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two sugars (and one kiss to go)

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jungkook frowned. “you’re joking.”

“afraid not, sir. it seems like we’re stuck in traffic.” the driver sighed. “i routed out the fastest way to get there sir, i did so this morning.”

jungkook checked his watch, he was going to be late. and taehyung by himself always ended up in some people getting fired, which resulted in their lay-off rate high.

“i’m going to walk.”

“sir? it’s going to rain!”

jungkook got out, ignoring what the driver said, and starting to walk to work. he sighed, typing in the address on his phone maps to make sure he went the right away.

just his luck, the last thing he needed was to be late to this meeting. they were bringing in kim namjoon, a very famous webtoon writer that jungkook had been admiring for months now. but now he won’t, now he won’t get his physical copy signed and it was all taehyung’s fault for not telling him weeks in advance about this meeting.

taehyung had called him late last night, telling jungkook at the last minute, and now he was going into work an hour before his usual time and yeah, he wasn’t going to make it.

taehyung had called him late last night, telling jungkook at the last minute, and now he was going into work an hour before his usual time and yeah, he wasn’t going to make it.

the rain started falling, making jungkook freeze. he looked up, frowning even more.

as if the rain knew jungkook had frowned at them, the rain started to pick up faster and faster. jungkook looked around, nothing but houses and empty lots.

“fuck,” he walked down faster, pocketing his phone to keep it from getting wet. he looked around, frowning when he couldn’t find anything.

jungkook started light jogging, looking around frantically from side to side. he finally spotted a small coffee shop at the corner of the road.

he ran towards the shop, the rain turning into fast showers. jungkook pushed open the door, everyone in the coffee shop looking up at him.

jungkook cleared his throat, walking to an empty table. his shoes squeaked against the floor, annoying jungkook even more.

“hi, welcome to ‘charmed beans,’ can i offer you a menu?”

“no thank you,” jungkook said. “i don’t drink cheap coffee.”

the guy scoffed, making jungkook look up. the guy had a black beanie over his dyed mint hair, a lip piercing on his bottom lip, pretty cat-like eyes staring at jungkook.

the guy was beautiful.

“sorry, but you have to buy a coffee to stay inside, we don’t like strays.”

jungkook blinked, still in awe at this guy. he seemed smaller than jungkook, but older. he was also broader than jungkook which didn’t bother jungkook much.

“are you on the menu?”

the guy dropped the menu in front of jungkook. “please pick one, sir, or get out.”

jungkook followed as the guy walked away, eyes moving up and down his body. he was cute, fit, nice ass.

“do you want a towel?”

jungkook looked over to see a smaller boy, pink hair, and heart shaped pretty lips. “what?” said jungkook. he read the nametag, hoseok.

“a towel,” the employee offered. “i can get you one if you want.”

“that’d be great, thank you.”

the hoseok guy left, awfully nicer than the other cutie. jungkook’s stomach growled, making him glance over at the menu.

“fuck it,” he mumbled, opening the menu, raising his eyebrows at the overpriced drinks and cakes. he looked around, spotting the pretty mint boy. jungkook waved him over.

“ready to order?”

“is everything overpriced?”

“the prices there are the ones we’re given, sir.”

jungkook raised his eyebrows. “i’m supposed to pay about 12,000 won for a small cup of coffee?”

“that’s the iced coffee, comes with different flavor syrups, and cream if you want.”

“is it from columbia?”

the mint guy blinked slowly. “i’m not sure, let me ask for you.” he turned to leave but jungkook grabbed his arm. “please let go of me.”

“wait, i have another question,” he let go of him. “sorry, i shouldn’t have grabbed you but i have a question about the cakes. are they all one flavor?”

the mint guy sighed. “all you have to do is buy one thing, sir, or else we have to kick you out. can you please do us both a favor and decide on something?”

jungkook looked up at him, the name tag reading ‘yoongi.’ “yoongi, is that any way of speaking to a customer?”

“you’re not a customer until you buy something, until then, you’re considered a stray,” yoongi said before walking away.

jungkook chuckled, watching him walk away. he liked him, reminded him of taehyung. legarthic, small, cute, and pretty eyes.

“here you go sir,” the hoseok guy handed jungkook a towel. “has someone taken your order yet, sir?”

jungkook hummed. “i’ll take an iced coffee with vanilla syrup and creamer, please.”

“coming right up.”

jungkook glanced over at yoongi, who was taking the order of someone else. yoongi lifted his eyes and towards jungkook, he glared at him before looking away.

he smiled, leaning back and watching yoongi work.

jungkook quickly learned that yoongi was in charge of getting orders, bringing back the correct coffees, and making sure the customers are alright. jungkook also learned that yoongi never smiled yet he was quite charming, making other people laugh.

hoseok, on the other hand, was in charge of making the drinks and preparing the cakes. he was fast at making the drinks, unlike yoongi, who took his time bringing out the food.

“here you go,” yoongi said, putting down the iced coffee. “it’s not columbian and it’s cheap tasting, but hope you like it.”

jungkook smiled, stirring the coffee before tasting. he raised his eyebrows, about to say something but yoongi was gone.

he sipped his coffee, looking out at the window, the rain still pouring hard outside. jungkook noticed some lightning in the distance.

“if i get one more complain about you, you’re fired, do you understand!” someone yelled.

jungkook turned to see yoongi standing at the side door, someone holding it open, hiding behind the door.

yoongi just stood there, shaking his head as the other guy screamed at him.

“i’m not going to fucking let these assholes step all over me!” yoongi screamed back. “you know fucking well that if i had a choice, i would’ve left already! fuck you!”

jungkook looked around, noticing that no one seemed phased by the yelling.

“it’s normal,” someone said. jungkook turned to see a girl sipping her drink. “they’re always arguing that the regulars are completely unphased by all of it.”

jungkook hummed, looking back at yoongi, who just walked away from the door. he walked to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

hoseok sighed, putting on an apron, and welcoming the new people who walked in.

“he stays in there for a good half an hour, meanwhile hoseok takes care of the guests and drinks.” the girl explained.

jungkook nodded. “okay,” he simply said. his phone vibrated, taehyung calling him. “hello?”

where are you? i thought you wanted to meet namjoon?

“why didn’t you tell me that the traffic is horrible in the morning?” jungkook got up, walking outside, hiding underneath the roof. “i’m stuck at a coffee shop until the rain clears.”

shit, sorry, that slipped my mind. i’m sorry, gukkie .”

jungkook sighed, leaning against the wall. “it’s fine, just don’t fire people, okay? we can’t afford the lay-off rate going any higher.”

fine, just get here as fast as you can. the stupid intern you hired keeps asking me questions and i can’t stand the sight of him .”

“you just think he’s cute.”

fuck you and fuck him, i’m not interested in dating interns. one office romance is enough, ” taehyung whispered the last part.

jungkook hummed, remembering that heart attack. taehyung’s relationship had come so close to being exposed that, at the time, it would’ve been bad for business.

“alright, i’ll try to get a cab there, try not to fuck anyone.”

we’re getting models in ten, no promises.

“kim taehyung,” jungkook warned but taehyung hung up. he frowned, pocketing his phone, walking back inside.

the girl was gone, jungkook raising his eyebrows. he didn’t see her leave through the front door. jungkook spotted her behind the counter, helping the hoseok guy with the drinks.

jungkook looked around, no sign of yoongi. he wondered if he was still in the restroom. jungkook dialed for a cab, staring at the restroom door, wondering what yoongi’s deal with the owner was.

“everything okay, sir?” the girl smiled brightly, the name tag reading ‘jiwoo.’

jungkook lowered the phone, “are you opened tomorrow?”

“yes, 9 am to 7 pm.”

jungkook hummed. “that’s all, thank you.”

jiwoo smiled, walking away.

jungkook made a mental note, 9-7. he glanced over at the restroom, yoongi walking out. he took the food from jiwoo’s hands, taking back his shift. jiwoo patted yoongi’s back before going behind the counter, helping hoseok.