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Blood House

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* Dongjae POV *


Holding the long gun tighter to his chest, Dongjae scouts the harbour with much alertness. Bai had told the team that a sniper was spotted, and Dongjae could feel his fingers shaking between the gun's trigger. He had nearly blown one of his teammates head off. Definitely not a good sign. 


He was worried about Sehun and his safety, but he couldn't go to him. Hell, he doesn't even know where he was. Maybe that's for the best. 


His team — Bai's team— was told to guard the west side of the dock, with X's team in the east. 


To say he was disappointed not being in X's team was an understatement. He liked the guy, more than Bai at least. Something about the man didn't sit well with him. Bai was.. weird. 


"Thrilling, isn't it?" Dongjae jumped, nearly screaming. 


He looked beside him and someone carrying the same gun as him and a wave of relief washed over him. "Jesus fucking christ, Hiram!" He shouted. "What the fuck?" 


Hiram giggled. "Calm your tits, my dude. Need an ice pack?" 


Dongjae stood there with his hand on his chest. He looked in disbelief at Hiram's 5'8 stature, his brown hair wafted to the left, jawline sculpted. Hiram wasn’t skinny, per se. He grew up in a wealthy family, apparently. He had good food. He was just that person that got involved with the wrong people at the wrong time, so this was what had happened to him. 


Dongjae only knew this because they were good friends. Being the two newest recruits at that time, the only choice of friends were each other, really. Not many people did like Dongjae. Not that Dongjae was complaining, though. Hiram was a nice guy. A bit dumb, but really nice.


“What’s thrilling? Being possibly killed?” Dongjae scowled.


Hiram laughed, his slightly crooked, but endearing teeth showing. “I guess, so? Don’t be such a downer man, lighten up! In movies, the person who’s the brightest never dies.”


Dongjae rolled his eyes and walked away from him in long strides.


“Dude, hol’ up!” Hiram jogged a bit to catch up with Dongjae to walk with him. “Bai said to not go too far from our positions.”


“I know. It’s fine. I doubt anyone will come for two young’ uns.” He said the last part in his best Bai voice, to which Hiram laughed at. 


The two walk, just talking. 


“Y’know, everyone’s talking about you.” Hiram says.


Dongjae’s eyebrows furrowed. “What about?”


“They say you’re the boss’ favourite. Since you always go on missions along with the higher ups, even though you’re just new. They’re also saying some snarky things like how you bribed Sehun into taking you along with them and shit.”


Dongjae frowned. He had never thought about it before. Actually, why did Sehun even pay attention to him? Excitement bubbles in his chest, he was special.


The two walk up a slope where the crates seem to disappear. They seemed to be wandering about now. 


“Bro, don’t you think we’re going a bit too far from our post?” Hiram voiced, taking a look back whenever he could.


“I told you it’s fine.” Dongjae whined. He wanted to search for Sehun, he wanted to show him how helpful he could be. Make him see his worth. Prove to him.


With this in mind, Dongjae willed to walk even faster, though the slightly steep hill made it hard to do so.


“Hey, Dong, don’t you think we’re getting a bit too ahead of ourselve-” Bang!


The two duck as fast as lightning, crouching in fear. The sound was so close to them.


“What the fuck .” Hiram wailed, gripping his gun tighter to him. “What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck.” His breathing becomes elaborate, as if he’s about to have a panic attack.


“Dude, calm down .” Dongjae puts his hand on his shoulder.


“Calm down? Calm down? That was a fucking gunshot, and you want me to calm down?”


“Hiram, just list-” Dongjae was cut off by a furious voice.


“And why the flying fuck are you here?” Dongjae and Hiram’s heads snaps up to see Chanyeol. He looked like he just came out from an emo photo shoot, to say the least. Chanyel was wearing a dark grey hoodie with ripped blacked jeans. His hair looked so damn oily, as if he hadn’t washed it for a week. 


The elders left sleeve was covered in blood from gripping a dead body dripping blood from his dead head, his other hand holding a red gun.


“I- i” Dongjae stuttered.


“I- i.” Chanyeol mocked. “Answer!” His face morphed into something more than anger, obviously agitated from whatever happened before.


“I-” Dongjae was still holding Hiram’s shoulder from where they were crouching. “Was it you the one that made that shot?”


Chanyeol rolled his eyes, and if possible he looked more angry. “ Obviously, what the fuck do you think I’m holding, fucking dumbass?” He lifts the body a bit to prove his point. Hiram still looked petrified. “You know what?! I have no time for this shit, fuck off.” Chanyeol throws the body over his shoulder, as if it were a bag of feathers and walks past the two.


Hiram breathes more lighter now. “Bro.” He says.


“Come on, get it together.” Dongjae tells him. He lifts Hiram up, and attempts to walk. “You alright?”


“Yeah…. I.. Yeah.” Hiram says, seemingly coming down from shock. “Dude, that was something.”


“Tell me about it.” Dongjae says.


“Never trust movies, this shit is way scarier.” Hiram laughs.


The two start walking back to their posts. Hopefully Bai hadn’t noticed they were gone.


“He really looked pissed, though.”


“That’s Chanyeol for you.” Dongjae says with an exasperated sigh, running his fingers through his bleached hair.


“Lucky you.” Hiram laughs. Dongjae couldn’t tell pinpoint what kind of laughter it was. “Get to be all chummy with the higher ups.”


“Dude, it’s not like tha-”


“Yeah, yeah.” Hiram says sarcastically.


Dongjae looks at Hiram with sadness in his eyes. “Hiram…”


Hiram turns to look at Dongjae. “Can I ask you something?”


“What is it?”


“Does Sehun have a weakness? Or anyone that he cares about?”


Dongjae’s brows furrow. “What?” He let out an awkward laugh. “Hiram why are yo-”


“Answer the question.” Hiram says, this time pointing his gun at Dongjae.


Dongjae’s eyes widen. He hears footsteps nearby, but Hiram wasn't moving. 


Dongjae gulped and turns around, hands now up in the air, letting his gun loosely hang around his torso. 


He sees someone walking towards them. Someone he has never seen in Ox before. 


The man was wearing a tight black muscle shirt, with equally black pants and fitted black boots. Around his waist was a black belt, with a gun in a holster hooked onto the loop of his pants. 


This time it was Dongjae's turn to breathe heavily, terrified out of his wits. 


The man looked intimidating as fuck, Dongjae noted. 


The man's smirk made Dongjae weak in the knees; and not the sexual way. He had dark bronze skin, his eyes filled with darkness. His hair was a messy black, long enough to reach his eyes. 


"What the fuck is going on, Hiram?!" 


Hiram laughed. "What do you think, dumbass?" 


Dongjae's gaze faltered. "But.. I thought you and I were-" 


"Keyword; were." Hiram sneered. "I knew that I wouldn't get big staying in Ox. Especially when my so-called friend was their favourite." 


The bronze man behind laughed. "Children." He mocked. His voice was deep and dark. "Calm down." He walked towards them, boots squeaking every step. 


"Who are you?" Dongjae asked in a shaky breath. 


The man clasped a hand on Dongjae's shoulder harshly, making him flinch. 


He leant down for his lips to reach Dongjae's left ear. "Call me Kai." He whispered. "Nice to meet you." He says louder this time, detaching himself from his ear. 


Hiram shook. He breathed more heavily but his face did not give away his feelings. “Now answer my question, Dongjae.”


“Now, now. Let’s not be rash here.” Kai says, his words glinting with amusement. “If you say he’s as important to the family as you say he is, he’s better alive.”


That calmed Dongjae down a bit. “Threaten me all you want, I’m not budging.”


Kai smiles. “You act as if you’re important.”


“That’s because I am .” Dongjae rolled his eyes. 


Kai honestly looked shocked for a moment. His eyes grew slightly larger. Just then he let out an uncontrollable laugh.


“Oh.” He gasped. “Oh, you poor, poor boy.” Kai grabs Dongjae’s shoulders, faking pity. 


“What the fuck?” Dongjae attempts to push the hands off him but to no avail.


“Don’t you see?” Kai says. “You’ve been manipulated.”


Dongjae stares up at him, dumbfounded.


“You think you’re something? You’re nothing.” Kai laughs again. “You- you’ve been used. You’ve been fed lies. You don’t understand that lying is Sehun’s forte.”


“W-What. No.” Dongjae mumbles. “I, I’m not. Sehun told me.. that he was proud of me and that- that he appreciates me. He took me in… no just.. what?” He rants.


Kai squeezes his shoulder harder. 


“You’re a growing tool. You’re his puppet, my dear.”




* Crystal POV *


“It’s Jii.” Chanyeol said, dropping a lifeless body down on the concrete floor. “Dude begged for his life, said someone named Mr. Jii hired him to kill some dude around the block. Was all he knew.”


K sighed. “Shit. There was a rat.” There’s no way Jii would’ve found out by himself. He lived in China for god’s sake.


Sehun looked at the ground then up at the dark sky.


“Damn Jii’s can’t fucking mind their own business.” K says. “What do we do now sir?”


“We continue like this. Whatever happens will happen.” Sehun says softly. Calm. Too calm.


K gulped. What did the boss have in mind? She made a reminder to herself to breathe. She breathed in, then out slowly. K trusts Sehun. She trusts him.

The rain was cold. So, so cold. She held a thin piece of cloth closer to her. No point trying to look sexy, she thinks to herself, doubt there’ll be customers in this damned rain.


She thought of going back into the brothel but if she really didn’t get any customers anytime soon, she wouldn’t have any place to stay. She reached into the pockets of her laced booty shorts, and pulls out three coins. Not even enough money to buy dinner, she bitterly tells herself.


Her pink bralette was getting soaked, the cloth she wrapped around her slipping off as she contemplates her choices. That was when a car drove by, splashing a dirty puddle of water at her, making her squeal. The black posh car pulled up to the side, the yellow indicator, flashing.


Fucking assholes. She might’ve been a prostitute but no way was she gonna back down from disrespect. She walks towards the car and put on her best bitch face.


That was when a pale asian man climbed out of the driver’s seat, opening a black umbrella. He walks to the passenger side of the car and held an umbrella out for whoever was inside. That’s when he noticed the girl.


“Damn. You think you can sell that ?” The man snickered, clearly judging her body. 


Her mouth gaped. “E-excuse me?!” She said in her thick English accent.


“Don’t be so rude, Chanyeol.” Another man said, coming out of the car. Oh. Oh fuck. She felt her heart skip a beat when the shorter male smiled at her. He was wearing a suit, but he looked way too young to be in one. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t hot in it, though. 


“Hello there, what’s your name?” He was obviously way younger than her yet he spoke maturely. He had a very prominent asian accent, more so than the other guy, but she wasn’t complaining.


“Cr- K.” She tells them her nickname. Are these two here to get down and dirty or what? If they did shit was she going to tap that.


The shorter male smiled. “So Crystal Hyde, I presume?” Welp.


“Yes.” She says nervously. “What do you want?” Great going, K. Completely not rude, wait but if he’s younger than her, it shouldn’t be a problem right?


The taller male who was holding the umbrella literally growled at her. Nope, nope, huge problem. 


The shorter one smiled. “A person works in this brothel by the name of Marilyn, yes?”


Shit. Damn it, it’s always Mare. “What do you want with her?” K glared at them warily.


“We just need to speak to her.” He says.


K eyes them. “What about?”


“None of your business.” The guy behind him said. The smaller male put up his palm to him.


“Business.” Was all he said. The man/boy walked closer to her, making the tall guy stumble to make sure the umbrella covered him.


“How can I trust yo-”


He cupped K’s face, making her blush red. He smiled compassionately.  “No girl should have to go through this.” He whispered, mostly to himself. He took off his suit jacket and draping it over K’s shoulders, making her swoon. She looks up at his tall stature, bewildered.


“Um, I…”


He smiled. “I promise you.. we will not hurt her. We don’t have any intention to either.” He looks at her in the eye. “So please. Could we see her?”


K mouth mimics a fish, opening and closing in pure flabbergestedness. 


She swallows down hard, at the action, almost wanting to comply with him. Until she saw a playful glint in the boy's eyes. 


K nearly caved in. She really did. But through that perfect curve of his lips, she knew. Oh, she knew so well. This man is dangerous.


With a loud sound, she slapped the hand cupping her face and shrugged off the expensive suit jacket off. “Man, you’re something else.” She praised. “You’re a great liar.” She hissed. K tries to walk backwards, heels stabbing into her feet.  “Trying to manipulate me, huh? I fucking know better than that, don’t look down on me.” She tells him -- and herself.


K pulls the cloth tighter to her chest, the taller male glaring at her as if she’d had killed his mother.


That was until the younger of the three barked out a laugh. Not a laughter out of humour or awkwardness; an insane laughter.


He turned to his friend. “Did- did you ju-” He gasped. “Did you just see that?!” Pointing at K, he laughs even more.


His tall friend nods, impressed. “Miss ugly has got a brain.” He mocks.


K scoffs.


The boy continues to snicker. K found it a slight bit endearing, if anything else. As if he were an innocent child that had pulled a prank on his teacher.


She still glares at him nonetheless. “Who are you?”


He looks at her with a grin. A devilish grin. “I’m adopting you.”


“What the fuck?”


"Don't question it. It's his thing." The elder male said nonchalantly, rolling his eyes. Crystal gaped at them. 


“My name’s Sehun. Welcome to Ox, pet. You can trust me.”






The old man turns around to see three people walking towards him. A blonde, a brunette and Kai.


“Kai.” Jii smiles. He looks towards the brunette. “Hiram, was it?”


“Yes, sir.” Hiram shakes his hand. “I’ve brought you the man I promised.” He says pointing towards Dongjae.


Jii smiles. “Very good. You’ll be getting the money as promised.”

Hiram smiles widely. “Thank you very much, sir.”


Dongjae’s eyes widen. “What the fuck do you mean?!” Kai looks at Dongjae blankly.


Jii laughs. “Anyways, the ship is to dock in ten minutes. The moment the cows load the drugs onto the trucks is when we strike.” He says to the dozens of men around him.


Dongjae looks towards the harbour. The spot he was at overlooked the entire harbour. He couldn’t see where Sehun was but he knew that X’s team was positioned around here. Dongjae cursed. If X couldn’t find this spot before these people found him, he would be the one dying. In any case, he had to find Sehun and warn him about this even if it would cost him his life.


“What are you going to do with me?” Dongjae squeaks.


Kai continues staring at Dongjae, making him feel slightly uncomfortable. “You don’t need to know. You’re going to die either way.” 


Dongjae’s blood runs cold. The chinese old man smiles wickedly.


“Y- you can’t do that! Sehun will n- never let you!” 


“Oh, we’re counting on that.” Jii says.


Kai rolls his eyes. He whispers something that Dongjae could barely make out. “This is why you’re so easy to control.”