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between the devil and the deep blue sea

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Dean Ambrose has been working the door to a bar on Georgia Tech campus for about two months now, and he’s enjoying it as much as he enjoyed attending the college years ago.

The kids who attend are just as annoying as the ones he was in class with, and mostly, the professors are all the same, and they look at him in awe when they pass him on the way to their cars. So it isn’t what Dean wanted to do with his life, working in security, but it’s where he’s ended up. Thanks to a torn tricep and one too many shoulder dislocations he’d had to give up his olympic wrestling dream, and he’d just taken any job he could once it all fucked up.

He didn’t mind his job, though. It was easy enough, checking ID’s in the main rush and then sending any troublemakers on their way. Once it passed 2am things got quiet, and he got to stand scrolling through his phone until 4am when it was kick out time and he had to wrangle drunken teens towards their dorms and away from the bar. Once they got passed the first street they weren’t his problem anymore.

Dean only took the job at Georgia Tech because it paid significantly more than his job as Walmart security, and he knew the place well, so that was always a bonus.

It’s 9pm, and the bar is already a little busy with the evening crowd inside, and he flashes a grin to Colt who’s already outside the door with his jacket on.

“Karl and Luke already clocked off?”

“Yeah, they’re either having a drink or chatting up some poor girls because I haven’t seen them for a good twenty minutes.”

“Of course they are,” Dean rolls his eyes fondly, “I’ll get suited up and then I’ll be out.”

Colt was the first person he met the day he started. There’d been a couple of new intakes on the security team and Colt had been the one to show them the ropes, and he was partnered up with him on his first shift and since then they manned the door together every Friday night.

Dean heads into the back of the bar and into the staff room, pulling on a hoodie and then clipping his protective vest on before slipping the security jacket over the top. The vests were a new addition last month, Dean didn’t see the need for them but it was something Georgia Tech had put in place after a security guard at another college got stabbed with a fork. It’s pointless, but it kind of makes Dean feel cool.

When he heads back out to the door, Colt is waving Luke and Karl off and there’s a crackle over there radio to watch out for people dressed in fancy dress, because it's a hot ticket to smuggling alcohol into the bar.

“What you been up to this week then, Ambrose?”

“The usual. Working, working out, eating and sleeping.”

“Damn, you need a hobby.”

“I can’t believe that you did anything more exciting, Cabana.”

“I went on a date, actually.”

“Oh yeah, and how did that go for ya’?”

“Shit, actually.”

“There you go then. Men like us, who willingly stand outside a bar and corral drunken kids in and out of it on a Friday night, we don’t lead exciting lives dude.”

Colt laughs in defeat because it’s true. Since being forced out of wrestling, Dean hasn’t had the ambition to try anything new. All he’s done since he graduated was work, go to the gym and then go to bed. He goes out every so often, but it’s only when he really needs to get laid, and even now that’s a struggle seeing as his weekends are spent working this new job.

The night time crowd begin to arrive at about eleven, and Dean stands and checks what feels like a million ID’s with his flashlight, and checks anyone who’s in a costume for hidden alcohol before letting them into the bar. It’s tedious and monotonous work, but it’s easy enough, and for the most part he doesn’t get any trouble.

After twelve the long line of people begins to get shorter until it’s only a couple of people coming in at a time.

It’s nearly one when a group come up together, and Colt grins.

“Seth, you don’t normally come out on a Friday night, what’s the occasion?”

One of the kids, who Dean assumes is Seth, grins and throws his arm around the shorter guy standing next to him.

“It’s Finn’s birthday! We managed to pull him away from his books and get him out.” He grins. There’s five of them, Seth and Finn, and then three others, one who might just be the most beautiful guy Dean has ever seen. He’s tall and stocky, a football player no doubt, and he’s got dark black hair pulled into a neat bun at the base of his neck, stubble gracing his chin and the softest looking lips. The guys reaching for his ID when his phone rings, and he steps away from the group.

“I’ll catch you guys in there, I gotta take this.”

“Roman I swear to god if that’s-“

“It will only take a minute I promise. Get me a drink.” Hm. Roman, a nice name to go with an even nicer face, but it’s quickly gone when he takes his phone call away from sight and around the corner. Dean checks the other guys ID’s and let’s them in, noticing how Seth’s fingers linger on Colt’s when he takes his card back.

“So what’s the deal with those guys?” Dean asks when they’re safely inside.

“What do you mean?”

“Well for starters I don’t know any of these guys names, even the regulars I recognise by face, and that Seth kid was totally letting his hands linger longer than they should.”

Colt rolls his eyes. “I’ve done a lot of walk rounds in the middle of the day, Seth eats lunch in the same place every day, I’ve come to know him.”

“And he likes you.”

“No he doesn’t. He’s just, flirty, in nature I guess.”

“You are oblivious, dude.”

They don’t get any more kids for a while, and the guy, Roman, who went to take a phone call doesn’t come back quickly like he promised he would, so after awhile Dean forgets about him and pulls his phone out, watching the time tick around as he waits for 3am to hit when people start to leave.

It’s 2:30am when Dean hears shouting from around the corner, and he shoves his phone back into his pocket, flashing his torch around to look for the noise.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now? You said- no! No I am not overreacting! Stop- oh fuck you!” Before Dean can find out what it is, the voice trails away and Dean goes back to his post and he and Colt talk about football and shit before the kids start to trickle out, and they wish them a good night and steer them towards their dorms.

Nearly an hour later, Dean hears the same voice shouting again, and this time he sees the culprit. It’s Roman, the guy who bailed earlier, only this time he’s staggering as he walks past them, before collapsing onto a bench not too far from the entrance to the bar.

“S-stop calling me!” He slurs into the phone, “No I’m not, fuck you.”

“Did he even get into the bar?” Dean asks and Colt shakes his head.

“Not that I recall, but he’s fucked, somehow.”

“Alright, can you hold this down while I handle it?”

“Yeah dude I’ll be good, just don’t take too long I wanna’ get out of here.”

Dean jumps little fence that’s placed to make an orderly queue and heads over to Roman who’s slouched into the bench, scrolling through his phone even though his eyes can’t even focus.

“So, didn’t make it in for the celebrations?”

Roman looks up at him, all confused and lost for a split second before he’s recognising him and shaking his head.

“Nope. Seth and Finn are gonna’ be soooooo mad at me.” Now he’s drunk Roman’s voice is higher, and his mannerisms are silly and childlike as he puts his head in his hands and looks up at Dean. It’s, god it’s cute.

“They’ll be alright. You got girlfriend troubles? Heard you shouting from like a mile back.”

Roman scoffs, “Boyfriend. Yeah sure. Let’s call it that!” He rolls his eyes dramatically and then he stands unexpectedly, stumbling on his own feet and Dean rushes to catch him, putting an arm around his waist to steady him.

“Alright big guy, where’s your dorm, let’s get you home.” As Dean follows Roman’s garbled instructions he wonders what the hell he's doing. He’s never bothered to walk a drunk kid home before, once they’re past the first row of dorms then they’re not his problem anymore. Maybe it’s because he feels bad for Roman, he’d come out for his friends birthday and ended up fighting with his boyfriend for the whole night and never making it inside, but somehow getting drunk at the same time. Or maybe it’s because he’s really fucking hot. Maybe it’s both but he’s not sure which it’s more of, if he’s honest.

They make it back to the dorm with relative ease, Roman seems to sober up a little and he manages to get him back to his room.

“If only he could see me now. Bringing back a hot guy in uniform to my room. He’d freak the fuck out.” Roman grins as he fumbles with the key a few times before he finally manages to unlock it and staggers inside.

“Yeah well, I really hope he doesn’t come around here in the next five minutes because I really don’t want to fight your boyfriend.” Dean says as he steps into the room. It’s a typical room, two single beds with the room clearly split in half for two different people. Roman stumbles over to the side which has football memorabilia everywhere, trophies and jerseys and gym bags. The other side has posters of bands Dean’s never heard of and books piled high on shelves.

Roman scoffs as he collapses onto the bed, kicking his shoes off. “As if. He’s at home with his wife.”

The words take a while to register in Dean’s brain, takes him a moment to realise that yes, Roman did just say his boyfriend was at home with his wife.


Roman nods as he starts stripping down to his boxers, hands uncoordinated as he gets stuck in his shirt.

“Yep. Wife. He looooooooves her soooooooo much.” Roman’s voice is mocking and spiteful as he finally gets his shirt off, and Dean has to look away because fuck, there’s miles of tanned skin on display and he kind of really wants his hands all over it.

“Okay… I-“

“That’s what I get for fucking my professor.” Roman adds casually, snuggling into the covers. Dean’s thankful, really, because it means that he’s no longer distracted and he can focus on the words he just heard.

“Oh boy, this is not how I expected the night to go.” Dean says shaking his head. He gets a text from Colt telling him to hurry up and by the time he’s responded, Roman has passed out and is snoring softly into his pillow. He turns to leave, but then he stops and turns back. There’s a few receipts on Roman’s nightstand and he grabs a pen and scribbles a note on it for Roman to find in the morning in case he doesn’t remember much. He signs it with a simple “Security Guard” before heading out back into the night.

When he gets to Colt there’s only a couple minutes left of their shift and they head into the staff room to clock off.

“That guy get back okay?”

“Yeah he was good, just upset, some fight with his boyfriend or something.” He says, he doesn’t want to go telling this kids secret, that he’s fucking one of his professors and he’s extremely jealous of the wife.

“I told Seth when he came out that you took him home and he asked me to say thanks.”

“Part of the job, right?”

“Indeed it is my friend, indeed it is.”