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Written in Blood

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It was a warm night. The air was light and breezy and it ruffled V’s hair slightly. The different smells of the smoke, roasted meat, sweat, flowers and horse dung were all present on the ground, but V could barely sense it all the way up the tall tower. He loved high abandoned places. He loved the peace and quiet. He would usually close his eyes and concentrate on the sounds around him, listening carefully. His senses were sharper than the rest and his eyes saw perfectly well in the dark. He looked unreal, ethereal almost in his dark outfit and long leather coat. The only bright thing on him was his blond hair and icy blue eyes. He was a gorgeous man, a bit proud and unnerving if you look at his eyes long enough. His gaze was deep. It reached inside someone’s soul, baring it naked and vulnerable. The only small number of people could be in V’s vicinity for a long time and not feel the chills in their bones. But he loved that, he preferred solitude instead of a company. He loved to hide in the shadows, listening, observing, hunting, it was in his rare blood. The nights and shadows were his best companions.

Only three persons in V’s life were strong enough to be around him all the time and don’t feel the maddening pressure of his presence and those were his Mentor and the brother figure Seokjin, Jimin, his best friend and his twin brother, Tae.

As V was cold, calculated, unnerving and proud, Tae was his opposite in many ways, warm, friendly and approachable. Even though they were identical to the mole on their beautiful face, Mother Nature had a weird inspiration when creating the brothers. As V’s hair was blond and his eyes blue, Tae was dark-haired, with warm chocolate eyes and gentler features. Their characters, although very different, completed each other almost entirely. What one lacked, the other one had it in abundance and vice versa. V couldn’t imagine his life without his twin and he knew that Tae feels the same.

Their mother used to say that she had one son of the Night and one son of the Day. She said that Sun gave V a sunny hair and sky blue eyes to always keep him warm at night and brighten his sight so he can see in the dark, while the Night gave Tae dark hair and sparkly dark eyes to always manage to find shade and safety during the day and to charm people around him. They loved their mother and they missed her terribly, but the death took her quite early and since they never met their father, they had to survive on their own.

V took a deep sigh as he remembered their childhood past, their hardships after their mother died. The memory was vague now, but still, cut in deep into his memory. He will never forget the promised fate that they nearly evaded. It was soon after their mother’s burial, that the government took them and place them into an orphanage. As they were strikingly beautiful and so rare looking from a very young age, they quickly caught the attention of several brothel owners, who were regulars at the institution, buying young boys and girls to sell them as sex slaves to the wealthy people. They fought among themselves who’s going to have them. It was rare for identical twins to have different hair and eyes color and each was magnificent in his own unique way. On the day of their auction, they tried to escape, but were caught and tied up together. They were sold to the worst of them all, the man known in their secret circles as the man who loved to fuck children. Everyone hated him, but he had the money, lots and lots of money and he used that to rule them all. That night they were bathed, placed in the clean white tunics, perfumed and fed. They were tied up to the bed, arms, and legs next to one another to wait for their master. Tae was crying, shaking from fear, but V looked around, trying to wiggle himself out, but with no avail.

Soon their new master came. V forced himself during the years to forget his image, but even now, after all this time, blurry features of the man’s face surfaced and V gritted his teeth at the memory. The man was bile, sadistic and disgusting, with small eyes, wobbly under-chin, and short mustaches. His hair was short and receding and he wears the wig during the day, but for this occasion, he didn’t mind showing his real face.

Tae started sobbing, completely terrified. V, however, growled at him, baring his small teeth at the man.

-‘’Oh feisty one…mmmm…I like that.’’ – He licked his lips disgustedly, while he hummed in the most cringing way. – ‘’…yes…yes, yes, yes… I like that…mmm… the feisty ones are always interesting to break.’’ – He laughed, while his fingers ran across the twins tummies. He placed his hand on the inside of each of their thighs, sliding the tunic up to see what gift awaits him, but he managed to raise it only a few centimeters, before the blade pierced his throat and he choked, his scream cut by the steel. His small eyes went wide, almost popping out, as his hands gripped at his neck, fingers cutting at the point of a blade. The twins watched in horror as the man choked in his own blood before the blade was yanked out and his massive body pushed from the bed and on the floor to die. The man’s fat body jerked a few more times, before it went still, dead.

The dark figure stood at the bottom of the bed, looking at them and still holding the bloody dagger. He was dressed all in black, body filled with different kinds of blades and weapons. His face was covered with the mask and a hood, while only his eyes were visible. Tae stopped crying now, too scared to make any sound. V just starred at the man, who starred him back calmly. The boy was surprised, since no one could look V in the eyes for long, except for his mother and Tae. Even the people in the orphanage would gaze at his face, avoiding his eyes, but this man, he was different. V didn’t feel danger from him, even though he just killed the man right before their eyes.

-‘’You mustn’t be afraid of me.’’ – He said gently, his voice sounded melodic and V nodded. The hooded man cut their bonds, wiping his blade of the sheets of the bed and tucking it into its shield. He went to the wardrobe, rummaging through. He returned with two blankets, a dark gray one, while other was burgundy color. They both looked black in the night.

-‘’Quick, wrap this on around you. I will get you out.’’ – He told them and the twins listened. V took burgundy one to wrap around Tae’s shaky body first, and then he wrapped himself in the other one. They had only slippers they gave them as they walk them to their master chambers, which were too big on their feet.

-‘’This will not do.’’ – The man said and looked at V. – ‘’What’s your name?’’ – He asked.

V looked at him for a second before answering. – ‘’My name is Vante and this is Taehyung, but our mother called us V and TaeTae.’’

The man nodded. – ‘’V, can you hold onto me tightly?’’ – He asked and V nodded.

-‘’Good, climb up my back and hold tight.’’

V jumped back on the bed and waited for the man to turn his back. He jumped and wrapped his skinny arms around man’s broad shoulders while wrapping his legs around the man’s middle. When he was satisfied that V was holding on tightly, the man took Tae into his arms and the boy quickly imitate his brother, by tugging at the man’s neck and wrapping his legs around his waist. Intertwined like that the man sneaks out into the hall, avoiding being seen and went to the lower levels. He knew the underground tunnels that ran under the villa very well as if he was studying the plans for a long time before. With twins completely silent, they disappeared into the darkness.

V didn’t know how long the man walked, turning left and right, but he saw the eyes of the many small creatures in the darkness, watching them. Finally, the stench of the tunnels became lighter, as the fresh air started mixing and V knew they were close to the exit. A couple of minutes later they reached the night sky and V’s eyes shined at the stars.

-‘’TaeTae, look.’’ – He whispered and Tae raised his small face to look up. He beamed when he saw the night sky sprinkled with tiny diamonds.

-‘’So pretty.’’ – He said quietly and snuggle to the man better, so he could keep his eyes on the stars.

The man reached his horse and put both boys down. After making some alterations, he hoisted Tae up first, then V behind him, before seating himself behind them both, guarding them with his arms as he held the reins.

-‘’Cover your heads, it will be windy.’’ – He said and the boys listened. Tae admired the strong elegant animal under him and was bending on the horse’s neck most of the time, patting it and whispering gentle words to it. The men saw what Tae was doing, but he didn’t stop him, since the animal, as it seemed, ran even faster. He looked down at the other twin and was surprised to see his face. V never felt this feeling of freedom before, he was completely in love with the speed from that night on. They rode long and fast, leaving the nasty city of La Croix, behind them.

V smiled at the memory of Seokjin. On their surprise when he took off his mask and pull his hood down. The twins were mesmerized by his young beautiful face and strong, broad handsome body. Seokjin gained their trust slowly, during their long trip at sea. He procured clothes for them and the cabin for them to sleep, with enough food and water.

During the day he would test them, learning their talents and natural skills, teaching them useful things, such as how to sail the ship, how to tie a sailor’s knot, how to hit the most vulnerable spots on human body and how to escape if they ever find themselves tied up again. During the night, before the twins drifted to sleep, he would tell stories and listen to their own. The twins quickly enough started seeing a brother figure in Seokjin, while the man, who insisted they call him Jin Hyung, saw a lot of similarities between their pasts and took upon himself to protect the boys.

Seeing huge potential in the twins, Seokjin took them to the training center to become what they were always destined to be – the Assassins.


V took a large breath, exhaling it slowly through his nose as he leaned his head back at the stone wall. His life is not an easy one. Both he and Tae sacrifice a lot to protect of what Jin created for them – a so-called normal life. It was anything but normal, but they kept pretending, just for the sake of their sanity. Between pretending they are younger brothers of a wealthy merchant and secret missions, their Order sent them on, the twins could say they lived better than most of their brothers and sisters in the Order. It was unimaginable for the Assassin to stay at the same place for more than a year or two, other than the Assassin’s Bureau, but Seokjin made it work somehow. He was careful and very smart. He kept a tight grip on the twins when they did stuff for the Order, but gave them free reins when they pretended to be ‘normal’.

They quickly learned that Jin was highly respected and slightly feared among the Brotherhood and that gave V a sense of pride. When they first came to the Assassin’s Bureau Jin left them under the strict and careful guidance of his own Mentor, Balthazar, as he left for the mission.

Because of their street knowledge and strong gut feeling, they learned with ease and quickly rose above other, much older Novices, advancing through the first two Ranks rather fast. The others didn’t like them very much because of that and after two years of their lives in the Order, Jin came back and took them away with him. They moved onto a small island called Bangtan and since that day, their lives truly began.

During the years Jin made sure to expand their knowledge and open their mind for other things besides the Order’s teachings. Even though following the Creed, Jin always thought there is more to life than rules and he filled their heads with everything and anything that could help them move through life with more ease. The twins were not easy apprentices, they were rather mischievous and energetic so Jin had to send them on the easy missions, to keep them in check, to give them a sense of importance and responsibility. They reached the Rank nine as Elite Trainee’s when they were only fifteen.

V will never forget the first time he killed the man, he was thirteen. He didn’t suppose to cross that step for a long time, but the bastard attacked him in the abandoned ally and V stabbed him to the death. Seokjin found him hiding on the roof, bloodied and shook. Tae said that V’s eyes changed from that day. That they lost their innocence and became cold as ice and he was right. Tae managed to keep his innocent eyes, for two more years, before he was sent on a mission, to kill the snitch. He was never the same after that.

Their lives seemed chaotic, filled with constant danger and death, but it was far from it, at least when V is concerned. He met his best friend a few months after they came to Bangtan. He went on hunting when he met Jimin. The first animosity followed with a fight was soon replaced by a lasting friendship. Jimin, the eleventh son of a nobleman, was witty, energetic and loyal and he was very important to V, almost as Jin Hyung.

Glancing up to the stars again, V wondered about their destinies and what future will they bring, when a sound of footsteps and hard breathing filled his ears. V’s body stiffened, but only for a second. The familiar grunt set his mind at ease instantly, when Tae’s dark head came out the small window and stepped out on the small wall. Seeing his twin, siting so leisurely at the edge of the small wall, one leg tossed over the edge, while he scanned the town below them, made Tae grunt again.

-‘’I don’t think I will ever understand your need to climb the tallest buildings and towers, brother.’’ – Tae said breathlessly, walking carefully towards his twin.

V quirked the corner of his mouth, still looking at the town bellow, his icy blue eyes scanning every street, every roof, every dark corner of the streets.

-‘’You breathe like a charging boar.’’ – V spoke calmly, still not looking at his brother.  ‘’ I could hear you from the way down.’’ – That was a lie, but V loved to tease him. Tae’s eyes furrowed and he bit back the words as he tried to gulp more air.

-‘’If you fucking make me climb a 100m tall tower, no wonder I would be out of breath, you asshole.’’ – Tae managed, setting himself down next to his twin. V’s mouth twitched in good humor, but otherwise, he didn’t move a muscle to greet his brother. – ‘’Did you get it? How’s Yoongi?’’

-‘’I did and Hyung is fine.’’ – Tae responded. – ‘’Tired as hell, but he still refuses to sleep.’’

V’s brow furrowed at that. – ‘’Maybe he should take his own sleeping draft and sleep.’’

-‘’He doesn’t want to sleep. He said sleep is a waste of time.’’ – Tae said, adding with a smirk. -  ‘’He did send you to Hell though and said that if you ever use his stuff like the last time, he will skin your ass bloody.’’

V chuckled at that. – ‘’He always had a soft spot for this ass.’’ – He tapped the side of his butt.

-‘’You know, you never told me what happened between you two and why he doesn’t want to see you anymore.’’ – Tae asked, looking at this twin. His breathing now under control, as his eyes shined curiously.

V smirked. – ‘’Oh we were just fooling around with him. He liked it though.’’

-‘’We who?’’ – Tae’s brows furrowed slightly.

-‘’Jimin and me’’. – V answered, glancing towards his twin for the first time to see his reaction. He wasn’t disappointed.

-‘’Oh my, you didn’t! Poor Yoongi Hyung, no wonder he hates your guts! Jimin is the worst.’’ – Tae said and V laughed.

-‘’Why? Jimin is the best swordsmen... in and out of bed.’’

-‘’Oh God, my poor friend…why V?’’ – Tae groaned, leaning his head back to the wall. – ‘’ Why would you let Jimin get his small hands on him? Why?’’ – Seeing his twin’s unperturbed expression, Tae added. – ‘’Don’t look at me like that. I don’t like him. I tried, I did…but I can’t like Jimin… he…he is…’’

-‘’He likes you very much you know.’’ – V said licking his lips, while his icy blue eyes twinkle in mischief, the common trait that both brother’s had. Tae wasn’t amused.

-‘’Oh I know he does…he literally humps me every time I see him.’’

V chuckled again.

-‘’His newest ambition is to have sex with twins and you are far too bad for refusing to make his wish come true Tae.’’ – V’s voice was raspy, deep and contained a dose of dark humor, just like Tae’s, but Tae’s held a slightly gentle note, more playful. It didn’t sound playful now though.

-‘’He has Godfree sisters. They are identical to the mole’’. – He said through gritted teeth.

-‘’Oh, but he had the Godfree sisters, he loved it. Now the new target is us.’’ – V said and Tae blinked dumbfounded.

-‘’Is he insane? You are his best friend, he knows you since we were all little.’’

V shrugged and then grinned mischievously at his twin.

-‘’ I said I would be down with it if you ever say yes.’’

Tae gasped. – ‘’You did what?!’’

-‘’Well I know you will never agree, so…’’ - V said nonchalantly, scratching his jaw, watching the town again.

-‘’Yoongi is right, you are the worst.’’ – Tae said, shaking his head in disbelief.

V grinned again. – ‘’Oh, Yoongi liked it…’’

-‘’Oh shut up.’’ – Tae huffed, turning his face towards the night, slightly shaking his head.

-‘’He did though.’’ – V added. Tae groaned in exasperation and V laughed again.