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Konoha Valentine's

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(I don’t own Naruto or any characters, etc etc)

Dawn rose over the village on a crisp, chilly, clear morning. The village began to awaken. Merchants set up their stores and stalls, adding the extra items they had begun carrying recently – cards, chocolates, stuffed animals. They added extra decorations today, in the color scheme of red, white, and pink. For today was Valentine’s Day in Konoha.


Early Morning

Iruka woke and looked out the window as he went through his stretches. Sighing, he checked on the cookies he had made the night before and showered and dressed. He grabbed his lesson plans and the cookies, and began to walk to the academy. He didn’t dislike today, but it was not a favorite day of his. He reflected on this as he walked and came to the conclusion that he was being grumpy because he was single, and had been on this day for several years. Still, he tried to be positive as he shifted the box containing the cookies and greeted others in the village, all of whom were happy to exclaim “Happy Valentine’s Day, sensei!”

As he reached the academy, he headed straight to his classroom. Iruka wanted to avoid the teacher’s lounge at all costs today, to save himself the headache of being asked about his (non-existent) plans for tonight, see others in love, etc etc. He smiled as he set the cookies on his desk, though. Even if he felt unhappy today, he knew his students loved today, and by making cookies for them, he guaranteed that they each felt loved and special.

Gai jumped out of bed and hurriedly dressed to leave for his morning run around the village. This was a good day for him, indeed. He could talk about youthfulness and the joys of love all he wanted and, for once, no one disagreed or ignored him. No eye-rolling or muttering threats. In fact, today people joined his conversation and made their own exclamations. Yes, this was a marvelous day, indeed!

Kakashi sighed as the early morning sun woke him. Not that he slept much. He went to shower, passing his calendar on the way, and noting what today was. After dressing, he summoned his pack, giving them breakfast and some extra-special dog treats.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone,” he said. The pack tumbled him to show affection, which he tried to nonchalantly brush off, saying it was nothing. He let them hang out at his apartment while he went to the memorial stone. Kakashi went every day, but on a day like this, he was not sure if more people would visit, and so wanted to be there early to have his peace and quiet to talk to his friends.

After spending much time there, and feeling that his friends were berating him for intending to spend the day as usual, he left and began to walk back, unsure of where to go. It was too early to meet with his team, he didn’t want to spoil them and be on time for once.

Just as he was nearing the village, Gai ran past, before turning to jog next to Kakashi.

“Good morning, my eternal rival! A very happy valentine’s day to you, my beloved friend!”

“Yeah….you too, Gai,” Kakashi drawled. It didn’t look like Gai was leaving his side any time soon.

“And what are your most amazing plans for tonight? Who is the lucky person who has claimed your heart?”

“What? No! No one, Gai, you know that.”

Gai gave him a slightly sad look before giving him a thumbs up and smiling brightly. Kakashi felt it was far too early in the morning for that. “I see your plan, my most epic rival! Playing hard to get! Letting them stress a bit, until you sweep them off their feet! A most devious plan sure to win anyone’s heart!”

Kakashi tried to argue, but it was pointless.

“Still, if you refuse to recognize your heart tonight, join a number of us at the bar! Who knows, you may meet your true love!” And with that, Gai ran off, leaving Kakashi to his peace and quiet again, finally.

Kurenai opened her door to leave to meet her team for training, but was pleasantly surprised to find a bouquet of flowers at her doorstep. She smiled and brought them inside. She had expected something from Asuma, but not until later, when they were meeting for dinner, and this had been a nice surprise indeed.

Ino was glad to finally leave her family’s shop. This was a busy day for them, but her training was important too, and hadn’t she stayed up all night making flower arrangements, tying ribbon, placing cards, the works? Not to mention pulling extra shifts there to help the influx of customers this time of year. She was happy to have made plans for that night, as she wanted to be as far away from flowers as possible today.

Naruto shoveled his morning ramen into his mouth before grabbing his belongings and running out the door to meet his team. He loved today, believe it! He greeted others in the village as he ran, ignoring that many were too caught up in their own valentines to greet him back. Naruto looked down at the small box of chocolates he had bought for Sakura. He hoped she’d like it!

He also smirked to himself. He wanted to spend the night with her, but knew she’d want to spend it with Sasuke. Her, and every other fan girl and guy in the village! But he, Naruto Uzumaki, had a master plan to accomplish it!