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Broken Family

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"-An attack on a local agency, now covered in flames-"

"-Civilians reportedly stuck inside-"

"-Casualty rate unknown-"

"-The villain Dragon was sighted-"

"-A serial killer reported to target pro-heroes-"

"-Heroes briefly battled-"

"-Current whereabouts unknown at this time-"

Inko turned off the TV, shaking so much she almost couldn't press the button on the remote. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to calm down her anxieties and think clearly. As she was doing so, she glanced at the front entrance. The door stayed still. There was no noise on the other side. Just complete and utter silence.

There was no one there. She wasn't sure if there should have been.

It was only a theory, but it had a lot of evidence to back it up. That Hisashi wasn't who he seemed.

That he was...

Inko breathed in and out.

Her husband wasn't a bad man, at least not on the surface. He cared for his family and made sure they were happy and well-fed. He genuinely cared for his son, adoring and loving the small Izuku, even after he was diagnosed quirkless. But there was something underneath him that scared Inko. Something almost malicious. Disappearing for days at a time, coming home at late hours claiming the dark stains on his jacket to be water. Interest in arson cases, especially ones involving a certain villain.

Of course, she still loved him. He never harmed her or their son, and she married him after all! He cared for his family. But Inko couldn't help but be afraid of him. Afraid of what he was capable of.

Before checking on her son, Izuku, who was sleeping soundly in his All Might themed bedroom, Inko checked the front door and locked it. If what she believed was correct, her husband wouldn't come home. But still, better safe then sorry.

Her mind wandered to what she saw on the TV.

So many innocent people. All to attack some heroes.

Dragon killed heroes, it's why he was such a feared villain among heroes. But that wasn't all he did. If innocent civilians were in the line of fire, he didn't hesitate to kill them too. He didn't care if innocent people got in the way. Dragon killed indiscriminately, and he did so with what seemed to be impunity, having not been caught after a confirmed 26 attacks.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Inko was startled violently from her thoughts, needed to hold onto the back of the wall to stop herself from shaking.

There was only one person who would call at this time.

Inko debated letting it go to voicemail before relenting after realizing that her son may wake up from the ringing. She didn't want him to catch wind of what was happening.

Hesitantly, she answered.


"A-ah, Inko?"

Inko swallowed.

"Hisashi," she feigned surprise," Is everything alright?"

Hisashi didn't answer at first. He seemed out of breath, and Inko could almost hear the panic in his voice, although he hid it well. "It's fine, Inko," he said roughly, almost daring her to press him, "Listen, I'm not sure if I'll be able to be home for... a while. I'm not sure how long."

Inko blinked, looking at the phone. She wasn't surprised, of course. Hisashi often called in the late hours of the night to say he wasn't going to go home for a while. But her mind wandered to the attack again. To what Dragon did.

"Of course," she said, trying not to let her voice tremble. Her husband sighed. It sounded like he was nervous. Inko wondered if she should worry that Hisashi wasn't hiding it.

"Listen, I don't know the next time I'll be able to call like this. I know it's late and he should be sleeping, but could you give the phone to Izuku? I'd like to say goodbye to him before I...leave."

Inko paused, ignoring Hisashi's last comment.

Yeah it was late! It was nearing 3 am. The only reason Inko was up was because she was expecting Hisashi to be home tonight and didn't want him to be too loud as he came in. Normally there weren't more than two attacks when he was away. It was late and she didn't want to wake Izuku up.

But that wasn't the only reason she wasn't going to wake Izuku up.

"No." Inko said firmly, ignoring the slight waiver in her voice, "He's asleep. I'm not going to wake him up."

Hisashi was quiet. Too quiet for Inko's liking, but she wasn't going to back down.

"Why?" Hisashi sounded hurt, but Inko couldn't find it in herself to feel sorry, "He's my son! I want to say goodbye, I-I can't just-"

"After what you did, I'm not sure you deserve to, Hisashi!"

"...Inko, please-"

"No!" Inko raised her voice for the first time during the phone call, "You can't call yourself his father and do things like this! I've turned a blind eye because I loved you!"

"Inko, what are-" Hisashi tried to speak, but Inko cut him off.

"And that's the thing! Loved. I'm not going to do this anymore, Hisashi. Lie to him. Lie for you! But I'm not going to tell anyone. For him. So he doesn't know what his father has done. Not for you. Goodbye, Hisashi." Good riddance.

Inko slammed the phone into the receiver with a deep inhale. Tears were going down her face. She shuddered, breathing in and out in order to calm her nerves. That was it. He wasn't coming back. If he knew what was good, he wouldn't come back.

"Mom?" Inko jumped, turning to Izuku, who was holding a blanket around his back and rubbing his eyes sleepily, "Who're you talking to?" His eyes widened and he jumped as he saw her tears. "Are you okay?"

Inko sucked in a breath and smiled, crouching so she was eye level with her son. "What are you doing awake, sweety?" She sighed as walked over to her and hugged her tightly. "It's late." Izuku didn't say anything, hugging her tighter.

"I heard you talking," he whispered, and Inko chuckled softly.

"It's nothing you need to worry about," Izuku frowned, and Inko could tell he wasn't sure what to say. But he nodded, saying nothing. Inko held back a sigh and picked her son up. He was too young to be worrying about her like this...

"Let's get you back to bed, then, huh?" Izuku nodded wordlessly and pressed his face into her shoulder.

He was only five years old and had to deal with so much. Being diagnosed quirkless, facing discrimination against his peers, and it even seemed like his only friend, Katsuki Bakugou, was becoming distant. Inko tried asking the boy's mother, Mitsuki, about it, but even her friend had trouble understanding the situation. And now his father.

She debated with herself whether or not to tell her son as she tucked him in, smiling gently as she did so. Then, Izuku interrupted her thoughts with a question.

"Were you talking to Dad?" Inko almost tensed, but unwilling to worry her son, she feigned a smile.

"Yes," she replied, wincing at the shakiness.

"Why were you so upset?" Izuku mumbled, avoiding eye contact. Inko's smile fell as she looked at her son, wondering what to say. Sighing, she pulled Izuku closer, and he wrapped his arms around her.

"Your father," Inko breathed, "won't be coming home for a while." She rubbed Izuku's back as he started crying softly, "I'm not sure if he'll be coming home at all." Izuku sobbed softly into her stomach, occasionally sniffing. Inko continued to comfort her son, rubbing circles on his back to comfort him.

"I-is it because of me?" Izuku choked out, "Because I'm quirkless? Because I'm useless?" Inko gasped and held her sons face in her hands, making eye contact him.

"Why would you think that?" she asked, trying not to sound upset and scare her son. Izuku sniffled and pulled away from her hands, looking at his own.

"I-it's just," he sniffed again, "I don't have a quirk, and-" his hiccuped, and hugged his mother again. Inko sighed, deciding to let it slide for now since it was so late. She hugged her son tightly, brushing his curly green hair to not only comfort her son, but herself.

"You're not useless, Izuku," she whispered, holding him closer, "You're father loves you more than anything. He left because he had to, not because he wanted to." She held Izuku even tighter if possible, crying now despite her wanting to stay calm for her son. "Everything will be okay, Izuku," she cried, "Everything."

Hisashi stood in silence and shock as Inko hung up on him.

She saw right through him.

He shouldn't be surprised, he made no effort to hide his crimes from her. Knowing how smart Inko was, Hisashi would have been surprised if she didn't know.

But the way she spoke to him just now made something inside him spark.

Literally and figuratively.

Screaming out in rage, flames spewed from his mouth, a trademark of the villain, Dragon.

The phone booth was quickly covered in flames, Hisashi in the middle of it.

A few minutes passed of Hisashi trying to calm himself in vain, crying out in anger every once in a while.

Inko knew. Inko didn't love him. That was fine, that was all fine, it was to be expected, actually.

But she didn't let him speak to his son. She didn't let him say goodbye to Izuku one last time, knowing that there was little to no chance of Hisashi ever being able to contact his family again.

How dare she.

Hisashi growled as he heard sirens in the distance. Some pesky neighbor must of noticed the commotion and called the police. And where there were police, there were pros. Hisashi snarled, but removed himself from the booth, calming patting off the flames covering his coat.

He made himself scarce quickly, and the police found nothing of note. Something Dragon prided himself on was removing any evidence.

Fire did the job quite well.

Dragon was never found that night. After a skirmish with many pro-heroes, it was speculated that Dragon had realized he was caught. Despite evading capture, Pro-Heroes all around Japan had sworn to capture Dragon and throw him behind bars.

Not only that, but now the Number One was on his ass. The mighty Pillar of Peace.

All Might.

Dragon might be proud of himself had it not been for the fact that it was the friggin' number one.

So that's why he later found himself in a isolated airport, deep in thought, only to be interrupted by a mutual's friend who agreed to help out.

"Yo, Drago," Hisashi huffed as he looked to his friend, who was jutting out his thumb at a plane behind his back, "flight's gonna leave soon. You best be goin' if you want to stay free." Hisashi scoffed as he picked himself up off the wall and stalked to the plane with a wordless wave to his old friend.

Someone who wasn't important for sure, but someone who knew how to keep their mouth shut.

Hisashi wondering if Inko would be the same.

He scowled.

If she knew what was good for herself, she would keep her mouth shut.

How lucky she was Hisashi didn't show up at the house for his final goodbyes.

He looked out the tiny window of the plane, looking as the landscape below became smaller and smaller as he left his home.

America. Hisashi scoffed. He had some contacts over there, so work would be good. But still.

He would return to Japan. If not for revenge, it would be for his son.

He would return home someday.