan said after a while. Thomas' eyes lit up.

"Dang, that must be soooo coooool!" He exclaimed. Dallon cleared his throat.

"I'm a healer, too. I can do cool things also." He piped up.

"And I'm literally the Devil." Brendon chimed in. Thomas looked at Josh and Tyler.

"Can you do cool stuff too?" He asked. Josh nodded and became invisible. Thomas gasped. "Neato!"

"You ain't seen nothing yet, Gaylord." Brendon looked at Tyler. Thomas looked at Tyler, who went into his marked form, then turned into a vulture. He waddled over to a speechless Thomas and whispered in his ear seductively.

"Caw caw."

Everyone burst out laughing, and Tyler waddled back to his bed and turned into his marked form.

"So yeah, I'm a Morphling." He said, voice echoing.

"That's so freaking cool! D'ya wanna meet the Sides?" He asked. Tyler pieced together that that meant his Fragments as Josh turned visible.

"Sure, dude!" Dallon replied. Five copies of Thomas appeared out of nowhere. One was the Side he saw on the hike, another a Prince looking dude, an angsty teenager, a Disney villain, and a guy wearing cargo shorts and a cardigan.

"That's Logic, the one you saw on the hike." Thomas pointed to Logic who waved.

"S-Salutations." Josh said. Logic looked startled for a second.

"Salutations." Logic replied. Tyler snorted.

"Smart language coming in handy, Jish." He nudged Josh with his elbow, who grinned at him.

"That's Morality." Thomas pointed to cardigan guy.

"Oh please, call me Patton, kiddos!" Patton grinned. Dallon looked gratefully at Thomas.

"I finally have more people to help me control this group of uncultured, horny dicks. Sorry, Tyler." Dallon said. Tyler nodded.

"No offense taken." He commented.

"Mood." The angsty teenager commented quietly.

"That's Anxiety!" Thomas pointed to the dark, sinister guy. Josh swallowed nervously.

"W-well, I have another p-person I can r-relate to." Josh said. He scooted closer to Tyler and leaned on him a little. Anxiety turned to Thomas and asked him a question through a whisper. Thomas nodded. Anxiety turned back and looked apologetic.

"Shit, sorry buddy. If I knew you had anxiety I wouldn't've come out." He played with a hoodie string. Josh nodded.

"I-it's fine."

The Prince guy cleared his throat. "My name is Creativity, please call me Roman, though. The literal best at everything. I once killed a dragon witch." He gloated. Anxiety scoffed.

"Yeah, Princey, sure. That totally wasn't in one of Thomas' dreams or anything." He said sarcastically.

"I like this fucker!" Brendon yelled down. "A man after my own heart, beating up his friends. True beauty."

"Cool it Satan, everybody in here knows you only like him because he looks like an emo." Tyler commented. Brendon scoffed.

"Then why do I like you? You literally wear floral shit almost every day."

"My style is Emo Floral for your information, and have you even SEEN my song book? Friend, please? Really?" He glared playfully at Brendon.

"Emo flORAL IS NOT A FUCKING STYLE, TYLER!" Brendon yelled.

"NEITHER IS PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE GAY SATAN, BEEBO!" Tyler shouted. The Disney villain reject facepalmed.
"Thissss totally isssn't worssse than Logic and Roman fighting." The guy sighed.

"Quiet down!" Thomas yelled. They quieted. "This is Deceit. He can only speak in lies and looks evil but he's a sweetheart underneath, just like Anxiety (aside from the speaking in lies thing.)" He explained. Brendon gasped.

"Just like Gerard, Pete, Mikey, Frank, Me, and Josh!" He eyed Deceit with hope. "And a snake face! This is literally the best day ever!"

"So, better than the day you met me and Josh?" Tyler asked, smirking. Brendon spluttered.

"Eh- ah, fuck, no. It is better than the day I met Dallon, though." He winked. Dallon sighed and shook his head.

"Does this mean we're inviting him to Emo Loser Squad?" Ryan commented.

"Yeah, I already have his Kik." Tyler answered.

"Can I join too?! In the Mind Palace we have phones!" Patton piped up.

"I don't see why not. Just be careful and don't call Mikey Micheal. He hates it." Dallon explained.

"And everyone but Mikey and Tyler is horny as fuck. Also gayness." Brendon chimed in.

"I believe that we can handle some aroused juveniles. Being gay is our specialty." Logic said.

"I'm the gayest gay out there. Us in there would make it gayer." Thomas grinned.

"Could be gayer!" Roman shouted. Somebody knocked on their door. Patton dove under the bed, Anxiety panicked and ran into the bathroom, Deceit followed Anxiety, Logic sank out and Roman climbed into Brendon's bunk and hid. Tyler got up, changed into the unmarked form and answered the door. Joan was at the door.

"Yo, what's Gucci boys? Gerard and Frank sent me over here to tell you, in their words, to "Shut the fuck up or I'll go over there myself and make you."" Joan said. Brendon burst out laughing and climbed down. He whispered in Joan's ear.

"Tell him "Make me daddy". From Brendon." Joan giggled and left. A few seconds later Gerard burst in the room, scaring the people with anxiety.

"BRENDON YOU MOTHERFUCKING TWAT!" Gee yelled. Brendon fell on the floor and laughed, clutching his sides. "THIS ISNT FUCKING FUNNY, YOU HORNY ASS HOE!"

"The only hoe here is Tyler. His name is Tyler Hoeseph for crying out loud." Dallon muttered. Tyler slapped him. Frank walked in and pulled Gerard out, who flipped off Brendon while being dragged. Josh shut the door, and the sides came back out.

"We should go to bed." Rayeni said. Tyler nodded, and the sides sank out.

"I call using the bathroom first!" Tyler yelled grabbing his pyjamas and running into the bathroom. He heard groaning from the other side of the door.

He came back out in his marked form, not worries about having to explain himself. Tyler yawned, the echo bouncing off the walls slightly.

"Bathroom's open." He announced.

As it turns out, Tyler laughs when it's too quiet, and Ryan thought he was possessed. Tyler was muttering "The only blackness is the void" and Brendon screamed.

All-in-all, the second day was pretty sick. Sick as frick.

Chapter Text

September 28, 7:00 AM

This morning, Tyler was woken up to an air horn. Brendon was pushing the button and yelling loudly.


Tyler literally had to try to stop a scream, because holy crap that was loud. Louder when he was in his Morphling form, where everything was 10x as intense. He tried.

He failed.

He let out a scream and covered his ears.

"BRENDON SHUT THAT GODFORSAKEN HORN UP OR I'LL TAKE IT FROM YOU AND CRAM IT DOWN YOUR THROAT!" Tyler yelled, voice intense and loud. Brendon dropped it suddenly, as if it burned him.

"SHIT! Ohmygod I'm so fucking sorry I completely forgot about that ohmygod ohmygod forgive me!" Brendon pleaded. Tyler slowly removed his hands from his ears and glared at him.

"I call using the bathroom first." Tyler grabbed his clothes and sprinted for the bathroom, ear damage forgotten. On his way over, he caught Josh who fell from the top bunk.

"Fair enough." Ryan muttered, slowly getting his things.

Once out, he changed into his unmarked form, and the change hit him like a bowl being shoved on his head.

"Wow. Everything's really quiet." He said. It was compared to what just happened. "Odd."

Dallon stuck his head through the bathroom door. "Things are shaping up to be-"

Brendon and Ryan joined in with him. "Pretty Odd." They all giggled, going back to what they were doing. He shrugged and got ready the rest of the way.

They all packed up their stuff, and Tyler had a plan. A plan so devious it might work. He was going to sneak the last chocolate milk carton he had home.

Breakfast came, 31 cartons done. He wasn't going to get 56, but he got close. He still had lunch, though.

They hiked up a trail to see the lake, did an activity, almost pushed Frank in the water, actually pushed Frank in the water, got pushed in the water by Frank, got laughed at for getting pushed in the water by Frank, pushed Gerard in the water, hiked back down, and gathered in a circle. They had to guess Guppy's real name, because they got enough 'Circle Points', or whatever.

"My name starts with a J." Guppy said.

"Jack!" "James!" "Judith! No wait shit that's a girl's name" "Jordan!"

"My name is 7 letters long."

"Jeremiah!" "My money's on Jameson!"

"It can be also 4 letters." Immediately, Tyler and Josh shouted out the answer.

"Josh!" Guppy pointed to them.

"Ding ding ding! Bingo! My name's Joshua, or Josh." He said. Tyler and Josh high-fived. Guppy led them to the Gym where they spent most of their time.

It was lunch, the count was up to 34, and Tyler shoved the last carton into his jacket pocket. He then had a 'Sprite Cranberry', which is Mist Twist with Cranberry juice. Some girl named Donnica had 12 of them.

They went back to the gym, and spent most of their time there. Eventually, the bus showed up, and the kids crowded onto it.

The ride back was uneventful, as expected, and some kids got yelled at for being too loud.

They got back, got excused to go home, and went home. Josh got his phone and charger from his parent's house, and came over to Tyler's, where he would stay for about another month. And the first message appeared on the group chat.

Emo Loser Squad

Peet: ah yes, back to where i belong
Fedorable: yes pleese
Beebo: tyler
TyJo: yes
TheJoangleBook: don't you have the thing
Josh: ?
TyJo: oh yea

TyJo added CouldBeGayer to the chat. Welcome!

TallyCat: yass queen
Andy: sister squad
Joe: #SisterSquad
Gee: #SisterSquad
Drank: #SisterSquad
TyJo: #SisterSquad
Josh: #SisterSquad
CouldBeGayer: #GayGang
Fedorable: #GayGang
Peet: #QueerQueens

Beebo renamed the chat to #SisterGaySquadGang

CouldBeGayer: love it
Drank: ah yes, you are thomas, correct
CouldBeGayer: yes I am the gay Thomas.
Gee: one of us
Andy: one of us
Fedorable: one of us
Peet: one of us
TyJo: one of us
TheJoangleBook: one of us
Josh: one of us
Drank: one of us
TallyCat: one of us
Joe: one of us
Beebo: one of us
CouldBeGayer: one of you

TyJo attached one image. (it's a picture of a chalupa)

CouldBeGayer: is that chalupa a guy, cuz if so I'm all over fucking that
Josh: success
Beebo: can't spell success without succ.
Peet: gotta get that zucc.
Fedorable: zucchini yes mm good
Andy: hmm yes the floor here is made out of floor.
Joe: walls are crashing down onto a depressed lump i call my body
TyJo: That sentence captures the entirety of my life choices, goals, thoughts, desires, and feelings. I cannot relate more to that statement of proclaimation of being depressed, so I feel the need to let you know how deeply that affected my heart, spirit, body and mind. I would like to congratulate you on bringing my soul to a new understanding of consciousness, o' Joe, Saint Joe of Depression and Relatibility.
Beebo: what... the fuck
Josh: i can 100% confirm that tyler fell off the bed and could possibly be having a heart attack from typing all that.
Peet: it appears I am also having a heart attack.
Fedorable: Tyler, that's when you just say same and be done with it.
TheJoangleBook: mood mood mood mood mood mood mood.
TallyCat: like that.
CouldBeGayer: so what do you guys think about supernatural stuff
SweetAndSalty: I have been called.

TyJo to CouldBeGayer.
TyJo: what are you planning
CouldBeGayer: Patton really wants to be in the chat so I'm gonna tell him
TyJo: ohk

Chat deleted.

Back at #SisterGaySquadGang.

SweetAndSalty: I love it so much, why do you ask
CouldBeGayer: what do you think about people who aren't human?
CouldBeGayer: I'm a Manefestor and my sides wanna join this chat.
Gee: holy shitu Mikey fainted.
Drank: pics or it didn't happen

Gee attached one image

Drank: holy fuck
Peet: wait ur a magic thing?

CouldBeGayer added Logic, SecondCookie, PrinceRoman, Anxietea, and DagnerNeddle to #SisterGaySquadGang.

SecondCookie: Friends!!!!!!!!
Logic: Salutations.
Anxietea: I'm here, I'm queer, and I live in existential fear!
DagnerNeddle: and holding back my tears!
PrinceRoman: also wanting friends to be near!
Josh: was that planned.
Logic: Yes. Sadly.
TyJo: I finally have frens ;/
Peet: stop
Andy: wtf
TyJo: if he's gonna say what o think he's gonna say
Joe: hi
DagnerNeddle: I'm not gonna do this right now
Gee: I'm gonna go to bed, my sims need food
Drank: you play sims?
TyJo: I do too
Josh: I named a dog after me
SecondCookie: dOG WHERE
PrinceRoman: Patton
SecondCookie: ALL THE PETS
Anxietea: lolo he sprinted down the hall
Logic: I need to restrain him. I'll be getting the chains if you need me.
Sadlon: wtf happened while I was gone
MilkyBoy: whoops my phone died for a day
Beebo: hey Ryan, Dallon.
Sadlon: yes
Beebo: can we use the chains
Sadlon: ur gonna make me hard
Beebo: that's why we're dating
CouldBeGayer: ur dating
MilkyBoy: poly
TheJoangleBook: niccccce
TallyCat: that's a lot of gay.
TyJo: Josh n i r ganna sleep, it's getting l8 lololololol
Josh: Zack came in and stole Tyler's phone.
Josh: but yeah Tyler's mom said it's time for bed so it's bed time for all of you because his mom is the smartest mom alive she knows her sleep
Drank: fine
Gee: bye nerds
Beebo: how about those chains?

Chapter Text

September 29, 10:09 AM

Beebo: weekend
Sadlon: finally
Peet: awww yisssssssssss
Fedorable: yiss
MilkyBoy: let's do something!
Josh: ty n i aren't
Gee: cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnn???
Drank: gee we talked about peer pressure
Beebo: ye cmon
TyJo: no means no, b
Beebo: bleese
TyJo: stop
Josh: we're not doing anything today
Josh: we don't have to do anything. and we just got back from science camp
Fedorable: hey look what I found

Fedorable attached one image. (Andy and Joe sleeping)

CouldBeGayer: gay
MilkyBoy: my specialty

Beebo attached one image. (a gorilla)

Beebo: dicks out for Harambe
TyJo: rip
TyJo: also the kid who was pushed in there was my cousin jack lol
Josh: ouèf
TyJo: ye he got cancer and died the next year
Fedorable: rip Jack and Harambe
Peet: rip
Beebo: rip grumpy cat
Sadlon: wait he ded?
MilkyBoy: idk
SweetAndSalty: do u know what is dead tho
TyJo: my self esteem?
Josh: my dignity?
Beebo: my heart?
SweetAndSalty: pepe
Peet: bitch you thought wrong

Peet attached 69 images. (Pepe doing various things, dick out and exposed)

Fedorable: pete, do we need to go back to therapy?
Peet: no pls no
Beebo: lol pepe therapy
TyJo: josh
Josh: ye
TyJo: i need sum tb therapy
Josh: no, you need friends.
Sadlon: boom
Beebo: barbecued
MilkyBoy: dang
Beebo: deep fried
Gee: stop it
Drank: get some help
TyJo: lol literally I do actually need friends
Josh: butcyou have mwã
SweetAndSalty: how do you do that squiggle thing?
TyJo: whæt, yøü méàñ thīs?
Josh: yês, hé mēåñs thæt

TyJo changed their name to Tylër Jøsēph.

Josh changed their name to Jøsh Dûñ.

Peet: I wanna be able to do that.
Fedorable: we can't how are u doing it?

Tylër Jøsēph: hēhēhē I'll ñêvër téll.
Jøsh Dûñ: mè éithër!
Tylër Jøsēph: this is taking too long to type out lol
Jøsh Dûñ: yeh
Tylër Jøsēph: wanna make a band and in the name it has those characters
Jøsh Dûñ: obviously. and everytime someone forgets the letters the fans will go crazy
Tylër Jøsēph: brilliant, sir
MilkyBoy: lolol Brendon fell into a sewer
Beebo: not fuckin funny Ross.
Drank: pics pics pics pics

MilkyBoy attached three images. (Brendon looking out of a sewer grate, a red balloon appearing in the second and third pictures)

Gee: he's It
Fedorable: he's Pennywise***
Peet: rip urie
Tylër Jøsēph: rip urine
Beebo: one fucking time, Tachoeseph.
Jøsh Dûñ: rip Tyler's feelings
Tylër Jøsēph: keep your door locked, urine
SweetAndSalty: wtf k bai Tyler
SweetAndSalty: ran right past my house
Beebo: I'm in a sewer, bitch???

Tylër Jøsēph changed their name to Sewer Cleaner.

Sewer Cleaner: knock knock
MilkyBoy: heheheh
Sewer Cleaner: Ñighty Ñight, Bēëbø.
Jøsh Dûñ: hmm not good
MilkyBoy: he actually fucking knocked out Brendon
Sadlon: he did wHAT
Gee: absolute unit
Drank: fuck dear diary, don't ever fucking mess with Tyler
SweetAndSalty: i call his intestines
Gee: the blood for a thing
Drank: gerard are you gonna
Gee: so give them blood, blood, gallons of the stuff. give them all that they can drink and it'll never be enough.
Sewer Cleaner: thê déëd is döñē.
Sewer Cleaner: aw man not again
Peet: what
Sewer Cleaner: um so I accidentally kind of sorta... got lost.
Jøsh Dûñ: dang, any markers?
Sewer Cleaner: I'm near..
Sewer Cleaner: London
Drank: wHaT?!?
Jøsh Dûñ: not too far, I see.
Jøsh Dûñ: oh whoops they don't know about the labyrinth in the sewers
Sadlon: ry, bren, ty, josh and I used the sewers to get around when we were confined to our houses when we were little.
MilkyBoy: I now know how to break into a house, remove a sink, put back a sink, and I can eat a dead rat.
Gee: I am doing a concern

September 29, 1:21 PM.

Beebo: fuck

September 29, 4:20 PM.

Beebo: 420 blaze it lol

September 29, 7:34 PM.

Sewer Cleaner changed their name to TyJo.

September 29, 10:00 PM.

Peet: Peet do the yeet
Fedorable: *Patricks do the astericks*
Andy: Andy visits Grammy
Joe: Joes get them hoes.
Jøsh Dûñ: Josh watch the clock
Beebo: Brendon steal the children
MilkyBoy: Ryan do the firin'
Gee: Gerard gets hard
Drank: Frank is the dank
SweetAndSalty: Mikey gets the spikeys
Sadlon: Dallon watches Jimmy Fallon
TyJo: Tyler reads the Bible
Beebo: fuck off christian boy
Jøsh Dûñ: Josh aim the Glock

Chapter Text

September 30, 12:17 PM.

Jøsh Dûñ: hey hey guess what I found
TyJo: we're in the same room, jishwa.

Jøsh Dûñ changed their name to Jishwa.

Drank: is it the tea
Gee: slurp
Beebo: shhhhhhhshshhslhlhlhlhlururururup
Andy: ew stop
Joe: meh life
Jishwa: hey tyler
TyJo: oh no
MilkyBoy: omg wait he found it
Sadlon: ooooof
Beebo: is it really??
Jishwa: yes frens

Jishwa attached one video (TB Saga).

TyJo: i trusted you
Drank: lol it's six minutes long
Peet: what.. the fuck
Fedorable: I'm quaking
DagnerNeddle: what the absolute frickity frack
Anxietea: next there's going to be a song with the lyrics "i put my socks on my feet" or "teenagers scare the living shit out of me"
SecondCookie: Language, kiddos!
TyJo: English
PrinceRoman: out dad joked the dad, a glorious day. you are the revolution, Tyler.
TyJo: no I'm dad.
PrinceRoman: FAWKE
Jishwa: the lengths they go not to swear I s2h
Logic: Does s2h mean 'Swear to Heck' or 'Sixty-Two Hoes'?
Beebo: logic u r a legend buddy
Jishwa: swear to heck. the only hoe I have is my tachoe
TyJo: is that me or u
Jishwa: both of us

TyJo changed their name to Tachoe #1.

Jishwa changed their name to Tachoe #2.

Tachoe #1: jish
Tachoe #2: ty
Tachoe #1: is there such a thing as a taco slut or a taco whore bc that's me
Tachoe #2: tacwhore

Tachoe #1 changed their name to Tacwhore.

Tachoe #2 changed their name to Tachoe.

Beebo: hey guess what
Sadlon: what
Beebo: no guess
MilkyBoy: you always do this
Peet: r u fucking someone and/or high?
Beebo: no I'm not fucking or high
Beebo: *inhales*
Beebo: Joshler.
Fedorable: YASSSSS
CouldBeGayer: that's gay af
PrinceRoman: we're all about those gays, bout those gays, no ladies
Anxietea: was that all about that base but gay
PrinceRoman: mhm
Anxietea: güççï fåm.
Tacwhore: yāâssss wêîrd çhæråçtér sqūád.
Tachoe: let's just ignore Joshler for right now because
Tachoe: wêîrd çhæråçtér sqūád
SweetAndSalty: idea

SweetAndSalty kicked Tacwhore and Tachoe from Emo Loser Squad. Bye!

SweetAndSalty changed their name to Matchmaker Mikey.

Matchmaker Mikey: we need to get Tyler to confess his undying love to Josh I M M E D I A T E L Y!
Gee: h m m m y e s i l i k e t h i s p l a n .
Drank: why immediately?
Matchmaker Mikey: we need ideas people!
Andy: why not Josh?
Joe: doesn't Josh have anxiety or smthn
Anxietea: yes I make him nervous continue on
SecondCookie: but you're really sweet Anxiety
Anxietea: no I am a demon straight from the pits of hell sent to earth to torment humanity with glee
Logic: You are currently eating a cookie, watching Bambi, and crying hysterically.
Anxietea: tHeY dIDnT HAVE tO KiLl hIs MoM LoGiC
PrinceRoman: BACK TO GAY
Beebo: put a ring pop in a taco
Sadlon: No, Brendon.
MilkyBoy: lock them in a janitors closet together
Gee: that would send Josh into an anxiety attack
Drank: shit rite
Anxietea: not necessarily
Anxietea: while he would be Shook™, having a close bud in there would make him feel safer, and would lessen the chances of an anxiety attack
Matchmaker Mikey: k then when
Beebo: asap
Sadlon: yes asap, I'm on student council and the plans are already being set out in motion
Gee: tomorrow then
Drank: when tomorrow
Matchmaker Mikey: lunch
Gee: bren can drag them out of the cafeteria and shove them in there
MilkyBoy: I'll be there, waiting to lock the door.
Drank: tell them that u have something really cool to show them, 2
Beebo: k, let's do this!

Matchmaker Mikey erased 30 messages.

Matchmaker Mikey has changed their name to SweetAndSalty.

SweetAndSalty has added Tacwhore and Tachoe to Emo Loser Squad. Welcome!

Tacwhore: if u were talking about Joshler
Tachoe: let them talk all they want
Beebo: aww shut up you two pigeons I saw this romance coming from 10 years away.
Beebo: bitch calm

Chapter Text

September 31, 6:30 AM.

Tacwhore: oh riiiiiiise and shiiiiiine, for the morn, has come
Tachoe: get up so you can eeeEeaaat your coooorn
Tacwhore: get up, you lazy bum
Tachoe: get up, out of bed
Tacwhore: because it's time to get ready and go to school
Beebo: did u just corn song us
Sadlon: yes they did
Gee: corn song, what the fuck?
MilkyBoy: a song Tyler's grandma sung his mom in order to get her up out of bed.
Beebo: they're from Florida so it makes sense
Drank: Florida is the shit man, so many stoners and crackheads
Andy: well, we found where Brendon was born
Beebo: r00d
Joe: eugh get dressed we have

September 31, 10:37 AM.

Anxietea: hey m bored
Logic: They have school, Anxiety
Beebo: lol what makes u think I'm in class
MilkyBoy: the fact that ur trying to light a bird carcass on fire in chemistry
Beebo: h m m n o s u c h t h i n g i s o c c u r i n g
Tacwhore: bird
Tachoe: lol Tyler wants me to tell u he's coming
Gee: kinky
Tacwhore: thē bïrd ålwäys wīñs, Bêébø.
Sadlon: can confirm that tyler came running in covered in feathers
Tachoe: loll
Anxietea: what the ever loving f**k
DagnerNeddle: I'm so proud to be in this group chat.

September 31, 12:20 PM.

Beebo: hey ty, Josh cmere I wanna show u something
Tacwhore: k
Tachoe: kk
Beebo: East hall first floor

Tyler walked over to where Brendon said he would be, Josh not too far behind. He spotted Brendon, and waved. Beebo waved back. They stood in front of the Janitors Closet, where Ryan popped out and shoved them inside, locking the door once they were in.

It was pretty small inside the closet, so Tyler and Josh's chests were pressed up against each other, and breathing became hard. Josh was hugging Tyler in attempts to not panic, and it was working for the most part.

"What the heck?!" Tyler yelped.

"Th-they shoved u-us in a c-c-closet." Josh stuttered out.

"No, really?" Tyler hissed. "I'm so gonna kill Brendon and Ryan as soon as we get out."

"N-no, you're not. You l-love them too much t-t-to do that." Josh whispered. Tyler nodded slowly.

"Yeah, but I'm gonna totally fight them later." Tyler said. It was warm in there, and Tyler had started to sweat.

"A-and I'll cheer y-you on." Josh stated. Tyler could feel Josh also sweating. As they were close like this, Tyler realized (even though he couldn't see all that well) how truly beautiful his best fren was.

"Geez, is it hot in here or is it just you- me?" Tyler blushed furiously. He didn't mean to say that out loud.

"I'm p-pretty sure it's y-you." Josh responded. Tyler blushed harder, and he was pretty dang sure that Josh was too.

"Aww, you think I'm hot." He tried to play it off as a joke.

"'Course I d-do. You're lit-terally the best person on the p-planet." Josh replied sincerely.

"Well, maybe I think you are." Tyler was freaking out on the inside, and he could feel Josh's hands shaking.

"N-nonsense." Josh gulped. Tyler shook his head, a miniscule smile forming on his sweaty face.

"You are, though." Tyler cleared his throat. He couldn't believe he was actually going to do this. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth, the four words he had wanted to say for years coming out of his mouth. "I love you, Josh."

And to his surprise, Josh responded.

"I l-love you too, Ty." Josh grinned. Tyler was smiling too, and suddenly the heat didn't bother him anymore.

"So, can we..?" Tyler trailed off, the red never leaving his face. Josh nodded. They both leaned towards each other, lips meeting in a brilliant display of love. The kiss was long and sloppy, but Tyler didn't care. Both were smiling and laughing the entire time, and honest-to-God Tyler would die for that laugh. And now both were sweaty for a different reason.

They pulled apart, breathing heavily and grinning.

"I have a feeling that this was what Brendon was trying to accomplish today." Tyler breathed.

"Y-yeah." Josh giggled. Somehow the prospect of fighting Brendon and Ryan slipped his mind.

"So what are we?" Tyler said after a moment.

"I-i mean, I wouldn't mind us b-being boyfriends." Josh smiled sheepishly.

"I wouldn't either. So, Jishwa, my boyfren, how do we get out of here?" Tyler asked.

"Well TyJo, m-my boyfren, I have no c-clue." Jishwa laughed.

"Do we just wait until they let us out?" Tyler found the light switch after a moment of searching. He flicked on the light. Josh shrugged.

"I-i guess." He replied. They heard footsteps coming from outside, and someone opened the door. A very flustered looking janitor was there.

"Oh thank the Lord! One of our friends locked us in here, Matt." Tyler said, looking at the guy's name tag. Matt sighed and beckoned them out.

"I'm betting it was Brendon Urie or Gerard Way. Those two are trouble." The janitor warned. "Have a nice day, kids." Tyler and Josh walked around the school, hand in hand.

"A-are we agreeing to b-break it to them over the group chat l-later?" Josh smirked. Tyler nodded, smiling.

"We would be bad friends if we didn't."

"V-very bad friends indeed."

September 31, 1:31 PM.

Beebo kicked Tacwhore and Tachoe from Emo Loser Squad.

Beebo: where the fuck are they
Gee: what do you mean
Beebo: Josh and Tyler aren't in the closet
Drank: shit
Sadlon: ry and I are searching their classes
MilkyBoy: no sign of them.
SweetAndSalty: check the roof
Beebo: gr8 idea mikester
Sadlon: found them on the roof
Andy: what were they doing
MilkyBoy: sitting on the railing and talking.
Peet: were they making out?
Sadlon: no
Fedorable: so it didn't work ;-;
Joe: we'll have to create another way.
Beebo: leave them be for right now, u don't wanna mess with Josh too much or he'll die or smthn
Gee: k
Drank: so water we gonna do?
SweetAndSalty: delete the messages, invite them in and ask how they got out?
Beebo: good idea

Beebo deleted 20 messages.

Beebo added Tacwhore and Tachoe to Emo Loser Squad. Welcome!

Sadlon: how'd u get out
Tacwhore: the janitor let us out
Tachoe: thx for making me panic for a solid 30 seconds
MilkyBoy: I've got a janitor to kill smh
SecondCookie: no killing please
PrinceRoman: only I can kill
Anxietea: u kill ppl jus by them looking at ur face
DagnerNeddle: burn
Tacwhore: y did u put us in there in the first place?
Beebo: prank'd binches
Tachoe: mk
Tacwhore: we know exactly why you put us in there, Brendon.
Beebo: y?
Tachoe: u wanted Joshler
Tacwhore: just letting u know that joshler's real
Tachoe: yea we're boyfrens now
Beebo: ah cool so ur not mad
Beebo: wAIT
Gee: holy shitu
Drank: omgomgomgomg
MilkyBoy: knew it was gonna happen
Joe: Andy u owe me $20.
Andy: darnit
Peet: damn
Fedorable: congrats!!! <3
SweetAndSalty: holy shit nice man
CouldBeGayer: G A Y
PrinceRoman: I approve!
SecondCookie: I LOVE LOVE!
Logic: Congratulations on your homosexual desires being fulfilled.
Anxietea: nice |||c
DagnerNeddle: congrats
PrinceRoman: anxiety is that the finger circle in text form?
Anxietea: yeah I was too lazy to use an emoji
TheJoangleBook: I love gay
TallyCat: good luck on the gay™
Tacwhore: we're bi
Tachoe: but we're half gay so it's ok
Peet: half gay lol
Fedorable: also why does Andy owe Joe $20.
Joe: a bet
Andy: don't tell them
Tacwhore: hey jishwa do u wanna kiss and make them scream
Tachoe: obviously

Tacwhore attached one image. (a selfie of Tyler and Josh kissing)

Drank: haha gee fainted
MilkyBoy: so did Beebo and Dallon
Fedorable: Pete's gagging.

Tachoe attached one video. (them kissing)

SweetAndSalty: I'm the last one standing, everyone else either fainted or died or rushed to the bathroom to throw up.
Tacwhore: that's what u get.
CouldBeGayer: G A Y

Chapter Text

October 1, 6:30 AM

Beebo has renamed the chat to Halloween Town.

Beebo has changed their name to Satan.


Sadlon changed their name to Bootiful.

Tacwhore: w h a t
Tachoe: o it's spoop season

Tachoe changed their name to Spooky Jim.

Tacwhore changed their name to Blurryface.

MilkyBoy changed their name to Cereal Killer.

Gee changed their name to Geeleton.

Drank changed their name to Frankenstein's Monster.

Andy changed their name to Halloweendy.

Joe changed their name to spoop.

Logic changed their name to Dr. Frankenstein.

Peet changed their name to Trete.

Fedorable changed their name to Trick.

PrinceRoman changed their name to DragonWitch.

Anxietea changed their name to inSaNiTY.

SecondCookie changed their name to CreepyCrawlyDeathDealer.

DagnerNeddle changed their name to poison snek.

TheJoangleBook changed their name to Skelejoan.

TallyCat changed their name to BlackTallyCat.

CouldBeGayer changed their name to Halloween Gay.

Dr. Frankenstein: Anxiety
DragonWitch: Anxiety..
CreepyCrawlyDeathDealer: Anxiety!!
poison snek: Virgil
inSaNiTY: yeah
poison snek: it's only October 1st
Satan: never too early to decorate
Blurryface: last year Brendon started at Christmas.
Spooky Jim: I slept underneath a fake spider for a year.
Bootiful: he decorated the whole block.
Cereal Killer: I still get nightmares.
Skelejoan: cough cough school
Halloweendy: hm shit

October 1, 12:20 PM.

Bootiful: hey
Cereal Killer: yez
Bootiful: I have an idea
Blurryface: I like ideas
Bootiful: get this,
Spooky Jim: it's been seven minutes, dallon.
Bootiful: we crash the Halloween dance and trash the place
Satan: v e r y w e l l d o n e , y o u n g p a d a w a n .
spoop: I'm so in
Blurryface: Josh and I have the best costumes, u better believe we'll be there
Spooky Jim: I second the motion.
Skelejoan: tal and i can't, we'll be out of town.
Halloweendy: in
Halloween Gay: sides and i r in.
Satan: yes everyone will be there.
Blurryface: brêñdøñ ùrīé gēt øvêr hérê ríght ñøw.
Satan: stultan morph, infernum parere mihi, et ego sum ipsum potens.
Blurryface: ëk kåñ døēñ wãt øøkäl ēk wïl, bøsë køñîñg.
Satan: mihi, malus rex?! potes vos accipere titulus de daemonium!

Blurryface has left the chat.

Spooky Jim: Brendon Boyd Urie you know better than to say that to him!
Satan: I didn't mean to!
Spooky Jim: "I didn't mean to!" yeah, but you did. You should know how insecure he is about that.

Spooky Jim has left the chat.

Satan: oh my god I need to fix this

Satan has left the chat.

Geeleton: what the fuck just happened.
Bootiful: b just got mad and accidentally insulted ty
Cereal Killer: I'll go make sure he doesn't fuck it up more
Bootiful: yeah do that
Trick: what language were they speaking?
Bootiful: b was speaking latin and ty was speaking
Bootiful: idk actually

SweetAndSalty has changed their name to mikescreey.

mikescreey: Google translate time
mikescreey: "foolish morph, hell obeys me, and I am very powerful."
Skelejoan: fuckin called it boys + talyn
BlackTallyCat: thx, but no u didn't
Geeleton: he told Pete, trick and I that he saw ty turn from a bird to himself
mikescreey: u diDNT TELL M E?
Skelejoan: u looked like u wanted to figure it out on ur own
mikescreey: thx tho
Cereal Killer: okay I have updates
Bootiful: spill that tea m'sir.
Cereal Killer: Brendon nyoomed over, Josh threatened to kill him, b apologized to Tyler, and now theyre having a therapy session and Josh is the therapist.
spoop: wow
Cereal Killer: Brendon and Tyler are both crying their eyes out
Cereal Killer: holy shit that got fucking deep whoops
Cereal Killer: now Josh is crying
Cereal Killer: I'm crying
Cereal Killer: and I know for a fact that Dallon's crying
Cereal Killer: possibly dying over here
Cereal Killer: h Ow aM I ty oin gg all his while cgribf my cucknf eyd ou t??
Bootiful: you aren't, babe
Cereal Killer: I'mma invite them back in brb

Cereal Killer added Spooky Jim, Blurryface and Satan to Halloween Town.

Blurryface: y o
Spooky Jim: wow i feel way better after that
Satan: surprisingly, s o d o i .
Cereal Killer: now that that's over, lunch time
Bootiful: yez

October 1, 5:34 PM.

mikescreey: so i have a few questions
spoop: about what
mikescreey: the thing
Bootiful: not this again.
Spooky Jim: what thing?
Blurryface: was I not informed of this thing
Satan: o h n o T h e T h i n g !
Satan: what's the thing
Geeleton: sO we've noticed some
Frankenstein's Monster: S U S P I C I O U S
Halloweendy: behavior lately
mikescreey: from 5
BlackTallyCat: people
spoop: in this
Skelejoan: very
Trick: group
Trete: chat
Blurryface: Who?
mikescreey: Brendon
Skelejoan: Tyler
Geeleton: Josh
Halloweendy: Ryan
spoop: and Dallon.
Spooky Jim: is everyone in on this?
Cereal Killer: n o t t h i s a g a i n .
BlackTallyCat: Mikey, esplain pleese.
mikescreey: so I have reason to believe that you all are hiding something M A G I C A L from us
Cereal Killer: we all knew you were doing this, Mikey.

Cereal Killer attached one image. (Screenshot of the Detective thingy)

mikescreey: so I don't have to explain anything?
Bootiful: and we saw the earlier messages.
Geeleton: shit
Bootiful: but yeah I can heal shit
Cereal Killer: I can read people's minds
mikescreey: H O L Y S H I T I WAS RIGHT

(Several Minutes Pass)

Satan: uh tyler, jos
Satan: wait
Satan: doesn't Josh have..
inSaNiTY: anxiety

(In The Real Life)

Tyler sat on his bed with Josh who was starting at his phone screen in shock.

"How did they admit it that easily?" Josh asked, gesturing to Ryan and Dallon's messages. Tyler shrugged in disbelief.

"I don't know. I mean, I guess they aren't mythological creatures like Brendon and I." Tyler replied, taking a glance at his own phone when it buzzed with a text. He shook his head before going back to the group chat. "Brendon thinks you're having an anxiety attack."

Josh looked at the text himself and chuckled. "Good assumption to make. I'd say that Brendon will break open the door in three."

They heard frantic footsteps from a while off.


The footsteps got closer quickly.



"YOU GUYS OKAY?" Brendon sprinted up the steps, and looked like he was dying. Tyler and Josh shared a glance before laughing hysterically. Brendon looked relieved. "Oh thank God. I can leave now, bye!" Brendon ran off.

"I assume we should text back." Tyler sighed, tapping the 'Type Here' space on his phone. Josh nodded. A text got sent through before they could type.

Satan: I checked up on them using my Demon Speed™ and they're fine.
Satan: also I'm literally Satan but you can call me Luci.
Satan: like for Lucifer??
Satan: I thought it was funny.
Blurryface: nobody else did
spoop: so??
Spooky Jim: icanturninvisible
Blurryface: use spaces we talked about this before
Spooky Jim: I can turn invisible.
Blurryface: See! Not too hard, was it? :)
mikescreey: damn that's fuckin cool
Spooky Jim: Your turn, Tyty.
Blurryface: um do I have to
Spooky Jim: yes.
Spooky Jim: I'll hold your hand?
Blurryface: fine.
Blurryface: I'm a Morphling whichbasicallymeansicantransformmybodyintoanythingliving
Spooky Jim: spaces, blurry
Blurryface: which basically means I can transform my body into anything living.
Spooky Jim: You did it!!! :D
Blurryface: and that language I was speaking was Morpish. my name is Blurryface in Morpish and Josh's is Spooky Jim.
Geeleton: so I can hazard a guess that Mikey fainted again.
mikescreey: no I'm just pumped I finally guessed something right
Frankenstein's Monster: that's what he's excited about
mikescreey: yupperooni
Geeleton: s t o p
Blurryface: im just gonna take a break for a few moments
Spooky Jim: I'll be with u the entire time :)
Blurryface: :)

Chapter Text

October 15, 8:25 PM.

Blurryface: okay so
mikescreey: did u finally decide?!
Blurryface: maybe I did
Geeleton: F I N A L L Y
Blurryface: I'll show you guys
Spooky Jim: im so proud of you babe!!
Blurryface: thanx spooks
Blurryface: I miss u already ;(
CreepyCrawlyDeathDealer: what happened?
Spooky Jim: something came up and I had to go back to my parent's house.
Frankenstein's Monster: spill the tea
Spooky Jim: guys it's not that big of a deal..
Halloweendy: k then
mikescreey: sooooooo what ya gonna doooo about showing us
Blurryface: abandoned lot, 5:37 am.
Dr. Frankenstein: Why that specific a time?
Blurryface: I'll tell u later
Blurryface: josssshhh what's going on? u could just tell me??
Spooky Jim: sry I didn't know I was doing that
Satan: well rip my dignity in half and shove it inside a pickled trumpet guess who I saw today.
Cereal Killer: never do that again.
Cereal Killer: also sry about ur circumstances, josh
Spooky Jim: it's okay.
Spooky Jim: wait hold on
Blurryface: josh
Blurryface: Josh??
Blurryface: Joshua William Dun answer me
Geeleton: what the fuck happened?? who do I need to kill??
Blurryface: SPOOKY JIM?!
Blurryface: oh my god oh my god oh my god

(Real World)
(Okay Fellas, before we get into this, if you are triggered by violence of any sort then PLEASE skip to where there is another message like this. If you miss it it will be in bold!! Stay safe, frens!!!)

Tyler shoved his phone haphazardly into his hoodie pocket as he fought down tears. His Morphling form had slid onto him unknowingly while he was typing, and his fingers shook as he unlatched the window. Blurryface backed up into the corner of his room, and started running towards the window. He vaulted over the ledge, and on his way down he spun around and morphed into a cheetah the fastest he could. Distantly, he saw Brendon's door opening in a rush. Blurry's paws skidded on the asphalt as he started running top speed across town and to Spooky's parents' house.

He was there in a few moments, and spotted no cars or any vehicles in the driveway. That was good, Blurry reminded himself. He sloppily turned into a Morphling, stumbling to the door. He threw it open, not caring about the noise. Blurryface sprinted downstairs to the basement, where the scent of blood filled his nostrils. He violently stopped as it hit his nose like a freight train, gagging immediately. Blurry shook his head, and looked around the dim-lighted room with no problem. There, in the far left corner, he spotted Spooky Jim right there, laying on the ground, unconscious and bleeding. Tyler moved over to Josh's limp body quietly. Distantly he heard Brendon come into the basement and gasp. He kneeled down beside Josh's body and lifted him up, carrying him back up the stairs with a somber expression. Tyler carried Josh up to his room and placed him on his bed. There, he saw Josh's phone on the ground, group chat still up and pinging with messages. He turned to Brendon, who was standing in the doorway shocked.

"Beebo, kry Dalinc hier nou!" Blurry barked, and Brendon nodded. Beebo ran out of the house as quickly as possible. Tyler got out his phone and opened the group chat.

Blurryface: I'm going to fucking murder somebody right now.
spoop: omg Tyler cursed this is v fucking bad.
Trete: what the fuck happened over there?
Blurryface: This is why I fucking RAN AWAY IN THE FIRST PLACE, DAMNIT
Blurryface: oh my god holy shit BRENDON HURRY THE FUCK UP
Blurryface: No, wait, Brendon don't.
Blurryface: go to the lot
Blurryface: it's not safe here.

The front door opened and Tyler heard Josh's parents enter, drunk and stomping around lazily. He knew he had to get Josh out of here before they came up here and killed them both. Blurry needed to think of something big and fast enough for Josh to ride on. In a split second, he found himself inside his head, being pushed back against a wall by his Morphling form.

"Don't worry Tyler," It said in a thick echo kindly. "Trust yourself."

And so Tyler did.

He let himself just do something. He grabbed Josh in a feat of strength and hoisted him up and over his shoulder. With one hand, he opened the window and jumped.

What surprised him most, though, was how he was able to carry Josh as a vulture. A huge one, at that. He let himself do, and they were in the lot in no time. Blurry turned back into a Morphling as they reached their destination. A lot of his energy was spent, and, hey, he saw Brendon and Dallon there.. It would be fine if he took a small na-

He closed his eyes, and Brendon slapped him in the face, waking him up effectively.

"What in the fuck happened?" Brendon asked, shaking his shoulder roughly. Tyler shook him off and ran to Josh, who was being healed by Dallon. He vaguely registered that everyone else was there too.

"I shouldn't have let him go back." Tyler muttered to himself, getting on his knees next to Josh.

"All my fault. My fault. My fault my fault myfaultmyfaultmyfault-" He stopped himself before something else happened that was his fault. Dallon, the ever caring giraffe he was, was staring at him with concern as he healed Josh.

"Hey, Ty, can you tell me what happened?" Dallon questioned softly. Tyler screwed his eyes shut as he looked at Josh's battered form. His hands were still shaking violently.

"His parents," He croaked. "They- they got drunk and and they called Josh to ta-take care of them." A few loose tears escaped his eyes, and he silently cursed himself. "He- he thought they wouldn't do it again! He- I thought it was a one time thing!" Tyler yelled, trying to compose himself. He didn't want to break down in front of all his friends. "I should- should've tried harder to protect him." He whispered, wiping his eyes with minimal luck. Tyler gazed at his best fren, boyfren if you will, with love and sadness. He looked him over head to toe multiple times. Black eye, blood, broken arm, blood, blood, blood blood bloodbloodbloodbloodbloodbloodbloodbloodbloodbloodblood so much blood all because Tyler had been too stupid to realize that they were going to abuse Josh.

Tyler's dull fingernails pushed into the skin on his arm as sobs made his body shake. He sat on the ground, put his head in his knees and sobbed.

"It's all MY FAULT! I'm so so so s-sorry Josh! Ek sal vir jou in die hemel huil!" Tyler cried out.

"Brendon, take the rest of the group away from here. Tyler needs to cry right now." He heard Ryan whisper to Brendon. Tyler continued crying loudly as Brendon got everyone away.

(Okay guys!!!! It's safe to keep reading! ||-//)

Tyler sat beside his bed, where Josh was still conked out. If he looked away for too long he would panic and shake.

'He's still breathing..' He would remind himself every time. 'He's okay.'

Tyler hadn't been on his phone since, but he could imagine what was going on. Patrick begging for answers, Pete trying to calm him down, Ryan a huge mess, Brendon being self depreciating, and everyone else ignoring it until he or Josh spoke up about it. The clock on the wall said it was 10:45 PM. His head snapped over to Josh as he heard a low groan.

"Josh?" Tyler stood up to get a better look at him.

"Y-yeah?" Josh's eyes fluttered open tiredly, squinting against the harsh light of the lamp. Tyler sighed in relief.

"You're okay.. Josh I was so worried about you." Tyler closed his eyes for a minute. Josh nodded, and chuckled humorlessly.

"I was w-worried about me too." He admitted. "Did Dallon heal me?"

Tyler nodded. "Yeah.. I'll have you know that I... um" He trailed off. "What's the English word for it?"

"Well, w-what's the Morpish word?" Josh asked, sitting up.

"Snik histeries." He said. Josh nodded, thinking it over.

"Sobbed hysterically. A-aww Blurry.. I'm s-sorry."

"No, Spooks. It's not your fault." Tyler consoled him, sitting on the bed besides Josh. He rested his head on Tyler's shoulder, and Tyler put his arm around Josh's.

"W-well, what now?" Spooky questioned. Tyler made a noise that conveyed 'Beats me!' "I kinda want to sleep.." Josh murmured. Tyler smiled.

"Then that's what we'll do." He confirmed. They got underneath the covers and cuddled until they fell asleep.

Chapter Text

October 16, 6:30 AM.

Tyler's alarm blared annoyingly, and so he rolled over to shut it off. The noise ceased to exist, and Tyler sat up, yawning. It was a Tuesday that day, which meant an annoying amount of school. He looked over at Josh, who was sleepily blinking at Tyler.

"Wow.. you're h-hot." Josh slurred in his sleepiness.

"Yes I know, Jishwa, but we gotta get up. It's Tuesday. We have schooooollll." Tyler nudged Josh a couple times before he resigned himself to his fate and got up. "Oh wow you're hot too."

Josh winked, grabbing a shirt. "I know." He pulled the black shirt over his head. Tyler himself got up and went to brush his hair (he fell asleep in his clothes, sue him), which he gave up on 5 minutes later. He brushed his teeth while Josh brushed his hair, and then they both went downstairs to grab cereal. Tyler's parents and siblings were still asleep, as it was so E A R L Y that nobody except a college or high school student would even dare be up.

After the cereal (which Tyler poured a cup of sugar in, and Josh sighed before grabbing the sugar for himself) Tyler and Josh walked hand-in-hand to school, black shirts matching and making Josh look H O T. Tyler spotted the rest of the gang hanging out by the crappy water fountains, and he nudged Josh, pointing with his head at them, asking a silent question. Josh shook his head and continued walking, eventually being spotted and waved over.

"Yoooo Josh how're ya doing?" Pete asked. Josh's face quirked up in a small smile.

"I-i could be better. E-emotionally." He answered. Tyler squeezed his hand in a gesture of support. Josh squeezed back.

"Well, not to overstep boundaries, but what the fuck happened last night?" Frank piped up. Blurry looked at Spooky, one eyebrow raised. Josh looked around.

"Let's g-go somewhere p-private. So no one h-hears." He muttered, walking to the side of the school.

(Mkay here we go again friends. If ur triggered by violence, the bad blurryface, or child abuse then skip to the end. Summary above!! ||-//)

"Spill that tea, sis!" Brendon whooped, and got shushed by everyone.

"Do you want me to explain, or..?" Tyler asked. Josh nodded, seeing his finger tips start to vanish.

"P-please do." Josh breathed, trying to get his fingers to reappear.

"Okay, tell me if you want me to stop." Tyler told Josh sternly, pecking him on the cheek.

"Literal couple goals." Ryan whispered to Dallon, who nodded.

"So it all started when Josh and I were in 8th Grade..."


Tyler rode his bike over to Josh's house with Josh himself, the crisp autumn wind making his wild brown hair flow back. He saw Josh's house in the distance, and so he pedaled faster. They got to the tan house in a matter of minutes, and so they both hopped off. He let Josh go first, just so he could look at his butt.


"That's why y-you always let me g-go first." Josh smiled. Tyler smiled back and slapped said butt, continuing.


Josh unlocked the door with the key under the rug, and pushed open the door. Tyler, in his natural Morphling form as he had caught the slightest wiff of something, smelled the rancid scent of alcohol and cocaine. He gagged, changing into his human disguise. Josh looked back, hearing Tyler gag.

"Y-you good?" He asked, his brown eyes conveying concern. Tyler narrowed his eyes.

"Something doesn't smell right." He pushed past Josh and walked into the house, using his (then) shortness to his advantage. Tyler looked around, and the smell became stronger once he got near the basement stairs. He looked back at Josh, who had just started smelling it too.

"D-dear Lord what the heck i-is that god-awful smell?" Josh scrunched up his nose in disgust. He looked really adorable doing that. Now, this took place where he was questioning his sexuality, and he honest-to-God wanted to kill himself right then and there. Tyler forced himself to look back at the basement and creep down the stairs. He opened the door to see Josh's drunk parents snorting cocaine clumsily. Josh gasped, and their heads turned to them. Josh's dad narrowed his eyes in anger, and stumbled towards them. Tyler stood in front of Josh; he had watched enough Law and Order to know where this was going.

"Get.. get the fuuuack ouuuuuutaa here, you li'l shit." He slurred, raising his hand. Josh turned invisible behind him, and his father growled. "I didn't raiiiiise no freak." He shoved Tyler out of the way, who yelped as he was being flung. Josh's dad slapped air, or what would've been air if Josh had moved. Josh turned visible, and a big hand print was etched into the side of his face. Tyler decided that they needed to get out of there, and that they wouldn't remember this once they were sober. But Tyler was still scared. Josh didn't know about his species yet. So, Tyler grabbed a stunned Josh's hand and ran upstairs. He heard Josh's parents trying to get up the stairs slowly, and he decided that they needed to move, and fast.

"Josh, I'm gonna need you to trust me completely, 100%, and grab onto my shoulders, can you do that?" He asked. The stomping got louder and Josh nodded quickly. Josh grabbed his shoulders, and Tyler morphed into a cheetah, Josh on his back. Josh gasped as Tyler ran upstairs and jumped straight through Josh's open window. Tyler ran as fast as he could to the abandoned lot where they had met. He morphed back to his human disguise, gasping for air. He hadn't run that fast in a while. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you? How's your face?" Tyler grabbed Josh's face and pulled it closer, inspecting the mark. Josh was too stunned to notice.

"Josh, are you okay?" Tyler took a step back as he noticed that Josh was turning invisible, albeit slowly. Josh snapped out of his trance and tears swam in his eyes. Tyler grabbed Josh into a hug, and tightly squeezed his best friend. Or, really, one of his two friends. Tyler felt his shirt getting wet as Josh put his head in the crook of his neck, letting himself sob. "There, there. You're gonna be okay, let it aaaaaalllllll out." Tyler murmured into Josh's ear.


"That was the first time it happened. Josh didn't want to call the cops because they were still his parents, y'know?" Tyler's voice wavered, and he wiped stray tears from his eyes.

You couldn't keep him safe. What does that make you? Weak. weak. weak. weak. Pathetic. Fucking useless .

Tyler winced and rubbed his eyes with his sleeve. He felt Josh squeeze his now sweaty hand comfortingly, and he smiled softly at his boyfriend.

"Oh.. dear God." Gerard whispered. Brendon nodded.

"That was how I found them an hour later; crying and holding onto each other for dear life." Brendon chimed in. Tyler looked at Josh.

"I'm gonna tell them what happened last night, and then I can show them what I can do, 'kay? D'ya wanna plug your ears, or are you okay?" He asked Josh. Josh shook his head confidently.

"I-i'm okay."

"Okay, since we are kinda running low on time until the bell rings," Tyler glanced at his phone's clock. "I'mma make this short. So basically Josh's parents got hammered and acted all nice to Josh, asking him to come over and take care of them. Well they had knives and baseball bats in the basement and used them to bash him all up. I run over in a panic, carry him upstairs, they come home, I jump through window with Josh, I turn into a vulture and carry him to the lot, where he gets patched up by Dallon." He said, taking a breath afterwards.

Barely even did that without help. Pathetic, Joseph. If that even is your last name. Had to have your little angel push your weak fucking body around to get you to do anything.

Tyler's eye twitched when the voice spoke. The bell rung, and it was time for class to begin.

Chapter Text

October 21, 12:13 PM.

Blurryface: why can we not feel the rotation of the earth?
Blurryface: vampires could be in space but telescopes have mirrors so we'd never know.
Blurryface: are rocks soft but tense up when we touch them?
Blurryface: why did josh get blessed with looks of an angel but I have crooked teeth?
Blurryface: did brendon get dropped as a child?
Satan: now that's just r00d-
Spooky Jim: awww ty ur beautiful
Geeleton: I don't even know what's happening with Tyler anymore
Blurryface: me neither
Frankenstein's Monster: that's a mood if I've ever seen one

2:37 PM.

Blurryface: joshhh I'm rethinking my life choices
Blurryface: should I have left??
Spooky Jim: yes u should've
Blurryface: k good I was panicking! for a bit
Bootiful: hah he gotchu there boo
Cereal Killer: hey Bren
Satan: ye
Cereal Killer: is ur door open?
Satan: yea wh
Satan: fuck
Blurryface: and I thought my songs were cringy geez
Spooky Jim: ur songs are great now kiss me
Blurryface: gladly ;)

Geeleton sent one video. (Mikey puking in the toilet, looks about 5 years ago)

mikescreey: gerard.... you can't use that for everwything
Trick: owo?
Trete: 'everwything'
spoop: that's a big mood
Halloweendy: ^

4:34 PM.

Blurryface: Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh
Blurryface: E V E R Y B O D Y
Spooky Jim: how long did that take to plan?
Blurryface: many
Satan: he typed that out really fast. how fast did you type?
Blurryface: hella.
Geeleton: these answers got me quaking.
Frankenstein's Monster: rip gee
spoop: a funeral for Gerard Arthur Way..
Blurryface: I put the fun in funeral
Halloweendy: THATS MY NEW MOTTO-
Trete: hey it is srprang brakre rite?
Trick: yea why
Trete: I foregta.
Cereal Killer: are you drunk/high?
Trete: no my dgo is lyaign no me.
Spooky Jim: did you say
Blurryface: Josh you don't have to pet every dog you see
Blurryface: oh
Blurryface: oh no
Satan: wut
Blurryface: he's too far gone
Spooky Jim: DOG!?!?!
Spooky Jim: ī ãm gøïñg øvèr thérē rìght ñøw.
Blurryface: be prepared pete.
Trete: oh nsoe.
Trick: I see him running down the sidewalk
Trick: he's at the door
mikescreey: I mean, it IS a dog
Geeleton: tru
Trete: that motherfucker stole my dog
Spooky Jim: he's mine now.
Blurryface: Josh put the dog back
Spooky Jim: no he mine
Frankenstein's Monster: he actually stole the dog I stg
Blurryface: >:( josh
Spooky Jim: D:) tyty
Blurryface: sit. sy. hond. terug.
Spooky Jim:
Spooky Jim: fine
Trete: thanks for giving me my own dog
Blurryface: im going on a walk to the park bc im stressed,
Bootiful: if u say what I think ur gonna say
Blurryface: and i want to steal a fish.
Cereal Killer: omg not again
mikescreey: wht the fuxsdjrueigncbaakdgj
Halloweendy: u chill?
Geeleton: w h a t
Geeleton: all hail jeffree star
Blurryface: ha gotta go fast the park cops are after me
Spooky Jim: Tyler..
Satan: mike I'll swing by the ditch and get u out fam
mikescreey: THX FAM
CreepyCrawlyDeathDealer: don't go shortening family by leaving out my three favorite letters...
CreepyCrawlyDeathDealer: I L Y
Satan: that's a TV tyguy.
Blurryface: um guys Jay wants to eat Dr. Phil
Spooky Jim: toss him to me
Spooky Jim: I have water in my mouth he's fine.
Blurryface: clog up the kitchen sink and put him in there

5:27 PM.

mikescreey: brendon where r u it's been forever
Satan: wait shit
mikescreey: he fell in the ditch with me
Geeleton: zomg im coming I stg
Frankenstein's Monster: ;))))))
Trete: #TylerIsAGrandpaConfirmed
Trick: #TylerIsAGrandpaConfirmed
spoop: #TylerIsAGrandpaConfirmed
Blurryface: STOP DR PHIL IS D Y I N G
Bootiful: omw
Blurryface: GET HIM A BAND-AID
Bootiful: ive arrived
Bootiful: wham bam thank u ma'am.
Satan: are any of us girls dallywallypallysallymallyrallytallynallybally?
Halloweendy: what the fucc
Blurryface: my beautiful child is restored.
Spooky Jim: let's yeet our fish child upstairs
Blurryface: Joshua William Dun what's a yeet
mikescreey: I'm out of the ditch with jeffree and brendon
Geeleton: did jeffree always glow
Spooky Jim: a yeet is when u throw something and u yell yeet
Satan: bye bitches I need to get to my dealer b4 sundown seeya
mikescreey: no jeffree didn't glow before
mikescreey: he likes you
Blurryface: wait did u say glowing
Geeleton: yeah
Blurryface: according the the big book of magical stuff I have under my pillow as a way to ward off evil spirits, that's either A.) a trapped fairy or B.) some kind of magic rock that grants u one of three things
Blurryface: 1.) three wishes 2.) magic powers or 3.) a child
Spooky Jim: so which is it
Blurryface: what color is it glowing and r u both touching it?
mikescreey: orange and yiss
Satan: betting 5 bucks gee gets preggers
Blurryface: congratulations on ur magic powers
Blurryface: welcome to the supernatural community
Geeleton: w h a t
mikescreey: that's fucking cool
Blurryface: it'll take 10 minutes to get all of the energy out
Blurryface: after that can I see the rock so I study it
mikescreey: sure, take good care of jeffree
Blurryface: also, isn't it Jeffrey or am I an idiot again
Satan: taking back my bet.
Spooky Jim: look up jeffree star, hun
mikescreey: so how do we know what we're in for
Blurryface: what color it is after it's done.
Satan: want some weed?

Chapter Text

October 22, 1:08 AM.

mikescreey: u said it would take ten minutes dipshit
Blurryface: ten minutes to ten hours
Blurryface: depends on the person/people
Geeleton: bitchcu told us it would only take ten minutes not ten fucking hours.
Frankenstein's Monster: wait have you two been standing out there for hours?
mikescreey: mhm TYLER!
Blurryface: yeah?
mikescreey: ITS DONE
Blurryface: o nice I'll yeet over there now
Blurryface: did I use that right
Geeleton: no not at all
Blurryface: be there in 30 seconds
Satan: don't u live all the way across town from the ditch
Blurryface: t(-.-)\
Satan: oh right
Blurryface: w h a t t h e h e c k
Blurryface: what does that M E A N
Geeleton: just look at the rock dick head
mikescreey: why are u going hmmm so loudly
Blurryface: hit me in the head with a mattress and call me a Glurp that can't be right
Blurryface: BRENDON
Satan: yee
Blurryface: ur Satan u know magic stuff right?
Satan: u bet ur ass i do
Geeleton: what is going the fuck on
mikescreey: does a concern
Blurryface: Mikey what color is the rock
mikescreey: orange
Blurryface: see, Brendon, that's a purple rock in their hands
Satan: but that would mean gee actually is preggers
Geeleton: WHAT
mikescreey: congrats ur a mom
Blurryface: but they're saying it's orange?
Satan: must be colorblind or some shit
Blurryface: this isnt possible... there's no way
Blurryface: Josh
Spooky Jim: yes
Blurryface: page 349 in the book
Spooky Jim: nothing about orange/purple rocks
Satan: so preggers or not
Blurryface: shut up urie. I'm thinking
mikescreey: he sat down on the road
Blurryface: what
Blurryface: oh that
Blurryface: that's fine
Blurryface: just watch and see if my theory is true
Blurryface: okay so that worked well
Blurryface: thanks Mikey
Geeleton: what the fuck
Spooky Jim: that's it I'm going over there
Blurryface: I'll come get u
Spooky Jim: thx for the ride.
Geeleton: shut up and tell me what happened
Spooky Jim: why is a semi truck cut in half a
Spooky Jim:
Blurryface: yes that's a dead guy
mikescreey: WHAT
Satan: dammit I'll have to take em down omw
Blurryface: my theory was that if someone they cared about was in danger, depending on whether or not the magic responded would tell me what it is
Blurryface: ouch just gonna bring those repressed memories right to the surface. okay then.
Blurryface: but yes I was willing to die for this
Blurryface: Dallon could heal me, right Dallon?
Bootiful: k sure, yea
Geeleton: that's a long ass title
Blurryface: my real parents were d***s and hated me
Blurryface: actually Josh ur right they don't have morals. also I'm the cool one, awww <3. other than that spot on
Spooky Jim: but back to the topic YOU ALMOST DIED
mikescreey: rock hello jeffree needs attention.
Satan: guy is taken care of, he gets a nice place in Hell bc it wasn't his fault he died
Satan: also for anyone who sees these msgs when they wake up ur cool you'll be my right hand men in hell + Joan and Talyn
BlackTallyCat: thx :)
Bootiful: so brendon
Satan: yea dallywallypallysallymallyrallytallynallyballyfallygallyhallyjallykallylallyzallyxallycallyvally?
Bootiful: go get ur fancy magic book from hell
Satan: oh rite brb hell has a whole different wifi system. much better but different.
Blurryface: wait I just realized Gerard and Mikey probably have the blue finger disease get them in a house
Spooky Jim: frostbite, dear.
Spooky Jim: no, babe wait
Geeleton: the frost isn't alive, tyler
Blurryface: how can it bite you if it's not alive?
mikescreey: it just feels like it
Blurryface: sorry I've just had bad experiences with hunkerdinkles.
Spooky Jim: so can we go back to ur place to study the rock it's cold
Blurryface: yeah. I can do that. hop on.
Geeleton: holy shit Josh is actually riding Tyler
Satan: KINKY
mikescreey: get in the fucking car and let's go to tylers.
Blurryface: it's like 2:30 am we are so gonna h8 ourselves in the morning.
Spooky Jim: y
Blurryface: munday.
Spooky Jim: monday*
Blurryface: sure squirreltabletennisracket
Geeleton: what is with that insult
Blurryface: Brendon said that they were the newest trend
Satan: shh don't tell him
Blurryface: don't tell me what you massmurderingtomatopicklesauce.
mikescreey: this is my new favorite trend
Blurryface: alright back to business. thunk that rock on the table quietly
Gee: *thunks quiet*
Blurryface: this would be much easier if we had an elf or something here to feel it's aura
Satan: can't do that bucko I'm all dark shit
Blurryface: unless I can secretly do magic other than shapeshifting then I can't. Josh hand me the knife
Geeleton: Tyler unless you can ok nevermind
Blurryface: chop chop
Blurryface: . it is orange on the inside
Satan: cool
Bootiful: yo couldn't we just ask Ryan to dig into their brains to find it
Blurryface: right right..
Spooky Jim: GEORGE
Cereal Killer: sigh I know
Cereal Killer: that's a fucking shit ton of magic hot damn
Cereal Killer: Mikey's the same way haha I'm not funny but yeah
Satan: betting my money it's a brain preggers w/ magic child
Blurryface: or we could be logical and say they're witches/warlocks/wizards.
Spooky Jim: what's the difference
Blurryface: witches need a familiar to use their magic, wizards need a staff/wand, and warlocks use their mind/hands.
Cereal Killer: no they're witches all right. too dumb to be warlocks and hand-eye coordination hasn't skyrocketed for use of wands yet so there's gotta be an animal in there.
Geeleton: please let it be Dr Phil.
Blurryface: no that's my pet
Blurryface: Dr Phil is fine just startled.
Blurryface: gasp I'm gonna become a fish
Spooky Jim: blurry..
Cereal Killer: MIKEYS FAMILAR SMACKED ME OUCH also it's an earthworm hahahaha
Satan: ouch dude that fucking sucks
mikescreey: I love him already his name is going to be Cunt.
Cereal Killer: gees is a tiny, sentient pine tree with tiny arms and legs. it glared at me with no eyes
Geeleton: his name is (first name) Shit (last name) Head so his full name is Shithead bc nobody glares at my friend's and gets away with it.
Blurryface: dude congrats but Dr Phil is the wisest fish I've ever met I'm actually crying he's a legend. Dr. Robert Phil. The best.

(Legend is totally about Tyler's fish named Dr (Robert) Phil)

Blurryface: I want another fish brb
Geeleton: how do I meet my familiar
Satan: ask him nicely
mikescreey: omg cunt is the cutest thing I've ever seen
Geeleton: if shit was a person I'd date him ngl
Blurryface: got another fish named Splashy


Spooky Jim: Tyler focus
Blurryface: right, right
Satan: dude the magical ppl can teach gee and mik.
Blurryface: sick let's do it AFTER SCHOOL GO TO BED NOW
Geeleton: fine
Cereal Killer: don't have to ask me twice.

Chapter Text

October 22, 6:05 PM.

Satan: blerg
spoop: what the fuck happened last night at one in the morning
Halloweendy: don't even ask I don't wanna know
Blurryface: okay so Josh showed me some memes and honestly I don't get them? can you guys explain some to me?

Cereal Killer changed the chat's name to Memes 101.

Geeleton: whaddya wanna know
Blurryface: let's start simple I guess. oof?
mikescreey: a Roblox death noise used to convey discomfort or as a way of expressing sympathy, primarily when you're too stupid to think of any coherent response.
Blurryface: Tide pods
Frankenstein's Monster: a trend that died where ppl ate poisonous little laundry packets and died
Blurryface: where can I find some
Spooky Jim: ):
Bootiful: don't tell him
Blurryface: the car salesman meme
Satan: u can't really explain that one
Blurryface: yesnt?
Bootiful: it means no. yes-not
Blurryface: uhhh Despacito 2.
Trete: a sequel to the hit Spanish song Despacito that will never be made
Blurryface: why's there so much hype around March 22?
Frankenstein's Monster:
Blurryface: no one's gonna answer ok then I have to go to dinner anyway ;(

Chapter Text




Chapter Text

October 23, 7:50 PM.

Trick: hey so I made a huge mistake plz don't be mad!!!
Trete: shut the fuck up Patrick
Halloweendy: what happened??
Geeleton: are you safe? I will cut a motherfucker if ur not
Trick: Pete I'm sorry! it was a misunderstanding
Trete: I said SHUT THE FUCK UP
Blurryface: hey now, pete
CreepyCrawlyDeathDealer: Peter, that's no way to talk to your friend. Say sorry because it's clear that Patty feels bad. >:(
Trete: what he did was fucking unforgivable, patton. I can't just forget about that
Satan: what got shoved up ur ass, man
mikescreey: I have to agree with Pete on this one. Patrick can't be forgiven
Trick: guys I'm sorry!! you were never meant to know!!
Spooky Jim: Okay, settle the hek down. I'm in charge here, now. Brendon, mute them please.
Satan: on it
Trick: wait, no!!

Satan has muted Trick, Trete, and mikescreey.

Spooky Jim: You three are in big trouble unless you work out your differences. This is a No-Hate zone, people! I'm completely, 100% sure what Patrick did can't be that bad.
Blurryface: Jish, what if he opened up a gateway portal to the warmarcks and let them into this unviserse and they flooded the school and we all just got eaten alive and destroyed by king wormler the twenty second hundred and then ons lewelose liggame het in duiwels verander, en ons het die mens onbewustelik geëet????
Spooky Jim: Tyler that's very unlikely, Patrick would never do that.
Satan: ye but what if
Spooky Jim: You will be unmuted, and then you will explain yourselves and work out your differences. Got it?

Satan unmuted Trick, Trete, and mikescreey.

Trick: I'm so sorry, Pete. I never meant for you to find my TikTok!
spoop: holy shit Patrick how could you
Frankenstein's Monster: Jesus Christ Patrick
Satan: what the fuck trick the dick
Halloweendy: Josh, what now??!!?!?!??¿¡¡!!!!¡??¿¿?!?!¡
Spooky Jim: Patrick. You.. you did what
Trick: it's not that big of a deal guys, but I'm sorry anyway!!
Spooky Jim: betrayal at it's finest
Blurryface: guys??
Blurryface: what's a TikTok?? is it like a dildo??
Blurryface: my dad had one and let me play with it as a baby .^.
Geeleton: Tyler I stg
mikescreey: no a TikTok is worse
Frankenstein's Monster: *glosses over the fact Tyler's dad let him play with a dildo* yeah
Spooky Jim: Tyler... Tyler that's not a dildo
Blurryface: what is it then? ._.
Satan: holy shit dude

Frankenstein's Monster attached one image. (a dildo)

Frankenstein's Monster: that's a dildo.
Blurryface: oh
Blurryface: Josh has one of those
Halloweendy: the plot chickens
spoop: Josh, my man, that's gay.
Halloween Gay: gay :)
Blurryface: wat oh yeah
Blurryface: wait
Blurryface: hold on now
Spooky Jim: ty?
Spooky Jim: where r u going
Blurryface: it's all white and sticky ew
Frankenstein's Monster: TYLER DROP THE DILDO AND R U N
Blurryface: why?
Blurryface: w
Blurryface: oh the fuck no
Blurryface: shut up and kiss me u dweeb
Spooky Jim: yes dweebdy
Spooky Jim: unghfdhajaaaahahahdfnfnfhshahfhhginnnngh
Blurryface: dweeb
Spooky Jim: dweebdy
Blurryface: also, what's a TikTok?
mikescreey: Tyler, no...

Chapter Text

October 24, 4:45 AM.

Satan: beep beep mofos get up
Spooky Jim: why
Satan: becauuuuuausuauassueseeeee me and ty are gonna teach gee abd moikey
Blurryface: nergh 5 more minutedeeeedesesesessss
Geeleton: what's up my dudes
mikescreey: the ceiling
CreepyCrawlyDeathDealer: Nice one, kiddo! Also, watch your language, Brenny!!!! <33333
Satan: what
inSaNiTY: it's his thing he loves everyone
Dr. Frankenstein: He is what you call a Pansexual. The pannest.
Blurryface: that explains a whole lot
CreepyCrawlyDeathDealer: What happened, Joe!?!
inSaNiTY: I'm good with those :)
DragonWitch: VIRGIL!
inSaNiTY: what
Blurryface: tell me all about it sis. I've been through that sexuality crisis.
CouldBeGayer: gasp finally I've always wanted to meet one!!
Spooky Jim: what is that?
spoop: when u have to be friends with somebody b4 u like like them and it doesn't matter what gender u r.
Blurryface: that's cool, one of my past friends was demi.
Spooky Jim: really?
Blurryface: yea
Spooky Jim: which one?
Blurryface: jenna
Spooky Jim: I remember her!
Satan: congrats Joe, but we've got witches to train!!!! get up and to the forest gee and mikester! be there by 5!
inSaNiTY: 5 AM, the witching hour.
Dr. Frankenstein: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that is 12 AM.
inSaNiTY: Fine then, 5 AM, the Devil's Hour!
Satan: now that's 3 AM.
inSaNiTY: well now it's just 5 AM and you need to go to sleep.
Spooky Jim: can I come?
Blurryface: ofc babe
Spooky Jim: k :)
Blurryface: rip my legs
Spooky Jim: um I have a motorcycle remember
spoop: WHAT
Spooky Jim: yeah I get too anxious in a car so I learned to drive a motorcycle
Blurryface: faulty logic, I know
Geeleton: I just heard Tyler scream the girliest scream I've ever heard
inSaNiTY: you should hear Roman scream

inSaNiTY attached one video.

Satan: 😂😂😂😂
Spooky Jim: lol
Satan: I heard him scream again omg
Blurryface: do u want me to abandon ship like last time?
Spooky Jim: no...
Geeleton: just hurry up!!
Blurryface: there's traffic.
Blurryface: right u are. very right you are.
Spooky Jim: there's no traffic I just drove up a tree

@Spooky_Jim was reported for Traffic Law Violation by @Blurryface with the message, "R.I.P Josh. He was reported for doing a dumb with zero brain cells in total. Goodnight America."

Spooky Jim: RUDE

The Message you were trying to send did not go through, as you have been muted until you are cleared by @Blurryface.

Spooky Jim: TYLLLER

The Message you were trying to send did not go through, as you have been muted until you are cleared by @Blurryface.

Blurryface: when do u think Josh will notice?
Satan: probably never.
Blurryface: yeah.
Blurryface: I left him stuck in a tree lol