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Honesty is the best policy

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The second Hisashi wakes up in an unfamiliar bed with a familiar face, he knows he fucked up. Fucked up in ways he’d never even imagined possible. Especially since they’re both naked and she’s asleep on top of him.

After all, having sex with you archenemy’s girlfriend is a terrible idea.

Inko wakes up slowly, head pounding, groaning softly. She freezes as she realizes she’s hearing an actual pounding, or at least a heartbeat. She’s asleep on someone. She’s asleep on someone and she knows already it’s not Toshinori Yagi. The chest isn’t broad enough, and after yesterday’s fight and break up she definitely wouldn’t be having sex with him.

What did she do last night?

Who did she do last night?

“My head. Is killing me,” an unfamiliar voice. “Also, I’m assuming this is your apartment, since I don’t recognize the room.”

Inko leans up on the chest and wow . Drunk her definitely had good taste.

The man she’s sleeping on has messy white hair and pale blue eyes. Eyes that are presently flicking between her face and chest, but well. At this angle it’s probably hard to avoid him looking at her chest. He’s lithe were Toshinori Yagi had been broad, but still impressively built.

“Please tell me we used a condom last night,” he says, thumb absently rubbing against her hip. “Since I sincerely doubt you went out looking to get pregnant.”

Inko freezes. Because unless...oh fuck.

“I don’t,” she says a bit faintly, “Unless you had a condom on you, we didn’t use one, but I am on birth control?”

“I did not, but you being on the pill should be enough?” the man says, frowning, but she gets the impression the frown is directed at himself. “Wow. How drunk had we both been last night? Since I do not normally have sex with people I don’t know.”

Very, ” Inko says with a grimace, collapsing back onto his chest and fuck it, he can roll her off. Her head is killing her too. “I vaguely remember a lot of shots.” And sitting in his lap while Mitsuki encouraged all sorts of bad ideas. “And sitting on you,” she adds.

Her best friend had never like Yagi, and she’d been gleeful, if supportive over their breakup.

“Huh. We did do that, didn’t we,” he says, wrapping an arm around her waist rather than pushing her off. “Why were you drinking so heavily? Because I was aggravated over a major deal falling through.”

“I broke up with my boyfriend of three years. He was hiding something but wouldn’t admit what,” she says, scowling. “Apparently three years of dating and hints that he was planning on proposing didn’t make me trustworthy enough. Definitely glad I never fully moved into his place.” She thinks a little part of her had always been afraid of what happened yesterday.

“Ouch,” the man winces. “Both that and my head. Either way, I feel like we should probably exchange names. Seeing as well. We are still in bed together. Mine is Ishikawa Hisashi.”

“Midoriya Inko,” she says, deciding to take another chance. Besides, rebounds are a thing, right? She pulls herself up by his shoulders and kisses Hisashi.

She’s allowed to keep enjoying herself, even with Yagi no longer around.

His relationship with Inko at absolute best had been intended to be a dailiance, followed by orchestrating her death in a manner best to hurt All Might. He knows she had at first viewed their relationship as nothing but a rebound. Well. Neither of them had been right in the end.

Two years later and a black ring box in his hands, Hisashi wonders how he’s gotten to this point. Fallen head over heels for a woman who at best should have been a pawn on a chessboard. Instead, not only is he planning on proposing, he’s planning on confessing to her who he is. He’s also going to throw Yagi under the bus, but that’s the hero’s own fault.

You don’t hide something that major from a woman you plan on marrying. That’s just... idiotic . And even if Inko rejects him in the end due to what he was, what he is...It says something that he loves her enough that he’ll let her go. That even if she isn’t his anymore, he’ll make sure she stays safe.

After all, that is what you’re supposed to do with the ones you love.

Even if he did fail miserably at that with Yuuto.

Inko gapes at Hisashi, incredulous over what he just told her, but still believing it. Him demonstrating six different Quirks in a row help with that. But She’d been dating an immortal supervillain for the past two years, and he’d told her because he didn’t want her going into a marriage without her knowing.

And Yagi had refused to tell her he was a goddamn superhero?!?!


Hisashi is still down on one knee, a still closed ring box in his hand. His pale blue eyes are on her green, and she can actually see the nerves on his face. His hand is shaking slightly, and she can tell he’s slowly panicking, and she leans down, and kisses him on his head.

“Yes. And a spring wedding would be nice.”

He slips the ring onto her finger, a pretty square cut emerald with two small diamonds flanking it, with a platinum band. It’s without a doubt the most expensive piece of jewelry she’s ever owned.

(“See, I told you that night out at the bar was a good idea! Hisashi is way better than muscles for brains.”


“Hey, he’s a supervillain who didn’t want to lie to you. Definitely better husband material.”

“Oh my god Mitsuki…”)

“Hisashi. Please tell me you did not kidnap a toddler,” Inko says flatly, looking at at Tenko’s tiny sleeping figure. 

“Technically I found him in a collapsed building?” Hisashi says with a wince, then realizing how it sounds. “And I didn’t cause it!” He’s retired for at least the next 80 years or so.

That was a very justifiable requirement for the wedding to happen.

“What were you doing near a collapsed building?”

“Honestly? Checking something out,” Hisashi says, not saying that what he was checking out if Tenko was alright. “So ummm...we now have a kid?”

“Alright, the baby will have an older brother, good to know,” Inko sighs, rubbing her eyes.

“Wait what?

“Hisashi, I told you I had a doctor’s appointment today.”

“I didn’t think it was for that!” he hisses, hearing Tenko make a soft whimper in his sleep. He rubs at the five year olds back, and Inko smiles at him.

“Well it was. So now we’ve got two children. Lets go figure out how to bullshit this little guy’s paperwork, since I’m guessing you basically kidnapped him.”

“...I’ll call my contacts. Make both our lives easier. Also, his name is Tenko.”

Getting to relax in a park is one of the very nice things about being retired. He’s got Inko leaning against him, reading a book, Tenko dozing with a comic book covering his face, and Izuku gnawing on one of his toys. He’d started teething recently, and it seemed like he’s trying to chew everything. They’d had to move a number of things around so he didn’t bite something he shouldn’t.

Such as Tenko, but the seven year old hadn’t really cared. Honestly, he’s not even entirely sure Tenko noticed until Inko pointed it out.

Inko suddenly feels heavier against his side, and he glances over at her. She’d dozed off too, leaving him and Izuku the only awake ones. Then the toddler crawls over to him and Hisashi scoops him up, Izuku yawning hugely. He falls asleep too, and then Hisashi’s the only one still awake.

Even though he’s awake and really should be paying better attention, he misses the blond idiot watching him from behind a tree.

Toshinori had known not telling Inko could lead to her breaking up with him. It had still hurt when it happened, especially since he knows that if he’d just told her he’s All Might, they’d still be together. Instead, he’s still single and willing to admit he never really got over her.

Seeing her in the park with what’s obviously her family hurts.

Seeing her with what looks like two children and…

That is All For One. That is...very distinctly All For One.

Toshinori has to resist stepping out from his hiding place behind a tree. He doesn’t want to start a fight with All For One in the middle of a park, and definitely doesn’t want to start one near Inko and her (their?) children. But if All For One notices him, or if he confronts the villain, that’s what will happen. A fight, lots of destruction, and Inko and the children getting hurt.

On top of that, he needs to figure out what’s going on. A toddler just crawled into All For One’s lap, Inko looks perfectly comfortable dozing against him, and there’s an older kid sleeping sprawled out on the blanket beside them all. Nothing about it looks or seems like a hostage situation, but that has to be it.

Inko couldn’t have married All For One and had children with him. That’s just ridiculous!


The phone call from Yagi had been a surprise, and suspicious as well. They haven’t spoken since she dumped him and it’s… bizarre he’d suddenly reach out to her in the blue like this. She didn’t even think he still had her number, and she’d deleted his. But he’d asked to meet up, since it had been such a long time since he’d last seen her, and could they meet at the cafe they’d both liked?

She’d agreed, Hisashi promised that he wouldn’t spy on their meeting, and now she’s sitting in one of the comfy chairs in the back of the cafe. She’d always like them better than the tables, and since no one else was sitting in them or nearby…

Inko takes a sip of her coffee as Yagi walks in. He’s bulkier than she remembers him being, less of a hunk and more of a hulk. His hair is styled differently and there’s a hunch to the way he walks, and his body language is just different enough that if she didn’t know better, she wouldn’t realize he’s All Might. Just someone who looks like him.

“Hi Inko!” he says, a coffee cup in his own hands as he sits down in one of the other chairs. “How are you these days?”

“Good. Married now,” she says, smiling faintly as she thinks of Hisashi. “We’ve got two little boys, Tenko and Izuku. They’re at home with my husband.” She spots him flinch, and that surprises her a bit. “What’s wrong?” she asks.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Yagi says giving her an almost forced smile. “I hadn’t realized you’d gotten married or had kids.”

“I’ve been married for almost four years,” she says. She sits up slightly. “Now, can you tell me why you wanted to see me? It’s been six years since we last talked Yagi.”

Yagi opens and closes his mouth a few times, as if trying to figure out what to say. She watches him closely, waiting silently.

“What do you know about your husband?” he asks, making her roll his eyes.

“That he’s a very honest man, and a good father,” she says, watching him twitch. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! Nothing’s wrong,” he says again, and she frowns at him.

“You’re lying,” she says. “The same way you always did when we were dating All Might.

Yagi stiffens, eyes going huge in surprise.

“You…” he trails off, shaking his head. “How?” he asks, a bit weakly.

“Because Hisashi didn’t want to lie to me,” she says bluntly. “He told me everything before he proposed to me, because he wanted me know the truth before me deciding to marry him or not.”

Yagi stiffens.

“What? Did you think I didn’t know about him being All For One?” she asks softly, making sure no one else could hear them. “He told me about that, One For All, and you being All Might.”

Inko can tell Yagi is trying to understand that. She’s still trying to understand how the supervillain managed to be the more honest of the two of them.

“You... knew and still married him?”

“I love him,” Inko says simply. “I love him, he’s a wonderful father to our children, and he gave up everything for us.” Yagi stiffens again. “There’s a reason you haven’t seen him as an enemy for so long Yagi. He loves us more than he hates you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go home and start getting dinner cooking.”

She walks away, but glances over her shoulder before leaving the cafe. Yagi is staring at her now empty seat and the half-full coffee cup she’d left beside it. He looks shaken, and feels a bit bad for him but…

Her phone buzzes and it’s from Hisashi. Bathtime fail the text declares, and there’s a photo of a drenched Hisashi and Izuku gleefully splashing in the tub. Tenko must have stolen Hisashi’s phone again.

She smiles faintly, Yagi forgotten.

It’s time to go home.