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The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

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“Mic! Watch out!” Siren, his mentor, called out a little too late. Hizashi was sent flying through the air by the airwaves sent out by the villain’s quirk and slammed into the nearest building with enough force to knock the air from his lungs. “I said STOP MOVING,” She shouted with the full force of her quirk, causing the villain to freeze on the spot. “That’s better.”

Mic grunted as he pushed himself onto all fours from the ground, watching as Siren pulled the villain’s wrists together to put quirk canceling handcuffs on him. “Holy fucking shit I think I broke a rib and it hurts like hell, ow,” Hizashi groaned, but was caught off guard by what came out of his mouth. He had meant to say something witty about the villain’s quirk or being caught so easily, not talk about how much pain he was in.

“You okay, Mic? I’ve never actually heard you curse before. That must have been some hit!” Siren called out, steering their captured villain towards him.

He frowned and tried to apologize for his unprofessional outburst, but instead he said, “I actually usually curse like a drunk sailor but honestly I feel like I can’t do that around you since this is like work shit and I need to be professional or something. And yes, it fucking hurts a lot.” Oh god, he could feel his face flush in embarrassment. He couldn’t control his mouth. Sure, his friends joked about that all the time, but he really couldn’t control anything that came out.

The villain snorted, “That would be my fault. Side effect of my quirk. You won’t be able to lie until it wears off. And I mean, you’ll probably just say the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you talk. It’s pretty funny. It’s kind of like you just don’t have a filter.”

“Are you shitting me?” Mic cried, lunging forward to fist the villain’s jacket in his hands, “I have school tomorrow you dickhead! I can’t have my teacher ask me what 2+2 equals and yell out some shit about how Shouta’s hair looks soft because I wasn’t paying attention!” Siren opened her mouth to interject, but apparently the effects of his quirk were quite strong. Hizashi kept barreling through, “Oh my god, how am I supposed to talk to my best-friend-slash-love-of-my-life? He doesn’t even know I have a crush on him and I think about him literally all the time. Someone is going to ask me what happened tonight and I’ll just tell them that Shouta is the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen or something. Oh my god I can’t go to school tomorrow, my life is ov-.”

“Wow, okay. Mic stop talking,” Siren instructed, using her quirk to force him to shut his mouth. If he could talk, he would thank her. As it was, he hoped she could tell from the look in his eyes that he appreciated her help. The villain was shaking with laughter at his expense, but she flashed him a reassuring smile, “Okay, it’s going to be fine. You can stay home from school tomorrow. First things first, we have to take him to the police station. Can you make it there for medical attention for your ribs or should I call an ambulance?” He help up one finger to indicate the first one. She nodded and smiled a bit wider now that she knew he wasn’t injured too badly, “At the station, we’ll get you patched up and you’ll be done for the night. And you,” Jerking on the villain’s arm, she leveled a fierce glare at him, “How long does it last? Can it be reversed?”

“And why the fuck would I tell you?” He sneered, crowding into her space in an attempt to intimidate her. Despite the six inches he had on her, she seemed unphased.

“Because we can do this the easy way, you tell us and move on, or the hard way, which means I use my quirk to force you to tell us,” She countered, eyes narrowing in challenge.

He drew back from her glare, the fight draining out of him, “It lasts like 24 hours. Probably. It’s not always the same. I guess it depends on how much you usually lie? Average is like 24 hours though.”

Hizashi whined and frowned, but Siren rubbed his back in a motherly fashion, “Don’t worry, Mic. A day isn’t very long. You’ll be fine.” Her voice was soft and comforting, just like he had seen her talk to her own kid the day they met. He was glad he couldn’t talk in that moment because he might have called her mom because of this stupid truth quirk.

As it was, he totally believed her. Everything would be fine.


Hizashi sighed as he walked into school, readjusting his mask to pull it higher over his nose. If he was lucky, everyone would just assume that he was sick and wouldn’t try to talk to him. He could totally make it a full day without talking. Probably.

It lasted about twenty seconds inside the classroom before he broke. “Hey Hizashi! What’s up today?”  Tensei asked jovially, throwing an arm over Hizashi’s shoulders as soon as he was within reach.

“I got hit with a quirk last night during my internship and now I can’t help but spew out the damn truth to everything anyone asks me and I’m panicking and I probably should have stayed home today because I can’t stop myself from talking way to much and oh my fucking god,” Hizashi managed to stop himself by clamping a hand over his mouth; his mouth was still forming words, but at least now they were muffled by the mask and his hand.

Tensei’s arrow hooked eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, “Then why are you even here?”

He lifted his hand for the words to flow out just as easily as the first time, “Because, well, we have an English quiz after lunch and I didn’t want to miss it. I also promised Shouta we would go to the arcade today. Plus I can totally still take notes and do school and shit, but like I just need to not talk all the time?”

“Hizashi,” Sekijirou called from his desk, “You can’t shut up on a normal day.”

Despite there only being a handful of people in the classroom this early, the whole room erupted with laughter. Hizashi felt his cheeks heat up but he laughed good naturedly along with everyone, “Ha ha very funny, but if I start to say anything stupid or embarrassing, I’m counting on my wonderful friends to cover for me, got it?” He jabbed a finger playfully in Sekijirou’s direction and was met with a terse nod. That’s probably the best he would get from him. Tensei gave him a thumbs up and he felt better about his chances of surviving the day than he had.

His classmates politely avoided any topics that would lead Hizashi into an embarrassing outburst. He was beginning to think that he wouldn’t have any issues all day.

That is, until Shouta walked into the room. Hizashi knew he was staring, but really, could anyone blame him? His black hair had grown out in the past three years of high school, falling in loose waves around his shoulders. Once he hit puberty, Hizashi hadn’t been able to convince him to shave as often as he needed to and his chin was always dotted with stubble. He always complained about how it was tacky but secretly? He adored it. His stormy grey, red rimmed eyes locked onto Hizashi as soon as he walked into the room and he started his trek over to his best friend. He had bulked up over the course of their high school career, almost as tall as Hizashi himself now and definitely beefier. Hizashi could practically feel himself drooling behind his mask.

“Hey,” Shouta offered as he dropped his bag onto his desk and slid into his chair.

Hizashi sighed in relief at Shouta’s normal, short greeting. He was almost certain if he had asked “what’s up?” or anything like that, he would definitely have confessed his crush that was three years in the making. The one that he’d developed on Shouta the day he tossed his ass in the dirt and won the first year sports festival. That one that he kept a secret and guarded with his life because having Shouta in his life as his best friend was too wonderful to risk losing over a stupid crush.

Thankfully, Shouta immediately put his head down for a nap. Once Hizashi was sure he was soundly asleep and snoring, he turned to Tensei. “Dude, you have to keep me from talking to Shouta.”

What?” His friend looked incredulous at this request, but Hizashi thought it would have been obvious as to why. “Sorry Hizashi, but I don’t think that’s possible. You literally spend every waking second trying to talk to him. He’ll notice if you don’t talk to him at all today. Plus, you would probably spontaneously combust if he didn’t pay attention to you at least for two minutes out of every hour you’re awake.”

Hizashi frowned and opened his mouth to argue, but what came out was, “I wouldn’t spontaneously combust but I might cry or something.” He sighed and tried again, “I mean, not really cry but like I would definitely be sad about it.” That was probably the best he was going to get, so he quit before he could dig himself further into a hole, “Anyway, that’s exactly why you can’t let me talk to him. If he even looks at me, I’m going to end up professing my weird ass love for him or something so please please please just help me out here, man. I’m literally begging. I will get on my knees if you want.”

Sekijirou snorted a laugh at that; Tensei shook his head with a smile on his face, “Okay fine, I’ll do my best to help you, but no promises. Also, he’s definitely going to notice if you go to the arcade with him and don’t talk the entire time.”

“I will cross that bridge when we come to it, ya dig?” Hizashi flashed them a wide grin that looked much more confident than he actually felt and wagged some finger guns at them. They both laughed and he counted himself lucky to have them in his corner today.

Lucky for him, Shouta slept all the way until class started. And through most of their classes, to be perfectly honest. He slept straight through the end of class and the beginning of their lunch period as well. That wasn’t entirely unusual for him though, so no one really batted an eye at it.

Classes hadn’t been hard to get through. Hizashi refrained from raising his hand in all classes except English, since he knew there was no way he would get a question wrong. There had been one time during a break between classes that one of their classmates asked Hizashi who the cutest person in the class was, but Tensei had launched into a lecture over objectifying their fellow classmates while Sekijirou quickly asked Hizashi what his favorite color was in order to stop the flood of Shouta worship that had been about to spill out. He breathed a sigh of relief at the sleepy, glazed over look in Shouta’s eyes that mean the hadn’t been listening anyway.

Hizashi had made it all the way until lunch without any mishaps. He was feeling great about his chances for the day when Thirteen, a kid from Class 1B, walked into his class. He totally forgot he had promised to tutor them during lunch today, but that would be fine! They were just going to ask English questions. That would totally be something he could handle.

He chanced a quick look at Shouta’s sleeping face and at that exact moment, Thirteen was close enough to call out, “Hello, Mic-Senpai! What’s on your mind today?”

Oh no.

“Aizawa Shouta is the single most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on,” He said, his mouth moving of its own accord and it had no intention of stopping there, “He’s absolutely wonderful and I’ve been in love with him since the first year sports festival but I can’t ever tell him because what if he hates me? Oh fuck that would be the worst thing that ever happened to me. Have you ever seen his eyes? I swear I’ve never seen something so wonderful. Also? He’s got a great ass -,” Someone finally clapped a hand over his mouth to put him out of his misery. He could feel his face burn underneath his mask as he prayed that Shouta didn’t happen to wake up during that monologue.

He glanced up to see Sekijirou shaking his head at his expense, his arm wrapped around Hizashi’s head and his hand over his mouth. Tensei smiled warmly and patted Thirteen’s shoulder before guiding them towards his desk, “Sorry about that! Hizashi got hit by a truth quirk last night so I would really appreciate if you kept what just happened between us. I’ll tutor you today while Sekijirou takes him somewhere to try to get his raging hormones under control, okay?”

Thirteen nodded cautiously, sparing a glance over their shoulder at Hizashi and Sekijirou, who was snickering at him while still covering his mouth. “Alright, up. We can go to the bathroom and see if we can calm you down but if not, I’m going to take you to a teacher and make you go home.”

Hizashi nodded stiffly before Sekijirou would remove his hand. He followed silently behind his white haired friend out of the classroom and down to the mostly unused bathroom down the hall. Hizashi was scared to open his mouth again, but at least this time it was to someone who already knew about his ridiculous crush instead of a poor first year who was probably terrified of him now, “Thanks, Sekijirou. I didn’t think I would be that dumb, sorry.”

“Can you repeat that so I can record it really quick?” He shot back, a grin on his lips. He huffed a small laugh and shook his head at Hizashi. Wow, he seemed to be doing that a lot today. “Seriously, Hizashi, I think you should go home. I get that you wanted to come to school and you don’t wanna miss anything but you really shouldn’t be putting yourself in a situation like this if you have major secrets from your best friend like your little crush.”

“Sekijirou, you don’t understand,” He bemoaned, sliding his back down the wall to sit down on the ground and drop his head into his hands, “It’s not just a crush. I love Shouta. I do. With all my heart. Or at least as much as I understand about love? I’ve never felt this way before. I mean, I used to have like crushes on girls and boys in middle school and like a couple during first year but it’s not like that with him. He makes me so fucking happy I don’t even know how to handle it. The first time I heard him laugh, I nearly cried because I was so fucking proud of myself because no one else had even really gotten him to talk at that point besides you,” Sekijirou’s eyes widened but he let Hizashi get it all out instead of interrupting, “I’m thinking of not even applying to work in Tokyo after graduation because I don’t want to be too far from him. Even if he never knows how I feel about him, I can’t just, what? Leave him? Shit, it would kill me. Not seeing him every day would kill me. The only days I haven’t seen him since first year were like last summer when I went to America for two weeks. And I definitely called him at least every other day!

“And like, one time I called him at 2 in the morning on a Wednesday night because I had a nightmare and I was upset and I just needed to hear his voice and he answered? That alone made me fall so much more in love with him. You know he doesn’t just wake up for anything but he woke up to talk to me for an hour because I had a stupid nightmare about spiders.

“Have I told you how beautiful he is? Because his hair is really soft, even if it looks like he doesn’t take care of it. And he always smells nice? Like lavender for some reason. And he’s so strong. Like he’s so muscular? God, his arms are amazing. I just want him to hold me and maybe to kiss me? Okay definitely kiss me. Honestly, I don’t have much experience with gay sex but I always just assumed I would be a top but hell if I wouldn’t do whatever Shouta asked me to do. One time he said good boy and patted me on the head to be condescending and I think it turned me on. I-,”

“Okay that’s it, we’re sending you home!” Sekijirou stopped him there, looking strangely like a Poland flag with how bright red his face was in contrast with his hair, “Look man, I get it, you love Shouta and its weird and you should just tell him, but that’s not my problem right now. Or ever really, but my problem right now is you can’t go back to class like this because if anyone even says his name to you, you might jizz in your pants.”

Hizashi tried to argue, “I wouldn’t immediately jizz in my pants. I made it all day in front of him without saying anything! I’m not that weird, dude.”

“Uh huh, you’re not that weird, sure,” Sekijirou huffed, an eyebrow quirked up in disbelief.

“I swear! I haven’t accidentally popped a boner around Shouta in at least a month!” Hizashi proclaimed, face flushing with realization at how that probably wasn’t that much of an accomplishment. “Okay yeah maybe I should go home.”

Sekijirou snorted and offered him a hand, pulling him up off the bathroom floor and slinging an arm around his shoulders. “You can’t help it, man. The heart wants what the heart wants and all that, right? Next time, just keep it to a minimum on the whole gay sex part and you can still come to me when you want to rant about Shouta, okay?”

Hizashi blinked up at Sekijirou, surprised. They had been friends, sure, but Hizashi had always thought of Sekijirou as being nice to him since he was Shouta’s friend. Sekijirou had been Shouta’s first friend in class 1A when he had transferred and he had been fiercely protective of him ever since their first conversation, despite the fact that he really didn’t need to be. He had been never much more than what Hizashi would consider a good classmate. But after the day they had been having together, he supposed it only makes sense that they would be closer now.

His heart warmed at the thought of adding him to the list of his best friends, which currently only included Tensei, Nemuri, and Shouta. He threw his arms around Sekijirou’s middle and leaned into him, “Thanks, man. I’m really glad we’re friends. You know, you should come to the arcade with us sometime!”

“Tensei told me about you and Shouta and your weird DDR mating dance so I’ll have to decline, but the offer is appreciated,” Sekijirou joked, patting Hizashi on the back a couple times.

They started on their way to the teacher’s staff room in silence. Usually, he would be scrambling to fill the air with noise, but Hizashi appreciated it for once after all the talking he had accidentally done that day. They didn’t run into many other students in the halls since it was still lunch and Hizashi was sure he was going to make it home without anymore mishaps.

Sekijirou pushed the door open and announced their presence to the teachers in the room. They didn’t see their homeroom teacher, Roulette, anywhere, but their math teacher, Ectoplasm, was there and near the door, eyeing them warily. With good reason too, seeing as Hizashi tended to be in the middle of any mishap that happened with his class.

“How can I help you boys?” He asked, pushing himself up from the couch he had been reading.

Sekijirou and Hizashi shared a look. His friend held a hand out, palm up, as if to say, “Show him”. So he took a deep breath and let it happen. “During my internship last night I got hit by a truth quirk and I’m a bisexual disaster so I proclaimed my undying love for my best friend to a first year I tutor and then I told Sekijirou about how I wanted him to bend me over and make me walk funny for a week and I think I should go home like now because if I don’t I might just end up telling him that not only is he the single most sexually attractive thing on the planet, he’s also just the fucking cutest and I just love him so much and I swear to god I’m gonna marry him one day if I ever tell him-,” Sekijirou’s hand wrapped around his mouth again. Hizashi tried to convey his gratitude through his eyes.

Sekijirou rolled his eyes with a small sigh, “He’s been like this all day and he can’t really stop himself most of the time. He’ll just keep going. He’s more annoying than he is on a normal day. Please put us all out of our misery.”

Eyes narrowing at the insult, Hizashi elbowed his friend in the ribs and huffed in indignance when his mouth was freed again. “He’s not wrong,” He was really not loving this truth quirk, “But that’s beside the point. My social life and your ability to hold class without me blurting out something stupid like Shouta has pretty eyes and nice thighs will take a major hit if you don’t let me go home right now.”

A book smacked hard on the ground, papers spilling from it and scattering around the floor. Above it stood Shouta, eyes wide and mouth slack in surprise. His hands were still out in front of him from the book he had just dropped. His gaze was locked on Hizashi’s face.

Hizashi felt dread in the pit of his stomach, panic clawing at his throat. His mouth was dry. He tried to swallow down his panic, but it didn’t help. He opened his mouth to suck in a steadying breath, but his brain didn’t get the memo. “Holy shit,” he choked out before abruptly turning on his heel and bolting from the room. He definitely heard someone call out his name but he couldn’t make out who it was over the pounding of his own heartbeat in his ears.

He wasn’t sure where he was headed, just anywhere but the staff room where he had just told his teachers that he was going to marry Shouta in front of the boy in question. Once he found himself in Gym Gamma, he allowed himself to collapse onto the bleachers just to the left of the door and cry. That couldn’t have been less romantic or more awkward. He had said he wanted to marry Shouta and he hadn’t even told the poor boy about his crush yet. This was officially the worst day ever.

Hizashi wasn’t sure how long he stayed like that, dramatically thrown over the bottom of the bleachers, before he heard the door push open slowly. He scrambled upright, furiously scrubbing at his face to try to hide the fact that tears were still threatening to spill out. “S-sorry, I just wanted to be alone after doing something dumb,” he attempted to laugh, but it came out wet and pathetic, even to his own ears.


There was only one person whose voice could send shivers down his spine even when he’s crying like that. Only one person who would have been able to find him when even he didn’t know where he was running to. Only one voice that he would be able to pick out anywhere. It also happened to be the only voice he really didn’t want to hear behind him right now.

He wanted to tell him to leave or to say he was sorry for everything, but instead what came out was, “How did you even find me? I didn’t even know where I was running to.”

“You always go left when you’re upset,” Shouta murmured, closer this time.

Hizashi let out a snort of self-deprecating laughter, rubbing harder at his eyes. He couldn’t believe this. Siren told him not to go to school but he thought he could handle it.

“Is the whole truth quirk why you’ve been acting so weird today?”


Finally looking at his best friend, Hizashi was surprised to see Shouta out of breath and cheeks flushed pink with exertion. He didn’t look upset or disgusted and on top of it, he had chased Hizashi down after his confession. He didn’t want to get his hopes up, but he could already feel the weight in his heart lessen at the sight of his best friend.

Shouta’s face seemed to flush a darker shade at his gaze. “You didn’t even try to answer that question in modern hero art history, even though I know you knew the answer. And you didn’t say hi to me this morning,” Shouta looked away when he said it, somehow getting redder, “You didn’t even ask me to eat lunch with you today. You always ask on Thursdays if I’ll eat lunch with you even though you tutor Thirteen on Thursdays.”

Hizashi sniffed as he could feel his face burning with his own blush, “I didn’t know you paid that much attention to me.”

“I’m always paying attention to you, Zashi,” Shouta replied, finally moving closer. He sank down onto the bleachers next to Hizashi, but didn’t say anything else.

“So uh,” Hizashi swallowed, trying to beat down his nerves, “How much of that did you hear?”

“Enough of to know you think I’m cute. And you’re a bisexual disaster.”

A beat of silence passed between the two friends before Shouta started again, “Try again tomorrow.”

“What?” Hizashi was confused at what he was supposed to try again, but before he could ask more, Shouta leaned in the bridge the gap between their lips. It was a chaste kiss, full of inexperience, nervousness and, above all, a tenderness that Hizashi would never have expected from Shouta. He could feel something akin to the love he felt for Shouta reciprocated in the kiss. By the time his brain caught up and he tried to kiss back, Shouta was already pulling away. “I know you’re probably upset that it wasn’t romantic or a big enough show, so try again tomorrow, or whenever this quirk wears off. Does that work?”

Trying to blink away the dazed, happy feeling that had made its home in his chest, Hizashi just nodded, not sure what would come out if he tried to actually respond.

Shouta snorted at him and gave him a smirk before standing up and starting to walk away, “After all, we can’t get married if you haven’t even taken me on a proper date yet.”

“What?!” He squeaked back, eyes going wide.

“Go home, Zashi. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He sat on the bleachers for another moment before launching himself off and running out to get home as soon as possible. He had a romantic gesture to plan.


The next morning at school, Hizashi showed up later than Shouta for once. He also showed up carrying a huge bouquet of daffodils, heather, and peonies. It was disjointed and loud, but each flower had a tag attached to it, every one stating another reason why Hizashi loved Shouta. Even though Shouta had told him to try again and kissed him, he was still bursting at the seams with nerves. He had scripted out an entire confession that would take him roughly a minute and a half to get through if he managed to do it as well as he practiced last night, but at the sight of his best friend, all the words evaded him except for three.

“I love you!” He yelled probably louder than necessary considering he was close enough to lean across his desk and touch him, but it was too late for that now. He shoved the bouquet forward in Shouta’s face with his eyelids clamped shut to avoid seeing how poorly this was going.

A soft laugh made him pry his eyes open and he caught sight of Shouta, a hand in front of his mouth as he tried to stifle his laughter and his eyes shut with the effort. Before Hizashi could panic, he felt cold fingers wrap around his on the bouquet and pull him forward. “I love you too, you idiot,” Shouta murmured just before their lips connected once again. Hizashi’s brain wasn’t too slow this time and he managed to deepen the kiss before Shouta could pull away. It was awkward and their noses bumped together too much, but also the best kiss Hizashi had ever had. He was on cloud nine.

“Can you guys at least wait until lunch to do this?” Sekijirou called out from his desk, sounding amused.

“I agree, you might get in trouble if the teacher walks in!” Tensei helpfully added.

Hizashi laughed as he pulled away from Shouta and turned to their friends, grinning, “I can definitely kiss him again at lunch if that’s what you’re saying.”

He most certainly did kiss him again during lunch.