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An unsuspecting mouse came out to get food from the trashcan left open at the middle of night, now that none of the humans were around. The fat fat mouse walked out from the sewer hole and ran to the trash can. When when the mouse thought things were safe, that was when he was wrong. Catgil was well hidden on top of the trash can. As soon as the mouse ate the piece of chicken Catgil left as a trap, it jumped down and caught the mouse.

That was the life for Catgil since he left his mansion five months ago. Catgil was originally a rich man’s cat(king) but he had decided to live his life as a stray ever since he met Catkidu that somehow chase after a butterfly into to his backyard. Catgil was resting on his cushion at the veranda for the warmth, next to him was his high grade salmon fillet in golden bowl and the catwine. A special made by cat company for him.

“Nyann!!!!” Catkidu meowed as he jumped trying to blop the butterfly but he failed. Catgil raised his head from his nap as he heard a wild meow in his yard. Because he was the supposed to be the only cat in the big mansion.

Catgil fell for that stray cat almost instantly. “Nyan,” he meowed to the stray cat for attention. Catkidu noticed the call and looked up to the veranda of the huge mansion. Catgil grab a salmon fillet and then jumped down from the second story veranda. “Nya—“ he meowed again after he put down the salmon fillet, offering it to Catkidu.

“Nya?” Catkidu’s cheerful demeanor was like a charm. He titlet his head as he looked at the Catgil, asking if the salmon was for him.

“Nyan.” Catgil confirmed with a friendly meow. That fillet was a courting gift for Catkidu.

Catkidu was friendly(gluttonious) and instantly accepted Catgil’s salmon gift. He ate the fillet, enjoying the taste of high-quality fish. Not the one he usually ate in the trashbin or from what commoners fed him. This was very delicious. He enjoyed the fillet while Catgil watched him.

After he finished the fillet, he went to Catgil who had been watching him from twenty centimeters away. He purred and nuzzled on Catgil’s side face. “Nyaa~ nyaa~” he thanked for the food.

Catgil was pleased. He purred back and brushed their sides together. Catkidu was playful cat, he jumped on Catgil’s back. He playfully bit on Catgil’s ears.“Nyaa~”

After that, Catkidu would always come back to see Catgil everyday and they would play together. Catkidu would come and would nuzzle to Catgil and Catgil would give him food. They were very attached to each other.

But one day, They didn’t realize they were being watched. Old butler Moriarty saw Catgil with a lowlife stray cat. He was quickly alerted. He walked slowly, making no noises so the cats won’t notice him. And then, he grabbed on Catgil who was on top of Catkidu’s back and pushed him away while the other hand picked up Catkidu. Moriarty seperated them while they were halfway mating.

“Nya!?” Catkidu was shocked and tried to free himself, but a human was too much to resist. Old man Moriarty’s grip was hurtful. Catkidu trashed as he cringed in pain. “Nyan! Nyan!!”

Catgil also meowed loudly. He was angry at the butler for taking away his mate. “NYAAN!!!” His back raised up and he meowed violently towards the old man. Demanding him to return his mate. He would never allow anyone hurt Catkidu!

“No, young master. This is a stray cat, not suitable to be your mate,” Moriarty claimed as he disgustedly looked at the stray cat. He wouldn’t even want to touch this cat on normal basis. He would burn his gloves later. “We can prepare another cat for you, young master.”

And so, Catkidu was taken away as Moriarty ordered another servant to restrain Catgil as he took Catkidu away. But Catkidu wasn’t giving up. He bit on the old man’s hand and managed to free himself. Catgil took that chance and also jumped away from the annoying servant. He quickly followed Catkidu’s lead and they both ran away and eloped.

“Catch that cat! That cat’s got the inheritance!!! Don’t let him go!” Moriarty yelled and the servants in the area pursuited them. No way he was letting the cat that would own the mansion and the whole wealth once the old ownder dies run away. Moriarty needed the cat!

The servants tried to capture Catkidu, but Catkidu was a wild free cat. He knew how to run away from humans. Running and exploring was his hobby. “Nyan!” He meowed to Gil, prompting him to follow his lead.

They both jumped into the bushes and after running around to evade the human’s chasings, the slipped out from the garden gate when Catkidu always enter the mansion. And that was the beginning of their love story. A tragedy of a richman’s cat and a stray cat. A forbidden love.

Now, they had mated and were expecting a litter soon. Catgil swiftly captured the mouse. He bit that mouse to death and walked home. His home was the playground, and inside the big pipe, Catkidu was waiting for him in their nest of newspapers. A warm nest perfect for expecting cat. Their house.

“Nya!” Catkidu jumped and ran to Catgil. He purred and nuzzled to Catgil’s side. Catgil proudly put down his kill and offered it to Catkidu. Catkidu meowed again, praising him for his abilities to hunt such big mouse and Gil meowed back proudly. They shared the meal together.

After the meal, they curled up together in the nest. Catkidu was 45 days pregnant and he loved being affectionate with Catgil. Catgil was also proud and he was the one that made the nestling for his mate. He had been hunting fat mouses because Catkidu wanted to eat more.

Catkidu was about to doze off when there was a loud meow from outside. Some cats were fighting. And that pissed Catgil. Nobody distrubs Catkidu’s sleep! Catgil get up from the nest after licking Catkidu’s cheek and he walked out from the huge pipe.

Catjuna was pinning Catkarna under him. Both were purring loudly and were fighting again. The black cat, Catjuna hated Catkarna. Catkarna hit Catjuna’s face with his paw three times. That made Catjuna wanted to annihilate the white cat right now and there, but Catgil was mad and he was meowing at them.

“Nyaan...nya— NYAN!” He was complaining loudly about how they distrubed Catkidu’s sleep. “NYAN!! Nyan!” He warned them and ordered them to leave.

At that moment, Catfried took the chance. He grabbed on Catkarna’s nape with his mouth and pulled him out from Catjuna’s pinning, helping him. “Nyan(sumanai),” the bigger gray cat with black tips on its tail meowed to the angry cat. He grabbed on Catkarna’s nape again, and took him home.

Catjuna also went back to his home. Now that he got shooed. Catgil was a newcomer, yet he already took the full control of the playground. He defeated every cat that lived here and kicked them out by force. And where there were other cats coming by, like Catjuna or Catkarna, he would shoo them too.

From top of the slide, Catlock Holmes, a domestic cat that often came out for a walk at the midnight watched them. The dark blue cat was not a stray, just like how Catgil was. They had elite vibes.

Catlock grinned to Catgil. “Nya~” he greeted.

Catgil looked at him for a minute, after decided this cat wasn’t dangerous nor he would cause any problem, he left him be. After all, it was Catkidu’s bedtime and he didn’t want to keep him up for too long. He didn’t want anymore loud noises, plus, Catlock was just doing his business, doing his midnight walk before he go back home to dr.Watson’s house at the morning.

Catgil went back into the giant pipe and sat back to the nest. Catkidu licked Catgil’s mouth and nose and grinned happily. “Nyaan~“ he welcomed his mate back.


The next morning, a car drove pass the playground slowly, and the passenger saw Catgil entering the playground pipe with a big fish he stole from the market. The driver pulled his phone out from his breast pocket and dialed Moriarty’s number. “Head butler, I’ve found the cat.”


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Catgil was the king of the playground. Nobody. Nobody dare to defy him in his land. This playground belonged to him and Catkidu. Some strays lived here previously, Catcu and Catmiya were forcefully kicked out from the playground as Catgil fought him. As a loser, they had to leave. Since then, they had been homeless and were living from place to place. Stealing from the market and exploring the city for a better, unoccupied spot. For tonight, they would spend their night at this bench. Fun thing, someone left an opened can of tuna on the bench. They moewed and ate and they slept.

"Nyan?" Catmiya meowed in confusion as he felt he was moving. He opened his eyes and found himself in a cage inside a car. He was captured by the humans. "Nyan! Nyan!" He meowed louder as he called for Catcu.

"Nya," Apparently Catcu was on another cage on top of his. "Nya...' he was also capture. They were given sleeping drug in that can of tuna. It was a trap by the 'rescuers'. "Nya-" he meowed to tell Catmiya that he was fine.

And so, they were taken to the shelter and so, Catcu was neutered. Catcu cried and meowed lightly as he looked at his testicles already removed. He could no have his own kittens now. They were placed on cages across each other and every night, Catmiya tried to cheer him up. Catmiya was originally a domestic cat that was abandoned, so he was already spayed since the beginning. But for Cu, this was a torture.

"Nya..." Catmiya meowed to Catcu, telling him to be not so sad. "Nya, nya!" We got free foods here!, he said as he grabbed on the cage steel. "Nya-" It's okay. You can still have sex after this!

The other cats listened to their conversation. "Nya," Cathektor meowed, telling Catcu to just 'let it go' because this is life. The older cat had been in shelter for years and no human was adopting him. "Nya nya nya~" Just sleep and eat, que sera sera! Ossan has accepted it!

Catcu faced the back of his cage, he didn't want to look at Catmiya despite of how many times he called him. He regretted it. He wished he had talked to Catmiya the whole night because the next morning right when Catcu woke up, a family of three came into the shelter. "Illya, which one do you want?" Kiritsugu asked his daughter.

Illyasviel pointed on Catmiya. "This one!"

Catcu's eyes widened in shock. He watched as Paracelcus van Hohenheim, the shelter owner opened Catmiya's cage and handed him to the girl. Catmiya looked back to Catcu. "Nyan!" He called Catcu one last time before he was taken out from the room to the next one to do the paperworks.

Catcu trashed and slammed his body on the cage. "Nyan! Nyan!" He meowed loudly, refusing his Catmiya being adopted.

That was the last time Catcu saw Catmiya. Next week, when it was the cleaning time. Catcu jumped from Hohenheim's grip and ran away. He went back being a stray cat, but this time, alone. He tried to look for Catmiya after that, but it wasn't giving hi any lead. A cat like him couldn't do anything.

And as Catcu jumped above the fence of a small villa, a female cat inside the house watched him from the window. Cat Medb meowed as she was interested with the male cat. She jumped up and grabbed the window lock, and she opened the window. She jumped out and meowed to Catcu. "Nyan~"she meowed in cute manner.

Catmedb was a beautiful white cat with fluffy and soft white fur. She was a very expensive breed. She even had a ribbon on her head. And her paws were so clean. She walked circling Catcu as she purred in sensual manner, seducing Catcu. "Nyan~" she brushed their tails together as she meowed.

"Nyan, nyan, nyan?" Catcu meowed back, asking Catmedb if she know Catmiya.

"Nyan~" Catmedb replied, saying no. She had never seen such cat. "Nyan nyan?" She asked if Catcu would like to stay with her for a night.

"Nya-" Catcu refused, remembering he had just got spayed recently, he had no self confidence. He frowned down and went out from the villa, and keep looking for Catmiya.


Catkidu was out from the playground pipe and was enjoying the sunlight. Catgil was napping and sunbathing next to him. Catkidu licked Catgil's head and the body, cleaning him. Because they were clean cats, unlike some strays. Catkidu was big, and a little fat too. Catgil was master of hunting and robbing other cats' food. Catkidu had plenty of food to eat, a bit too much maybe. The mice and fishes and other foods Catgil brought home were always big chunks.

And Catkidu, when licking Catgil's thigh, fell on its back. He was getting a bit too heavy. Catgil woke up. Catkidu grinned and meowed playfully at Catgil. Catgil smirked and pressed on top of Catkidu's body, playfully licking the pregnant cat's face. "Nya~" Catkidu meowed a cute nya, happy with the affection.

Next to the playground, a black car was parked. Butler Moriarty was watching the cat couple. He and the other servants had cages and sticks with them, in order to get Catgil back into the mansion. Behind him, on the pesenger seat, was a man. Kotomine Kirei was a professional cat theft. He was the best in his business. No cats shall run from him. "It's daijyoubu. I'll capture that cat for you. I expect you pay the full fee afterwards." He said as he wore his gloves.

“That cat is a royal cat. If it dies, you’ll go to jail.” Moriarty warned Kirei once again.

Meanwhile, from a second story of a house's window, Catlock Holmes was witnessing the couple being targeted by the humans. He meowed and Watson looked at the cat's back as he was watching the outside. "What's wrong, Holmes?" Watson asked as he put down his pend and faced his chair to the dark blue cat.

Catlock Holmes meowed back to his human as he glanced back. Meanwhile, the other cat on the house, Catmerlin also jumped on the top of the couch back seat next to Holmes to join the movie. "Nya~" Catmerlin brought his cat snackbar with him to enjoy the show with his snack. Watson shrugged and went back to his work on prescribing medicine to his patient. Simply brushing it off as 'cats' doing their businesses.

Kotomine Kirei get out from the car tiptoed without the cats noticing. He had a small gun loaded with sleeping darts in it. He used the car roof at arm rest and aimed at the billionaire cat. The two cats were still licking each other without a care. And then, Kirei shot the dart. It struck on Catgil’s back. “Nya!!”

Catgil quickly jumped up and Catkidu turned and stood on his legs. “Nyan!?” Catkidu meowed, asking it Catgil was fine. But Catgil fell to the ground. That made Catkidu panicked and he licked at Catgil’s face and pushed him up with his own sides.

Kotomine Kirei went to the cats. He kicked Catkidu a meter away with his left foot and then he picked up Catgil. Catkidu got up and tried to save his mate by jumping on Kirei’s leg and bite on it, but Kirei picked him with his other hand and threw him away. Catkidu’s back hit the ground as it cried out sad noises. “Nyan—! Nyan—!” He called for Catgil, but he was unconcious.

Kirei put Catgil into the cage Moriarty brought with him. And they entered the car. Catkidu ran following the black car. “Nyan! Nyan! Nyan!” He cried out so loudly as he ran following the car. But he the car was getting faster and he couldn’t follow anymore. He stopped and watched the car went away, while still crying. “Nyaaan— nyann—“ Wait! Wait! Don’t go! Gil! Gil!

Catmerlin grinned as he ate the snack while watching crying Catkidu on the street, he was laying on his stomach as he chewed. Catlock Holmes sat straight as he monitored the car. He was witnessing a tragedy as Catkidu walked in circled, and meowed in sad cry, and walked forward a few steps, and cried again. He was crying for Catgil, asking him to come back. Calling Catgil everytime he cried.

And that loud cry invited the nearby resting Catfried and Catkarna. They were watching when the car drove away. “Nyan! Nyan! Nyan!” Catkidu moewed to the nieghboring couple, asking for help, telling then Catgil had been taken away.

Catkidu couldn’t stop crying. He chased after the car again despite of it had been long gone. And his loud meows attracted more attention. A large bulldog, Dogherc who was on walk with his owner chased Catkidu. The dog’s harness slipped from Kiritsugu’s hand and so was Catmiya’s. Now Catkidu was running for his life. He meow cried for help. Catfried and Catkarna tried to chase after them, but they were more at the back.

Dogherc managed to bite on Catkidu’s back. The sharp teeth bit into his back and Catkidu screamed moews as he bleed. And a mysterious cat suddenly jumped out from the bushes and bite of Dogherc’s face. That saved Catkidu but he was wounded. “Nyan—!” He cried as he watched his savior, Catmiya, brawled with the scary dog.

“Nyan! Nyan!” Catmiya managed to hit his paws six time in total on Dogherc’s face before Dogherc lost it and bit on Catmiya’s front right leg. Illya had trained him to be good to Catmiya, but it was Catmiya’s fault for being uncooperative.

“Heracles! Shoo! Stop that!” Kiritsugu came and he grabbed on the bulldog’s collar. “Stop! Bad boy!” He pulled on the dog but it was still barking.

Kiritsugu looked to the ground and found two wounded cats. Catkidu was trembling scared and his back was blleding and Catmiya was bleeding from his broken leg. “Nya... nya...” Catkidu was crying as he licked Catmiya’s broken leg.

Seeing a human, Catfried pulled Catkarna away. He didn’t want to risk anything, despite of Catkarna’s protest. Catfried bit on the nape, and pulled Catkarna into the bushes, hiding from the human and the bulldog.

Kiritsugu tied Dogherc on the pole nearby as he picked up the two wounded cats. He picked up Catkidu on stomach and noticed the cat was pregnant. This is bad, Kiritsugu thought. “Wait here, I’ll be back soon.” Kiritsugu told the dog as he took the cats home.

His home was nearby and he quickly asked Irisviel to grab him a box. “Dear, what happened?” Iri asked as she looked at the cats in worry.

“Heracles bit them,” He said put the cats into the box. “I tied Herc at the pole, can you pick him please? I’ll take these cats to the vet.”


Catgil wake up in his chambers again. The huge cushion in his big room with tall ceiling. He meowed for Catkidu but no reply. Catgil realized he had been taken home. He went to the window, and another, and another one. All of them were locked. And the door as well. It was closed. He scracthed on the big double door, asking to be let out.

And the door opened. The old butler looked down to the cat with evil eyes while smiling. “Young master, please don’t run away from home anymore. It’s causing us a lot of troubles.”

“Nyan!” Catgil glared to the butler.

“Bring her in,” Moriarty ordered and a beautiful fluffy cat was brought into the room. Catmedb smiled and meowed as she was put on the ceramic floor. The beautiful exotic breed cat was arranged to have children with Catgil for the inheritence. “Young master, this is a cat suitable to be your mate. Forget about that stray cat.”

“Nyan~” Catmedb said hello.

Catgil ignored here and tried to slip trough the door, but was quickly caught by the old butler. “Haha, young master is being wild,” he said as he examined the cat while raising him. “It’s all because of that stray cat.”

“Nyan! Nyan! Nyan!” Catgil meowed, insisting to be let go.

But it was all in vain as he was put on the ground carefully and the door was instantly closed. Catgil didn’t manage to slip away. Now he was locked in this room, with fillet of fishes, wine, and Catmedb. Which he wasn’t interested in. Catgil only wanted to go back to his playground home and see Catkidu again. “Nya...” Enkidu...