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All Of Their Mistakes

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The battle had gone well. Most of the commandments had done something to help, even Grayroad, who had floated above the scene, aged anybody who fought forward.  Most of the commandments were useful. Gloxinia was not. He had spent the entire battle feeling lethargic and tired, constantly taking unnecessary hits. Eventually, Drole had told Gloxinia to take a break, which the smaller gladly did.

Eventually, the commandments had won the battle, mostly due to Grayroad. It seemed that everybody was in a good mood after that, drinking and laughing. Well, except for Gloxinia, who found the taste to be nauseating at the moment. Then again, anything that was dipped in sugar would probably cause the former king to throw up.


Gloxinia wasn't sure how long he had sat watching his comrades, nor was he sure when exactly he decided to leave. He knew it was sometime after Derierie had sent Drole flying with her combo star, causing Drole to hit a mushroom that had just happened to be passing. The mushroom had done something or another, Gloxinia honestly had stopped paying attention in an attempt to stay awake, but the next time he looked, Drole was definitely smaller.

It couldn't have been very long after that, Gloxinia wasn't paying much attention so he really couldn't be certain, when he opened his eyes again. 

Gloxinia didn't really remember coming out here, but he must have stumbled out into the woods at one point, and into a small stream. Actually, that would explain a lot, including why his limbs were slowly turning blue.

With a quiet yelp, he jumped out of the stream, only to be overtaken by a furious burning sensation. Doubling over with a groan, the faerie figured that this burning must have been why he sought out the stream in the first place. 

He crouched to the ground and squeezed his eyes shut. Before he could react, spots danced in front of his closed eyes, and he quickly lost consciousness.


When Gloxinia opened his eyes again, he was in a different part of the forest. It was a small clearing buried deep within the depths of the woods. The trees surrounding were so thick that Gloxinia couldn't see more than a few feet behind the first layer.

It wasn't until a small Drole came into the clearing with some fruit and water in his hands, Gloxinia could faintly recall an incident with a mushroom being the cause of his size, that the Commandment of Repose realised what must have happened. Drole must have realised that his comrade was acting off and followed him into the woods. After Gloxinia had passed out the second time, Drole must have carried him over here and tended to him.

"You're awake." Drole mumbled, and sat down beside the Faerie. 

Gloxinia nodded, sitting up to lean against the giant. Even in this form, Drole was still a few feet taller than him. Gloxinia found it slightly unfair. Then again, Drole was constantly being left out from certain missions, due to his massive height. Not only that, but he also tended to squish things beneath his feet without meaning to.

He probably would have sat there for a few more hours, contemplating the pros and cons of being Drole's height, but after a heavy sigh Gloxinia's brain decided to completely short circuit. To say the scent he had inhaled was heavenly would have been an understatement. This scent was above even that of The Faerie King's Forest, or any fruit he could consume. 

He inhaled again, attempting to find the source of the scent. It was close. Very close. In fact, it seemed to be coming from right next to him, but that didn't make much sense. The only thing next to him was Drole and-


Drole's voice slowed his thoughts, causing Gloxinia to look up at Drole in a groggy manner. He couldn't figure out how to form a verbal response, so he settled for a head nod. Hopefully that would indicate to Drole that he had heard.

"Are you feeling okay?" Drole asked, putting a hand underneath the Faerie's chin to tilt it up. 

He was probably looking for a sign of illness, but all it did was send shivers down Gloxinia's spine. No doubt Drole wasn't doing anything even slightly lewd, but Gloxinia's mind was in the gutter. He wanted Drole to do something else. Kiss him, fuck him, something, anything to stop the burning in his core.

"I've called your name several times beforehand, but you didn't answer."

Drole leaned in closer, concern etched on his face. God he was so close! Gloxinia could just imagine how Drole's lips would taste. Earthy, no doubt, maybe slightly sweet?

"Are you feeling ill? I can't help if I don't know what's wrong."

Drole leaned down to examine Gloxinia, and in that exact moment Gloxinia's self control broke. He grabbed Drole by the cheeks and wasted no time in closing the space between them. 

Gloxinia wouldn't lie. If somebody had asked him, he would have admitted how much he loved the surprised grunt Drole let out, or the way Drole's rough lips felt against his own. Gloxinia also wouldn't deny the small whimpering sounds he let out, or the way he slightly ground his hips against Drole's chest. 

He practically squealed with delight as Drole kissed back, Drole slipping his tongue into Gloxinia's mouth. Even if it was something as simple as making out, Gloxinia found himself shaking with anticipation. The again, he hadn't stopped shaking since this morning. He ignored that fact, prefering to imagine that it was anticipation.

Gloxinia let out a whine when Drole pulled away. Too soon. It was too soon. He still needed Drole for... for what exactly? What exactly was he thinking Drole and him were going to do? Sure, him and Drole had been good friends for a long time now, but that didn't mean a thing. There was a large chance that Drole didn't even want to be with him. That was why Drole had pulled away, wasn't it? Drole didn't want to be with him, and now Gloxinia had probably just scared away the only friend he had. He was stupid, stupid, stupid, stupi-

"Gloxinia...?" Drole's voice was surprisingly gentle as one of his four arms reached out to Gloxinia, wiping away tears Gloxinia didn't even know he was crying.  "Why don't you rest?"

This heat was really getting the best of him, and there was no doubt Drole and him had a lot to talk about, but for now, resting sounded nice.

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Gloxinia must have woken up a few different times during the night, the uncomfortable pit in his stomach was probably making sure of it. 

Still, everytime he woke up, Gloxinia remembered Drole either fitfully trying to sleep, pacing, or touching everything around him but Gloxinia. Gloxinia remembered wishing that Drole would touch him, or even acknowledge his existence. However, before Gloxinia could do anything about it, he ended up falling right back asleep.

When Gloxinia woke up for good, Drole was silently tending to a fire he had made a few feet away from Gloxinia. He watched the flames with a burning intensity that Gloxinia had seen often from Drole. It meant that he was deep in thought, probably debating the best way to throw himself in the nearest river and avoid whatever was going on with the faerie. 

Gloxinia stumbled over to Drole and collapsed in his lap, craving any sort of physical contact. This caused Drole to jump a bit in surprise, before quickly calming down and petting Gloxinia's hair.  

The Faerie wasn't sure how long they had stayed in that position. It could have been hours, though probably only a few minutes, before Drole began to shuffle beneath him. Gloxinia let out a small whine, though it seemed to go unheard by the Giant, before he was plopped a good distance away from Drole. 

Drole seemed to be trying to regain his composure, while Gloxinia felt tears come to his eyes.

"W-why....?" Gloxinia whined, though just forming words was a challenge at this point.

Drole stayed silent for a moment, probably deciding the best way to explain his thoughts to the faerie, before sighing and shaking his head.

"I'm not sure what's wrong with you, but I can clearly see it's affecting your judgment. I just don't want you to do something you're going to end up regretting." Drole explained.

Gloxinia knew Drole was trying to be gentle with his words, but somehow that hurt more than if Drole had said it harshly. At least if it was said in a horrible manner, Gloxinia would have known what Drole thought of him. However, this repsonse left things far to open for Gloxinia's liking. Did Drole have feelings for him, or was Drole simply trying to spare Gloxinia's feelings? Either way it stung, and Gloxinia did nothing to stop the tears the bunched in the corner of his eyes.

"D-don't... get it...." Gloxinia mumbled, harshly gripping his pants. " don't like me? I-I did something... bad?"  Gloxinia prayed that through his slurred words and cracking voice, Drole found the meaning of the sentence. 

Once again, Drole took his time answering. Even in this situation, Drole had utmost patience and logic, quietly outranking Gloxinia in terms of clear headedness.

"It's not that I don't like you Gloxinia. It's not that at all. It's just that you aren't in your right mind. I don't want your head to clear up, only for you to hate me." Drole's voice was still soft, but Gloxinia could still sense the strain behind his words.

Gloxinia whined quietly, trying to form a response. When no words came, he huffed in frustration before grabbing Drole by the hair and kissing him once again. Gloxinia wasn't sure if this would get his message across, but he prayed it did. There was no way he could ever hate Drole. After all that they had been through together, it just didn't seem possible.

Drole let out a surprised gasp, before pulling Gloxinia close and returning the kiss. The action was simple, but the message clear. Drole wanted this just as badly as Gloxinia's heat crazed mind did.

Well, that was what Gloxinia was telling himself. In truth, Gloxinia had no idea what Drole wanted, and his mind was far too foggy to be able to read Drole like he normally could. 

As Drole turned his head to deepen the kiss, Gloxinia took no shame in grinding himself against the Giants chest. This caused Drole to gasp in surprise and push Gloxinia away once again.

"D-dammit Gloxinia..." Drole panted, his voice not at all upset. 

The Giants face was flushed and there was a clear tent in his pants, which Gloxinia frowned at. All of his limbs seemed to be twitching to keep still, and his entire frame shook. Although it took him a few moments, Gloxinia eventually did realise something. His heat was affecting Drole. That meant that Drole wanted this as well, but simply had more self control than Gloxinia.

"Drole..." Gloxinia muttered, inching towards the giant. "I... I won't hate you. Too many heats... alone. It hurts." Gloxinia squeezed his eyes shut, putting his hand on Drole. 

Gloxinia didn't see what happened next, but he did feel one pair of Drole's hands pick him up and bring him closer to the giants chest. Uncertain of what this meant, Gloxinia bit his lip and ground against Drole, letting out a small moan.

Drole smiled at the action, running his hands up and down Gloxinia's sides. He paid special attention to the spots that Gloxinia would squeak at, chuckling at the reactions he received. 

Gloxinia gasped as he felt Drole's mouth on his neck, suckling and nipping at the skin, then running his tongue along the abused area. It caused Gloxinia let out a quiet moan, his ear twitching occasionally.

Drole smirked and flicked Gloxinia's ear, which caused Gloxinia to yelp and smack away Drole's hand. It wasn't until Drole gave the smaller a questioning look that Gloxinia figured he should explain.

"D-don't like that." Gloxinia mumbled, in which Drole gave a short nod.

Gloxinia sighed inwardly, praying Drole wouldn't pursue the faeries ears. Luckily, that didn't seem to be Drole's plan. Instead of playing with Gloxinia's ears, Drole held Gloxinia firmly in his lap, then thrust his hips upwards.

Electricity shot through Gloxinia's spine as he let out a moan at Drole's action, which only spurred Drole on. He ground up harder and harder, until Gloxinia was practically screaming with pleasure. 

Gloxinia could feel pressure coiling in his gut, as he yanked Drole in for a kiss. Luckily, Drole didn't seem to be in the mood to fight Gloxinia every step of the way, Gloxinia had experienced that mood from Drole once before and had no desire to go through it again, seeming as how Drole happily captured Gloxinia's lips in his own.

The kiss was open mouthed and sloppy, a small amount of drool running down their chins. It wasn't until Gloxinia began moaning louder and louder, a clear sign that he was close, that Drole pulled away from the kiss. 

"Already close?" Drole teased, holding back his own moans in an attempt to keep in  dominant composure. 

Gloxinia didn't seem to hear, as a particularly hard grind from Drole caused him to scream, twitching and releasing onto his pants. He panted for a few moments, as Drole slowed his grinding to let Gloxinia rest.

Gloxinia panted, his chest heaving. He held tight onto Drole's belt, his wings twitching subtly.

"What the hell?" Zeldris's voice caused both the faerie and giant to stop and look up. When the hell did Zeldris get there? How had neither of them noticed?

Gloxinia didn't have much time to debate the matter, because he could already see spots dancing in front of his eyes, before unconsciousness overtook him completely.

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Gloxinia woke up in his own bed, which was weird because he specifically remembered being in the woods with Drole and the- oh. Now he remembered. The commandments had found them, then Gloxinia passed out.

Forcing himself into a sitting position, Gloxinia groaned and held his stomach. Apparently, just grinding hadn't been enough to cool the burning in his stomach. Whatever. He would just find Drole and then they would continue.

He frowned, recalling how upset Zeldris had been upon finding the two in that position. Why would Zeldris be so upset about that? It really wasn't his decision, and just because he was captain of the Ten Commandments didn't mean he could control what relationships the others had. 

Gloxinia's thoughts were interrupted by the door opening, revealing Monspeet. Monspeet didn't say a word, choosing to sit on the bed. 

"Estarossa said you were in heat." Monspeet tilted his head as he spoke, his tone more of a questioning one than anything. 

Gloxinia offered a small nod, forcing himself not to growl at Monspeet. He knew that Monspeet didn't mean him any harm, but every instinct he had was screaming for him to get Monspeet away. 

Monspeet nodded and offered him some fruit, which Gloxinia promptly denied. So what if his stomach growled at the thought of the fruit, it was from Monspeet. Monspeet was trying to get between Drole and him. Monspeet was a competition, and he-

"You need to eat." Monspeet spoke slowly, probably picking up on Gloxinia's agitation and doing his best to ease it.

Gloxinia let out a low growl, feeling his ears set back, and his wings perk up, before going slack again. Why was he doing this? What was he going to accomplish? Of course he didn't really like many of the commandments, but attacking Monspeet was definitely a bad idea. Gloxinia had seen him fighting before, and he really was a force to be reckoned with.

Monspeet looked at Gloxinia a little harder, before walking to the door. This caused Gloxinia to perk up and slide off the bed, wobbling a bit, but following Monspeet and clinging to him for balance nonetheless.

Monspeet sighed and looked away, vainly trying to shoo the faerie away. He really only came in to make sure Gloxinia hadn't killed himself by accident, or whatever lonely faeries did during their heats. Monspeet wasn't really sure, nor did he ever want to know. 

"You can't come. Zeldris said that you have to stay in this room. According to Estarossa, your heat might start to affect the rest of us, kinda like what happened with Drole." Monspeet explained, moving one hand to fully push away the desperate faerie.

"N-not fair." Gloxinia mumbled. "I don't wanna see the others. I just wanna see Drole."

"And Zeldris said no. Not only are you, apparently, at risk to overheat yourselves, but from what I understand, a heat usually means pregnancy." Monspeet explained, attempting to reason with Gloxinia.

Gloxinia frowned at this, feeling tears come to his eyes. That wasn't fair. He wanted Drole! So what if he had kids a- Wait a second, did he actually want kids? Was he really wanting to be a parent, or was his heat playing tricks on him?

"Monspeet..." Gloxinia started to protest against Monspeets words, but decided it futile. The logical part of his brain told him that Monspeet was right, and that it was just his heat that was making him act so strangely. 

Monspeet cocked an eyebrow in response to hearing his name, but when it became clear that the faerie wasn't paying any attention, he cleared his throat. This caused Gloxinia to perk up a bit, still not looking the taller in the eyes.

"S-since I'm not allowed out, can you bring me some water?" Gloxinia mumbled, his ears drooping downwards as he let go on Monspeet.

Monspeet nodded in response, exiting swiftly and leaving Gloxinia alone with his thoughts. He hadn't been acting like himself lately, no doubt about that. Not only that, but he had been a lot more territorial, not letting anybody but Drole into his room, and definitely more cranky. He remembered at one point he had told Estarossa to "Shut the fuck up and give me the fucking sugar."

Yeah, definitely not his best moment. The look of shock on the Commandments face when he had said that was definitely incredible. Gloxinia didn't know that Zeldris's voice could reach such a high pitch.

Gloxinia perked up his ears when he heard the door open again as Monspeet stepped through the frame, the proceeded to close the door behind him. In his hands, Monspeet held a glass of water, and a bucket of water.

"I figured it might help you cool down." He explained, after he caught Gloxinia staring.

Gloxinia nodded, looking up at Monspeet from his place on the floor. Wait, when had he gotten on the floor? Gloxinia didn't remember sitting down, and he definitely didn't remember laying down.

Monspeet bent down, sitting next to Gloxinia, and offered him the water. Gloxinia took the glass gratefully, draining it with a few gulps, then sighed. He hadn't even noticed how hot he had been, until the cool water slid down his throat. 

"Here." Monspeet said, offering Gloxinia a wet rag. "You're sweating. Maybe this will help."

Gloxinia whined and pressed his head against the rag while it was still in Monspeet's hands. The rag helped a little, but it wasn't enough. He need more He need more. He needed Drole.

"Does that help?" Monspeet asked, raising an eyebrow at the faeries peculiar actions. He decided not to comment, instead choosing to slowly rub the rag across the faerie's face.

"Need Drole... pl-please, Monspeet." Gloxinia begged through teary eyes. 

"I already told you I ca-" Monspeet started, but was quickly interrupted by a wail of pain from Gloxinia.

"Please! Pl-lease, please, please, please! I-it hurts!" 

Monspeet sat in a stunned silence. He had never seen the former king sound so... pained, so desperate. With a sigh, he looked away. He knew what he had to do, but it wasn't going to be easy.

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Monspeet had left on a mission few hours ago, though being locked in a room did make it hard to tell time. It was quiet without Monspeet, and, to be honest, Gloxinia wasn't really sure what he was supposed to do. He could jack off, but the last time Gloxinia had done that during his heat, he ended up hurting himself. It was both an embarrassing and pathetic moment for him, and definitely not something the faerie wanted to repeat.

Shutting his eyes, Gloxinia tried to think about something else, something to distract from the burning in his stomach. Sadly, it seemed that his mind was determined on staying in the gutter. All he could really think about was Drole. How good Drole's hands had felt on him, how amazing it was when Drole finally let go, and how desperately Gloxinia wished they could continue.

Now, instead of spending one of his worst heats with his hopefully mate, Gloxinia was condemned to his overly hot room. Gloxinia couldn't even get on his bed, the most comfortable place in the room, because of how unreasonably hot it was. Of course the blankets felt nice and soft, and his bed had just the right amount of squish, but without Drole's scent to balance things out it was useless. Gloxinia wouldn't ever be able to get comfortable because his body wanted nothing to do with something that wasn't sex, Drole, or cuddling. 

Growling out in frustration, Gloxinia banged his head against his door. Gloxinia yelped when the, apparently, not shut door flew open, causing him to topple into the hallway. Monspeet hadn't locked the door? Wasn't Monspeet supposed to be keeping Gloxinia inside of his room?

Gloxinia didn't have much time to debate, seeing as how Drole had chosen that moment to lumber down the hallway. Upon seeing Gloxinia, Drole practically ran towards the faerie, scooping him up.

"What are you doing here, Gloxinia?" Drole asked, not hesitating to pepper Gloxinia's face with kisses.

Gloxinia hadn't even realized just how much his heat had been affecting Drole. The giant's hair was even messier than usual, and dark circles were under his eyes. Not only that, but there was an all to obvious bugle in his pants. Gloxinia faintly wondered how long Drole had been dealing with that, or if he was even able to get off.

"I don't know." Gloxinia shut his eyes as Drole began trailing kisses lower.

Drole let out a small hum, running his hands up and down the faerie's body while murmuring things that Gloxinia couldn't make out. It wasn't until Gloxinia payed closer attention, did he realize that it was praise. Drole was praising him. The action made Gloxinia moan out and sent shivers down his spine. Good. Drole was calling him good. Drole thought he was perfect. 

Drole smirked at Gloxinia's reaction, using one of his hands to palm the faerie through his pants. Drole took delight in the way Gloxinia's head was thrown backwards and the moan of surprise he let out. 

They must have continued at that pace for longer than expected, or maybe Gloxinia was more out of it then he had originally thought, but the next thing Gloxinia knew he was being dragged away from Drole.

"-old you not to leave the damn door open, Monspeet!" He heard Zeldris shout, while a very monotone Monspeet held onto Gloxinia. 

Gloxinia stared in confusion, not really registering what was going on. It wasn't until Monspeet had shoved the former king back in his room that he realized Monspeet must have left the door open on purpose. 

Gloxinia sighed and closed his eyes, looking around his room. Monspeet had done Gloxinia an unspoken favor. By letting him out of his room, even for only a moment, Monspeet had allowed the consistent burning in Gloxinia's gut to cool slightly.

Laying down, Gloxinia hummed quietly to himself. He knew he wouldn't get another chance like that, but he had to thank Monspeet for his small act of rebellion. Even though the act was likely to get Monspeet in a lot of trouble, he had still risked much for... wait, why had Monspeet done that? It's not like him and Gloxinia were friends, nor did they ever really talk. Him and Monspeet may have been allies, but they weren't at all friendly at each other. If anything, it was a sort of cool respect that lingered between the two. 


Gloxinia had no idea how long he had laid in that position. Had it been hours? He honestly couldn't tell. All he knew was that the next time Monspeet came into the room, everything below Gloxinia's waist was numb.

"I thought you would have been asleep by now." Monspeet muttered, putting down the plate of food he was carrying.

Gloxinia scrambled to the food, which was mostly fruit, and began happily munching. The fruits were sweet and ripe, which was good considering how Gloxinia had been craving sugar since his heat had started. He chewed the fruit happily, letting the juice drip down his chin then quickly licking it up once it hit his hand. Before he knew it, the fruit was gone, the cores sitting sadly on the plate. Even if it was short lived, that small meal was probably the first full and satisfying meal he had had since his entire heat had started. 

Monspeet and Gloxinia may not have been friends, but Monspeet was reliable and kind. These were traits that Gloxinia would come to rely on during his heat and during his time in the Commandments. Not only was he kind, but he actually listened. This was another trait that would prove useful to Gloxinia, as Monspeet helped Gloxinia and Drole repair what had been broken during his heat, and eventually become more than friends.