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Cut! And that's a wrap!

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"We’re not done yet Deku."


Izuku was cornered to the end of the classroom by Katsuki and two of his lackeys. Cold sweat coated his skin as he protectively grasped his notebook Hero Analysis for the Future no. 13.


"Please, just leave me alone... HEY!"


"What's this?" one of Katsuki's lackeys examined the newly swiped notebook. "Is he taking notes on heroes again? That's just lame."


"He's delusional!"


"Just please.... it ba...."




And Izuku could only watch as the diary of his dreams were burnt to ash and thrown out an open window. While his eyes still glued to the window, he did not register the taunting words coming out of his bullies' mouths. Only when Katsuki smoldered his shoulder with an explosion did he snap back to reality. And it was then that he heard:


"You know, if you really want to be a hero that badly there might actually be another way. Just pray that you'll be born with a quirk in your next life, and take a swan dive off the roof of the building."








Izuku caught his breath. With slow breaths he looked around, only to see Director Aizawa’s stern redshot eyes.


"Izuku, your blocking is terrible. You should be low on the ground grovelling. You didn't show enough vulnerability. Katsuki, your delivery was awful. Your body language is too stiff to be intimidating. Loosen up. And Chris...."


Not taking Director Shouta Aizawa seriously would be a mistake. Sure, the man had his “quirks”, which included bringing his cat to work, his chic hobo wardrobe, and his sleep deprived appearance. Yet, he was a stern taskmaster who dished out scathing criticism; he was even infamous for canceling film projects if he deemed performances subpar. Despite such actions being costly, he could do as he pleased since he was Japan's most sought after director. Especially for quirk action films, since his quirk Erasure allowed him to disable actors’ quirks if things ever got out of hand.


But really, Izuku could not ever wonder why someone like Aizawa would direct a movie whose cast consisted mostly of bratty teenage actors.


"Alright, we'll be redoing this scene some time tomorrow. Meanwhile, the rest of you work on your lines for the next scenes. Tomorrow you will be meeting the rest of the 'Class 1-A' cast, have a good night" Aizawa curtly announced as he walked out the room. The atmosphere of the set suddenly felt calm.


Izuku looked around, exhausted. Through his half-lidded eyes, he noticed something was missing. Or rather, someone.


"Hey Chris," he gestured to the actor playing one of the bullies. "Where's Katsuki?"


"Oh, uhhm, I think he went upstairs right after Aizawa left."


Oh no, I should probably see what's wrong.


"Thanks Chris! And hey, great work today! Don't let Aizawa get to you."


"Oh, uhm thanks. You know, it's nice to have a cast mate who's always so positive. Especially if he's one of Japan's talented child actors," Chris smiled shyly.


“Come on, you're too kind. Well, I'll see you tomorrow then!"


And with that, Izuku ran out the room.



Small pieces of charred paper from what looked like a script floated in the air on the rooftop patio. Katsuki Bakugou's palms smoked as he glared at the sunset. With a sigh, he slumped on a folding chair and took out his I-pad mini from his coat pocket. He was hoping reading some Hamlet could give him some peace and quiet.


Apparently not, because he heard a familiar voice from the stairs below yell:


"Hey Katsuki! Is everything alright?"


With another sigh, he slowly shifted his body until he faced Izuku.


"Fucking peachy. Just peachy." Katsuki spat out.


"Is it Aizawa?" Izuku glanced quizically.


"Fuck him. You think I'm gonna cry over a little bit of criticism? Fuck that. Why is someone like Aizawa even working with a shitty second rate film studio like USJ. Fucker just won an Oscar in America for directing the third remake of The Ring."


"Huh, so I'm not the only one wondering about that."


"Tch. And talk about a script with shitty characters. Fucking hate mine. Can't believe they casted me as a stupid asshole with an inferiority complex the size of his non-existent cock."


"Hey, at least you weren't casted as a crybaby whose a stupid masochist! Which sane person worships a bully?"


"And yet the only thing you have in common with yours is that you're both shitty nerds," Katsuki quipped back. "You fucking color code all your scripts and make side notes in 0.1 font."


Izuku rolled his eyes. "Says the nerd who downloaded the complete works of William Shakespeare on your tablet. I mean, you literally typed an essay on Dante's Inferno while your family and I took a vacation to Italy."


"Oi fuck you! Dante is a masterpiece, and so is Shakespeare. Better than this childish drivel called Boku no Hero Academia."


Now that Katsuki thought of it, this childish drivel was supposed to help his dismal child acting career. Years ago, he got into a fight with another child actor on set that resulted in the latter being accidentally burned by his quirk. And after that, very few studios wanted to hire him. Even if he was one of Japan's most talented child actors.


Katsuki had glowing reviews, focusing on the emotional and intellectual depth he could bring to his characters despite how young he was. The same could be said for Izuku, who also acted alongside Katsuki sometimes. But in contrast to his friend, who dreamed of acting in action movies, Katsuki was a theater geek (or a theater snob). He relished the craftsmanship of every play he read, including the works of Marlowe, Shakespeare, Goethe, and Beckett. To him, the process of deciphering each play-wright's words, living inside the minds of his characters, and finding ways to deliver his vision of the play to an audience was thrilling. Who cared if people thought he was lame because of that.


To Katsuki, what was lame was the quirk action genre. If people being obsessed with quirks wasn't enough, then Japan's recent nationwide fetish for quirk action films/shows was just as pervasive. It wasn't that Katsuki hated the idea of quirks being used to enhance action scenes. He hated that the very concept itself lowered the artistic standards of the films. Auditions were based on whether if an actor had a certain quirk for the movie. Not acting talent. And plus, the dialogue in these films was awful that it made Tommy Wiseau's The Room look Oscar-worthy.


His scorn for the genre took people by surprise, considering that his explosive quirk would be perfect to replace CGI explosions (heck Michael Bay even tried to draft him). But fuck that, Katsuki Bakugou was a human, not a mindless living sac of dynamite.


"You know, the premise of the show is actually pretty brilliant: quirkless kid becomes a hero." mused Izuku.


"Good ideas are fucking useless if they can't be executed well. But fuck that, at least you can fulfill your dream of becoming one of the few quirkless action actors."


"Hey come on! At least be a bit more supportive! Just think of how much hope I can give to all the quirkless kids out there!"


Katsuki smirked. He was supportive of his friend's dream. In fact, he was always there to defend Izuku from the assholes who made fun of his quirklessness. The only reason why he forced himself to take up his current role was because of Izuku.


"Zuku, what's with that shitty face?" Katsuki said after observing Izuku's newly formed frown.


"You know, I came up here to ask if you'd taken your Prozac. You just seemed really angry after that rehearsal."


"Well fuck, are you my nurse now? For your information, I did," Katsuki enunciated with a sharp glare. "You know I've been receiving therapy ever since I was 6. You've been to my last appointment, and my fucking therapist said I was doing fine. I'd be much more peachy if I wasn't playing an obnoxious asshole. He pisses me off!"


"But, you know I just can't help but worry. I wasn't there during your last breakdown, and I feel bad I couldn't do anything to help...."


A huge burning lump was felt in Katsuki's chest.


"Stop apologizing for that shitty nerd! It was my own fault. Controlling my fuck-ass anger is my own responsibility. Whether if you were here or not, I should have fucking got my ass together that time," Katsuki lamented with a sigh. "Just stop it with your shitty worrying kay?"


Izuku still stared at him with concern.


"Zuku, could you just stop staring at me with that face!"


Izuku stared at him with more concern.


The things I do for my shitty friend, thought Katsuki as he got up into a dramatic pose. With his best Tommy Wiseau impression, he yelled: "You're tearing me apart Lisa!"


He looked at his friend's face, which was still frozen. But he could spot Izuku trying to stifle a smile.


"I did not hit her, It's not true. It's bullshit, I did not hit her. I did noooooooot. Oh Hi, Mark!"


Katsuki heard some quiet giggles.


"My name is Jeff! "


And then Izuku erupted into a full-blown laugh attack. Apparently reciting lines from The Room and 21 Jump Street worked wonders.







After having survived Katsuki's Tommy Wiseau impressions, Izuku made his way downstairs to the set to see if he could help the crew pack up. As he walked in on set, he noticed Aizawa was still there, deep in conversation with what seemed to be a tall gaunt-looking man. Curious, Izuku made his way to the director, but then paused in shock.


Standing there was the last person he wished to ever see again. The person's blue eyes caught onto him, and stared.


"Hi son. It's been a while."


"Hi. Toshinori. Yagi," Izuku spat with venom.



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One could say that their first impression of Toshinori Yagi was that of a kindly old man. He was one of those humanitarian actors who donated to charity or personally went to some third world country to feed starving children. Heck, he could also win over just anyone with his million watt smile.


But just not his own son.


"What. The Fuck. Are you doing here?" Izuku spat out.


"Well, uhm, son. I thought I decided to...come over and see how you were... doing."


"Don't fucking call me your son, you deadbeat. You lost custody of me years ago!"


"EHEM!" Aizawa interrupted. "If we can leave the family reunion for later, I have an announcement to make. Izuku, you will be co-starring with Toshinori. He will play your mentor All-Might."


"WHAT! Just what the fuck. What. The. Fuck. This piece of garbage is playing the Symbol of Peace?" Izuku looked at Aizawa in shock while he gestured towards Toshinori. "Just who's brilliant idea was that?"


"Izuku, unfortunately I am not in control of this irrational decision. You are going to have to make do with what we have. If need be, we will have a therapist on set to address any longstanding issues between the two of you. Now, if I see the two of you fight, I will immediately replace any one of you. Izuku, as much as I am aware of your dream to promote quirkless actors in action films, you're not the only quirkless person out there that can do the job." Aizawa drawled, glaring at the two actors as if he could cause a double homicide. He then immediately left the set, leaving the two alone in awkward silence.


"So. Izuku. I know I haven't been the best father...uhem...I mean guardian to you. I'd really love to make up for all those years that you and Inko..."


"...Had to suffer because your deadbeat cock wanted the pussy of a gold digger," Izuku finished off. "So how's that going? Did she and your entire whorehouse leave you after that botched muscle-enhancing quirk surgery, now that you look like a stupid twig? Tch, guess you no longer have to order steroids in bulk from your drug dealer friend All For One ."


"Izuku, please.... I..."


"Don't fucking please me you sick fuck! Just because you've been on the news visiting cancer patients and lifting wreckage in disaster zones, you think you're some sort of hero? Fuck you. Don't you know how much mom had to suffer after you pulled that shit?! She fucking loved you, and you broke her! If cheating wasn't enough, you beat her in anger when she found out! Do you know how many times she tried to overdose herself on Xanax? Almost every fucking year! Oh, and here's what makes this better. The last words she heard you say when she was sane were: 'I don't want to have anything to do with an ugly bitch and her quirkless stuttering son!' So if you have any sense of self-preservation, you'd fucking leave me alone when we're on set!"


And with that, Izuku marched off to leave Toshinori. All he could do was watchwith an outstretched arm while his former son disappear into the hallway. Especially when he heard his son's phone call from a distance.


"Hey Masaru. Are you coming to pick me and Katsuki up?


...All right, we'll be waiting for you at the front entrance.


...Oh you were asking how's Katsuki? He did fine on the first day, and plus he took his medication.


...Wait where are we going? Were going to that Katsudon restaurant? Oh my god, you're too kind.


...Thanks! You're the best surrogate father I could ever ask for!"


To Toshinori, it sounded as if the last part was said on purpose.




"Shitty brat, what's with that resting bitch face?" Katsuki's mother Mitsuki growled as she drove Izuku and Katsuki to USJ. Yesterday, the entire Bakugou family and Izuku went out for dinner to celebrate Katsuki's first time back on set since his accident three years ago. As tasty as the Katsudon from their dinner was, it did nothing to assuage him from not looking forward to meet the rest of the cast playing Class 1-A.




"Well it ain't nothing with all that sarcasm oozing out of your mouth," Mitsuki quipped back as she flipped off a driver for running a red light.


"Just can't wait to be in that shitty set with all those talent-less extras. You know that being with large groups of people piss me off, old hag."


"Well, I'm sorry brat! Acting on theater is no better. It's not as if you can choose who you want to work with. Besides ingrate, this is your only chance to redeem yourself after that incident."


If there was anyone who freely could mention Katsuki's anger management and his last meltdown, it would be his parents, his therapist, and Izuku. But that still didn't mean that he reacted well in response all the time. In fact now, he felt progressively nauseated and breathless. As his brain replayed every second of the memory in crystal clarity, the nausea in his chest squeezed his heart harder, harder, and even harder. And then he saw the one scarring image that he remembered well:


A burnt scar. A burnt scar. A burnt scar. A burnt scar. A burnt scar. A burnt scar. A burnt scar.....


"Katsuki. breath."


He opened his eyes. Mitsuki had parked the car, and Izuku took off his seat belt to pull him outside. Once Katsuki was standing on the ground Izuku calmly guided him through a set of breathing exercises given to him by his therapist. As he mindlessly counted to ten, he stared into his friend's hypnotic emerald eyes- as if they were pools of water that was the salve to his burning shame.


"Okay Katsuki, you're doing a great job. You really are," Izuku intoned. "Now, I want you to recite that soliloquy from Hamlet. Your favorite one."


With a reassuring look from Izuku, he closed his eyes and began to mumble from memory:


"To be, or not to be: that is the question:                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer                                                                                 

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;

No more; and by a sleep to say we end

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation

Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;

To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil."


As he recited, he noticed a few things from his periphery. A few onlookers were quizzically observing as if Katsuki were some street performer. Those people could fuck off, since they could never appreciate the calming effects Shakespeare had on a person like him. But then there was his mom beside him squeezing his hand. Despite mentioning the incident, Katsuki thought it would be rational to forgive her. It had been years since he had a panic attack whenever the incident was mentioned. So much for all that work in therapy.


"...With this regard, their currents turn awry,

And lose the name of action."


And the burning inside Katsuki's heart ceased. For now.




Eijirou Kirishima had his legs draped over a prop desk, and a pair of Ray-Bans covering his eyes. His three other friends playing his classmates in Class 1-A were slouching their bodies on various props while texting. They've been waiting in the set designed for the Class 1-A's room for an hour, and Eijirou was dying for a joint.


If being bored and deprived from weed was making him irritable, then it wasn't as bad when he found out who the rest of the cast consisted of. Sure, most of them were made up from teens who were going to be acting on camera for the first time in their lives. Those people were of no issue to him. It was just two names that made his rock-hard body want to compress into boiling magma. Two damn names. Just searching them up on his phone to confirm who they were did nothing to mollify him.




The destruction of his phone at the hands of his hardening quirk caught the attention of his friends.


"Eiji, that's the tenth phone you've broke...."


"Shut the fuck up!" he roared at Sero Hanta. "Want me to stuff that thing up your ass? I'll fucking get a new one from your dad's company!"


That was sure enough to make Sero roll his eyes.


"Chill Eijirou. You know were not supposed to be 420ing on set right?" Sero replied thoughtfully.


"Like I fucking care! It isn't about that. Come over and look you two. Look at the names at the top of the script?"


"Oh, it's them," said Mina Ashido coldly. "You'd think of second rate studio like this would bring in that much talent. Talk about overkill," the pink alien-like girl finished with a pop from her bubble gum.


"Overkill! They're going to kill our chance to get noticed by reviewers, that's what! And those fuckers are like the protagonists! It's not like we could just bribe the director to give us the main roles like last time. Aizawa isn't easily swayed by that bullshit!" Ejirou bellowed while he was about to smack a hardened fist on a prop before Sero Hanta wrapped his hand with his tape.


"Ok, clearly we need to change tactics here. I doubt they're going to take the time to rewrite the script. Endeavor Entertainment is funding USJ's project, and a big company like that will pull out if there's any delays. Just think of how much attention this series could lose if that happened." Sero said as he nonchalantly reeled back some tape from Eijirou.


"Goddamit. We've built ourselves up from a bunch of emasculating nobodies. We've been scraping at the bottom with a bunch of third-rate studio quirk movies. Now's our chance to get noticed!"


"And you wouldn’t even have a chance, unless you got the CEO of Endeavor's son on your side.”  And suddenly everyone stared at the corner Kaminari Denki was in. “I mean, since... it's his dad's company that's funding us, and he would...."



"No one cares what you have to say Retardenki," Eijirou finished for him.


"Wait, what if we should. He would be a valuable asset," mused Mina.


"Well hmmm, that's actually a great idea Mina."


"And if he's a rich stuck-up boy, we'll be able to have more leverage on him. The money I made us save from our gigs..."  Sero glared at Eijirou. "Should be enough to ply him over."


As the three friends continued plotting, Denki's eyes gazed at the forlorn distance between him and the rest of his group.


It wasn’t the first time he’s seen his step-brother and his friends try to pull off another “scheme” on set.

Chapter Text

Katsuki wasn't pleased.


First, he was surrounded by way too many people. Second, these extras were so noisy, he could barely get through reading The Tempest. But most of all, Izuku wasn't there to ward them off. Of course as they entered the studio, the fucking nerd had to go and help out those prop movers-- who obviously had strength quirks that could let them move heavy stuff.


Well, you could say Katsuki was more than not pleased. Good thing he took his Xanax (or rather, he was force-fed the pills by a puppy-eyed Izuku).


And as if lady fortune wasn't kind enough to him, he was greeted by a certain shark-toothed ginger.


"Well, well, well. It's not everyday you get to meet the famous Bakugou Katsuki!" Eijirou smiled while putting a hand on Katsuki's shoulder.


This elicited a dirty look from Katsuki.


"Hi I'm Eijirou Kirishima! It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm your castmate and I'm excited to work with you!" the teen took off his hand and held it in front for a handshake.


"Tch. Fuck off".


And with that he took off.


"Seems like his reputation as the teen spaz has been confirmed", mused Ashido from behind Eijirou.


"Well, at least we now have an idea on how to push his buttons."



Before filming started, Toshinori had gone outside the studio to help some of the prop-movers. He just hadn't counted his son to be there as well. Remembering his spat yesterday with him, he hid behind a telephone pole.


Sighing, he couldn't help but notice how much of a nice day it was. A clear sky of blue, a warm ray of sunshine, and a soft tickle of a breeze made it ideal weather for a stroll. Or an outing for a father and his son.


What was a father-son outing like, he wondered? Were they supposed to throw a Frisbee around? Was there a picnic involved? Was his child supposed to tire from laughter while he carried him to their car?


But children always grew up too quickly. And so did the bitter seeds that were planted inside them at a young age.


And who was the one who planted it?




Should he remove it?




But did Izuku want this?




He knew the meeting between him and Izuku after many years would be rocky for either of them. But his son’s visciousness still shook him to his core. He had no right to make amends. But the desire to do so was tugging at him. Yet how should he close the gap between them? How slowly should he go? He knew he didn't have much time lef..




He turned to face his speaker.


"Filming's about to start. We need you on staff to help coordinate the film crew," said Shouta.


Toshinori took another sigh. As he slowly made his way to the studio, he turned to the director.


"Should I have taken this project?"


"What do you mean?" Shouta raised his brow. "You're already heavily involved as a producer, and you're playing a major role. Turning back is irrational considering the amount we’ve spent on pre-production."


"But I did this in the blind hope of reuniting with my son. And, I don't know if I can do this..."


Shouta took a deep breath. "Whether if Midoriya decides to let you back in his life, is up to him. For now, all you can do is play your part in the film, minimize contact with him on set, and let time pass."


Taking that as a final answer, Toshinori trudged along. Hopefully today wouldn't be a disaster.



"Alright everyone, we're going to be rehearsing Episode 6, Scene 1 of Boku No Hero Academia. As you read on your scripts, you are playing Yueii High Hero students in Class 1-A, whom you will all be selecting a class president. Take 10 minutes to get acquainted with each other and your parts." Aizawa announced while setting a timer on his phone.


"Hell yeah! This is going to be fun!"


"Oh my god, oh my god, this is like, like my first time on film"


"Same here! What's your name?"


"My name's Uraraka Ochako!"


Amidst the cacophony of teens, Izuku smiled. It had been a while since he worked with actors his age. Beside him however, Katsuki seemed less enthusiastic. And on hindsight, he should have stayed with his friend instead of helping the movers. Well, the best could do now was to introduce himself so he could direct the attention away from Katsuki.


"Hey everyo.."


"Hey everyone!" yelled someone louder than Izuku.


Most of the teen cast directed their attention to Eijirou. Izuku noticed Katsuki's brow slightly twitching.


"I'm Eijirou Kirishima, and I'm excited to work with you all! These are my friends Hanta, Mina, and... Denki. You might know us from the movie Quirk Rangers."


"Wait, that's them!"


"Holy shit, he's the guy who played the red Quirk Ranger!"


"He was so awesome! The way he used his quirk to take down that Mega-Lizard at the end was so cool!"


While everyone was chattering, Katsuki rolled his eyes. He hated working with other teen actors (aside from Izuku of course). They were either self-entitled, vapid, or mediocre at acting. And that was all confirmed when the rest of the teen cast was gushing about a Power Rangers knock-off that aired on Disney Channel Japan.


"Seems like we’re missing two people,” Eijirou said scrunching his eyebrows. “Oh right, we should all direct our attention to Katsuki Bakugou, and Izuku Midoriya.”


“Holy shit. It’s that quirkless child actor!”


“Didn’t he win this thing called an “Oscar” a while back ago?”


“Who cares! Look at all his cute freckles.”


Izuku briefly gave Katsuki a look that spelled who is this asshole, which Katsuki returned with an eye-roll.


“Wait, who’s the blond angry guy?”


"Wait, isn't he that child actor who's famous for having anger issues?"


"Yeah! He apparently had a diva moment and got into a fight with the...."


"TIME's UP!"


Thank fuck Director Aizawa had interrupted their moment, since Izuku didn't know if Katsuki could take it any longer. He felt his friend's hand clench more loosely around his arm. Sometimes Katsuki reflexively held Izuku's hand when he was getting slightly stressed.

As the rest of the cast got into their positions, Izuku gave Katsuki a brief smile. This was the first shoot of the day, but at least they were only meeting the rest of class 1-A once. Hopefully Katsuki could get through the day.

Now it was time to watch some shitty teenage acting.


Chapter Text

Being annoyed by the rest of the actors on set helped Katsuki into his role. After all, his role’s default expression was supposed to be a resting-bitch face.


And as much as he hated his character from the day he got his script, he could at least sympathize with the character's arrogance. He felt so much contempt for his co-stars around him because their acting couldn’t even hold a candle to him and Izuku, or even the worst actor he’d seen in Hollywood. They were either exaggerating their emotions, making cringey gestures, or phrasing their lines wrong.


The kid with glasses chopped his arms up and down, as if this was supposed to depict how stern and upright his character was.


Miss chubby cheeks was ridiculously ecstatic in every line. Talk about manic pixie girl syndrome.


Oh but worst of all, was that stupid redhead. What was his name, Edgy-Roe Kitishitma?


Well fuck it, it didn't matter. This guy was literally the redhead equivalent of Jake Paul, and as if that didn't set off any alarm bells in his head. His enthusiasm was overtly obnoxious. His smiles seemed so fake. And worst of all, he was so goddamn loud.


He couldn't cover his ears or bury his nose into his tablet while in character. The only solace was that the Xanax he took this morning reduced what would have been full-blown irritation to a drizzling itch. But hey, if hating his co-stars helped him get in character, which would in turn help him build back his career, he might as well make the most of it.


Speaking of his character, Katsuki seemed to have him analyzed to T. As he went through a list of traits he had developed mentally, he concluded that:


  • His character had massive insecurity issues.

Katsuki was no stranger to people like that, especially in the film industry. In a competitive environment where there was always going to be someone who was either better than you, or lucky enough to get roles despite their mediocrity, it was easy to have a sense of imposter syndrome. And people had very interesting ways to cope with that. They either did hard drugs, or they were secretly assholes to people they perceived to be beneath them (i.e. the film crew, the extras, director assistants, etc.). It's not as if Katsuki hadn't felt the same, he was just lucky to have his friend Izuku around to share his feelings with. And speaking of which:


  • His character was a fucking hypocrite.

The guy had the gall to to dream about becoming Japan's top hero, yet mercilessly bullied his former childhood friend for not having a quirk. And this was a childhood friend who was willing to rescue him from a sludge monster (oh fuck no, Katsuki was not looking forward to acting that scene while being submerged in sludge) despite years of harassment. Oh and not to mention it was Katsuki's own best friend Izuku who was going to be on the receiving end of his character's bullying. Fucking disgusting. He hoped whichever retard who wrote the storyboard gave his character more development.


  • His character also had anger issues.

Just like him. As if some deity didn't decide to mock him by giving him this role.


But if there was one trait that stuck out to him the most, it was this:


  • His character's massive addiction to winning.

What intrigued Katsuki was that his character's desire to win was a counterpoint to his character's insecurities. Despite being insecure, this was a character who seemed like he could take on the world. In another movie, Katsuki's role could have been a young CEO, another Steve Jobs in one of those shitty biopics, or one of those wolves living in Wall Street. These were the people who got shit done regardless of the odds.


You'd think three years of being out of work after a set disaster was because of major studios refusing to hire Katsuki. But that wasn't the full picture. Part of it was Katsuki's fault. Everytime his mom scoured the earth to find him a role at some small-time studio, he fucking refused to take it. He'd argue back that the role was beneath his talent. But deep down, Katsuki was holding himself back. He was hurt not only by the studio rejections, but by what he had done three years ago. He'd lost control of his anger, and he felt too ashamed to go back into the acting world because of it.


For years he had worked on his anger, only to have it resurface when he least expected it. And in the years after the incident, he buried himself in his room downloading scripts of plays and reading more classic literature, because inaction was the only thing that comforted him.


But he missed acting. He didn't know what else in his life he could do aside from that. He had sacrificed most of his education to commit to his craft. Every moment his head was bursting forth with ideas on how to block characters and recite lines. Acting was where he could interact with people, yet remain in his inner world. And it was only after three years that he realized locking himself in his room trying to write staging directions for Waiting for Godot was not a substitute for acting. Plus Skyping and complaining about him being pathetic to Izuku while his friend was out of the country filming could only keep his sanity to an extent.


But playing a role he completely hated wasn't how he imagined returning to the acting world. It was like wearing another skin that never fitted you. And wearing that skin while being with people he was starting to dislike while waiting for the clock to tick down to the show's completion was going to feel like shit. 


Well, he deserved to feel like shit. It was the burden he was going to bare if he was going to even indulge in his love for acting. 


As he was going to ruminate further, Katsuki spotted a hand waving in his face.


"Get your goddamn hand awa-"


"Katsuki, we've finished rehearsing." Director Aizawa said while sharply tapping Katsuki's shoulder. "I've been trying to get your attention for the past minute"


As he woke up from his thoughts, his surroundings gradually became clear to him. His co-stars were snickering and laughing at him. 


"Everyone quiet down." Aizawa said. "As much as I was dissatisfied with your performances so far, I have to run to a studio meeting. Meanwhile, there should be caterers serving lunch down the hall. Take your time to go through your lines before we meet again this afternoon. You're all dismissed."


Katsuki let out a breath that loosened his tight chest. Now he could safely run to his new favorite place on the roof top. And maybe bitch about all the atrocious acting he saw with Izuku.


But the only problem was, where on earth was Izuku? 


He looked around the crowd of extras, and he couldn't find the green bush of tousled hair.  


Fuck, hopefully the nerd didn't abandon him to help the film crew again. This was the second time today


Chapter Text

“I’m sorry?” he spat out laughing. “What did you just say?”

“What you did to my friend was inexcusable.”

“No seriously, I don’t even know what you’re talking about,” Kirishima said as he relaxed against wall.