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I'm Sorry Bro

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He wasn't stupid. No matter what the others thought. He wasn't. So what if he wanted to be popular? So what if he was a bit childish at times? He wasn't dumb. No. The Great Papyrus was not a bonehead. Pap shuddered at his own accidental pun. Sans would of liked it… But Sans was the one who started this problem.

So like every time he had an argument with Sans, Papyrus would go to see his best friend.

Flowey was in the forest clearing like always. A splash of yellow against the white snow. Papyrus had to wonder if the flower ever moved. (Although normal flowers didn't move… but Flowey wasn't exactly normal…)

His friend smiled and waved a vine when he saw papyrus. Papyrus waved back still lost in his thoughts. While talking flowers weren't unusual for Papyrus, this one didn't repeat everything he said.

“Papy! Buddy! How are you?” The flower's energetic voice called over to him. “Haven't seen you in a while!”


The skeleton sat down gently. Papyrus's manners were impeccable. Sitting slowly not to harm Flowey. As the flower was thinking this. Papyrus suddenly started crying. How annoying, so much for manners .

“What’s wrong pal?” Flowey asked through gritted teeth that hopefully still resembled a smile. Flowey regarded the skeleton as he waited for him to stop crying. With some surprise Flowey found that instead of the moronic 'battle body’ that Papyrus always wore, he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and regular pants. Still had that ridiculous scarf, but this was a bit refreshing to see. “Sans and I…” the skeleton sobbed. “We had a fight…”

Flowey fought back the urge to roll his eyes. How stupid.

Papyrus was still sobbing. What was it this time? Sans napped on the job? Sans didn't read him a bedtime story? Or worse…. The dreaded sock.

“Sans called me an idiot.”

Flowey reeled back in surprise. This hadn't of happened before. How interesting… “Golly! What did he do that for? That's really um… strange…”

Papyrus huffed. “Today started out normally enough… but Sans just seemed upset. So I decided to make him spaghetti. I… mashed the veggies a little too hard, and some of it got on the ceiling.”

Flowey hid his smile with a vine. Papyrus’ cooking stories could never get old.

At least for now.

Flowey tuned back into the conversation. Cursing quietly to himself for missing some of it.

“And when I looked up…” Papyrus sniffed. “The stove was on fire. I stepped into the fire and put it out, but…” Pap held out his arms rolling up the sleeves showing Flowey the burns on his bones. “Then Sans rushed in and…” A new set of sobs started up in the skeleton, and he buried his skull in his burned arms.

This was strange. Flowey thought to himself, raising a vine to pat the crying figure's back in a way that was hopefully comforting. Maybe this would finally stop his idiotic tears. Papyrus set fire to the kitchen in countless resets… and yet Sans had never called Papyrus an idiot.

Flowey quickly found himself tired of the back patting. Time to try something else. He saved just in case he wanted to come back. This was new and who knew when he would get another run like this? Flowey used his vine to hold Papyrus’ head up. Making him face the flower's petals.

“Papyrus… this only happened because.” He broke out into his wide smile. The one that broke his face into an overwhelming amount of teeth. “You are IDIOT.”

“No…” the skeleton brother whispered. He looked betrayed in a way that Flowey hadn't seen in a while. It was invigorating.

Flowey leaned back, letting his vine slip from Pap's jawbone. Papyrus looked broken, and without the support of the vine, fell back into the snow. Now, what to do. What to do… He could load, start a route where he encouraged the brother instead, or he could continue on this path, breaking the skeleton even farther…

Or he could go back to his save and enjoy that look on Papyrus’ face again.

The world stuttered.

He gripped Pap's jawbone even harder this time. Pulling him closer to the flower's own face. “Papyrus, that happened because,” the skeleton looked confused. “You’re an I D I O T.” Flowey spat in Papyrus’ face that time to emphasize his point. The green goo landed on his teeth. The chlorophyll making the skeleton's betrayed face even more pitiful and hilarious. The flower allowed himself a good laugh before resetting.


And again.

And again.

Each time trying to get the face to look even better than the last.

One time he popped up behind Papyrus. Scaring him out of his metaphorical skin.

Another he snapped a finger off to accentuate each letter. “I snap. D scream. I stop! O please! T snap, crackle, pop.

You idiot.” A vine stabbed through the soul.

Eventually he just started killing him over, and over.

And over.

But eventually, even this became dull.

After all, Flowey was just a child. One could get tired with a new toy after playing too long.

Flowey became bored.

Just one last time.