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Owner Training

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You ran from your car to the door of your apartment, anxious to be out of the cold. It had been absolutely miserable all week and you couldn’t wait for the rain to go away already. Your shivering hands made unlocking the door a chore, but you finally managed it, slamming it shut behind you. 

As you shed your jacket and kick off your shoes, you slowly begin to realize you are not just getting warm, you are getting toasty. The heater was cranked up in your apartment. You were so pissed at yourself because you’d just worked an eight hour shift during which you left your heater on all day long

Deciding the damage was already done, you leave it be, reasoning that you still had to go switch into warm clothes before you could brave another temperature change. 

With a weary sigh, you walk to your room and flip on the light, only to freeze in your tracks. 

There was someone in your bed. 

You walk slowly towards the silent lump that had only a flash of black hair peeking through the blanket burrito they’d rolled themselves into. The only person you could think of that would just help themselves into your home was your brother Jimin, but he never went anywhere without his dog hybrid, and there was definitely only one person in the bed. Deciding that it wouldn’t be wise to get too close, you pick up the curling iron off your vanity and use it to poke the lump. 

“Jiminie? That you? Get out of my bed.” 

The blanket burrito began to grumble and suddenly two fluffy black ears popped out. 

Wait, ears? 

You clenched the curling iron tighter and poked the lump again. 

“Dude, up.” 

Long and elegant fingers crept out of the blankets to pull some down enough to show their face as the person who was definitely not Jimin glared at you. 

“I was having a good dream too, what the fuck.” 


The black cat hybrid sighed and slowly unraveled himself from the blankets, rolling until he sat on the side of the bed and scratched his ear. 

Yoongi was a stray hybrid that you passed almost every day as you left for work. He lived in the park next to the complex and you’d developed a habit of leaving food for him or just saying hello when you were in a bit of a rush. On your days off, you’d sometimes go and watch him while he played his battered keyboard, trying to sneak huge tips into the box he always set out. If you ever put anything larger than $20, he would glare at you and demand you let him help you with a chore or something because, “I’m not an asshole,” he’d declare as his long and fluffy tail flickered in irritation. You’d always thought he was the cutest thing. 

But that didn’t explain why he was here

“Yoongi, how did you get in my house?” 

“You left the window open. Who does that in the middle of a storm? I mean, besides the rain getting in, any weirdo would see a first floor window and just help themselves to your shit.” 

“Good point,” You deadpanned, dropping the curling iron onto the end table.

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, indicating that he caught your sarcasm and chose not to acknowledge it. He stood up and fixed the comforter before walking out of the bedroom.

“I figured the least I could do is guard the place,” he answered so flatly that you knew he was just covering up his desperation. You could hear the slight hoarseness to his voice, showing signs of a cold. The poor thing was probably sick and freezing and saw your open window like the answer to a prayer. You knew Yoongi well enough to know that he’d never admit anything though. 

“Don’t worry. I showered before using the bed, so it’s still clean,” he said as he walked to your kitchen, you following dumbly behind him. 

What were you supposed to say or do in this situation? You couldn’t kick him out or you’d feel like an asshole since it was storming outside, but he should know better than to just break into people’s homes. 

You watched as he helped himself to your cabinets and set a kettle of water to boil, apparently making tea.  

“You don’t have a hybrid, right? I can’t smell any in here, and I never smell any on you,” Yoongi’s voice knocks you out of your thoughts and you catch his amused grin as you struggle to refocus.

“Uh, no. No hybrids. My brother brings his by sometimes, but that’s it.” 

“Do you…like hybrids?” Yoongi sounds nervous for the first time, and you wish you could see his face, but he’s already turned back to preparing the tea. 

“Of course. I’ve just never gotten around to looking for one of my own.” 

The silence over the next few minutes as he finishes preparing the tea is nervewracking. You feel like there is something he’s trying to get you to say, but you couldn’t figure out what.

Yoongi slides a cup towards you, staring at you like he could see into your soul. 

“You seem like you’d be a good owner. Maybe. After a little training.” 

The sip you’d taken suddenly goes down the wrong pipe and you sputter, coughing and banging your chest as you stare at him incredulously. 

“Excuse me? What would I need training for? You’re the one breaking into peoples homes like you’re god damn Goldilocks.” 

Hah, good one. Point to you. 

Yoongi merely smugly grins and downs his own tea in one gulp before walking back to the bedroom as he scratches his belly. 

“There’s nothing for it. I’ll have to be your hybrid. Finish your tea, take a shower, and come to bed.”

Yoongi enters the room, leaving you in a state of - you didn’t even know. Shock, disbelief, and yet…a strange yearning. Not knowing what else to do, you drink your tea like you’ve been told and head to the shower, preparing to apparently spend your first night as an owner. 

Although, you weren’t sure who actually owned who. 

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“Yah, get up. We have things to do today.” 

You groan as the gravelly voice slowly pulls you from your deep sleep and try to cover your face with the blanket. You couldn’t even remember waking up once during the night and wanted to get back to it. Having such a good nights sleep was a rare phenomenon. You couldn’t recall why it happened but you hoped it would again. You bury your face deeper into your pillow and allow yourself to drift back to sleep. 

“You’re still not up? Fine.” 

The comforter that had felt as comfy as a cloud a few moments ago was ripped from your body, the sudden rush of cool air bringing you to full awareness. You whine and crack open your eyelids, coming face to face with the smirking hybrid looming above you. 

“Good afternoon. It’s almost one. I made you food so come eat it.” Yoongi orders with an amused grin, waltzing back out of the room with his tail flicking cheekily behind him. 

You wipe the sleep from your eyes and sit up with a moan, cracking your neck a bit as everything comes back to you. 

You were now a hybrid owner. Or something like that. 

You honestly had no idea how this was done, which is partially why you’d never gotten a hybrid for yourself. You’ve seen your brother and his hybrid interact, true, but you didn’t know much about the day to day stuff. You weren’t sure how much you were supposed to treat them like their animal counterparts versus the human side. 

And that was especially a problem for you right now, because sleeping with Yoongi cuddled in next to you had definitely not given you the same feeling as if you’d been cuddling an actual cat. Instead, you’d been very aware that there was an amazing smelling man wrapped around you, nevermind the quiet purring or the tail that had wound itself around your legs. 

You sigh and pick up a hair tie from your nightstand and put your hair up as you walk towards the kitchen. On the table were two omelets, along with a glass of milk for Yoongi and your usual lemon and ginger tea. The food actually smelled pretty good, although there was a touch of a fishy scent that worried you. 

The two of you sat down and you began sipping your tea as Yoongi tore into his omelet, finally revealing the source of the fish odor as he did so. 

“You put tuna in the omelets?” 

“Just in mine. Yours has cheddar and spinach. This one is good though…here.” Yoongi grunts as he shoves a bite of his tuna monstrosity towards your mouth. 

Not wanting to upset him, you open up and allow him to feed it to you. He watches intently as you chew, smirk growing as he observes your trepidation turn into surprise. 

“Not bad, right?” 

“It’s not awful, no.”

Yoongi snorts in amusement then gestures towards your own food. 

“Eat up and get ready. You have things you need to get me today.” 

You pause with your fork halfway to your mouth to stare at him curiously. 

“I do?” 

“Duh. I’m living here now, so I’m going to need my own things. Don’t worry, I have a little money. There are just certain things that hybrids can’t buy on their own.” 

“Oh, well alright then, I guess. It’s my day off, so I don’t have any other plans.” 

Yoongi raised a single eyebrow as if to indicate he was already aware before digging back into his food. You shrug and follow suit, pleased that it seemed like Yoongi was a decent cook. It was hard to mess up an omelet, honestly, but it was still really well done. The eggs were fluffy and the filling was a good ratio of cheese to spinach, and you were almost certain he’d even added a dash of red pepper flakes. 

“This is really good, Yoongi. Thank you.” 

He merely nodded at the compliment, but you swore that you caught a flash of pink on his cheeks. 

The rest of the meal was finished in silence, followed by the two of you getting ready to go…somewhere. You figured he’d tell you once you got in the car so you’d at least know where you were driving to. As you gathered your things to leave, you couldn’t help but notice the threadbare outfit he was wearing as he met you by the door. It was one you’d noticed numerous times before, as you recognized the black and red t-shirt that you remembered had a hole near the armpit. You hoped clothes was one of the things he’d let you get today. 

Yoongi follows behind as you head towards your car then slides into the passenger seat and buckles up without any prompting. He grabs your phone when you set it down and puts directions onto it. 

“That’s where we need to go. It’s like a Costco for hybrid goods.” 

You nod and pull out, letting Yoongi put on the music app before setting it back to the GPS for you. 

“If it’s like a Costco does that mean we need a membership?” 

“Yup. Only humans can apply for it, although I’ll get a card too.” 

“So what all do we need? Like, clothes, food, I dunno…litterbox?” 

Yoongi quietly growled as he stared at you incredulously. Even his ears and tail looked offended, flickering at you with agitation. 

“Try and make me use a litterbox. I dare you.” 

“I said I didn’t know!” 

He scoffed and settled into his seat in silence, and it remained that way for the rest of the thirty-minute drive to get to the store. He didn’t appear too angry, more like annoyed, which was understandable. 

As you pulled into the parking lot, you were surprised by the sheer massiveness of the place. The greeter at the door was a friendly Lab hybrid that directed you to the membership counter, where you obtained a couple of cards after paying a membership fee and taking a couple of pictures. You supposed it would be worth it if Yoongi was really staying and you’d be needing to keep him supplied with…whatever you were here for. 

You pushed the cart along, studying the products with wonder. You had no idea hybrids had so many different things. The cart soon became filled with soaps and shampoos, toothpaste, brushes, the fluffiest towels you’d ever felt, fifteen bath bombs, and at least five blankets because apparently Yoongi didn’t skimp on his comfort items. The clothes that the two of you picked through were some of the softest fabrics you’d ever felt, and the pants all had holes of different sizes for tails to fit through. You’d even gotten a couple sweaters for yourself because you’d loved the plush feel of them so much. 

The food area was really impressive and had lots of hybrid friendly meals ready to go, as well as a fish section that had Yoongi enthralled. The roasted chicken samples seemed to make him just as happy. You came out of the food section with more food than you’d ever bought at once before. You should probably explain to Yoongi at some point that you can make a pretty swell can of soup and that’s the extent of your cooking ability. 

After nearly an hour and a half of wandering the store, Yoongi had you stop in front of a wall of collars. You were surprised, as you hadn’t pegged him for the type to want a collar, and it must have shown on your face because he snorted at your expression. 

“It’s the law. All hybrids have to wear a collar outdoors. I only got away with it when we were coming in here because we’re obviously new. Stupid law, but whatever.” 

Yoongi inspected a few collars before settling on a black one with a thin band. The material looked soft enough and when he tried it on, it looked amazing. In the completely non-pet way that you couldn’t give voice to. 

He threw it into the cart and went right back to looking at the collars again, to your confusion. How many collars does one hybrid need? 

After throwing an entirely too mischievous glance at you over his shoulder, he grabs one that looks more like a black lace choker than an animal collar. Your brain starts to malfunction trying to picture Yoongi in lace and that’s when he strikes, wrapping the collar around your neck with a smug grin. 

“What? I don’t need a collar,” you squeak, reaching up to touch the lace with your fingers. 

He shrugs, staring at the collar with both a blush and an annoying smirk. 

“If I have to wear one, only fair if you do too.” 

“That’s bullshit. I’m not walking around in a collar.” 

“So wear it around the house. Seems fair enough. I have to wear one outside, you have to wear it inside.” 

It did sound fair, but you knew it was also him just being a little shit. Whatever, you probably looked hot. Silly hybrid can’t make a fool of you. 

“Just say you’re kinky and call it a day,” you laugh as you take it off and throw it into the cart. He grumbles and turns to the tag machine. 

After a few moments, he throws a couple of small gold tags towards you to inspect. One is simple; Yoongi’s name, your phone number, and address. The other…

“Who the hell is Ginger?” 

Yoongi’s eyes light up like he thinks he’s finally won whatever silly game he’s been playing. 

“Oh, that’s your kitten name. You have a collar, might as well have some stupid cat name to go with it.” 

“Yoongi isn’t a cat name. Why doesn’t yours say Mr. Fluffington or something?” 

“If you ever call me that I will shred every piece of clothing you own.” 

You chuckle at Yoongi’s disgusted sneer, his button nose crinkling adorably. 

“Well, at least tell me why Ginger.” 

Yoongi shrugged and grabbed the cart, pushing it towards the checkout. 

“You always smell like that lemon and ginger tea you drink.” 

Huh. He’d sounded almost fond of you just then. 

You were humming to yourself as you waited in line when Yoongi suddenly shoves a huge wad of cash right in your face. 

“What’s this?” 

Yoongi quirks an eyebrow. “I believe humans call it money.” 

“I’m aware, smartass. I mean why are you shoving money in my face?” 

“I have a decent amount of money from busking. I just couldn’t spend it on much because of the stupid laws. Just stuff from the convenience store or whatever. If you want to throw up a fuss and pay for everything because you’re the “owner,” then you can do that another time. This is a lot of shit, so just take it.” 

You sigh and accept the money, which is easily almost three hundred dollars. The fact that he had this much money and couldn’t even spend it on his own was ridiculous and broke your heart. Yoongi was obviously independently natured, and having to deal with that on a daily basis no doubt hurt his pride. At least now he could say all of his new things were purchased with his own money. 

You sent Yoongi off to go buy the two of you a couple of drinks from the cafe for the road. You pulled the item you’d been hiding from the bottom of the cart and handed it to the cashier, asking her to ring it separately. You’d just barely managed to get it bagged and rehidden before Yoongi came back. 

After checkout, the two of you rush home to get the perishables safely put away. As you stock the fridge, you wave Yoongi away, telling him to set up the rest of his things. The couch now sports two new fluffy blankets and a little pillow you hadn’t noticed before. His clothes now have a spot in your closet and his towels and bath products are next to yours in the bathroom. You hadn’t realized how empty the place had seemed before, but the evidence of another person living here was comforting. 

While Yoongi was in the bedroom organizing his clothes, you took the chance to pull out the bag you’d been hiding among the groceries, unwrapping it and setting it next to Yoongi’s pillow and blanket on the couch. You quickly run back to the kitchen and go back to putting things away. 

A few moments later and you were finishing up in the kitchen as Yoongi wanders back in the living room with a few books and magazines about hybrids that he’d insisted on you reading “so I don’t have to explain every damn thing.” He stopped short as the front of the couch came into view. 

“What the hell is this?” 

“Hmm? What’s up?” you hum as you slowly strut into the room. You try for nonchalance, but you know that the smile you can’t hold back gives you away. 

Yoongi is sitting on the couch clutching the black cat plushie you hadn’t been able to resist buying. Beyond the fact that the toy had a little button nose that resembled a certain cat you knew, it was also meant for calming. It had a little opening in the back to keep pouches of dried chamomile. Something told you that Yoongi hadn’t had many calming situations in his life, and though this was barely much of anything, you hoped it would help ease his way into being happy here with you. 

“You like him?” you ask, settling in next to him as Yoongi stares at you in wide-eyed wonder. 

“I…yeah. It’s a little lame, but uh…thanks,” Yoongi stutters, taking an audible sniff of the plushie before he sets it in his lap. 

“You’re welcome.” 

“And…” Yoongi continues, his cheeks going pink as he fiddles around with the toy. “Thank you for not kicking me out on my ass. You should have.” 

“You are more than welcome here, Yoongi. I may not be the best or smartest person to take care of a hybrid, but at least I’m not willing to let one sleep out in the cold if I can help it.” 

Yoongi scoffs, and the haunted look in his eyes makes you want to cry. “That already makes you better than most humans.” 

You reach over and grasp one of his hands, half expecting him to smack you away. You’re pleasantly surprised when he lets you and squeezes it back. 

“Right,” he clears his throat and stands up. “Do your homework. I’ll throw something together for dinner. Salmon okay?” 

“Yeah, sounds great. Thanks, Yoongi,” You grin and grab one of the hybrid books to read while he cooks.  

Yoongi takes a step then hesitates, throwing you a quick look before grabbing the cat plush and taking it with him to the kitchen. You hide your smile behind the book. You two are going to be okay. 

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Life with Yoongi was turning you into a master of compromise, admittedly in his favor. He would request all windows and doors were to remain open, you would insist on the bathroom door being closed when you were in there. He insisted on a diet that consisted of meat, cheese, and half & half ( “Milk is basically white water and cream is too thick. It has to be half and half.”). You convinced him to have a salad at least once a week. He demanded fifteen hours of uninterrupted silence during the day for his sleep, you talked him down to ten at night and a five hour nap while you were at work. Basically, you were a pro negotiator now.

This is why it wasn’t a surprise to you that you’d been on the phone with a sick Yoongi for the past five minutes explaining that no, you weren’t going to bring home sashimi for dinner because you highly doubted the story he told about hybrids healing faster if they eat raw meat. You were more than happy to bring home some chicken soup, however. And if he willingly took some vitamin C tablets, you’d even buy some vanilla ice cream to soothe his throat. The promise of the frozen treat seemed to do the trick as he stopped coming up with hybrid health facts that you were certain he was pulling out of his ass and hung up, finally letting you get back to work uninterrupted. 

You sigh wearily as you turn back to your computer, but you can’t help the little fond smile that grows as you think about him. Yoongi was a brat, it was true, but he was never really mean or a problem. You were sure he just got a little thrill every time he was able to trick you into doing what he wanted, thinking himself the most clever of cats. Honestly, you weren’t as dumb as he probably thought you were. Some of his victories came from your ignorance, as you were still learning. You wouldn’t deny that. However, you often let him get away with things just to see his little smirk of victory and obvious happiness. 

Humming, you get back to work. You wanted to try to get some of the basic office work out of the way so you wouldn’t end up behind if you needed to take some time off to take care of Yoongi. 

“Was that your hybrid again?” Your co-worker next to you grinned as she asked, very used to listening to your daily battles with Yoongi. 

“Yeah. He’s had a cold for a couple days and he’s even more demanding than usual. It’s cute, but it would make my life easier if he would stop refusing to go to the vet. I’m sure they have meds that would end it faster.” 

“Oh, he’s one of those. My girl was like that at first too, absolutely refused the vet. We got her on a rewards system now though. Every time she does a task successfully, like going to the vet without whining or learning a new trick, she gets a star on the board. Once she reaches a certain amount, she gets a treat. Like a trip to the park or a new toy. You should try something like that with yours.” 

Something about the way she said it struck you as not only childish but slightly demeaning. Tricks? They weren’t actual dogs. You were certain if you tried to teach Yoongi an actual trick he’d flip you off and lock you out of your own bedroom. 

“I don’t know. Yoongi was a stray, so he’s a little more sensitive than most,” you mutter, trying to keep your opinion to yourself. Last thing you needed was a co-worker that hated you because you called them a hybridist. 

“Well, at the very least, you should have him trained a little more. My Lola wouldn’t dream of bothering me at work unless it was an emergency. Something like that would mean she’d have to move her mat out of my bedroom for the night and into the living room.” 

“A mat? She doesn’t sleep with you?” 

“Goodness, no. Hybrids aren’t allowed on the furniture, dear. You have to establish dominance, and letting them onto the couch or your bed makes them think they own the house. This is your first one, isn’t it?” 

You nod silently and keep your thoughts to yourself. You felt really bad for this Lola. You know Yoongi would have ran away from this woman in a day. He may be a brat, but he didn’t deserve to be treated like that. 

“Well, just remember that you’re the owner and they’re the pet. I’ll email you a few links to some great sites that can help.” 

Thankfully, she goes back to work after that. To think, you used to like this woman. She was a great paralegal, but apparently a shit person. 

You sigh and glance around your area, wondering what the chances were of Yoongi letting you take a picture of him. You could frame it and liven your desk up a little more. You grin at the thought of the battle you’d have to go through just to get one decent photo. He would put up a fight for sure, but all you’d have to do is compliment and praise him enough for him to think he’d be doing you a favor. The best way to get him to do anything was to make him think it was his own idea. It would have to wait until after he wasn’t sick though. 

With the reminder of your sick kitty, you power through your work for the day, anxious to get home to him. 

You juggle the multiple bags to the kitchen and quickly stick the ice cream in the freezer before you go searching for your hybrid. After checking the bedroom which turned out to be empty, you realize that the lump of blankets on the couch is actually him when you spot a single ear poking out, moving whichever direction you headed. 

A single sneeze came from the kitten burrito, sounding more like it came from a mouse than the usually gravelly voiced hybrid. 

“Yoongi, I brought you dinner. You gonna get up?” 

“Did you bring my sashimi?” 

His poor voice makes you cringe, rough with the coughs and sore throat that he’s been dealing with. You hated seeing him like this. 

“No. I brought you chicken soup, which will actually help you feel better.” 

He pulled the blanket down to pout at you, still looking adorable as he did so despite the watery eyes and red nose. He sniffed and battled a cough before frowning again. 

“I’m not getting up. You’re going to have to feed me.” 

You raise an eyebrow which he merely counters with one of his own. Finally, after a few second standoff, you sigh and go grab the bag with his food, along with some water since you doubted he’d had any today. You also grab the bottle of vitamin C tablets, since it didn’t look like he’d even gotten up today so you were sure he hadn’t taken one yet. 

You set everything up on the coffee table and he scoots up a little bit so that the blanket is around his shoulders, leaving his head out. You take the chance to reach out and feel his forehead, grimacing a bit when you realize it’s a little warmer than it was this morning. 

“If that gets worse, we’re going to the vet whether you like it or not. You can die from high fevers, Yoongi.” 

“I’m a hybrid. I have a naturally higher body temperature than a human, so you don’t know what to judge by. This is fine.” 

You didn’t like it, but you promised yourself you’d keep an eye on it anyway. Hopefully having a decent meal and plenty of water will help for now. You take the lid off the chicken soup, smiling as the aroma hits you. The lady that owned the restaurant was very fond of Yoongi, as the two of you were regulars there, and she had fussed when you told her he was sick. You could tell that she’d put extra ginseng and broth in the soup today to help him get better. 

You take a big spoonful of the rice and broth and tear off a piece of the chicken to place on top before blowing gently to cool it. You guide it to Yoongi’s already open and waiting mouth, the cat resembling a baby bird as he did so. You grin as he chews happily, humming to himself. The bowl is quickly devoured, leading you to believe he hadn’t even bothered to get up and feed himself at all today. 

You had him the vitamin C tablet next and let him chew it before forcing him to drink the entire bottle of water. You’re impressed that he went through the entire meal without a single complaint or criticism. 

Of course, it could just be because he wants his treat. 

You go to the kitchen and dish out a single scoop of ice cream and grab more water just in case. When you bring the treat back to the couch, Yoongi’s face lights up and his eyes are glued to the bowl. He moans when the first bite cools his abused throat. He goes through the entire scoop in mere moments, letting his head fall back against the couch in contentment when it was all gone. 

You set the bowl down on the coffee table before reaching over to check his temp again. It still felt pretty much the same, but it hadn’t gotten worse at least. You brush the hair away from his forehead absentmindedly, just hoping to give him some comfort so he’ll fall asleep. He startles you when he shoves his head into your hand, peeking up at you through heavy-lidded eyes. 

“Pet me.” 

Your jaw drops in surprise. “Really?” 

Instead of answering, he butts into your hand again. With a growing grin, you thread your hands into his hair, slowly combing through it and occasionally scratching around the bases of his ears. Soon, the unmistakable sounds of purring fill the room and you quickly decide the sick and sleepy Yoongi was one of your favorite things (although you still wished he wasn’t sick, of course). 

Just when you think he’s finally nodded off, his eyes shoot open and he clears his throat.



“That cat you bought me. I need it.” 

You shake your head and you fetch the cat plushie from the nearby recliner. 

“You named it Diablo? Why not mittens or socks? Something cute. Look, it has different colored feet.” 

He glares at you and pulls one hand out of the blanket to reach for it. 

“Fine. Here’s Diablo,” you sigh, handing him the toy. He tucks it near his head, then opens the blankets so quickly that you were unprepared for him to pull you on top of him and wrap them around you. 

“Jesus, you’re burning up in here,” you mumble against the warm chest you’re pressed against. 

He hums and tangles his legs with yours and wraps his tail around your waist. 

“Shut up and sleep,” he orders with a loud yawn, adding his arms to the mix so you were basically trapped in the kitten burrito. 

The purring came back moments later, the rumbling as you laid against his chest oddly soothing. He soon started the little puffs of breathing that meant he was nearly asleep, so you closed your eyes and let yourself join him.

There was a rattling sound that slowly woke you from your slumber, but you stubbornly kept your eyes shut until a beam of bright light hit your eyelids, practically blinding you. You opened your eyes and glared at the offender, which turned out to be a smug cat holding the window blinds open so the sun would hit you right in your face. 

“Get up. You’re going to take me to the park today. I’ve been cooped up for too long.” 

You sit up and observe him with a sleepy scowl that quickly changes to a relieved smile when you realize he’s essentially healthy again. His color looks normal and his eyes are clear, and you haven’t heard a single sniffle. 

“All better then?” 

“Yup. Pretty sure it was the ice cream.” 

You roll your eyes and sit up, then take the hand he offers you to help you stand and lead you towards the bathroom. 

“Um…thank you for taking care of me. You didn’t need to go all out, but you did, so yeah. Thanks,” he says softly. 

Before you can answer he quickly leans over and pecks your cheek, blushing brightly, before he essentially shoves you into the bathroom. 

You hold the door, still in shock and feeling the touch of his lips on your skin like a brand. You’re sure the grin you’re sporting is dopey as hell. 

“You’re welcome, sweetheart.” 

He nods and starts to walk away from the door, only to pause and throw a smirk over his shoulder. 

“Though, I could have been better in one day instead of three if you’d gotten my sashimi.” 

You adored the brat, you really did.