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The modified Dark Mark

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31st October 1985 – a date that Severus despised, because not only had it cost him his former best friend, Lily Evans, but also the man, who had captured Severus’ heart without even really trying. Severus had cursed so often of the prophecy, Sibyl, and Dumbledore. Why did Marvolo have to believe it and try to thwart it by killing both families? He didn’t know, but his heart still ached.


He had never disobeyed Marvolo, no matter how much it hurt him, and being forced by him to go back to Dumbledore – prostrate himself and to offer to spy on the Dark Lord, had been so hard. He hadn’t wanted to, but one glare, and he obeyed. Forcing to betray his brethren, even on Marvolo’s orders, had been something he never would have dreamed to do.


He tried so hard to make him forget the prophecy, but Marvolo wouldn’t listen. And now, he had to serve, for the rest of his life, a crazy old coot, who didn’t hesitate to use children as soldiers, lying to the public, and harming magic.


The worst had been the constant inspections of his mark – at least twice a month, grabbing his arm brutally and growling because it stayed grey – unnoticeable – destroying any plans of the old coot.


Severus had only been safe, or as safe as he could be, because nobody had known how deep Voldemort’s affections for his young Potions Master had been. Otherwise, he didn’t have any illusions about it, that he wouldn’t be teaching at Hogwarts, but would be isolated somewhere to lure the Dark Lord into a trap. Depending on how unlucky he could be at times, they would probably do a medical check-up and discover that he was still a virgin, and that wouldn’t end well!


Not many had known that because of a curse from a shunned crush, all male Princes had been born with the ability to bear children. Once upon a time, this had been used to bind the most powerful lines to their family. Really, it wasn’t the fault of his ancestor that the witch didn’t get the hint that he wasn’t interested in her and was even betrothed to another wizard, before she broke into their bedroom and cursed the couple and their families for all time. Even though she had been harshly punished for it, they dealt with the consequences of the curse quite well.


All males in the family of the betrothed fell into a kind of heat/rut every 3 months, except if they successfully managed to impregnate their beloved partner. Besides, there were potions and spells to make it easier to endure this curse. While the prince males had been cursed to bear children, that didn’t really ruin their lives either; rather, they had more options by finding the correct partner.


Now he stood in his shower to clean himself up after the latest fiasco that some dunderheads dubbed Potions class – what a bad joke. Those little dunderheads were already too hyped up with the greed for sugary treats at the Halloween feast during dinner. Which meant more exploded cauldrons, as most of those little monsters ignored any instructions and either chatted with their classmates or managed to sabotage their own potions with their inattentiveness.


An unplottable estate in France, inhabited by Lord H.M.S. Slytherin-Peverell or otherwise known as Lord Voldemort aka Tom Marvolo Riddle jr. - although after using a ritual to regain a new body – even if that required that he had to sacrifice most of his horcruxes – the ring, the diary, the cup, and the locket, which had all been items that his loyal house elves had found for him and brought back to his current hideout.


Now having back almost most of his sanity, and a suitable male body modelled after his original body before the horcruxes cost his looks and his sanity – and a majority of his magical power. Why had he ever considered horcruxes when other ways existed to gain immortality?


It didn’t matter any longer but now with a new body, that isn’t a day older than 35 years old, and a new name Hadrian Marvolo Salazar Slytherin-Peverell, nobody can do anything to him. How fortunate that you can’t be accused of any crimes that you could have done in another body. He will enjoy rubbing it into the face of the old coot as soon as he accepted his seats at the Wizengamot.


The Goblins had been helpful, and yes, it hurt a bit to lose the family ring, but he gained so much more: the Lordships of Slytherin & Peverell, and more importantly, access to their fortune that still had been deep within Gringotts. His new documents, filled out by Gringotts, declared him a son of the late Tom Marvolo Riddle jr., who died October 1981, and of a French pureblood woman, who had died in the 1960s, but had been one of Voldemort’s benefactors and declared him her heir, even going as far as granting him enough vials containing her blood to create a new identity.


This estate had once belonged to her too, and his wraith had fled to this home after being hit by the rebound curse. Regaining his body had been possible with the help of his most loyal and oldest followers, Abraxas Malfoy, Theodore Nott senior, and Mulciber senior. All of them had sworn an unbreakable vow not to speak with anyone about his rebirth – especially not their offspring.


With their help, Marvolo had started to modified the Dark Marks; firstly laying a foundation that none of them could be activated by anyone except himself, after getting his new body. Secondly, after getting a vial of blood from Severus that had been provided by Abraxas, who had seen the brilliant Potions Prodigy as a second son and knew that his Lord had lost his heart and soul to young Severus. Marvolo needed the blood to be able to secretly modify Severus’ mark.


He added a component that could only be activated in Parseltongue and would instantly transport Severus to his side – no matter where he was, or how strong or old the wards were at the moment of his summoning.


The older generations had their Dark Mark moved to a safe place, on their collar bones, and could switch between the Dark Mark and the crest of the Knights of Walpurgis. The Death Eaters, those who had been thrown into prison, will be losing their marks, a feature he had included into the original ones.


After their capture, Marvolo’s followers had marked Sirius Black with a false dark mark that their Master had given to them for such cases. It would help to disturb the public even more. It wasn’t Marvolo’s problem that most of the light side had forgotten the old ways – and especially the rights and duties of a magical godparent, or even a magical guardian.


Sirius Black had vowed on his life, magic, and blood to always be there for the young Potter. Should he break the oath and betray the family, Magic would punish him harshly. Not only would he become insane, but he would lose the ability to wield magic, slowly over time, until his young ward had grown up.


Magic knows the truth and can see into the mind and heart of her children. Therefore, it’s not possible for her to make mistakes in that regard. For a magical guardian there exists even stricter rules but, alas, the light side had destroyed all knowledge of this, with disastrous consequences for Magical Britain.


He had denied himself for too long; instead of trying to kill the Potters, to be honest the prophecy had been a godsend, he wanted to get rid of James & Lily Potter for years, as punishment for everything they have done to his beloved Dark Prince.


Instead of sending Severus on a spying mission for his cause, he should have hidden him away on this estate while winning the war for him. Who knows how much Severus had to endure under the old coot? His contacts had been good enough that Severus didn’t have to face a trial, but had been known as a spy for the old coot – a camouflage, which Marvolo had informed his true elite, so that they wouldn’t try to harm his beloved prince.


However, Marvolo had been quite satisfied, as they got it written and confirmed with an oath of his magic and his life, by the old coot, and signed with a blood quill. Dumbledore had underestimated them once more. This little trick ensured that nobody could ever again claim that Severus had been a Death Eater or a spy for the Dark Side. Such a pity that the old coot is too lazy to study the fine print, something that they had often exploited for their benefit.


Now it was time to summon his beloved to his side, it had been so long since he could lose himself in those dark sinful eyes. Marvolo wanted to finally taste him, to claim his elusive shy serpent, and to sink deep into the tight heat while filling him up with his seed.


Yes, he wanted a family, and his lovely male bearer will give it to him. The former Dark Lord wanted nothing more than to claim and to spoil his Dark Prince. Severus deserves only the best after all he had to endure at the hand of the muggle brute and the students and professors at Hogwarts.

 sexy Severus with a towel

Stepping out of the shower, a huge towel wrapped around his waist while he dried his hair, a strong power suddenly got a hold on Severus and yanked him away. Stronger than a standard portkey and, within seconds, Severus had vanished from his quarters at Hogwarts and ended up on the bed in an unknown house.


A snake-like hissing command surrounded him in magical chains that grabbed the shocked Potions Master and affixed him spread eagle to the bed. A dark chuckle made Severus turn his head, as he hissed in surprise. How could this be? According to the old coot, the dark lord had been dead for the past 4 years.


“Severus, finally we meet again, and how lovely you look in that position”, greeted Marvolo.


A non-verbal command removed the towel from Severus’ naked and dripping wet body. Marvolo stepped to the bed and sat down beside his chained prisoner, before he stole a kiss from him.


“I will claim you tonight, my beloved prince. I have waited too long to allow anyone else have you. Any final words, before I ensure your total submission to me beloved?”, inquired Marvolo, who had already begun to caress Severus’ body during his short speech in Parseltongue. He knew that Severus had a weakness for this language, and had even been willing to teach him the basics, as he felt that Severus had the ability for mastering it, too.


Severus opened his mouth to protest, but Marvolo used this perfect opportunity to steal a kiss from him, quickly dominating the lithe Slytherin beneath him. Not knowing how or why, the young Potions Master fell once more under Voldemort’s thrall and submitted to his full power. He didn’t even notice that the chains had been vanished and only Marvolo held him up, before he put a pillow under his hips for the optimal access to fulfil his dreams.


As if a supernatural power had possessed him, the dark lord kissed, caressed, and made love to his shy serpent, while chanting in the Old Language, in which Severus automatically murmured the correct replies in the same tongue. His eyes closing as he finally submitted to the older Slytherin, wishing that this feeling of being loved and being cared for never ended as Marvolo, with a few powerful thrusts, claimed Severus for all eternity.


It seems as if magic and fate had been on their side as Severus never once tried to stop the older man, nor did Marvolo lose himself in his lust and hurt the younger male, while he finally claimed him as it should be. The Mark on their collarbones proved their successful bonding according to the Old Ways, which satisfied the older Slytherin immensely.


After the first round, Marvolo smirked, before rimming his beloved, while his hands eagerly explored every nook and cranny on Severus’ alabaster body. Teasing a few orgasm from the young Potions Master. It was important for Marvolo that Severus enjoyed their first time being together and had no reason to fear him.


“Please, stop it, it’s too much.”, cried Severus. But Marvolo knew better, once more pushing into the tight heat of his beloved, aiming for the one spot, that made him see stars, while he snogged him properly, yes, this was real bliss.


A bright light filled the bedroom before disappearing into Severus’ belly – a clear sign that Marvolo had successfully impregnated and married his little shy prince.


Summoning a butt plug with the crest of the Slytherin-Peverells. He had many new sex toys designed for them by a discrete sex shop producer and even some ordered from the Goblins. They had understood his need to mark his territory and, especially, his young husband. Lubing it with a little spell, he carefully inserted the butt plug inside Severus to keep his seed inside the Potions Master, before magically cleaning themselves and the bed.


Snuggling under the covers with Severus in his arms. A last kiss to his temple, and Severus was already asleep – safe and well in Marvolo’s arms. He wouldn’t allow Severus to return to the old coot ever again. Not now, after he had finally claimed him.


It was time to ruin Dumbledore’s reputation with the help of the media. Let’s see how the old coot fruitlessly tries to explain how anyone could vanish without a trace from Hogwarts’ sacred halls and without the knowledge of the old coot or the house elves.


Rita Skeeter would love to write about it, while Marvolo enjoyed the time with his beloved husband. But come what may, Severus will never return to Hogwarts – not as long as the old coot is still breathing. That would be much too dangerous. Especially now, that he is pregnant with Marvolo’s heir.


Yes, that would be for the best. Marvolo summoned one of his elves; who got a missive for his contact in Azkaban. It was time to dose Sirius Black with a potion that destroyed the last vestiges of his sanity, before forcing him to change into his animagusform and then compelling him to escape to Hogwarts, where he would try to kill Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and Severus Snape. He wouldn’t succeed, but it would ruin the light even more, when, somehow, the truth would be known about Sirius Black’s innocence and his youthful crimes, which had been kept under the rug by the old coot.


The traitor Karkaroff was dead, killed by a Dementor, before he could name a single Death Eater during his own trial – a tragic accident. His most loyal Death Eaters, who had been imprisoned in Azkaban, had been secretly swapped with lifelike Golems and been brought to a safe house, where mind healers and excellent potions had been used to help them recover from Azkaban. But they weren’t able to leave until Marvolo would allow it.


No, Marvolo wanted to enjoy the honeymoon with his beloved husband. A quick wandless spell made his smile grow, he had successfully impregnated his husband on his first try. It was a good feeling, and come morning, he would enjoy reminding Severus that he belongs to Marvolo, when he wakes him up with a nice blow-job.