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The Grand Ridonculous Race

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The Grand Ridonculous Race
Chapter 0: Reveal Thyselves!
Part 1: Same Host, New Territory!

With the best of intentions, it looks like there's going to a big season of the Ridonculous Race, both literrally and metaphorically, because a few very important things are going to change!

Duos against duos, heroes against villains and small changes against big changes, as Don returns to provide a very hectic season of this crossover race!

The few major changes that exist are the chance to be teams of three and two new challenge types potentially taking advantage of this crazy situation!

Yes, Super Ridonculous Race still has a lot of un-uploaded all of the current chapters that I have, but for now this is the most current story that is actually going to get new chapters made!


The obvious success of the several seasons that it was taking in some big money and thanks to all of the competition, the drama and the racing that was just going on the previous seasons.

Back at FreshTV, Don, Chris and Chef were definitely discussing some serious plans for their best season of whatever show they were hosting and Don's plans were relatively special for this season.

Chris was just being pretty audacious about his show, while Don was just trying to talk about some stuff.

''So, you've heard that I'm on my 6th season, while you're stuck with...actually, your situation is really good.'' Don was just really shocked at Chris' good situation. ''Somehow, your show is on its 9th season, despite the lack of ethics!''

''What because you can't handle a little bit of my 50 contestant season?'' Chris was just smugly eating some good food with his best friend. ''Did you know I had enough money for my interns to buy themselves food!''

''...Wow, I'm impressed.'' Don was still at shock, as Chris' sudden 'generosity' was making it obvious.

''I know and I've got another season lined up.'' Chris proclaimed, as he was just trying to get his phone call on speaker.

''Chris, you want some more of that good lettuce?'' Chef was just asking from the kitchen. ''Chris!''

''Yeah, yeah!'' Chris was just trying to get things rolling, as he was speaking with the producers.

Chris was just listening in on the call, as it kept on going back and forth between the host with the most and the producers, who was in a better mood and considering the fact that the hosts were elated, it could only be excitement.

Chris just went into another room, as he wanted no-one to look, complete with a suspicious look and he slammed the door, letting the conversation be private.

Don and Chef had a bit of a knowing look, as they were just sure that these two were going to crossover some time in the future, as the producers were known to make some of the wackiest decisions known to man.

And if they were just suddenly able to hear some angry yells, this decision was mostly about the Ridonculous Race and Chris somehow being involved in it.

Chef and Don were just enjoying their decent food, as Chris was just stomping out of the room with a very dissappointed face.

''Don, your show can handle many teams, right?''

''Yep, though it's gonna be expensive.''

''But I'm going to be a contestant, despite having a long and awesome career!" Chris yelled, as Don was just pretty convinced. ''Chef, we're going to be a team on Don's bad show.''

''Heh, I was waiting for that.'' Don added in.

Chef was just very happy to be out of whatever stunts Chris was pulling, as the chef was just sporting a strangely big grin.

''Anyways, I'll prepare for this crazy season, while whatever training you need to do.'' Don just told them, as he was just drinking some coffee.

''It's the middle of the day. What, you can't handle it?'' Chef was just being serious.

''Trust me, if the producers say anything, it's going to be stupid crazy.'' Don was just preparing himself for the massive season that was ahead.

Things were going to be ridonculously grand for the most part.


Don was just looking well-rested for the season that was ahead of him, as he was finally in his sixth and special season that was probably going to delete a year or two off his own life, as this willing host was just ready to take a break after this special one.

No matter what, Calgary wasn't exactly the best place to start a race that could make a race around the world even more special than before, but it wasn't no generic city or anything.

Don definitely knew this, as he was just ready to introduce the city.

''Calgary, being a city where wrestlers can relax and enjoy the sights, while ordinary citizens can see horses like this one buck around!''

The horse was just bouncing around like no other horse would really do in the legendary Stampede Park, as the teams were just waiting to buck around in this city.

''Beneath my 14 rogues, 73 teams, one of them being a returning fan-favourites, are willing to take the chance to travel the world in 32 amazing locations!"

Don was just checking out the all of the teams that were just showing up one by one pretty quickly, as they were just previously shrouded in shadow for the moment.

"From exotic jungles, to hidden cities to icy mountains, these teams are going to continually knocked off, two by two in each leg, before one team wins 3 million dollars!"

The editing team managed to make graphics out of the important bits of Don's words.

"Once again, I'm Don and this is...the start of The Ridonculous Race!" Don exclaimed, before his teeth shined to give way to the intro which had been changed a bit.

Said intro was just the typical Ridonculous Race intro with the added teams speeding up the running montage and the 64 teams being shown in 16 squares for at least a second before just showing the special logo that wasn't really that different.


"Today, we're going to be starting the race, but we've also got 64 duos ready to race to the edges of this beatitful planet and introducing them is going to take a little bit longer than usual for obvious reasons! Let's just start with the most surprising team!" Don announced, just walking the centre of Calgary and walking alongside the light rail tram that was just going past him in the opposite direction.

The teams were just plain ready to be introduced, as the first team had the angry half and the happy half and unsurprisingly, the two of them were the main host of Total Drama and the former was a average-height man with a long career named Chris McLean and the latter was a black tall muscle-bound man named Chef Hatchet and together...

...things wouldn't really be the same.

''Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet, hosts of the show Total Drama!" Don announced.

*The TV Hosts' confessional*

Chris was just genuinely angry, as Chef was just excited for the competition.

''So, it's been years since I've been in some serious competition and I tell ya that this ain't going to be easy to do it!" Chef exclaimed, happier than ever. ''With Chris, it's gonna be a lot easier, though."

"Dude, I got world-class hosting skills, a pretty good singing voices. willing to bring it on to the next level! By the way, the fitness class really worked!" Chris was just showing off his not so noticeable muscles, as though Chef doubted him. ''Check me out!"

"You haven't changed that much, Chris, but I know you've already got some secret skills." Chef's smile was just wide as heck, as Chris was just looking pretty dissapointed.

"Yeah, I've got them and the rest of the teams are going to get those skills in their face!" Chris was just genuinely in the mood to wreck them all unfairly.

*Confessional cut*

The next team were definitely showing off their characters through their appearances, as Wizard was a lanky guy with a prosthetic arm, a scientist's coat, some jeans and a plain forest green t-shirt and this guy was just carrying the tablet.

The other bulkier heavy weight guy that had brown hair was just wearing some worn jeans, a vest and a plaid jacket that had the sleeves ripped and this guy was just giving a can that was just thrown on said tablet.

"Wizard and Boomsticks, internet hosts that host a show of our potential contestants...fighting." Don introduced the duo

*The Internet Hosts' confessional*

Wizard was just checking out the previous episodes on his tablet, as Boomstick was just walking in from off screen to just chug down another one.

"...Where have you been?" Wizard didn't really like the angry look on Boomstick's face.

"You know, I've been just checking some of our competition out and they ain't got the teamwork skills that we do!" Boomstick was just using the pause to down a can of soda. "You do all of the mental stuff and I do all of the physical stuff, okay!"

Boomstick's strong thumbs up was just slowly put down by Wizard's quick thinking arms.

"I don't know, I think we should share some of the responsibilities, considering we don't have the best physical skills." Wizard explained, as he was just ready to get it rolling. "I think we could definitely make an impact."

"With your brain and my dual wielding skills, I think we've got the two million in the bag!" Boomstick was just still being loud.

*Confessional cut*

Two distinctly nearly-naked warriors, Zangief being the Russian man that only wears two yellow and red wristbands, red wrestling boots and wrestling pants that had an metal belt over it.

Rainbow Mika was the second wrestling warrior, being a Japanese blonde girl that was just wearing a leotard that covering up a little bit more than usual, though it wasn't too different, along with the usual mask and white boots.

''Zangief and Rainbow Mika, the appealing wrestling warriors!" Don shouted, as he was just getting hot under the collar. ''Probably going to be good."

*The Wrestling Warriors' confessional*

Zangief and Mika were both very boisterous about their intentions, as they were just ready to shout their message.

"Hey, Hugo, I know what you did and keep on doing and for obvious reasons, you kinda pissed us off! We were going to do this anyways, but Hugo made it kinda personal." Mika stated, as she was just ready to get things rolling.

"Hugo, you choose words like that and you're going to get The Red Cyclone!" Zangief exclaimed, as he was just ready to follow things up.

"Yeah and we're doing it to help all of the people who can't be helped, because we can!" Rainbow Mika was just ready to taunt to the next level, preparing the pose.

"And this is just the start of race! We go all out on our opponents and there's no exceptions, but we're going fair on this race!" Zangief exclaimed, as he was just showing off his team-up pose.

They both did the team pose, as they were just continuing some team-ups.

*Confessional cut*

These two were just dogs that had somewhat similar styles, as one was lightly coloured just wearing a green plaid dress that was just long enough to not deal with the wind and the other one was brown with a white stripe running through the middle that was just wearing a red shirt with some blue shorts.

The light coloured dog had her hair tied up, while the dark colour dog had his hair just be messy.

"Isabelle and Digby, a brother and a sister that are both dogs!" Don shouted, as they were both excited.

*The Brother's and Sister's confessional*

Isabelle was just ridiculously excited about the race, as she was just ready to jump about.

"Hello, guys and gals of the other worlds and some other places! I'm Isabelle, the mayor's assistant of a little known town that I forgot the name of and I'm so happy to be on your show!" Isabelle was just waving very quickly. "And here's my brother, Digby, who works very hard and very good on selling homes!"

"Hey! It's nice to see you guys." Digby's strange apphrension was a reaction to  Isabelle's sudden hyperactivity. "I think we could make it through with strategy, but also have a fun time-Isabelle, you okay?"

"Uh, yeah!" Isabelle was just surprisingly exasperated, as the eyes

"Alright, let's do this!" Digby declared with her now calmer sister.

*Confessional cut*

These two were definitely looking a little bit suspicious, as Michael was just a white guy with an clean business shirt that, business trousers and brown slacks. and Franklin was a normal-skinned black guy that had a shaved head just wearing a baggy grey shirt that had white sleeves, some loose jeans and worker's boots.

"Michael DeSanta and Franklin Clinton, two guys that have probably done some stuff." Don was just very sure of something.

*The Questionable Men's confessional*

Franklin looked like that he didn't really want to be here, but Michael was just ready to take the race into his game.

"Franklin, we're going to kill it out here! With my killer intimidation factor, other stuff that we're not going to mention and your raw power, it's bound to be easy for us to take the money!" Michael was just estatic about his team's chance.

"Have you even seen the competition? Those fast guys could just fuck our day up and go on without a sweat and there's a whole bunch of teams that have seen much crazier shit, man." Franklin noted, being somewhat annoyed at Michael's over-confidence.

"Franklin, ye got no faith, man. I'd rather no tell on TV, but we've got secret skills that could turn the race on its head." Michael's grin looked a little bit suspicious.

"...I like what you're thinking, though." Franklin was actually careful to not give anything away.

*Confessional cut*

K' was just a slightly lanky guy that had pretty dark skin, pretty light hair and all leather that had quite a few zips on his trousers and arms, as his leather shirt was partially zipped out with an cross necklace and some red shades to complete the look.

Maxima was just a well-built cyborg that had his normal skin on, as he was just wearing a bomber jacket, a teal t-shirt and blue tracksuit trousers.

These two were just looking for some suspicious people.

"K' and Maxima, the anti-heroes!" Don stated.

*The Cool Friends' confessional*

K' was just relaxing in the chair, as Maxima was just also trying to get things configured.

"Why the hell are you wearing an bomber jacket? It's pretty damn hot outside and I'm sure that t-shirt it coming off!" K' shouted, as he was just complaining about nothing.

"Because I've analysed the air and I'm sure that it is not that hot, every single thing being considered." Maxima stated, as he was just crossing his arms.

"Anyways, we're going to kick so much ass that it's probably going to take this show off the air. Yeah, I said it and what are you going to do about it?" K' was just showing his attitude, as he dropped the sunglasses and revealed his angry face.

"Point out how that makes no sense. Besides, we've both got the capabilties to go cross-town." Maxima proclaimed with a smile on his face, as K' just put his face on his palm.

"Shut up." K' said, before the confessional cut out.

*Confessional cut*

Fox was obviously an humanoid orange fox with some traditional space pilot clothes, somewhat baggy green trousers and some armour on his grey and red boots and he doesn't have his own flair.

Falco was also a blue falcon with somewhat similar clothes, although the bird-like flair on the coat, red baggy pants and grey armoured boots definitely made him distinct from his less egotistical partner.

"Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi, the best pilots in the business!" Don exclaimed.

*The Leading Pilots' confessional*

Fox and Falco were both just plain confindent in their abilities to get around all kinds of issues.

"Hold on, Fox! We've got everything we need to beat everyone in the race and everyone that appears in the race, but we really need to make sure that we have the essentials to beat everyone!" Falco confidently boasted, as he was ready to proclaim the facts

 however he could. "Fox?"

"I think we've got the skills, but if you don't think we've got the essentials that it could really mean nothing! Besides, we've got them.'' Fox was just checking for the essentials, which was a GPS. ''Falco, you know what this means?"

"Hell yeah, we've got the advantage that could seal our lead! Wolf, got a problem?"

"Hold on, I'm pretty sure that Wolf and Leon have the same technology and that they're here. Doesn't mean it's not going to outrank a lot of the teams." Fox was thinking of the future situations, saying these words proudly.

*Confessional cut*

Wolf was a wolf with a surprisingly purple outfit, with some added pink and dark purple stripes was adorned with some claws, armour that was shaped to be really sharp on his shoulders, boots and on his wrists.

However, Leon was a chameleon with some yellow stripes on his uninjured eyes and unlike his leader, he mostly had a tight space suit with some oversized black ampulets and slim black boots.

"Wolf and Leon, mercenaries who definitely play dirty!" Don exclaimed, as they were just sneering at the leading pilots

*The Piloting Mercenaries' confessional*

Wolf and Leon were just ready to clean off the metal lattice of the fence, as they didn't even care about that.

"Wow, it's not going to be an cakewalk! Falco should just tone his ego down if he knows what he's good for!" Leon was in a surprisingly good mood. "Seeing him frown would make my day."

"Fox, if you've got any idea  what you're doing. Pick your battles, because my claws may be a little sharper than usual." Wolf was just seeing his glove's shined up claws. "Besides, it's not like there's another military team."

"And that team would have an serious uphill battle with us." Leon wasn't really impressed with the selection.

*Confessional cut*

Ralf was just a darker-skinned white guy with a bandanna covering his black hair that had his padded  waistcoat on over his somewhat militaristic outfit that had pouches on the camo pants for the baddest of situations.

Clark, a blonde guy with the trucker hat also had the same outfit, albeit coloured more blue instead of the desaturated green that his partner had and the waistcoat also had pockets.

"Ralf and Clark, the fighting mercenaries that are giving the previous team a sad look." Don exclaimed, as Wolf and Leon weren't intimidated by Ralf's dirty look.

*The Fighting Mercenaries' confessional*

Ralf and Clark were just ready to get things over and done with in record time.

''Hold on, Lieutenant, I think we need to just make sure that your plan is good enough to circumvent any enemy!" Ralf saying this as though the plan was actually water tight.

"...I doubt that there's not going to be a wildcard team that would just slip past." Clark was just checking his sunglasses. "Even then, plans don't always cover everything!"

"Alright, that's what I'd like to hear! K', get ready!" Ralf just yelled, louder than ever. "

Clark's chair actually did fall down...due to some construction error.

"What kind of bad chair is this?!" Ralf ranted, as he was in a sudden bad mood, as Clark just got up calmly.

*Confessional cut*


Don was just ready to come in with eight more teams in the competition, as the race was starting to get heated and this team was not portraying that at all.

"Goofy and Max, the father and son team that are also animals!" Don was just pointing all of the animals that were in the competition this year.

Like a good chunk of the contestants, they were wearing their vacation outfits, as they were just both fistbumping each other pretty awkwardly.

*The Father's & Son's confessional*

Goofy and Max were just looking at each other...with an strange love.

"It's really weird how you're a good dad, yet you're really embarrassing at times...kinda usually when I'm cool." Max was just having an awkward reunion.

"I'm not really gonna lie, it's kinda rough not having you at the house." Goofy's smile was definitely there, but it wasn't that noticeable. "At least you're back for this race."

"Hey, at least you're having fun times." Max was happy about his dad's happiness. "You've probably been up to some crazy things."

Max and Goof were just not even sure what to do, as they were at odds at what to do.

*Confessional cut*

Pit was just an typical angel that was the size of an typical 14-year old that had the typical ''angel warrior'' vibe minus the armour that would fit, the typical blonde hair obviously, he was much older than his size suggested.

Dark Pit was pretty much a clone of Pit that had a generally darker palette to whole outfit, dark grey wings, red eyes and black hair that was nearly the same as Pit's.

''Pit and Dark Pit, living proof that angels aren't always awesome." Don was just seeing those two just fight each other.

*The Angels' confessional*

Dark Pit was just glaring at Pit, who was confused at the former's antipathy.

"What the heck's your problem! I just tapped a girl's butt by complete accident!" Pit exclaimed, making his blush more apparent. "And I also didn't just knock someone's drink out of their hands."

"I should've been the one to do that kind of stuff, but I guess you're trying to steal my near invisible spotlight." Dark Pit added with a grumble.

"Come on, this is our introduction and we can't just be bickering angels! We'll suck like those stepbrothers." Pit was just worried about his team's image.

"Did you forget that team was awesome after they stopped fighting, idiot?" Dark Pit was just ready go on a debate.

Pit was just shaking his head in dissapointment.

*Confessional cut*

A  Japanese man with scruffy black hair that was tied with a red headband, black and white sneakers with white socks and his off-white karate gi was just carrying his duffel bag.

Paired up with him an American man with scruffy blonde hair that wasn't tied up at all and went down to his shoulders, a black fitness t-shirt with red stripes, bright red shorts and red and white trainers and this man was just carrying some stuff in his light backpack.

''They may not look like it, but Ryu and Ken are the Sparring Friends that go a while back...I'll let them explain it.'' Don announced, as these two were just ready to keep it chill.

*The Sparring Friends' confessional*

Ryu and Ken were just looking confindent about their chances.

''So, as you know, we've been sparring partners for a long while and it's been one heck of a journey.'' Ken was just explaining his quick story. ''I got married to my amazing wife, had a kid and changed my style up a bit.''

''I've been working on my style for a while, but I've got a lot of new friends along the way and defeated my inner demons. I think we're doing relatively solid right about now.'' Ryu continued, having a smile on his face.

''We entered for charity, obviously and we'll finish it!" Ken was just ready to show off his kicks. "I've even got new moves."

*Confessional cut*

Bowser and Bowser Jr. needed no introduction, as they made their own through their great displays of fire breath usage and their clothes were made to withstand the fire.

Speaking of clothes, Bowser was just wearing a  denim shirt, some cool red shades and some jean shorts and his son was actually just wear a green t-shirt and denim tracksuit bottoms.

*The Royal Rulers' confessional*

Bowser and Bowser Jr. just spun in on their shells, as it was actually shown in their introduction and this time, they just got out of there.

"Dad, it's not like Total Drama! We're going around the world just fighting Mario, Wario and the rest of them!" Bowser Jr. was just kicking his legs on the chair.

"I know, but I feel like Mario's legit getting more serious." Bowser was just putting his hands out and then turning it into a shrug. "Eh, it's more awesome this way. I'd rather that my son would get to see another planet!"

"Alright...why didn't you let me on that ship?"

Bowser saw his son ask the same question again, as he sighed deeply at the obvious conflict.

*Confessional cut*

It needed no introduction, that Mario and Luigi were wearing their best vacation outfits, which was just a shirt with Delfino Isle's main icon on it over their usual overalls.

"Ready to chill and ready to kick, Mario and Luigi are the Plumbing Heroes!" Don announced, as they were just ready to do it.

*The Plumbing Heroes' confessional*

Mario was just actually angrier than usual, as Luigi was just looking at the brochure for some good places.

"Hey, Mario, I heard that we're also going to the Dominican Republic and Slovenia, so I bet those places are cool, huh!" Luigi's attempt to get his brother into a good mood wasn't working.

"Oh, Bowser, why do you think you can hang around me like it's no big deal?" Mario's exasperation could not really be overstated. "Seriously, what's your plan here?"

"To literally have a vacation?" Luigi just about managed to dodge a stray pie.

Mario was just as lucky, as the pies were definitely thrown off-screen by the previous team that used the introduction place.

"...Makes sense!" Mario was just much happier and much more shocked.

*Confessional cut*

Wario was just wearing his completely different vacation outfit, which was just his biker outfit with a black tank top instead of a shirt.

Waluigi was actually wearing his own lanky version of Wario's biker outfit, as his purple colours replaced Wario's pink and the denim parts were also navy blue.

"Wario and Waluigi, brothers that were born mean and competitive and are still mean and competitive!" Don just added his own flavour to the two brothers just

*The Competitive Brothers' confessional*

Wario and Waluigi were all smiles, as they were just ready to crush it in the game.

"It's a-Wario here, showing you all that introductions can be simple and that you don't need a lot of lines to impress some people! I'm all about that money and that competition!" Wario exclaimed, flexing his arms under his shirt. ''Waluigi, take it away!"

"Anyone who wants to deal with us is going to have to deal with the...'' Waluigi threw out a quick pelvic thrust from the chair. " me, it's strong."

*Confessional cut*

Jo and Eva were two girls that were ready to make a comeback of sorts, as they were very confident in their own skills, complete with some random hand-weights.

"Jo and Eva, both of them going to the gym, both of them sure of their win, both of them tough!" Don announced, as he was genuinely in the mood.

*The Gym Girls' confessional*

Jo and Eva were both just marked with grins, which was just unsual for the latter.

"So, you know, we were just going our seperate ways, when all of a sudden, we were going to the same gym with some notable strengths!" Jo proclaimed, as Eva was going back to her usual expression. "And then when we entered this race, we'd thought that this was going to be easy."

"Are you really that stupid that you would that this was going to be easy?" Eva asked the real questions with sterness. "...It's probably going to be a loat easier than Total Drama for sure."

"And I nearly won and you do have the strength, so combined we're going to make an unstoppable team." Jo was just on Eva's back.

"Alright...just get off my back." Eva stated.

*Confessional cut*

Katie and Sadie were still wearing the same clothes as each other, though the look may have been updated slightly with some trainers to make their feet more comfortable.

"Katie and Sadie, an potential fan-favourite team!" Don exclaimed, as they were back in the show.

*The Best Female Friends' confessional*

Katie and Sadie were really excited, judging by their very audible squeals.

"Oh my gosh, I thought we were never going to get a chance to get on the show, but we, like, really got on there!" Katie exclaimed, as she was almost jumping in her chair. "And we're up against a lot of animals and the toughest people ever!"

"It doesn't even feel like real life, yet it's as real as it gets." Sadie said, as she was just really confused. "We're going to travel the world and probably see Paris!"

"...I hope we do see Paris, though." Katie was anticipating another picture-esque French location.

*Confessional cut*


There was yet more teams to be introduced, as they were mostly in the mood for some old-school running and racing around the place at a notable place, especially with their skills being perfect for this race.

This team, however, were practically musical pros, yet they acted like the old stepbrothers without all of the physical fighting.

Murdoc's green skin, scruffy, yet combed hair and surprisingly casual mostly leather clothes kinda betrayed his somewhat edgy and thorny nature, as 2-D was wearing quite a bit more leather and a red shirt to go along with it.

"Murdoc & 2-D, the leading duo behind the world-famous Gorillaz that somehow hasn't split apart! They're the Rockin' Brits!" Don was just really excited for this drama-heavy team.

*The Rockin' Brits' confessional*

Murdoc & 2-D were both just not having a fun time, despite the former just getting out of jail.

"Come on, it's like an good 'ol reunion, getting into some shit and going on this shit show." Murdoc stated, clearly in a better mood. "It beats prison, so I'm not gonna complain about the no-coffee shit."

"I dunno, this time it does seems like I'm not gonna survive this one. There's people that would kill me in this race!" 2-D was just...anxiously confused. "I haven't fucking checked who these guys are."

"We've got fox guys, wolf guys, some other guys, fast guys and some other idiots that are in this race, so I think we're just gonna wreck them and put them into bits."

"Oh, okay. Let's just win this one and we're gonna go and record some shit." 2-D definitely saw that Murdoc just having an suspicious look. "We've been recording for two albums and just returning things back to normal-ish."

*Confessional cut*

Jasmine and Shawn were both very much ready to see what the previous team was up to, but they did notice that said team was just looking at them.

"Jasmine and Shawn, ready to survive the race!"

*The Survivalists' confessional*

Jasmine and Shawn were both just confident in their own skills to win it.

"So, I don't mind that we weren't entered earlier. We'd end up not liking each other in the long run." Jasmine reasonably stated. "Plus, I just wanted to keep things low-key."

"But things have changed, zombies might be here and we're ready to enter the competition and it looks like the competition is pretty tough!" Shawn smiled happily.

"You're never gonna get over the zombie things?" Jasmine was still asking the real questions.

"Why else would we need a bunker?" Shawn just retortically asked.

*Confessional cut*

The very distinct blue hedgehog with speed shoes and the yellow fox that had similar, but different shoes were just ready to get it going in the streets, as they were both carrying different sandwiches.

"Sonic and Tails, possibly the fastest friends you'll meet."

*The Unbreakable Friends' confessional*

Sonic and Tails were both just ready to do this thing.

"With some precise movements, good challenges and a lot of other things, I think we've got this in the bag." Tails stated pretty matter-of-factly.

"But we're up against some really good fighters and a whole bunch of serious competition, so I can't just whip up a tornado and win."

"Matter-of-fact, you'd lose." Tails' tone become slightly more serious, before he went for a fistbump.

"It wrecks those big robots like they were nothing, so it's kinda obvious." Sonic just fistbumped his partner.

"True that!"

*Confessional cut*

Mordecai was just getting another piece of coffee, as Rigby was just trying to take some food from Tails, who actually had a few extra subs.

"Mordecai, Rigby, the biggest keepers of the park and also prey."

*The Groundskeepers' confessional*

 Mordecai was just looking confused, as Rigby were just genuinely ready to do it.

"Alright, so we're in here ready to win the 2 and a half million and this time, no-one's ready to deal with us." Rigby was just stupidly confident in his skills.

"Not gonna lie, I think some of them are." Mordecai realised a while ago. "But I think we're going to get around these guys."

"Mordecai, we both know how to do it

*Confessional cut*

Alejandro and Jose Burromuerto were both definitely their own brother's best haters, as their abilities were similar enough and their personalities had their own quirks.

However, they were just angry at each other pretty casually, as they didn't really talk that much.

"Alejandro and Jose Burromuetro, brothers that feud quite a bit." Don just underplayed it, as they weren't in a great mood.

*The Feuding Brothers' confessional*

Alejandro and Jose weren't exactly happy to team up with each other, even with a win under the former's belt.

"Al, I'm finally glad you decided to team up with me." Jose's smug aura was definitely making Alejandro angry. "Honestly, I think I've got some advice."

"I think I'll just stick to doing what actually works, instead of following in your questionable footsteps." Alejandro's grin was definitely put on.

"You probably should follow those, as I'm more celebrated and clearly, much better at actually having my talents cross-over."

"The only reason you're saying that is because you think we're not in the same league."

Jose just laughed at his pretty annoyed brother, as Alejandro was just trying to make sure that his brother wasn't being an idiot.

*Confessional cut*

Tygra and Cheetara were just vigiliantly looking for some good things to do in Toronto, as they were just also looking for some good teams to hang out with.

Fox and Falco just so happened to bump into them by sheer accident.

"Tygra & Cheetara, taking a vacation from saving many people within their worlds." Don was just seeing the two of them try to chat up a friendly talk.

*The Thundercats' confessional*

Tygra was actually vigiliant, as was his girl friend, as there was definitely some special criminal people in the race.

"I suspect that there's some duos that are just using it as a cover so that they'll get off scot-free, weirdly enough, because of the strange ways this show works." Cheetara actually noted, as she was seeing this special season in another voice.

"Well, that pretty much should be obvious. Somehow, no one cares about the fact that a taser was just smuggled on through." Tygra actually pointed out something.

"Didn't MacArthur just vow to never do that again?"

"...It's more like a heat-of-the-moment thing."

*Confessional cut*

Lori was a 17-year old blonde girl with some big hair on the phone just wearing just a mid-cut baby blue top, some earrings, khaki shorts and shoes that didn't really have a top.

Meanwhile, her younger 14-year old sister also a brunette that was just wearing all purple clothes that were definitely inspired by quite a few rockstars, right down to the knee-high boots.

"Lori & Luna, sisters that are pretty opposite!"

*The Contrasting Sisters' confessional*

Lori and Luna were both trying to get things in check, as they were just wildly different.

"So, you gonna let me do all of the physical stuff and you do all of the rest?" Luna was just stupid excited for the race. "Nah, that ain't fair."

Lori was just clearly ending her call mid-camera shot.

"Wait, it already started rolling?" Lori asked calmly. "But I thought you wanted to wait."

"Yeah, it did and I already started it, so you wanna introduce yourself to the camera?" Luna was just seeing Lori roll her own eyes.

"I kinda have to take care of you, considering you're one of the younger contestants on here. Plus, there's a lot of dumb teams that can do dumb stuff and still beat us!" Lori was just trying to be responsible.

"But what if we didn't?" Luna was still really excitings.

"You're not exactly a team leader, though. You're really good at what you do, though." Lori just didn't want to break her sister's heart.

"I didn't even want to be leader, anyways."

*Confessional cut*

What really mattered to these two was that they were both really thankful for entering the race.

Ryuji was just a cool spiky-haired blonde dude that had an somewhat smart jacket with red buttons, a yellow that had a colorful star surrounded by an colorful circle, plaid trousers and white sneakers.

Yusuke was an art student with some blue-ish black hair that parted to the left and only went down to his chin, as he was just wearing a buttoned-up shirt that had a spade on its right side, some school trousers and leather slacks.

"Ryuji and Yusuke, proving that the race is truly international." Don said, as these two were just walking pretty casually.

*The Classmates' confessional*

Ryuji was just ready to hold the camera like a selfie, but Yusuke just stopped him.

"It's such an honour to go on this show have a chance to travel around the world." Yusuke was just looking relatively calm. ''I wasn't even expecting to be on a show like this one."

"Yeah, I asked a lot of people, but I think this season must be something else. Makoto was kinda busy doing something else, so..." Ryuji's confidence was still beaming through. "...went with this guy."

"It still does feel as though it came from nowhere, yet it feels like we were invited to this." Yusuke just closed his eyes.

"Hey, you can thank me." Ryuji just pointed to himself to show the obvious.


*Confessional cut*

Now, Don had to introduce several more teams that were willing to just bring their game into this race and they didn't really care what kind of game they had, as long as they have no legal problems along the way.

''I guess we're technically the sequel to the Police Officers.'' Maya said, as she was just wearing her usual get up.

''But I wouldn't even think of breaking any law...wherever that would be national or international.'' Phoenix was just carrying his blazer.

These two were just trying to make sure that they were studied up on the law, just by checking on their phones, while they were sitting on the bench.

''The Defense Lawyers, the duo that will defend the undefendable and will probably not break any laws!'' Don announced.

*The Defense Lawyers' confessional*

''I guess we're technically the sequel to the Police Officers.'' Maya said, as she was just wearing her usual get up.

''But I wouldn't even think of breaking any law...wherever that would be national or international.'' Phoenix was just carrying his blazer.

''Same thing here!'' Maya exclaimed. ''How much do you know about the ridonculous race, though?''

''Quite a bit, but does it matter?''


*Confessional cut*

These two were going above and beyond to be prepared.

Ryo was just a blonde guy with mostly spiky hair that was mainly pointing towards his back and he wrote an orange karate gi, a black undershirt and as this was an foot race, some grey trainers that were made to be comfortable.

However, his sister Yuri didn't really change anything, as she still had her short brown hair, a white karate gi top, some navy blue tights, white legwarmers and red flat-soled sneakers.

"Ryo and Yuri Sakazaki, the karate duo that didn't trip me up!" Don announced, getting the surname right.

*The Karate Siblings' confessional*

Ryo and Yuri were both ready to represent the best of their martial art and they didn't even need a long introduction to do that.

"Kyokugen definitely needs the spotlight in this race! Sure, KOF may be a great place to duke it out with the karate, but this race is going to be the true test of our family's art, you know!" Ryo was just very thankful to be in here.

"I wasn't even expecting to be here, because I was alright with just watching it. But now I'm here and because my brother's here, you know what time it is!" Yuri proclaimed, ready to be in a great mood. "It's karate time!"

Ryo and Yuri just shared a dumb chuckle at the phrase.

*Confessional cut*

Terry Bogard definitely looked like an clean homeless guy, as he was just wearing a red denim jacket, a white t-shirt, his baseball cap with the words 'Fatal Fury' emblazoned on the front and some jeans.

However, Joe Higashi's Muay Thai pride shone through, as even beaneath his short sleeved shirt and orange and black hoodie with slightly longer sleeves, his headband was still on there and he was still wearing some shorts and had his shin straps on.

"Terry Bogard and Joe Higashi, fighting their way into this race!" Don exclaimed, just ready to show what this team was made of.

*The Boisterous Fighters' confessional*

Terry Bogard & Joe Higashi were both very shocked at the fact that they were even in the race and they just wanted to do something.

"It's the king of Muay Thai and the fighting hobo, here on the best Canadian reality show ever!" Joe Higashi was just extremely excited about something. "That's gotta say something, right!"

"Come on, you should probably chill. I dunno if you're the king, but you're my king, which is pretty cool."

"What, is Sagat here again?" Joe added in defiantly. "He's-"

"Nah, there's someone out there who's just been crowned, but you're still up there."

Joe was just looking very focused on getting that, as Terry was just ready to cheer him on.

*Confessional cut*

These two were definitely in the mood to win, even if one of them didn't look like it.

There was a pale blonde short-haired guy with a hat, a off-white shirt with black sleeves, denim shorts and white trainers and he was just in chill mood.

There was a light brown skinned guy with somewhat different scruffy short black hair, a purple t-shirt with blue jeans and some navy blue sneakers.

"Jude and Jonesy, the chillest dude and the charisma guy!" Don described them pretty well, as the latter was just trying to pull some moves.

*The Mall Dudes' confessional*

Jonesy and Jude were just both chilling in the hair, as they were just happy at the facts.

"Dude, it's actually crazy that we're going the around for free and we're in a race as well!" Jude's mind was still blown.

"Come on, Jude, it's not really that crazy, there's like 67 other teams after all." Jonesy was just keeping it cool.

"No, that's what I mean, man! It's kinda friggin' impossible to get that many people to race around the world on TV!" Jude was just really excited for the competition. "And I think this is gonna be sweet."

"Yeah, I kinda get it, but I just want to show off my strategies, you know, get into the game!" Jonesy's cool demeanour didn't actually change. "Get some money!"

"Righteous." Jude finished it off.

*Confessional cut*

These two actually were carrying their usual clothes of a fluffy parka and ice boots, but winter jackets that had a fluffy hood and walking boots that still corresponded to their own colours of a light pink for Nana and periwinkle for Popo.

"Nana and Popo, both being awesome climbers that also climbs hills and rocks!"

*The Mountain Climbers' confessional*

Nana and Popo, surprisingly, didn't have that much to say.

"I can't believe we're here, Nana! It's like we made it through all of the other entrants to have a chance to two million!" Popo exclaimed, very much in the racing mood.

"Wait, I think it's two and a half million! We've climbed a ton of mountains, hills and other climbable stuff, so I hope you guys root for us!" Nana was just rallying some fans.

*Confessional cut*

Austin and Ally were both just willing to make sure that weren't toast to all of the other contestants, as they were a little shocked at all of the duos that were in the game.

"Austin and Ally, one pro singer and another a pro songwriter, but together, they're singer-songwriters!" Don exclaimed, as he was just in the mood to do it.

*The Singer-Songwriters' confessional*

Austin and Ally were both just happy at the obvious facts that they got in.

"Hold on, Austin, some of these guys aren't just your run of the mill runners that are here to enjoy the the battle." Ally was just voicing her concerns. "They're legit fighters, mercenaries and some very strong people."

"That doesn't mean that they don't like to have fun or that there aren't some fun-lovers in the race! It'd be kinda cool to just chill with them!" Austin exclaimed, really in the mood to help and chill with his guitar.

"I think the flights are kinda long haul, so I think there's time to talk-" Ally didn't really that much to say.

"Hold on, I still I've got the victory song ready. You wanna hear it?"

Ally just had that cute and confused look, as Austin was just slowly putting his arms back.

*Confessional cut*

These two were just ready to be themselves, as they were just checking up on all of the laws in Canada and America, two countries that a Ridonculous Race would likely go to.

Miles Edgeworth was just a very white guy that had well-kept grey hair with some pretty obnoxious bangs that actually parts in the middle and wearing a red suit that was tied together with a caravat, a grey waistcoat and black leather brogues.

Franziska's outfit was a little bit more complex than her white short hair that went down to her chin and parted to the left.

She was wearing a slightly elborate waistcoat with diamond buttons over a shirt that actually had the sleeves puffed, the cuffs buttoned up and an overdone bow-tie, but at the bottom, she had an short skirt, some brown tights and high heeled boot-like shoes.

"Franziska Von Karma & Miles Edgeworth, hyper ruthless lawyers!" Don exclaimed, as these two are here to bring their law game into this race.

*The Prosecutors' confessional*

Edgeworth was just looking pretty stoic, as Franziska had an bit of a smile from even entering this race.

"If there's a good reason for entering this race, I doubt that you would have chose one. Although, we are both doing it for charity." Edgeworth stated, keeping himself calm.

"Fool, I can't believe you entered the race at the very last moment. You should have prepared to enter this race like we did from the start." Von Karma was completely sure in her assumptions, even there was something else right under her.

"Ms. Von Karma, I'd like to state that although Phoenix Wright is in the race, he is not our problem at the current moment." Edgeworth stated, trying to calm down his partner.

"Maybe, he's not your problem, but he is mine at this current moment. I'll beat the fool and then win the money fairly!" Von Karma was very ecstatic over the current prospects.

*Confessional cut*

PJ was just a tall guy with messy blonde hair that was just cut near the top of his forehead, as he was 18-years old and basically wore a blue t-shirt with an icon from Denver on it, some jeans with a belt and navy blue sneakers.

Gabe was definitely shorter, as he was just a 12-year old with hair that was just spiked at the front that was just off his forehead. He was just wearing a black shirt with white separated sleeves, sky blue jeans and blue sneakers.

Together these two managed to do something to each other, as PJ gave Gabe a prank song and Gabe managed to outdo him instantly and they were both listening to it.

"PJ and Gabe, brothers that aren't very much in sync!" Don announced, as the two of them just took off their headphones.

*The Awkward Brothers' confessional*

PJ and Gabe couldn't look more confident in each other's skill set, as they both were working good in completely different areas.

"So, Dad suggested that we go to the Ridonculous Race because it would be a fun time! That and we'll win three million dollars, because everyone's gonna be watching us!" Gabe boasted, as PJ was just looking pretty unsure.

"As long as we don't prank each other, things will be smooth sailing, because we're gonna be on a boat!" PJ said, just trying to get some sense into his younger and cooler brother.

"It's gonna pay for a lot and the first thing I'm going to buy is a lot of games!" Gabe crossed his arms with a confident smile.

"...I thought you said that weren't going to buy too many games." PJ told her, looking a little bit concerned for his brother.

*Confessional cut*

Andre was just a black guy with thin and short dreadlocks and he was just wearing a necklace with a cross on it over a striped grey and black t-shirt, some blue jeans and grey sneakers that had white soles.

Robbie was just wearing a buttoned-up light blue shirt, some black khaki trousers and a some black trainers.

Rex was actually a puppet, he did have some similar clothes that took traits from both of the members

"Andre & Robbie, two slightly cool dudes from Hollywood Arts with Rex, a puppet with a mind of its own!" Don announced, as the two of them were just seeing that Maya and Franziska were intensely staring at each other.

*The Hollywood Guys' confessional*

Andre Harris and Robbie Shapiro were actually shocked at the roster that was actually on play.

"Who put us up to this? Was it me, because I don't remember this race being filled with dangerous people that could hurt us at any time!" Robbie was just clearly more shocked than the rest. "What-"

"Hehehe, I kinda like those dangerous guys." Rex stated.

"And plus, it's going to be pretty cool, haven't you heard of some of the locations that are in this race? I ain't gonna say them, but this city's one of them!" Andre wasn't a guy to ruin surprises.

"Alright and I'm ready to see those boobs." Rex was threw some quips out there.

"Dude, I don't think you're going to see them any time soon." Andre was just being chill.

"And plus, we've still gotta survive this race till the end." Robbie's fear was still somewhat apparent.

*Confessional cut*

Don was just ready to get it started once again, filled with some enthusiasm to boot.

"With 34 teams are willing to bring it on, it's look like pretty solid, but there's a lot more on the way, as there's roughly 34 more teams to add to the pile of racers that are in...this huge season of The Ridonculous Race!"


To be continued in Part 2, where every single one of the remaining teams are getting introduced and said teams haven't been introduced yet and this time, there's even more!

---From this first part of the introductions:---

#1: Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet AKA The TV Hosts (Total Drama)

#2: Wizard & Boomstick AKA The Internet Hosts (Death Battle)

#3: Zangief & Rainbow Mika AKA The Wrestling Warriors (Street Fighter)

#4: Isabelle & Digby AKA The Sister & Brother (Animal Crossing)

#5: Franklin Clinton & Michael DeSantos AKA The Questionable Men (Grand Theft Auto)

#6: K' and Maxima AKA The Cool Friends (King of Fighters)

#7: Fox McCloud & Falco Lombardi AKA The Leading Pilots (Star Fox)

#8: Wolf O'Donell & Leon Powalski AKA The Piloting Mercenaries (Star Fox)

#9: Ralf Jones & Clark Steel AKA The Fighting Mercenaries (Ikari Warriors/King of Fighters)

#10: Goofy & Max Goof AKA The Awkward Father & Son (A Goofy Movie)

#11: Pit & Dark Pit AKA The Angels (Kid Icarus)

#12: Ryu & Ken AKA The Sparring Friends (Street Fighter)

#13: Bowser & Bowser Jr. AKA The Royal Rulers (Super Mario)

#14: Mario & Luigi AKA The Plumbing Heroes (Super Mario)

#15: Wario & Waluigi AKA The Competitive Brothers (Wario/Super Mario)

#16: Jo & Eva AKA The Gym Girls (Total Drama)

#17: Katie & Sadie AKA The Best Female Friends (Total Drama)

#18: Murdoc & 2D AKA The Rockin' Brits (Gorillaz)

#19: Jasmine & Shawn AKA The Survivalists (Total Drama)

#20: Sonic & Tails AKA The Unbreakable Friends (Sonic Games)

#21: Mordecai & Rigby AKA The Groundskeepers (Regular Show)

#22: Alejandro & Jose AKA The Feuding Brothers/Hombres (Total Drama)

#23: Tygra & Cheetara AKA The Thundercats (Thundercats)

#24: Lori & Luna Loud AKA The Sharp Sisters (The Loud House)

#25: Ryuji Sakamoto & Yusuke Kitagawa AKA The Classmates (Persona)

#26: Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey AKA The Defense Lawyers (Ace Attorney)

#27: Ryo & Yuri Sakazaki AKA The Karate Siblings (Art of Fighting)

#28: Terry Bogard & Joe Higashi AKA The Boisterous Fighters (Fatal Fury)

#29: Jonesy & Jude AKA The Mall Dudes (6teen)

#30: Nana & Popo AKA The Mountain Climbers (Ice Climbers)

#31: Austin & Ally AKA The Singer-Songwriters (Austin & Ally)

#32: Miles Edgeworth & Franziska Von Karma AKA The Prosecutors (Ace Attorney)

#33: PJ & Gabe AKA The Awkward Brothers (Good Luck Charlie)

#34: Andre Harris & Robbie Shapiro AKA The Hollywood Guys (Victorious)

#35 to #74: Coming in the future second part of the introductions, where there's a returning Ridonculous Race team and another Total Drama teams on the way!