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Warriors High

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CHAPTER 1:School

Hollyleaf POV

"Perfect." I sighed,my long black hair waving over my shoulders as I twirled,admiring my pretty blue and white striped knee-high dress,completed with a pair of sexy black stocking. "Hollyleaf!Lionblaze!Jayfeather! Breakfast!" I smiled one last beautiful yet confident look at myself in the mirror before I rushed downstairs for breakfast.

Lionblaze POV

"Blaargh." I pretended to gag and vomit into my bowl of cereal as Hollyleaf came prancing into view in her new dress mom got her for first day of high school. "Wanna switch eyes with me, huh." My brother Jayfeather said drilly as a smirk formed over my lips. "VERY." I said loudly enough for Hollyleaf to hear. Her expression turned to a permanent scowl as she glared at me. "Whatever." She flipped her hair and stalked off to get milk for her cereal.

Jayfeather POV

I grumpily kicked down a signpost which was actually the signpost to Warriors High School, as a man near me cleared his throat, and I whipped around to glare at wherever I thought the man was, annoyed. But I quickly dropped my glare,embarrassed,when the man chuckled behind me,obvilious to whatever embarrassment he had just caused me. "Whatever do you want,Mister?" I grunted,giving up. "New student,eh?I'm Gray Wing. Gotta check you kids in to your dormitories that you will be staying in,state your name and school section."