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So Take a Deep Breath

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Waking up while it’s dark out is one of the weirdest things Blue has experienced. Even after nearly five days, he still feels a sense of whiplash. It feels weirdly wrong to be awake while everyone sleeps and sleep while the rest of the world is awake. It leaves him feeling oddly detached and more tired than usual, but he tries not to dwell on that feeling for too long.

He just knows that taking the night shift means his brother comes home when he leaves.



LV 3

ATK 01   DEF 10

Isn’t sure what to think anymore.

HP 33 / 33


Blue tries to ignore the bitter taste in his mouth as he checks his brother’s stats before he leaves. He hasn’t needed to do daily checks in nearly five years. He doesn’t like that he has to do it again.

Though, he should’ve seen it coming. He’d grown too comfortable with the steady thirty-five. Of course, it was bound to continue to drop sooner or later. He shouldn’t have been so careless.

He’s pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of crunching snow. He checks the time with a sigh and quickly scans the area. This is usually the time that Ugly Fish goes home.

Blue sucks in a sharp breath. That’s not Ugly Fish. He shifts to hide himself behind the chimney stack. He knew sitting on the roof would be his best bet.

He watches as Fell slinks back into the shadows of Muffet’s. Ugly Fish has just left and walks right past the hiding monster, blissfully unaware of the two sets of eyes on him.

He concentrates his magic as much as he can and teleports. He lets out a quiet sigh of relief at the sight of the back entrance to Muffet’s. Fell is barely creeping out of the shadows, attention mostly trained on the back door. Blue frowns hoping Fell isn’t thinking of breaking in. Muffet’s is still open for business, there are monsters in the building that would surely spot him.

Much to his horror, Fell makes a beeline for the dumpster. Blue can feel his Soul cry out for the other. No one should have to live like that.

Concentrating his magic to teleport is much simpler this time.

Fell brandishes his knife in an instant, killer intent rolling off him in waves.

Blue can’t help his reaction as he stumbles back at the sudden wave of malice that hits him. If this is what Doggo had experienced, he’s surprised at how calm the monster had been.

The sense of malice stops as abruptly as it had started. Blue’s left staring owlishly at Fell. He sees shame briefly cross the other monster’s features before his expression becomes guarded once more.

Blue realizes he never planned on what to do once he found Fell.

“It’s late,” Fell accuses wearily. “What are you doing out so late?”

“Well,” Blue says keeping a light tone. “I’ve taken night watch since you broke into Doggo’s shop almost a week ago.”

Fell shifts and his expression hardens. Blue notes that he looks like he’s about to run. “I’m not going to let you arrest me,” he says threateningly.

Blue frowns. “I’m not going to arrest you− I don’t want to arrest you!” He admits. “I just want you to come home.”

Fell stiffens for the briefest of moments before quickly recomposing himself. “Why?” He spits. “So that your brother can execute me?”

Blue flinches. Fell takes the opportunity to run.

“Wait!” Blue calls running after him. Stars above, Fell is fast! But Blue refuses to lose him again!

He’s never been more thankful for his ability to teleport, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to keep up. They’re out of the town and deep in the woods before he knows it. He nearly crashes into the trees more than a few times from how quickly he has to move to keep up with Fell.

The teleporting is tiring him out quicker than he’s expecting. He pushes past the sudden fatigue. He’s scared of losing track of Fell; it feels like losing him now would mean losing him for good. “Please stop!” he shouts desperately. “Fell!”

Blue lets out an undignified yelp as he slams into Fell. Pain shoots through his arm as they careen into a nearby tree. Seems like he overshot the jump.

Despite the pain in his arm he latches onto the closest part of Fell that he can. “Will you just stop it already!” He grits his teeth against the pain as Fell’s claws dig into his arms and back. It’s hardly a detriment to his HP; much like when Alphys accidentally scratches him in her excitement.

He tightens his grip. Fell, despite wanting to get away, refuses to consciously hurt him. That’s more than enough proof that he’s not a bad person!

Blue knows it’s going to be a low blow, but he refuses to let Fell and Red spend any more time sleeping in the woods.  “If not for yourself, then do it for your brother!” He shouts. “Don’t let him die out in the cold!”

In an instant, Fell stops struggling. “Why do you care so much?” He asks. The exhaustion and weariness in his voice is too much for Blue.

“I don’t know,” Blue admits, “but I do.” He feels Fell sag in his hold. Blue opens his eyes not having realized he’d closed them in the struggle. He has his arms around Fell’s chest with one of his arms trapped between them. His Soul clenches painfully in his chest at the look of defeat on Fell’s face.

“I hurt you.” He says with that same tired tone.

“I don’t care!”

“I almost killed you and your brother.”

“But you didn’t!”

“I’ll hurt you and your brother in the future.”

“Not on purpose!”

“How can you be so sure!” Fell suddenly snaps angrily. “Just fucking look at me! My LOVE has twisted me into a stars-damned beast! I am built to hurt others!”

“I am looking at you! And you are so much more than your LOVE!” Blue insists fixing him with a hard look. He lets the full force of his Judgment course through him and turn his eyelights a blazing yellow. “I see it in the gentleness you use when handling your brother. I see it in how you helped a lost child without expecting anything in return. I see it in how you let your LOVE scare others off instead of harming them. I see it in the way you don’t want to hurt me!”

Fell looks away, unable to hold his gaze for long. “You are by far the strangest monster I’ve ever met.”

Blue smiles. He finally releases his hold now that he’s sure Fell won’t try to run. “Not everyone can be as amazing as the Sansational Sans,” he grins offering a hand to Fell. “Now come on, let’s get you and your brother under a roof and into a warm bed.”

Fell reaches for his hand before pulling away at the last moment. Blue tries not to show his disappointment but lets it go. Fell didn’t run so he’s happy enough with that.

Fell’s pace is much more subdued now as he leads Blue through the woods.

“So, what happened to your gloves?” Blue asks.

Fell doesn’t answer right away as he continues to lead them through a seemingly random route. “They’re drying,” he eventually says.

Blue frowns. That sounds… not good. The rest of the walk is spent in silence. Blue can’t think of anything else to say and Fell doesn’t seem to want to talk either.

Eventually, they come to a small alcove. It takes Blue a while to recognize the place; it’s the wall the large door lies on. It’s incredibly off the beaten path, but definitely in the direction that Dogaressa and Dogamy had taken him.

The first change of clothes Blue had given Fell and his brother that initial night are lain out on the floor. Fell’s gloves and armor sit next to them as well, with less care put into them. Fell stops to pick up his gloves and put them on despite how the frozen water soaking them cracks and crunches.

It takes Blue a moment to finally see Red. He’s hidden pretty well in the back of the small cave. He’s wrapped in the tattered brown blanket and that red scarf.

“I’ll carry the clothes,” Blue offers the moment he notices Fell start to stack them. He’s glad that Fell lets him do at least that much. Though it’s likely so Fell can carry his brother himself.

He’s expecting the clothes to crunch like the gloves had. Though, to his surprise, they don’t. There are a couple crunches around the thicker parts of the fabric, but nothing like Fell’s gloves.

Blue turns to Fell with a reassuring smile once he’s collected all the clothes and the armor. “Ready?” He asks. Fell just nods stiffly.

He can practically feel the tension and weariness rolling off Fell as they walk. He wants to say something to reassure the other; something to calm him down. He draws a blank.

They stick to the outskirts of town despite the late hour. It seems a little excessive to Blue, but if it makes Fell feel safe, then he’ll gladly oblige.

He frowns upon seeing the living room light on. His brother isn’t one to leave the lights on, so that must mean he’s awake. Blue really would have rather tell his brother about Fell the following morning. He quickly feels guilty about the thought. Pushing the explanation for later is exactly what had landed them in their current predicament.

Blue pushes the front door open— only mildly annoyed that it’s not locked— and instantly spots his brother on the couch.

Stretch is instantly on his feet. “bro whatre…” he trails off as he focuses his attention behind Blue. “You.”

Blue enters the house and holds the door for Fell. He frowns seeing Fell shift to put himself between Stretch and his brother.

“If you attack me now,” Fell says coldly. “I promise your death.”

Blue’s about to scold him when he catches sight of Red. He feels his Soul sink. Out in the dark he hadn’t realized how poor Red’s condition was. The Fallen skeleton is already looking grey. “Come on,” he says redirecting Fell’s attention. “Let’s get you upstairs.”

They don’t get far before Stretch grab’s Blue by the arm and pulls him away from Fell. “Why are you hurt?” He asks accusingly.

Fell stiffens so briefly it’s barely noticeable. “That would be my fault,” he says evenly. “I was not wearing my gloves at the time, so when your brother latched onto my ribcage, my claws scratched him while I attempted to get him off.”

Stretch growls at the other monster. His grip tights on his brother unconsciously and Blue has to hold back a wince of pain. “It wasn’t on purpose!” Blue insists. “It’s like when Alphys does it!”

Stretch clenches his jaw as he looks between the two. He’s still clearly unhappy about the injuries, even if they were an accident. “Why weren’t you wearing them then?” He challenges.

“They were drying,” he says evenly.

Stretch makes a skeptical noise. “Drying."

Fell squares his shoulders despite keeping himself between Stretch and his brother. Shame flashes over his features again so briefly Blue wonders if Stretch even noticed it. “Yes, drying,” he grits out.

“And what would you be doing that would get your gloves wet?” Stretch asks.

“If you must know,” Fell spits. “I was washing what little clothes we have in the river.”

Blue feels sick having his suspicions confirmed. He glances at his brother when he feel’s the other’s grip on his arm suddenly go slack. Stretch is slack-jawed in surprise, and hopefully guilt.

“Any more questions?” Fell spits.

Blue quickly detaches himself from Stretch to return to Fell’s side. “No,” he answers for his brother. He urges Fell on, trying to keep a friendly tone to his voice. “All the stuff I gave you is still upstairs. I’ll put your clothes in the wash and get you something warm to eat,” he offers. “How does that sound?”

Fell scrutinizes him for a moment before nodding stiffly. “That would be appreciative.”

Blue quickly glances at his brother who looks away guiltily. 



LV 3

ATK 01   DEF 10

Isn’t sure what to think anymore.

HP 33 / 33


He breathes a silent sigh of relief. His HP didn’t drop.

They make it to Fell and Red’s room without further incident. Blue rushes to close the still open window. “Sorry,” he says in a rush. The room’s cold and there’s a bit of snow on the floor in front of the window. “I’d left it open in case you wanted to come back…”

“You really are a strange monster,” Fell comments setting his brother on the bed. “For being the Judge.”

Blue shifts uncomfortably. “A−about that,” he says hesitantly. Fell’s attention is on him so quick he falters.

“You don’t want your brother to know,” he observes.

Blue nods.

Fell scrutinizes him again. Blue has trouble not shifting nervously under his gaze. “Very well,” he eventually says.

“Thank you,” he breathes.


Blue tries not to feel guilty ignoring his brother’s scrutinizing gaze as he put’s Red and Fell’s clothes to wash and takes food up for him. Stretch hasn’t voiced his discontent with the situation, but it’s very apparent.

“Hey, Stretch?” He says waiting for his brother to respond. It’s been two weeks and his brother still has trouble remembering to respond to that name.

“er yeah bro?”

“I still have to go back to my night patrol,” he explains. “Can I trust you to put the clothes in the dryer when they’re done and not pick a fight with Fell?”

Stretch presses his teeth together. “okay bro” he says. “i just… i hope you know what yer doin”

Blue gives his brother a relieved smile. “Thank you, brother!” He says happily. He gives his brother a tight hug in gratitude. “And I promise to explain everything tomorrow!”