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well done gays

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Okay so maybe he had been talking about some explosions in Tony’s lab too loudly at lunch. But to be fair, it was hilarious. When MJ complained about it and suggested to just make a Twitter account and start using that as his outlet for all his stories she probably meant it as a joke.

Peter took it completely seriously.


#1 intern @starkintern bio: i got tired of keeping all of tony stark’s glorious moments to myself so here i am (he/him)
location: tony stark’s lab


#1 intern @starkintern

h e l l o


#1 intern @starkintern

this was a terrible idea i made this account to tell the world all the secrets of tony starks personal lab and now i cant think of what to talk about


#1 intern @starkintern

ok nvm tony just passed out in the middle of a rant about oscorp im gonna go get a sharpie and draw whiskers on his face byeeee



he need some milk @tonystarkstan

uhhh guys??? has anyone else noticed that @/starkintern account??? is this guy for real???


> our lord an saviour jesus christ @ironmam
i mean, i don’t know if its real but the idea of tony stark sleeping in his lab while some i intern draws on his face is hilarious

>> he need some milk @tonystarkstan ok true, im gonna follow and see what this guy comes up with. tony has not been feeding us well and even if its just a parody account, it might be entertaining anyways



#1 intern @starkintern

okay wtf why did i wake up to 5k followers??????


#1 intern @starkintern

ohhhhhhhh some accounts gave me shout outs!!!! thanks everyone :D


> he need some milk @tonystarkstan
okay but are you really tonys intern or not?? I’ve never heard SI talking about interns that have access to tony stark’s personal lab
>> #1 intern @starkintern wouldn’t you like to know?? ;)

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