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Finding You

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"Do ya mind lockin' up the shop, Izuru?" Gin asked. The blond sighed.

"Yeah, sure. Is this another date with your 'Ran-chan'?"

"Ya betcha!" Gin exclaimed over his shoulder as he strode out the door.

'Sometimes I wonder if that's the only thing he does.' Izuru thought as he walked around the bookstore, making sure everything was in place. Once he made sure everything was in its spot, he proceeded to lock up.

Izuru shivered as he stepped outside; it was freezing! He zipped up his jacket all the way and began his walk home. He kept mumbling incoherent complaints to himself about how cold it was. The blond stopped his useless ranting; he cleared his mind and focused it on one thing: sweet, cozy home.

With goal in mind, Izuru began walking a bit faster; so intent on getting home, he didn't notice the other figure in front of him. He stumbled to the ground, landing on his ass; he rubbed his lower back and waited
for the cussing to begin. Instead, he was met with an outstretched hand.

Izuru grabbed the strangers hand and hauled himself off of the ground; once on his feet, he immediately apologized, "I'm very sorry I wasn't …" The words died on his tongue as he got a better look of the other.

This guy had dark, spiky hair that looked almost… soft? Piercing grey eyes that looked right through the blond; he was also wearing a tight red sweater, and Izuru could see a nice build beneath it.
To sum it up, he had a punk-like appearance and looked like he could kick Izuru's ass. But that's not why the blond kept staring; he 'played for the other team', so of course Izuru was practically drooling.

He snapped out of his trance when the male spoke, "It's alright. I'm just concerned about you; you took quite a fall there." Izuru could only nod at the statement; this hot guy was talking to him so he (naturally) couldn't' speak.

"Good. Be more careful next time." The stranger advised as a continued walking in the opposite direction.
Izuru's body temperature had risen; face on fire, the cool of the night felt good on his skin as he continued walking home.

Izuru thought his life was a peaceful one; too peaceful as a matter of fact. If there was one thing Izuru hated more than anything, was coming home to a quiet house. No one was there, he lived alone.

The reason he didn't like the silence, was because when he was younger, he had very loud siblings. Being the youngest, and less quiet of the bunch, he adapted to living in the noise. But they had to leave the nest eventually; so he could never really get used to the quiet, loneliness that was his home.

Izuru knew he couldn't do anything about the eerie silence, but he tried to dispose of the loneliness. The blond had tried several times to have a meaningful relationship with someone, but for some reason, it never lasted.

He wondered what he could have been doing wrong to cause the break-up; because he wanted to find out so badly, he studied the last relationship he was in.
The answer was simple: Izuru hardly showed any displays of affection towards his partner. He realized that it must hurt the other person who tries and tries to get him to open up, but they just can't. The last relationship he was in was about…ten months ago; that one was going well, but he blew it.

Izuru sighed as he flicked the lights to his bathroom; he stood in front of the mirror and noted his characteristics: light blond shoulder-length hair, (big) blue eyes, and a lean body (with hopes of getting a nice build).

He wouldn't call himself attractive, and he was now just wondering why all of those people agreed to go out with him. The thoughts slipped from his mind as he entered the warm shower.
After he finished his relaxing bathing time, Izuru collapsed onto his bed and quickly hid under the covers. The bed was quite big for one person.

That's when he realized just how lonely it actually was sleeping alone.