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I'm Sorry I'm Not a Girl

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'I'll do it today' the red-banded turtle decided. Raph had had a crush on Casey Jones for a long time. It was killing him that Casey didn't know. So Raph decided that today he would do it, or else he could loose Casey forever.

"What's up!" Raph was pulled out of his thoughts by Casey's familiar entrance. Today Raph had asked Casey to meet him on a rooftop where they could talk. "So dude, you brought me up here to talk, now what is it?" Casey asked, sensing his best friend's nervousness.

Raph breathed in and out once, twice. "Casey... I l-like you. I have f-for a while n-now." Raph stuttered, feeling his courage melt away with every word. Casey looked at Raph dumbfounded for a second, looking disgusted a moment later. "I could never be with you! I-I'm only into girls! And humans!" Casey yelled, looking angry at his best friend.

Raph felt tears well up in his eyes and fall before he could stop them. "Case-" Raph began. "No. Never talk to me again!" Casey yelled, turning around and walking away.

Raph sank down against the wall, letting his tears fall freely. "I-I'm sorry. I'm n-not a g-girl, and I'-m n-not h-hu-man." Raph sobbed, Casey's words burning him still.