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Felix loves three boys in his college. They can sing rap. Their group name is 3RACHA. Their name are Chan, Changbin, and Jisung. There are some bad rumors about them, but they are very attractive. Their rap is cool. Felix is a big fan of them. Jisung is the same age as him, but each of them take different crass. Jisung lives in another world.

“Aren't you talking to Jisung?” Seungmin says laughingly. Felix came cafeteria to eat lunch with his friends. He saw Jisung there. “ You still hasn't talk with him yet?” Hyunjin is astounded. “I have talked with him many times.” “me too.” Seungmin agrees with him. Felix sighs. “You take the same classes. Jisung and I don't have much in common to talk about…” His friends worry about his words. “ Let's take lunch anyway.”Seungmin will choose the table for four. Hyunjin sits next to him, and Felix sits across from him.

“ What should I do?” “ You should talk about you love 3RACHA.” Hyunjin eat his lunch. “ I think so, too. All you have to do is say that you love 3RACHA,” Felix worry about Seungmin. “ There's no way I can do that! It would be easy if I could do it… easier said than done.” “Why can't you do it?” Seungmin asks Felix. his face is a little red. “I don't want them to know that I love them. I'm so embarrassed.” Seungmin is amazed. “ It doesn’t make sense to me.”

“I know Jisung's number and his email address. If you want it, I I'll give you a favor of telling it.” Felix's face brightens. “ I really appreciate that!” Hyunjin smirks. “I'll help you on one condition.” Felix knits his eyebrows. “ What shall I do?” “I want you to help me with my English assignment.” Seungmin laughs. “ Let me do it for you! And please give me his number and his email address.” Felix stares him. “ You already know that.” Felix is surprised at Hyunjin's word. “For reals? You know?” “Yes.” Felix puffs up his cheeks. “I'll do it! You tell me his!” Hyunjin take out his phone laughingly.

“Hi, Hyunjin!” A boy comes to them. “And Seungmin!” He does a high five with Seungmin. “What's up, Jisung?” Hyunjin asks him. “You look like you having fun! Can I sit here?” Jisung asks Felix. He can't answered. He have never talked Jisung. Felix is a little shy. “Sure!” Seungmin says it. Felix is stepping on his friend's toe. Of course, Jisung can't see that.

“Who is he?” Jisung asks his friend. “Felix. Our friend.” Hyunjin explains. “Felix? Is he from abroad?” Seungmin give a nod. “He Is from Australia. his korean name is lee yongbok.” Felix puffs up his cheek. And, Seungmin hurts his toe. “He doesn't like be colled his Korean name” Hyunjin says laughingly. “Does he?” “Yes, If we do it, He causes harm to us” Felix steps Hyunjin's toe.

Jisung listens to them pleasantly. “You are so cute.” He talks to Felix. “Jisung. Nice to meet you.” He put out his hand to him for a handshake. “N-Nice to meet you too.” Felix shakes his hand. He is glad with only that. “Your hands are as small as baby's” Jisung puts his hand on top of Felix's. “So cute.” His words makes Felix blushes.

Felix have just got the message.

Seungmin: Are you not going to say him “I love 3RACHA <3”?
Felix: Of course I'm not!
Seungmin: Chicken.
Felix: Don't insult me.
Seungmin: If you don't do it, I'll do.

Felix raises his head. Seungmin grins like a Cheshire cat. “Jisung, have a good news!” “What's?” Jisung is curious. “this cute boy is big fan of 3RACHA.” Felix tries to step his toe, but he makes a mistake. Seungmin is smart. “I'm not falling for that again.” Felix kicks his foot. “I can’t believe it!” He makes Hyunjin laughs.

“Do you like us?” Jisung asks Felix. “Well… yes. I love 3RACHA…” Felix is too shy. “I am super happy!” Jisung shakes his hand. “ If you hope to meet us, you can come to our next event. I'll invite you!” Hyunjin cuts in their conversation. “He doesn't like crowded places.”Jisung tilt his head. “Is that so?”Felix is sorry. “Just as he said. I don't like that kind of place.” “I see…”

Jisung comes up with something. “ I think I can get VIP seats for you. Second floor of the venue is VIP seats. and You can listen to our songs.” “However, I have to talk my bandmates to decide that…” “Really?”Felix says with his eyes shining. “Sure.”

“Will you come along with us?” Jisung asks Hyunjin and Seungmin. “ When is the next event?” “This Saturday. Well, Tomorrow.” “Umm… I'm going to play soccer with my friends.” Hyunjin is very athletic. He can plays various kinds of sports. “I'm going to get dinner tomorrow.” Seungmin has a good appetite. “We can eat foods in the venue! Let's go together!” Felix invites his friend. “I have already booked.” Felix is sulking.

“Then, See you tomorrow. Look forward to it.” Jisung leaves there. Felix have his number. “It is an amazing day!” He smiles. “Then, Do you do my assignment!” Hyunjin looks happy. “No! You didn't introduce him to me. I got it myself.” Seungmin laughs. “Felix won.” Hyunjin is complaining.