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Kiddo Era

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I watched as my baby girls stepped into the newly made portal to the Omega Timeline, Rasp practically glowing with confidence. Meanwhile, BB trudged after her quietly, making me feel incredibly guilty. She didn’t want to come today, and I could have just told everyone she was sick, but I didn’t. I mean, Red did say it would have been bad parenting, but still! She looked absolutely miserable when she came down for breakfast this morning, looking even more upset when Rasp started going on about some of her new friends. Why? Because BB didn’t have any of her own. She tended to just drift around from what Rasp told me, but would always reject any offers to join in.

She really must have hated Rasp’s friends and, to be honest, I kind of do too. They’re predominantly children of “Bad” Sanses, or just from “Bad” Timelines. I know it’s bad to judge but…it’s hard not to sometimes after all they’ve done. I mean, I will never, ever object to Rasp’s friendship with Gradient but that’s only because Error and Ink are close to me. I may not have seen them ever since BB and Rasp were created, but they were busy monsters, fighting off the very corruption that took away my own universe…

What was I saying?

Oh, yes, BB’s lack of friends.

As I watched them trail off I felt an arm wrap around my shoulders, Red nuzzling into me. I sighed, half in content, half in exasperation.

“I wish I could help her,” I mumbled, earning a soft, toothy grin from Red.

“I know, but we can’t protect her forever,” he replied, fiddling with the silver band around his phalange. “She’s ten Blue. If she wants to join in then she will but-“

“I know it’s just…”


“…I don’t want her to spiral out of control,” I answered, looking into his eyes. His smile faltered, knowing exactly what I meant.

“She won’t. She’s not like her old man,” he muttered, eyes trailing away. I felt myself frowning at this, and I took a hold of his hand, my own golden ring glinting in the light of the Omega Timeline.

“Don’t,” I protested, intertwining my fingers with his. “You know that’s not what I meant.”

A hug, a sigh and a grin was all I received.

But I couldn’t help but gaze over to where my children were walking in the distance, clearly separated from each other now. I was going to get to the bottom of this, even if it dusted me...