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In the Dark

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Jigen moaned softly. Where am I? The last thing he remembered was joining Lupin for some drinks.

He opened his eyes slowly but… he couldn't see. A moment of panic passed fairly quickly when he realized there was soft fabric tied around his head, covering his eyes. He could smell something… almost a sickly sweet flowery scent that had his head spinning.

He shifted slightly, restrained… figures… there were leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles keeping his limbs spread, he could feel the smoothness of the sheets beneath him, naked… on silk? Where the hell was he?

The sound of a door opening made him jump. Soft foot falls moved over to him. A soft touch to his face; calloused fingers running along his cheekbone and down his jaw. Jigen jerked his head away instinctively, but the heavy smell made him sluggish. The fingers continued down, moving over his neck to his collar bone gently, tracing along the heightened bone slowly. The bed he was on dipped slightly as the person climbed up next to him.

Jigen shivered. “B-back off,” he tried to sound angry, he really did. There was a slight huff of a laugh above him. He could feel the person's breath.

Jigen tried to think back again. He and Lupin had gone out for drinks… Had someone drugged his drink? “Where’s Lupin?” he asked suddenly. No way Lupin would let someone drug and abduct his partner without a fight… unless he was drugged too.

The hand on his collar bone stilled for a moment before moving to trace his sternum, still moving soft and gentle. The soft breath on his face was the only warning he had before soft lips sealed over his own in a deep kiss. Jigen made a muffled sound, but didn’t really try to pull away. Maybe the drugs were still in his system, making him not want to fight. The person kept kissing hungrily, the tracing fingers moving over to trace around one of Jigen's nipples gently. Jigen gasped, his mouth falling open slightly.

The person smiled and pushed their tongue into his mouth, they tasted like cigarettes and whiskey as they deepened the kiss, still playing with the hard little nub gently. Jigen was tempted to bite down on that tongue, but something had him hesitating. He nibbled at it gently instead. The person moaned softly, pulling back slowly before moving down to kiss along his neck lightly.

Jigen let out a moan. Naked as he was, there was no hiding his hardening prick.

The person kissed down his shoulders and moved down his chest, licking gently at the other nipple. Jigen gasped and wiggled. It felt so good, but he should be fighting back, right? Someone drugs him, ties him naked to a bed and has their way with him… he shouldn’t enjoy that… right?

The person hummed softly, licking again before sucking gently, their hand slid down and stroked his hardening prick gently. Jigen cursed softly as his hips bucked into the touch.

Another soft huff laugh, as they stroked a bit harder. Male… the person was male… hand size and what was currently pressed against his leg were proof of that…

Jigen’s hips bucked again. The man gave another light suck before biting the nub gently, then he moved down again.

Jigen cried out at the bite. He couldn’t help it. The drugs or the smell, whatever was making him sluggish was also breaking down his desire to resist.

The man's lips traveled down his ribs, over his belly button and along his hip bone before he felt soft breath ghost over his prick.

“Oh, god…” Jigen mumbled.

For a moment, there was nothing, then Jigen heard a soft click of a cap being opened, then closed again, then there was a soft lick to the head of his member as a slick finger gently circled his entrance.

Jigen jerked and tried to pull away. It’s not that he’d never had someone inside him, but it had been a while, and he had known who it was.

The finger followed. It was slow and gentle, teasing him open slowly before sliding in. Jigen was breathing hard. On the one hand, this was bad. On the other, god it felt good.

The mouth joined then, sliding down his prick and sucking gently in time with the finger’s movement. No one had ever been this gentle with him before… it made his head spin.

The finger pulled back and a second was added as the warm wet mouth moved further down, sucking and licking. His hips bucked into that wet warmth.

The man hummed softly, licking up the sensitive vein running under his prick slowly, the fingers scissoring, stretching him open. Jigen cried out again. So much pleasure… so good...

The man moaned, pushing deeper and adding a third finger. Jigen shuddered. “Hey, buddy… unless you plan on... swallowing, might… wanna…” He was impressed he could string words together at all.

The man chuckled, pushing down and deep throating him, crooking his fingers just right as he did. Jigen tensed, pulling at the restraints, as he cried out again- not realizing the word “Lupin" was on his lips as well as in his mind- and came hard.

The man pulled back slowly, swallowing and pulling his fingers back. Jigen’s ragged breath began to even out slowly.

The man's hands moved down to his ankles, pulling open the cuffs slowly. Jigen’s mind started to clear. “You’re… letting me go?”

A soft chuckle above him before his legs are lifted and placed on the man's shoulders.

Jigen’s eyes widened under the blindfold with sudden understanding. The man hadn’t just been fingering him for Jigen’s benefit. Jigen pulled at the cuffs on his wrists, suddenly not liking this again. Sure, it had felt nice, gentle and all, but he didn’t want some stranger fucking him. Not without his agreement to it.

The man shushed him gently, a hand running gently down his side to rest at his hip before pushing in slowly.

“No,” Jigen moaned softly.

The man started thrusting gently, still being gentle and slow, not wanting to hurt him. That was almost worse, in Jigen’s mind.

The man leaned down, kissing gently along his shoulder and neck.

“Why are you doing this? Why me?” Jigen mumbled, his prick twitching back to life without his consent.

The man sighed, almost sadly, before shifting him and kissing Jigen deeply again, his hand moving down to stroke him in time with the quickening thrusts.

There was little Jigen could do but let it happen, let the feelings take over and try to ride it out. He pulled at the restraints one last time before relaxing his body.

The man continued, stroking and thrusting as he kissed him. After a few more thrusts, the man stilled with a moan, cumming deep inside of him. Giving a few more gentle thrusts before pulling back slowly and laying next to Jigen as he continued to stroke Jigen's prick.

It wasn’t long before Jigen came again, not quite as hard as the first time. He sagged into the bed, exhausted by cumming twice so soon together.

The man shushed him softly, stroking him through the aftershocks before pulling back. The man's other hand stroked gently through his hair, soothing him.

A few moments later, the man stood from the bed and left, coming back a moment later with what felt like a warm washcloth, cleaning him up gently

Jigen wasn’t sure how long he managed to stay awake after that before drifting to sleep in the stranger’s arms.