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Broken Family

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"-An attack on a local agency, now covered in flames-"

"-Civilians reportedly stuck inside-"

"-Casualty rate unknown-"

"-The villain Dragon was sighted-"

"-A serial killer reported to target pro-heroes-"

"-Heroes briefly battled-"

"-Current whereabouts unknown at this time-"

Inko turned off the TV, shaking so much she almost couldn't press the button on the remote. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to calm down her anxieties and think clearly. As she was doing so, she glanced at the front entrance. The door stayed still. There was no noise on the other side. Just complete and utter silence.

There was no one there. She wasn't sure if there should have been.

It was only a theory, but it had a lot of evidence to back it up. That Hisashi wasn't who he seemed.

That he was...

Inko breathed in and out.

Her husband wasn't a bad man, at least not on the surface. He cared for his family and made sure they were happy and well-fed. He genuinely cared for his son, adoring and loving the small Izuku, even after he was diagnosed quirkless. But there was something underneath him that scared Inko. Something almost malicious. Disappearing for days at a time, coming home at late hours claiming the dark stains on his jacket to be water. Interest in arson cases, especially ones involving a certain villain.

Of course, she still loved him. He never harmed her or their son, and she married him after all! He cared for his family. But Inko couldn't help but be afraid of him. Afraid of what he was capable of.

Before checking on her son, Izuku, who was sleeping soundly in his All Might themed bedroom, Inko checked the front door and locked it. If what she believed was correct, her husband wouldn't come home. But still, better safe then sorry.

Her mind wandered to what she saw on the TV.

So many innocent people. All to attack some heroes.

Dragon killed heroes, it's why he was such a feared villain among heroes. But that wasn't all he did. If innocent civilians were in the line of fire, he didn't hesitate to kill them too. He didn't care if innocent people got in the way. Dragon killed indiscriminately, and he did so with what seemed to be impunity, having not been caught after a confirmed 26 attacks.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Inko was startled violently from her thoughts, needed to hold onto the back of the wall to stop herself from shaking.

There was only one person who would call at this time.

Inko debated letting it go to voicemail before relenting after realizing that her son may wake up from the ringing. She didn't want him to catch wind of what was happening.

Hesitantly, she answered.


"A-ah, Inko?"

Inko swallowed.

"Hisashi," she feigned surprise," Is everything alright?"

Hisashi didn't answer at first. He seemed out of breath, and Inko could almost hear the panic in his voice, although he hid it well. "It's fine, Inko," he said roughly, almost daring her to press him, "Listen, I'm not sure if I'll be able to be home for... a while. I'm not sure how long."

Inko blinked, looking at the phone. She wasn't surprised, of course. Hisashi often called in the late hours of the night to say he wasn't going to go home for a while. But her mind wandered to the attack again. To what Dragon did.

"Of course," she said, trying not to let her voice tremble. Her husband sighed. It sounded like he was nervous. Inko wondered if she should worry that Hisashi wasn't hiding it.

"Listen, I don't know the next time I'll be able to call like this. I know it's late and he should be sleeping, but could you give the phone to Izuku? I'd like to say goodbye to him before I...leave."

Inko paused, ignoring Hisashi's last comment.

Yeah it was late! It was nearing 3 am. The only reason Inko was up was because she was expecting Hisashi to be home tonight and didn't want him to be too loud as he came in. Normally there weren't more than two attacks when he was away. It was late and she didn't want to wake Izuku up.

But that wasn't the only reason she wasn't going to wake Izuku up.

"No." Inko said firmly, ignoring the slight waiver in her voice, "He's asleep. I'm not going to wake him up."

Hisashi was quiet. Too quiet for Inko's liking, but she wasn't going to back down.

"Why?" Hisashi sounded hurt, but Inko couldn't find it in herself to feel sorry, "He's my son! I want to say goodbye, I-I can't just-"

"After what you did, I'm not sure you deserve to, Hisashi!"

"...Inko, please-"

"No!" Inko raised her voice for the first time during the phone call, "You can't call yourself his father and do things like this! I've turned a blind eye because I loved you!"

"Inko, what are-" Hisashi tried to speak, but Inko cut him off.

"And that's the thing! Loved. I'm not going to do this anymore, Hisashi. Lie to him. Lie for you! But I'm not going to tell anyone. For him. So he doesn't know what his father has done. Not for you. Goodbye, Hisashi." Good riddance.

Inko slammed the phone into the receiver with a deep inhale. Tears were going down her face. She shuddered, breathing in and out in order to calm her nerves. That was it. He wasn't coming back. If he knew what was good, he wouldn't come back.

"Mom?" Inko jumped, turning to Izuku, who was holding a blanket around his back and rubbing his eyes sleepily, "Who're you talking to?" His eyes widened and he jumped as he saw her tears. "Are you okay?"

Inko sucked in a breath and smiled, crouching so she was eye level with her son. "What are you doing awake, sweety?" She sighed as walked over to her and hugged her tightly. "It's late." Izuku didn't say anything, hugging her tighter.

"I heard you talking," he whispered, and Inko chuckled softly.

"It's nothing you need to worry about," Izuku frowned, and Inko could tell he wasn't sure what to say. But he nodded, saying nothing. Inko held back a sigh and picked her son up. He was too young to be worrying about her like this...

"Let's get you back to bed, then, huh?" Izuku nodded wordlessly and pressed his face into her shoulder.

He was only five years old and had to deal with so much. Being diagnosed quirkless, facing discrimination against his peers, and it even seemed like his only friend, Katsuki Bakugou, was becoming distant. Inko tried asking the boy's mother, Mitsuki, about it, but even her friend had trouble understanding the situation. And now his father.

She debated with herself whether or not to tell her son as she tucked him in, smiling gently as she did so. Then, Izuku interrupted her thoughts with a question.

"Were you talking to Dad?" Inko almost tensed, but unwilling to worry her son, she feigned a smile.

"Yes," she replied, wincing at the shakiness.

"Why were you so upset?" Izuku mumbled, avoiding eye contact. Inko's smile fell as she looked at her son, wondering what to say. Sighing, she pulled Izuku closer, and he wrapped his arms around her.

"Your father," Inko breathed, "won't be coming home for a while." She rubbed Izuku's back as he started crying softly, "I'm not sure if he'll be coming home at all." Izuku sobbed softly into her stomach, occasionally sniffing. Inko continued to comfort her son, rubbing circles on his back to comfort him.

"I-is it because of me?" Izuku choked out, "Because I'm quirkless? Because I'm useless?" Inko gasped and held her sons face in her hands, making eye contact him.

"Why would you think that?" she asked, trying not to sound upset and scare her son. Izuku sniffled and pulled away from her hands, looking at his own.

"I-it's just," he sniffed again, "I don't have a quirk, and-" his hiccuped, and hugged his mother again. Inko sighed, deciding to let it slide for now since it was so late. She hugged her son tightly, brushing his curly green hair to not only comfort her son, but herself.

"You're not useless, Izuku," she whispered, holding him closer, "You're father loves you more than anything. He left because he had to, not because he wanted to." She held Izuku even tighter if possible, crying now despite her wanting to stay calm for her son. "Everything will be okay, Izuku," she cried, "Everything."

Hisashi stood in silence and shock as Inko hung up on him.

She saw right through him.

He shouldn't be surprised, he made no effort to hide his crimes from her. Knowing how smart Inko was, Hisashi would have been surprised if she didn't know.

But the way she spoke to him just now made something inside him spark.

Literally and figuratively.

Screaming out in rage, flames spewed from his mouth, a trademark of the villain, Dragon.

The phone booth was quickly covered in flames, Hisashi in the middle of it.

A few minutes passed of Hisashi trying to calm himself in vain, crying out in anger every once in a while.

Inko knew. Inko didn't love him. That was fine, that was all fine, it was to be expected, actually.

But she didn't let him speak to his son. She didn't let him say goodbye to Izuku one last time, knowing that there was little to no chance of Hisashi ever being able to contact his family again.

How dare she.

Hisashi growled as he heard sirens in the distance. Some pesky neighbor must of noticed the commotion and called the police. And where there were police, there were pros. Hisashi snarled, but removed himself from the booth, calming patting off the flames covering his coat.

He made himself scarce quickly, and the police found nothing of note. Something Dragon prided himself on was removing any evidence.

Fire did the job quite well.

Dragon was never found that night. After a skirmish with many pro-heroes, it was speculated that Dragon had realized he was caught. Despite evading capture, Pro-Heroes all around Japan had sworn to capture Dragon and throw him behind bars.

Not only that, but now the Number One was on his ass. The mighty Pillar of Peace.

All Might.

Dragon might be proud of himself had it not been for the fact that it was the friggin' number one.

So that's why he later found himself in a isolated airport, deep in thought, only to be interrupted by a mutual's friend who agreed to help out.

"Yo, Drago," Hisashi huffed as he looked to his friend, who was jutting out his thumb at a plane behind his back, "flight's gonna leave soon. You best be goin' if you want to stay free." Hisashi scoffed as he picked himself up off the wall and stalked to the plane with a wordless wave to his old friend.

Someone who wasn't important for sure, but someone who knew how to keep their mouth shut.

Hisashi wondering if Inko would be the same.

He scowled.

If she knew what was good for herself, she would keep her mouth shut.

How lucky she was Hisashi didn't show up at the house for his final goodbyes.

He looked out the tiny window of the plane, looking as the landscape below became smaller and smaller as he left his home.

America. Hisashi scoffed. He had some contacts over there, so work would be good. But still.

He would return to Japan. If not for revenge, it would be for his son.

He would return home someday.

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It was safe to say that the class of 1-A was a hell class. Their homeroom teacher, Shouta Aizawa has a first-hand account of only half the things they get into and will be quick to attest this.

But still, the class can have some peaceful days. Especially their days off, when they can just relax and hang around the 1-A dorms, Heights Alliance.

Yeah, right.

"Calm down, Bakugou, it's just a game!"


"Hey, Bakugou, calm down, I- h-hey wait!"

Izuku watched the scene unfold from the kitchen where he was sitting with Uraraka and Ashido, the latter laughing loudly at the scene, chomping down on her chips and egging Kaminari to fight back.

"You'd think with all his cockiness, Bakugou would be better at games," Uraraka giggled. Izuku nodded, wincing slightly at the commotion.

"Yeah, Kacchan never really got good at games like these, although he always seemed to win anyways, at least in a physical sense." He leaned onto the table, trying to get comfortable, "I'm actually surprised he agreed to play. Kirishima must have convinced him to, otherwise I'm sure he never would have agreed to play. But then again, they're such good friends, so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. It's nice that Kacchan was able to make a friend even though he-"

"Hey, Deku," Uraraka quickly cut him off, "You need to take a breath."

"O-oh, right," Izuku smiled nervously, "S-sorry about that!" Meanwhile, Bakugou had quickly finished his fight against Kaminari, it was a quick battle, but one-sided from the start. Kaminari was lying on the ground in a daze. Bakugou, however, was standing above him, yelling something incomprehensible. It sound something like a rematch, one he was sure to lose, thought he would never admit it. Izuku smiled slightly.

Bakugou was normally like this, although recently it's become less confrontational and more of 'just a Bakugou' thing. It definitely wasn't like when they were in middle school.

Izuku pushed away that thought. Middle school wasn't something he wanted to dwell on. Quickly, Izuku pushed himself off the counter, "I should get going," he said nervously, "I said I would call my Mom before I left."

Whenever he had a day off, Izuku would decide to spend it with his mom. It was nice being around his friends, something he was still getting used to, but he didn't want his mother to be alone too often. Especially after she expressed her concerns of Izuku continuing his education at UA, Izuku didn't want her to be alone. Uraraka and some others had extended an offer to go hang out earlier that day, but Izuku politely declined, perfectly content to just spend the day with his mother.

Uraraka smiled, "Oh, okay," she waved, "Tell your Mom I said hi!"

Ashido waved at Izuku too, almost falling off her chair and smacking her hands as she almost choked on her chips saying, "See ya later!"

Izuku laughed as he picked up his bags and started leaving, waving goodbye one last time to Uraraka and Ashido as he exited. He considered, but decided against saying to Bakugou, Kirishima, and Kaminari on account of Bakugou already being bothered. The sun was so bright that day that Izuku had to squint where he got outside. It was pretty bright today. There were clouds in the sky, but they seemed to do little to stop the excessive light. Shrugging, Izuku turned his gaze away from the sky as he reached to his pocket to pull out his phone.

But before he even touched his phone, it began to ring. Izuku blinked in surprise, wondering who was trying to call him. Pulling it out of his pocket, he was even more surprised to see it was his Mom. Was she calling to ask when he was leaving? He answered, hoping the call would answer his question.


"Izuku, where are you? Are you okay?" Izuku was taken aback. She sounded frantic. Did something happen? He swallowed away his anxiety and answered her.

"Mom, I'm fine. I'm just outside the dorms, I was just leaving," he tried not to sound panicked as he pressed her, "Are you okay? What's wrong?" Inko breathed a sigh of relief on the other line, not yet answering his questions.

"Oh, thank goodness," she sounded much better, but Izuku didn't feel much better, "Sorry for calling like this, Izuku. I just- Something happened, and I..."

"Mom," Izuku smiled, despite her not being able to see him, "I'm fine, just worried now. Do you need me to come over faster? I'll get over as fast as I can-"

"No!" Izuku paused. She didn't want him to come over? "I'm fine, Izuku. I'm sorry for calling out of the blue like this," she seemed conflicted as she continued to speak, "It's just... your father-" she cut off suddenly. "It's fine, Izuku. You have nothing to worry about."

Izuku frowned, "What about Dad? Is everything alright?" His mother sighed on the other line.

"I-I shouldn't have mentioned him. It's not important. Sorry for worrying you," Izuku blinked. There was something wrong.

"Are you sure?" He asked hesitantly, not wanting his mother to be hurt. She laughed softly on the other end.

"Yes, Izuku. It's okay. Please, stay with your friends today. I'm fine, I just need to be alone today." Inko said this with a slight waver to her voice, but Izuku decided not to press her further. Maybe she just needed to be alone after all... Izuku knew how sad his father made her.

With a quiet but meaningful goodbye, Izuku found himself staring at the ground after he hung up.

Why did she sound so panicked at first? Was it about his dad? But Hisashi hadn't been home for almost ten years, so why would he make her so frantic after all this time? Was he visiting? No, why would he. He hadn't been home for a decade, he hadn't even called. He pretty much disappeared. But still, he had to something to do with his mom being panicked, so what happened? Did he die? Who told her then? And what-

"Young Midoriya?" Izuku looked up and yelped as he realized he had been mumbling this entire time.

"Ack- A-All Might! S-sorry, I was just-" All Might cut him off with a smile and wave of his hand.

"No worries, Young Midoriya," All Might placed his hand on Izuku's shoulder, "I was just asking if everything was alright?" Izuku smiled awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Ah, yeah, I'm fine," he shrugged, "I was just about to leave, but," he frowned, "Change of plans, I guess." All Might frowned.

"Is your mother alright?" When Izuku looked at him in shock, All Might chuckled, "I heard in your rambling you mentioned her. Is she okay?" Izuku shrugged and averted his gaze, staring at the ground instead.

"I guess she is," he sighed, "She was acting weird, but she said she was fine." All Might looked at him with interest.

"She was acting weird? How so," he inquired, removing his hand from Izuku's shoulder.

"I don't know. She said something about my Dad." Since he was looking at the ground, Izuku missed the surprise on All Might's face, who was beginning to frown.

"Your Dad?" Izuku nodded, rubbing the back of his neck. All Might hummed, "Sorry if this is too personal, my boy, but I've never heard much about your father. Is there a reason for that?" Izuku shrugged, removing his hand from the back of his neck and looking at All Might again. He was surprised to see concern in the older man's eyes.

"Er- it's fine," Izuku mumbled, smiling slightly, "My Dad moved overseas about ten years ago and I haven't heard much of him since. I'm just surprised that my Mom mentioned him out of the blue like this. I mean, he pretty much disappeared." Izuku glanced to the side, more nervous, "He was a good Dad while he was around, I guess." Izuku looked at All Might and smiled. He was surprised to see All Might look contemplative. But his mentor smiled and placed his hand on Izuku's shoulder again.

"In any case, I hope you have a nice day, my boy," All Might patted his shoulder, "despite the sudden change in plans!" Izuku smiled and nodded, suddenly much more confident. His mother was fine, if she was in danger, Izuku would know. And, at the very least, pros would be able to help her out.

"Why were you here anyways?"

"Ah, about that. I got a noise complaint." Izuku winced.

"Oh, that was probably Kacchan."

Inko exhaled a breath she didn't realize she was holding in as she got off the phone.

She really shouldn't have called. Now Izuku was probably worried, and she really didn't want him to be stressed on his day off. Hopefully, he would listen to her and stay with his friends.

Nervously, she looked at her phone.

It was still there.

Maybe she was overreacting, but looking at the text made her physically sick.

I'm coming home.

It had to be a mistake. A wrong number.

But if it wasn't, Inko didn't know what to do.

Thankfully, Izuku was at the UA dorms, safe from harm. But still. If he was coming back, they wouldn't be safe for long.

Inko exhaled again, her breath coming out shakily as tears stung her eyes.


Why was he coming back after all these years?

She practically told him to never come back the last time they spoke. That night ten years ago.

Hisashi did try multiple times to make contact, but Inko was quick to ensure that never happened. She never wanted that man to be apart of their life ever again.

Inko collapsed against the wall sobbing. She didn't want him anywhere near her and her son. But there was nothing she could do if he tried.

She should have told someone. But she was too scared at the time.

She was still scared.

The plane left its port, off once again to somewhere less than savory, leaving behind it's three occupants.

The woman on the left had black hair and blank expression, and brown eyes with a ring of yellow around her left pupil. The man on the opposite side had a sly smirk and sunglasses obscuring his eyes. In the middle stood a tall man with a rough face covered in freckles. His hair was scruffy and long, held together in a ponytail.

His green eyes gleam with something hard to describe as he looked at his phone intently.

He would need to throw it away soon, he wouldn't want to be tracked, but that didn't matter right now. Phones can be easily replaced.

His companions were speaking in hushed tones as they heaved their bags away, carrying them off to the vehicle provided by unnamed allies. The woman spoke quietly, while her friend spoke in a louder more confident tone. The tall man stayed behind, his eyes glued to his phone.

He sent that text hours ago, just before the flight left. She hadn't answered.

But she had seen it. The man had technology to thank for that information. He smirked.

He heard nothing about Hisashi Midoriya. She never told anyone. She was smart. The man straightened his back and stared up at the sky. The sun was shining brightly, and he would have stared away if he didn't feel as powerful as he did in that moment.

It's good to be back...

Chapter Text

With the sudden cancellation of his plans for that day, Izuku decided to take up on the offer Uraraka gave him of spending the day at the mall after all. She seemed confused at Izuku's change of mind, but smiled and agreed, Ashido being just as excited.

"Heck yeah! Midori's comin' with us after all!" 

Izuku cringed at her volume, "Is it really that exciting?"


The group consisted of Yaoyorozu, Kaminari, Kirsihima, Ashido, Uraraka, and Izuku. The invitation was offered to Bakugou, who was glum after being scolded by All Might from all the noise he was making, but he apparently had other plans. To quote, "I have more important things to do than spend time with you extras!" Iida had been dragged along at the last second to the insistence of Ashido after learning that he had no other plans than studying that day. He was reluctant at first, but eventually gave in to Ashido's demands. After all, once her mind was set, it was difficult to change it. Other students either had other plans or couldn't be found.

"I've heard there's a small cafe that was just started up here," Yaoyorozu said as they entered the mall and started wondering what do first, "I hear they have quite the selection of drinks there!"

"Heck yeah, Yaoyorozu! Lets go then!" Ashido grinned, bouncing on her feet slightly. Izuku would have smiled if his mind wasn't elsewhere.

Despite being surrounded by friends, he felt stuck in his head.

Why was his mother so worried?

The question stuck in his mind even as his friends chattered around him excitedly. Izuku wanted to contribute somehow, but he found himself thinking even after they all ordered their drinks and sat down in a few comfortable couches provided.

Izuku stared at his cup, his mind wandering frantically. He was supposed to be relaxing, but he couldn't stop thinking about his Mom's panicked tone on the phone earlier.

Why did she sound so scared? She almost like she expected Izuku to be dying at that moment. Izuku narrowed his eyes as he continued to think.

His Dad... what did he have to do with all this? Even if she brushed Izuku's concerns away, his Mom's worries were clearly centered around his Dad.

Izuku ran his mind through as many scenarios as he could. Reasons why his Mom would be afraid of his Dad. But nothing really made sense. From what he remembered, Hisashi was kind. Distant, sure, but that was a given considering how often he was gone.

Then one night he just left. He remembered his Mom yelling over the phone at someone late one night, and as she was tucking him back in, telling him that his Dad wasn't coming home. It was a night that never really left Izuku's memory, despite how little he was at the time.

His Mom always said that Hisashi was on a business trip, but that was something that didn't seem to make sense anymore. Why would she think that Hisashi would hurt him? Why-

"Hey Midoriya, you still there?" Izuku looked up to see Kaminari grinning at him. "Jeez, dude, you looked like your mind was going a mile a minute!" Izuku chuckled and lifted his cup to his lips.

"I dunno," he shrugged, "Just thinking." Kaminari responded by grinning and leaning over to pat Izuku on the back.

"C'mon, man," he laughed, "You're out with friends! You gotta relax!"

Izuku smiled and relaxed slightly, "Yeah, you're right. Sorry." Kaminari beamed at Izuku, abruptly turning away to shriek when Ashido accidentally poured hot chocolate on his lap. As Yaoyorozu shushed Kaminari and tried to calm him down, Izuku turned around after feeling a tap on his shoulder to see Uraraka smiling at him.

"Are you sure you're okay, Deku?" she looked at her cup, "You've been kind of distant since we left. I know you were excited to go to your Mom's today. Is everything alright?" Izuku looked at her, surprised.

"Have I? Sorry, I didn't mean to seem distant. I was just thinking about... yeah." Uraraka frowned and tilted her head.

"That's... kind of vague. What's wrong?"

"I agree, Midoriya," Izuku was surprised to see Iida looking at them, "Is everything okay?"

Looking around, Izuku was surprised to see the rest of the group was looking at him, including Kaminari, who had a towel laid across his lap. Yaoyorozu spoke up first.

"Of course, there's no need to tell us if you don't want to Midoriya," she smiled softly, "We won't force you to tell us if you don't want to!" Kirishima grinned and pumped his fist.

"Yeah, bro! We're here for ya!" Izuku smiled, surprised by the sudden overwhelming support.

"Thanks, guys," he looked back down at his cup, before looking back up and grinning, "I'm probably overthinking it! It's nothing to worry about! I'm fine." Kirishima and Yaoyorozu smiled at him, while Ashido and Kaminari gave him a thumbs up with grins of their own. Uraraka beamed and Iida nodded.

Suddenly, Ashido grinned mischievously, "So Kaminari, how was Bakugou doing against you in your little competition earlier?" Kaminari cringed as he recalled Bakugou's screaming from earlier.

"I was terrified," he whimpered, "I tried going easy on him, but that just made him even more upset."

And just like that, the conversation was as lively as it was before. After that, Izuku felt much better than before, contributing much more to the conversations then he had before. Even if he couldn't brush off his own worries, he could at least relax while he could.

After finishing their drinks, the group began to walk around the mall, visiting small shops when they could. Ashido seemed to be occupied by visiting sweet shops while Yaoyorozu and Iida enjoyed the book stores.

Izuku was grinning from ear to ear, chatting with his friends mindlessly. He was content not buying anything, something he shared with Uraraka and instead humored his friends by entering stores with them. It was rather relaxing.

"Hey, Midoriya," Kirishima grinned as he held up a bag of green gummy bears, "Like you, huh?"

"...because they're green?"


It was all rather soothing. Being at UA was almost constantly a hectic experience, that combined with all the villain attacks. But finally, it felt like he could just relax and be a kid.

And just like that, Izuku felt his skin crawl. Was someone watching him? He looked around, hoping not to see anything, but he wasn't so lucky.

Someone was watching him.

She stood out in the crowd, and Izuku wasn't entirely sure why. She looked just like everyone else, save for the hood that covered her eyes... well, maybe that was why she seemed to stand out.

It was odd.

"Deku?" Izuku flinched as Uraraka's voice startled him from his thoughts. He glanced at her, and then glanced over to where the woman had been staring at him.

She was gone.

"Deku," Uraraka asked again, "Is everything all right?" Izuku flashed a smile at her, laughing nervously.

"Uh, y-yeah, I guess," he looked over to where the girl had been, "I just got distracted for a second." Uraraka flashed a smile back, despite the concern in her eyes.

"Are you sure?" She asked again, her smile wavering, "You seemed kind of upset for a second there." Izuku looked at her. Was it really that obvious? Nonetheless, he continued to smile, despite his own concern.

"Just thought I saw something," or someone, "Hey, uh, I'll catch up with you later. I'm gonna go check something out." Uraraka frowned.

"Are you sure? The last time we were separated in the mall..." Izuku blanched.

"N-nonononono, it's not like that, nothing like that," he frantically waved his hands around, "I'm just going to check something out, I promise I'll be fine!" Uraraka didn't look like she believed him, and she looked like she was about to stop him before sighing.

"Fine. But if you aren't back in ten minutes, I'm going after you!"

"Th-thanks, Uraraka, but I'll be fine!"

Izuku shot Uraraka a reassuring smile as he walked away from her. She still seemed hesitant, but smiled and waved at him as well. He looked back over to where the woman had been, and was surprised to catch her in the crowd. Her hood was down, and she was staring at Izuku.

What struck him most about her was the yellow ring around her right pupil, otherwise, she didn't stand out much. Izuku walked towards her, but she turned around and walked away.

Did she want him to follow her? Izuku wanted to look back at Uraraka, but was worried he would lose the woman even if he just blinked.

So he followed.

She weaved through the crowds with ease, almost like second nature. Izuku clumsily followed after her, mumbling apologies as he accidentally bumped into others. Some glared at him, while other gave confused glances as they excused themselves. All while the woman had expertly avoided each and everyone of them.

Eventually, the crowds thinned out, and Izuku was wondering if Uraraka would even be able to find him. She exited the mall pausing and turning only to see if Izuku had been following her. They held eye contact for just a moment, but it was enough to see the curiosity and amusement in the woman's eyes. Izuku finally caught up to her outside the mall, and she continued to stare at him. Her eyes burned into his own as she observed him, and he wondered what she saw.

"Do you... need something?" Izuku frowned, wondering what she wanted from him. She shrugged.

"Not really," her voice was cold, "I was just curious. Follow me, please." She began walking again, her hands in her pockets. She turned around to look at him over her shoulder when he didn't move, "You coming? I'd like to chat for a bit."

"What do you want?" Izuku spoke with more clarity. He wasn't about to follow this woman wherever she wanted him to go. The mall encounter with Shigaraki still made him shudder, and he wasn't about to let a repeat of that event happen without a complaint. The woman blinked, unfazed by Izuku's defensiveness. Then shrugged.

"Fine. I know your dad." This caught his attention, and she could tell. "You coming?"

It was something that bothered him more than he let on. His dad being gone. His mother always told him that he was working overseas, but it was like he just disappeared. He didn't write, didn't call, nothing. Radio silence. And now this woman just shows up, claiming to know his Dad. And after what happened that morning, it wasn't something he could ignore.

Izuku clenched his fists. It was suspicious, but...

He needed to find out.

So he followed.

It was an alley next to the mall. The shadow from the building shrouded the alley. It was obviously not an ideal place to be with a stranger. But...

"How do you know my Dad?" He asked her, fists clenched at his side. The woman looked down at him, hands in her pockets.

"Hisashi's a good friend," she told him, her expression still, "He helped me when I was younger. I owed him, we did some jobs together. We've been friends since." It wasn't much to go on. Izuku tilted his head.

"He... helped you?" He didn't know much about his Dad, aside from what little memories he had and what his Mom told him. Izuku knew he wasn't a hero, though. In fact, if anything, he had something against heroes. So why preform a heroic action like saving this woman? "How? W-why?"

The woman continued to stare at him, unblinking. It unnerved him more than he wanted to let on.

Like a predator studying it's prey.

"Why did you want to talk to me," he asked her again, begin to regret following her in the first place. She didn't answer, continuing to study him.

"You want to be a hero, right," Izuku flinched as she spoke, "I saw your performance during the sports festival. Or rather we. Hisashi's proud." Izuku tensed. She continued to study him. His muscles tensed. This was a mistake. This was a huge mistake, he shouldn't have followed her, he should have at least brought backup-

"I see," her voice cut through his veins like ice, "You don't trust me, do you?" Izuku's continued silence seemed to answer her question. Her eyes narrowed in the first expression of emotion Izuku could see on her face. "Very well then."

In almost a flash, she pulled a knife out from her pocket and lunged toward Izuku in a blur. He was hardly able to comprehend when he felt the blade against his cheek as he barely dodged out of her way, skidding across the floor, balance thrown off by her strike.

She examined his face. The sting made Izuku wince, but it wasn't serious, thankfully. Likely just a graze. The woman stood up, making Izuku tense. "I was aiming for your eye," she said, examining the blade now.

"Good dodge." She didn't give Izuku time to answer as she dashed to him again, knife seemingly glinting in the what little light came into the alley. Izuku just barely dodged her swipe, using One for All to back away further. It was at this moment he noticed she was blocking the exit of the alleyway. Despite starting the fight on the opposite end of the alley, she was able to throw him in the opposite end, effectively blocking the only escape route he could see. He could run toward the other end, but he couldn't see the exit on that end, and he was sure she wouldn't allow him to escape that way either, from the way she redirected him from the other side. Besides, he was less likely to be seen or heard if he headed deeper into the alleyway.

So a fight it is.

He kicked up One for All in his legs to get off the ground, and attempted to land a kick at the woman's shoulder. Her eyes widened, although they were still devoid of emotion, and she was thrown to the side of the wall, landing against it with a grunt. Izuku landed back at the ground, set up in a fighting stance.

She looked up at Izuku. Her face was as emotionless as ever, again, the only detectable difference being that her eyes were narrowed. "You've gained control of your quirk," she noted, "This fight may be harder than I expected. Not that that's a bad thing." She launched herself to her feet, knife still gripped in her hand. Izuku prepared himself as she got closer to him, this time aiming a kick at her head. "I like a good fight."

However, as he kicked at her she suddenly ducked, jabbing at his side before he could defend himself. Izuku yelped and fell backwards, clutching his side in pain. Her knife once again glinted in what little light could come into the alley and Izuku expected to see it coated in blood.

Although, he didn't see anymore blood than what had come from his cheek. He lifted his hands to see no blood, and that there wasn't so much as a speck of blood.

'She didn't stab me?' He didn't have much time to wonder why as she lunged at him again, eyes stone cold. When she got too close, Izuku flipped backwards, feeling his heel connect with the woman's chin as he did so. She grunted, and when Izuku spun around to face her again, she clutched her chin and was staring at Izuku with cold eyes.

'I need to get out of here,' Izuku thought frantically to himself, kicking up One for All in his legs, 'Even if she isn't trying to kill me, I don't want to be stuck alone with her much longer. She could be working with someone else. Working with...'

Thoughts of his Dad ran through his head, which Izuku quickly pushed to the back of his skull. He couldn't think about that right now.

He jumped, vaulting across the building above his attackers head, and landed on the ground behind her. But before he could book it for the sunlight, a hand grasped the back of his neck, yanking him backwards and he was once again thrown further into the alley. Izuku hissed and clutched his cheek as he realized the woman had cut his cheek once again. Blood flowing down his cheek signaled this cut was deeper than before.

The woman was staring at him, eyes still cold. "Don't run off, Izuku," he froze as she said his given name causally, she clutched her knife, "I'm not done with you yet." Izuku jumped off the ground again, getting into another fighting stance. Her eyes narrowed. "This is going nowhere," she waved her knife idly, eyes not leaving Izuku, "I think we should start taking each other seriously."

Izuku narrowed his eyes and prepared to ask her what she was talking about when she suddenly disappeared, eyes glinting before she did so.

"Let's get started then."


Yagi Toshinori was deep in thought as he sat at his desk.

Granted, he normally was. There was a lot going on with The League of Villains still being at large and worrying about what All for One had planned. But that wasn't what was on his mind.

Midoriya was normally very anxious and reserved, but there was something about how he was acting before that had him worried. Especially with the mention of the boy's ever elusive father, he couldn't help but worry for his successor.

He knew it wasn't his place to ask, but he felt like this wasn't something that was going to end well. Mr. Midoriya was never around according to his son. And after over a year of knowing Midoriya, this is the first time the man was brought up. Toshinori figured that his father wasn't a subject Midoriya wanted to talk about since he wasn't brought up after all this time. But it all felt wrong. Like he should be concerned.

So that's why he picked up his phone to call Inko Midoriya. He had her phone number ever since the meeting they had before moving the students into dorms. He figured they should be able to contact each other, especially for Inko-san since she worried so much for her son. It would only be fair for her to express any worries to her son's mentor.


"Ah, sorry for bothering you Inko-san. This is All Might, I was just wondering if you're alright?"

"I'm okay," he heard her confusion as she continued to speak, "why wouldn't I be? Is that all-" She suddenly cut off with an intake of breath. Then she started to speak again, "Izuku told you about my phone call earlier, right?" Toshinori frowned.

"Not exactly. I heard him mention you while mumbling in front of the dorms this morning. He said that you called in a panic and mentioned his father. Are you okay?" Inko sighed on the other side.

"I'm fine. I'm just-" There was a sudden intake of breath before she continued, "I got a text earlier. I know I may sound paranoid, but I'm sure it was his father." Toshinori blinked.

"Why would that sound paranoid?"

" was an unknown number," she clarified, and Toshinori's frown deepened.

"Why an unknown number? If your husband wanted to contact you why not just call you? Izuku told me that you two haven't had contact in years, but why be so cryptic?" There was a pause. "Inko-san?"

"Hisashi-my husband-wasn't the best person. I-I never told anyone for Izuku's sake. But he... he wasn't what you would call an upstanding citizen." Toshinori eyes lit up in interest.

"What do you mean?" There was another pause. This one was much longer than before, almost like Inko was considering just hanging up. But she didn't, instead sighing as she finally spoke again.

"My husband... he was a villain. He was a dangerous villain."

Toshinori coughed up blood.


"The night he left, he had attacked and killed many people. He was chased out of Japan that night, but before that, he called, trying to say goodbye, but I told him he wasn't welcome back."

Toshinori wiped his mouth with a tissue. This was a lot to take in at once. Inko continued after a short pause.

"I didn't think he would ever come back. Not after what he did that night. So I never told the authorities for Izuku. I didn't want him to grow up knowing what his father did..."

"He came back?!"

Not for the first time, Toshinori heard Inko start sobbing on the other end, "I know Izuku is safe at UA. But his father... he'll do anything he can to get to Izuku."

"You promised to take care of him," Inko continued, "And I know you will. Make sure that they don't meet. Hisashi would never hurt Izuku." She breathed in, choking back a sob, "But I don't trust him. He's going to hurt Izuku one way or another. And I don't want to let that happen."

She looked at her phone. Almost 8 minutes had passed...

"Uraraka," Ochako looked up to see Iida frowning down at her, "Is everything okay?" Ochako bit her lip. Was everything okay? She smiled and looked at Iida.

"Yeah, don't worry about it," She beamed, "I'll be right back, okay?"

Chapter Text

"Let's get started then." Before he could blink, the woman attacking Izuku disappeared. As he tried to run, a foot connected with his head, and Izuku fell on the floor, his head banging against the hard concrete as he did. His mind was running frantically as he struggled to gain his footing.

She was invisible... it must be her quirk. Of course it was her quirk! Quirkless people don't just disappear like that. The next strike came from the back, this time hitting against the back of his knees. Before Izuku could fall to floo, a fist connected with his chest, and he was pinned to the floor. Izuku's mind spun wildly as he tried in vain to push off the woman.

The shock of seeing the assailant disappear knocked him off-guard, and now he could hardly connect with reality. Still, he wouldn't let that be the end. She wanted a fight, and Izuku wasn't about her win that fight.

Using what little strength he could, Izuku powered up One for All and swung blindly at what he assumed would be his attackers face.

He fist connected, and he heard her grunt in pain, and for just a moment, her image flickered like a light bulb. She was caught off-guard. He took the opportunity to his advantage.

His kicked his knee up to her stomach. When she clutched it, Izuku used One for All to throw her off of him, grabbing her wrists and yanking her over his head with all the strength he could muster. She cried out as her body hit the ground across from Izuku.

Both of them jumped to their feet at the same time, facing each other in defensive stances. She stared at him in what Izuku determined to be interest. Izuku just glared at her in defiance, unconsciously clutching his bleeding cheek.

"I see," she murmured, eyes burning into his own, "I guess I'm the one who should be taking you seriously."

Once again, she lunged at him. Izuku, realizing dodging her wouldn't do much, ran to her her as well, and punched her in the stomach. The woman gasped, but held her ground, grabbed Izuku's arm, and spun him around her, throwing him against the building.

Izuku gritted his teeth as he hit the wall, but knew he didn't have time to recollect himself. He ran at her again. She didn't seem to expect him to attack so soon, judging by her eyes widening. Without wasting a moment, Izuku powered up One for All and hit her square in the jaw.

She flew backwards, hitting the adjacent building and crumpling to the ground. Izuku panted, collapsing against the wall himself. He glanced at the woman again. She wasn't moving. He heaved a sigh, trying to catch his breath.

His eyes were closed for only a second.

And suddenly, she was gone.

Izuku jumped to his feet, ignoring the ache in his legs.

"You really are Hisashi's son," the shadows felt like they were whispering around him. Izuku looked around wildly, hoping in vain to see her before she attacked again. She was still nowhere in sight, hidden in the shadows. Izuku was strong enough to defend himself from attacks he could see, but he couldn't see the woman at all. She struck when he didn't expect and where he didn't expect.

She was an expert.

"How interesting." Suddenly, hands grasped his shoulders and a knee met his stomach. Izuku gasped as the air was kicked from him and was thrown backward by the force of the kick, falling once again on his back. "You're quite tenacious, Izuku." Izuku looked up, a grimace on his face as his attacker faded into view.

She frowning down at him, her face once again emotionless. Her yellow pupil seemed to glow in the dark, and that was all Izuku could see. Her eyes narrowed. There was a purple bruise lining her jaw.

"You put up quite the fight," She glowered down at him, and almost seemed to be wincing in pain. Izuku glared at her in defiance. "I believe I'm actually 'winded', or however the term goes. I'm impressed." They stared at each other in silence for a while, waiting for the other to make a move. She frowned. "I guess I'm done here. Anything you have to say?" Tentatively, Izuku opened his mouth.

"How do you know my father?" He growled at her, slowly standing up. He asked it before, but barely got an answer from her. She made no move to attack him, pocketing her knife after cleaning off the blood.

"Hisashi is a good friend. He helped me out a long time ago, and I swore to stay by his side. We work together." Izuku narrowed his eyes. That was almost exactly what she said earlier. She really wasn't giving him much to go off of.

"And why are you here?" he looked at her, her face still unnervingly blank.

"I was curious," she told him simply, "I've seen the footage from the sports festival. You're quite strong. I wanted to see if Hisashi's son held up to his potential. Also, Hisashi asked me to check on you," she looked at him, "I'm not sure how I feel about you." Her arms crossed. "But I would say I'm satisfied with what I got."

Izuku couldn't mask he surprise on his expression. "Hisashi wanted you to check on me? What are you-?" She disappeared before he could finish his sentence. "H-hey!" Izuku yelled. He couldn't let her get away. She knew his father, something Izuku needed to know, especially in a situation like this.


Izuku jumped much more than he should have, but relief filled him as he saw Uraraka running into the alleyway.

"Uraraka, I-" He was cut off as Uraraka unexpectedly barreled into him, arms wrapping around his shoulders.

"Oh, gosh, Deku, are you alright?!" she released him and inspected his face, eyes widening as she saw the scratches on his cheek, "You're hurt! Deku, what happened!?" She pulled Izuku to his feet as she asked. Izuku's mind was reeling with questions himself, namely about his father and his attacker.

"Deku," Izuku snapped from his thoughts as Uraraka spoke, "A-are you okay? Do you need any help?" Izuku blinked, processing her question, then shook his head.

"Ah, n-no," he stuttered, hands waving frantically, "I mean, I guess I may need help, but I'm fine! J-just a little shaken up..." He frowned again, trying to make sense of what just happened.

"I'll call the others and tell them what happened," he heard Uraraka say, "Deku, are you sure you're okay?"

"I..." Izuku didn't really have an answer. He was okay physically speaking, despite the scratches. And it wasn't really an attack that left him emotionally shaken. But he was confused. Why did the woman seem dead set on attacking him? How did she find him? And what did Hisashi Midoriya have to do with this? "I-I'm fine, Uraraka," he smiled at her, trying to shake away his doubts, "I'm just trying to grasp what just happened."

It was half a lie. He was mostly fine, and he was trying to understand what happened. Uraraka didn't seem too convinced, but nodded and focused on her phone, probably texting to the others what just happened. For a while, they just sat in silence. Izuku was holding his cheek, but most of the bleeding seemed to have stopped at this point. He lowered his hand and looked at the dried blood, frowning. He really hoped this wouldn't scar.

"D-Deku," Uraraka began hesitantly, "What happened?"

Izuku blinked, "I-I'm not entirely sure," he sighed, "She...she just started attacking me. I don't know what she wanted." Uraraka's eyes widened.

"Who attacked you?" Izuku blinked.

"I... I don't know..." Uraraka frowned at him.

"Deku, is everything really alright-?"

"Midoriya, dude!" Both of them looked at the entrance of the mall just as Kirishima came tumbling out, "Is everything okay?! Uraraka texted us saying you were attacked or somethin-" He was suddenly cut off as Kaminari and Ashido tumbling into them and crumbled to the ground in an unceremonious pile.

"Ah, y-you guys-!" Izuku got up. "A-are you okay?"

"Midoriya!" Izuku looked and realized that Iida had joined the group, "You of all people shouldn't be the one asking that! You were the one who got attacked," his was gesturing with his arm animatedly, "And from the look of it, you may need professional help!" Izuku smiled shakily and shook his head.

"No, really, I'm fine," he grasped his cheek, which was stinging now, "It's just a couple of scratches!" It was more than that, but Izuku really didn't want to make anyone worry. His stomach was probably bruised and he must have twisted his leg from the way it was aching. But still, it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. Although from the dubious look Iida was giving him, Izuku knew he wasn't being very convincing.

"Are you sure Midoriya," Yaoyorozu had joined them ,"You look rather beaten up..." Izuku flinched. Did he really look that bad?

"I-I'm fine," he said shakily, "I should probably see Recovery Girl, but I think I'm fine-"

"MIDORI!!" Izuku was suddenly hugged tightly by Ashido, who had somehow untangled herself from the pile, almost falling over as she barreled herself into him. "Are you okay?! Why does this keep happening to you, you're so nice!" Izuku nervously patted her back as she continued to complain, not once loosening her tight embrace.

"It's fine-"

"No it's not, Midori!" Ashido cried, continuing to crush Izuku in a hug, "This is why we started the Deku Protection Squad! You always get in trouble like this!"

"Wait, the what-?"

"Ashido has a point, Midoriya," Yaoyorozu sighed, patting Izuku on the back lightly, "You were attacked the last time we went to the mall, too. I'm not sure we should go to the mall like this anymore."


"Then it's settled!" Kirishima bounced to his feet, the fall to the ground forgotten, "No more trips to the mall!"

"A-ah, Kirishima-!" Iida stopped Izuku with a pat the back, and Uraraka stepped next to him as Ashido finally removed him from the bone-crushing hug.

"Let's get you to Recovery Girl," Iida said, glasses glinting, "We will discuss removing the mall from our list of hangouts later! Right now, our most pressing concern is your health!"

Any more attempts of complaint were quickly hushed by his friends, and that was that. Izuku sighed, resigning himself to his fate, but wasn't upset. No, he was happy. The attack was almost removed from his worries.


It was a ratty old run-down hotel. But it was effective.

Hisashi was originally against being in such a high-profile place. But after some convincing, came to realize the benefits of having a hotel room for the time being. For now, it worked. When the time came, they would ditch it. That's how the group operated.

The layout was simple. One room with a couch and TV with a cabinet stored with food, a small room with a futon, and, of course, a bathroom. It was decent, as far as hotel rooms go, and they had money to spare. The hotel itself was surprisingly occupied for it's worn condition, but with it's less than legal activities, it wasn't surprising. The hotel had a reputation among criminals, it was surprising the place wasn't shut down yet.

Hisashi scowled as he sat on the couch. His hands were threaded loosely as he stared at the ground in annoyance.

"She's late," he growled, glancing at the door from the corner of his eye, "She's never late." He heard a chuckle from the couch next to him.

"Eh, Koko knows what she's doing. Chances are she's just havin' some fun." His companion was much more casual and relaxed, his legs spread out and arms laid out comfortable on the couch. "Stop being so grumpy, Ashy." Hisashi snarled.

"What the hell did I say about that nickname, Tomoya-" Hisashi cut himself to avoid burning down the room when flames spilled out of his mouth. Kuraim Tomoya was an annoying figure in Hisashi's life, but someone he valued. He did his job, and he did his job well. Besides, his quirk was rather valuable for their line of work. And maybe, just maybe, Hisashi valued him. Not thst he would say it out loud. Suddenly the door swung open, revealing a slightly disheveled looking woman. Her nose was bleeding and there was a bruise on her jaw, but otherwise her eyes were stone cold.

Her eyes were brown, and there was a ring of yellow around one her irises. Hisashi relaxed slightly, standing up.

"There you are Ryoko," he sighed, "I was worried." Ryoko shrugged, quickly walking over to the cabinet to pull out a box of cereal. 

Sayua Ryoko. She was an cold, calculative, and serious girl. Where Tomoya did his job, Ryoko was there to do it even better. Hisashi knew her since she was 14 and she's been loyal to him since.

"Mh. I got into a fight." She said idly. Tomoya grinned.

"Oh? It's looks like you loss there, darlin'. That's pretty rare!" Ryoko shook her head.

"Nah, I would say it was a stalemate. It was a nice challenge." Hisashi frowned.

"You got into fight," he growled, "I thought I told you to check out UA. See how Izuku's doing. How the hell did you get into a fight?" His eyes narrowed, "Did someone see you? A pro-?" Ryoko waved her hand to cut him off.

"No. I got into a fight with Izuku." Hisashi's eyes twitched.


Ryoko shrugged, "I was watching over UA, I saw him leave with a group of people, presumably friends, so I followed them," she dug her hand into the box of cereal and pulled out a handful, "They went the mall. Eventually, I got Izuku alone," She shoved the cereal into her mouth and spoke through her food, "I tried talking to him, but he wasn't very talkative. So we fought." Hisashi took a moment to compose himself.

"Dammit, Ryoko," he groaned, "Why the hell would you do that?" Hisashi wanted to be more angry, but he couldn't really find it in him to be too upset with the girl. In response to his question, Ryoko just shrugged idly. Hisashi sighed as he collapsed back onto the couch. "Dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit. This messes things up. Now he's on edge. And if I know his mother, she's probably mentioned my message." He pushed his forehead on his hands, "Ryoko..."

Ryoko blinked, "Sorry. I didn't mean to mess things up," she leaned against the wall with the cereal box in her hand, "But I know you, Hisashi. You can work with this. You're smart." Hisashi looked at her blankly, then sighed, sitting back up.

"I gotta go," he sighed, grabbing a coat lying on the couch, "I need to think." Quickly, he left the hotel room, leaving behind Ryoko and Tomoya. Tomoya turned to Ryoko.

"You gonna share that?"

Hisashi wandered the streets of Musutafu, constructing a message as he did. Ryoko didn't mess up as bad as she could, but it wasn't something he wanted to deal with. After some questioning over her encounter with Izuku, he was able to make a message that was sure to catch his attention. 

It was normally difficult to find contact information, but Hisashi had the right allies in Japan. It had been years since he last saw them, but there luckily some left who were willing to find information on his old family for a fee. With money to spend, Hisashi made sure he had everything he needed.

Eventually, he pressed send, only hoping that the message would be enough to make things work out. Hisashi looked up and blinked.

He recognized this street. He frowned. He speed-walked forward, turned the corner and saw it.

'No way...'

Hisashi grinned as he saw the apartment he left 10 years ago.

Inko and Izuku's apartment. Hisashi hadn't realized how far he walked. Either that, or how close the hotel was to his old home.

He wondered what happened in that decade he was gone. How many birthdays he missed. How many holidays.

Unconsciously, he must of wandered near his home. Not that he was complaining, Hisashi probably wouldn't have been able to find it otherwise.

Hisashi's grin twisted as he thought of a plan. 

Of course, that was a plan he would use as a last resort. He wouldn't want to hurt anyone. Not just yet.

'I wonder,' Hisashi thought to himself as he walked closer to his old apartment, 'How is Inko doing?'

He was at the door now. Slowly, he raised his hand, and rapped it against the door. He never saw himself here. Not in the 10 years he was gone. 

The door opened, and Hisashi's breath caught in his throat.

Inko. After 10 years, there she was. Of course, Hisashi wasn't exactly happy with how their last phone call went, but... here she was. He smiled.

"Inko," Hisashi felt like his smile was taped on his face, "It's... been a while."

Hisashi came into this not knowing what to expect. There was a lot that could happen, and he was expecting the unexpected. But he still wasn't prepared to be slapped by his wife.

"You have no right to come here," Her voice was low, dangerous, "Not after all these years. Not after what you did." Hisashi tried not to wince as his cheek stung.

"What I did? What are you talking about," He asked her, trying to keep a calm exterior while his mind ran rampant. Inko glared at him, and Hisashi couldn't help but wonder if looks could kill.

"Don't play dumb, Hisashi," She said with a low voice, "You know what you did. Ten years ago."

He blinked, slowly taking in the realization, "Oh, I was hoping you forgot about-"

"Of course I didn't forget!" Inko cut him off, raising her hand to slap him again, "I'm not stupid Hisashi, I never forgot!" Hisashi looked to the ground. "The only reason I didn't tell anyone was because of Izuku," At the mention of his son's name, Hisashi looked up, "He would have been devastated. And besides," Her glare burned into Hisashi's skin, "I didn't think you would ever show your face again." Hisashi took a moment to take in what she said, then he return to eye contact with her, glancing at her hand to ensure she wouldn't strike him again.

"That was stupid, Inko," He told her, "You should have told the authorities." Inko snorted.

"I really should have," She crossed her arms, "Maybe you wouldn't have had the guts to come here, then." Hisashi snorted. He'd always admired Inko. She always stood her ground, despite appearing as such a gentle woman. When he'd first married her, it had been endearing, but now...

Now it was infuriating.

"In any case Inko," Hisashi stood up straight, struggling to keep his flames under control, "How is Izuku? I heard his quirk came in late."

Inko was obviously upset the moment she opened the door. But as Hisashi said her son's name, her expression warped into something of fury. An emotion Hisashi never associated with his wife- ex-wife at this point.

"You stay away from him," Her voice was dangerously low, and Hisashi knew she was reaching her limit. Unluckily for her, he wasn't quick to be frightened. He really was trying to be patient with her. He understood the rage and anger directed at him, but he wasn't keen on being chased away by her of all people.

"He's my son, Inko," he snarled, "You may not believe it but I did - do - love him. And you're not going to keep him away from me." He was reaching the breaking point. Flames began to spout from his mouth, which was twisted in a mix of a grimace and a snarl. "Now, I'm going to ask this once more, and I expect an answer. How. Is. My. Son."

Inko stepped backwards into her apartment in shock, Hisashi following shortly after.

"Inko," he growled at her, flames slowly coming from his mouth, "Please don't make this hard. It's a simple question, I don't have to hurt anyone. Just tell me," he stepped forward threateningly letting the flames freely dance out of his mouth, "How is Izuku?"

Inko only glared at him in defiance, only raising Hisashi's temper, "You're not going to hurt him, Hisashi!"

Hisashi snapped. He tried being patient. He tried being reasonable. But Inko...

She wasn't cooperating. Hisashi tried to be civil, but his efforts were in vain. In a fit of rage, he roared as the flames hit the walls and ceiling, scorching them until they turned black. But the flames didn't touch Inko, who had fallen backwards, screaming as Hisashi's calm demeanor broke. Hisashi spun around, facing the door as he fell apart. Once his flames quelled, Hisashi marched toward and grasped Inko by the shoulders, ignoring her shaking.

"I would never hurt Izuku, Inko," he snarled, "I don't know what the hell would make you think that." He lowered her down so her feet were on the ground, but his grip remained strong on her shoulders, "Just tell me. How. The hell. Is he? If you don't tell me, I'm going to-" he stopped himself, realizing what he was about to say.

He didn't want to hurt Inko. He couldn't. But he wasn't sure if he shouldn't at this point. Even if the neighbors hadn't noticed the odd encounter outside the apartment, they definitely noticed the commotion coming from inside. He needed to leave before the police or, god forbid, a hero arrived.

Carefully, he removed his hands from her shoulders, shaking from what remained of his rage.

"I-I'm sorry Inko," he stammered, trying to rein in his emotions and quell the fire in his throat, "I-I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt Izuku, I-I just," he shakily inhaled, "I just missed you. So much." The fear on Inko's face remained, but in it, a determined fury arose.

"I'm not letting you near him," she told him, the fear quickly fading as she spoke, "You gave up your rights to be apart of his life when you became Dragon." Hisashi shook, and part of him was wondering if he should second guess hurting Inko. But he wasted enough time here, and he wasn't keen on getting caught so early.

He turned around, finally regaining control of his emotions. Before opening the door, he turned around to look at Inko in the eyes.

"For what it's worth, I am sorry," he sighed, and Inko didn't relinquish her glare, "But whether you'll let me or not, I'm going to talk with Izuku." He stared at her for a couple of more moments, wondering if he should say anything else, maybe waiting if she would say anything. He sighed, small embers coming from his breath.

He opened the door and left, closing it behind him.

It was a long day. Izuku was sprawled across his bed, his eyes closed, but not quite asleep.

It was only 6 O'Clock. It was hard to think that his day only started at 8. First, his Mom calls in a frenzy then cancels their plans. Then Izuku goes out with friends. Then he gets attacked by some crazy woman, who apparently had ties to his Dad. And finally, he went home to a worried All Might and a frustrated Recovery Girl, who was upset at once again having to heal Izuku. Although this time, it really wasn't his fault.

All Might hadn't explained why he was worried, which concerned Izuku, but he was much too tired to press further. He just wanted to rest.

It really was a long day...

Then his phone buzzed. Izuku groaned as he pushed himself up to check. Wouldn't want to miss anything important.

His eyes widened.

'What... what the hell?' Izuku frowned as he re-read the message.

But as he re-read, none of the contents change.

Hiya, Izuku. Sorry about earlier, my friend doesn't do well with strangers.

Could you meet me near Musutafu Park at 7:00? I'd like to talk for a bit... and explain somethings.


Guess this day wasn't over just yet.

Chapter Text

Izuku quickly grabbed his bag and stuffed it with what he thought would be important.

He was meeting his father, after all. The one who he hadn't seen since he was 5 years old.

Izuku looked at the clock.

It was 6:20. The text said to meet him at 7 so he had some time left. Izuku sighed as he slipped the bag over his shoulder.

He wondered if his Dad was lucky Izuku could still leave UA grounds at this time without much hassle. But something told him his Dad already knew.

Slipping out of his room, Izuku frowned as he struggled internally with himself.

This was a bad idea. Meeting with his Dad after getting attacked by someone claiming to know him. It was not ideal.

Though, with any luck, the meeting wouldn't be the same as before. After all, Izuku was bringing someone else this time.

Izuku considered himself lucky as he saw just who he was going to bring in the common room.

"DARNIT TODOROKI, HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD AT THIS GAME?" Sero groaned and slammed his head onto the table as Todoroki neatly folded the Uno cards and began shuffling them.

"It isn't that hard," he mused, "I just remember what cards you have and don't have." Sero frowned.

"What does that mean," he said suspiciously staring at Todoroki, "were you peeking at my cards while I wasn't looking?" Todoroki shook his head.

"No. But when the cards were yellow you didn't place any down. So I knew you didn't have yellow. Same thing with green and blue. You only had red." Sato sighed in defeat. Izuku walked up to them, trying not to look too nervous. Sato noticed Izuku and smiled.

"Oh, hey Midoriya. I heard about the attack earlier, you alright?" Todoroki and Sero were both staring at him, both with different expressions. Sero's was friendly with a slight hint of worry, while Todoroki was... well, Todoroki was Todoroki.

"Oh, I'm fine, thanks for asking," Izuku looked at Todoroki, who calmly returned the gaze, "Uh, hey Todoroki, could you come with me for a sec? I need to ask you a favor." Todoroki calmly nodded and handed the deck of cards to Sero.

When the left the dorms, Todoroki looked at Izuku, "Is everything alright, Midoriya? You seem apprehensive." Izuku sighed, trying to find out what to say. In the end, he figured the best course of action was to show him the text his Dad seemed to have sent him. Todoroki took a moment to read over the text before looking at Izuku.

"Is it from All Might?"

"Wha- Todoroki?! I told you it wasn't like that," Izuku sputtered as he shoved his phone into his pocket.

"Then who is it from?" Todoroki frowned and Izuku struggled with his words.

"Well- I mean- I think it's from my Dad?" Todoroki tilted his head.

"You think?" Izuku continued to struggle with his words before nodding.

"I mean, it's a guess. I don't know for sure, but I feel like it's him," he looked away, "Too much has happened today for me to ignore it." Todoroki hummed.

"So you want me to come with you?" Izuku nodded wordlessly, glad that Todoroki was beginning to understand. Todoroki nodded. "That's smart. I'll go with you, Midoriya." Izuku sighed with relief.

"Thank you Todoroki." Todoroki hummed in acknowledgement, and eventually they left UA grounds.

Izuku was worried that someone was going to stop them, but was relieved that they left UA without a problem. He honestly thought it would be more difficult, it was nearing sundown and curfew was almost up. Hopefully the meeting wouldn't take any longer than an hour. Izuku looked at a clock and saw it was 6:40.

Todoroki was quiet, probably mindful of Izuku's inner turmoil, as they walked.

Izuku was struggling. His Dad... it really was 10 years. Just how much did Hisashi change? And what did he want to talk about? Hisashi had all but confirmed that the woman Izuku fought with earlier was in fact a friend, judging by the text. Izuku rubbed the bandage on his cheek. Luckily, he found out it wouldn't scar, but it still needed to be under a bandage for while to prevent infection.

"Does it hurt?" Izuku looked at Todoroki?

"W-what?" Todoroki frowned.

"Your cheek. You're rubbing it, does it hurt?"

"A-ah, no. It's fine, I just," Izuku trailed off. "I don't know," he mumbled more than spoke, not looking at Todoroki. From the corner of his eyes, Izuku saw his eyes narrow.

"You're nervous about your Dad." Izuku nodded. Todoroki didn't say anything for a bit. Then, "If you don't mind me asking, what's your relationship with him?" Izuku wasn't really shouldn't have been surprised with his bluntness, but he still found himself staring at Todoroki in confusion. "You don't talk about him too much. To be honest, I'm still surprised it's not All Might." Izuku ignored that last comment.

"Yeah, well, he kind of hasn't been around for the past decade," Izuku saw Todoroki's eyes light up in surprise, "Apparently he was out on a business trip, but," Izuku sighed, "I'm not sure I ever really believed that."

Izuku didn't know what he believed. All he remembered was one night his Mother was crying on the phone with his Father. And that was it. No phone calls, no letters, nothing. The 'business trip' was just something to make him feel better. To make him feel like his father didn't just abandon the family.

Izuku shook his head. That wasn't what he wanted to think about right now.

The rest of the walk was in silence. Izuku wondered if he should say something, but couldn't find anything to say. So he figured it was best to stay quiet. Todoroki didn't say anything either, so Izuku hoped the feeling was mutual.

The sun had all but gone down now, they sky turning an array of different colors and the street lamps beginning to light up the streets, blinking dimly as they came on. They were almost there now.

Finally, they arrived at the destination. The park wasn't very big, but it had benches and a playground. It wouldn't be hard to find Hisashi. If he was there.

Despite coming here, Izuku secretly hoped that it was all some big prank. Some cruel prank pulled by someone who knew about the inner turmoil. Maybe it was all fake.

Izuku felt his breath quicken as he saw a tall figure standing beneath a tree. He was wearing a trench coat, his back to the two boys.

Izuku pulled out his phone.


Should he say something? Izuku looked up from his phone at the man. No one said anything, not even Todoroki. The tension was so thick, you could probably cut it with a knife. Izuku looked at Todoroki who nodded at him. Izuku frowned, but nodded back. He walked forward.

The man didn't react until Izuku was maybe 5 feet away. Then he turned around.

Green met green.

Izuku's breath caught in his throat as the man blinked slowly.

"Izuku." He said slowly, as though unsure. Izuku blinked.

"Dad." His mumbled. Hisashi stared blankly at his son, hands in his pockets. Then he smiled.

"Look at you sport," his smile seemed genuine, "You've grown up so much." Without warning, Hisashi walked forward, then pulled Izuku into a hug. Izuku tensed.

It felt wrong. It didn't feel like a father hugging his son. Maybe Izuku hadn't seen his Dad in a long time, but this just felt... controlling. Like Hisashi was just hugging him as a way to manipulate him.

Izuku still returned the hug, unwilling to upset this man. It could still be a trap.

Not fast enough, they pulled away from each other, and Izuku struggled not to wince as he saw his own eyes staring back. Hisashi was still smiling, and Izuku thought he could see tears.

"Jeez, kiddo, you grew up so much..."

"Yeah, that's what happens in 10 years." Izuku couldn't stop the sentence from leaving his mouth. He just barely missed the look in Hisashi's eyes. It was a flash, just for a second, and Hisashi's smile vanished into something almost malicious. But it was gone as soon as it appeared.

"Heh, you got me there, kid," Hisashi looked over Izuku's shoulder, "You brought a friend?" Izuku looked behind him at Todoroki.

Todoroki had an unreadable expression, but he appeared tense. Izuku figured it was because he was untrusting of Hisashi. Izuku smiled weakly at Todoroki.

"It's okay Todoroki," he said faintly, not sure if he believed it, "I'm okay." Todoroki nodded stiffly, not tearing his eyes away from Hisashi. Hisashi let go of Izuku's shoulders as he spoke.

"Todoroki? As in Endeavor?" Izuku didn't miss the way Todoroki tensed, "Hm. I shouldn't be surprised his son is in the hero course too." Izuku looked at Hisashi in surprise.

"How do you know about that?" Hisashi smiled, in a way that made Izuku feel uncomfortable, though he didn't comment.

"I saw your performance in the sports festival," he chuckled, "You did great sport! Though I'm not too happy about the 'breaking arms over and over' thing. Hopefully you got control over that, huh?" Izuku didn't react, though his mind was spinning.

Of course his father saw the performance festival, it was a big deal, considered superior to the Olympics. But there was something that seemed off.

"I guess you did, huh," Izuku cringed inwardly as he spoke. Why didn't he say anything? There was clearly something off about his Dad. But he couldn't bring himself to point it out. It was all wrong, but he didn't say anything. He just smiled and nodded.

"Midoriya, are you alright?" Izuku heard Todoroki from afar as he glared at Hisashi. Hisashi returned the gaze with an almost emotionless stare.

"I-I'm fine, Todoroki," he stammered, "Could you leave us alone for a bit? I have some questions I want to ask." Todoroki paused for a moment, but nodded and began to walk away as he said one last thing.

"We should leave soon. Wouldn't want to break curfew." Izuku nodded, thankful that Todoroki mentioned the curfew. It meant that this could be quick.

When Todoroki left the vacinity, Hisashi smiled at Izuku with a toothy grin.

"It's great to see you, son. I have so many things I want to tell you!" Izuku swallow, stress filling his veins as he realized he was alone with Hiashi.



Shouto didn't like that man.

There was something in his stare. Something that screamed he wasn't to be trusted.

But he was Midoriya's father, and that was something he needed to respect.

Although, he saw the tensity in Midoriya's eyes. In his posture. He noticed just as much. Whether or not Izuku realized it was a different story, however.

Before he left, he was sure to give Midoriya an escape method when reminding him about the curfew. If he felt in danger, he could just fall back on said curfew. Hopefully that man would let him go.

So now he sat quietly on a park bench, staring at the sky. The sun had gone down at this point, the only light from the moon now. He narrowed his eyes. Shouto wasn't too worried about the curfew, but he still didn't want to be late.

He looked in the direction of where he left Hisashi and Midoriya. Or rather the Midoriya's.

Quite frankly, he expected to see All Might there. He was kind of disappointed to see that his theory was pretty much officially debunked. Seeing Hisashi's green eyes made it obvious that the two shared blood.

Shouto remembered the anger rise as he remembered the way Hisashi approached Midoriya.

'Look at you, sport!' It was far too casual for someone who practically abandoned his family. Almost like he didn't spend the last 10 years across seas. Shouto just now learned about the situation, but couldn't help but be filled with rage for Midoriya. He already had issue with his father. Endeavor, as Midoriya put it, was absolute flaming garbage(Though, Shouto was surprised he said it, it was kind of uncharacteristic and scary to see Midoriya speak with such hatred for anyone.) But this man... there was something off. Shouto could tell.

Dressed in a trench coat, sending his son a cryptic message to meet at night at a park were no authorities would take notice...

It was all something that screamed something was wrong. That screamed this man was dangerous.

Shouto was now uncomfortably shuffling in his seat. He knew Midoriya could take care of himself, but worried. He didn't know Hisashi. Neither of them did. He didn't know if Hisashi would hurt his son.

This was all wrong. Very wrong.


Izuku never felt more uncomfortable in his life.

They were sitting on a bench together in silence. Izuku stopped him from going too far away from Todoroki. Something flashed in Hisashi's eyes when he expressed that, but he agreed cheerily.

It was that same flash from before.

Izuku was sat on the bench tensely, his shoulders almost shaking from how rigid they were.

Hisashi broke the silence, "Yeah, guess I owe ya' an explanation, kid." Izuku nodded. Hisashi sighed as he leaned backed. "Where to start, kiddo," he mumbled, eyes distant. "Well, for starters, I didn't want to leave." Izuku looked at him in shock.


"Yeah. Didn't really have a choice though. I won't go into detail, but I had to leave for you and your Mom's safety," he sighed, turning his green eyes to Izuku, "I'm so sorry. I wanted to say goodbye, but your mother..."

Izuku blinked.

He wasn't sure if he believed him.

It felt like only half of a story.


"Why didn't you call at all?" Hisashi was quiet. Izuku refused to look at him. He stared at the ground in apprehension, unwilling to meet Hisashi's gaze.

"I tried," Hisahi murmured, "I wanted to. But whenever I called, your mother answered," Izuku couldn't tell, but he detected traces of venom in the way Hisashi spoke, "And she refused to allow me to talk to you. Eventually, I gave up. I wish I didn't"

Again, it felt incomplete. Like Hisashi wasn't telling him everything. Without thinking, Izuku straightened up and met Hisahi's stare.

"Why aren't you telling me everything?"

He wasn't lying. Izuku could give him that. But he could tell it wasn't all there. That his father was hiding something. Hisashi didn't give away his thoughts, but Izuku saw his expression change again.

This time, it was longer, and Izuku could study his face for a longer time.

His eyes turned stone-cold, and Izuku could feel it piercing his soul. They darkened slowly as Hisashi stared. His mouth was rigged, almost forming into a snarl, but not being quite there yet.

It was horrifying.

Then it was gone, and Hisashi smiled.

"You're really giving me a run for my money, kid," he chuckled, almost like that stare never happened, "I guess nothing gets past you!" Izuku shrugged, trying not to let his unease show. Hisashi was quiet for a moment, and Izuku was convinced he wouldn't answer his question. Then Hisashi sighed, "I'm not sure you're ready for me to tell you. It's a lot to take in."

For a second, Hisashi stared up to the sky, a distant look in his eyes, "Sometimes I wonder if I could have been a good Dad if I stayed." Izuku swallowed.

"I don't know," he sighed, "If you tell me everything, maybe I could say." Hisashi looked at Izuku blankly before laughing loudly. Izuku only stared at him as Hisashi struggled to regain his breath.

"Sheesh," Hisashi sighed, "You're really a stubborn one, huh?" Izuku refused to look at him. "Pft. I'm not sure if you get that from me or your mother." Izuku finally looked at Hisashi. Hisashi smiled, but it felt like he was mocking Izuku rather than reassuring him.

"I saw your Mom earlier," Hisashi grinned, "She wasn't too talkative, though." Izuku tensed.

"What do you mean...?"

"We... had a disagreement. I wanted to know how you were doing, and she told me to stay away from you." Hisashi placed his hand on Izuku's shoulder and pulled him close. "She's always been protective of you."

Izuku was suddenly very aware of the situation. In a park with no one around, at night, with his estranged father. If push came to shove, Izuku wasn't sure if he could fight his father, even if Hisashi was trying to do something. The grip on Izuku's shoulder suddenly tightened.

"You don't trust me," Izuku looked at Hisashi and saw the same blank look in his eyes as before, "Do you, kiddo?" Izuku froze. The grip on his shoulder was starting to hurt, but Hisahi didn't let go. He didn't turn around, he didn't blink. He just stared into Izuku's eyes with dead eyes. Suddenly, he snarled, "Do you trust me? Son?" Izuku swallowed.

"I-I don't know." Izuku managed to stammer. Despite the break in his voice however, Izuku narrowed his eyes and didn't let his fear show in his features. He just glared at Hisashi. Hiashi sighed.

"I figured." Hisashi muttered, finally looking away, "I thought you were quirkless when I left. Never thought you would ever be a hero. And yet, here we are," Hisashi turned to glare at Izuku, "Somehow, you did it." Hisashi's features twisted, "Things would have been so much easier if you never got you quirk, you know?"

Izuku's breath caught in his throat. In just a few minutes, Hisashi had changed completely. From a father who was excited to see his son, to someone who looked like they were about to murder.

It was horrifying. During the 5 years Hisashi was around, nothing like this ever happened. Hisashi was distant, sure, but never like this. In fact, Izuku could recall many fond memories of his father. While he never outwardly supported Izuku's obsession with heroes, he never put him down. Hisashi told stories, he played games, from what little Izuku could remember, he was a loving, caring father. And now, Hisashi was showing a side that Izuku hadn't seen before. Something that seemed... malicious. Izuku tensed his muscles. He wouldn't go down without a fight. Nervously, he looked at Hisashi from the corner of his vision and saw embers. He got ready to do whatever he could to get out of this.

Then Hisashi let go.

"I love ya, kid," Hisashi said as he stood up, "Ain't nothing going to change that." Izuku rubbed his shoulder as he got up and stepped cautiously away from Hisashi. Hisashi then turned around, "I guess we'll talk later." Hisashi huffed, then turned around and began to walk away.

"Hopefully you'll be more talkative."


Izuku walked back to Todoroki in a haze.

What... just happened?

Yes, he met Hisashi, the father he hadn't seen since he was 5. But a chat that started out light-hearted with grief on Hisashi's end ended with something that felt like a threat.

Something that Izuku felt showed a side of Hisashi he never saw before. Hisashi's true side.

And it didn't sit right.

Izuku met up with Todoroki, who was standing nearby and greeted his friend.

"Are you alright?"

"I..." Izuku paused, "I don't think I am." He mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. Todoroki frowned.

"Do you... want to talk about it?" Izuku shook his head, sighing.

"Thank you, Todoroki, but," Izuku looked down, "I don't know how to talk about this... not yet, at least." Todoroki nodded.

"Just let me know when you're ready," he said.

They walked back in silence. It felt quicker this time. Izuku hadn't realized it, but the walk to the park felt like eons had passed. Now that he was going back, it felt like they just teleported back to UA.

Thankfully, they reached campus just before curfew was in effect, so they entered without much hassle.

When back in the dorms, Izuku quietly thanked Todoroki and walked back to his room.

He was so tired...

The fight earlier that day had tired him out, sure. But the talk with his father felt so much more exhausting.

He just wanted to sleep.

Izuku sighed as he relaxed onto his mattress.

"I saw your Mom earlier," Hisashi grinned, "She wasn't too talkative, though."

Then shot back up.

His mom... was she okay?!

Izuku scrambled to grab his phone and call his Mom, fidgeting all the while.

She was okay... right? She had to be?


"Mom?!" Izuku breathed, trying to calm his frantic breathing, "A-are you okay? You aren't hurt, right?! D-did he-"

"Izuku, sweetheart, calm down! I'm okay, it's okay!" Izuku breathed out. He felt lightheaded and needed to fall down on his bed. "I'm okay. You're okay."

Finally, after calming down enough, Izuku spoke again, "I-I'm sorry. I-I just... I was worried he hurt you..."

"What? Who? What are you-" She stopped. "Hisashi... what did he do?! What did he say to you-"

"He didn't hurt me or anything!" Izuku tried to calm her down, "He just... wanted to talk." Inko was quiet.

"I told him to stay away," she sounded like she was about to cry, "I told him I didn't want him anywhere near you-"

"Mom, it's fine," Izuku told her, "It's not your fault."

They were quiet for a long time, both of them basking in each others company, even if it was only over the phone.

"Izuku," his Mom said after a while, "Stay away from Hisashi." Izuku blinked, but didn't say anything when Inko continued, "He's... he's dangerous." Izuku froze, remembering the cold stare Hisashi gave him. "He's going to hurt you. No matter what he says, don't trust him, he will hurt you," Inko choked, "Please, Izuku... stay away from Hisashi."

"I will Mom," Izuku breathed, "I will."

Izuku's heart clenched.

Hisashi was obviously dangerous. Unstable, likely.


Izuku needed to know why. There were so many secrets. So many things that clouded his mind and that he needed to know.

He didn't want to break his promise, but... Izuku had a feeling Hisashi wouldn't stay away anyway.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Hisashi thought he was a patient man.

He was fairly patient. If a client couldn't pay him for a hit, he could wait a couple of months. If the target wasn't in the ideal environment, it was easy to change the plans.

And he waited 10 years to see his family. He was patient.

Maybe that was why he was so irked.

Izuku was scared of him. His own son. Scared. What a joke.

He tried to focus on the current plans, but his thoughts felt blurry. All he could think about was the stress and fear in his son's face.

"Hisashi," Ryoko was next to him, eating her cereal, "Calm down. You'll choke on your ashes again." He snorted.

"How can I calm down, Ryoko," he snarled, "You should've seen him. He was barely brave enough to look me in the eye." Hisashi struggled to breathe deeply and calm himself down in vain. "It was pathetic! His own father!" Ryoko rolled her eyes.

"He's being cautious, Hisashi," she huffed, "You can hardly blame him. I did attack him earlier, he was probably expecting you to do the same." Hisashi snorted.

"Yeah. Sure," he frowned, "I was a good father. I cared for him. I cared about him. For him to treat me like this is disrespectful, it's rude. I'm his father, and he doesn't fu-" Hisashi was cut off as he began coughing violently, his body shivering as he did so. Ryoko sighed and patted him on the back, spoon in her mouth.

"What did I tell you, Hisashi," she grunted, "You'll choke. You know better than that." Hiashi wheezed, trying to catch his breath from the sudden and painful interruption. Ashes slowly came out of his mouth, after that came fire and embers as his airway cleared.

"Sooo, Ashy," Tomoya was leaning next to the door leading to the bedroom, "What're we gonna do, then? I mean, it sounds like your kid's gonna be a real problem if we don't-"

"If we don't what, Tomoya." Tomoya was grinning widely, but he cringed as he came under Hisashi's glare. Even Ryoko paused as she glanced at Hisashi from her spot on the couch. Tomoya fidgeted slightly under Hisashi's glare, but continued to grin.

"Well, I'm just trying to say, it's a bit of a pity!" Hisashi's eyes narrowed, "I mean, I've heard nothin' but good things about this kid from you and Ryoko! And now? Well, quite frankly, I'm kind of disappointed." Hisashi stared at Tomoya for a long moment. The sighed and looked away, not noticing the soundless breath Tomoya let out as he did so.

Tomoya was both wrong and right. Judging by the sports festival and Ryoko's encounter, Izuku was both strong and brave. He didn't stand back from a fight, and he stood up for what he believed. But Izuku was scared of him. The same kid who had apparently faced villains multiple times and broke his bones during a school event was afraid of his own father. It was pathetic.

Hisashi shook his head. He shouldn't think like that about his son. 

He was deep in thought as Ryoko and Tomoya began chatting animatedly in the background.

This didn't really throw a wrench in their plans. Originally, all this was separate. But thinking of it now, Hisashi felt like working together the two plots would be much more efficient. Do their jobs, and take care of his son. It didn't need to be something extravagant.

"Ryoko, you said Izuku was stronger than he was at the festival?" Ryoko nodded, not hesitating in her answer.

"Much stronger. He can control his quirk now, and it's quite strong. He actually almost knocked me out. I suspect if he aimed higher, he would have. It's impressive." Hisashi hummed in thought.

"I suppose I should be proud," he murmured, "That means he won't hurt himself anymore." Ryoko scoffed, shaking Hisashi from his thoughts.

"Probably not," she sighed, "As strong as he is, he seems to be the selfless type." She looked at Hisashi, "He's a hero for sure."

He should have expected that. He really should have. But somehow, he hoped it would be easy. That he could get his son on his side and be able to make up for all the missed years. But somehow, Izuku had a quirk. Somehow, he got in the most prestigious hero academy and was going to be a hero.

Ryoko had fought many pros. Hell, she had killed many pros. Even her just admitting that Izuku was a formidable opponent said a lot.

Izuku was strong. Hisashi wanted to be proud, but he just couldn't be. He wanted to support his sons dreams and ambitions, but he just couldn't.

Izuku was a hero. And Hisashi was a villain. Father and son.

Hisashi swore as he stood up and began to pace around the room, a grimace on his face. Ryoko returned to her cereal, indifferent as usual, while Tomoya grinned next to her smugly.

"Aw, sheesh, Ashy, ain't that a shame," Tomoya shook his head in fake pity, "What're we gonna do about your kid now? Ain't he the reason you dragged our asses over here? There's so much more he could have done!"

Hisashi whipped around to glare at Tomoya.

"Just what are you implying?" He grunted. Tomoya blinked in mock innocence.

"Well, I'm just worried that this kid'll distract you from doing what you're good at," he grinned, "Ya' know, villainy? Murder? Assassination and all that jazz? I just don't want my pal to go soft. I mean, what will happen if you meet up with your son as a hero-"

"Shut the hell up." The tension in the room multiplied. Ryoko slowly lowered her spoon into her bowl, side glancing at Tomoya. Tomoya untangled his arms and placed them on his sides, even looking a little nervous. Hisashi snorted, embers coming out a little, "I'm not going to go 'soft.' Izuku is still my son. I'm not going to hurt him," Hisashi glared at Tomoya, who was fidgeting under his gaze, "He may be a hero. But I am his father." Hisashi sighed, finally relinquishing Tomoya from his burning glare and groomed his hand through his hair in exasperation. "I have an idea of what I'm going to do. But I'll have to work out a few of the kinks." He turned around, walking to his room. He gave once last glance to his companions before closing the door, "Don't think our plans have changed. Do as you will. I'm not sure what'll happen with Izuku, that's all up to him, but he won't be a problem," he walked into the bedroom, "Goodnight. Prepare for tomorrow. We have a long day ahead of us." The door closed.

Ryoko glared at Tomoya, food in her mouth.

"You deserved that." She spat. Tomoya groaned in response, mindful that Hisashi was just in the other room.

"I almost died..." he whimpered, despite the grin on his face, "I just had a brush with death." Ryoko rolled her eyes and stirred her cereal with her spoon.

"You had a point, though," she murmured, eyes glancing up to Hisashi's door, "Izuku won't back down. I'm not sure what Hisashi has in mind to 'keep him in line,' but I met the kid," she took another bite, "He's got a strong spirit. It doesn't matter how they're related, if the kid thinks his Dad is doing something bad, he'll fight back with all he's got."

Tomoya blinked.

"You... really seem to like the kid, Koko."

Ryoko shrugged, "He impressed me," she continued to stare at her cereal, "But that won't make things easy. I do hope Hisashi can do something about his spirit, I'd hate to have to kill him."

Today was another long day. And that was saying a lot considering what happened the day before.

Izuku could barely sleep the night before, and could barely get through classes with his eyes open. Although he doubted he would have been able to sleep since he was plagued with the same issues that kept him up the night before. The exhaustion was really what got to him.

There was something about Hisashi. Izuku couldn't stop thinking about it. His Mom was afraid of him, and there was an odd look in his eyes showed there was something wrong.

Izuku sighed and blinked. He really needed to focus on class.

He looked down at his notebook to write down notes, but paused as his mind wandered off again.

Who was Hisashi? 10 years was a long time to be gone. And it's obvious that Hisashi isn't the father Izuku remembered anymore.

There was a time where Hisashi would read Izuku a bedtime story with exaggerated voices and an almost childish excitement while reading. Izuku would draw his father pictures, and Hisashi would happily thank Izuku and keep the pictures close to himself at all times.

He was, by all means, a good father. That's what was bothering Izuku.

Izuku blinked. Right. Focus on class.

Throughout the day, Izuku was regularly out of it. He found himself unable to focus on the smallest of things. All because Hisashi kept his thoughts occupied.

Hisashi was up to something. Exactly what, Izuku wasn't sure, but considering everything that has happened, it couldn't be good. His Mom of afraid of him, he has a friend who attacked Izuku, claiming that Hisashi asked her to keep an eye on him. There was some much that felt wrong about him that Izuku was honestly considering the thought the Hisashi was a villain.

But, of course, maybe that was taking things a bit too far. And maybe Hisashi really was trying to redeem himself.

Still, Izuku couldn't help but be guarded. Hisashi was up to something. He just didn't know Hisashi's intentions.

"Midoriya?" Izuku jumped. Right. It was lunch. Izuku forced away his thoughts for now to focus on eating. "Midoriya? Are you okay?" Right. Someone was talking to him. Izuku looked over to see Iida looking pointedly at him, with concern in his features. Izuku plastered a smile.

"Uh, yeah. I'm fine, just have a lot on my mind." Iida frowned.

"Is it about yesterday?" Izuku felt his chest grow tight. How did Iida know about Hisashi? He didn't tell anyone besides Todoroki-

Right. The attack. Not Hisashi.

"N-no," Izuku squeaked, "Just... other stuff. Sorry, I didn't really sleep last night!" The last part came out before Izuku could stop it. Must've been the lack of sleep. Iida's face twisted into a frown. Before Iida could press, Izuku quickly continued, "It isn't a big deal or anything! I was just thinking about some other stuff! I'll get some sleep as soon as I can, so don't worry!" Iida looked like he wanted to press, but sighed.

"Very well, Midoriya. Try not to miss out on sleeping in the future." Izuku smiled, although it felt strained. He looked down at his food as he began to gingerly eat.

"Thanks, Iida. I will."

The rest of the day felt hazy. It happened, sure, but Izuku felt like it all just faded away into the background. Teachers spoke, but he heard nothing. He wrote notes, but he couldn't remember what it was, let alone write something legible.

He could finally breath a sigh of release when it all ended.

Izuku would've gone up to his room, but found even the idea to be too exhausting, so he compromised for collapsing on the couch.

"Midoriya. Dude." Izuku didn't bother looking up, he was too exhausting, "You were out of it today. You all right there?" Izuku groaned and picked his head up to answer. He was met with Kaminari sitting next to him.

"Y-yeah," he yawned, "Just got a lot on my mind. I'm going to sleep now." Kaminari tilted his head.

"Uh, do you want to go to your room?" Izuku shook his head as he shoved his head into a pillow.

"No, the couch will work just fine." 

"Void, you know your job. Get the targets where we want them and things will go off without a hitch. You know what your doing, right, Static?" The speaker was wearing a metal mask that covered his face, the only visible part of his face was his eyes. The mouth piece looked like a muzzle, and opened at the end in metal grates. He was looking at two others, a smaller figure with a white mask with two eye holes and hood. 'Static' was wearing a hood and sunglasses, his mouth covered by a bandanna, who shrugged as he answered the first speaker.

"Yeah, yeah, use my quirk on the scrubs and they'll be ripe for the pickings."

"Good. Void, you ready?"

'Void' was fiddling with a knife, but pocketed it when she answered, "Yes, Torch."

"Void. You don't need to call me that here."

"Right. Dragon."

Dragon smirked underneath his mask as fire erupted from his mask, "Let's get this started then, shall we?"

Finally, after about a year of planning.

It was time to begin.

Izuku had quite the rude awakening. He wasn't one to complain, but after the stressful night before, he couldn't help but be a little miffed.

He groaned as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. How long was he asleep? Whenever naps were taken on the couch, time didn't really seem to be relevant.

As for what woke him up, Izuku squinted as he looked around the room.

...everyone in class 1-A was in the common room now. They were all worried about something, loudly arguing with each other about something on the TV. Were they watching a movie?

He sat up, scratching his head.

"Uh, guys? What's-" Izuku trailed off when he saw what was on the screen.



Yeah, that was a good reason to be woken up.

Things really weren't going to calm down anytime soon.

Chapter Text

Oh god.

There was so much fire.

"A-aren't the pros doing anything," Hagakure whimpered, "Shouldn't they be there by now?" No one answered her, because there was really no answer.

Despite assurance from the reporter that pros were indeed on site, there were no heroes in sight.

Suddenly, there was a slam of the dorm doors opening. The class turned to see who was coming in, and all visibly relaxed when they saw it was their teacher, Aizawa. He did a quick headcount of his students and sighed when he saw them all.

"I see you've seen the emergency," he gestured to the TV, where the reporter was visibly panicked, "All of you are to stay here until further notice. The fire is far enough not to hurt us, but we don't know where the villains are at this point."

"A-Aizawa-sensei?" Uraraka frowned, "Aren't there any pros there? We haven't seen any sign of them yet." Aizawa frowned, but nodded.

"They should be. I don't know any of them personally, but I do know there are some close enough to the fire to do something." He looked at the screen. Izuku hadn't noticed it at first, but he could faintly hear citizens screaming in the background. Some were running, but there weren't nearly enough citizens in safety for them to account for the rest. That meant the rest were in the flames... flames started by the villain...

Izuku's heart clenched. Didn't Hisashi-

No. It's not the time to think like that. It may even be one of the villains from the League of Villains. There was no way.

"W-wait," Izuku's head shot up as he heard the reporters voice rise in volume, "It looks like there's someone- Is it the heroes? Oh- Oh god, it-" The reporters voice was laced with horror as the class watched in shock.

"It's the villains! It looks like they have the heroes hostage!"

Sure enough, there were three villains, each holding a hero who were all limp. Despite the distance, Izuku could see the heroes were perfectly conscious. He even heard them yelling at the villains. Was it a quirk keeping them frozen?

One of them villains, who was wearing a metal mask seemed to look in the direction of the camera, and said something that was too far out of earshot to be picked up. The villain dropped the hero he was holding, a hero Izuku recognized as a The Gas Hero, Smoke-Screen. His quirk was the ability to turn to gas. How come he couldn't do that now? He should be in his element surrounded by fire.

The other two villains dropped their respective heroes and backed away. The heroes were yelling something Izuku couldn't pick up.

The masked villain stared at the camera for a long time. Eventually, the camera zoomed in on him, and they got a good look.

He was wearing a leather jacket that was on fire. Obviously, he was wearing a mask, but it was morphed into something like a muzzle with metal grates at the end. It looked almost like a-

"Dragon." Aizawa growled suddenly, surprising all the students.

"Dragon?" Ashido frowned, "What's a dragon have to do with this?" Aizawa's gaze darkened.

"He was a big time villain a decade back. He was chased out of Japan and never found. No one thought he would ever come back," Izuku looked at the screen, "Looks like he got brave."

Izuku felt a lump in his throat. A decade? That's how long ago... Hisashi left.

No. That's not right.

It couldn't be.

Izuku struggled to keep his focus on the screen, really anything other than Hisahsi. Then, finally, something happened.

'Dragon' was just staring at the camera. Seemingly staring at the viewers themselves. Izuku heard the reporter saying something he couldn't quite pickup, all he heard was the roaring flames in the back and screaming. Dragon seemed somewhat proud of himself in the way he stood. All the carnage and destruction. And he was in the middle of it all, relishing the attention.

Then, fire erupted.

It erupted from his mask in a way Izuku could only guess heightened the effectiveness of his fire. It must make his fire stronger. Because when it erupted, it covered the three captive heroes.

Quickly, the camera was turned away and shut off, but not before the agonized screams were audible. The camera cut to a horrified reporter in a desk.

"Uh- I- We a-apologize for the interruption. Please, stay where you are. P-pros are reporting to the location as we speak." The rest seemed blurry. Eventually, the screen had transitioned to a blue screen, promising to return as soon as possible, but that was the only thing of note. Izuku didn't think the rest of the class heard the rest either.

But maybe not for the same reasons.

Dragon. Hisashi. Ten years. Fire quirk. Fire breathing quirk.

It couldn't be true. It wasn't true. Please, don't be true.

"Everyone, get to their dorm rooms," Aizawa shouted, grabbing his phone, "And stay in your rooms until a teacher comes and gets you." No one needed to be told twice. Everyone scrambled to their rooms, giving each other short goodbyes as panic filled the room.

Izuku slammed the door shut behind him when he reached his room.

It couldn't be true.

Shouta's first priority was ensuring his students safety. Even if no outings were requested, he ran to Heights Alliance to ensure all of his students were there. It wasn't a surprise to see them all glued to the TV.

After hurriedly sending them to their rooms, he pulled his phone out to call for backup. He needed to get out there.

"SHOUTA!" Shouta didn't wince as he heard Hizashi on the line, "ARE THE KIDS OKAY?! WE'RE SENDING REINFORCEMENTS-"

"Three pros were killed on live TV just now." Shouta heard Hizashi swear on the other line.

"Shit- Really? We knew there was a possibility there were hostages, but-"

"Does anyone know where the villains are now?" Silence.

Then, "I'm not sure. Apparently they've disappeared." Shouta swore this time. "Shouta. That villain. That was Dragon, right?" Shouta sighed.

"I confirmed it just now when I saw him on TV. The quirk, the mask, if it's not Dragon, it's a damn convincing copycat."

It took too long for his liking, but eventually Shouta made it to the scene. Most of the fire was out, but there were still flames here and there.

Shouta remembered the night Dragon was chased out. He was still new to the hero scene at the time, but he was experienced enough to be there. He knew firsthand how cruel Dragon was.

Most survivor accounts of Dragon were the same. The criminal was cold and calculating. He was smart enough to kill heroes without being caught, so it made sense. Dragon had a rigid stance, cold stare, and demeaning speech. Where Stain killed heroes he deemed unworthy, Dragon killed because he wanted to. In different cases, he pulled hits, but he mainly killed just because he could.

Though the main difference between the serial killers was the civilian toll. Stain made it clear the he only killed 'false' heroes, and would never harm worthy heroes or civilians. But as far as Dragon was concerned, civilians who got in the way were just as liable for death as the heroes were. The exact amount of civilian deaths caused by Dragon were still unknown, but the main consensus put the toll in the hundreds.

The first, and last, encounter Shouta has with Dragon was something that always bothered him. When Shouta first arrived, Dragon was calming watching the destruction he had caused, swaying with the flames as his back was turned to the pro. Then, upon erasing his quirk, Dragon changed. The once eerily calm villain flew into a uncontrollable rage. What followed was a battle that mercifully ended when backup arrived. At that point, it was obvious Dragon had lost. And from the villains actions, he knew.

But Dragon was smart. And when Endeavor showed up and caused even more fire damage, he disappeared. Later that night, Dragon was sighted once which ended in a ruined phone booth, but that was the last time a sighting was confirmed. It was assumed Dragon fled the country after that. There were even a few conspiracy theories connecting Dragon to a villain in America named Torch, although Torch was never confirmed to even exist, so that lead to a dead end.

And now he was back.

In the distance, Shouta saw three white sheets. It didn't take a genius to understand what they were covering. Shouta inhaled deeply.

Dragon was dangerous. There was no time to waste.

"Shouta!" Shouta didn't need to look up to see who it was. 

"Hizashi. Anything on Dragon yet?" A deep sigh told him everything.

"No. He pretty much disappeared, as well as the other two villains he was with. We don't have any more information yet." Shouta scowled.

"So Dragon got away with it again." Next to him, Hizashi nodded, shooting a glance at the three white sheets covering the bodies of the pro heroes who died. 

"Don't talk like that, Shouta! We'll catch him this time!"

"That's what we thought ten years ago. And then he got away with it again." Shouta spared a glance at the sheets. He released another sigh, something he had a feeling he would be doing a lot today, "So who were they?"

"A pro-hero named Ribbon and two of her sidekicks, Smoke-Screen and Engineer," Hizashi was uncharacteristically quiet, "high enough on the charts to make an impression. You think-?"

"He did this as a demonstration? Yes." Shouta grunted.

"Damn it. They didn't do anything. They just showed up. They were just trying to help out."

"Last time I checked, Dragon didn't care who showed up," Shouta growled, "He planned for them to be here. Or at least someone high in the ranks to come." Hizashi shot him a questioning look.

"What do you mean? He planned on killing those three specifically? Or just whoever showed up? What if it was a low ranking pro?"

"He knew a low rank wouldn't show up. We don't even know the scale of the damage yet, and it's bad. Dragon didn't plan on killing anyone specific, but he knew he was going to kill a big one." Hizashi frowned.

"And how did he know that?" Shouta shot him a glance.

"You showed up, didn't you?" That shut Hizashi up. While before he was staring at Shouta doubtfully with his arms crossed, now his eyes were wide, with his arms by his side. Shouta looked at a charred building with his eyes narrowed, "Maybe I'm looking too deep into this, but I've met with Dragon before. He always eemed to count on the heroes actions rather than his own."

"To him, we're predictable. And maybe he's right, but right now, we have to catch him before he does anything else."

Dragon was a horrifying force of nature. Now it was a race to catch him before he found his next victim.

Inko wanted to puke.

It didn't take long for her to find out what was happening downtown.

Part of her hoped it wasn't true, but the other part of her knew what needed to be done.

Hisashi needed a reality check.

Sure, she was scared of him. Scared of what he could do to her, but she didn't care about that anymore. He wouldn't hurt anymore people just because she was scared.

It was time that Hisashi understood that.

It took a while to reach the scene, the sun was almost down, but she began to approach the caution tape hastily. Just as she reached it, a police officer stopped her.

"Ma'am, please stand back, this is-"

"I have information on Dragon." She didn't want to waste any time. She knew that the hesitation up to this point was the reason three heroes died today. the officer blinked and stared at her, obviously skeptical.

"Ma'am, I understand you want to help, but right now we can't-"

"Midoriya-san?" Inko looked around the officer in surprise to see Eraserhead, Izuku's teacher.

They met before, on account of Izuku's recklessness in class. Not only that, but they exchanged numbers to keep in contact in case there was an emergency involved Izuku.

"Do you know this woman," the officer asked in surprise. Eraserhead nodded and motioned to allow Inko through. When she walked up to him he frowned.

"Why are you here?" He sounded concerned, although his facial expression didn't express this, "Is it about your son-"

"N-no, it's not Izuku," Inko exhaled shakily, "It's about Dragon. He did this, right?" Eraserhead frowned.

"What makes you so sure this was Dragon?" Inko blinked, then looked away.

"It's...complicated. But I know it's him, it has to be."

"You're right," Eraserhead sighed, "It is him. Before you ask, we don't have any confirmation, but I've met with Dragon and I don't think I could ever forget him." He looked at Inko, "So what makes you sure it's him?"

Inko felt a lump in her throat. Years of fear started to clog her sense. 

She was really doing this. All the fear of what Hisashi- no, Dragon- would do if he found out. Fear of what would become of Izuku.

She swallowed her fears. She had been afraid of him long enough. 

"Dragon is- was- my husband, Hisashi Midoriya."

"That was a sloppy kill," Ryoko mused as she brushed ash off her shoulders casually, "What were you thinking?" She glanced at Hisashi, who had pulled off his mask but was dusting off ash.

"Mhm. About family, " Hisashi hummed, not looking up, "Geez, the ash is getting stuck between the metal plates. That's always annoying." Ryoko narrowed her eyes and looking at Tomoya, who was giving her an equally frustrated stare.

"Ashy, I'm just as psyched we pulled that off, don't get me wrong, but what exactly do we have to gain from that?" Hisashi gingerly put down his mask as Tomoya spoke, a considering look in his eyes.

"Quite a bit, actually, although I can only hope that everything goes as planned," Hisashi dusted a bit more ash off his mask, "Sure, the kill was sloppy, Ryoko, but everything went well. The heroes showed up, we killed them, we got away. And now we just wait for the fallout." Ryoko and Tomoya looked at each other, the latter grinning.

"And what exactly is that?" They asked simultaneously. Hisashi grinned.

"Why, that all depends on Inko!"

Chapter Text

Izuku felt like hours passed.

He wasn't sure if he wanted to stay alone in his room or reach out to someone, anyone. He needed to sort out his thoughts somehow, but at the same time, he just wanted to talk to someone.

But how is he supposed to talk about this?

'Oh, hey, what's up! Hey, remember that guy who just murdered three people on live TV? I think he might be my Dad!'

Sure. Something like that.

So alone it is.

Izuku looked at his phone on his nightstand blankly. It had rung a few times but since stopped. He wondered who it was, but the fear of who it may have been stopped him from answering.

What if it was Hisashi? What if he was floating about... what he did?

And, of course, what if Izuku had it all wrong?

Maybe it was just a coincidence. It wasn't impossible for two people to have the same quirk. There was not proof, either. It was all just a hunch on discomfort and a list of coincidences. A long list of coincidences.

Maybe it wasn't a coincidence after all. Maybe Dragon really was-

A knock quite literally shoved Izuku out of his thoughts as he fell off his bed with a yelp and a thud.

"Midoriya? My boy, is everything alright?"

"O-oh, All Might," Izuku shook his head as he struggled to get up to his feet, "I-I'm fine, just-" Just what? Panicking? Freaking out? There was no good answer to that...

"...May I come in?"

'No' is what Izuku wanted to say. Absolutely not. But he wasn't about to say that to his idol. He swallowed away the bile in his throat to answer.

"Uh, y-yeah! The doors open."

Izuku sat back on his bed as All Might entered the room. Normally, Izuku would be embarrassed of the fan-merch adorning his room, but he was far too occupied to think about that right now.

"You seem distracted," All Might hummed, "Is everything alright?"

"Y-yeah, just," Izuku faltered, "...Distracted." Izuku winced as the obvious lie left his mouth. All Might only nodded and looked at his feet.

"If you don't mind me asking," All Might started, "Where did you go last night?" Izuku swallowed. Right. Teachers would know about that. "You and young Todoroki left campus yesterday and didn't come back until it was nearly curfew." Taking notice of Izuku's anxiety, he smiled softly, "Of course, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, my boy! It really is none of my business."

"N-no, it's not that, I-it's just," Izuku stammered trying to figure out what to say," Well, I-I uh, met with my... Dad."

It felt good to get off his chest, but Izuku still found himself regretting opening his mouth. He looked down to his feet and missed when All Might's eyes widened in mute horror.

"...And what did he say?" Izuku found himself struggling with what to say again.

For starters, Hisashi practically threatened him. But Izuku wasn't about to say that. He didn't know why though. There was very clearly something wrong with Hisashi, but something kept Izuku from tellling All Might just that. Was it loyalty? Or... maybe it was fear.

"He... he just wanted to talk, I think."

"You think?" Izuk winced. He really needed to work on his wording. "My boy, is everything really alright?" When Izuku didn't answer,All Might frowned and swallowed thickly, "My boy, he didn't," All Might fumbled for a second," Hurt you? Did he?" Izuku startled.

"A-ah, no, no! He was a good Dad, I-I think, he never hurt me or Mom!"

All Might nodded softly, gently placing his hand on Izuku's shoulder. It felt much better than the iron grip Hisashi had.

"I'm sorry for asking such questions," he murmured, "I know it's personal."

"N-no, it's fine," Izuku responded, "I understand." All Might hummed in response, and they sat in silence for a moment.

"Your Mother asked me to keep an eye on you, my boy." Izuku shot All Might a questioning look.

"Um, yeah, I was there."

"I mean about your father."


"I-oh." Izuku choked out. He wasn't entirely sure how to respond to that.

"She believes he's dangerous, young Midoriya," All Might sighed, "I may not know enough about him, but I believe I trust your mother enough to believe what she says about him." Izuku nodded mutely. Dangerous... seemed like the right word to describe Hisashi.

"She might be right about that." Izuku whispered, almost involuntarily. All Might seemed surprise.

"Why do you say that, my boy?" Izuku swallowed hard.

"I-I think he might be Dragon."

"Midoriya-San, I hope you understand how serious this accusation is," Inko clenched her fists until they were white, "If Midoriya Hisashi is in fact the villain, Dragon, we're going to need substantial proof before we can arrest him."

Inko struggled not to yell, "I know I seem like I'm jumping to conclusions, but Hisashi has never denied my accusations and practically confirmed it when he showed up to my home last night."

After admitting to Hisashi's identity, Eraserhead and Present Mic had called for a proper investigation into the accusation, and so Inko found herself in an interrogation room. It was hasty, sure, but time was of the essence and there was no telling when Hisashi would attack.

"He was at your home last night?" The officer was frowning as he quickly wrote something down in his notebook. He introduced himself as Officer Naomasa and was rather polite. Inko tensed a but at the question, still hesitating at speaking about Hisashi, but at this point there was no turning back.


"Why did he come?" Again Inko hesitated.

"He wanted to see our son. Izuku." Naomasa paused in his writings again and frowned. There was a moment of silence when Naomasa continued writing in his journal.

"Did he threaten you in anyway? Try to hurt you?" Inko nodded glumly.

"Yes, he did threaten me," Inko admitted, clutching her hand against her chest, "He took it back immediately after, but," she thought back to Hisashi, "He's... unstable."

"How you know?"

"I..." Inko paused, wondering how to approach it. "I don't know. It was always small things. Sometimes he would just change into an entirely different person, back when we were together. I never questioned it because," Inko sharply inhaled, "Because I was so frightened of him. One day he just attacked someone out of the blue, he said that they were threatening me but... they didn't even glance at us! He just attacked them because they looked at me for a second." Inko took a moment to compose herself. Naomasa handed her a tissue, which she took with a quiet thanks.

"There were more incidents like that, and eventaully they started being more frequent. I'm surprised he wasn't arrested around that time. Then I noticed he started disappearing. At first I didn't mind, he would come home after a couple of weeks. But then I noticed the breaks were timed with Dragon's attacks." Naomasa wrote that down as Inko struggled to hold her composure.

"I'm not accusing you of anything, Midoriya-san," he said softly, "But why didn't you tell anyone? Even if it was just a suspicion, it sounds like you had a lot of reason to at least be afraid of him." Inko took a death breath before replying.

"That's just it," she admitted, tears finally breaking through, "I was scared of him! He never hurt me or my son, but I was scared that if he found I out I told someone, he would." She hiccuped and Naomasa nodded, giving her a minute to recompose herself.

"Even when he left, I was still scared of him. But even if I wasn't, I would've kept it a secret. For my son. If I told anyone, we would both be a part of that villain. I wasn't worried so much about my self as I was of Izuku," she wiped away a tear, "If he knew, it would've broke him. He was already misdiagnosed as quirkless at the time. He would've been branded as not only that, but a son of a villain. I-I couldn't-"

Inko finally broke down, openly sobbing into her hands. She barely registered Naomasa walking over and placing a hand comfortingly on her shoulder.

"I-I know I should've told the authorities when he left the country," she choked, "But I was too scared! Hisashi wasn't even in Japan, and I was scared of him! I'm so sorry! If I said something, this could've been avoided, but-"

"Midoriya-San, it's alright," Naomasa said softly, "There's nothing that can be done about it now. Right now, our main concern is capturing Dragon." Inko nodded numbly.

"Midoriya," Inko looked over to see Eraserhead frowning, "Does your son know anything about this?"

Inko sighed shakily, but shook her head, "as I said, it would have destroyed him if he found out. So no, I didn't." She rubbed her eye. "He knows to stay away from Hisashi. But..." she trailed off. Eraserhead's eyebrow raised.

"Last night," she stammered, "Hisashi...he..." She sighed, and sat straight, "He and Izuki met." Eraserhead's eyes narrowed and Naomasa frowned.

"I heard Izuku left campus last night with a classmate, but neither of them said why." He scowled, "Dragon talked with him on the same night he did this?!"

Inko nodded silently, "I'm sure it didn't go well. Hisashi was probably just blowing off steam." Suddenly, she looked panicked. "Izuku- He- he's okay, right-?"

"He's fine," Eraserhead confirmed before Inko tatted panicking, "Before I left, I made sure everyone was in their dorm rooms." Inko sighed in relief.

"G-good. I was worried that he was going to do something stupid..." Inko sighed as she shook her head, "But knowing him, as soon as he realizes what's happen, he'll do something anyways." Eraserhead sighed as well.

"Problem-child has no sense of self preservation," he groaned, "We should probably get to UA before he figures it out for himself."

"Young Midoriya, how can you be sure?" Toshinori gaped as he student in shock.

Midoriya has been acting off all day, so All Might was hoping to talk with him, although that had been postponed when the villain attack was broadcasted on live television.

Maybe it wasn't his place to ask, but this situation with the boys father left a sour taste in his mouth. It may have been some of the hero in his mind, but something about it was wrong. The way his mother spoke about the father and the complete distance for 10 years rubbed him the wrong way.

"I-I known it sounds crazy," Midoriya bit his nails, "But everything makes sense."

"For starters, both he and Dragon were absent for 10 years. I would be willing to let that slide if that was it, but it isn't. They both have quirks relating to fire, my Dad has a fire breathing quirk and it seems most likely Dragon has the same. Also, when I met my Dad last night, he pretty much threatened me and-"

"He- he threatened you, Midoriya?!" Midoriya startled.

"D-did I say that?"

"Y-yes, my boy, are you alright?! Did he hurt you last night?!" Toshinori was now panicked. What on Earth happened last night? Obviously, this Hisashi wasn't a good father, but to threaten his son-

"Well, if he's Dragon, it makes more sense," Midoriya whispered. Toshinori sighed in exasperation.

"I'm not saying I doubted you Midoriya," he sighed, "But your father threatened you last night, and I'm assuming you didn't tell anyone?" Midoriya shrugged in response.

"It was vague," he answered after a moment, "I'm not sure if it was an actual threat or not."

Toshinori held back a sigh. "So what else?" Midoriya blinked before answering.

"My mom," He whispered, "He said he talked to her, but he didn't tell me happened. Mom didn't tell me either, but it had to be something big." Midoriya hugged his stomach, "I'm pretty sure he threatened her too." Toshinori felt his gaze soften.

"My boy-"

"I don't know what he wants! It isn't good, I know that, but if I at least knew what he wanted, I could stop him, but I can't! He's planning something, and it's big, but I can't do anything-"

"Midoriya!" Maybe he sounded a little harsh there, but it was better than just letting the kid continue on like that ,"It's not your job to do that! You are still a child!" Midoriya winced, and Toshinori was vaguely aware of a phone buzz. Was that his phone?

"I-I know, but he's my dad, I can't just-"

"Midoriya," Toshinori cut him off again, though softer this time, "Your father's actions aren't your fault. Even if he is Dragon, what he does is not your problem, or something for you to even worry about in the first place."

There was a long moment of silence while Midoriya composed himself. Toshinori was happy to calmly sit with the boy while he struggled to calm down. Then the phone buzzed again.

"Er- my boy, is that your phone?" Midoriya nodded numbly as he gingerly reaches to it.

"Y-yeah, it is," he murmured, "I-I was scared to read it, I was worried it would be-"

Before he finished, Midoriya paled. Toshinori would've asked what it was if he didn't have a perfect view from over his shoulder.

'Hey, kid. Meet me at this neat cafe I found. I'll send you the location :)

You should go, I have some things to tell you.'

"So let me get this straight," Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose, "You want to meet with your dad, a likely insane criminal with a long history of murder and arson, without any backup to gain his trust and get him arrested."

Izuku nodded ferociously, "He doesn't know I'm onto him, so he won't expect for me to bring any pros with me. Besides, he just said he wants to talk and it's in a public area, so it'll be-"

"Izuku, no!" Izuku but his tongue and looked at his mom.

When he got All Might to drag Izuku to Aizawa, he wasn't really expecting his mom to be there, and secretly wished she wasn't there. He didn't want to break his promise to stay away so soon, nor right in front of her! But still, when they made it to the police station, it was shocking, to say the least, to be face to face with Eraserhead and Inko Midoriya. Aizawa, Inko, and Izuku were led to a room while All Might stayed away to speak with Naomasa.


"Izuku," Inko cut him off with an exasperated sigh, "I'm not letting you do this! It's dangerous- your father's dangerous! I'm sorry, but I can't let you do something like this!"

Izuku opened his mouth to answer, but wasn't able to say anything as someone else spoke before him.

"I agree, Midoriya-San," Izuku flinched as Aizawa stared at him, "This is beyond dangerous. Dragon is unpredictable and this is all risky."

"But," Aizawa sighed, "It might be our best bet." Izuku wanted to hide his shock, but knew it would be useless. Inko and Izuku stared at Aizawa in shock as he continued, "Dragon's unpredictability is exactly why we need to act fast. For whatever reason, he seems to be making time for his son. While the reason is likely not good, and a part of whatever he's planning, our best shot right now is luring him out into the open and capturing there. And, unfortunately, Midoriya maybe our best shot of doing that."

Inko and Izuku stared at Aizawa in their jaws hanging open. Izuku really didn't think Aizawa would agree with him... was Dragon really that dangerous?

"Izuku," Inko was quiet, "I don't want you to do this. It's dangerous," Izuku held his breath as she locked eyes with him, "but I know if I don't let you, things will get worse. I already made things this bad by not stopping him while I could." Inko shut her eyes and took in a shaky breath.

"I won't stop you from doing just that."

"But please," Inko sniffed as she held Izuku in a chrushing hug, "Don't let him hurt you." Izuku could only nod despondently. 

"I won't."

Izuku sharply inhaled as he walked closer to the cafe. Hisashi was no where in sight, and Izuku wasn't quite sure if that was a good or not.

He glanced behind him.

Izuku swallowed. 

He shouldn't think of Hisashi as his father. He needs to think of Hisashi as Dragon.

He needed to be strong right now, otherwise he could mess everything up.


He shouldn't have done this.

This was a mistake. It was a huge mistake. He shouldn't have gone, he should've stayed at the dorms-

"Oh, Izuku! You came! What a surprise!" Izuku shut his eyes tightly before turning to see his father.

"Dad," He cringed at how shaky his voice was, "what did you want to tell me?"

Chapter Text

"Ah, hell, kid," Hisashi grinned, "I honestly didn't think you were gonna come!" 



Izuku felt a lump in his throat, but pushed in down in an attempt to regain some composure, "Well, you said you wanted to talk. So let's talk."



"That's nice and all kid," Hisashi took a step forward and Izuku stopped himself from taking a step back, "But we both know you aren't here for a chat. You want answers, right?" Izuku frowned, but nodded, which seemed to fuel Hisashi's grin.



"Well, sit down then, kid. Let's talk."

"Midoriya," Aizawa nodded at Izuku as the room began to fill up. It mainly consisted of police officers, there weren't any other pros, though. It was a concern that if too many pros were seen, Hisashi would call off the meeting, so Eraserhead was considered the best option.



"You know what you're doing, right?" Izuku nodded.  



"I'm talking to Hisa- Dragon and I'm going to see if I can get him to confess." Aizawa nodded.



"Right. All Might and some undercover cops will be there to make sure everything goes all right. I'll be around the area to keep watch for the other two villains," he looked pointedly at Izuku, "Whatever do, do not engage. If Dragon threatens you, turn around and leave, we'll be there."



Something caught in Izuku's throat but he quickly cleared it and nodded.



There wasn’t any time to emotional now.

 "So, Izuku, how are classes going?" After sitting down and getting situated, Hisashi ordered them food, acting far too casual for doing what he had just done the night before. Izuku frowned.



"...So we’re talking? Weren't you going to tell me-?"



"We are talking, Izuku," Hisashi chuckled, "You know, the reason you came?" Hisashi was still grinning, and Izuku was sure he was mocking him now.



Okay, let's play along for now. No reason to make him upset...



"It's going fine," Izuku was wondering what would satisfy the man, "Classes are fine. Friends are nice." At the last sentence, Hisashi's eyes lit up.



"Oh, you have friends! Last I checked, kids treated you like that plague! Though, I guess having a quirk would fix that," Hisashi's eyes flashed, "speaking of which... how'd that happen?"



Izuku swallowed. Thankfully he'd been prepared for this question, by the time Hisashi left, Izuku had been declared quirkless. "It was a freak mutation," Izuku said, thankfully with enough confidence, "it activated a few months before my entrance exam, so I didn't have a lot of control over it." Hisashi tilted his head slightly, and Izuku was well aware he was studying him.



"So," Hisashi said coolly, "How many times did you rehearse that?" Izuku nearly choked on his spit.



"Wh-what are you-"



"Eh, forget it. I don't really care how you got it anyways. I'll take your word for it."



Izuku settled slightly. Hisashi still hasn't moved his eyes off Izuku.



"So," Hisashi spoke after a moment, "You have friends now? Like that Todoroki boy from the other night? How's that going? What are they like?"



"They're... nice." Izuku decided it would be best to be vague. Hisashi shouldn't know too much about them. Hisashi nodded slightly and looked to the side. Izuku followed his gaze, and was relieved to see it was nothing in particular. But still. Was he becoming suspicious.



“Say, how’s your mother?” Hisashi was now half heartedly grinning, “Last I talked to her, she just yelled at me, so I can’t say I have an answer.”



“She’s fine.” Izuku responded curtly. Hisashi just chuckled softly and leaned on his elbow.



“Did you talk to her since we spoke last? You seemed pretty worried when I mentioned I spoke to her.”



“I-I did, she’s fine,” Izuku stammered, “Everything’s fine.” Izuku swore internally for letting his voice break, but kept his appearance unchanged, thankfully. Hisashi only hummed in response, his demeanor cold.



"Okay. That's good," he smiled as he got up and stretched. He smiled and looked down on Izuku, "So kid. You wanna know what I've been up to, huh."



Izuku nodded mutely, retaining eye contact. Hisashi smiled for a moment, then scoffed and threw an arm around Izuku.



"So, kid, who'd you bring with you this time?" Izuku flinched in Hisashi's grasp.



"Wh-What are you-"



"Aw, Izuku, what kind of idiot do you take me for?" Hisashi was smiling as he looked down on Izuku, aware of the eyes waiting for him to make the wrong move, "I didn't expect for you to catch on to me this early, but honestly, do you think I wouldn't be prepared?" Izuku went rigid as Hisashi tightened his grip.



"...You're Dragon aren't you?" Izuku whispered, trying not to look Hisashi in the eyes. Hisashi huffed, and lowered his voice.



"Here's the deal, son," he said with a smile, "You tell me who's watching us, we speak in private, and I'll send you on your way! Hell, I won't hurt anyone here, either," Hisashi winked, "How does that sound?" Izuku stared ahead.



"Why would I do that? The heroes will stop you before you can hurt anyone. You're cornered-"



"Are you threatening me, Izuku?" Izuku bit back a yelp as he felt nails dig into his skin, although the grip loosened and Hisashi even stepped away. Izuku rubbed his arm as he stared at Hisashi.



He still had a smile plastered on his face, although it looked strained. Izuku swallowed.



"D-dad," he croaked, trying to stay calm, "Just surrender. Make this easy, please."



Hisashi blinked slowly, then smiled and wrapped his arm around Izuku's shoulder again. The next sentence made his blood freeze.



"I think my friends have found your backup by now. What do you think?" Izuku struggled to keep a calm facade, but knew some of his fear would be leaking through now. Hisashi chuckled.



"I didn't expect for you to have caught onto this quick, but I've come to expect the unexpected." Izuku strained his eyes to see if anyone stood out in the crowd, but to no avail. "So let's get going, huh? Just a short chat, then you're free to go! Sounds good, huh?" Izuku felt himself being involuntarily steered away from the front of the cafe, Hisashi's arm roughly yet casually around his arms. It made him wonder if Hisashi did this often. Lead away his victims so they would be alone.



Izuku wasn't sure if he should be worried. On one hand, Aizawa was watching, and was sure to notice Hisashi trying to lead him away. But at the same time, he may not be able to go against two seasoned villains, one whose quirk had something to do with paralyzing and another who could disappear. He didn't want to doubt his teacher's skills, but it would take a lot out of anyone to fight three different villains at the same time.



"You're smart, Izuku, I'll give you that," Hisashi whistles, "But things would have been so much easier if you went alone, kid."



Izuku struggled internally. He couldn't just go with Hisashi. But he didn't have much of a choice, Hisashi leading Izuku away which would, in turn, draw out Aizawa. While that though comforted Izuku, it was quickly dispelled when Izuku remembered the two other villains.



What should he do? There weren't many options, but he wasn't really about to go with-



"Excuse me," Izuku felt his heart in his throat, "but where do you think you're taking my student?"



Hisashi turned around with a cocked eyebrow and a frown.



All Might.

The first red flag was Hisashi wrapping an arm around Midoriya. Though All Might assured he would step in to try and avoid a fight, it was pretty obvious what was about to happen.



Now Shouta was just waiting for was a signal.



He glanced around and saw the police officers in their positions, eyes locked on the situation.



That was one of the only good things about this whole mess, it was kept quiet. Without a doubt, with Dragon involved, the case would be sensationalized and the media would get way too involved. But at the very least, if everything went right, it would be over.



Though something told him things wouldn't end that way. One can only hope.



"Ah, you're Eraserhead?"



Dammit. Of course.



Shouta flipped around and grabbed his capture tape. There was no one behind him.



It must be the woman with the invisibility quirk Midoriya fought.



"I wonder," the voice was in his ear now, "Does your quirk work when I'm invisible?" Shouta swung, but missed the target as he only hit air. He heard feet scatter, but there was still no one to be seen.



"You aren't very talkative," She hummed, "Most people I've fought aren't. I suppose you wouldn't be any different."



Shouta ducked just as he heard the swing of a blade, but not in enough time to stop the blade from swiping against his arm, drawing blood.



All Might and the others would have to hold out on their own for now.

Mercifully, Hisashi stopped walking and turned around to look at the newcomer, frowning deeply, and Izuku wasn't sure whether or not he was relieved or horrified when he saw All Might with an furious glint in his eyes.



"So? What's it to you?" He snorted, not relinquishing his grasp on Izuku.



"Sorry, but I asked you a question," All Might all but spat, "I would appreciate an answer."



Izuku felt like his breath was caught in his throat. Stuck between a rock in a hard place. On one hand, Izuku knew nothing good would come out of going with Hisashi, but if he didn't, Hisashi would hurt people. And with All Might here, he just had more ammunition.



Dragon had a strong enough reputation on his own. And that wasn't something he was willing to test.



"Look," Hisashi shook his head, "Just walk away, old man. This is none of your concern, anyways."



All Might cast a glance to Izuku, which he avoided by looking down. He should’ve done this. People are going to get hurt.



"It is when it involves my student. So tell me: Where are you taking my student?"



Hisashi's eyes narrowed dangerously, but All Might didn't budge. Subconsciously, Izuku was trying to pull himself away from his father, but Hisashi's grip was like a vice.



"You know," Hisashi hummed, "You look familiar." All Might's glare hardened. Hisashi studying him for a moment before he grinned broadly, and slightly manically. "Holy- you're All Might, aren't you?" All Might didn't answer, but Hisashi started to laugh.



"You are! Wow, I remember you! You were one of the most feared heroes back when I was around! Hell, you were one of the reasons I left Japan," Hisashi's grin suddenly faded and turned into a scowl, "One of the reasons I left my family."



Izuku's eyes widened and he suddenly whipped around to look at Hisashi, at least the best he could in his grasp, "Dad, wait-"



Suddenly, Hisashi threw his head back in laughter, pulling back Izuku a little, "What a joke! This old skeleton? Number one hero!"



Embers were starting to come out of Hisashi's mouth and citizens were starting to catch onto the situation, pausing to look at the crazed man.



"Really," Hisashi sighed," You think you can do anything, huh? You think you can save your little student, huh?" Hisashi grinned as he looked at Izuku, who could only cringe. This was his fault. He shouldn’t have done this. "Tell me, All Might, what is it that you plan on doing?"



All Might narrowed his eyes, and as if on cue, police officers began to crowd around, yelling at Hisashi to stand down. Instead, Hisashi's eyes gleamed with delight. Izuku began to struggle more, causing Hisashi to use both arms to restrain him, and before Izuku had a chance to use his quirk, fire erupted.

Shouta grunted as he dodged what he assumed was another hit. Meanwhile, he was analyzing for anything that could give him the advantage in his fight. He could hold on his own right now, but considering very thing he needed to do right now, there wasn't much time to spare.



Sparing a glance at Midoriya revealed that Dragon now was loosing his cool. Shouta swore under his breath as he tried to dash forward but was stopped when he was hit in the face by the hilt of a knife.



As he tried to locate the assailants location, he suddenly felt a hand on his arm and he was thrown to the floor.



"Already finished, Eraserhead?" The woman snorted. Shouta stayed on the ground, unmoving. When he heard a footstep, he flung his capture tape toward the source and felt satisfaction when it wrapped around an unseen force.



He threw her onto the ground in the sunlight, feeling satisfaction as she finally turned visible.



"That's your drawback," Shouta mused, "Your quirk only works in the dark. That's why you weren't using it during the attack in the fire." While speaking, her face hadn't flinched in the slightest, the only visible change being her blinking slowly.



"Hm," she tilted her head," You're smarter than I gave you credit for."



Before he could respond, there was suddenly an eruption of fire, causing Shouta to swear and look at the source, keeping a tight grip on his capture tape. The attacker yelled something he didn’t pay attention too as she pulled against her bindings.



"ERASERHEAD, HELP ME!" Shouta whipped his head back around to meet the eyes of a citizen who looked oddly calm-



And collapsed against the wall. Shouts grunted as his shoulder hit the wall and his body fell against the building.



"Aw, Void, you lost?" Shouta tried to lift himself up, but to no avail. He couldn't move any of his limbs.



"Shut up, Static," Void answered, her voice empty, "I did my job and kept him occupied."



"Meh. Still disappointed." Static answered, disinterested. "Lucky his quirk wasn't activated when I called him huh?" Shouta was finally able to lift his head, to his dismay, his quirk wouldn't work. Void turned to him with an indifferent expression and slowly walked over to him.



"Don't try to use your quirk, Eraserhead," Shouta narrowed his eyes at her as she crouched of him with a cold stare, "I hear it can give you quite the headache."



Suddenly, there was a stabbing pain in his abdomen. Shouta could only stare in shock as Void plunged a knife in his stomach.



"Don't pull it out," Void mused as she walked off, "You'll bleed out faster if you do."



Static winked and waved goodbye to Shouta, "Bye bye, Eraserhead! It was a pleasure meetin' ya! My quirk should wear off in a minute or two!"



The two disappeared in the panicking crowd, taking off their disguises when they were far enough that Shouta wouldn't see their faces.



He grunted in pain as he tried to regain motion in his legs. This was a huge mistake... now he could only hope that everyone would be okay.

Hisashi roared as Izuku powered his quirk to pull himself out of his grasp. Izuku fell on his back, but quickly jumped to his feet.



His hair was singed, and, at some point, Izuku was sure it was on fire. But he didn’t need to worry about that right now.



Across from him, Dragon snarling. A quick, frantic survey of the area around Izuku showed that fire was surrounding them on nearly all sides. Izuku swallowed. He hoped the others had gotten out okay...



"You know, kid," Izuku jumped when Hisashi growled, "His could've been easy. I didn't have to do all this! All you had to do was let me talk to you, but no! You just had to be a hero."



Izuku narrowed his eyes, "You were the one who did this! All I did was try to stop you-"



"You didn't try to stop me," Hisashi snarled, "You tried to stop your Dad! What the hell is wrong with me, huh? What did I do to make you hate me so much? Huh?"



Izuku gulped. Looking into Hisashi's eyes showed how cross he was. How crazy. Izuku stepped back unconsciously, making Hisashi's eyes flash.



"Oh, now you're scared of me." He bared his teeth.



"I'm not scared of you!" Hisashi rolled his eyes.



"Of course you aren't. You're only shaking in your boots because the fire is so cold.”



"Dad, please," Izuku yelled, "Just surrender! I don't want to hurt you!" Hisashi frowned, and Izuku swore he could actually see guilt for a moment.



"I don't want to hurt you either, Izuku," Hisashi looked down, "You're my son. We shouldn't do this." Izuku's gaze softened.



"Then surrender," he said softly, "Please."



Hisashi looked at Izuku, almost pitifully. Izuku could actually see guilt and sadness.



What little humanity Dragon had left. Just Hisashi. Just Dad.



But it came back when Hisashi's gaze flitted to behind Izuku.



"Stand down, Dragon!" Izuku flinched as he heard a police officer yell from behind him. "You're surrounded! Give up without a fight!"



Izuku's breath caught in his throat as Dragon snarled. He turned around, turning to the officer with wide eyes.



"Run," he screamed, voice hoarse, "He'll kill you!"



The officers eyes widened, but didn't get a word in before Izuku was pushed to the ground, where his head collided with the ground painfully.



Izuku heard the officer yell something he couldn't catch when Izuku heard his father whispering in his ear.



"Sorry about that kid," Izuku felt cold, "But I'm gonna teach you a lesson."



"I'm going to show you what happens when you play hero." Izuku's head was turning as Hisashi picked up his head to face the officer, who was holding a gun up with wide, frightened eyes.



And just a second later, that same officer was engulfed in flames.



The next thing Izuku knew, there was screaming. And he wasn't sure if it was his own.