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Dreams Being Unified

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"How are you feeling?" Kagerou asked his wife, who was sitting in her true form on the tatami floor. In her arms was their baby son Aoi.

Mito didn't look tired at all, despite being in labor for many hours on board her ship. He'd trusted her people to take care of her where he couldn't, and in return, they seemed to like him.

He'd never expected that his wife would turn out to be a very short space pirate. He had to admit he wasn't sure about Mito's choice of profession, but he knew she was a loving mother and that was what counted in his world. They would nurture Aoi together, the both of them, even if Mito could only do it once in a while.

"I feel fine." Mito smiled up at him, and he realized that she really was tired. "Aoi's going to be so much like you!"

Her people chose their gender at puberty. Aoi was not as genderless as Mito had initially feared. If he had been, he would have had to go with his mother. Neither Mito nor Kagerou thought that it had been a good idea.

There would be problems with Aoi's powers, Mito had explained, but she'd make sure they didn't cause too many problems even if he stayed on earth. Which he would.

After all, Kagerou had experience growing living things. And while raising a child would be much different than growing a plant, he knew what to do more than Mito did. Plus, it was far safe for Aoi. Far, far safer.

Aoi gurgled and Mito smiled. No words were needed between the two of them, and that was the best feeling of all.