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We'll meet again

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"Are you sure of this, Celen?" Hermione seems nervous, who won't? She thought, summon Death wasn't something people usual do. But she is the master of death, she could protected her friends.

  The war leaves many things when it left, she had killed her soulmate to end this thrice damned war. It has left a hollow part in her chest that ached every breaths she took. The Weasley has tried to pull her out of the house but nothing change the fact that she would lost herself sooner of later. Hermione and Ron were appalled when she give them the piece of information and they were even more sicken when they learned Dumbledore knew this but still drove her to this road. Immortal or not, she would one day consume by the madness because she had lost her other half.

"Yes." She nodded. Ron looked at her with sympathy, he understand her choice to contact with Death to kill her or help her. He knows that his best friend would be gone forever because not only she lost her soulmate, she had raised her wand to kill him. Voldemort is her soulmate or not, she is his friend, his first friend outside his family who doesn't care if he is poor or he wore hand-me-down clothes. She's the one who brings him Hermione into his life, his soon to be wife.

"Step into the circle Celen." Hermione's voice was a little shaken, how couldn't she? This could be the last time she see Celen, her best friend who stick with her through thick and thin, who doesn't found her rants boring but encourage them. She would do absolutely everything for her sister even stand between-or hell she could stand aside and let Voldemort has the world, the man had killed thousands of man, woman and children, as long as her sister and Ron safe. Ron who offered Celen an dagger to sacrificed her blood in the runic circle started to bring all the herbs, stones and placed them scattered around the room to make another circle by the stones. Hermione chanted the forgotten language, it had taken them half a year to find the equipment required and another half to prepare for the night.

As soon as the first step was done, a binding light wrap the circle but Hermione doesn't shield her face away from it. The light isn't do her harmed, it was giving her power to continue what she was trying to do. Ron has left the room, the ritual only required females to do the deed. The dead language flown from her naturally because she has practiced a thousand times so she wouldn't fail her sister. She grabbed the earth from Celen's parents tombs and scattered them around the runes then the herbs and she sets them on fire. Until the last fire dies, the light gone but the dark came to reign. This is it, the last step, now it's Celen's part.

Celen has never been this tense before. Hermione has done her part now it hers and hers only. Celen craved runes after runes into her skin, every lines was burning like inferno. Soon, her chest, her back- with magic and wills, her arms was covered with the runes of the death. All of them was dark red and shining brightly, Celen breath the air for the last time here, she would miss everyone, Hermione-her sister, Ron-her brother, the Weasley-her family, every single one. 

"Death, i will come to your realm!"  An strange noise escape her lips.


"So you have fine a way to meet me, mistress?" Death voice rang throught the void. She opens one eyes, scaring to see what would wait her. Around her, there was a station just like when she died before, this time it was fill with the soul, rushing to get to their trains. they all seems to avoid her or doesn't even acknowledge her appearance. The man before her was Death? He has the same mundane looks like her. Green eyes just like her, she felt like it look straight into her soul and sees everything in her life, the pain, the joy and certainly the hollow part. His golden skin was littered with runes, but unlike hers it was black and ran across his cheekbones to the side of his forehead. He was wearing an black suit cover his tall and lanky frame perfectly and seems to float as if there was a wind. He looks young but at the same time he looks ancient just like his name. Time and power etched in each and every runes.

"You have need not to fear me, mistress, you wish is my command."

  She quickly push herself up to stand up but she stumbled on the white dress draped over her petite frame. Death has promptly caught her before she falls face first onto the ground. Her dress was decorated with delicate snowflakes and white lilies and fall all the ways from her neck to her ankles. A brilliant shade of red creep to her cheek, she hastily stable herself to prevent further embarrassing. 

"Thank you." She added after a thought "Death." Death chuckled like dry bones.

"What do you need me to do, mistress? I doubt that you came a long proceed just to see me."

"Um, about the my problem, could- could you break the bond between me and him?" Death signed heavily as if he already knew what she would ask.

"Even i am Death, my power couldn't involve with soul bond, mistress. I'm afraid it's beyond my abilities." Death explained slowly with a burdensome air. Celen has lost all of her hope, she would rather die than losing her mind, spending the rest of her existence as an hollow shell. She can't even die anymore, trapped. Her body racked with sobbed. So all of this, all of her efforts for nothing, not even being died. She could feel her mind was less and less like before, even when he was insane, she could feel the magic humming around her, now everything was blurred. 

"But-" She looked at him straight in the eyes, hoping for something, hope that she could die. "I have another option."

"What it is?" she whispering desperately.

"I could bring you back to the past and change all of this, you could have him back when you went to the present." Death reassured her. 

"But if that i'll stuck in the past and waiting till the time come?"

"No, mistress, when you want to run away from the time, ask for my present then i will bring you here, to the limbo and pick a train to my place or you could decided to go to your time and stay there enjoying the change you have made."

"What about the time when i stay at the past?"

"It would freeze and rearrange itself." She frowned. "But remember mistress, every acts you did would change the future forever, and you could only come back once at a specific time, no more no less." 

"If i accept the offer then it must have an price?"

"Yes, indeed, your past will never happened but the pain would still haunt every step you took. Your friends would remember nothing but they would still remain your friends." Death now with all of his glories straighting himself and gazed to where the trains went. Funny how, there was a sun lighting every part of the station. It shone with an repose atmosphere, it comfort her some how. "And more than that when you have done with changing the life you want, you will come back here and wait until the moment you rebirth then, you will come back to the living land and enjoy the life you never had but you will lost your memories." 

"I'll lost all of my memory but the pain of the last life still there, how?"

"Listen to me mistress, your memories of your last life will came back on your eight birthdays, you would regain most of them at the age of nine and small details when you are ten. But when you came back i suggest you to reclaim the Hallows, after all, you weren't so bad as my master."

"I- thank you, Death."

"There is no need for thanks me mistress, i am at your command and you deserve a chance to remake your life. My mistress should be happy, not lost in the madness and grieve." She can't feel more grateful than ever, save for when she save her soulmate and revenge Dumbledore. 

"What do i need to know when i go back?"

"All you need is made up an false history, the rest? Leave it to me." Death offered his arm to her. "Now, when and where do you want to come back mistress?"

  She pondered, when? Obviously she's not going from the started, it would be weird if she's the one who raise her own soulmate even she was immortal. And certainly she's not going back to her parents time because her figure would raise specious from the other due to the fact that she was a mix between her mum and dad and she can't standing there watching how happy her parents were before they enter the war all because of Dumbledore, she would loose her control and dash to their place and cry till her eyes fall out. That would be hard to explain. If she goes back when the first war was happening it would be hard to find him let alone stopping him. Should she go back before he made the first horcrux? That's before he turn sixteen.

"i will go back to attend his sixth year to prevent him making the first Horcrux."

"Wise choice mistress, do you need anything else?"

"I'll need to appear at Diagonally, so i could come Gringotts first to create my new identity, and i probably need some gold to bribe them a bit."

"Very well mistress, have a nice trip."