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Slow dancing in the dark

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Bakugou awkwardly waits at the door of Asui Tsuyu’s house. Him and Tsuyu were going together to UA’s first ever Prom. The incident asking each other out was an awkward but cute gesture.

Bakugou didn’t like going into it. He was no good at feelings, romantic or platonic. They had actually been set up together by Mina, the best wingwoman, well she says anyway.

A few soft muffled footsteps were heard from outside the wooden door. The door was opened by Tsuyu’s mother. She smiled at him genuinely. “You must be Tsuyu’s date. It’s lovely to meet you.”

Bakugou smiles for once in his life. “It’s nice to meet you as well. You can call me Katsuki. Is Tsuyu ready?” He asks. He didn’t like being late.

“Hang on, hun,” She turns away from the door and looks up the stairwell. “Tsuyu, your date is here!”

“Coming!” A voice called from above.

“She’ll be here in a minute.” She smiles again.

Bakugou nods as he was invited into the house. He sat down on the family couch waiting for her. He looks at the picture frames placed on the fireplace. There were pictures of Tsuyu and her siblings looking very young, her and her parents and various pictures of relatives.

But one caught his eye. The school photo of their first year at UA. Of course, nobody was sitting like they were supposed to. Todoroki was motionless next to Momo, Momo and jirou were holding hands and in mid-laughter. Mina and Ochako had their arms on each other, Sero, Kaminari, Kirishima, Mineta and Shouji were sprawled on the ground leaning on each other and posing stupidly. Tsuyu was next to Tokoyami, smiling that pure smile.

He picks up the photo frame and examines it carefully.

He searches for himself and finds himself next to Deku, his mouth in a horrid scowl.

Bakugou’s smile falls when he sees Deku. It had been a year since Izuku died and he still wasn’t over it. He still remembers the funeral, how All Might cried, Inko devastated, everyone else crowded around the grave. It was a devastating day.

“Bakugou.” A voice said from behind him.

Katsuki flinches and drops the photo frame. Tsuyu picks it up from the ground and sighs. “We were all so carefree at that age.” She smiles.

“Oh, Tsuyu.” Bakugou said, realising it was just her.

“You were looking at Midoriya, weren’t you?” She asks although she already knew the answer.

Bakugou looks down and nods. “Well,” Tsuyu puts the photo frame back on the fireplace. “Let’s go enjoy this for him.”

“Yeah, let’s not get depressed about Deku now.” He chuckles. Tsuyu nods, grabbing Bakugou’s hand and lacing her fingers between his.

Bakugou looks down at their hand and then at her. He didn’t even realise her beautiful dress until now.

The dress was a light green, matching her hair. It went down to her knees. The dress showed the right things and was tight around the right places. It was silky and layered. She had black heels on and black socks that went up to her knees.

It looked beautiful on her.

“Do you like it?” She asks after noticing Bakugou staring.

“It’s beautiful on you. You look like a princess.” He smiles. Bakugou wasn’t much for compliments.

They both walk to the door, Bakugou hired a limo for the situation.

“Wait!” Tsuyu’s mom calls out from behind them.

They both turn around to see her holding an old camera.

“Care for a picture?” Bakugou asks Tsuyu although he already knew the answer.

Bakugou puts his arm around her waist. They both smile for the photo. Tsuyu’s mom takes the photo with a click.

“Have fun kids! But not too much fun!” She says, kissing them both on the cheek.

“Dont worry Miss, we’ll be fine. I’ll protect her with my life, but knowing her, she won’t need my protection.”


When they arrived at the prom, almost everyone was already there. Most people had dates, some were just there with their friends. Hagakure and Ojiro came up to them, saying how cute they looked together.

As they were talking, Bakugou looks over at everyone who came together. Momo and Jirou came together by the looks of it, denying Mineta for whatever he was asking them. Probably something perverted. Hagakure and Ojiro were clearly here together. Iida and Ochako, Deku’s friends, came together.

It was surprising that he even remembered their names. They had actually become closer after the years and Deku’s death.

Sero and Kaminari had come together and were currently spiking the punch.

They’re not very secretive. Tokoyami and Shouji, Mina and Kirishima and Kacchan didn’t bother looking at anyone else. Everyone else was either from different classes or he just didn’t care about.

The music that was playing went slower in tempo. Couples moved to the dance floor.

Tsuyu looks up at Bakugou. “Come on Katsuki. We should go dance.” She said happily.

How could Bakugou say no to that?

They followed Hagakure and Ojiro out onto the dance floor. Bakugou almost automatically knew the song.

Deku played it a lot when they were kids when Bakugou was at Auntie Inko’s house.

Katsuki put her hand on her waist and and held her hand. Tsuyu put on hand on his shoulder. They swayed slowly from side to side at first. They both surprised each other with their dancing skills.

“I don’t have you here with me but at least I have the memories~”

Tsuyu looks down at their feet as she recites the program she practised with Momo. She went to her asking for dance practice, since she couldn’t dance a step.

Kacchan thought she was going quite well.

“I’m just thinking ‘bout you. Thinking ‘bout you.”

Tsuyu was caught by surprise when Katsuki spun her out, in the rhythm of the song. She was brought back into his strong chest.

He had filled out more over the years, Tsuyu found out in one of the best ways. She blushes slightly.

He brought her back out, her hair flowing out. It was as if in slow motion. Her green hair flying out, her smile wide and happy. Her tongue snuck its way out to rest on her upper lip.

It was quite a sight. The song slowed down as he brought her back into the original position.

The song was closing to an end. The soft rhythm and melody. Bakugou made a bold move.

He placed a hand on her back and held her hand tighter. He dipped her low to the ground, their faces inches apart.

He could practically feel Mina, Kirishima, Sero and Kaminari smirk from there. They stayed there for longer than seems necessary.

Everyone else had stopped dancing and was clapping at the DJ. The DJ, no surprise, was Present Mic himself. Which just added to the craziness.
“Um, Bakugou?” Tsuyu asked.

“Yeah?” Bakugou asks, his voice breathless and husky after dancing.

“Could you maybe pull me up. We’ve been like this for a while.” Bakugou blushes slightly and pulls her up from the position. He lets go of her hand as she stands up properly.

They both look at each other, awkwardly rubbing the back of their necks.

“Those two are so oblivious.” Mina mutters, annoyed. Sero and Kaminari nod along with her.


“Thanks for the ride home.” Tsuyu thanks her date. Bakugou grunts in acknowledgment. Such a gentleman.

They both walk up to Tsuyu’s step to her house, turning to each other.

“Thanks for taking me, Katsuki. I had lots of fun tonight!” She smiles. She grabs Bakugou’s scarred hands and clasps them tight.

Bakugou smiles. It was a rare sight. “I had a fun time too.”

It was silent. Just standing there together, not doing anything but looking at each other. Thoughts ran through both of their minds.

‘Am I supposed to kiss her?’ Bakugou thought to himself. Tsuyu looks down at their hand, which were still intertwined.

Before Katsuki could make a move, Tsuyu stands up on her tippy toes and quickly kisses him. She was much shorter than him so she had to stand on her tippy toes, which Bakugou found adorable.

She stayed there in that position, their lips connected warmly.

Tsuyu stands back down properly, blushing slightly. “T-thank you for this night.” She croaks before quickly opening the door and leaving in a frenzy.

She closes the door and leans against it. She slowly slides down it until she was on the ground. The girl squeals quietly and holds her hands together. Her blush had grown.

Bakugou stood there, almost paralyzed. Before smiling.

Maybe prom wasn’t so bad after all….