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Dragon among humans 2: Return of Eveliina

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Three years passed in peace after her death, her whose name should not be mentioned. She was dead like stone, her follower killed her by mercy. Her followers were arrested but some disappeared and were thought dead. Johann Schmidt was her friend in past, after some time passed he was asked to join to Avengers and he did, he wanted to fix the mess she caused three years ago. Avengers and SHIELD managed to bring her business down, they destroyed her old bases as they found those. After one long day Johann returned in home where his son Redhead was waiting him, in moment he closed the door Redhead leaped on him with happiness " Father! You are back! " Redhead shouted happily, in three years he had grown alot, well not so much but still. Johann smiled warmly and picked him up gently " Heh, missed me already son? " he asked teasingly and booped his snout which made dragon hatchling giggle " Yeah! Alot! " he answered and hugged his father, even if Redhead was purple dragon with red head and was son of she whose name shouldn´t be mentioned. Redhead gave wide grin and sprinted to to couch, Schmidt chuckled and followed after he removed his boots and jacket and sat down to turn TV on and just in time news to start. He would listen the reports how SHIELD managed to destroy again one of her bases, and then everything else and then eat something and head to bed. As news went on they informed from new mysterious new terrorist organization that has started to act around the world like she did when she was alive. Redhead didn´t understand alot about whole thing, like who she was, he didn´t remember her at all. Johann was afraid to tell about her but one day he would have to. When news ended Schmidt turned TV off and headed to kitchen " Let´s get something to eat son, you must be starving. " Johann said, Redhead jumped from couch and went after him " Yeah, I am starving father. " Redhead giggled, drool started dribble down from his maw even by thinking the food. Johann openned the frigde and saw that there was old fish that wasn´t good anylonger, with quiet snort he took it and gave it to Redhead because dragons could digest old and rotting flesh. Johann took some leftover food from his previous meal and put it on microwave, when he waited his meal to be warmed he observed how Redhead was enjoying his meal, he remembered how she enjoyed her meals, before they were found by SHIELD first time she would enjoy from premier food. When meal was warmed up Johann took it and settled it to table to eat, if she was still alive they would be chatting about stuff. Johann looked out of window, it was raining but not harshly, it was normal spring rain. Redhead noticed that his father looked troubled, lost in his thoughts, dragons could sense if humans were troubled by their naturnal instinct. When meal was finished Johann put plate to sink and headed to bedroom " Good night Redhead. " Johann said to Redhead which signaled that it was his bedtime, Redhead nodded and headed to his own room to sleep. Schmidt closed the door and took his shirt off and threw it aside, with that he collapsed on bed, if Schmidt had to admit something then it would be that he missed her alot, like alot. He was sure that her old follower surely missed her too even if she betrayed him too, Johann spoke to him as he visited in SHIELD´s base to help to destroy her business down. Johann was afraid to fall asleep sometimes because she haunted him in his dream, turning them to nightmares, she blamed him and humanity from her death and it truly scared him sometimes alot, so much that he wouldn´t sleep rest of the same night. When she died Johann retired from his job being leader of HYDRA, that what happened to HYDRA was unknown but he didn´t care at all. What he wanted now was raise his son and clean the mess that she caused, he helped Avengers and SHIELD to bring her business down, they managed to stop her blackmarketing, smuggling and poaching as they heard their locations. After hour or so Schmidt fell asleep, now it was just fifty-fifty change that she was coming to haunt him or not. Even in three years she was alive, in his dreams but luckily not in real world.