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“Izuku! The T.V. is malfunctioning again!”

Izuku looks up from where he’s sitting with his phone charger in his mouth, feeling the gentle crackle of static as his quirk leaves his tongue. “Coming Mom, one second!”

He finishes what he’s doing with the code on his computer, watching the circuitry-like lines retreat back under his sleeves. The computer shuts off relatively quickly, and a yawn reminds him that he should probably take a quick power nap soon.

Despite this, he hurries over to the living room and presses both palms to the T.V., closing his eyes as bright green circuitry spreads from his fingertips to the screen.

=Alright Martha, what seems to be the problem.=

+Hacker I refuse to associate myself with that |{woman/killer/demon}| I refuse+

=Did she leave you on again?=

+You know she did. I just want to |{nap/charge/relax}| in peace+

=Maybe you should give her another chance.=



+She’s lucky you’re so |{sweet/kind/loving}| Hacker+

The television flickers on immediately, and Izuku blinks away stars. “Mom, make sure to turn off the T.V. tonight, okay? Martha’s getting tired of you leaving her on.”

“Oh dear, I thought that might’ve been the case.”

Benefits of having a quirk that deals with technology on an almost biological level were amazing and plentiful. The cons were too, with an annoying one being that the electronics around you began to gain a certain sort of awareness and personality. Which leads to exhausting antics and exploding electric toothbrushes.

Izuku sighs, before decided he needs a nice long nap. He needs to charge.

The second he hits the pillow he passes out, but god knows he’s not allowed to have a nice nap.

-Hacker your |{friend/companion/confidant}| is trying to |{speak/converse/talk}| with you-

Izuku groans. “Tell him I’m sleeping.”

“Oh, I mean—” =Tell him I’m sleeping.=

-He says that you can’t say that if you are asleep-

=Tell him to back off.=

-He is asking if you |{remember/recall/recollect}| your plans for today-

Izuku pales, slowly sitting up. =What plans?=

-The anniversary of your |{friendship/alliance/kinship}|-

He jumps from the bed immediately, running into a wall and carefully ignoring the error sound that echoes through the house.




“Wow, took you long enough. I was almost sure you forgot.”

Izuku chokes on air, damp curls bouncing with the movement. “Hitoshi, I would never—”

The other points an accusing finger from the other side of the table, moving slowly as to not disturb the cats on him. “ You totally did.

“I did not! You have no proof.”

Hitoshi crosses his arms. “You glitch when you get nervous. Look at your hand.”

Hesitantly, he peeks at his hands from under his lap and yep, those are definitely glowing green circuitry marks on his skin, yessiree.

He blushes and feels the crackling of electricity by his cheeks, opting to pet one of the roaming cats. Static electricity wasn’t a bad source of energy anyway.

“So aside from you being a forgetful idiot like always—”


Hitoshi smirks and takes a long, languid sip of his coffee. “—how’s life been for you so far?”

“...Well, Martha went off on Mom again.”

“Really? Has Linda been causing any trouble?”

“Linda’s not allowed to be in the same room as Martha anymore, she tries to give her viruses.”

Hitoshi winces. “Yikes. Do we have another toothbrush incident on our hands?”

Izuku shudders, circuitry running up the side of his face in twisting patterns. “Oh god, no.” The purple haired teen won’t stop laughing at his reaction.

Izuku’s known Hitoshi since he was 12, and vice-versa. They’re getting into UA together, that’s for sure. They had connected over petting cats and helping people, and they had already done one of those things.




“Okay, Izuku, hold it.”

Hitoshi I can’t.”

“Yes, you can! Mind over matter, you can hold it.”

“I’ve never held anything this big before with just ferrokinesis. Hitoshi. HITOSHI I CAN’T, I’M GOING TO DROP IT.”

“Okay! Okay, that’s fine— don’t drop it on me, go over there over there ” 

The motorbike hits the ground with a thud, and Izuku soon follows it. Electricity crackles at his fingertips, circuitry twisting over his features. “...I couldn’t hold it.” 

“Yeah, I can see that. Now get out of the sand, it’s filthy here.”

“Leave me be, Hitoshi. I need a nap.”

“I know you keep a few portable chargers on you, give it up.” 

Izuku laughs from behind his face mask, sifting his hands through the darkened sand. “Well, you got me there. But I’ve been using that side of my quirk for hours , now. Can’t we just switch to good ol’ flesh and bones.” 

Hitoshi stares at him for a few more moments, before rolling his eyes. “Get up.”

“But—” He feels a sense of something like static wash over him, and his body moves without his permission. Once it releases him, he gives Hitoshi a long-suffering look which only serves to make him start cackling.

They’ve been to this beach more than a few times before, working on cleaning it up both for some community service hours (to help with their admission into UA), for parts (mainly for Izuku and all of his gadgets) and for general training, (mostly for Hitoshi to pass the Hero Course exam, but it helps Izuku too).

“Hey, ‘Zukun.” Hitoshi gives the truck they’re pushing a particularly hard push.

“Yeah?” It’s a fluid bodily movement that substitutes for his push, helping the old tires move across the sand. He stuck a few iron spikes into the half-rotted rubber to help with the movement.

“Are you ever going to extend Linda’s—” a huff, accompanied by a grunt. “—reach?”  

“What do you mean?”

“I mean—” they push together again, the metal frame of the car finally giving into their efforts. “—right now she’s limited to the electronics in your house and the laptop, right?”

Izuku blinks, arms spinning in unison as he keeps the tires moving. “Oh, she can go wherever she wants now, as long as I haven’t blocked her from it. And even then, if she works hard enough she could probably get through it.” 

“Oh. That’s kind of scary.”

Izuku snickers. “If you think that’s scary, then you should hear what she said after I showed her Terminator.” 

“After you showed Linda what.


At the end of the whole ordeal, Izuku’s lungs were aching from two things: pushing things around with his quirk for so long, and laughing ‘till he couldn’t breathe.