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Felix arrives 10 minutes prior to the event. He tells event staff. “I've been invited to the VIP seat." The staff doesn't trust him. “What's your name?" “Lee Felix… Lee Yongbok.” He hesitates to say his name. “Who's the invitees.” “Han Jisung.” The Staff sighs. “I'll check that.” He leaves there. He hasn't trusted him yet. It isn't usual that a guy like Felix is invited, and alone. He made a fair decision.

He comes back after a while. “I'm sorry. I'll take you to the seat.” He takes Felix to second floor. There is brack sofa there. He can see the stage from there. Felix drinks apple juice and eats cookies until the event starts.

The event was amazing. Their songs is great. He could look 3RACHA on the great seat. He is very happy. “I couldn't be happier!” He texts Jisung after the event.

Felix: It was thd bomb!
Jisung: Thank you. Are you still free?
Felix: Yes. I have no plans.
Jisung: Would you like to come over to our dressing room?

Is it a dream? No, It's a reality. He is very excited. He can meet his idol. It's a wonderful. He replies right away.

Felix: Yes!

A few minutes event staff takes him. He arrives at the front of their dressing room. There 3RACHA is in there. his heart is pounding. Event staff opens the door. There was a three men in the room. “Who are yot?” Changbin asks. He looks really morose. He stands with his back to me Felix. He is a little scary. He has dark voice. Event Staff gives his name and introduces Felix. “I taked Mr.Han's friends.”

“Thank you. You can back to work.” Jisung waves his hand at the staff. Felix stops at the entrance. “Felix. He is the boy of I spoke.” Jisung puts him in the room. “Ah, we were just talking about you!” Changbin changes the attitude. He looks back and smiles at Felix. “I've head about you. I didn't kown wonderful person like you are in our college.” Changbin shakes Felix's hand. “Nice to meet you, Felix.” Felix's mind went blank.

“Stop Binnie. He is confused.” Chan said that. He is the oldest and very mature. “Chan.” He puts out his hand. Felix shakes his hand. “It's a great pleasure to meet you.” Thers streamed from his eyes. “You're exaggerating. We go to the same college. ” Felix nods. Chan wipes his tears with the thumb.

“You're free, aren't you?” Felix nods assent. “Would you like to join me for dinner?” “Yes!” Felix smiles. “Now, I'm preparing to go out, so can you wait a second?” Felix nods. “Not fair!” Changbin gets agree. “Felix is my friend.” Jisung says laughingly. His words makes Felix is happy. Jisung is his idol. He is his idol's friend. Jisung smiles at his cute friend.

Jisung whispers Changbin's ear. “Please you keep your hands off him. ” Changbin frowns. “Huh! Why!” Jisung siphs. “You and Chan are too rough. He is my friend. I beg you please.” Changbin sulks. “hyung!” He call Chan. “What's up?” “Can I talk to you about something?” He glances at Felix. Chan walk up to Felix before he talks with his bandmates. “Can you wait outside? We want to talk about something.” Felix nods silently. “Good boy.” Chan makes Felix blushes.

After Felix left the room, They start to talk. Changbin complains to Chan. “Jisung told me to keep my hands off Felix.” Chan doesn't change expression. “Why do you say that, Jisung?” Jisung puffs out his cheek. He looks like squirrel. “He is my friend! I really like him.” “Do you disobey me? Do you hate me?” He is a little mad. “Hyung…, I didn't mean it that way. I love you.” He hugs his bandmate. Chan pats their heads. “Binnie, it's not that he doesn't like you. Sungie, can you understand his feelings too?” Their relationship is crazy. “To be honest, he is so cute, it's illegal. I want him too.” Chan smiles and pat his bandmates' heads.